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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 4, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good after floon sara bloomquist is off.
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in the news the body that washed up in atlanta see is identified as a man reported missing earlier this week. and residents in south jersey are cleaning up after flash flooding caused problems overnight. the big story on "action news" is a crash that spark aid two alarm fire in bucks county after a driver lost control and crashed into the school pro store. that crash ignited a massive blaze, gray hall is live at the scene now with more. >> reporter: well rick, this was an intense collision but they could have been worse because there are nearby businesses and apartments attached to this business. take a look behind me and see the damage left behind. right now police are working hard to figure out how this driver lost control. >> a devastating scene in springfield township, bucks county, a car slammed into this
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pool pro store at 1:45 this morning starting a fire. some how the driver lost control and went careening into the building and the driver did not survive. >> all the chemicals for pools, and we were fortunate there was not more injuries or more fatalities unfortunately one person did perish in the accident. >> the scene is on the 1600 block of northwest end boulevard and it hit close to home for employees at the pool shop and those living in the neighborhood. >> this is where my parents get pool supplies and a great place, it's sad this happened. >> the dangerous chemicals inside of the pool store the fire burned hotter and was intense. hazmat teams came in to assist. >> everybody was washed down after the call because of the chemicals. >> those living nearby are shocked and saddens and also
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concerned about those dangerous chemicals inside. >> that is what made it ignite more than anything and it's a shame. possibly millions of dollars worth up in flames. >> all right so back out live, a frightening scene here in bucks county. outside of that fatality no other injuries with were reported and again police are working to identify the victim in this case and also trying to figure out what cause that driver to lose control. that is the latest from here in springfield township. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in other news investigators identified a body that washed ashore in atlantic city. the body of 31-year-old jeffrey wilkins was found last night by people walking on the beach by the former revel casino. wilkins was first reported missing tuesday and police and the u.s. coast guard are searching for him and police have not released details
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surrounding his death. and in new jersey two people are charged with killing a woman at her family's blueberry farm in camden county. 20-year-old tyler draw and another 17-year-old were charged in the june 25th shooting of diana extorto. the police say that the suspects robbed and shot the victim. the windshield of a police cruiser was shattered when a large tree limb fell on the vehicle. at county line road and gulf creek drive in wayne. no one was fortunately injured in the incident. and crews are cleaning up after flash floods were caused in the area. floodwaters trapped cars and forced road closures, at one point city officials activated the emergency operation center and evidence of the flood remains with extensive water
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damage to many homes. coming up later we'll have the latest on the park that may have helped lessen the water damage to nearby communities. on the weather front it's a humid end to the work week as we look live from sky 6 hd at cape may, jersey shore. a lot of folks on the beach and why not. dry down the shore and clouds in the sky for now and some parts of the area could see spotty thunderstorms today. meteorologist, melissa magee, is at the weather center with the first check of the forecast. >> hi rick, happy friday to you. down the shore is a good place to be because of the heat and humidity once again today. we are tracking showers and storms north and west of philadelphia and north and west of the 95 corridor, 84 in trent trenton and 86 in philadelphia and 85 for reading and lancaster, at the coast in beach haven 79 degrees, as we go throughout the rest of the day.
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we have you covered with the friday evening planner, 2:00 partly sunny and dry and 4:00 it's going to be humid with a spotty thunderstorm likely and same thing holds through at 6:00 this evening. we'll dry out later on tonight underneath a partly cloudy to mostly clear skies and temperatures in the lower 80s and upper 70s, here is future tracker 6 and we are timing out the precipitation. to the north and west you have the best chance of finding instability in allentown and reading, as we go through the overnight hours we are tracking the moisture moving on through from a west east direction and showers into saturday morning. as we look at the weather headlines, hot and humid today and temperatures in the 90s and we run the risk of showers and thunderstorms but mainly north and west of philadelphia today. so the majority of the day looks to be dry and a big improvement as we get into our weekend. we'll talk about the details coming up with the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. this reminder you can get
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the updated forecast any time on your phone or tablet. including real time views from stormtracker 6 live double scan. a free download for your mobile device. there are new developments in the russian investigation, special council robert mueller is looking into alligation into possible collusion with the trump campaign and russia. live in washington now with the lightest on what it means for the president. >> rick, this suggests that the russian aprobe is expanding and robert mueller hired an expert on freud. and the 16th expert he has hired on to this case. >> the russian astory is a total fabrication. >> a campaign style rally. the perfect place for russian's alligation. >> we did not win because of
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russia we won because of you. that i can tell you. >> but the scrutiny continues, abc news learns that special counsel robert mueller convened a grand jury weeks ago showing it's going into a new more serious phase. >> the ability to get documents and the ability to get financial records. >> righters reporting that the panel issued subpoenas in connection with the meeting were donald trump jr. was promised dirt on hillary clinton. and the president's personal lawyer saying on fox news there is no indication that the president himself in a target. >> we have no reason to believe the president is under investigation here. and saying in a statement, the white house is commitmented to fully cooperating with mr. mueller. >> but with a crowd of supporters, the president trying to shift the folk taos the
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opponent he defeated months ago. what they should be looking at is the 33,000 hillary clinton emails. >> and lawmakers seem to be taking notice of president trump's stance on this investigation, senators have now introduce, two bipartisan bills that would require judicial review if the president attempts to fire special counsel mueller. >> thank you. registration will soon open for philadelphia public school students that are new immigrants and speak english as a second language. officials announced that the process will begin on monday and run through august 25th, and walk-ins are welcome for special registration and staff will walk families through the process and screen students through the services, last year 800 students that spoke more than 40 languages registered during this
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period. some scary moments for riders of a roller coaster in seaside heights new jersey. they were stuck on the hydro, as their car was to assent, and they reached the riders and pulled them down to safety. the ride officially opend this past may and this time it's unclear why the ride broke down, it broke down the jet star roller coaster that fell into the ocean during super storm sandy in 2012. still on "action news" at noon, flash flooding caused major issues for 200 passengers on a train in california. and police officers surprised a little girl after the money she saved up to visit disney land was stolen.
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severe storms stretched across california last night and the sudden downpour near los angeles set off flash flooding and the pickup truck was stuck in the waters after a daring rescue. nearby the flooding eroded part of a track causing a train to stop. leaving 200 riders stranding until crews could arrive. >> well, the woman convicted of using text messages encouraging
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her boyfriend to kill himself is not behind bars despite being sentenced to prison time yesterday. a judge sentenced michelle quarter to 15 months behind bars. she is not in prison yet until the case is appealed. carter was 17 when she urged her 18-year-old boyfriend conrad roy to take his life. his family is shocked by the judge's decision. >> i don't understand how someone can be free ashe deliberately told him to get back in the car and she gets to sleep if her own bed tonight and wake up with her family and meanwhile where is conrad? the case continues and we'll continue to follow it. a propane fire caused by a train derailment in the small town of hineman pennsylvania burned itself out overnight.
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a csx spokesperson says that small sulphur fires continue to burn and freight trains went off the tracks wednesday morning southeast of pittsburgh and no one was injured and a thousand people remain evacuated from their homes and the american red cross and management agencies are helping them at this hour. >> a california girl thought her trip to disney lan was ruined when crooked broke into her home and she soon learned there are good people in the world. 10-year-old andrea ramirez is saving up all year for the trip and weeks before she was set to go thieves broke into her home and took her suitcase and $200 she had said. police took matters into their own hands and called her into police station to identify the belongings they gave her mickey mouse cards and more than $1,000. >> the police officer says to way not on my watch.
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it's bad enough this burglary happened but they made it good for the little girl. >> they did that. they gave me a bunch of money. i couldn't believe it. i was amazing. >> andrea is home from her trip and said she had the time offier life. what a gesture. coming up is coconut water more hydrating than regular water? experts weigh in and. the popular donut shop is considering getting rid of their donuts.
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dunkin brands the parent company of dunkin' donuts is thinking of losing donuts not from their store but from their brand. calling it just dunkin. it will be a destination for coffee and still sell donuts. the decision will not be made until late next year. >> mazda and toyota have issued a statement saying that their new 1.6 billion there's facility is up and running by 2021. no word on the exact location. officials say this is expected to create 4,000 jobs in the u.s. mazda says it will create cost
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over vehicles at the new plant and toyota will build corolla models there. shocking new data shows the suicide rate of older teenage girls hit a 40 year high. they looked at teens 15 to 19 years old increasing from 2.9 per 100 thundershowers in 1975 and waivered through the years and spiked to 5.1 in 205. experts say it's unlikely that it's due to any single factor and the same study found that teenage boys have the same rate but the highest numbers were in the mid-80s. coconut water has spiked in popularity over the past decade but is the trendy beverage more hydrating? research say no. two studies show that coconut water on its own provided a
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minimal difference in humans compared to water and sports drinks and they do not recommend it to those trying to lose weight and it does not boost your metabolism. "action news" is working on news stories tonight at 4:00, including a delicious edition of freebie friday. how to get chocolate chip cookies and wawa hoagies and iced coffee for free. and a new trend in wedding venues, open marijuana bars and companies that specialize in catering cannibis. coming up in big talkers today. in the meantime accuweather is next on "action news" at noon. meteorologist, melissa magee, has your seven-day forecast. eligible for medicare?
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meteorolog ist, melissa magee, is back now with a closer look at the weekend forecast and may want to keep the umbrella handy. >> today, especially north and west a spotty shower or thunderstorm. as we get into the weekend. something to look forward to. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you see that we are dry right now. no issues with precipitation, there is an area of disturbed area to the north and west. that works its way eastward in the afternoon. we show you the picture outside. chopper 6 hd high above the sky as we look at the ben franklin bridge on this friday. and the delaware river we have calm conditions right now. plenty of sunshine and temperatures are responding nicely with the sun overhead. right now in philadelphia. coming in at 86 degrees, 84 in trenton and at the coast in cape may, 80 in lancaster, 85 in dover and also in the middle
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80s. the dew points a level of moisture in the air and most locations are at 70 or higher than that. we have the humidity overhead, quite oppressive and comfortable right now, a 75 degree dew point in dover, and 74 in reading and as that disturbance comes on through and clashed with the heat and humidity and thunderstorm. this swings eastward and the dynamics look north and west of the city. later today showers and storms in the poconos and lehigh valley and something to keep in mind if you head to musikfest. santana takes the steel stage later tonight. also, as we get into the overnight hours, we have a couple of showers moving on through. first thing tomorrow morning still unsettled. 6:00 tomorrow and mostly cloudy
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and spotty showers but once it clears the coast into saturday afternoon drier and lower humidity on the way. so here is the setup for us today. humid with a late day shower as the warm front lifts to the northern and high temperature 90 and hazy and hot and humid once again and the cold front swings on through as we go late tonight into early saturday morning. a morning shower and high temperature of 82 and high pressure out of the ohio valley works its way eastward and drier conditions on the way and turning less humid into tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. if you travel down the shore a good looking beach day, 83 and dry and humid, and saturday morning shower and high temperature of 83. sunday sunny and pleasant and high temperature of 80. and there is a low risk for rip currents at the coast today. swim with the lifeguards on duty. humid with a thunderstorm overhead and high temperature of
12:27 pm
79. and at 72 we are comfortable on sunday and high of 73. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. partly sunny today and hot and high temperature in at 90 and less humid into saturday with the early morning shower. high of 82, sunny and nice by sunday. 83 for the high. mostly cloudy and thunderstorms around, high coming in at 79 for the start the work week and tuesday partly sunny and high of 81 and sunny and nice on wednesday and 83 and thursday clouds and sun with a high coming in at 81 degrees, a few pop-ups but looking good into the weekend. >> thank you melissa. there is much more ahead on our next half hour at 12:30, fast as lightning and fun on the track. find out what husain bolt says is in his final race. and chinatown's new hot spot is a contemporary food hall that
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rethink your allergy pills. flonase sensimist allergy relief helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪ "action news" continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. here are stories we are following for you now at 12:30. residents in south jersey are
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dealing with damage after floods. and a toddler wandered away from late at night when the child's mother fell asleep. find out how police officers were able to bring the child home safely. the cleanup continues today after rains flooded streets in several communities. parts of route 130 in burlington city were swamped flooding several vehicles. how business owners are dealing with the aftermath. >> reporter: the heavy rain flooded parts of this burlington neighborhood. take a look around many areas of this park are under water and homes were not spared and residents are looking at thousands of dollars worth of water damage. >> for read as long route 130 in burlington city. last night's torrential rains seemed to never end. >> the rain started and kept coming down more and more


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