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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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monday, august 7 here's what we're following. >> phillies great darren dalton passed away. >> five hundred young people take over philadelphia streets throwing bottles and vandalizing an suv. >> get ready for big rain, accuweather is tracking storms that could produce drenching downpours and gusty winds. >> let's find out about, karen rogers is in for dave dave, outside, umbrella up, matt pellman is taking a look at traffic good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys,
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like tam said the umbrella is up, i'm standing under light rain. it will get heavier that's why the national weather service has flood watch that goes into effect at noon today and lasts through the evening. there could be heavy rain heavy enough to cause flash flooding in spots today. the satellite and radar showing the first round of rain for the most part is bringing light rain to the region. we could see periods of rain. we get a little break and the next round moves through. it's the afternoon an evening hours where the rain will pick up in intensity that's the concern. the temperature has dipped from 72 to 69 within the last hour and temperatures are going to hold upper 60s, low 70s. they will be waffling back and forth. it's a cool day today, the high today, 73 degrees. let's look at how the day will go, 7:00 a.m., 70. lunchtime, 71. that's when we expect the rain to pick up in intensity.
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pockets could be enough to cause flash flooding in the afternoon and early evening hours. the storm prediction center has areas to the south of us and slight risk of severe weather. i will show you where it is and how much rain to expect in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when i step inside in just a couple of minutes. the roads starting to get wet, matt huh? >> reporter: i'm watching for windshield wipers in belmawr, camden county. not seeing them along 42, but in philadelphia we're seeing damp conditions, and out west, the roads are soak like 422 and the 30 bypass. northbound comes the crowd, some people coming back from the beach heading toward 295 and the walt whitman bridge. already we're seeing a decent number of headlights but no big jams at this point. burlington township, we're watching a truck fire southbound lanes of new jersey turnpike approaching exit 7, 206 where
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the right lane is blocked on the outer drive. crews on the scene him stick with the inner drive you'll be okay. farther south from south jersey into delaware, on crash on the delaware memorial bridge that's cleared. no problems on i-95 starting to tap the brakes southbound between allegheny and girard. let's check this spot right here where the schuylkill expressway meets up with the vine. no work overnight on the vine and work on the schuylkill expressway has cleared. at this point it's building volume at this busy interchange where 676 and 76 come together. berks county into chester county on the turnpike there's a left lane accident watch out for slowing heading toward downingtown on this monday morning. one of the most beloved sports stars in philadelphia has died. former phillies catcher, darren dalton passed away at the age of 55 after a four year battle with
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brain cancer. >> dutch is best known for leading the 1993 phillies from worst to first. he struggle with two bad knees during the year, but remained a warrior behind the plate. he played 14 years with the phillies and traded to the marlins where he helped them win a world series. >> sports world is mourning his loss. cameron rupp tweeted -- >> todd callis, the son of the late philly broadcaster, harry calli. wrote these words -- we'll continue to cover the intons to the -- response to the death of darren dalton and live report coming up at 6:30 a.m. with a look back at his life and career and more tributes at
6:05 am 6:04 a.m., developing overnight, philadelphia police arrested three people as they responded to a flash flood, authorities say hundreds of young people gathered in germantown and turned on police throwing bottles at cruisers and vandalizing an suv. jeanette reyes is live at police headquarters with the latest details, good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, tam, it was a busy night for police, dozens of officers responded and it took hours to get the group under control. this is not the first time they have gone after this same neighborhood for the same thing. >> police say around 8:30 sunday evening more than 300 teens gathered in the city's germantown section near cheltenham avenue and anderson street. they money -- monitored the group moving to eastwood lawn street. nearly 45 minutes later you can see things are getting out of hand. the teens scattered throughout
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the area and jumping fences. by 10:00 p.m., a police chopper is hovering overhead and authorities work to disburse the rowdy crowd which is flowing bottles at police car. the group has grown to 500, septa buses have been rerouted as a precautionary measure. this is the same area where three weeks ago a dozen officers responded to a cook out that got out of control. police kicked out 100 teens from the rec center park because they had no permanent. that crowd grew to five hundred and took to the streets eventually throwing bottles at police. no one was injured in the incident and no arrests were made. >> i think they handled it wonderfully, i was very proud and pleased with the way it was handled. it could have gone completely different had it escalated. >> councilwoman was asked to have activities throughout the
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week to keep kids busy and out of trouble. three arrests were made and one police vehicle was vandalized. matt. >> thank you jennette. police responded to a report of a stabbing at the 69th street transportation center. upper darby police and septa transit police arrived at the terminal at midnight. police have not released the details of any possible victims or a motive. a man accused of carjacking an armed robbery evaded police ten hours before crashing in philadelphia. investigators say he held a machete to an off duty septa rail worker's neck and sped off in the car. he stopped to get gas on the atlantic city expressway, 6 hours later and took off without paying. police chased the suspect off and on for another four hours before he crashed on the 2000
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block of south 8th street in south philadelphia. >> i think what's more surprising that the journey that the guy went on afterwards ten hour flee from police, that's crazy. >> the victim was not hurt and nobody was injured during the police chase. we have a major truck recall to tell you about in the market watch report. maribel aber is live at the condition center with the details. -- cnn center. gm is recalling pickup pickup ts because of a power steering issue. the recall covers 2014 chevy as and gmcs. futures are pointing to a higher open, wholesale prices and productivity is due out this week. that's it for business from new york, have a great start to the week. >> you too, maribel.
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we'll have a wet start to the week. >> reporter: we'll have periods and rain it will get heavier this afternoon. the current view of storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see how philadelphia is wet and the heavier pockets getting closer. let's go in with our street level view. i put this in motion so you can see this happening. look at the heavier rain that hit coatsville heading toward malvern and pottstown, through wilmington and heading toward the city it's lifting up through the region as you can see with the motion of this. periods of rain today and for the most part it's rather light to start. it's going to pick up in intensity. let's go outside and check the forecast as we look outside, siewk he -- you can see a sliver, it's going to be cool
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today 73 for the high. wet weather and muggy, winds out of the south southwest, the low was out to the west, we can see it pulling through the region. we'll have periods he have rain. this is the first round. you can see we get a break in the action before he with get the next round of rain moving through. we can see how it will play out during the day today. the heaviest time will be noon through the early evening. rain at times for morning commute. 8:00 a.m., 71. 10:00, 68. lunchtime staying in the low 70s. the rain is picking up that will cause the temperatures to dip to the upper 60s at 3:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., remember the flood watch goes into effect at noon because that when we expect the heavier rain to start to kick in. here's a look at that with future tracker, lunchtime today, heavy pockets we know that because we can see the colors, red dark red is coming down pretty good at lunchtime.
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you see the shades of purple often it's coming down so heavily you get hail with it. this is a look at 2:30 p.m. sheaf cells picking up in the afternoon and -- heavy cells picking up in the afternoon and evening. 4:30 p.m., heavier pockets here and there, especially areas to the south, look at the heavy rain that hits dover and millville and wildwood. we're watching for stronger storms south of the city, as well. looking at future tracker, how much rain we expect an inch to two inch of rain in some spots. today we had so much rain last month that's why we expect the concerns with flash flooding. any storms that could possibly turn severe the best chance for that, the area of yellow would be in a slight risk for severe weather in southern cape may county and parts of southern delaware, we'll be watching for a better chance for stronger storms with that. here's a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's an accuweather alert day, we have periods of rain to be
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heavy enough this afternoon and evening to cause flash flooding. 73 is the high. it's cool today, tomorrow it's better, we start out with clouds break for sun, 82. less humid. wednesday, clouds and sun, 83. thursday, 82. friday, chance of a shower at the end of the day. saturday, 82 on saturday, 84 on sunday, we have a chance for a shower popping here or there in one or two spots during the weekend. we'll watch to that are as we draw closer. today is the day to be a lot of careful as you travel never drive through flooded waters. >> 6:12 happening now, a search for an escaped prisoner. a rape suspect was shackled and handcuffed and managed to break free. >> taylor swift is ready to tell her side of the story in a
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trial in denver. >> reporter: rain on the wet road surface, new crash on 309 anticipate details on other situations when "action news" continues on this monday morning. getting a cancer diagnosis is difficult. getting an appointment with a specialist shouldn't be. at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, you can see a cancer specialist in as little as 24 hours. you'll meet with a physician who will discuss treatment options, answer your questions and recommend next steps for your
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look, a view over the commodore barry bridge, as you get going on this monday morning. it's going to be an incredibly rainy day today, 73 will be the
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high. >> roads starting to get wet now, matt. >> reporter: it is national lighthouse day today, we need those to see and guide our way through the clouds and the fog. nasty situation, north wales 309, northbound lanes of 309 at walsh road by the movie theater as you can see, looks like they are getting the accident pushed off on to welsh road itself. you can see it there, the good news, the northbound lanes of 309 are reopening as you head toward english village away from the pennsylvania turnpike. on the turnpike there's a crash. this one as you come out of berks county into chester county. we're starting to see the area of yellow resulting, because the left lane is blocked with the crash. eastbound between morgantown and downingtown would you want for it, and a little bit of slowing that's resulting. bad crash in perkiomen township montgomery county blocking park
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avenue at pennypacker road, spring mount road to be the way to go to get around that. lower moreland work along hung ton pike. -- huntington pike, they will be out there with the flaggers. pennypack pike they start the work on the avenue bridge. grant avenue is the alternate. watch out for southbound would n the route 1 media bypass. 32-year-old brandon powell overpowered a sheriff's deputy during a trip from the psychiatric hospital to the palling county jail on friday. he was in leg shackle ands handcuffs and secured to a belly belt, but he jumped over the
6:18 am
seat put the deputy in the head lock causing him to crash. he grabbed his gun and ordered him to remove the restraints. >> the maker of a carnival ride that fell a part at the ohio state fair blames excessive corrosion for the tragedy weakening the wall of the gondola support people called the fireball. it buck himmed resulting in the ride's catastrophic failure. an 18-year-old man was killed, 7 others hurt. four injured were hospitalized at least as of last week, including a woman who remains in a coma. there are rumors that someone close to the president is a considering a run against him in 2020. alzheimer's disease the fi is out there.survive
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and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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nurse ali gorman this is "action news" health tip. this is for parents of young children. obviously you want to spend time outside during the summer. if you have a baby in the stroller remember not to cover up the stroller that could cause the inside to heat up and become dangerously hot. instead you want to make sure your baby is getting nice circulating air that will keep them cool, comfortable and safe. >> should not have trouble staying cool today. , staying dry that could be another issue staying outside, this morning, south philadelphia, this is the busy intersection of 26th street and penrose avenue. we're getting reports of a crash with the waze app south of the intersection along 26th. here things look okay as you come of the platt bridge. got word from septa that the
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work that was scheduled along main street in darby that was causing the 11 trolley not to run has been postponed. you're on the trolley along route 11. airport line was shuttle busing over the weekend, but they are not any more. >> reporter: satellite and radar showing we have rain moving through the area. we'll see periods of rain today. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing us the heavy pockets starting right now in malvern, in pottstown and almost near the city itself, you see that little area of yellow. it's only going to grow in intensity throughout the afternoon. the current temperature, 68 degrees. today we're staying in the 70s. 73 for the high. the heaviest rain will be in the afternoon and early evening when we have the flood watch posted for the area, starts today at noon and lasts through the early evening hours, lehigh valley excluded in this, through philadelphia, most of the region watching for the heavy rain today, matt and tam.
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>> carriage horses took a break from giving historic tours in old city to help clean up a watermelon spill they did it by having a treat, eating the crushed fruit off the streets. the driver took a turn too fast and it threw dozens of watermelon off the trailer. he came up from maryland to sell the mellons to vendors throughout the city. the phillies will hold a news conference this morning to talk about the death of darren dalton. cameron rupp who like dalton is a catcher, helped the phillies to the 3-2 win. they open a three game series in atlanta tomorrow.
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>> vice president mike pence is vehemently denying a report of a possible presidential run in 2020. he called the report, offensive fake news and false. the vice president said he is focused on the president's agenda and planning to help trump get re-elected in 2020. taylor swift's civil trial against a denver radio host gets underway today. the pop star is expected to testify tomorrow. swift accused former deejay david muller of groping her. he sued the pop star claiming the allegations cost him his
6:27 am
job. he seeking up to $3 million in damage. swift filed a counter suit looking for a verdict of one dollar. one of philadelphia's favorite sports stars has passed. we're live as we remember darren dalton. a tornado touches down in the middle of the night with no warning. more on the cleanup as part of the same severe weather system heads our way.
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>> now on "action news," remembering darren dalton, the former phillies catcher lost his battle with brain cancer. a deadly hit-and-run, new surveillance of a striking vehicle as the such for a driver goes on. a line of strong storms is making its way with the delaware and lehigh valleys bringing with it the chance to have flash flooding. good morning, i'm tamala
6:30 am
edwards along with matt o'donnell, david is off, karen rogers is here and matt pellman has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: i want to show you this, the national weather service center posted this flood watch because of heavy rain that will come through the area. it increases in the intensity in the afternoon and evening. right now as we look at storm tracker 6 live in some areas we have light to moderate rain and pockets of yellow. in some spots it's coming down pretty good. this is one round of rain. we'll have several rounds of rain today, the heaviest a bit later on, you see the heavier rain moving in from the southwest that will move in the afternoon and evening and give us a greater chance of flash flooding with an inch to two inches of rain. temperatures 68 degrees. temperatures will wobble from the upper 60s to the low 70s. only 73 for the high. feeling cooler than you would
6:31 am
normally see for this time of the year. periods of rain a cool day today, high of 73. it could rain at any point but we expect the heaviest to occur you can see that at noon, 1 degrees. 3:00 p.m., pockets of heavy rain, 69. 5:00 p.m., steady rain, 70. don't drive through the flooded roads, matt pellman, it could be dangerous, this afternoon. >> reporter: it's a good reminders for sure. our dry commutes around here don't go so well, let alone our wet commutes, we're expecting doozies today. we have an accident in north wales 309 pushed off to the side. all the lanes of 309 are reopened as you head northbound toward english village. a police officer is off to the side. you can get by, it is wet, so it's going to be slippery, you have to drop the speeds. elsewhere in montgomery county we have a crash in perkiomen township blocking park avenue at
6:32 am
pennypacker road. spring mount road would be the alternate there. there's a crash on the turnpike eastbound then a vehicle broke down in the backlog, so now it's double trouble both issues in the left lane, speeds in the 30s now as you come eastbound away from morgantown and head toward downingtown in chester county on the turnpike. on the big picture, speeds are slowing on the web schuylkill expressway as they -- westbound schuylkill expressway as they always do. speeds in the 20s betsy ross bridge to girard. westbound is busy coming away from broad street toward the schuylkill expressway. matt. >> philadelphia has lost one of the most beloved players in phillies history. catcher darren dalton has died following a four year battle with brain cancer. katherine scott is live at citizens bank park where there will be tributes to dutch dalton today.
6:33 am
>> reporter: matt, darren dalton was a presence, fans loved to watch him. he was highly respected by his teammates he is sorely missed. darren dalton cheered on by fans long after his playing days were over. the three time all star played 14 seasons with the phillies the longest tenure for a catcher in franchise history. the team announced last night he lost his four year battle to brain cancer. dutch was 55. >> he feels my favorite player growing up. the black we don't need with his name inside of it, i got because it was his. >> i give my condolences to darren dalton's family. he is a great baseball player. >> reporter: dalton made 143 starts at catcher in 93. hers -- here's kurt schilling
6:34 am
speaking about the phillies great. >> i nefertiri trader -- never, never played with or before a clubhouse presence than darren dalton. >> reporter: he he stabbed the darren dalton foundation in 2011. they shifted the foundation to raise money for patients with brain cancer. through it all, fans felt their love. he felt the support. >> like so many in my family. >> reporter: john kruck tweeted -- dalton is survived by many family members including his wife and four children. last night phillies chairman david montgomery released this statement saying all of us at the phillies are sadden to hear of darren's passing from the day we drafted
6:35 am
him until today he constantly earned our respect and admiration as a player and person, dump was truly one of kind. we will dearly miss him. a private memorial service will be held in florida. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> you can reid more about darren dalton's life at >> developing now, gunfire wounds a 13-year-old boy in kensington. the teen told philadelphia police he was walk winning a friend near kensington avenue and east ontario street when he was shot in the foot. police did not locate any evidence at the location. the boy is at saint christopher's hospital in stable condition. three people are under arrest part of a crowd of unruly young people that took over the streets of germantown. as many as 3500 teens ran through traffic. this kicked off on cheltenham
6:36 am
avenue near anderson street. philadelphia police say some of the young people threw bottles at the their vehicles and one suv was vandalized. this is the same area where a group got out of hand last month, police broke up their gathering at a rec center because they did not have a permit. >> a fire in a bedroom force add family from their home if delaware county. the flames broke out after midnight on the unit block of millbourn avenue in upper darby. the fire is under investigation. the search continues for a griefer who sped away -- driver who sped away from a deadly crash over the weekend. this is the jeep rubicon who hit 52-year-old an bros rick. police say -- brodrick. police say the jeep has a white hard top and front end damage. north korea regime has responded to the sanctions by
6:37 am
the city council. the ban on coal is expected to cost them a billion dollars in revenue. rex tillerson aid it's clear the international community expects north korea to stop its nuclear missile test. on official news agency website, a statement reads quote there is no bigger mistake that the united states believes its land is safe across the ocean. a severe weather system that is heading our way left a path of destruction through the nation's heartland. 30 people were injured after an ef-2 tornadoes tore through the city of tulsa, oklahoma. some residents complained even though they received mobile alerts, the outdoor warning sirens remained silent. >> we won't see destruction like that, but we'll see serious storms. >> reporter: we have a slight risk in areas south of the city,
6:38 am
cape may and delaware, if you're heading south keep an extra eye on the radar. storm tracker 6 live showing a difference in the last half-hour, we can see some of the region is a bit wet. i want to go in tighter with the street level view, we'll show you what's happening in storm tracker 6 live. we're looking at heavier pockets in is for the skew almost near sea isle city, you see them hopping the bay from delaware towards millville. as we come -- as we go closer into the city, norristown, heavily traveled roadways getting wet right now. pottstown light to moderate rain, honeybrook, height lane, heavier in chadds ford. be careful as you head out right now. it will be more intense this afternoon, though. let's go outside and see what it looks like, sky6 live hd is looking live this morning, it's wet now at philadelphia international. if you expect someone flying in or your flying out, you may have trouble today with heavier
6:39 am
storms on the way. 6 degrees the current temperature. today is a cool day, we'll be well below average high of 73. humid with rain coming down, 64. the wind out of the west/southwest at 10. they will pick up under the storm or two when we get them. the pressure is falling, ocean temperature 72. here's satellite and radar we see the first batch of rain we're dealing with. this is round one. we'll have a few rounds today. they will get heavier. you can see it near charleston and pittsburgh, the area of low pressure tracks toward the area. we'll get periods of rain that will be more intense at times. 73 is the high, cooler with the rain coming down, heavy at times, periods of rain through the day into the evening. 8:00 a.m., 71 with rain. 10:00 p.m., 68. it's heavier at noon that's when the flood watch goes into effect. from noon to the early evening
6:40 am
hours periods of heavier rain coming through. that will cause the temperature to dip to the upper 60s when the heavy rain is coming through. future tracker, right at lunchtime you see the areas of red and darker red that's showing it's really coming down. watch what happens advance it to 2:00 p.m. we don't often see shades of purple. you may see hail pulling down here. that's at 2:00 p.m., we advance it to 3:30 p.m., storm prediction center has areas south of the city of seeing strong to severe storms we can see that indicated by this. this is a look at 3:30 in the evening. even at 5:30 it may not be raining as much in the city, heavier rain down to the south. be careful as you travel through all this. future tracker showing an inch up to two inches of rain in parts of delaware and south jersey today. the rain will come down really
6:41 am
good. you need to be careful. severe storms could be areas farther to the south. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's an accuweather alert day because of the threat for flash flooding. 73 for the high, periods of rain, heavier in the afternoon and early evening. tomorrow, it's much better, take a breath, clouds and sunshine, 82 turning less humid. and the weather is pretty nice. wednesday, nice and sunny, 83. thursday, clouds and sun, 82 stays dry. friday, partly sunny, mostly dry, 81. chance for a shower at the end of the day. the weekend not entirely dry, it's humid, each day we could see a shower around at this point it doesn't look like a washout just a shower. 82 on saturday, sunday, 84 degrees. yes, it will feel a little sticky, but knock like the weather we're starting with today. getting the bad weather out on the first day of the week here. >> a casual stroll takes a terrifying turn arc woke is
6:42 am
walking along the sidewalk when the ground gives way beneath her feet. >> doctor on board the tush -- turbulent flight from greece to philadelphia talks about helping people who were hurt. >> reporter: we have a fire truck responding to the scene as we watch live him we'll talk about issues on the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpike when "action news" continues on this monday morning.
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>> good morning everyone, monday morning, time 6:44 a.m.,
6:45 am
taking live look at i-95 penns landing, the rain is moving in, more and more places, you can see some of the rain drops on the camera starting to see the rain, to be heavier later today, high of 73. >> you have to pay close attention on the roads, the flashing lights might be coming for you matt. >> reporter: they are arriving to assist in an accident, hopefully nobody is too badly injured. this is not the way we like to start the workweek, i-95 girard avenue, we have two left lanes out of commission because of the crash. traffic squeezing by in the far right lane, another emergency crew on the scene. fire truck there, as well. north of penns landing through this point at girard you're hitting a wall of traffic along i-95 northbound, you might want to stay local, delaware avenue to frankford avenue to get around it. there's an area of red along i-95 northbound. southbound is slow, as it is every single morning from bridge
6:46 am
into girard where the accident is on the northbound side. over on the schuylkill expressway 7 miles per hour westbound side by city avenue. that's morning volume and wet conditions, with as well. turnpike, eastbound side come out of the berks county into chester county there's a crash and broken down vehicle in the backlog stay on the 30 bypass. perkiomen township crash park avenue at pennypacker road. new construction starts in milford township, bucks county. kumery road is closed for the next five weeks, 663 is the alternate there. >> a sidewalk collapsed beneath a woman in new york city leaving her injured. the woman fell 6 feet while walking next to her husband on saturday morning.
6:47 am
building records show contractsers were hired to install temporary supporting material at the site of the collapse. a passenger spoke to "action news" about his terrifying experience on board the american airlines flight. the flight from greece hit severe turbulence before landing here in philadelphia on saturday. video from inside the cabin shows the ceiling covered in drinks tossed up as people went flailing about. >> two flight attendants one dislocated her shoulder, one hit her head. others hit their head on the cabin or the ceiling. >> three passengers and seven crew members went to the hospital. dr. fang made his connection to california saying that was a much calmer flight.
6:48 am
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it's blinds to go's anniversary summer bogo sale. buy any blinds or shades and take half off your next item. all blinds! all shades! the entire store! buy one get one half off. it's our biggest sale of the year! come celebrate and save. blinds to go. blinds for life. morning america." >> for that we join our friend, robin roberts. good morning, robin, sounds like north korea is turning you up the rhetoric. >> i'm talking to matt and tam,
6:51 am
she set me i happen perfectly and talk about north korea threatening to retaliate, launch revenge against the u.s. martha raddatz joins with the latest. what scientists are saying right now what you can do to calm yourself when turbulence occurs. a disturbing story out of italy, a young model was abducted saying her captures were going to auction her off as a slave. why she was let go and what she claims happened to her just ahead. that's all coming up on "g.m.a." monday morning. >> we'll be watching you in a little bit, thanks. >> reporter: northbound side of i-95 we're not used to them, we got them, one lane squeezing by,
6:52 am
55 northbound, not seeing big delays yet, but they could develop. burlington county, truck fire near exit 7, right lane blocked there. >> reporter: you get the idea this is round one of the rain. heavier rain to the west. let's take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, because we are noticing heavy pockets of rain starting near chadds ford, coatsville, honeybrook, these are well-traveled areas getting hit hard. meanwhile, it's raining steadily in norristown and jenkintown and philadelphia and woodbury. watch for the rain to get heavier in the afternoon. 68 degrees heading up to 73 today. the heaviest rain in the afternoon and early evening, that's why the flood watch today starts at noon, matt. >> thank you karen. little league pennsylvania state champions upper providence montgomery county are one step
6:53 am
cloer to the little league world series. the team held off a state champs from delaware. upper providence take on the state champs from maryland at 4:00 p.m. you can watch the game on our sister network espn 3.
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for darren dutch dalton this morning passing away at the age of 5 after a four year battle with brain cancer. philadelphia police arrested three people who were part of a crowd of unruly young people overnight. as many as five hundred teens ran through traffic in germantown last night. one suv was vandalized. crowd of frustrated drivers on i-95 northbound fishtown. the left lane is blocked, it's a parking lot as you come northbound away from penns landing. karen. >> reporter: the rain will get worse later on. that's why the national weather service has a flood watch in effect at noon today and into the evening. this afternoon and early evening we get the even heavier periods of rain. today a cool high of 73 degrees.
6:57 am
>> i hope you stay dry and have a great week and thanks for starting your morning off with us, for matt pellman, david murphy, karen rogers, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great week. "good morning america" is next. on mi came across this housentry with water dripping from the ceiling. you never know when something like this will happen. so let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance
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good morning, america. more than 30 million on alert for flash floods right now from texas to new york. after dangerous storms hit the heartland, people kayaking through streets in new orleans. and emergency crews rushing to rescue those stranded drivers. breaking overnight nieto's new threat. kim jong-un threatens to launch more saying it's a mistake to think we're safe after those sanctions. president trump's urgent calls with world leaders overnight. taken, the model who says she showed up for a photo shoot but was drugged, kidnapped, stuffed in a suitcase and handcuffed for days. the abductors threatening to auction her off to the highest bidder on a secret site. taylor swift's trial. the superstar facing off against a radio dee


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