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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 9, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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"action news" at 12:30 continues with sara bloomquist and rick williams. >> here are stories we are following on "action news" at 1:30. a judge will decide if work on a controversial dune project in a jersey shore town will start-up again. and after days of living in fear one community can breathe easier. and the chip in your credit card could fall out giving thieves access to your money and personal information. now the details, a hearing in federal court in camden over a controversial dune project at the jersey shore. a judge issued a temporary order to stop the work in margate but the army corps of engineers is trying to get that reversed. the work is blamed for blocks of
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beaches having standing water. and the work to pump it out continues. john rawlins is live in camden where the hearing got underway this morning. >> reporter: hi rick, kind of a complicated problem involving two sets of courts, army core of engineer is in court allowing a judge to allow it to finish the controversial dune project, that will overrule the state issued stay order. but not so fast -- the issue, the unexpected ponding in drainage spaces and dunes in the sea wall. the system was designed so rain water runoff would collect in the basins and quickly drain away in 24 to 36 hours. but something has gone through and the stagnant water has not
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receded. leaders in margate are irate. they went to state court to temporarily stop the project. and the stoppage is costing the court $120,000 a day and margate wants the project to remain on hold until a fix can be identified and put in place. assemblyman chris brown represents margate and testifies that the controversial dune project was government at its worse. >> instead of protecting the environment and our citizens, this project winds up harming our environment and the very citizens that it is suppose to protect. >> reporter: well, up to now the feds have not said what they think went wrong with the slow drainage in the basins and they are still studying the problem. and they should be able to proceed with the work along the
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beaches in margate. >> john, thank you. in other news a 64-year-old man was sitting on the front steps of his hope when he was suddenly shot. the shooter remains at large. it happened at 5:00 yesterday evening along the 2500 block of west tioga park, police say they recovered a gun from the scene but so far no motive in the case, and it is believed that the gunman drove away in a ford crown victoria. north korea is examining plans to attack guam with long range ballistic missiles. and president trump issued an unprecedented and ominous warning to the nation. they posted a video of him warning north korea will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> and rex tillerson defended
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the president's tough talk. u.s. intelligence now believes that north korea has as many as 60 nuclear weapons far more than once thought. >> get the latest on the rising tensions with north korea on the 6 abc app. we have reaction from the u.s. lawmakers on the escalating effect and how the trump administration is responding and a closer look at north korea's arsenal. the man accused of killing a cop in missouri is now behind bars, his arrest is coming days after a manhunt after hundreds of officers took over a small town. >> reporter: the massive manhunt for a cop killer that put clinton, missouri on lock down is finally over. police arresting ian mccarthy accusing him of killing police officer, gary michael. >> we are thrilled to give
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closure through this. today a procession through town pays respects to the fallen officer. and that mccarthy was brought down by a person that sent a tip from the highway bringing relief to this home town of less than 10,000. >> it's scary. how many more lives will he take before they find him. >> it began on sunday night. mccarthy is driving without his lights on and michael pulls him over. he shot officer michael and mccarthy was want add cross state line, wanted for four years because of an assault alligation in new hampshire. and now the focus goes to the man that lost his life. >> he is my hero. >> michael's little brother wants the community to move forward.
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>> i hope there is stronger hugs be kisses and i love you's. we have happy to have those to hang on to. michael was the 25th office killed this year. abc news new york. back here firefighters were called to battle a fire in a home in kensington overnight. it was 3:00 a.m. when the flames broke out along the 3 thousand block of rose hill street. it took 20 mines to get the fire under control no word yet on a cause sfwr turning now to the forecast we are sunny today feeling like summer but not too hot. it's pretty pleasant outside looking live at sigh-showing united states the platt bridge. energy it if you can. karen rogers is live with the details from accuweather. >> reporter: i have to say i was tired at the beginning of the newscast and stepped outside and the sunshine perked me right up.
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it cures whatever ales you. we need the sunshine. it felt different six hours ago the temperatures are responding to the sun. here is what it looked like this morning, 47 was the low in mt. pocono, and 56 in august and 58 in reading and 64 was the low in the city, and 59 in millville and 61 in atlanta city airport. since that time we see the numbers climb and the lehigh valley upper 70s and 77 in pottstown and quakertown and 81 degrees in center city. feeling good out here sunshine and a touch of a breeze, 82 in cinnaminson and 81 in tuckahoe. and 77 in brigantine and 79 degrees in dover delaware and warming up in smyrna, 86. and the dew points dropped below 60 degrees, that is nice and comfortable. satellite 6 along with action
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radar showing we are nice and clear and clouds that pushed off the coastline and wall-to-wall sunshine out here right now. lots of sunshine through the day, 2:00, 85 is your high. what is only one degree below average. feeling pretty good out here. 6:00, 82 and 8:00 before sunset, 78. and 10:00, 74 degrees. a high of 85 and lots of sunshine and we change for the weekend though. it turns more humid and unstable with a chance of showers. i'll detail that in the seven-day forecast in just a minute rick. >> thank you karen. be ready for whatever the weather brings with our 6 abc app, check the seven day and hourly forecast and stormtracker 6 live double scan images from across the region. it's a free download for your mobile device. philadelphia police need help finding a man that threatened violence as he took clothing from a center city store.
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look at this video, it's suspect was stopped by security when he tried to steal clothes from the uncostore. the two of them got into an altercation and the suspect threatened to stab the officer and ran off with the clothing in hand. watch this video closely. a man rode up on a bike back on july 17th and walked over to another bike and cut the lock and took off with both bicycles. if you have information you are rurnled to call police right away. >> a unique outdoor office space popped up in center city today. the collaboration between we work and mediterranean grill. it's on the 1600 block of market street. the day long pop-up office lounge offered free coffee lunch and swag to those that stopped by. there is more ahead on
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"action news" at stb 12:30. a seal has worn out its welcome and needs to find a new home away from people. when "action news" continues.
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there has been another possible terror incident in paris. once again used to attack people this time the victims were a group is of soldiers, molly hunter has the latest. >> a high speed highway shootout. french police shot and arrested the suspect in wednesday's car ramming attack. the attacker fled the scene and several hours later plain clothes police caught him speeding toward the port city of kallie. and it happened in a paris suburb. police say that a bmw rammed into a group of french soldiers.
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the car speeded up throughing down the soldiers injuring six seriously. this woman saw two soldiers on the ground and this is part of operation sentinel after the charlie hebdo attack 10,000 troops were deployed across the country and two years later france is still under a state of emergency. in france this is the sixth attack this year and across europe revehicular attacks are more frequent. last year they use the trucks to kill in nice at a christmas market in berlin. >> and here in march a driver mowed down pedestrians on the westminster bridge and attacks in big cities are almost impossible to prevent. abc news london. wildlife officials in hawaii
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have rushed in to help a seal and her pup. the hawaiian monk seal was born at a busy beach in waikiki in june. they have drawn huge crowds and they are endangered. >> it's important that she has a healthy lifestyle or upbringing until being reproductively vibe. her mom had ten pups if n-her lifetime we hope she has ten pups in her lifetime. we are dealing with an endangered species here and we need all the pups we can get. >> one the pup is weaned they will remove them to a remote part of oahu. a team from our area is competing in the little league softball world series, the girls from bear, delaware are in the canal little league and one of
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ten teams to make it to the world series in portland, oregon. the delaware teams plays at 1:00 this afternoon and we wish all of them good luck. musikfest is rick williamsing tonight with the music of god smack they take the sand steel stage tonight. and earlier in the day our own jeanette reyes visits with the crowd at the "action news" booth. >> still ahead on "action news," a check of the forecast for you as we look outside sky 6 hd showing you a pretty picture from cape may. look at all the blue umbrellas, karen rogers has the update from accuweather when "action news" continues in a moment.
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there are new concerns about your credit cards. the chips used to protect your security could get loose and fallout. here are the details and what
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you should do. >> chip transactions are meant to make our cards more secure. and in most cases they do. but what if that tiny piece of sec knowledge goes missing, experts warn that the chip in your credit card can fall out. >> they are on there pretty good, but overtime wear and tear, it could cause issue with the underlying glue. this happened our our reporter from wls. knowles says when he called the bank, chase, if that person found the chip on the ground they could use it on another card. cyber security says that it can happen with any credit card. he ran tests with two cards of his own to prove the chip hack can happen. >> peeled off the chip of two cards and swapped them and took the card to the retailer and ran the transaction, on the receipt you can tell it shows the last
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four digits that it didn't match the card i used. >> it's not the first time they exposed flaws with chip cards. they showed rebecca jarvis how it can swipe the info by simply being close to it. >> we put this by your purse and talk your information. >> the capturing of your card info is not so easily done because most consumer was be aware of a thief getting next to their card and when it comes to losing your chip. chase says it's rare to use the entire chip or a portion of it. but in either event we strongly suggest replacing the card with a new account and card. abc news new york. all right back here meteorologist, karen rogers, is here with a closer look at the forecast. nice day to have lunch outside. >> gorgeous, lets go. you are buying right? >> we are out of time we'll see you tomorrow. >> come on man.
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stormtracker 6 live double scan looking dry through the area. it's gorgeous, giving storm tracker the day off. lets go outside because chopper 6 hd was doing a little flying and looking good from up above, and we have chopper 6 hd with clear conditions and hopefully finding an excuse to be outside. 81 degrees, the current temperature 56 degree dew points, nice and low and no humidity out there today. the winds are southerly and the pressure is rising and ocean temperature is 73. satellite and radar showing clear skies. the effect of the high pressure up above. why not head down to the shore, temperatures 78 and 79 not much different than the ocean temperature. it's a sea breeze that kicked in over the last hour. cooling things down and a low risk of rip currents, delaware 75. and 80 for your high at bethany
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beach. feeling good out there. wall-to-wall sunshine, a beautiful day with a forecast like this. 2:00 the high of 85 degrees, only 1 degree shy on average, 84 at 4:00. 6:00, 82 and just before sunset, 78 degrees and once the sun goes down the temperatures drop to the low 70s by 10:00. it won't be quite as cool tonight as it was last night. kind of chilly in the morning. mostly sunny skies tomorrow and a few high clouds, the high sitting over us today. shifts to the east a bit and a few more clouds himming with sun and another nice day tomorrow. you see the area of low pressure to the west we get trouble friday through monday and start to get unsettled. you'll notice the difference come friday and for the weekend it turns more humid and lots of clouds and sunshine each day, and a chance for a thunderstorm or two each day. so friday through monday, we turn a bit unsettled and it
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looks like any day say washout. just a couple of showers. but different weather than now. the total solar eclipse. less than two weeks it only takes 90 minutes for it to travel around the country and that is not a long time and the width is only 70 miles through 12 states. we'll see 80% of the sun here blocked by the moon. august 21st, prepare for that and get the special glasses, it passes through 12 states from oregon to south carolina. the last time it happened was 199. the exclusive accuweather forecast 84 for your tie today and nice and bright. tomorrow mostly sunny and nice day. 85 before the weather goes downhill a bit. turning unsettled on friday, it looks like the showers may hold off to the second half of the day, and clouds and sunshine and 82 degrees and a bit more humid
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and unsettled and 82 on saturday and 84 on sunday, and each day in someone and not a washout and we have a better chance to see rain. tuesday clouds to sunshine and 82 degrees and that is when the pattern kind of changes a bit by tuesday. enjoy today. enjoy tomorrow. and things change a bit than starts on friday and lasts through the weekend. >> enjoy it now. >> topping our people scene at noon, trip outs come in for glen campbell. fellow star, dolly parton calls campbell one of the greatest invoicing there's was. he died yesterday after announcing his has alzheimer's six years ago. his hits including rhinestone cowboy. he was 81 years old.
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instead of have been you with wedding bells a couple chose one with kettle bells. they tied the not at a cross fit gym on monday. the couple was sweating it out during a special workout of the day. >> the sweat brought us together and made us stronger as a couple. we thought there was no better place. >> candles and kettle bells and bar bells lined the aisle and the couple's friend and trainer led the ceremony. >> you had a wedding like that? >> i can't help but wonder did it smell like a gym? >> whatever. >> the temperature jumped up to 83 degrees, just got a new
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number, 81 in reading and 83 in millville and 70s along the coastline. it's a nice day wall-to-wall sunshine. 85 for your high get out and enjoy it. >> the pick of the week. thank you karen. >> here is a look at stories coming up at 3:00. cocktail mugs could be poisoning you. find out if the mugs at your home, a rescue amid cars, his rig is unconventional. hear about his act of kindness at 4:00. for karen rogers, sara bloomquist i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon and get out and enjoy it. eligible for medicare?
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