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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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soft. maybe that statement was not tough enough and we are backed is hundred% by the military and backed by everybody. i'll tell you this north korea better get their act together, or they will be in trouble few nations have been in trouble in this world. >> talking from his golf resort in new jersey where he is vacationing, not saying if they are considering a military strike. saying they never discuss those kinds of deliberations. he says that kim jong un is pushing around the world for a long time. and about the recent threats about guam and the statement about the fire and fury promise was a load of nonsense doubles down. >> if north korea says anything in terms of attack for anyone we love or our alternativelies or
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us. they can be very nervous, because things will happen to them like they never thought possible. >> and when asked in negotiations are a possibility. president trump said of course, but went on to blame his predecessors, saying that the negotiations with the north have failed for the last 25 years, he says he is all about talk and today more tough words. >> thank you. >> for the latest on the rising tensions with the u.s. and north korea, visit our website at read about president trump's statements and the war of words between the two countries. other news this afternoon the delaware county deputy that was fire bombed less than 24 hour ago is recovering this afternoon. "action news" reporter vernon odom is at the court hearing and joins us live in collingdale.
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>> collingdale borough is at peace tonight and the man accused of a horrific crime is locked up at the delaware county jailp and the law man he attempted to kill or disfigure is recovering much faster than expected. 39-year-old jeremy jones was in court to begin facing multiple charges including attempted murder after he allegedly set a delaware county sheriffs deputy on fire. when the deputy went to the home of jones, there was no answer and they turned to leave and suddenly jones opened the door and hurled a molotov cocktail at him setting his legs on fire. >> i didn't mean it, i don't know what is going owe and and i'm not suppose to be talking to anybody. >> the bail was set at $1 million cash. a psychiatric evaluation was ordered.
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police say that six more molotov cocktails were found inside of jones apartment. and the good news is that the deputy was released from the hospital mid-day. with his partner and other policeman by saving his life by performing the classic stop, drop and roll technique nobody else was injured. >> he is doing better than expected. he will make a full recover. >> tonight "action news" has learned that federal agents are analyzing the contents of those molotov cocktails and if certain elements or chemicals are found in there this could escalate into a federal trial. here in the philadelphia area. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news". >> thank you. meanwhile, "action news" obtained the 911 call following a murder in warwitch township.
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last week police announced charges against her husband, norman long, they say he beat his wife to death inside of the house and dumped her body in the pool fully clothed and a neighbor called 911 saying that the suspect was running around franticly asking for help. >> he keeps coming out of his house screaming 911 call for help. help, help. >> does he need police or ambulance. >> i don't know he keeps running outs of the house. >> help me! >> now, at the time neighbors thought that michelle long suffered a heart attack but the investigation revealed she died from blunt force trauma. no word of a motive here and norman long is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. >> a man is underarrest for a police chase that led police
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through several philadelphia neighborhoods. the string of crimes came to an end miles and hours after they started. >> i had no idea this was going on, he was sound asleep. she woke up to find an unknown vehicle in her front yard now one of three scenes of an ongoing investigation that centered around this man. >> generally a good neighborhood and every once in a while something crazy happens and into my front yard. >> 14th district officers were called to a home invasion along the 200 block of west mt. airy avenue. the homeowner was inside of the residence with two other women. and a man she didn't know walked into through the unlocked front door with a gun pointed at them. and then the suspect left with two stolen credit cards, iphones, a macbook and kia sorrento. >> i am shocked.
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one reason i moved here is because it was a quiet place. i love it that way. >> the suspect then tried to withdraw a money from an atm on city avenue. he was spotted by police who then chased him down. the suspect crashed and abandoned the car along the 5700 block of overbrook in winfield. he changed his clothes and left them strewed across her backyard and then jumped several fences evading police. >> my biggest concern is safety, it was at night and i have a son and he plays out sigh and you never know what would happen. >> the suspect was finally apprehended along 60th about a mile away from where he abandoned the car. charges are still pending. >> they are collecting the evidence on scene and although badly shaken up the homeowner is expected to be okay. reporting in winfield, channel 6
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"action news." a 17-year-old was rushed to the hospital with two gunshot wounds this morning. police say that someone shot the boy on haddon avenue near division street in camden. the action cam was there as they taped off the neighborhood at 6:00. officers have not made arrests in connection to the crime. now a first check of the accuweather forecast. another winner weather wise. lets go outside and check it out with meteorologist, adam joseph. >> the low humidity and sunshine through the day and clouds are starting to enter the sky late this afternoon. than is the very instant stages of changes. 85 in the city of philadelphia, and 81 in new york city as well as baltimore. you can see really no heat in the northeast, pittsburgh right now settling in at 76 degrees. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows broken showers in the southern part of pennsylvania working their way to west virginia and eastern kentucky and this is humid air arriving tonight and be with us through
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most of the upcoming weekend. for the evening planner here, if you see toby keith at musikfest at 7:00, 80 degrees at 7:00 there, and bethlehem 9:00, 5-and warmer than the last few evenings, 71 degrees. as we look at the forecast a lot of clouds around tomorrow and a wet start to the upcoming weekend and then brian it turns much nicer as we salvage the second half of the weekend. we talk about the numbers and the timing of that rain coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> we'll salvage our sunday. >> four people escaped a burning home in trenton, new jersey, this is walnut avenue at 8:00 this morning, the flames quickly spread and destroyed the home and the firefighter was put on a stretcher after suffering heat exhaustion but she is expected to be okay. now a check of the roads. >> matt pellman with the report on a thursday afternoon.
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>> we are making you are way toward friday but slowly. southbound is shocking as you head to the work zone at girard and center city. and heavy from penn's landing to this point to bridge street. we started with a broken down vehicle there blocking a lane and it's not there any more but got us off to a bad start with speeds in the 20s. worse speeds on the schuylkill expressway just 10 miles per hour on the westbound side. don't head for ridge avenue, that is closed all weekend long because of the night market. the night market sounds like a fun event. northbound side of 295 approaching the black horse pike a crash on the shoulder but the slower speeds are on the southbound side. already sluggish from 73 the whole way to 42, the north-south freeway. and farther south to the delaware memorial bridge, there
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was an overturned truck and still 13 miles per hour as you come southbound toward the delaware memorial bridge. lets grab the ipad and check the waze home with the app. a crash by cathedral road. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead taylor swift takes the stand in a trial against a former radio d.j., what she told the jury about the incident. and the eagles get ready for their first preseason game. jeff skversky is live. >> reporter: can you wait? football is just hours away. and the eagles kick off the preseason and we introduce you to a fan from middletown delaware trading in his eagles green for packers green. we'll tell you about that coming up.
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also, melissa magee is down at the shore for us live on the boardwalk in ocean city. >> reporter: hey there monica and brian, it's a special day here in ocean city. you can see the floats are all decked up as we get ready for the 108th annual baby parade and the babies are in their costumes. connor give me a connor stance. good one. we have a pirate and queen bee. and the prettiest pearls in the sea. say hi girls. >> we have more from ocean city when the parade gets underway. all of that and the accuweather forecast. when "action news" comes right back.
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the eagles are facing the packers in the preseason opener tonight. jeff skversky is in green bay for us this afternoon with the team. you are not alone, a lot of die hard birds fans made the trip. >> reporter: yes, football is finally back. for eagles fans the eagles starters will play one to two series against the packer if the first quarter, you see behind me now it stopped raining a moment ago and the tarp is on the field here at lambeau field. it's raining on and off and raining hard for about five to ten minutes, on and off here and there in the last hour. but by game time 8:00 the weather should be beautiful here in green bay. it's a preseason game but eagles fans are fired up. we ran into the lewinskys from middletown, delaware.
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their favorite teams are the eagles and packers. franny wears eagles gear and her husband don is wearing packers gear. i tried to talk him out of it. >> i don't mean to offender you are from eagles country, what are you doing? >> enjoying football. >> aren't you an eagles fan? >> i am a number one packers fan number two is the eagles. >> do you approve of this? >> i have no problem with that. >> we are eagles fans. >> we have 13 world titles, how many do the eagles have. >> we are eagles but number one in the heart we are packers. >> reporter: how about that. a little low blow and i tried to talk don out of it and put on eagles fans and some packers fans came up and started to
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heckle me, i thought it was the midwest and friendlier out here but getting heckles. fired up fans tonight as football is back for the eagles facing the packers tonight at 8:00. live at lambeau, jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> the hecklers wanted to make you feel at home. the cuban government is sponing to incidents with the united states. several u.s. diplomats serving in cuba suffered severe hearing loss some of them forced to cut short their tours and head home. it's attributed to a covert sonic device, the diplomats residents, saying it never has or would allow any such action, despite that the u.s. expelled two washington based diplomats in retaliation. taylor swift testified in court today against a former radio d.j. that she accuses of
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groping her. she told the colorado jury that he reached under her skirt and intentionally grabbed her backside in 2013. he says it was at her rib cage level. and he sued swift over the groping claim that he said cost him his job. and swift counter sued alleging sexual assault. and stocks tumble as tensions rise and the dow falling below 22,000, and it's nasdaq off 135 points and the s&p 500 down 36 points on the day. a special summer reading program is wrapling up with a bang in the west oak lane section. the kids at camp got a special treat. state senator. art heyward was there to read and get children on reading
4:19 pm
level by fourth grade. dozens of youngsters did it and we want to say a big congratulations. >> adam joseph is here now with the accuweather forecast. i could get used to this it's good. >> too bad it's pretty much over with. just as you get used to it mother nature throw a wrench in. someone is taking it over for me. the philly phanatic the weather center. a nice night clouds are moving in and cap that intense sunshine this time of year. and partly cloudy for the forecast and south wind light 3 to 6 miles per hour and first pitch 81 degrees and 10:00 at night your temperature very nice at 75. the humidity is not coming up first thing this evening and overnight you'll notice the transition to more humid air pushing back in.
4:20 pm
85 in philadelphia and 83 in allentown and wilmington 81 degrees and at the shore a sea breeze and temperatures in the upper 70s. satellite 6 along with action radar high pressure is in control the last couple of days and that is pushing off the country and opening the door to the change in the form first of cloud cover racing in from the west and then you see some showers developing charleston, west virginia, to pittsburgh. and they are heading our way at times. tonight turning cloudy and humid late night. 62 in allentown un67 in philadelphia. future tracker 67:30 as we get into tomorrow morning, you see the clouds are here and at times you may try to get a pop or two of sun, hazy fine at times but overall the clouds win on our friday, but 5:00 not much in the way of action of downpours and
4:21 pm
thunderstorms, that holds off until friday night early saturday morning and rounds of rain push through and not a washout but times it is wet especially down towards the shore. as we kick off the weekend on saturday. at the shore 77 degrees and cloudy and showers and thunderstorms could be the most unsettled area in our region for saturday. the city humid with periods of rain and 82 and the poconos muggy and clouds and scattered showers and thunderstorms at times. the four day at 4:00 forecast, clouds are locking back in with breaks of sun at times, 84 degrees and humid and unsettled at times on saturday, 82 and we kick everything out of here for sunday. warm and partly sunny and nice and 86 degrees and more clouds come in with a chance of late day or night rain on monday of 80 degrees. >> thank you. still ahead on "action news" a huge surprise for a walkon
4:22 pm
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at while the eagles are away in green bay the field was put to good use. it was home to a job fair hosted by jp morgan chase and businesses looking to hire in our area. and tips for a successful job search. good look. toddlers having an easier time getting around thanks to wheelchairs for children that cannot walk. during an engineering camp at
4:26 pm
the university of delaware, they are looking to make and modify products to help real people living with disabilities. a team meeting turn nood a life changing moments for a walkon player in minnesota. and tj fleck brought a special guest. kyle tanner, a huge fan and patient at childrens hospital. tanner talked about one player in particular that always visits him in the hospital. he fired off not a t-shirt but a full scholarship. straight into the arms of kicker, justin juneman. >> he has no the played in a single game but coach fleck wants to reward him for making a contribution off the field. and told his mom on face time.
4:27 pm
and that left her speechless. >> ahead in our next half hour at 4:00. a special sticker meant to detect sexual assault based on a certain type of touch. and a state of the art gym in king of prussia is already shutting down a portion of its facility. what caused a giant hole to open up near the lifetime complex pool. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection... you get our fastest... internet ever. with download speeds up to 940 megs - 20 times faster than most people have. switch to fios gigabit connection with tv and phone for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit
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to help cover your early termination fee. go to "action news" continues with
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meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again, it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with the pose taking over instagram. why people are pretending they don't foe their photos are being taken. >> but the gig is up. and a stunning statement from a doctor that discovered the link between brain injuries and chronic injuries. why he says football is essentially child abuse. >> what they really wanted was cash. and now police need your help finding a gunman that robbed customers and barbers. we begin with bad news for a brand new state of the art gym in montgomery county. just three months after lifetime athletics opened its doors part of the facility is shut down. because a hole opened up under the swimming pool. john rawlins is live with more.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: troubles here a big knew high end come problem in a backs up to route 202, and the problem involves an indoor pool, a void opened up under the decking of the pool. it occurred last weekend, the coping and adjacent area, opened up at the athletic complex west of king of prussia. the image posted on the gym membership's facebook page. member sean scott estimated the drop involved. >> a foot and a half to two feet. >> below the deck? >> correct. >> it appears that the collapse twiggered by water beneath the pool deck. demolition is scheduled for the weekend. in the email to members there is no mention of the collapse only that the indoor pools are closed
4:31 pm
and the outdoor pools extend to the end of the september. swim lessons for children normally held inside are canceled. as for the source of the water that caused the erosion inside it's not clear. one theory an undetected leak in the pipes but there could be a natural cause. this area of the western suburbs near the 202 corridor has a history of sinkholes, penndot and developers have long battled collapses, with limestone deposits and streams combine to create washouts and the possibility of a sinkhole not a surprise to scott. >> it does not surprise me one bit as a child we would see them very common in the area especially king of prussia. >> reporter: so questions still out there. the source of the water for all of this, and the size of the void hopefully they will have a better idea once they do the work this weekend. the sense is most of the problems limited to the pool
4:32 pm
area and they are not sure at this point but because of the propensity of sinkholes in the region, when they built the building they reenforced all the foundation points. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police are looking for two men that posed as customers to rob a northeast philadelphia barbershop. this is video from the 7,000 block of caster avenue tuesday morning. the accused barbers walked into the shop and sit down and one gets up and pulls a handgun, the other proceeds to rob employees and customers, they got away with $90 in cash and an i'm phone. if you know anything about this crime are you asked to notify philadelphia police. members of penn state shuttered the fraternity because the death of a pledge are back in court today. they are looking for enough evidence to send the 16 young
4:33 pm
men to trial. they are facing involuntarily manslaughter to -- for the death of timothy piazza, for failing to call for help and leaving him alone for hours. the judge could rule as soon as tomorrow. a bucks county woman is convicted on all charges for a drunk driving crash in january. that noel chu had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood driving the wrong way on 309 causing a head-on collision. after three hours of deliberation they found chu guilty of third degree murder and other counts. an overturned tractor trailer blocking a portion of 95 in delaware. just after 9:30 this morning. although nobody was hurt the accident is blocking two
4:34 pm
southbound lanes since. police say they cannot say when the scene will be cleared and drivers should expect delays. dion warwick will get this years marian ander son award. her career spans 50 years where she sold over hundred million records. she treasures the awards she has received this leaves her speechless. >> some animals will live a speedy life. they are donating 50% of sales from the philadelphia, central pennsylvania, and delaware locations and new jersey, 60 stores are donating for the 50th anniversary year. enjoy a burrito bowl for a doggy or cat today. some children and teens with
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disney disease are spending a week at chop's special cooking school at walnut hill college. through a week long course they learn how to master the special diet that will keep them healthy. all the recipes are kidney friendly and developed by experts there at chop. >> it's time to head back to ocean city and meteorologist, melissa magee. >> live there with a preview of the annual baby parade in the 108th year, it couldn't get cuter than this right melissa? >> reporter: oh my gosh it's adorable we have the marching band and about the newest generation of babies. we have special guests with us today. disney junior's own chu chu sole. they have to be familiar with them and. we them from chu chu soul.
4:36 pm
you are entertaining kids for 18 years. are you excited to be part of the parade? >> this is gorgeous, here on the beach and the babies. >> and all aboard the chu chu train. >> here we go with the beat. >> all aboard the chu chu train. >> it's the sound popular with the little ones. >> i like the song. >> i love it. what they love, genevieve and constantine, stars of disney chu chu soul. the duo is entertaining and teaching preschoolers their abc's and 123's with a hip hop flair. they held a concert in ocean city with full crowd participation. >> it's fun to see them. >> we absolutely love our
4:37 pm
jobs,ent containing kids the best thing ever. >> seeing them dance and rock out is definitely rewarding. >> the fun doesn't stop there. the hip hop conductor and the railroading engineer, will serve as grand marshals in the 108th annual baby parade. it features more than 100 children in themed wagons and floats and young kids will stroll the boardwalk from 6th to 12th street and the disney junior stars leading the way and doing some practicing. >> how is your wave? >> it's regal. >> it's royal. very to work on mine. >> reporter: so were you practicing your wave? >> my regal wave yes. >> i have to do a real wave. i don't know. >> as you know disney is the parent company of 6 abc and we
4:38 pm
have chu chu soul. the grab marshals of the 108th annual baby parade. babies wave hello. >> see you down the shore. kids get on the chu chu soul. >> they are probably freaking out watching this. she is good. sfwr still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, one day after the woman's terrible rendition of the national anthem went viral. we'll hear from the singer. and a doctor has a message say that youth football is like child abuse. what is behind his startling statement ahead. >> what do these people have in common, they are part of a trend sweeping instagram. but they don't want you to know about it.
4:39 pm
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4:41 pm
yesterday here on "action news" at 4:00 we told you about the performance of a national anthem that was to horrendous it forces organizers to apologize. in case you missed it here is a reminder. >> and the rockets red glare ♪ -- sorry about that we had to. >> that was jenny belting out the star spangled banner at a demolition derby in utah. the rendition so bad the county issued a statement saying that does not meet their standards of decorum. she apologized insisting she was not drunk or making fun of the song. they blamed the disaster on the feedback from the speakers and didn't get a sound check. >> i assumed i started singing this is not going to be good.
4:42 pm
>> why didn't you stop? >> honesty that is not my thing. i tried to do the right thing. >> the embarrassment is starting to fade and she can laugh at her new found fame. can't say she didn't go for it. big talkers now a bold statement from the doctor that inspired the movie concussion, he is now calling youth football child abuse. he is credited with discovering cte or trauma from concussions. believes that letting anyone under the age of 18 play football is considered child abuse, he studied brains and it's effects of concussions he doesn't believe there is any way to make the sport safer. this is the latest safety gadget for women, this is an undergarment addition. the best defender for an attacks. a bra sticker that can detect
4:43 pm
forceable touch in real time. here is how it works. the electronic sticker detects touch something more aggressive than usual and sends out an alert to your friends or family and you can attach it to any piece of clothing. if you scrolled through someone's photos, and said wait is the paparazzi following my friend. strolling down the street or sipping a lastttlatte. they are called planned its. the idea is to create a sense of authenticity but it's staged and nonetheless and the new humble brag. example, ha, ha, ha we are laughing someone didn't happen
4:44 pm
to snap when reece witherspoon had this moment. story to call you out. and kylie jenner just sitting on the couch. oh someone is taking my picture. sister kim ckardashian is takin a stroll in the wind gust and beyonce sipping on something. are you taking my picture and let me post this on instagram. and here is me looking out the balcony why? i have noid idea. and our producer jennifer -- >> thanks. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman in the traffic center with the latest. >> reporter: you know you can trust me to be candid about the traffic and this afternoon that traffic could be better, we head
4:45 pm
outside live along the schuylkill expressway there is definitely plenty of it. and eastbound travel time is even worse, 38 minutes ideally should be 14. plenty of traffic and uneven lanes as well. the right lane paved and the left lane million dollars. we are dealing with the effects of it all day longs. hover ford township a crash at montgomery avenue at new golf road. and slowing along 95 and speeds in the teens there and a new closure went into effect today. a new chunk of girard avenue blocked for about a month as they work on the 15 trolley tracks and collingswood the market tonight. and sickleerville a crash by the rite-aid along sickleerville
4:46 pm
road. and the accident is on 295 northbound by black horse pike and southbound by the delaware memorial bridge has cleared out. improving in those spots. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast next. how would you like to earn four times gas reward points?
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that'd be awesome... you can do that? just buy participating grocery items during the anniversary sale and you'll earn 4 times the gas reward points. groceries for gas rewards, i wish! right now, get pepsi, diet pepsi or mtn dew 2 liter bottles 88 cents, and lay's potato chips, buy one get one free. can i get one more wish?! the acme anniversary sale. it's just better.
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we have breaking news out of northeast philadelphia and a harrowing ordeal for a family there. the scene near cotman and the roosevelt boulevard that a car was stolen with a child inside just about 25 minutes ago but it appears that whoever stole the car dropped the child off. you see the child, we believe it to be that child in that man's arms. and a child carrier on the sidewalk. the child we are told is okay.
4:49 pm
>> that is the good news it doesn't get scarier than that for a parent. the carjacker grabbed the car and sped off and discovered a child in the backseat and decided to pull over to a fire station taking the child and car seat out and putting them on the fire station and dash again stealing the car. a honda accord greenish in color, 2013 model roughly. that car is out there running from police. the suspect took the car and dashed but at least had the conscious and wherewithal to leave the child at a safe haven, a fire station, police dashed over and it appears that a relative or parent came to get the little boy. >> we'll bring you new details this afternoon. we bring your attention to the accuweather forecast. >> pretty picture perfect day. as we go to the weather center and look at stormtracker 6 live double scan there is no moisture in the cloud cover so we'll save
4:50 pm
some rain drops until the beginning of the weekend. so again a pretty clean sweep here on double scan. as we look ahead to the forecast, a lot of clouds locked in here tomorrow for friday, a wet start to the upcoming weekend for saturday. the unsettled day and then the second half of the weekend much nicer as the sunshine returns. at the shore we are in the 70s with a bit of a sea breeze and full sunshine and inland cloud cover at times and temperatures warm back up into the middle 80s, including allentown 83 and philadelphia 85 degrees, as we look at satellite and radar, high pressure is losing its ground here in the mid atlanticic, clouds breaking in here scattered showers in pittsburgh and the actual cold front that doesn't come through here until saturday, is still way to the west in chicago and associated low near minneapolis and it iphones in high humidity ahead of it come tomorrow and especially on saturday. tonight cloudy and humid than
4:51 pm
the last few notes. 62 in the suburbs, 62 for center city. wind 6 miles per hour. friday clouds and limited sunshine and breaking out at times here and there. temperatures despite the clouds is very similar to today in the middle 80s. a snapshot here to the weekend that is when the front approaches and crosses the region and the heaviest rain looks to be in the southern areas where there is atmospheric energy close to southern delaware and the shore and everyone is fair game for pop-ups at times saturday morning going into saturday afternoon of 85 degrees. we'll talk about the good now and melissa magee is live on the boardwalk in ocean city. the baby parade going on down there? soaking in the sun and a lot of jealous people here in the studio. >> reporter: adam it is gorgeous here down it's shore. we are soaking it up while it lasts, because we'll have changes as we head into the weekend, the shore forecast
4:52 pm
tomorrow, it's mostly cloudy and maybe a few date lay breaks of sunshine otherwise a high temperature of 77 and saturday really unsettled with showers and the threat of showers and a rumble of thunder throughout the day, a high of 77, but it gets better as we get into sunday with a nice mixture of sunshine and clouds and high temperature of 79 degrees, something to keep in mind the ocean temperature of 76 and a low risk of rip currents, good idea to swim where the lifeguards are on duty. and chu chu soul how cute are they? >> they were adorable. let me see your pageant wave. i know you got one. if you went down the baby parade route. do it. i'll take it. no applause in the studio, i don't know what that means. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast here as we get into your friday rather cloudy and a scattered shower in the afternoon, 84 degrees and the most unsettled day is
4:53 pm
saturday. 82 and humid as well. and the second half of the weekend we kick the clouds out and the sunshine comes back 86 degrees and a lot of clouds on monday with the chance of more rain coming in late day and overnight 88 degrees. a lingering shower tuesday morning before another beautiful stretch arrives and low humidity and sunshine to boot here on wednesday, thursday in the middle 80s. so august treating us nice with below average temperatures and the lack of extreme humidity and heat. we'll take it thank you. more what's the deal next. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the big story on "action news" is breaking news. yet another bold statement from president trump towards north korea. in the past two hours the president doubled down on his quote, fire and fury if the north threatens the u.s. and says it's time someone takes a stand against kim jong un. >> they are doing this to our country for many years and about time that people stuck up for this country and people of other countries. if anything maybe that statement was not tough enough. >> the president would not specify action they would plan on taking and sent stocks into a tail spin causing the dow jones
5:00 pm
to drop 200 points before the closing bell. we'll have a live report from the capital ahead at 5:30. we are also following a death investigation in bucks county that has sent shock waves through an entire community there. >> police released the victim's identity and monica malpass is live in washington crossing with more on the story tonight. nora -- >> reporter: rick and monica, the district attorneys office confirmed that the death in washington crossing was in fact a homicide. they are not releasing many details or specifics about the case which as you say comes as a shock to residents that live in this quiet river front community. >> never bothered anybody and just friendly and walk down the road and talk to everybody, just like everybody around here. >> they live just a few doors down from river road and washington crossing and investigating the death of a man


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