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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 11, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." different arms and different scenes make for one glorious tattoo. >> i've never seen anything quite like this, and it is really fascinating. the story behind the unique ink for a group with a unique link. >> how do you get 20 people to want the same tattoo? >> there were three little muffins at the bakery shop. >> an adorable moment with aunt ally, but also -- >> a very, very rad mother. >> why parker's musical performance has his family cheering. a suspect in a car acts -- >> like he's on a motorcycle but he's not. >> the hair-raising police chase by a lane-splitting maniac.
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>> oh, my gosh. >> christian, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web, including a scared little girl faces -- >> the car wash. >> how big brother's going to reach across the aisle and make it all okay. >> the world needs more. >> if you decide to get a tattoo you would expect that tattoo to be the one and only. a unique tattoo. would you be mad if somebody else got almost the exact, same one. maybe like 19 or 20 other people. >> if i don't know these people, i don't want them to have that. >> some team want that uniqueness. these people didn't seem to care. put all the same but slightly different tattoo you got a cattune created by phil berg, 29 years old, had a fascination with stop nation. since a kid.
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now that he's a tattoo artist he said i wonder if i can get the same thing to happen and he can. >> how do you get 20 people to have the same tattoo. >> all of these people don't know each other. phil puts out a message to the people he knows and says, hey, i'm looking to do this. would you be interested in this tattoo and being a part of this compilation? now, let's take it way back to 1929. the famous skeleton dance cartoon created by walt disney. >> oh, my -- [ laughter ] >> wow! >> i love that cartoon. >> isn't that neat? a compilation of 28 tiff tdiffe tattoos. frame by frame or tattoo by tattoo, unique as well. to know you were one of say 28 other people out there just part of a grander tattoo story, it's kind of fun. >> i like it. >> yeah. >> it's talented. >> and what a neat idea.
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the car chase in this video from prague is worthy of a summer action movie but anything but fun for all the people involved. see right here? that silver car is who police want to pull over around get out. soon as they get close this guy takes off. this is a stolen vehicle and now begins a police chase that will mystify you. you can see here, he goes behind buildings and looks like he take as shortcut to get on the thoroughfare, when things really kick up. >> oh, my gosh. >> merges on to the freeway. look at that. running red lights. dodging car accidents. at this point it shrinks to a two-lane road and he keeps going. switching lanes like on a motorcycle but he's not! >> if i'm the officer i may call off the chase. going head-on with all of this traffic. taking a lot of risk for what? a stolen car at this point? >> they don't know where he's going but the pedal to the
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roadway. made contact with somebody. you see debris in the roadway, but then, all of the sudden, you see either smoke or dirt, burnt rubber a combination of the three, maybe, because right here when police get close again, watch this. >> yep. ran into the back of somebody. >> but they weren't in the car alone. look at this. this woman jumps out of the car immediately goes to the back seat and you see that woman grab that baby and run out of the way. but then police, they have to pull him from the wreckage. >> stupid man. >> he was taken to the hospital, and police say he tested positive for amphetamines. nobody else injured but they say in all four cars were damaged in that chase. police say this man had been banned from driving until 2021. this last chase, a little slower, but not that much. this also in the czech republic. police saw a tractor and wanted to check on the two men that were riding on it, and instead of pulling over, these two guys
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take off and lead police on a chase. >> you know the officers are like, all right. we're doing this tonight? let's do it. >> and watch right here. one of the guys either falls out or gets out, but his buddy keeps going! so he runs after it. but i'm here to tell you, the police got their men. the driver, police say, tested positive for alcohol. this is ally and her 4-year-old nephew. ♪ there were three little at the bakery shop the kind whip a muffin and a nut on ♪ >> adorable. >>. ♪ and grabbed herself a muffin and ran up the stairs ♪ >> the reason this is such a special moment is because it's a very, very rare moment. >>. ♪ now there's two little muffins in a bakery shop ♪ >> pocko was born with sensory
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processing and my own son battled this through his life and the best way to describe it to you at home. five senses, called being integrated. kids with sensory processing disorder, their senses are all out of whack. sometimes sound so sensitive they have to walk around with hands over their ears. in parker's case, it can sometimes be difficult to interact with the world ♪ in walk add girl with a penny to spare ♪ in this case, a penny to spare, with his aunt, all involved and everybody wants the magic to continue. ♪ a muffin be right on his >> music somehow seems to bring everything together for him. >> he's so present and so aware. so open. >> and so cute. >> yeah. >> this moment right here, where she looks off-camera, i think to his mom anna. ♪ a girl with a penny to spare >> you see in a look on her face right there. can you believe it? this video, for me, of course,
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meant a huge amount. >> i'm glad they did capture it like this and were able to share it because it will give hope to other parents in the process as well. ♪ and grabbed he was a muffin and ran up the stairs ♪ ♪ fellas, prepared to be amazed. you've heard of show boating? they're putting on quite a show but doing it on jet skis. >> oh, wow. that is impressive. huge air. you never know when that wave is going to come up. it's going to be different every time. >> yes. >> right? >> the other guys, freestyle motocross have ramps, specific angles know what's going to happen. you're right, nick. a gamble. >> everything changes. >> but freestyle motocross and put it on the water. spectacular. no hands. look ma! >> oh, a close one. >> oh! >> i like about the video, they show some wipeouts because as amazing and talented as they
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are, well, it's not easy. the video was posted back in february but i think you can see why folks still love it. this next video is pretty amazing, too. >> you don't think -- >> yes. he's ski dancing. kind of trips you out when you first see it. right? and the crowd is mesmerized. it's worth noting this fella is involved with the circus. just watch as they all applaud. he does it in slow motion. >> impressive how fluid he makes this look. he's on two boards strapped to your feet. never even knew this was a thing. >> me either. you learn something new every day! [ laughter ] ♪ a clever use of balloons to break news to the kids. >> one, two, three -- >> number one is, like, what? >> the priceless reactions when they finally put two and two together. and a man in a jet pack is ready to launch.
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he's going to drag race a car, but see if he's got what it takes to come out on top. >> oh! brought to you by progressive's home insurance. get your quote at today. so being cool comes naturally. hmm. i can't decide if this place is swag or bling. it's pretzels. word. ladies, you know when you switch, you get my bomb-diggity discounts automatically. ♪ no duh, right? [ chuckles ] sir, you forgot -- keep it. you're gonna need it when i make it precipitate. what, what? what?
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you want to put on a spectacle you call one man. eric scott. generic name. >> cool dude. >> also known at rocket man. doing jet pack stunts for years, and this is one of his latest. he's going to race, drag race, a car at the vandermeer speedway in colorado. >> wait, wait, wait. what happens if something goes wrong? >> i don't know. >> listen to the very brief safety instructions he gives the crew. >> this is going to be good. yeah. don't come in front. i say like, okay. if i'm not -- just -- [ inaudible ]. >> all right. >> so here he goes. eric steps up to the starting line, and in this vehicle here. getting ready to race. shakedown run. >> wait, wait, wait. go scraping along the road? just -- >> why would he do that? he can fly! ♪
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>> whew! strapped to his back three tanks all of this catalytic reaction happens in about 30 seconds. 850 horsepower right here. >> yikes. >> when all the fans got into the stabds later that evening for the actual race, a bunch of people had cameras out and caught the action to find out who is going to win this. >> here we are. ♪ >> it was a false start? >> really more about the demonstration. this is all just in good fun. eric's putting on these types of demonstrations and shows for years. he's done things like set speed records for jet packs. flown out of a lake. even flown over canyons. >> give him a round of applause, guys.
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all right, guys. time to take a family picture. we've got three kids, hence the one, two, three. but, why is dad holding a number four? sorry. wait. what? >> one, two, three -- >> number one is like, what? >> she's been through the biology class at school and i think she knows where this is going. >> after giving them clues -- >> where's the fourth? >> and the kids just -- not really figuring it out. eventually they have to get a little more explicit. >> it's a fourth child somewhere. >> where? >> yeah, okay. number one's got it. she knows what's happening. >> and she's happy. she's crying, because she was this close to having her own room. >> number two thinks mom is lying. >> mommy's lying. >> called denial. stage one. >> oh. when they confirm it's real. watch the reaction. >> she doesn't want it. >> i want one! >> they hear -- phase two. anger, wow. working through these. >> yeah. she's going to have to work
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through that one a little, but nine months to do it. i think they're okay. >> yeah. acceptance is coming. and in this next video, dad here is getting a gift. a tiny little shirt. ha, ha, ha. you jokesters. this is too small for me. >> what are you -- >> the shirt says, "i laugh at dad jokes" clued them into what was happening. >> i like grandma's reaction because she jumped up and down and ran in circles which means she's gonna be a good baby-sitter. >> and mom-to-be celebrating, all in tears but getting all the love coming at her. come on. >> this mom's about to get a big surprise. >> look at that. >> i mean, come on! >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, when behind the wheel you must remember to -- >> keep your eyes on the road. >> what happens when this driver forget. >> oh! plus a guy enjoys a little
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promotional considerations provided by -- gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. ready to of your back pain? icyhot lidocaine patch & cream. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. icyhot lidocaine patch & cream. ♪ people, pay attention. >> sorry. >> sorry. >> keep your eyes on the road. >> oh! [ scream ] >> what? >> come on! >> wow! >> i'm going to play it again and i want you to hear that little voice. >> oh -- they're just -- >> saw it coming first. >> yes. even the child was warning the
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person driving saying, hey, oh, no. watch out. not sure what had this person distracted but they were clearly going too fast and didn't noecht t notice the cars up ahead. >> it's one thing putting your own life in danger but putting other lives in danger and the child in the car with you? >> let's not jump to conclusions here. we don't know what happened to the driver. could have fallen asleep, a medical emergency. may not simply be a case of distracted driving. it's likely, but other things could have caused it. >> glad you said that. something else caused this accident. a busy freeway. all cars moving. notice a motorcycle comes into frame. >> stop, stop. come on, bro! >> he's looking down at his left foot or something. >> that's the thing. the person that posted the video says the rider was distracted by his wallet falling out of his pocket and might have been going to reach for it and then -- boom. happy to know the motorcycle did get up and walk away. exchanged information and handling it from there. >> hopefully that wallet had his
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insurance car. >> yeah. because that bike's going to need repairs. ♪ greg bateman is about to get the surprise of his life. here he is in the water. this body border just got done taking a wave. what is that surprise? ♪ >> ah! >> oh. >> wait. was that a dolphin? >> yeah, yeah. you did that on porpoise. >> that's why he followed that -- >> out in the water, something comes out at you you're not expecting it, it would still scare you. >> you can't blame him. you see a fin. you don't know in that moment it's just a dolphin. >> apparently this area is one of the worst areas in australia for shark attacks. >> why go out on your body board? >> uh-huh. >> maybe there's a better place to do it? >> he said they have warnings and drones up in the air to
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watch out. if there are sharks around, authorities will warn you saying, now's probably not a good time toing there. >> still not taking that chance. >> ah! definitely a big mammal. but not terrifying. you see right there. a baby elephant playing around with the herd. >> all covered in mud. >> but once it gets in the water you'll notice something extremely special about that baby. >> he's a dolphin. >> no. >> it's pink. >> oh, snap. >> i knew i should have stopped drinking. >> pink elephants really do exist but are extremely rare. only three or four previously documented sightings of these things and those are all photos. >> is this something the elephant grows out of? pigment change or be a giant pink elephant? >> it will be a giant pink elephant. the first-ever video footage they believe of a pink elephant. interesting, in the beginning you saw covered in mud. that's what they do to protect their skin from being sunburnt. >> tell me about it. >> yeah.
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this little cutie is not sure about the car wash. >> but don't worry, the 4-year-old brother declan is there to comfort her. >> it's not so scary. >> how he offers big support when driving through gets tense. [ screaming ] >> how are olie, they expect
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delivery december of 2017. >> no way? >> uh-huh. identity crisis. ♪ >> a lot of drama with family comes with sibling rivalry, but that's not what we're going to see. quite the opposite. first case, up against the number one enemy of all 1-year-olds. the car wash. never seen anything like it, and you know you're going to die. at least that's what this 1-year-old is convinced of. don't worry, the 4-year-old brother declan is there to comfort him. >> we're just in a carwash. you're not going to die.
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>> reason it out. >> see? it's not so scary. no, don't cry! >> reaches for his little hand. holding on to it. >> when your big brother says, hey, it's going to be all right. i gotcha. there's no feeling like it. >> okay. strap in, everybody. [ crying ] >> not likin' it! >> it's a car wash. it's just a wash. >> no! >> she doesn't understand. >> it's not so bad. >> we're going through. [ crying ] >> no. i may have spoken too soon. obviously very conflicted. >> the best part of the video comes right at the end. a bit intense. hoare brother's been there for her so he asks, do you want to do that again sometime? >> yeah. >> like, no big deal. >> car's clean. what about your diaper? [ laughter ] >> now the only adorable video. these two right here posted to youtube. apparently shot by grandma. >> 2-year-old twins.
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brother and sister. i think the sister had a little spidey sense tingling and asking -- >> are you -- teeny-tiny little voice. >> what's the matter? >> not really talking. just kind of doc rivers take a moment. sit down. think about things. but sister's like, you know what, buddy? i feel you. sits down next to him. share as space. everything's going to be okay and puts a little reassuring on. >> oh! >> rubs his back. he's like, ah, thanks. puts an arm back, too. a little cuddle moment, and you know -- i feel like we all need a group hug right now. these guys are getting it. >> yeah. the world needs this. >> ah. >> see? it's adorable! >> oh. hope you enjoyed the show today. check out for lots more fun stuff or catch check out for lots more fun stuff or catch ut on the next all-new "rtm."
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