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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 15, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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responsibility a little too. can we please get smokey bear back? this lovely lady is kim goodman and she's got quite the talent. >> hi. i'm the eye popper. >> oh, gosh. >> oh. i've seen her. >> i think that's wild. her eyes have been haunting people for quite a few years. >> quite the eye-popping video. >> the only thing missing from her talent is the sound effect. that's it. when a big beautiful dunner gets placed in front of her. >> so much fun. >> it would be awesome. >> believe it or not she has a guinness world record title that was set back in 2007. the eyeball pop measures 12 millimeters which is just under half an inch out. >> like, the first time you wake up with >> you are hot!
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>> all day long i would do this forever. >> her talent has gotten her a lot of attention. but in this case, the wizard of oz decided to follow her around and give us an update of where she is and how people are still reacting to her. >> what causes it? >> apparently this doesn't cause any pain and it happened when she was a young girl and she was hit on the head with a hockey mask. by accident she says that she was hit. >> you know what? you can't do it. >> oli, work on it, man. do it. we should practice this. >> you're going to burst a blood vessel. >> nothing. try this. we're so jealous. >> you know, i've never ever wanted plastic surgery. but if they could give me this, i would take it. it does look like it gives me a headache.
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happy monday, everybody. we'll see you on the next brand new episode of "rtm." ♪ well, it's no surprise that so many people who saw the violence there in charlottesville this weekend, even though so many people are saying can't believe that this is 2017 america. >> this morning we are digging into the increasingly divisive ideologies that are blamed for fueling that violence. here's juju chang. >> reporter: it's 2017 and racism has come out of the
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shadows. bigotry in broad daylight. hate among us. >> you will not replace us! >> reporter: protesting the removal of a confederate statue, tiki torches ablaze. it's a growing movement uniting under the banner of white nationalism. we tracked down richard spencer, one of the event's organizers. >> these people are on drugs, [ bleep ] lunatics. they're not worth getting stabbed over. >> reporter: he's the man credited with koing the term "alt-right" after this video went viral of spencer at an alt-right conference, exalting president trump's win. >> hail trump, hail our people, hail victory. >> reporter: some in the crowd performing a deep lay-disturbing nazi salute. we confronted him about it. >> i said hail trump. and i held up a glafs whiskey. there are some people who did a
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roman salute. >> reporter: it's not a roman salute. it's a nazi salute. are you trying to normalize racism? >> i want the alt-right to be a dominant movement. >> reporter: he even seemed to predict that this extremism would lead to bloodshed. >> of course that's a possible. i thit current paradigm that we are living under is going to lead to blood and tears, period. >> reporter: you are predicting a race war, basically. >> i don't know exactly what's going to happen, but yes, i do think it will be a crackup predominantly on racial lines. >> reporter: yet, it was people of all races who marched against spencer and the racism he espouses. >> you will not replace us! >> reporter: the roots of this latest spate of violence runs deep, hearkening back to this country's oldest divide. after dylann roof killed people at a black church, images of him
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posing with a confederate flag. when the city of new orleans pushed to remove four confederate monuments, protests broke out. >> these monuments celebrate a fictional, sanitized confederacy, ignoring the death, the enslavement, the terror that it actually stood for. >> reporter: three ever the monuments brought down without warning in the middle of the night. as kro the country, more than 700 similar monuments stand on public land, the majority in the south. >> the white supremacisting, they view the battle now as trying to maintain the history that they're proud of. the monuments are just an excuse. >> reporter: protesters in north carolina taking matters into their own hands. >> there's a lot of emotion around confederate statues. it's important to put these monuments in context and to make it very, very clear that the confederacy was about protecting slavery as an institution. and i say that as someone whose
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ancestors all fought for the confederate army. >> reporter: what many consider our country's original sin, racism, that old, dark stain that must be confronted before it can be cast out. juju chang, abc news, new york. >> we're seeing it all come to a boiling point in certain areas now. we saw footage from north carolina where the statue was toppled. >> and a lot of people are wondering, is being a racist or being at one of these larallies fireable offense. getting their names out there. some people have been feared as a result after they've been identified. but that's a question. >> creating a lot of debate over free speech and what that actually means. coming up, the most anticipated event of the year. >> get your glasses ready. it's almost time for a
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♪ >> i was really expecting "total eclipse of the heart." >> i was expecting "total eclipse", and then it's like. >> that's the song we were expecting because we have waited 30 years and now that total eclipse is nearly upon us. >> we're going to be there again along with all of you. here's abc's david muir. ♪ >> reporter: this is an abc news special!
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live coverage of the solar eclipse. >> reporter: it was february 26, 1979, and it was frank reynolds reporting. >> good morning. this is a special events broadcast of a genuine special event. the last total eclipse of the son over t sun this century. it's over portland, oregon. >> reporter: we have carefully been looking to the sky. new yorkers and visitors were peering through what was considered protective eyewear back then. and observatory hill in washington as frank rent own was . >> not until august 21st, 2017 will another total eclipse be visible from the united states. >> reporter: the first time in 99 years that a solar eclipse will span the entire oust. from omaha to charleston to
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nashville. >> this is part of my astronomy club, and we're preparing for the eclipse. >> hi, david. >> reporter: and tens of thousands of americans will head to more than 20 national parks. >> hello, david! >> we're going to be enjoying 2:22 of totality. >> reporter: that's when the moon will block the sun completely, one of the images from the last time. and next monday this total solar eclipse will be 70 miles wide, 3,000 miles long across 14 states, and all of it as frank reynolds promised, right here on abc news. >> may the shadow of the moon fall on a world of peace, and abc news will bring you a total report on that next eclipse 38 years from now. >> a promise is a promise. >> i can't wait to watch it. >> did you get your glasses yet?
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so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. ♪ i'm told that my air guitar isn't very good. not unlike metallica there, who is shredding it. and speaking of shredding it. there's a company in southern california called shred it. and this is their truck. in san diego, they get really pumped when they see the shredded truck. >> just from seeing a truck. >> every time he sees it, get up close. >> i'm sorry, man. >> that truck is freakin' sick, dude! >> terrified right now. >> he decided to capture his
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enthusiasm to which they're like, thanks, man, thanks bro. >> less caffeine, nathan. cut down on the coffee. >> i don't think that's the problem. over to a guy who is the opposite, very calm. this is a man from wisconsin, who had a little bit of an accident while trying to finish framing on his fireplace at home. he shot a nail right through his heart. it went in at the speed of a 22-inch bullet. and apparently when it happened he didn't want to bother anyone. so instead of calling 911, he drove himself to the emergency room where he very calmly showed up and said -- >> i just leaned over to the security guard and said i've got a nail in my chest. it would be great if you could find somebody to help me out here. i'm just going to sit down. >> i'll just be waiting right here with a nail in my heart. >> it would be great if you could he help me out.
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>> he said by the time he arrives 12 miles later at the hospital it was starting to hurt. >> 12 miles to get to the hospital, too. oh, my gosh. >> props to you, doug. this is the guy you want in a high-pressure situation. >> the epitome of iron man. and a british police department is looking for these folks who used -- >> ooh, heavy equipment there. >> these guys are all using this digger there, to punch a hole through a brick wall to get to an atm and rip the machine out of the building. the atm then load onto a trailer and towed by a suv. i've got to give them props for at least having a coordinated. police still on the lookout for them. >> they get points for creativity. and finally, over to china where the keywords here are "don't look down." this is footage showing climbers going down what is considered the world's most
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this morning on "world news now." the fallout from charlottesville. >> protesters greeted president trump as he returned home to new york city, angry over the president taking 48 hours to call out white supremacists by their name. the hate groups who instigated the violence in charlottesville that led to three deaths. this as high profile members of a business advisory council resign over trump's seemingly reluctant response. and the latest in the tense standoff with north korea. kim jong un's regime is apparently ready with that mission to file missiles at guam, but there could be hope in the country's latest message to the u.s. so is a peaceful solution reachable? what was tiger wood's status
3:01 am
when he was arrested? and parents of picky eaters, meet the greatest kids' menu ever. perfect for that child or maybe the adult who never knows what they want. we will explore on this tuesday, august 15th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i don't know. i guess. i could do anything. >> okay. great. that's really helpful. we will explore the menu that's going to solve this problem coming up. >> really? it will give you everything? >> absolutely. >> there's really a code in those words, and it's true, but first we're going to the fallout from this weekend's race-fueled violence spreading beyond the city of charlottesville, virginia. >> in north carolina, protesters gathered with a rope and pulled
3:02 am
down a statue. >> and thousands of vocal demonstrators welcomed the president on his first overnight trip home since he took office. many angry that he waited two days before calling out white supremacy groups as criminals and thugs. cecelia vega has details. >> reporter: nearly 48 hours after that car plowed into people in charlottesville, president trump stepping before the cameras to give that violence a name. >> those who create violence in its name are tlugs, including the kkk, white supremis, and neo-nazis and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> reporter: under fire all weekend, it started with not what he said but what he didn't say. scenes like this unfolding for hours without word from the president. when the president did speak out
3:03 am
in person, he condemned not just the racists marching in the streets, but many sides. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. >> reporter: the backlash was instant and nearly universal, even from republican allies. >> call this white supremism, this white nationalism evil and let the world hear it. it is something that needs to come from the oval office, and this white house needs to do it today. >> reporter: by sunday, a statement not from the president but from an unidentified aide saying the president said very strongly in his statement that he condemns all forms of bigotry and hatred, and of course that includes white supremis, kkk, neo-nazis and hate groups. his daughter went there, saying there should be no place in society for racism, white
3:04 am
supremacy and neo-mattsys. and his attorney general pressed on whether he would finally speak out against white supremacists. >> will he say the name of these groups? >> we will, he will say what he believes is appropriate. i think he probably will. >> reporter: a reporter asking the president one more time why he waited so long to name those groups. >> mr. president, can you explain why you did not condemn those hate groups by name over the weekend? >> they have been condemned. they have been condemned. >> reporter: and the president is tweeting about his remarks on charlottesville saying he realizes once again that the quote fake news media will never be satisfied. truly bad people. cecelia vega, abc news, the white house. >> there are a few other people who weren't satisfied. three ceos have now resigned from trump's manufacturing advisory council following his response to the violence in charlottesville. the ceo of merck was followed by
3:05 am
ceos of intel and under armour. the president quickly fired back with two tweets, saying frazier will have more time on ripoff drug prices. the president did not respond to them, stepping down from his council. we're learning chilling new details about the man now charged with murder in that car attack in charlottesville. newly-released police records show the suspect spent time in juvenile detention after his disabled mother accused him of beating her and threatening her with a knife. some classmates say he idolized adolf hitler. on a visit to a concentration camp, he said "this is where the magic happened." the police chief in
3:06 am
charlottesville is expressing regretd and calling it a heart wrenching weekend. >> verbal exchanges can lead toe physical exchanges to lead to further violence. >> reporter: that chain of violence escalated to violent chaos, leaving one protester dead, dozens injured after a car plowed into the crowd. now many are questioning if local police could have done more. >> you can always have lessons learned. >> reporter: authorities did try to cancel the planned unite the white rally, a judge denied their request. instead, thousands showed up clashing with counter protesters, well armed and outnumbering the police. but police experts say the two sides should never have met in the first place. interlocking fences, large vehicles and the officers themselves should have been used
3:07 am
to create a barrier. >> you want to keep them separated. it allows you to designate areas for counter protests and areas for protests. >> reporter: experts say nearby traffic should always be blocked. >> what happened yesterday was the result of the charlottesville police officers refusing to do their jobs. >> reporter: speaking the day after the fatal attack, the rally organizer was later chased from the podium. the two sides still protesting alongside one another the next day. >> we're working with our state and local partners to investigate thoroughly, any criminal or civil rights violations that may have occurred this past weekend that have not yet been reported. >> reporter: virginia's governor defended his police force. >> zero property damage, not a shot fired when many of these individuals were carrying weapons, i'm very proud of them. >> reporter: noting that two officers lost their lives in a helicopter crash. we're going to turn overseas
3:08 am
and the sidewalk cafe near paris that turned into a scene of death and chaos. a driver slammed his vehicle into more than a dozen people. authorities now calling the driver's actions deliberate but not terrorism. one girl was killed and 13 others injured. police say the driver may have been under the influence of draws and w drugs and was possibly suicidal. the girl's brother was among those affected and is in critical condition. kim jong un has been briefed on plans to send missiles toward guam. he seemed to signal a path to defuse the showdown, saying he will give orders for that test if the u.s. continues its dangerous action. joints chief of staff chairman dunford is visiting south korea and says the u.s. wants a peaceful resolution but is ready to use the full range of the military if provoked. and an oklahoma man is under arrest for allegedly trying to
3:09 am
blow up a bank. he wanted to replicate the 1995 oklahoma oklahoma city bombing which killed 168 people. jerry varnell is accused of trying to detonate what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb. an undercover informant provided the materials to build the fake bomb. he was motivated by anti-government views. taylor swift's jury found that mueller groped her. jurors awarded her $1 in damages, a symbol eck amount. her attorney called immeasurable that judgment, immeasurable to all women in the situation. the six woman/two-man jury rejected the argument that swift's actions caused him to lose his job. according to our sister network, espn, a toxicology
3:10 am
report reports that tiger woods had painkillers and the active ingredient of marijuana in his system. it's not known if the drugs had been prescribed. medical marijuana is legal in florida. woods is now in a die version program. if he completes it, his record could be cleared. and colorado rockies' bettis returned to the field after of a year-long battle with testicular cancer. >> he faced off against the braves. he needed to shake off some rust, i'd say, at the top, allowing a triple to the first batter of the day, but then, just like he beat cancer, bettis showed that he can beat the braves as well, shutting out atlanta and its batters over the course of seven innings, impressive 3-0 win. >> yiet a way to come back. >> yeah, exactly. you have to realize if you are the braves or any other team in
3:11 am
major league baseball. if he has beaten cancer and has now gone 3-0 in his first game back you are frin trouble. >> he said he felt like a kid on christmas. >> his wife was there beaming, pride. coming up, how you can get in some gym time while you're on the go. >> learn why some folks are choosing to stepien side a box to go for a run. but first, surveillance video showing a student with autism forcibly restrained by teachers. why they declined to charge staffers after viewing the footage. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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check out this foamy mess at an airplane hangar in maine. the bubbles were so thick, and at least 25 feet high that four workers were reported missing. the whole thing started with the fire suppression system accidentally discharged releasing the foam.
3:15 am
the workers were found. they had climbed some scaffolding to escape the foam. fire crews came to clean up the mess. we do have a report about sleep and diabetes fact foors f kids. children who don't get enough sleep have an increased risk for diabetes. those who got less sleep had higher levels of shugar in the morning and higher insulin resistance. all are risk factors for the disease. a teacher and a teacher's aide are seen dragging a young boy with autism through a hallway. >> his mother posted the surveillance video on facebook after a prosecutor decided not to file charges. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows an ohio teacher and aide carrying and dragging a 7-year-old boy with autism to the elementary school's office. after they say they tried to discipline the boy on the play ground, one can be seen dragging
3:16 am
kindergartener corbin kinly by his ankle. >> i was shocked. i don't think mib would want that to hab ppen even to a pet. let alone a child. >> reporter: his mother posting the video on facebook after a prosecutor declined to bring charges against the teachers, saying the incident did not meet the elements required for felony prosecution. when it happened back in may, the school district immediately calling police and placing the staffers on paid leave. >> i feel that the incident occurr occurred due to a peak in frustration. >> reporter: the teacher was hit in the eye by the boy. but the school district says those employees had specific training to de-escalate situations like that and should have followed their training. lindsey janice, abc news, new york. coming up, the frightening moment on a freeway when a sideswiped car swerves right underneath a truck. but first, the murder
3:17 am
mystery that gripped the nation. now scott peterson is speaking out from death row, just as a new television series is taking a fresh look at the case. that's next on world news now. ♪ five-second rule protection. new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. ♪ lysol. what it takes to protect.
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it's been more than a decade since scott peterson was convented of killing his wife lacy peterson while she was
3:19 am
eight months pregnant. >> now a program shedding new light on a case we thought we knew. >> i was terrified. >> reporter: that's the voice of scott peterson in a brand-new audio interview talking from death row about the moment he was found guilty of murdering his wife and unborn child. a jury has just convicted him of guilty. now an a and e series takes a look at the case that gripped the country. lacy peterson disappeared in 2002 on christmas eve. scott told police he'd been fishing that day. >> she will be giving birth soon. >> reporter: he hasn't spoken out about their since his convection. what made him want to speak about it now? >> his case is under appeal. it felt like a time for him and hess lawyer to step up and say something about the case. >> reporter: you want to talk about the verdict first?
3:20 am
>> reporter: the series revisits most of the key players, including amber fry, whose bombshell admission changed everything. >> scott told me he was not married. we did have a romantic relationship. >> reporter: a revelation she discusses in a 2004 audio thap was never released until now. >> why did you talk to amber after lacy had gone missing? >> she started to do media interviews. i'd seen what had happened to the search for shachandra levy. >> reporter: the series also examines the effect the media had on the case and evidence
3:21 am
potentially overlooked, like witnesses who claimed to have seen lacy after she went missing. >> can you give us examples of moments that might change their minds or shock them? >> i think when you listen to the witnesses who say they saw lacy in the park, that will be a surprise. >> i wasn't the last person to see lacy that day. there are so many witnesses who saw her walking in the neighborhood after i left. >> reporter: still producers say this is not an exoneration piece and that they look at all sides of the case. what are you hoping to accomplish with the series? >> i want people to say what actually happened here? >> and the series premieres tonight on a&e. though i do want to know, lacy's family and the prosecution declined to participate. and i asked the producer, do you think this is going to be one side? and he said we did everything to get that side of the story. they have vintage tapes and so
3:22 am
on of that. but i've already watched some of it it. so interesting. >> can't believe there's stuff we didn't know about it. shoulders don't just carry pads.
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...and fortify weak spots. use together for two times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. all right, time for the mix, starting with the gym in a box. no. not that kind. we're not talking justin timberlake or any snl business. serious business. this is happening in china. it's called a micro gym. they're popping up in parks everywhere. so inside this box is a treadmill, a tv and some air conditioning. apparently, you pay $15, download an app and for 3 cents a minute, you can run on the treadmill. so, good way to get your sweat on, except that running happens to be the only thing you can actually just do outside. so why would you go into a box while you're outside to then just run? >> maybe it's like air conditioned and, you know, there
3:26 am
are some nice features. it shows you great images of the outdoors. >> images of the outdoors. i would think anything else but a treadmill would be more effective, but hey. apparently it's doing pretty well. they've got 1,000 of them around beijing. >> you're kidding me. the beijing climate is horrible, horrendous. air quality is terrible. >> so it's safer? >> it is actually kind of smart. >> they didn't say air purifier. they just said air conditioning. >> oh, well, you may be breathing the outside air indoors. if you don't have any kids or if you have a significant other, you get this situation where you go, oh, what do you want for dinner and often you'll get the answer -- >> i don't care. >> i don't know. i'm not hungry. there is now a restaurant and deli that has found the perfect solution for that. the next time your kid or significant other says i don't care, that is basically a
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breaded chicken tender with french fries and it will cost you $4. the "i'm not hungry", grilled cheese with french fries. the "i don't want that", fish sticks and french fries. >> i like that it's advertised as the kids' menu, and you went straight to significant other. >> we've all been there, when you're like, what's for dinner? >> where do you want to go? i don't care, whatever you want to eat, whatever. >> that's just a man being passo agro. >> i could use that menu. over to a medieval fair in perth, australia. they talk smack and make you mad and you try to hit them with the ball, and you try to dunk them, but it's really hard. so this one kid decided, forget
3:28 am
about you, lo
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3:30 am
this tuesday morning on "world news now." is north korea ready to launch? kim jong un's military has shown him plans, but is he leaving the door open for a peace plan? we're going to hear from the chairman of the joint chiefs and his message to the american people. 48 hours after the deadly attack in virginia, president trump condemns racism as evil, calling out the kkk, neo-nazis and white supremacists, this as the fallout spreads from beyond charlot charlottesville to other cities. and new this half hour, the deadly mudslide tragedy in west africa. >> in india, relentless rains saw elephants helping tourists escape monsoon floodwaters. and what do you do if you are a couple of world famous musicians trying to make a
3:31 am
living? you take it to the streets. one direction broke up, but is it really that bad out there? for real. the apparent plight of a former boy band member in "the skinny" on this tuesday, august 15th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> how many members of one direction are there, by the way? i can't keep track. >> there were five members of one direction, not that i would know, not that i have been to their concert in washington, d.c. >> that's a very quick answer. >> that's been one of my debates. who has had the best post-one-d career, zayn, liam, harry, nile, >> i'm impressed that you knew that. clearly you have more to say on this topic, so we will get --
3:32 am
>> that was liam, by the way in the streets. we'll get to that in "the skinny." but we'll start this half hour off with north korea now appearing to tone down its threat to guam. >> north korean tv showed kim jong un apparently being briefed on launches for this month. but he walked back the threat saying he will give orders for the tests if the united states continues its dangerous actions. >> a week after president truwa and fury, the joint chiefs of staff says he is ready for a peaceful solution. >> what would you say to americans to reassure them about this situation? >> sure, what i would say to americans today, we have the capability to defend them against the limited attack that north korea is capable of delivering today. >> there's still no change to the threat level on guam. but as a possible attack looms, protesters on the island gathered yesterday for a peace rally. >> the governor there says president trump has assured him
3:33 am
that the residents of guam will be protected from any attacks. >> and taking a live look from guam this morning where it is a little after 4:00 p.m. local time, the island located about 2100 miles from north korea. we are told folks there on the island are fairly calm and feel no reason for alarm at this point. turning now to our other big story. the president addressing the racially charged violence in charlottesville. >> he said racism is evil and traveled to his home in new york city where he was greeted by thousands of shouting protesters on the streets around trump tower. >> tensions are still high in charlottesville where the police chief is expressing his regrets about the dead lie violence and promising more arrests to come. we're learning new details about
3:34 am
the man charged with deliberately ramming his car into a crowd and killing a woman and injuring dozens more. pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: those chilling images, white supremacist marchers bearing torches. on the campus of the university of virginia. the next morning they gather again, former kkk leader, david duke among them. >> we are determined to take our country back. we're going to fulfill the promises of donald trump. >> reporter: james alex fields jr., after driving in from ohio, seen among the white supremacists. chanting for white power. shortly before authorities believe he got in this car, launching that fatal attack that left heather heyer dead. the suspected killer is behind bars, held without bail and charged with murder. back at home, his mother saying she didn't know who would be at the rally. >> i didn't know it was white supremacists. i thought it had something to do with trump. trump's not supremacist. >> reporter: but a chilling portrait from those who knew him, including his high school
3:35 am
teacher. >> he felt that whites were superior, that the views that adolf hitler espoused were correct in some way. >> reporter: and classmates say during a trip to germany, fields shocked them as they were walking through a concentration camp, allegedly saying "this is where the magic happened." >> he was vocal about his ideas, proclaimed himself as a nazi and white supremacist. >> reporter: the rally was about white supremacists fighting to keep a confederate statue from being removed. many of whom marched openly being targeted for shaming online. one of the protesters reportedly lost his job. another says he's not an angry racist. >> i came to this march for the message that white european culture has a right to be here just like every other culture. >> reporter: the justice department's investigating to see if the murder was a hate crime or domestic terrorism. and the fbi is trying to find out if fields was a member of a hate group and directed to attack.
3:36 am
pierre tom ashes -- thomas, abc news, washington. >> and anti hate demonstrators are erupting across the country, like in durham, north carolina. an activist brought a ladder to an old courthouse building and used a rope to pull down a confederate monument that was dedicated in 1924, then kicking at it, spitting at it after it was down. the governor saying the racism and deadly violence in charlottesville unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments. and texas a&m is calling off a white lives matter rally due to safety concerns. it was due to take place on september 11th. school officials say violence in charlottesville has contributed to the decision. they've been inundated with threats over social media. president trump is calling out the groups involved in the violence by name, two days after the fact. but his critics say it's too
3:37 am
little too late. the president added to his initial statements. for the first time, he mentioned the name of the woman who was killed, heather heyer and singled out the individual group. >> racism is evil. and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. including the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. >> more fallout continued overnight with two more ceos quitting his manufacturing advisory council. the chief executives of intel and under armour joined merck's kenneth frazier. who resigned before the president delivered his new statement. now president trump fired back over social media. attacking frazier over drug policies. turning now to sierra leon. hundreds of people are dead
3:38 am
after torrential rains triggered massive flooding and landslides. more than 300 deaths have been confirmed and that number is expected to rise. volunteers are digging with bare hands and whatever tools they can find. to search for survivors. and 175 people are dead following monsoon storms in india and bangladesh. and nepal. nearly 50,000 homes in nepal are under water. nepal's red cross is warning of possible humanitarian crisis due to lack of drinking water. elephants were used to rescue people. hundreds of tourists were trapped in a safari park. and closer to home, tropical storm gert has strengthened into the second hurricane of the season, packing winds of 75 miles per hour churning more than 400 miles off bermuda. it shows it tracking it to the atlantic, but it could cause rough surf and rip currents in north carolina.
3:39 am
and virginia. a 20-year-old from virginia has made history at the u.s. military academy. >> she became the first black woman to assume the first captain duties at west point. it's the highest position in the cadet chain of command. >> it means she will be at the lead for every academy event and set her class agenda and oversee about 4400 students. congratulations, cadet. coming up, taylor swift's legal fight. a jury in denver is siding with the pop star in her sexual assault trial against a former deejay. hear why they awarded her just $1. and if you are looking for a special celebrity estate with a special '80s flair, eminem has that for you. we're going to have that story ahead in "the skinny," but first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather, brought to you by united health care.
3:40 am
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dramatic video of an accident in california. the driver of this infinity hit a bmw, causing it to spin out and get stuck under a moving big rig.
3:43 am
watch again. the infinity doesn't slow down and speeds off down the freeway. the driver of the bmw survived the accident with just a few scrapes and bruises. no one else was hurt, police are asking for help identifying the driver of that infinity which was allegedly stolen. a rookie stunt woman was killed. on the set of "deadpool 2" during rehearsals in downtown vancouver. she's been identified as joy s.j. harris. the first african-american road racer, it was her first film as a stunt performer, "deadpool 2" star ryan reynolds tweeted out a statement saying we're heartbroken, shocked and devastated. and ric flair is resting after surgery. representatives for "nature boy" haven't release the details about his condition, but they are asking for prayers and positive energy because the 68 year old flair is going through
3:44 am
tough medical issues. a jury in denver has handed taylor swift a victory. >> they found no merit in mueller's claims against swift. abc's donya baucus has the latest. >> reporter: taylor swift shaking off a major lawsuit. >> this is it. the line is drawn. >> reporter: after a week in court, the jury siding with the super star, deciding david mueller groped swift by grabbing her backside during a meet and greet in 2013. a moment she said was captured in this photo that was leaked to tmz. the jury voted to award swift the $1 she filed for in a counter suit. >> it is of immeasurable val knew this ever-going fight to determine where the lines are in what's right and wrong and tolerance. >> reporter: they also found her mother and manager did not interfere with mueller's contract and were not responsible for his firing.
3:45 am
the verdict coming about four hours after lawyers for swift and mueller made their closing arguments. taylor's fans happy their idol stood up for what she believes. >> when she stood up by being in that courtroom, she's standing up for women around the world, and i think that's amazing. >> reporter: and swift releasing this statement. >> i acknowledge the privilege that i benefit from life and in society and in my ability to shoulder the tremendous cost of a trial like this one, my hope is to help those whose voices should also be heard. she said she will be making donations to multiple organizations that help victims defend themselves. >> our thanks to donya baucus. when we come back. what do we have to do with "bachelor in paradise"? how did we end up there? paradise? how did we end up there? happy anniversary dinnedarlin'
3:46 am
can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah one bottle has the grease cleaning power of three bottles of this other liquid. a drop of dawn and grease is gone.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny it is skinny time. and it is a moment that nobody has been waiting for. >> so bachelor in paradise is back after almost being shut down amid allegations of sexual misconduct. and many wondered how they would tell this story. the answer -- >> it's in the press and all that. >> the answer is, with our help. >> become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set. >> now suspended and an investigation is under way. >> what exactly took place in puerto vallarta? >> that was not our edit of the beginning of the show. that was actually how the show started. >> that's how "bachelor in paradise" started, with some wonderful spanish on my part. great pronunciation of puerto
3:49 am
vallarta. >> that's my guess, they had to get had clown on for his pronunciation. if you tuned in hoping that mario and corinne would explain what happened in that controversial moment, you may be a little disappointed. we saw them meet, doing a little flirting and we saw this. >> oh, you're from jersey as well. >> wait, you're from jersey? >> yes, yes! >> yes! >> can i steal you for a minute? >> me? >> yeah. >> no. >> wow. >> so, in essence, that was pretty much it. you know. there was a controversy about something that happened that first night between corinne and demario. they shut down production briefly, and we thought maybe since the show had started and got back into production we
3:50 am
would get a behind the scenes of what exactly took place. >> we got a little of a behind the scenes not what took place. we spoke to chris harrison. he says we won't be seeing the footage of the controversial moment at hand. what we did see, though, was the photographers come and the producers come and shut down the production entirely. we know they did come back to shooting, so that will resume tomorrow. but we're going to hear more from chris harrison on "good morning, america" today. >> in the meantime, keep us out of your business. we don't need to start out your show. if are you in the market for a mansion outside of detroit, we have a home for you. rapper eminem's selling his home. pour just under $2 million. it didn't fare well in today housing market. >> he bought it 14 years ago for
3:51 am
$4.7 million. but look at that out of date kitchen and curtains and the chandelier. ♪ i want to swing from the antler chandelier ♪ >> the "lose yourself" singer didn't stay in this house too often but at 17,000 square feet and the fact that he wasn't around maybe explains the flower curtains. >> the pool looks pretty good. it loobs looks nice. >> a nice home. tennis court, by the way, and basketball hoop, not bad for the outdoors either. >> great. one-d fans, liam payne is performing for free in london. now before you go booking a ticket or running out of the house, it's already over. >> he teamed up on a busy street for a busking session complete with microphones and a sound system. ♪ ♪ yeah >> so he sang "get low."
3:52 am
it looked like there was a crew filming. louie was the last one i was missing. t one i was missing. ♪ susie got all germy
3:53 am
3:54 am
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herbal essences. let life in. ♪ ♪ no chance that i'm leavin' here without you ♪ ♪ i know ♪ there ain't no stoppin' ♪ slow hands >> that was the track. that wasn't me. that wasn't a former one-d member. you've heard of crowd funding a honeymoon. what about maternity leave? thousands of parents to be are using it as a way to spend money so they can spend more time with their newborns. >> here's rebecca jarvis with this trend. >> reporter: lisa taylor is well-prepared to become a new
3:56 am
mom. the new nursery in her florida home is already filled with items from her baby registry, but at the top of that list, a unique request. extended maternity leave. lisa and her husband josh are asking friends and family to crowd fund their time off with the new baby. >> i'm going to be off work and that's going to be a big chunk of our combined income. >> reporter: thousands of parents are turning to crowd funding sites like baby list and go fund me, seeking financial help. to subsidize parental leave. >> families ask for between 500 and $10,000. on average, people are asking for $2,000 to $3,000. >> reporter: the united states is the only advanced country where paid leave isn't government sponsored. under the current federal law, new mothers can take off 12 weeks, but only 13% of them will get any compensation. taylor and ross desperately wanted that bonding team time and started saving up early before they got the news it that
3:57 am
their son would be born nine weeks early. >> i left work going to a doctor's appointment and didn't come back for three months. >> reporter: taylor had developed preeclampsia and had to be induced. how did you make the decision? >> it had been brought up. ross was a little hesitant about it. >> reporter: what were your biggest reservations? >> these are very intimate details of our lives, and we sort of putting it out there for family, friends, public consumption. it came to me that my pride doesn't outweigh the need to spend time together at this most crucial time of our lives. >> interesting concept. >> they get extra time with the baby that way. speaking of babies. ginger zee is about to have baby number two. big congratulations to ginger. don't miss our updates at
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, president trump is waking up in trump tower for the first time as president. his motorcade was met with protesters hours after condemning hate groups following the violence in charlottesville. meanwhile, tensions remain high in other states as protesters topple another confederate statue. north korea appearing to dial back the threat. they're reporting that kim jong-un has decided not to launch missiles toward guam. the latest coming in right now. overnight another hurricane forms in the atlantic. we are tracking gert's latest path. fishermen get quite a bick surprise right next to their boat when a great white shark goes after their catch. who wins that battle.


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