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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 18, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. now a new terror attack in spain overnight following that horror in barcelona. this time suspects plowing into a crowded resort town armed with fake explosive belts. police taking them down. [ sirens ] >> just hours after this white van barreled through crowds at one of the top tourist destinations in the world killing at least 13, injuring more than 100 including an american sending families running for their lives. >> isis claiming responsibility. and this morning, the urgent manhunt. the driver still on the loose. as we learn more about the victims and heros who helped save lives and a new warning this morning.
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>> terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> authorities here in the u.s. on high alert. president trump condemning the attack lashing out at muslim extremists while this morning facing new backlash here at home for his response to charlottesville and now a top republican senator calling for, quote, radical changes at the white house. and the mother of heather heyer, here on "gma." her message to the president and what she wants the world to know this morning. good morning, america. as you can imagine it is a very busy friday morning. we want to get right to the latest on those deadly terror attacks in spain. you're looking live at la ramblas. that's in the heart of barcelona. once again packed with tourists as you can see after that
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horror. a driver killing at least 14 people and injuring more than 100. >> robin, this morning an american woman is now pleading for help trying to find her husband after they were separated during that attack. and that incident is now being linked to two others in spain, the latest where police took down five terror suspects. >> also overnight monuments around the world lighting up or going dark in solidarity with spain including the world trade center right here in new york. and just an hour ago a moment of silence in barcelona. the king of spain and hundreds there remembering the victims. we do have team coverage this morning starting with abc's james longman who is in spain for us at the scene. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, david. a terror attack right in the heart of barcelona and we are on the street where that van plowed people down. now a vigil held in the square earlier. last night a horrific terror
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attack that killed and injured scores of people. shots ring out in the coastal town of cambrils. five suspected terrorists shot and killed after driving over pedestrians. one of those suspects seen here. six bystanders and one police officer wounded in what came at the end of a shocking 24 hours along the coast. the attack is linked to the terrorist assault on barcelona earlier on thursday, they say. at just before 5:00 p.m. a white van turning into the square in the district a famously crowded tourist area plowing into pedestrians. >> screams of people to my left and when i looked up saw the white van and it must have been doing 80 to 100 kilometers an hour down a pedestrian walkway and just knocking people over at high speed. and people under the van and he just kept going and so he kind of stopped opposite to where i was standing. >> reporter: speeding down this
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path in red at 50 miles an hour traveling a thousand feet before coming to a halt. the front of a van smashed. >> the police were immediately on the scene and telling everybody to kind of evacuate the area and go into the shops. >> reporter: rebecca says she was almost hit by the van. as you were walking back the truck nearly hit you. >> yes. >> reporter: she left the restaurant where she works to cross the street. the vehicle missing her by inches. the blood and injured children. police on foot still combing the streets as the driver of the van fled and still at large. in all 14 people dead and over 100 hurt. at least one american suffering minor injuries. authorities arrested and then released driss oukabir. he's reported to have told police his identity documents were stolen before they were used to rent the van. police believe he was not the driver. another man is also in custody and authorities say a third man was shot and killed after running a police roadblock. officials also linking the two attacks to an earlier explosion that destroyed a home in
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alcanar, 124 miles from barcelona. the explosions were initially reported to have been caused by gas canisters. >> translator: today the fight against terrorism is the principal priority. >> reporter: the spanish prime minister speaking overnight saying the whole country stood in solidarity with barcelona blaming jihadi terrorism. this reminds us of similar attempts across europe where vehicles were used to kill and one crucial difference. it seems this one was carefully coordinated. david. >> james longman who has been on the scene since last night for us and just incredible to think that van was going at speeds of 50 miles per hour. people didn't even know it was coming at them. >> no, and the impact has been felt all around the world because those attacks in spain targeting people from all over the world as i said. spanish authorities saying the dead and injured were from 24 different countries including france, australia and america. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is on the scene with more on the victims and heroes
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who jumped in to help. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, barcelona is such a beautiful city. such a joyful and lively place that last night on a gorgeous summer night, so many people's lives, families, workers, tourists were changed in an instant. as terror grips the heart of the city, one american woman tries desperately to find her husband. heidi and her husband traveled there from california to celebrate their first anniversary. they were shopping when the van careened in la ramblas. >> within seconds after that, i -- there was screaming and yelling and i just ended up further and further away without my husband. >> reporter: heidi ended up pushed into a kiosk and hasn't seen him since. in the midst of the carnage. >> at first everybody cried
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together. >> reporter: their heartwarming stories of strangers helping strangers. >> i saw people screaming, falling over. there was this one girl with deep gashes on her leg. >> reporter: alec is an american student spending his vacation in barcelona looking for a bite to eat when the van came smashing into the crowd. among the bodies he spotted was a 14-year-old with a severe leg wound. 13 dead and at least 100 injured. victims from 24 countries. this morning in barcelona and across spain, a moment of silence. barcelona is such an international city. a city of the world and one of the things you feel here this morning is that determination, that defiance that we felt in so many other places, not to let terror define this beautiful place. robin. >> all right, terry, thanks so much as we showed the live shot of la ramblas this morning and it's business as usual. >> sending a message. we turn now to shari weise. an american mom from los angeles
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who was right there in la ramblas. the shopping district in barcelona when, of course, that terrifying attack began. shari, thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you, david. >> can you tell us what was the first sign for you that something horrible was beginning to unfold around you? >> i was walking and i heard basically like a clinging -- a car hitting metal and i knew immediately that something was happening when i heard the car hit some metal. instantaneously i knew something was wrong. >> and you turned around. you described the crowd just running towards you? >> yes, so when i heard the crash, i looked up and like a sea of people, some were running left, some were running right, some were running in the middle and i quickly realized id to get out of the way so i,
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unfortunately, saw bodies flying up in the air and realized that i had to go to my right and not my left because the car was coming to the left of me. >> and we know you're a mom and it would seem a mother's instinct kicked in because you described actually grabbing a child who was frozen as this was all playing out and trying to get him out of the way. >> yes, so when i realized i had to jump to my right i saw maybe a 14, 15-year-old boy like a deer in headlights. he just froze and i could tell in his face he didn't know what to do so when i jumped to the right i pulled him and pulled him behind a pole with me and we crouched down together on the ground. >> saving his life as the van then went by and you described just watching that van hit a number of people around you. >> there was a gentleman, an older gentleman to my left and when i jumped to the right, the van hit him and he went flying. >> can you describe for us, shari, how fast the van was
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going and did the people there who were gathered and we nome tourists there, you were there, you had just arrived in barcelona hours earlier, if you had any time to react particularly the people at the beginning when that van first jumped the curb. >> i don't even think i reacted. i just -- i methodically thought there's a car coming at me. there's people running everywhere. i almost didn't have time for emotion. all i thought about was i don't want to get killed. i have kids. i have to get out of the way. >> and what would you say, you know, to these extremist groups around the world, shari, having survived this terror in that moment, these terrorist groups that are deciding to use vehicles as weapons, what they put you all through? >> i don't understand. i feel that, you know, we're not born to be this way. we're taught this way so i don't understand why they're being
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taught, you know -- we all need to be together in this. we can't hate and that to me is -- i don't understand the hate. i don't know where it comes from because again that has to be taught. that is not something you are born with. you learn that from somewhere, somehow, some way and what i saw yesterday, when i saw people lying in the street and bleeding and all i could think of is why? why these innocent people and the man next to me is lying in the street not moving and i just didn't understand why. >> the whole world asking why this morning and, shari, you immediately called your daughter. >> yes. so when i was behind the pole crouching i somehow grabbed my phone and thought i better call my family and my children to tell them, you know, i'm okay but something is wrong and it's horrible and i just started screaming in the phone i'm alive but there's people dying and blood and honestly i don't even remember what i said to her. i did ask her later and she told me i'm not going to tell you,
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mom. it was horrific what you were saying to me and i just started running with her on my phone away from the area. >> well, shari weise, i know your family is grateful that you're alive, that you survived this and so are we and we thank you for sharing that story with us this morning. and, robin, that incredible instinct of hers to grab that 15-year-old fwroezen and pulling him saving his life. >> i'm sure there's many stories like that, like shari's story. we're learning more about the suspects who carried out these attacks following the isis playbook using a large vehicle to go in a crowded area. fears that these attacks may be part of a larger plot, brian. >> that's right. good morning. police in spain this morning are scrambling to deal with what is clearly a much bigger plot than just the van attack. now involving the five additional suspected terrorists shot dead overnight wearing fake suicide bomb vests. the question this morning, how many more members of this isis sleeper terror cell are still at
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large and will they attack again before police close in? details are still sketchy about the second attempted terror attack in cambrils overnight and the connections of the five dead terrorists to those involved in yesterday's van attack in barcelona. but the existence and the size of the isis terror cell has stunned spanish police. >> isis promotes these types of attacks because they're easy. you can take people who have received no training, who are using items that are easy to acquire and they can still commit mass murder. >> reporter: police this morning are still racing to locate everyone involved in the barcelona van attack. officials say the van was rented in the name of this man, 28-year-old moroccan born driss oukabir but he claimed his license was stolen and police tell abc news this morning he has now been released with a new focus on his younger brother as a possible driver. the barcelona attack comes straight out of the isis
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playbook with its followers urged to use any means available to attack innocent civilians. this isis fighter was described as an american goading others to attack. >> are you capable of staffing him with a knife or running him over with a car? >> reporter: just this may isis gave details of the best truck to use in an attack and now there's been almost a dozen such attacks in europe, nice, france, 86 killed. berlin, 11 dead and then in london another dozen people killed. and what spain is dealing with this morning was no lone wolf attack but instead a much more complex operation involving at least eight people who isis claims were soldiers of the caliphate, robin. >> we're seeing across the country and right here the heightened security because of what's we're seeing. thanks so much. >> brian, thank you. the president meanwhile, condemning the terror attack in barcelona saying the united states will do whatever is necessary to help. but here at home drawing
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backlash for another response he tweeted about it and still facing new fallout from charlottesville. major magazines taking him on with these covers referencing neo-nazis and the kkk. and this morning, top republicans separating from the president now. one now calling for, quote, radical changes at the white house and abc's cecilia vega is in bridgewater, new jersey, with the president. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, david, good morning. the president is responding to that attack in barcelona from here on his working vacation in new jersey. right to that tweet. he said the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough and strong. we love you. hours after this he tweeted again about terrorism and it's raising eyebrows. he referenced a world war i general and a graphic story about how that general killed supposedly muslim rebels. something that the president talked about repeatedly on the campaign trail but the problem is, david, historians have debunked this story.
7:16 am
many of them call it an outright myth. >> many thought that had been left on the campaign trail and brought back again. the president not backing down under fire for another controversial tweet where he's mourning the loss of confederate monuments calling them, quote, beautiful? >> reporter: yeah, let's get right to that tweet too also, david. he said, sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. you can't change history but you can learn from it. robert e. lee, stonewall jackson, who is next, washington, jefferson? now, that right after, of course, the middle of this controversy in the wake of his comments on charlottesville, some prominent republicans are publicly, you know, rebuking him, bob corker of tennessee is questioning the president's stability, david. >> actually calling for radical changes in the white house were his words. vague cecilia with us live this morning, thank you as always. there are a lot of other news headlines and amy has that. >> good morning, everyone. the navy has issued a new statement overnight about that crash involving the "uss
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fitzgerald." the destroyer hit a cargo ship off japan killing seven sailors and crushing part of the ship. as of today the commanding officers have been relieved of duty including the ship's captain who barely escaped with his life. in the african nation of sierra leone more than 400 people are now confirmed dead. 600 others till missing following catastrophic mudslides. unfortunately more rain could trigger further disaster there. and the turmoil at the white house and the terror attack in spain are taking a toll on wall street. u.s. stock futures slipped overnight after the market suffered its second worst day of the year. the dow lost 274 points. the nasdaq and s&p were also down sharply. and finally leaving las vegas after a visit from lady luck, a california woman got to the airport early. she decided to take advantage of you've seen them those slot machines in the terminal. sandra alvez hit the jackpot winning $1.6 million very excited about the money -- >> i could tell. >> i promise you she's really
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happy. she's so happy she forgot to smile but going back to work at her salon. wheel of fortune pink dimes game, concourse c if you want to try your luck. >> that's when you don't mind your flight being delayed. to ginger in nashville. severe storms heading for the east coast? >> that's riall part of the samm that's been dropping severe storms for two days. it heads to the we've, flash-flood watches up maryland to new jersey, you can see rainfall rates and damaging winds and potential for a tornado. let's get to the getaway weekends brought to you by sherwin williams.
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o'donnell, 7:23 a.m., friday, august 18. we're ready for rain, some have it already, let's go over to karen rogers for traffic. >> reporter: it's kind of one of the things you're driving in and out of the rain. this is 295 in new jersey, greenwich township, gloucester county. it's dry, but back there they are drive running through the splash back because the rain is moving through the area. it's hit or miss with the area. schuylkill expressway, jammed from the boulevard to gladwyn, westbound traffic, slow go here, no accidents, but some parts of the schuylkill expressway you're wet after the rain moved through. academy road southbound at grant avenue. we have a problem all morning in torresdale, a car brought down a pole, the pole brought down wires, you know how that goes,
7:24 am
it takes a while to clear. stick to frankford avenue. a vehicle ran into a deer in white marsh township, militia hill road. extra crews are out there, too. >> david murphy is up next with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast >> reporter: cloudy and really
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muggy this morning. storm tracker 6 live double scan some of you are seeing passing showers and thunderstorms. most of this is pushing east of philadelphia, but more stuff is possible down by dover there's a little bit popping. temperatures are warm and humid in the 70s everywhere. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a very warm high this afternoon of 88. steamy conditions and at times this afternoon and this evening, downpours are possible a flash-flood watch in effect through midnight tonight. humidity improves tomorrow, 90 the hot high. >> philadelphia police decide
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to use barricades for people gathered for the blanc event. 9 story at
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welcome back to "gma" and you're looking at dramatic pictures coming in. new video showing police taking down one of the terror suspects in a town southwest of barcelona after those horrific attacks in the last 24 hours a driver in a white van killing at least 14 people and injuring more than 100. the search is still on for that driver this morning. and overnight president trump condemning the attacks and the state department now asking americans who are in spain to please let their loved ones know they are safe. and back here at home the movement growing to take down confederate mon manies in the wake of the charlottesville attack. well, this morning the mayor of charlottesville is expected to make a major announcement about the robert e. lee statue in emancipation park which was the focal point of last week's
7:31 am
protest and will talk about heather heyer, the 32-year-old killed last saturday. thousands coming out marching with candles to remember heather and the many, many who were injured. i had a chance to speak with heather's mother, susan bro just moments ago. susan, thank you so much for joining us this morning and we continue to send you and your family our condolences and i hope that you do feel all the love and support from around the world and that it brings you some measure of comfort. how are you and the family holding up right now, susan? >> well, the dog is not doing well, honestly and when i left this morning, i told her, her mother came to take her that she could go because i think she is just grieving herself to death honestly and i mostly don't have time to grieve. i have a mission to accomplish
7:32 am
and -- but, yes, when i get home, my husband and i both get on the computer and we're juporg through reams and reams of well wishers and people who knew heather, people who didn't know heather. it's helping and i appreciate so much your outpourings of true heartfelt love. it's holding me up. it's holding me together right now. >> i'm so glad to hear that and as more people continue to learn more about your daughter, she is just touching so many people. i have to say the memorial service was absolutely beautiful and your words, susan, powerful, especially when you said they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what, you just magnified her. >> absolutely. she is now around the world -- i just can't even begin to tell you how her mission has been
7:33 am
carried on. i need -- i almost need a secretary to write down all these things for me because it's just blowing my mind how she's reached so far. >> i know that politicians also reached out to you, that they wanted to be a part of her service and you respectfully declined. why was that? >> it was a private moment that i was willing to allow the world to view, but this was my only chance to have my private time with my daughter. i'm more than willing to have other events where they can speak on her causes, right now i'm a little wounded. i'm a little angry and so i'm not trusting any politicians at the moment. i feel like people are trying to use me and use heather's name to further their causes that are not necessarily in alignment with hers so i'm a little leary of politicians. the funeral was not because of that but this was was a family
7:34 am
moment. >> the anger is in part because you feel that the politicians are trying to reach out to you for their own particular agendas and not to further your daughter's mission? >> i'm fearful of that and i don't have enough experience to sort through that. i'm just leery. i'm just leery. i've always been a bit of a cynic and skeptic and this has kind of added to that. >> this is new territory for you and for this to so tragically happen and bring your daughter and your family into the spotlight and people reaching out including, we understand president trump has reached out. have you talked to him directly yet? >> i have not and now i will not. at first i just missed his calls. the call -- the first call looked like actually came during
7:35 am
the funeral. i didn't even see that message. there were three more frantic messages from press seconds throughout the day and i didn't know why that would have been on wednesday and i was home recovering from the exhaustion of the funeral and so i thought well, i'll get to him later and had more meetings to establish her foundation, so i hadn't really watched the news until last night and i'm not talking to the president now. i'm sorry. after what he said about my child and it's not that i saw somebody else's tweets about him. i saw an actual clip of him at a press conference equating the protesters like ms. heyer with the kkk and the white supremacists. >> and that is where you are right now because after his statement, after he read his statement on monday you thanked
7:36 am
him but now you've had a chance to hear his remarks from tuesday and that has changed your position as far as the president is concerned and wanting to hear from him. >> absolutely. you can't wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying i'm sorry. >> is there something -- >> i'm not forgiving for that. >> is there something, though, that you would want to say to the president? >> think before you speak. >> well, as i said, that's something that a lot of mommas say to their children. is there anything other than the president's press conference on tuesday, is there anything else that has been said by him or anyone else that has angered you, upset you? >> there's so many things coming at me so fast from so many angles. i did read and i knew that these
7:37 am
comments probably existed that heather was part of a terrorist group that she was part of a terrorist group, black lives matter and i can't even remember what the other group was and i just said absolutely false. heather was not part of any group other than the girls in her office. she was part of a group of human beings who cared to protest. >> i want to end in talking with you, i want to end talking about your daughter. we've heard comments from her colleagues and friends and how she wanted justice for all. how will you -- what do you think of most when you reflect upon your daughter? >> that tenacious, stubborn spirit that just would not let you get by with a half-assed answer. you had to get to the truth. you had to get to the bottom.
7:38 am
you had to get to the nitty-gritty of it. she was not going to let go. >> as you said if you pay attention and do something about it and she certainly did that. >> yes. >> susan bro, bless you for raising such a loving, caring child and we wish you and your family all the very best. >> thank you. >> and certainly appreciate your time, especially with all that's going on right now. please take care. >> thank you so much. >> as she said, you know, she didn't have a chance as you would imagine to watch all that has taken place since her daughter's funeral and when she saw the press conference that the president gave, you could see, well, she spoke for herself how she felt about that and susan bro has actually received death threats. people have actually -- but she feels compelled to continue her daughter's mission and her
7:39 am
daughter's mission was about equality for all and social justice for all and she said as she said at the service, it's hard to lose a child. but to lose a child in vain, she said, no, it has to mean something. >> she's a mom on a mission now. >> you can see where her daughter got some of that fighting spirit from, her mom. all right, make sure to watch tonight, a special edition of "20/20," it's investigating the rise of hate groups in america. at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. powerful interview, robin. we'll be right back.
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back now this morning with that explosive lawsuit involving richard simmons. he and his team taking on "the national enquirer" and radaronline saying he was transitioning to a woman and his lawyer speaking exclusively and sitting down with nick watt. >> reporter: he sweated to the oldies and disappeared more than three years ago and "the national enquirer" ran stories claiming he was undergoing, quote, shocking sex swap surgery based in large part on photographs and an interview provided by this man, marrow oliverio. >> what was he to him. >> he was a masseuse and had a relationship. >> still friends? >> i wouldn't bank on that. >> reporter: in a declaration he states although i may have said richard simmons' chest looks like the chest of someone who might be on hormones i never stated that richard simmons is
7:44 am
now a woman, had breast implants or had sex-change surgery. >> they have hyped this into a whole other story with all these other details that are simply wrong and false. >> reporter: simmons' lawyers filed a defamation suit against the "enquirer" and filed a case to kill the case calling someone transgender not defamatory. >> look what happened to the president of the united states with respect to joining the armed services, discrimination, ostracism and the problems with getting jobs are rampant. >> reporter: american media telling us in part overnight it's the height of sophistry to claim to be a supporter of lgbtq rights yet also claim to be defamed by being identified as transgender. ami stands by its reporting which was not only supported by a lengthy on the record taped interview with mr. olvera but
7:45 am
also supported by photographs and videotape. >> how is he doing? >> he is fine. he's private and would like to stay that way. if he has to come forward and testify and have his body examined, so be it. >> reporter: now, a hearing is scheduled for august 309 when a judge will decide whether to throw out richard simmons' defamation case or proceed and there, of course, is also the chance it will be settled out of court. >> thanks so much, nick. coming up on our big board as we count down to the solar eclipse, how will it affect animals from the zoo to your pets at home? come on back.
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back now with our big board on a friday morning just three days away from the total solar eclipse of the heart. >> here we go. >> millions an the country planning to watch but a big question this morning, how will the animals react? >> experts say to expect some strange behavioral changes maybe even before the eclipse begins. ginger, nashville zoo in tennessee has much more on this so what do they expect here, ginger? >> well, see, that's the thing is i'm not the zoo expert but we're here at the zoo and do know some things. nashville hasn't seen a total solar eclipse since 1978 so haven't seen one with the zoo or even nashville itself but what i can tell you eclipses that have happened in other places like
7:50 am
atlanta in 1984, chimpanzees did act differently. females and the ones with baby climbed to the top of their climbing structure and they all congregated and turned toward the eclipse. one of the juvenile chimps pointed at the eclipse. the zookeepers tell us bugs and bats might during the eclipse act like it's actually evening. >> seconds left. how about the pets at home, ginger. >> yeah. >> pets at home may seem confused. there have been reports in past eclipses of dogs going back into their doghouses but most of the time they'll just look too you as a reference and go on their way and realize it was there and gone as quick as it came. >> i can't wait to see little man lucas is going to do. >> keep an eye on lucas. >> thanks, ginger. full coverage of "the great american eclipse" monday 1:00 p.m. and ginger will be part, the whole team, robin. can't wait. new warnings about concussions in sports. you may not know -- you may know about the risk of football but
7:51 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
o'donnell, 7:56 friday, august 18. we have rain moving through south jersey, let's see how it's shaping up with karen. >> reporter: the rain is heavy in spots. we're on the new jersey turnpike exit 4, route 38 getting heavy rain, as well as route 70. be careful as you travel there. we have an accident in the area that got wet, cinnaminson, route 73 southbound at fork landing road. watch for crews on the scene with an accident that's coming down. it's dried out considerably on the schuylkill expressway. this is a shot that looks wet an hour or so ago. westbound traffic heading toward king of prussia, jammed from the boulevard to gladwyn. the rain is not an issue, the cells moved through. him the roads are dried out
7:57 am
afterwards. an accident at henry avenue at hermit lane. >> looking live at the ben franklin bridge, out in the distance you can see the showers moving through south jersey. david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see the rain has flipped east of philadelphia. camden county getting hammered though, there's thunderstorms well off to the north and east of trenton. there will be more stuff popping in the morning and the afternoon. 77 in philadelphia. everybody in the 70s, high dewpoints today well in the 70s, very sticky. high of 88, too, so it's warm. just about anytime today and this afternoon and evening, though, there's a chance of downpours and flash-flood watch is in effect this afternoon and tonight across the region. >> the statue of former mayor frank rizzo was vandalized for the second time this week. this time they spray painted the words black power in the wake of
7:58 am
the call for its removal. city crews have power washed the graffiti off the statue, while police are keeping people ashort distance away, there's an online petition asking that the statue remain in place.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and breaking at this hour, a new terror attack in spain after that deadly attack in barcelona. five suspects and fake explosive bomb belts plowing down pedestrians and police at the beach. then killed in a shoot-out with authorities. now the urgent manhunt. authorities racing to find the driver of that white van that mowed down people in the heart of barcelona. at least 14 people killed. more than 100 now wounded. isis claiming responsibility and this morning we're learning more about the victims and the heroes who helped save them and the american mother from l.a. who was right there at the terrifying attack unfolded. also this morning, the new research revealing major concerns over concussions. why keeping your child off the football field may not be
8:01 am
enough. now the other sports, hidden risks for your children. how heavy is too heavy when it comes to backpacks? with so many children back to school already could all that homework be weighing them down causing pain, strain, even injury? the right ways to wear them. ♪ for the summer it's a summer friday. demi lovato live rocking central park and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. as you can see the raindrops are coming down. >> gray skies. >> we need demi lovato though this morning. >> we have because it's been a busy day and so much news we're following. latest on terror attacks in spain that killed at least 14 people. injured more than a hundred. >> the memorial in barcelona is growing as we speak on the air and overnight countries around the world showing solidarity with the victims. the eiffel tower going dark for a time. >> our foreign correspondent
8:02 am
james longman is live in barcelona with details on the latest terror attack. good morning, again, james. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a terrorist attack right in the heart of barcelona and moments ago a massive vigil right here in the square. people gathering to pay their respects to those people who were killed or injured in that attack and we have some new video for you. this from last night in cambrils, just down the coast. the suspect was taken down by police. he was among five killed there. that's after they plowed into police cars and civilians leaving seven wounded including a police officer. some of the suspects were carrying fake explosive belts. up the coast in barcelona here where i am a moment of silence just a short time ago. king felipe in attendance honoring the 14 people killed and more than 100 wounded. a much different scene after monday's chaos and confusion. a white van speeding down the famous la ramblas street at 50 miles an hour filled with people during the peak of spain's
8:03 am
tourist season. authorities say they've made three arrests but are still looking for that driver. this is a cosmopolitan city. victims from 34 countries around the world. now, people at home will remember other attacks like this where vehicles were used to kill but one crucial difference here. this attack was planned. >> it was planned. that is the difference. >> james, thanks. the president also condemning the terror attack in spain as he still faces backlash from charlottesville and his comments following what happened last weekend here in the u.s. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega is with the president. she's in new jersey this morning. cecilia, good morning again. >> reporter: david, good morning to you. the president says that the united states is ready to help spain in any way possible. but there is new fallout after controversial comments about charlottesville. stunning comments from the mother of heather heyer, the young woman who was killed marching in the streets of charlottesville just a few minutes ago. she told robin that after she heard what the president had to say during that press conference
8:04 am
this week, she no longer wants to speak to the president even though he had said that he wanted to speak to her family. >> i'm not talking to the president now. i'm sorry. after what he said about my child and it's not that i saw somebody else's tweets about him, i saw an actual clip of him at a press conference equating the protesters like ms. heyer with the kkk and the white supremacists. >> reporter: this controversy is just not going away for this president. he is also facing even more backlash from fellow republicans right now. tennessee's bob corker saying that there needs to be radical change inside the white house, david. >> all right, cecilia vega, our thanks to you again this morning on a rainy morning in new jersey as well. coming up, the parenting alert. a new survey on concussions and sports and it's not just football. dr. ashton is here. as your kids head back to school we are breaking down how heavy thoseackpacks really are
8:05 am
and how much weight is too much. >> huge. >> yeah. come on back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ find your child's class supply list at select "add all items" and ship them home. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin.
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8:09 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." >> cue the drums. >> back here on "gma," now, that's how you make an entrance. >> that's demi lovato taking over central park. >> there she is. she will be performing live. >> welcome, "gma." >> i need to get down there in not before "pop news." you can't leave before "pop news." >> my drummers. >> let's do it. we start with this. katy perry taking to instagram
8:10 am
to explain she may be chained to the rhythm but not to her tour schedule and says elms are still not ready so the tour will have to be delayed. the "witness" tour was meant to start on the 7th but now she will kick it off september 19th in montreal. most of the dates have been rescheduled. there's an upside to this. three others have been added as opening acts. also in the news this morning, miley cyrus dropped her new single overnight. that's it. "younger now" and announced she will release the full album soon and she's feeling real estate richer now, it seems. at 24 she's now the proud owner of this, 33-acre property in her hometown of franklin, tennessee. >> it's beautiful. >> gorgeous. she paid $5.8 million for it. it's got five bedrooms. four bathrooms.
8:11 am
a pool, a pool house. >> she won't even know we're there and even has a putting green so we can practice. she wanted to get back to her roots and home state of tennessee and owns an ultra modern ranch in malibu living with her fiance liam hemsworth. >> i forget she's just 24 years old. >> getting younger as she says. >> yes. >> already messed up the name. >> sounds good. to the breakout star of the summer. we saw it happen when she came to "gma." tiffany haddish stole the show not only on our show but in the movie "girls trip" and going head-to-head with kevin hart producing "night school" and cast her to co-star alongside him in the film that follows a group of misfits attending night class in hopes of earning their geds. the two actually go way back. haddish revealing to stephen
8:12 am
colbert kevin was kind enough to lend her 300 bucks when she was struggling as a comedian living out of her car in the early 2000s. now fast forward to 2017 and "variety" is calling her one of the ten comics to watch for this year. that movie set to hit theaters september 28th, 2018. >> that will be funny. did you see her on colbert? >> out of control. >> funnier than when she was here. >> "girls trip" is so good. >> so appreciative. out there working and sudden recognition. >> the new kid. >> you got to head out to the park. demi lovato. >> i got to take my coffee. >> tell her we said hello. now a parenting alert and important new survey taking a closer look at parents' awareness of concussion risks and sports and how it's affecting the decision to let their kids play. linsey davis is here and has all the details. >> reporter: good morning. this new survey by the barrow neurological institute a leader in studying concussions and with this new research comes a new
8:13 am
warning about youth sports and concussion risks. the message that while many parents view football as dangerous, parents need to be aware that other sports also pose a concussion risk as well. it's the all-american sport known for hard hits and jarring blows. traumatic brain injuries and indense of chronic traumatic encephalopathy among football place de catalunya are increasingly making headlines. now researchers at the barrow neurological toutant in arizona want parents to know concussions aren't limited to the gridiron. in a new survey conducted by the institute, 85% of parents say they would permit their kids to participate in any contact sport. >> this is actually a significant increase from last year of 69%. >> reporter: and while only two-thirds of parents say they would allow their child to play football, nine of ten parents were fine letting their child take part in soccer, even though girls' soccer has the highest rate of concussion of any teen
8:14 am
sport. >> the greatest rise of that participation is actually in girls sports. the number one increase is actually in cheer. >> reporter: alexa kiaza was one of those cheerleaders. >> i couldn't read, i couldn't write. i couldn't have a light on in the house. >> reporter: the 16-year-old was treated at the barrow institute after three concussions ended her seven years as a cheerleader. >> i had extremely bad pain in my legs. my headaches got progressively worse and i slept 15 to 20 hours a day. >> that was really hard. >> reporter: alexa's mom lisa says after the third concussion it was time to pull both of her daughters from the sport. >> to tell her that you are done was the worst thing i think i've ever had to say to my kids. i know it took a while for football to get helmets in place and now it's time for cheer. >> reporter: alexa and her mom says even the best cheerleading
8:15 am
teams don't have the athletic trainers that football teams that can spot the symptoms of a concussion. at first she didn't realize she was experiencing concussion symptoms but now hope kids will become more aware of what to look for to determine if they have a concussion. especially in a sport like cheerleading it's not always the first thing to look for. >> we have to be. thanks. want to bring in dr. jen ashton and this is about awareness but there were thing that is stood out. >> listen, i think the good news is awareness is up. the not so great news fear is also up and i think when you start to see parents deciding to pull their kids out of any athletic participation, i think that's not such a good thing and i think linsey hit something really, really important. concussions and traumatic brain injury is not just a football problem. it can occur in literally any sport. it can occur at home falling out of bed. i've seen patients with that and i think we need to remember that this is just a global issue here. it's not just about one sport.
8:16 am
>> you're right, linsey brought up some excellent points and i know you enjoy it and busting myths. >> that you have to black out and lose consciousness to have a concussion is ridiculous. the second one, you have to hit your head to have a concussion. it makes sense to think that but that's not true. remember, a concussion is your brain hitting the inside of your skull and the worst concussions oftentimes occur with a rotational hit so the head spinning around, you might not actually hit your head and then the last one is about symptoms. if you don't have a headache, you don't have a concussion. we have to hit this hard, you guys. there are about 20 symptoms of concussion. we tend to organize them in four categories, physical, emotional, sleep reeled and then what we call cognitive. take a look at the physical symptoms here. yes, headache is the most common. but you can have nausea. you have can have dizziness and
8:17 am
fatigue and balance issues. when you go to the emotional, emotional lability, more tearful, jittery, nervous is a big one. sleep related. we tend not to think of. that can be having trouble sleeping, sleeping more or sleeping less and then lastly, cognitive. you will see this in teenage athletes. they will have difficulty remembering and have a mental fog. difficulty in school. that can be a glaring symptom, so i think that is the key we have to expand what we're looking for. >> sometimes there's not a headache but the other stuff. lastly, you know, younger people. a lot think they're resilient and young brains will bounce back. this is important? we think the young brain is more susceptible so we need to follow this 50, 60 years down the road. >> i love your daughter, chloe, 17 years old. she's a fierce ice hockey player. >> that's right. >> as a mom and daughter how do you balance it. >> this is our world. you know, she's been playing a contact sport since she was 5
8:18 am
years old and to be clear she used to play with the boys where there was full contact body checking so have this on our radar. i think the value especially for girls of learning the strength and power of being an athlete, that is invaluable. but i want parents to also understand a very important thing when you're at that rink or the feel or the court, coa coaches and certified athletic trainers do an amazing job but they're watching so many place de catalunya. ke -- players. you know how they skate and get up. if something is wrong and they might be impaired you will be the first one -- >> i remember my mom pulling me out of a basketball game. nope, she knew something and had the coach pull -- >> exactly. >> thank you. >> chloe got on tv. nice shot. >> mom, don't pull me out. >> rob in central park. >> hey, robin. another friday
8:19 am
heavy rain now, flood watches posted for parts of the northeast and severe storms coming at us later this afternoon. millions of people in the storm zone today. do not let that dampen your mood on this friday. it's not dampening your mood for demi will a -- lavato right. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showers and thunderstorms clearing through central south jersey. be careful of the lightning and downpours. sky6 live hd there are clouds around and downpours possible, flash flash-flood watch in effect this afternoon and tonight. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 88 is the high, steamy, very humid, downpours at times, maybe strong thunderstorms and then things get better in a hurry saturday.
8:20 am
mission to find just how heavy they can get. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: it's back to school at j.t. moore middle school in nashville and that means kids are carrying most of what they need in their backpacks. to find out just how heavy the backpacks are, "gma" set up a backpack clinic. our expert, dr. alex diamond, a pediatric sports medicine physician at vanderbilt university. we're here with middle school children. why are these children in particular for vulnerable. >> they're still developing and growing. the other part about it, they're starting to get into more serious academic work and having the requirements of these heavier books. >> reporter: but how much weight is too much? heavy backpacks. how big of an issue is this for children? >> i think it's critical and seeing issues with muscle
8:21 am
sprains and strains and numbness and having neck pain and headaches. >> reporter: first we asked the kids a question. how many of you here have really heavy backpacks? raise your hand. wow. that's almost all of you have a really heavy backpack. the american academy of pediatrics says it should never be more than 10 to 20% of a child's body weight. first up, charlie who is a sixth grader. his backpack over the limit, it's nearly 20 pounds. >> i have a lot of neck pain. >> show us what you've got in here. lots of books. do you think -- do you need all of these books? >> yeah, for classes. >> reporter: more than half of these sixth graders are carrying backpacks weighing more than 20% of their body weight and check out this lineup of fifth graders. vivian's is almost a third of her body weight. >> you can see how heavy it is. >> toby's backpack also over the limit at 21 pounds. >> you can't even zip your bag. this is a huge bag, buddy.
8:22 am
overall, almost 40% of the kids had backpacks that were over the recommended weight. but watch what happens with the school's seventh graders. they use digital textbooks so no lugging around those heavy books. 5.6 pounds. that's pretty awesome. >> feels so much better. >> it feels so much better. >> reporter: to lighten the load each child at the school does have a locker. our experts shows them how to lift their backpacks to avoid strain. >> you want to bend at your knees and grab both straps and pull it up and lift and then you can put it across your back. >> for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, nashville. we have parents expert ericka souter and a big problem. my kids walk nearly a mile to school each day and i feel their backpacks and it's outrageous how heavy they are. what's the about he way to wear a backpack to minimize some of the problems? >> well, first i should say there's been no city that showed there's long-term damage but
8:23 am
parents are concerned about the pain their kids are feeling right now so the first thing you want to do is make sure you have a size appropriate backpack. don't buy a big backpack thinking my child will grow into it. number two, make sure that you have padded straps. that's going to give you a lot of extra support and make it more comfortable but then you also want to make sure the backpack sits in the right place. sits at the child's waist so it lightens the load for her and also consider category a chest strap. chest straps also help in terms of relieving the stress and giving you a little extra support. snap in there. >> that makes a lot of sense to make it equal distribution. >> and you also want to try rolling backpacks. like a really great way. >> i've seen kids walking around with it. like little lug sglaj i say third grade and up you see them
8:24 am
with rolling backpacks because they have to carry. >> nice and easy. how you load it also can affect how it weighs on you. >> exactly. >> take a look at this. this backpack is packed all wrong. try lifting it up. >> yeah, it's pretty heavy. >> so there are things you can do to make it a little easier on you to lighten your load. the first thing you want to do is you want to put the heavy things, the biggest things toward the back. >> the books are a lot thicker than that. >> make sure the binders and heavy books and binders are toward the back. >> toward the back. >> towards your back then you want to add in other things like a thermos. if you carry one, don't fill it up until you get to school. that extra water will be heavy and put in the lighter items that you may need. >> because that gives you support in the back when you're putting it on. >> yes, if you have a lunch, you know, if it fits in, great. if not, just carry it. don't attach it to the backpack but carry it and that will lighten your load and make that trip to school and home much
8:25 am
easier. >> i like that digital book thing too because that makes a huge difference because thee textbooks they're bringing home is crazy back and forth. >> make sure you don't bring home things you don't need. if you don't have social studies homework don't bring it home. >> be organized and bring home less and be more efficient. thank you very much. we appreciate it. coming up next we have demi lovato performing live in central park. stay with us. net 1a.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> good morning, 8:27, friday, august 18. i'm matt o'donnell. it's going to be rainy today. let's turn to karen rogers for traffic. >> reporter: it's hit or miss where the cells are right now. it's wet on 42, a busy spot northbound at creek road traffic from deptford or turnersville as the southbound traffic heads toward the shore. it's tricky out there. one of the areas that was getting good rain has an accident. 295 southbound the on-ramp from mount holly. the ramp is shut down on 295. looking at the big picture, speeds are okay. a lot of people taking off. it's friday in the summer. we're seeing areas of yellow and green, the only area that's heavy is the schuylkill expressway approaching the
8:28 am
boulevard to past belmont 15 miles per hour. be careful because of the wet roads. >> will do. outside to david murphy tracking the showers. >> reporter: all right, matt we're off to a muggy start. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan a line of showers and thunderstorms pushing through burlington county now, southern camden county and northern atlantic county might be picking up more of that. there's more to come later today and we're warm and muggy, 77 degrees in philadelphia. everybody humid and staying that way. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're throwing up an accuweather alert for steamy conditions, but it's the downpours and strong severe thunderstorms potentially popping up this afternoon and evening. 88 is the high, the flash-flood watch is in effect. be careful of the downpours, possible flooding on roads and creeks and streams. if you hear thunder head indoors. tomorrow, hot high of 90, but less humid. sunday is better.
8:29 am
>> how monday's solar eclipse could impact america's power grid at
8:30 am
♪ what's a little rain? not going to stop us. we are not letting the weather stop our fun here in central park. so excited and confident if you will it will be a great morning because the one and only demi lovato is with us. here she is with jax performing "instruction." ♪ ♪ all my ladies all my ladies
8:31 am
what you gon' do ♪ ♪ all my ladies wind to the left sway to the right ♪ ♪ drop it down low and take it back high ♪ ♪ i don't need introduction follow my simple instruction ♪ ♪ wind to the left sway to the right drop it down low and take it back high ♪ ♪ i don't need introduction follow my simple instruction ♪ ♪ you see me i do what i gotta do oh yeah ♪ ♪ on the guest list no need to queue oh yeah ♪ ♪ me and my crew we got the juice oh yeah so come here let me mentor you well ♪ ♪ some say i'm bossy 'cause i am the boss ♪ ♪ buy anything i don't care what it cost ♪ ♪ stacked like casino armani moschino ♪ ♪ if you're the supreme then i'm diana ross ♪ ♪ all my ladies wind to the left sway to the right ♪ ♪ drop it down low and take it back high i don't need introduction ♪ ♪ follow my simple instruction ♪ wind to the left sway to the right drop it down low and take it back high ♪ ♪ i don't need introduction follow my simple instruction ♪ ♪ step one report to the dance floor when i say oh yeah ♪ ♪ step two tell mom you'll be
8:32 am
out till late oh yeah ♪ ♪ step three pull up your bumper hike up your waist oh yeah ♪ ♪ step four grab somebody now face-to-face and say ♪ ♪ say that you're bossy 'cause you are the boss ♪ ♪ buy anything you don't care what it costs ♪ ♪ stacked like casino, armani, moschino ♪ ♪ if you're the supreme then i'm diana ross ♪ ♪ all my ladies wind to the left sway to the right ♪ ♪ drop it down low and take it back high i don't need introduction ♪ ♪ follow my simple instruction wind to the left sway to the right ♪ ♪ drop it down low and take it back high ♪ ♪ i don't need introduction follow my simple instruction ♪ >> jax jones, everybody. ♪ yo see me have everything what you want put it upon me ♪ ♪ they don't know the realest star 'cause she don't play ♪ ♪ they say i'm loco when me do me thing ♪
8:33 am
♪ say that you're bossy 'cause you are the boss ♪ ♪ buy anything you don't care what it costs stacked like casino ♪ ♪ armani, moschino if you're the supreme then i'm diana ross ♪ ♪ hey hey hey ♪ all my ladies wind to the left sway to the right ♪ ♪ hey hey hey ♪ i don't need introduction follow my simple instruction ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't need introduction follow my simple instruction ♪ ♪ i don't need introduction follow my simple instruction ♪ [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" summer concert series presented by king's hawaiian. irresistible since 1950.
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♪ . back now on "good morning america" and, of course, everybody very excited about the solar eclipse, just three days away. and we wanted to know exactly what will happen, so we went right to our favorite solar sisters. experts 10-year-old kimberly and 12-year-old rebecca who joined us on "gma" yesterday. take a look. >> hi, i'm becca. >> i'm kimberly. today we'll demonstrate for you how the solar eclipse works. >> for our model this soccer ball will be the earth.
8:37 am
this golf ball will be the moon orbiting the earth. and the sun will be the sun. the way a solar eclipse works is when the earth, sun and moon all perfectly align and the moon shadow crosses over the earth. you might be thinking, why don't we get a solar eclipse every month? because the moon orbs around the moon every month. the answer is the moon's orbit is not perfectly horizontal to the earth's orbit. it's off by about five degrees which means a solar eclipse happening is relatively rare. approximately every two years though a solar eclipse does happen but it happens anywhere in the world. the reason that this eclipse is special because it's the first one to cross the continental u.s. since 1979. >> remember to always wear your solar eclipse glasses for looking at the sun. sunglasses are not sufficient. they can still hurt your eyes if you look at the sun. >> both: bye. thanks for watching!
8:38 am
>> thank you, solar sisters. a great science lesson. you can see so much more. our full coverage of "the great american eclipse" monday. david muir anchoring our special live report starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. right now, though, let's get over to rob. >> we've seen the rain behind you, ain't bothering the are loving it here, it is the american block party. we love other block party at "g.m.a." take a look at this picture sent in by tracy who has been part of the a block party for years. these neighbors are so close they vacation together, all part of what we've got going on, this one from phoenix, they go on vacation to the tropics. here's the local weather, check
8:39 am
it out. >> reporter: be careful up there in central park there's a thunderstorm up there, we have more in central south jersey pushing through burlington and ocean counties. flash-flood watch in effect this afternoon and evening. for more heavy downpours, steamy today, 88 is the high. yeah, everybody has. oh, it's not raining that much. king's hawaiian grilling tip. make sure your meat is done. just in case stick a meat thermometer in there especially if it's pork or chicken. that is your tip and carry an umbrella today. not a bad gig, lara back up to you. >> thank god your hair looks fabulous slicked back. pouring rain. that's not stopping us? why it is our friend, demi lovato is back with us. >> hello. >> rocking our summer concert series and we got to give it to the lovatics standing in the
8:40 am
pouring rain. >> i love every single one of you. you're incredible. >> they love you. so excited to be here and just got a little taste of inspiration -- oh, they're singing happy birthday to you. >> yeah, thank you. thank you guys so much. >> why don't you tell us when is your actual day? >> my actual birthday is on sunday. i'm turning 25. >> happy birthday. so "instruction." we just got a little taste of it. the video is so fun. what was your inspiration? >> my inspiration behind the video for "instruction" or -- >> yes, no, no, for "instruction." >> i actually was from jackson camp so i just signed off on it and said it looks awesome. >> so much dancing going on. total house party. a million different kinds of dance and then we see the video for "sorry not sorry" and we get a little taste of jamie foxx. what was that like. >> it was so much fun. he's a friend of mine and he's really, really great.
8:41 am
super funny. >> how do you keep him under control on a set. >> he was fine. he was perfectly great. >> would you ever do a duet. >> i would love to. we sing together at barclays. >> i would love to see that. is that possible down the road? >> absolutely. >> jamie, you heard it here first. talk to me about the collaboration on "no promises" with cheat codes. they say you were the only person that could have done it. do you feel the same way? >> i just fell in love with the song and knew i had to record it. >> yeah. >> you guys ready. it is raining so hard i don't think we can make your lovatics wait one more second. right to it. here's demi right now in the pouring rain with "sorry not sorry." >> thank you. ♪
8:42 am
♪ now i'm out here looking like revenge feeling like a ten the best i ever been ♪ ♪ and yeah i know how bad it must hurt to see me like this but it gets worse wait a minute ♪ ♪ now you're out here looking like regret ain't too proud to beg second chance you'll never get ♪ ♪ and yeah i know how bad it must hurt to see me like this but it gets worse wait a minute ♪ ♪ now payback is a bad thing and baby i'm the baddest ♪ ♪ you messing with a savage can't have this can't have this ah ♪ ♪ and it'd be nice of me to take it easy on ya but nah ♪ ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪ being so bad got me feelin' so good showing you up like i knew that i would ♪ ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry
8:43 am
♪ feeling inspired 'cause the tables have turned yeah i'm on fire and i know that it burns ♪ ♪ baby fineness is the way to kill tell me how it feel bet it's such a bitter pill ♪ ♪ and yeah i know you thought you had bigger better things ♪ ♪ bet right now this stings wait a minute 'cause the grass is greener under me ♪ ♪ bright as technicolor i can tell that you can see ♪ ♪ and yeah i know how bad it must hurt to see me like this but it gets worse wait a minute ♪ ♪ now payback is a bad thing and baby i'm the bad baddest ♪ ♪ you messing with a savage can't have this can't have this ah ♪ ♪ and it'd be nice of me to take it easy on ya but nah ♪ ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪ being so glad got me feelin' so good showing you up like i knew that i would ♪
8:44 am
♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪ ♪ feeling inspired 'cause the tables have turned yeah i'm on fire and i know that it burns ♪ ♪ talk that talk baby better walk better walk that walk baby ♪ ♪ if you talk if you talk that talk baby better walk better walk that walk baby ♪ ♪ oh yeah talk that talk baby better walk better walk that walk baby ♪ ♪ if you talk if you talk that talk baby better walk better walk that walk baby ♪ ♪ oh ♪ yeah yeah ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm i'm not sorry ♪ ♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry being so bad got me feeling so good ♪ ♪ showing you up like i knew that i would baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪
8:45 am
♪ baby i'm sorry i'm not sorry ♪ feeling inspired 'cause the tables have turned yeah i'm on fire and i know that it burns ♪ ♪ i'm not sorry [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
8:47 am
[ cheers and applause ] back now on "good morning america." who is ready for more demi? >> here she is with cheat codes and their hit song "no promises." ♪ ♪ cut me up like a knife and i feel it deep in my bones ♪
8:48 am
♪ kicking it high but i love even harder you wanna know ♪ ♪ i just wanna dive in the water with you baby we can't see the bottom ♪ ♪ it's so easy to fall for each other i'm just hoping we catch one another ♪ ♪ oh na na just be careful na na ♪ ♪ love ain't simple na na promise me no promises ♪ ♪ oh na na just be careful na na love ain't simple na na promise me no promises ♪ ♪ ♪
8:49 am
♪ baby i think about you and i feel it deep in my heart maybe we just ain't meant to be something maybe we are ♪ ♪ i just wanna dive in the water with you baby we can't see the bottom it's so easy to fall for each other ♪ ♪ i'm just hoping we catch one another ♪ ♪ oh na na just be careful na na love ain't simple na na promise me no promises ♪ ♪ oh na na just be careful na na love ain't simple na na ♪ ♪ promise me no promises oh ♪
8:50 am
♪ i just wanna dive in the water oh baby we can't see the bottom ♪ ♪ i just want to dive in with you i just want to lie here with you oh ♪ ♪ oh na na just be careful na na love ain't simple na na ♪ ♪ promise me no promises promise me ♪ ♪ oh na na just be careful na na love ain't simple na na promise me no promises no ♪ ♪ >> come on, "gma." ♪ promise me no promises don't you promise me nothing ♪ >> give it up for cheat codes.
8:51 am
♪ don't you promise me nothing. ♪ promise me me me me just be careful promise me no promises ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:52 am
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>> hello and good morning, 8:56 friday, august 18. dealing with rain out there, particularly in south jersey, let's go over to karen rogers. it's not a good way to start a
8:57 am
friday, looking live in new jersey, it looks gloomy out there. northbound we have light volume, southbound traffic is heading toward the shore. the rest of the weekend is looking good. we have rain at times. we had an accident on 295 it's cleared on the on-ramp to mount holly. it quickly cleared. we're live on the schuylkill expressway we're jammed westbound traffic heading toward king of prussia. jammed from the boulevard to gulph mills. 22 minute ride from the vine to the blue route. >> david murphy is watching the stormy weather. >> reporter: yeah, matt we are getting ready for downpours. storm tracker 6 live showing a couple of thunderstorms east of out to sea, but dumping downpours in ocean county and burlington county right now. warm and muggy this morning. 77 degrees, 80 in millville. this afternoon high of 88.
8:58 am
it's going to be steemy -- steamy out there with tropical humidity and high of 88. at times a round of downpours an thunderstorms. humidity early tomorrow drops in the afternoon and most of the weekend looks better. >> the statue of former philadelphia mayor frank rizzo was vandalized for the second time this week. this time sun someone spray painted the words black power. swift response from cleanup crews. "live with kelly and ryan" is up next. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great friday and great weekend!
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly & ryan." today, actress priyanka chopra and dj khaled is here with a special guest. plus, from "the goldbergs," jeff garlin, all next on "live." [lively music] ♪ >> ♪ when i met you ♪ in the summer >> announcer: now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> kelly: hi! ♪ [cheers and applause] it smells good in here. >> ryan: i know, already. >> ♪ and we could be together ♪ baby ♪ as long as skies are blue ♪ ♪ you act so innocent now [cheers and applause] >> ryan: whoo! >> kelly: hi! [cheers and applause]


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