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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 18, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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in barcelona and expected islamic extremists drove a van down a crowded promenade and hundreds were injured and we have the latest. and developing story out of finland where one person is dead and several others injured. police shot the suspect and that person is in custody. and republicans are now openly criticizing president trump and questioning his ability to lead after defending confederate monuments and lashing out at his critics this week. first, we begin with an accuweather alert. we see rain this afternoon and evening, and a flash flood watch goes into effect 90 minutes from now. here is a live look outside showing you the center city skyline and the clouds are moving in and lets get the latest on this soggy friday. melissa magee in the weather center. >> we have issued the accuweather alert because of the flooding concern and the potential of strong but severe showers that fire up later today.
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stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you it's dry right now, earlier this morning, we had showers and storms around south jersey. if you look closer in surf city, to areas in toms river and ocean county, the showers and storms are starting to depart to the east. and more wet weather we are tracking, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you this cold front stretched out from new england to areas in p.a. coming outs of the ohio valley. this works its way eastward in the rest of the afternoon and evening hours and as it arrives it approaches a warm and unstable atmosphere. and triggers showers and storms, on ton of that we have a flash flood watch at 2:00 tonight lasting through midnight and roads, creeks and streams and ponding on the roads. a big concern for the i-95 corridor and immediate suburbs to the north and west and flooding is a major concern with locally heavy rain.
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throughout today we have tropical downpours on the way and flash flooding say big concern. we could find 1 to 2 inches of rain in some locations and locally higher amounts. isolated but severe showers and storms on the way and the most active time period looks to be later on this afternoon into the evening showers, we'll take a closer look coming up in the full accuweather forecast. and let you know the weekend that looks much better. >> good news there thank you. and this reminder with rain in the forecast you can get weather updates any time on your phone or tablet including real time views from stormtracker 6 live double scan the 6 abc app is a free download. in other news, the mother of heather heyer the girl killed when a pro test drove into the crowd says she will not meet with president trump and this has critics and members of of the party using sharp language
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in his response to the violence. >> reporter: president trump growing increasingly more isolated. members of his own party now publically calling into question his competence and moral leadership. >> there needs to be radical changes, he has not been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence, that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> republican bob corker with unusually jarring criticism calling on trump to stop focusing on himself and think of the american people he serves. >> i think our president needs to take stock of the role he plays in our nation and move beyond himself. >> and out sized washington the criticism continues. heather heyer's mother just days after laying her daughter to rest saying she will not meet with president trump. >> after what he said about my
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child and it's not that i saw somebody else's tweets i saw a clip of him at a press conference equating the protesters like miss heyer with the kkk and white supremacists. >> the backlash mounting over trump waiting 48 hours to condemn the white supremacists by name and backtracking and defending the people that marched with torches and swastikas. >> i can't wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying i'm sorry. >> it took no time for him to denoun the terrorism there and tweeted that radical islamic terrorism must be stopped. overnight, the statue of robert b. tawney was removed outside of the state house in annapolis. the statue that stood for 145 years came down this morning.
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tawneys the the former supreme court justice rule that all slaves and even freed slaves could not be u.s. citizens. a couple of on looks watched and some cheered as the statue was lifted from his pedestal. >> a statue of christopher columbus was vandalized in houston, the vandalism comes after there are renewed calls to remove monuments and statues from public spaces. and one person is in custody after the statue of former mayor, frank rizzo was vandalized for a third time. the words black power appeared late last night. police believe a man painted the mess an and got into a car and drove away. it took crews 10 mines to clean up the graffiti. eggs were tossed at the statue earlier this week. councilwoman gwynn posted the
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statue should be removed. two men remain in critical condition after a late night shooting in west philadelphia. police say that the 21-year-olds were shot on the 5900 block of ludlow street. one was hit in the torso and one in the stomach and leg. no arrests are made and the investigation continues. the summer is winding down and soon the kids are heading back to school. the philadelphia school district and businesses and organizations are joining forces for the ninth annual back to school event. there is a chance to give the kids everything they need for a good start. >> reporter: even before the 8:00 a.m. start time this morning there were people here to screening and supplies and information. and it's an event that people rely on each year. >> i'm going be in fourth grade. >> class is right around the corner, today the school district of philadelphia is hosting a back to school fair at school of the future in park
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side. the students and their families can be ready to go for day one. >> i am going to get all a's and honor role and be the best i can. >> there are so many vendors we can get information from and for school supplies. >> more than 100 vendors are set up at the school at park side avenue. games for kids and vouchers and school supplies and thousands of backpacks to give way and free screenings including dental and eye exams are available whether or not you have insurance. >> every child scene is not turn add way due to the inability to pay. >> and by partners with organizations you have a chance to get free on site dental care and eye screening. >> this is the nine and annual resources day to make sure that students return from summer break prepared and healthy. >> some people doth have a lot of money to get school things
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for their kids and i think it's a good thing for them to just come out here and give us all this stuff. >> struggle just to get day by day, when something like this helps you out it's a blessing. god is good. >> this event runs in the 3:00 this afternoon. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." there is more still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a couple shows us the burns they suffered when their iphone exploded. they said it hadn't been used for a while and was not charging either. >> and the great american eclipses people already started gathering. every year south jersey sends
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more and more tax money to trenton, but gets less and less back thanks to steve sweeney and chris christie. here's the sweeney-christie record eight years of underfunded schools. huge tax breaks for themselves and their rich friends while we pay more. and homestead rebate funding for seniors cut in half next year.
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don't believe the fake news from his wealthy donors. steve sweeney stands with chris christie, not with south jersey. all right the great american eclipse just days away and small towns in the city and across the country are bracing for an influx of visitors.
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>> seeing one is a truly life changing experience. >> reporter: it's coming and americans are getting ready. >> all hands on deck enforcement strategies and we are kind of throwing everything at it. >> this monday the great american eclipse will sweep across the u.s. the first of its kind in 38 years and millions of people are beginning to descend on the handful of cities lucky enough to be in its path. >> the 7 million people traveling to see the eclipse across 12 states are going into towns and different areas that are not accustomed to seeing this influx of people. >> the lines of traffic are already hours long in primeville, oregon, the state is expected to see a million visitors and the airport has rented out 7 million cars and suvs that is normally what they do in a week. and blairsville, georgia expect thousands more than live in the
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town. >> we don't need to panic just enjoy the event. >> they are preemptively declaring a state of disaster. >> the police department is overwhelms and need us to help set up traffic check points and we are ready to do that. >> the red cross will be along the eclipse zone ready to help out. and here in charleston, city officials say they expect to double the city's population in just a single day. abc news charleston, south carolina. well, when doctors and experts tell you to protect your eyes on monday they are not kidding, this pennsylvania man learn that lesson the hard way, james holt was just 10 years old and was preparing to watch a partial solar eclipse. >> we had heard that if you want to see the eclipse, you can look for negatives of a picture. that dates me. but you look at the negatives and several of them stacked together and shouldn't have a
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problem. >> holt was able to view it with no problem but years later he noticed an issue with his eyesight and damage aid portion of his retina if his right eye from viewing the eclipse. they recommend purchasing glasses or do it through a box. and we have more online at on monday will be the place to be whether you indoors or outside experiencing the eclipse firsthand. we have live cameras from coast-to-coast showing you the total eclipse has it makes its way across the country and at 2:00 join us for the special edition of "action news" on as the delaware valley watches the 2017 solar eclipse. in other news, a washington, d.c. man says his iphone explodes and started a fire. >> there was a mark on the bed and burn marks on curtis gilmore
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and his girlfriend's leg. they were lying with their 3-month-old daughter and heard a boom. >> we were just talking and talking and something went pow and i bounced up and was like oh, and i looked and the phone was on fire. >> now there is smoke everywhere and i look there is fire burning everywhere. >> the couple is grateful their baby was not hurt and the phone was not charging at the time and they were not using. the company plans to investigate. still ahead on "action news" at noon, another check of the forecast for you as we look live outside sky 6 hd showing you a dreary center city skyline. meteorologist, melissa magee, has the update from accuweather a closer look at the weekend and more.
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the chicago bomb squad was called to o'hare to investigate a semi parked in an authorized area here.
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there was a heavy police presence in the departure area. and towed to another location and cleared. and the driver is located and questioned. >> automaker ford agreed to a $10 million payout and harassment investigation. he was accused of harassing women and african-american employees at two plants in illinois. they found probable cause that supports harassment claims and officials with the eeoc says that ford retaliated against workers that complained. they are forking over cash but did not admit liabilities. there say lawsuit involving richard simmons, he is taking on the national inquirer for saying he is undergoing shocking sex swap surgery. based in large part on photographs and interviews provided by one man, this man
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here. >> what was he to richard simmons he was a masseuse and had a relationship. >> although i may have said that richard simmons chest looked like someone on hormones, i never stated he was a woman or had breast implants or sex change surgery. they file add motion saying it's not deflammtory to call someone transgender but his lawyer disagrees. a middle school assignment led to something that an eighth grader will treasure forever. tee brown's teacher said send a christmas card to anyone they wanted. she chose to write to first lady, michelle obama. we are going to a special report
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now. >> the chief strategist for president trump has resigned. he was a controversial figure from the get go and was with president trump for a year. he joined him on the campaign for a chief executive and then a media pro -- but they said he populated america first and nationalism and no doubt controversial from the moment he entered the campaign partly because of his work with breitbart. the far right conservative news brand that people call racist in the past and he was quoted address saying breitbart was a platform for the alt-right a white soup premist movement. he is out of the white house for the last four days. i want to get to senior white house correspondent, who is
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tracking the developments for the last couple of days. walk us into how this happened and how this decision took place. >> it's not unexpected tom. but here is what i can tell you, this seems to just now be reverberating around the white house, a lot of people perhaps knew this was coming, steve bannon is on the ropes in this white house before and has survived rumor he was out in months past and got nine lives, if you will, inside of this administration, the fact that we learned about this today caught a number of people inside of the administration by surprise, they didn't know this would be the day this would happen. i think if i were to say the straw that broke the camels back was the interview that steve bannon did within the last couple of days with a magazine where it's our understanding that he called this reporter and unloaded and condidn'ted the president on issues like north korea and made claims saying,
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you know about white nationalist movement calling them crazy and fools, if you will. this is a president that does not like to see people speaking out of school in his administration, among others who he has battled with in this white house, steve bannon battled with angered the president and had a knife in his back for many mountain west wing from jared kushner to gary cone to others. this is a long time coming tom. >> and by all accounts a fighter up until the end. whether in front of the camera or behind the scenes i want to get back to the article. from the american prospect a progressive publication this is a quote from steve bannon that one time sat on the security council. >> until someone solves the part of the equation that 10 million people in seoul don't die in the
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first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, there is no military solution here they got us. that had to drive the president crazy. >> yes, that compounded with a number of things, from as simple as snl profiling steve bannon as the mastermind behind the white house and magazine covers showing steve bannon's face on the cover saying he was the mastermind behind this presidency and lets go back to the controversial press conference of of a couple of days ago he was under fire for chings he said about charles son, and where he stood on steve bannon and asked if he had confidence in his strategic counselor, his right hand man. he said i like steve bannon but wouldn't stay outright and i don't believe he is a racist but
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not if he had confidence in steve bannon and that is where this is a president that will not move forward with someone in his camp to whom he as lost confidence. it was not just the president himself, there is a number of people in the west wing were angry with steve bannon and lost confidence in him. >> stand by, i want it lay out some major resignations in less than a month. sean spicer resigns as press secretary and preibus as chief of of staff and anthony scaramucci as communications director and steve bannon is also out. lets bring in george stephanopoulos. this is a critical time for the res right now, having problem as board and here at home, and now his chief strategist many say the person that shaped his message to help him win that
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campaign is gone. >> yes, a message hurting the president for the last week in the wake of his remarks over the demonstrations in charlesville, his failure to condemn the kkk and neo nazis early on. it made it impossible for steve bannon to stay and the last straw was the interview he gave to the american prospect where he undermined the president's position and took aim at allies, the white house chief of staff, kelly and mcmaster and rex tillerson. steve bannon was a man with a lot of enemies inside of the white house for quite sometime. starting with jared kushner, and the president himself was not happy with the attention that steve bannon was getting and he was losing a lot of arguments inside of the white house and pushed out of the national
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security council and some of his allies on the counsel were pushed out as well. the next question is for the president, what he is going to reconstitute his staff under john kelly and be welling to follow their direction. >> talk to us about the mass nations of the west wing, you are running an oval office an administration with a brand new chief of staff, a communications director put in place but who doesn't have a lot of experience in politics and there in the interim and now your chief strategist the man that people crediting for tapping into the voters that were overlooked has left the west wing. >> and a president, this begins at the top. the president at the top who is relatively willing to take direction from anybody at this point. and he also has when you look at members on the staff that
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survived. gary cohen, he is furious with the president's comments off charlottesville. and jared kushner and ivanka kushner playing key roles inside of the white house, one thing we'll find out how willing they are to exceed to the direction of john kelly, the new chief of staff as well. in some ways this a white house staff being built from the bottom up but the big question going to be is the president himself willing to change and change the way he does business? willing the change he communicates and is he able to fashion a coherent agenda, and dealing with the turmoil in the west wing he is alienating the allies he need in congress. like mitch mcconnell and lindsay graham and scott of south
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carolina. in order to get anything done in the senate he cannot afford to lose two votes and alienated key members every single day. >> every politician's goal, the first day in office is to get reelected. steve bannon is the person that helped him get reelected and tapped into the people that mainstream media forgot. steve bannon somehow now who the voters were. will it hurt the base? >> you are right about the influence in a steve bannon had even though the psident chafed at it. now the president has the opposite problem. he is with his core supporters, overall 35% approval rating now his strong reproveal rate with republicans is jumping, he is
12:58 pm
harding on to the hard core base that steve bannon found. he has to reach out beyond the base be rank and file republicans and reach out to independents and democrats and secure majorities in the congress. steve bannon was not helping with that efforts at all. he was alienating members of congress even if he was securing the base he was alienating others in the west wing in pursuit of his ideology. and that was hurting the president. >> george thank you. i want to go to matt dowd someone that advised presidents in the white house and campaign trail. if you had had to advise president trump now what would you tell him? >> well, he has created a white house that we know from day one was in chaos. that is how he ran his campaign, but a white house cannot be in chaos. this is the worst blow coming at the tail end of probably his
12:59 pm
worst week and as george said he is in his lowest approval numbers at this point many i don't know what he can do than other try and stand back and re-examine himself and cause himself to have some self reflection. the problem ultimately for president trump is not steve ban bon or anthony scaramucci or mike flynn, and the fbi director before the recent firings those were fired and he has to have some self reflection but does he is the capacity to have self reflection. breaking news steve bannon has resigned. we learned he resigned two weeks ago and this was effective on monday. we will stay on top of this story throughout the afternoon and have a full update on world news tonight with david muir. this has been a special report from abc news.
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