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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. a massive counterprotest. at least 40,000 swarming the streets of boston, outnumbering a free speech rally featuring some white nationalists. the clashes with police. plus, the conflicting tweets sent out by the president. also breaking tonight, a violent night for police in america. at least six shot in several cities. what we've just learned about the condition of one of those officers. bannon unleashed. the newly ousted chief strategist to the president vowing to wage war on anyone who stands in trump's way, but telling one publication the trump presidency, quote, we fought for and won is over. the international manhunt. tonight, authorities searching for the driver of that van that plowed into a barcelona plaza. now, a look inside the home of one suspected terrorist.
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and eclipse fever. from gas lines to traffic jams, the race is on to witness history in the sky. good evening and thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with breaking news in boston. this is the scene today from the sky, tens of thousands marching towards boston common. many chanting against hate. the massive crowd met by a heavy police perimeter, separating them from a small group trying to speak in that free speech rally. boston police reporting 27 arrests and some skirmishes. between counterprotesters and police. including reports of rocks thrown at cars. officials in boston calling it a successful day.
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and president trump watching and weighing back in the free speech debate. abc's stephanie ramos is in boston tonight. >> reporter: dueling protests. with police working desperately to not have their city turning into a repeat of what happened in charlottesville. nearly 40,000 people converging across the city to try and stop this much-smaller free speech rally. many feared white nationalists would show up. despite denials from the group's organizer. the rally which did featured one speaker from the so-called alt-right movement. started at noon on the boston common. it ended quickly with things growing tense and at times violent as the group was leaving. this group chased out of the park. police rushing in with batons and makeshift handcuffs. trying to keep clashes from getting worse. forcefully forcing protesters
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back, making at least 27 arrests. >> i just wanted to come out and confront them head-on. >> reporter: violence is breaking out right over there. that's where counterprotesters gathered to block a road. at one point, boston police in a tweet, asking crowds to stop urine, bottles and rocks. president trump also weighing in online, with a series of tweets. looks like many anti-police agitators in boston. police are looking tough and smart. >> 99% of the people were here for the right reason. smart.s >> and stephanie ramos joins us live now from boston. stephanie, the president sending out several tweets throughout the day on the situation there in boston. >> reporter: that's right. when the president sent out his first tweet, when he called the protesters here in boston
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anti-police agitators. that's when boston mayor responded, today, the city stood for peace and love. the president tweeted again with a different tone protesting a more unifying tone. some mixed messages there. >> stephanie, thank you. next to another major story we have been following. a second police officer has just died after a shooting in florida. officer matthew baxter on the left, killed last night, and sergeant richard "sam" howard. the suspect in that case is now under arrest. and there were four more officers shot in two other incidents in florida and pennsylvania. here's abc's victor oquendo. >> reporter: tonight, police in central florida in mourning as they investigate what led to the violent deaths of two officers. >> a regional two trauma alert. >> reporter: kissimmee
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officer matthew baxter, a father of four, the first on the scene, checking out a suspicious persons call in an area known for drug activity. howard responding to his call. both officers gunned down, baxter dying friday night. howard succumbed to his injuries saturday. the chief calling them the put it me of what you would ask for in law enforcement officers. you see we don't get to stop for a minute >> reporter: 45-year-old everett glenn miller, a marine veteran, under arrest, charged with first degree murder. but the violent night for law enforcement across the country was far from over. 90 minutes after the kissimmee shooting, two jacksonville officers shot with a high-powered rifle while responding to a man threatening suicide. >> ems responding in a 58, west church street in fairchance. reporting an individual being shot. >> reporter: and two state troopers in western pennsylvania also shot. fortunately the officers who
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were shot in jacksonville and western pennsylvania are expected to survive, tom? >> all that violence a terrible reminder of the dangers officers face. victor, thank you. next to the shake-up in the white house. steve bannon out as chief strategist for president trump. now vowed to lead the fight for the trump agenda outside the white house. he has his hands back on his weapons. the president thanking bannon on twitter. to lead the fight against a favorite foe, fake news. nothing fake about the challenges facing trump with backlash simmering over his charlottesville response and several in his own party expressing concern. abc's david wright is in bridgewater, new jersey. >> reporter: the president trying to project strength and steadiness. this photo montage set to music by the white house communications staff. but trump's former chief
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strategist is no longer in the picture. the populist rabble-rouser steve bannon, now banished. now back at breitbart where he chaired the editorial meeting friday. the staff hailed him as a populist hero. today, president trump tweeted, steve bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at breitbart news. fake news needs the competition. earlier this week, though, the president hinted strongly that bannon's days in trump's inner circle are numbered. >> we'll see what happens with mr. bannon. but he is a good person and i think the press treats him, frankly, very unfairly. >> reporter: bannon is out for blood. "i feel jacked up," he told "the weekly standard." "now i'm free, i've got my hands back on my weapons." someone said, 'it's bannon the barbarian.'" he told "the new york times," "anyone who stands in our way, we will go to war with." and, to bloomberg, he clarified he's "going to war for trump against his opponents on capitol
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hill, in the media, and in corporate america." bannon's combative approach has ruffled feathers in both parties. >> if you think they're going to give you your country back without a fight, you're sadly mistaken. every day -- every day it's going to be a fight. >> reporter: today he reserved the right to take on some of his former colleagues who don't share his america first values. bannon derisively calls them "white house democrats." looking back at trump's inaugural address, which he helped to write. >> this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> reporter: bannon said, "the trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over. we still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this trump presidency. but that presidency is over." >> and david wright joins us live now from bridgewater, new jersey. david, today the white house
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announced that the president will not be attending the kennedy center honors this year. >> reporter: that's right the honorees this year include gloria estefan, lionel richie and several of them have said they will accept the honor but skip the ceremony because of trump. today, the white house said the president and the first lady say they will skip the ceremony to allow the honorees to celebrate without political disruption. tom. >> david, thank you. and martha raddatz will have much more on the white house state of play tomorrow on "this week." we turn overseas now to the desperate manhunt after those deadly terror attacks in spain. authorities searching for this man, believed to be the driver of the white van that slammed into that plaza in barcelona. the search ongoing, as we learn much more about the american victim. abc's james longman is in barcelona tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the urgent manhunt for the suspected driver of this white van. authorities believe 22-year-old
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younes abouyacoub is still on the run, possibly even across this is ripoll, a small town in the mountains outside barcelona. at least eight young men came from here formed the terror cell intent on launching deadly attacks. including the suspected driver, inside his home, furniture turned upside down by investigators. food still on the kitchen counter. a koran lies abandoned -- this map shows just how many suspects allegedly lived here. several sets of brothers, most of them moroccan born. in the local mosque, worshippers are shocked and angry. this chart shows donations to the mosque and you can see here abouyacoub's name. the face emerging of the 14 victims who did not survive. among them, a man from california. then getting some difficult news from a friend who saw his photo on twitter. >> he looked pretty injured. but couldn't really tell. and i ended up seeing the
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picture and it was definitely him. he loved people. he loved his family. he was the kindest person i ever met. >> a lot of sadness but a lot of questions. investigators are focusing their questions on a local imam, who may hold the key and he mysteriously disappeared two months ago. tom. >> james longman on that international manhunt. back here at home, an update on john mccain's brain cancer fight. the arizona senator completing his first round of chemotherapy for a brain tumor. tweeting out a photo. mccain never posting this image, a visit with senate pals, lindsey graham. and former senator joe lieberman. next tonight, to oregon. where wildfires are forcing the evacuations of 600 residents. they try to stop the fire from
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destroying homes and camp sites. burning in part of the state that's expecting an influx of monday's historic eclipse. on that eclipse, a pilgrimage under way for millions. eclipse fever hits the u.s. but getting to that special spot is proving to be a challenge. abc's marci gonzalez is in lincoln city, oregon, where the path of totality is expected to begin. >> reporter: tonight, bumper-to-bumper traffic in areas from coast to coast. >> this is all heading in -- >> reporter: as record crowds rush in, vying for the best view of the total solar eclipse. >> we have our glasses and i think we're all excited to see this. >> reporter: some at a standstill so long left running low on fuel. and this is just the beginning. 200 million people live within a day's drive of the "path of totality." so many expected to hit the roads. officials in 14 states are preparing for what they say could be the worst traffic jam in u.s. history.
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some states trying to ease congestion by stopping all road construction monday and calling in the national guard to help with traffic control. >> we're ready to do that. >> reporter: already long lines for gas. >> it's busy here. >> reporter: hotels booked up for miles. makeshift campgrounds, filling up fast. >> we've been turning folks away for three days. >> reporter: and those essential solar eclipse glasses selling out. >> you can't find them anywhere. >> reporter: ahead of what's expected to be the most watched total eclipse ever. and tom, just 8500 people live here in lincoln city, oregon. but they're expecting 100,000 people to be here by monday. tom. >> the excitement is building. all right marci, thank you. with the rush on to get to the best spots to witness history, everyone's asking, will the weather cooperate as the eclipse sweeps across the country. this is the big question, abc's chief meteorologist ginger zee is in nashville, the largest city in the path. hey, ginger. >> reporter: tom, for everybody here in this city, it's a once in a lifetime event in nashville.
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and so this forecast is probably one of the most important of my career. let's get straight to it. i want to show you, so, from the coast through the rockies it's looking pretty good. the yellow, a few cloud-cover issues. nashville is looking good. charleston has a stationary front. one thing the coast could see, though, oregon specifically, a marine layer early in the morning. keep that in mind. also in the west, the haze and smoke from all those wildfires. tom, all it takes is one cloud to obscure. and we really don't want that cloud here in nashville. >> no pressure on that forecast. all right, ginger, thank you. david muir will anchor special coverage of the great american eclipse monday starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, the annoying robocalls. 2.6 billion in july alone. what you need to hear tonight about what not to do. plus, the danger of parking at the beach. and and underwater mystery solved 72 years after world war ii. all of that when we return. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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you'll ask, what pain? new advil liqui-gels minis. welcome back. you scramble to answer your phone, only to discover it's a robocall. with a discount or an offer you really don't want. the volume went up dramatically this summer and abc's erielle reshef on what not to do next. >> reporter: tonight, a warning about unrelenting robocalls like this one -- >> if you wish to decline additional offers, press two now. >> reporter: experts say before you press anything, think again. following those prompts or even speaking into the phone confirms you're a working number and could bring on even more calls. >> this is susan, with credit card relief. >> reporter: telemarketing calls, the number one consumer complaint. >> i want to slam the phone and i just want to talk to someone and please tell them to stop calling me, but it's -- it's a machine. >> reporter: and they're skyrocketing. the fcc pointing to this estimate from youmail. 2.6 billion robocalls made in
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the month of july alone. 177% increase from two years ago. >> we've never seen the volumes like we have seen this summer. >> reporter: but there are ways to cut down on those calls. experts say, be sure you're on the "do not call list." and if you get a call a telemarketing robocall hang up. by law, telemarketing robocalls require consent. to avoid them altogether check with your carrier to see what kind of anti-robocall apps they recommend. tom. >> all right, erielle thank you. when we return -- the danger some police officers face inside their vehicles. more trouble for the ford police interceptors and there's still time to spend $2 on a dream. a half-billion dollar dream. what are your chances? later tonight. ally blind. and i live with non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the people, places, and things i love.
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time now for our index. a new carbon monoxide problem in police vehicles, this time in iowa. a deputy getting sick after breathing the odorless gas. a modified version of the ford explorer. carbon monoxide leaks across the country have police pulling those vehicles off the road for testing. a summer bummer in cape cod. the parking lot in massachusetts collapsed around midnight after relentless torrential rain, sending an employee's car down to the seaside. luckily nobody was inside. and a major find tonight. more than 3 million under the ocean, billionaire paul allen, co-founder of microsoft, and his marine research team found the wreckage of uss indianapolis,
6:53 pm
torpedoed in the final days of world wore ii after delivering parts of one of the atomic bombs. only 316 survived before their rescue four days later. allen saying tonight, i hope survivors/families gain some closure. and the powerball jackpot swelling to half-billion dollars. the drawing just hours away, giving you a chance at a $535 million. that would be 340 cash in hand. 340 million, of course. and still ahead -- the fourth grader who applied for a job at nasa. saying he's qualified because my sister says i'm an alien. nasa may have turned him down but someone has just given him a job. when we come back. those with an abnormal alk or egfr gene who've tried an fda-approved targeted therapy, here's a question: who wouldn't want a chance for another...? who'd say no to a...? who wouldn't want... a chance to live longer.
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nasa posted a job on their website, planetary protection officer. this person would sound the alarm in case of alien bacteria invading the earth. abc's gloria riviera tell us about the fourth grader who applied and the job he just landed. >> reporter: in so many ways 9-year-old jack davis thought he was perfect for that nasa job as planetary protection officer. >> i have seen almost all the space and alien movies i can see. >> reporter: arguing in his application letter. >> i am great at video games and
6:58 pm
i am young so i can learn to think like an alien. >> liftoff -- >> reporter: nasa didn't hire him. he's too young, but someone else did. this week, jack reported to the liberty science center in new jersey. their very first kid science adviser. >> this is jack, he's our newest addition to the liberty science center team. >> welcome. >> you're a star. we hired the right person. >> reporter: jack's initial reaction? >> yeah! >> reporter: and his dad? >> i'm just going to ride his coattails from now on, i'm going to retire early. >> reporter: jack's job is starting with a seminal space event, the solar eclipse. not a bad first week on the job for a little boy with a mission to be. >> the guy who walks in space. >> reporter: seems like he has all the right stuff. >> thanks so much for watching. have a great evening. good night. experience the thrill of
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thunder over the boardwalk as the atlantic city air show soars into its 15 anniversary, award winning eats and the water work-out guaranteed to shred. karen rogers gets glam with ms. new jersey as she shirts sights. i'm karen rogers >>'m nora muchanmelissa magee. you will hear the roar of thunder the other boardwalk >> it's the 15th annual atlantic city air show, and here's a look at what's on tap for this year's show. >> those planes are just cool. i don't care what kind. >> it's a fascination of something heavier than gravity that's able to fly >> the 2017 atlantic city airshow will have eveth


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