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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  August 19, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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>> we feel we have let our fans down. that comes from the mouth of jim curtin, six points out of the playoff spot with ten to go. how about the breakdown on defense. six defenders around him, union trail 1-0. they get it back 35th minute. jack elliot buries it for his first creek soccer goal, tied at won at the half. >> we gave them two runs. that's not us. that's never us. buckle down, a make a play. >> little league world series making a play, the team from jacksonville new jersey will i don't means port against michigan. chris the first player to hit
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two homers in the same inning. they win by the mercy rule to stay alive. what does it feel like to drive 200 miles per hour? it's a tricky triangle for a reason. indy series qualifying today. intern one, hits the wall. he's okay. sato is on the pol poll for tomorrow's race. >> thank goodness he's okay. thank you, jeff. much more to come on "action news" at 11:30. stick around. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ >> saturday night. i'm walter perez. here's what's happening at 11:30. 10s of thousands across the country rallied against hate and president trump weighed in his thoughts about the protests. >> and how the cofounder of microsoft discovered the wreng wreckage of a navy warship.
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>> police officers were out on the streets keeping white nationalists and counter protesters apart. the biggest march was in boston where 10s of thousands of people filled the streets. linda lopez has more. >> a tense day on the streets of boston. 40,000 people marching against hate and racism. >> the crowd holding a free speech rally, one african-american the right alt movement showing up. >> you are here to oh pres oppry rights. >> police remaining calm. >> president trump weighing in online with a series of tweets saying, many antipolice agitators in boston.
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police are looking tough and smart. thank you. later awarding protesters for speaking out against bigotry. >> i want to thank everyone that shared the message of love not hate. no one got hurt. no one got killed. >> police casting a watchful eye on several other protests across the country. in memphis, police arrested six people. more than a thousand protesters rallied against white supremacy in austin and 500 gathered in a park saturday to push for removal of the confederate statue. linda lopez. >> back here at home, a frightening scene at a home in bucks county this morning after a huge crash sent chunks of
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debris flying into the home of a nearby home. one of the drivers was killed. a pickup truck collided with an audi. the audi burst into flames and the driver was killed. the impact severed piece of the vehicle which went flying into the yard even into the pool as you see there. a man that live in the home says he's grateful no one was in the yard at the time. >> we usually have parties that last until 2:00. tonight is one of the nights. we have a wheel in the backyard and tailgate in our back pool. >> the driver of the pick up suffered minor injuries. from the new jersey news room, a hazmat situation caused the evacuation from an apartment
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building this morning. emergency crews have been working to find the source of odor but so far no luck. >> a well dressed thief pulled off a robbery on main line getting away with several expensive watches but the entire thing cus captured on video getting a clear view of the suspect. the clerk shows him several watches. he pulls a gun and helps himself to several roll ex's from the case. if you know who this is, police call police. >> in texas, a truck driver has been arrested for trying to smuggle people into the country using a freezer truck. dogs alerted check points to the 60 people inside. the people were found lying on and inside palettes of broccol. the temperature inside the truck 49-degrees. the door was locked and the
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people inside had no way to get out on their own. >> billionaire paul alan and a marine research team found ship torpedoed in 1961. alan says he hope it is discovery will help the crew member's family get a sense of closure. >> the countdown is on for the eclipse. roads are log jammed with people wanting to get a view from the path of totality. >> maggie is in charleston with more on this heavenly event. >> small towns and cities across america are bracing for millions of eclipse hunters. all desperate for a glimpse of
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totality. >> the lines of traffic are hours long in primeville, oregon. the state is expecting to see a million visitors. >> at the campground in idaho, this couple has been camped out since wednesday. nebraska is expecting half a million to fly in from all over. >> we flew to seattle, spent the night in seattle and flew here. >> the carolinas are booked up. >> everyone is at capacity. >> the eclipse last stop in the u.s. >> what is the hype like? >> it's huge. >> they are on app mission to transform the bent into the place to be on the big day. >> right now the field is empty. come monday, thousands of people will be here for the solar eclipse. >> many of them local kids
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studying up on science and safety. >> so many times we gather together in grief, but this is fun and educational. we share it with idaho and columbia even. >> maggie ruly, charleston, south carolina. >> tune into "6abc" monday. abc will bring you coast to coast coverage starting at 1:00 right after "action news" at noon. adam joseph's live reports begin tomorrow only on "action news." >> much more to come. the start of the school year is fast approaching. some got into the spirit at montgomery county. >> we are drying out and the humidity will be lower sunday. we have details on that, plus the eclipse forecast monday in the accuweather seven day.
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>> with back to school time fast approaching, the montgomery mall held an event for the preparations. it was the back to school bash. the families checked out the fashions and then enjoyed activities like a face painting and balloon artist. >> here's what's going on outside. storm tracker 6, you can see in philadelphia we are dry but tracking showers. you can see showers in south
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jersey pressing to the east as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours. here's our sky 6 live picture as we look at penn's landing saturday night, it's partly cloudy, dry, folks are walking around and we are dry in philadelphia. you can see the showers pressing out of south jersey. activity in millville starting to dissipate through the night. in philadelphia, dewpoint at 64. pressure is rising, ocean temperature at 73. numbers north and west of town in the lower 60s. 71 in media. center city 78. war minister 71. newtown at 74. clay month 70. smyrna 71. dover 75. coast and cape may 78. surf city, brownsville in the
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lower 70s. we are starting to dry out. this is the plethora of activity we were tracking today. warnings north and west of philadelphia, all of the moisture falling apart as it works its way to a relatively stable atmosphere. sunday, sunny and low humidity. we'll max out tomorrow in the upper 80s. the solar eclipse takes play monday. if you are in oregon, you are in the path of totality, 100% chance of seeing the money eclipse the soon. here in philadelphia, we see 80% of the sun eclipsing the moon. you need proper glasses.
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might be a good idea to find a watch party or hope for a sunny sky. it will be a sight to see in the sky come monday. the last solar eclipse in 1979. it's a nice day, high of 83. the ocean temperature in the lower 70s. the poconos tomorrow, a high of 77. lots of sun and a pleasant afternoon. here's the seven-day forecast, tomorrow, mostly sunny, a high of 86. sunny and warm monday, a high of 89. a high of 91. on wednesday, it's humid with thunderstorms around in spots, high temperature at 86. thursday, sunny and nice for another eagle preseason game, high of 82. upper 70s and lower 80s next weekend, walter. >> not too bad. thank you, melissa. >> a man is gunned down in a
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local park where he coached a youth basketball league. here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighter report. >> he helped the kids in the boys and girls club and did a lot of things with basketball with the children. everyone in the neighborhood loved him. i got so much support. >> that's why tamara whitfield has a hard time with what happened to her son, kyheme pittman. >> friday august 12th, 2016, pittman was at a playground along the 1700 block of meadow street. just before 10:00 p.m. police were called about a person with a gun. when they arrived they found him suffering from a gunshot upper torso. he was pronounced dead at the
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hospital. >> the person wanted him dead. >> the city of philadelphia is offering up to $20,000 in reward money that leads to the arrest of the person responsible. call 215546-tips. all calls remain anonymous. whew i want the person to know that they killed my son to come forward. you took a hole out of my heart and i want you to come forward for my son, grandchild, my family. give us justice. >> for crime fighters, rick williams, channel6 "action news." >> children were taught important safety lessons of the day. the action cam was there as these kids were given a tour of a medical helicopter. this event was designed to raise awareness about safety, especially bicycle safety. >> dozens of police officers put the pedal to the metal for a
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great cause. this is the fourth annual ride honoring law enforcement officials. the fire department pitched in providing a fire truck hoisting the american flag over the road. >> district day is an annual event that celebrates and connects community members to resources with a carnival like at motz fear. families enjoyed several activities including a martial art presentation and boxing matches. ♪ ♪ ♪
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jeff skversky has sports. the rumors of the philly's demise were premature. >> tonight, phillies busting out the bats. going to california has a giant problem for the philly, 0-11 in california. eickhoff looking to end the drought in san francisco. it's late and tough to watch, but wake up. down two and a third, hoskins, fourth homer in six games, phillies up 4-3. phil n the sixth, phillies score seven times. first pinch hit by a philly in five years, up 11-4 in the eighth. that's the most they have scored in ten weeks. eagles running back coach deuce
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daily believes mcgarrett blunt is the number one in the nfl. competition running back is heating up. corey clement is giving him a run for his money. he says he's like a honda accord. you can put a lot of miles on him. he's frustrated with his hamstring injury. >> you want to be out there showing guys what you can do front office, with your teammates, prior to the injury. now he has to get over the hump, and he will. >> speaking of performing, linebacker with an nfl preseason high requesting a trade following a cree low eight starts last season.
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>> is a resume. it doesn't count, but everything matters. this matters for the union tonight. bad start in sa san jose. fourth minute, san hoe day six union defenders, scoring two unanswered goals. jack elliot, his first major league soccer goal, union up 2-1 in the second half. they need the points here. they have nine more matches to go after that one. >> thank you, jeff. finally tonight, mural artists with neighbors put on their painting skills to memorialize a
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jazz legend in honor of john coletrain. organizers say the new mural will honor him on oxford street not far from where he lived in strawberry mansion. a dedication ceremony is scheduled september 24th. castle is next. "action news" continues tomorrow morning. for the entire team, i'm walter perez. see you back here tomorrow night at 10:00. ♪ ♪
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