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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, the major cosmic event. we're on the eve of the eclipse. millions of americans getting ready to see history, creating what could be the largest traffic jam ever. where you need to be to get the best view. and the one thing that could ruin it all. breaking news out of hollywood. jerry lewis has died. the comic genius, movie star, and bumbling sidekick. >> class dismissed. >> he was also a titan of telethons, raising billions for charity. trouble in trump country. after the president's mixed messages on charlottesville, and one of his worst weeks yet, a new poll shows him losing support in three key states that gave him the white house. and, jackpot hacker. with lottery fever in the air, tonight, meet the computer programmer about to be sentenced
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for manipulating lotteries in five states, earning millions. tonight, how he rigged the numbers. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with the clock ticking down on the eve of this historic cosmic event. the moon completely blocking the sun, turning day tonight. a sight no one has seen in america in nearly 40 years. anticipation growing as millions get ready. what you need to know to stay safe. the path cutting across america from the northwest to the southeast. abc news correspondents are standing by along the way, including matt gutman, starting us off tonight in oregon. >> reporter: tonight, spectators from around the globe scrambling to witness history. small towns with big views like prineville, oregon. >> this is all heading into prineville.
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>> reporter: teeming with crowds vying for a clear shot of the great american eclipse. the 70-mile-wide shadow cast by the moon will speed across a ribbon of the country stretching from oregon to south carolina, plunging parts of 14 states into sudden darkness over a span of about 90 minutes. all of the country will get to see at least a partial eclipse. 200 million americans live within a day's drive of the "path of totality," which is why officials are bracing for what could be the worst traffic jam in u.s. history. clayton sandell, in a prime viewing route in kentucky. >> every few miles you get a sign warning drivers that traffic will be heavy on eclipse day. >> reporter: states like california that rely on the solar power grid are careful,
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but authorities say not much concern is necessary. tens of thousands streaming here to solar fest in madras. which nasa says is the best spot to view the eclipse. behind this sprawl of tents, 5,000 of them. more than quadrupling the population of this town. our ginger zee is in nashville, tennessee, the largest city in the path of totality. this family traveled 800 miles from philadelphia to see the eclipse. >> it's going to feel pretty cool to have it all bright and then completely dark in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: nasa's dr. jim green calls it a rare chance to see the sun like never before. >> what we want to look for is how extensive the atmosphere of the sun is. >> reporter: the last time americans got a good look at one, jimmy carter was in the white house. >> not until august 21st, 2017, will another eclipse be visible in america. >> reporter: you need special-purpose solar filters to watch the eclipse. many stores sold out.
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the countdown is on. the next total eclipse seen coast to coast in america is in 28 years. we don't want to miss it. >> reporter: no. you can use your cell phone, turn your back to the sun, and put it on selfie mode and watch from there. or a cracker with holes in it, turn your back to the sun, watch the projection from the holes on to a sheet of paper. personally, i recommend using your smartphone. >> matt, thank you. so, how much of the eclipse will you be able to see? the wild card could be the weather. rob marciano is standing by, in lincoln city, oregon. the first spot in america where the eclipse will be seen.
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this is one spot where we need to be right. >> reporter: the northwest looks good, with the green visibility. the midsection of the country, where we start to see a system develop. maybe obscured in lincoln, nebraska. nashville looks good. in the end, it's all what mother nature has to say. tom? >> rob, thank you. and david muir will anchor special coverage monday starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern, 10:00 a.m. pacific. we move on to the celebration of beloved comedy legend, jerry lewis. he has died. he found success in movies, television, broadway, andi philanthro philanthropy. making americans laugh across eight decades. here's chris connelly.
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>> reporter: he found success with movies like "the nutty professor." with onetime partner dean martin, and then solo. >> have you been here for four months, out on the streets? >> i don't know. >> reporter: and his decades-long charity stint, from 1966 to 2014, raising more than $2 billion. as host of the muscular dystrophy labor day telethon. a manic, relentless, over the top style. often with broad characterizations, greatly at odds with today's sensibilities. but the gags and pratfalls were the early foundation of his career. raised in new jersey, he perfected a comic routine at only 15, and soon found the perfect foil in suave crooner dean martin. making 17 movies. their breakup in 1956, an
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acrimonious one, not performing together again until frank sinatra reunited them in 1976. by then, lewis had carved out his own unique role, comedies in the late '50s and '60s, a huge influence on the work of jim carrey and eddie murphy. through it all, he remained a formidable icon. >> i have a gun. >> reporter: hollywood grew to appreciate him. he never wafer -- wavered or gave an inch. his tastes shifted, willing to speak his mind. >> i don't care what they write. i'm not going to know about it. >> reporter: on twitter, tributes coming in. jim carrey saying, that fool was no dummy. lewis was an indeniable genius. i am because he was. jerry lewis was 91. chris connelly, abc news, chicago.
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>> chris, thank you. next tonight, new trouble for president trump as he heads back to washington after 17 days away. a new low for the president in three key states that put him over the top. in michigan, only 36% of registered voters say they approve of his performance. in pennsylvania, just 35%. in wisconsin, 34%. can this white house turn those numbers around? here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, president trump returns to washington, damaged in the eyes of thousands of demonstrators this weekend. because of his failure to stand up forcefully to white nationalists. instead the president has been wishy-washy. >> you look at both sides. i think there's blame on both sides. >> it's going to be very difficult for this president to lead if, in fact, that moral authority remains compromised. >> reporter: today, the only black republican in the u.s. senate called on trump to sit down with people who have
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endured the pain of racism. >> without that personal connection to the painful past, it will be hard for him to regain that moral authority from my perspective. >> we all have obligations as leaders to not put salt in the wound, to bring a decency and a respect to the table, to say look, we're going to call evil what it is. >> reporter: trump gets conflicting advice from his staff, according to the president's former chief strategist. steve bannon told "the washington post," "no administration in history has been so divided among itself about the direction about where it should go." back at breitbart, bannon is taking his views public. today, breitbart blasted the national security adviser as a koran-kissing apologist, and accused ivanka trump and jared kushner of being serial leakers.
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on tuesday, trump heads to arizona for a political rally. reportedly, he's considering pardoning sheriff joe arpaio, the controversial former maricopa county lawman. >> the nation without abort -- borde boa borde borders, without laws, is no nation at all. >> reporter: sheriff joe, as he's known, was convicted of criminal contempt for defying a federal judge's order to stop racial profiling in his round-ups of immigrants. but trump is a fan. >> he's done a great job. >> reporter: officials in phoenix are already bracing for possible protests. >> protests both for and against the president's visit are being planned. david, tomorrow we're also expecting the president to address the nation about the war in afghanistan? >> reporter: that's right. trump has repeatedly expressed a desire to bring the war to a close, but his generals are telling him that the job is not
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finished. he will unveil his strategy tomorrow. tom? >> thank you. overseas to barcelona where the investigation into the terror attack is widening. authorities say the suspect may have fled the country as they investigate whether this terror cell may have ties across europe. here's james longman. >> reporter: the manhunt for the suspected driver of thursday's deadly attack crossing international borders tonight. police saying that younes abouyacoub could be in france. stepped up security and vigilance on both sides of the border with france, as spanish authorities increase police presence at major tourist spots. here is the alleged driver in cctv footage, just 18 hours before the attack. authorities say his i.d., also found in that white van that plowed down pedestrians. and we now know abouyacoub's credit card paid for all three vehicles that were part of the plot. officials now confirming that ingredients of the explosive
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tatp found in this home, destroyed just days before the spanish attack, matches those used in the deadly plots in paris and brussels. in barcelona, relatives of the 14 killed including jared tucker from california remembering their loved ones. his wife heidi telling abc news -- >> he was the most kind person i have ever met. and he loved so deeply. he loved me more than -- more than i ever deserved. >> reporter: police believe the driver of the van is the only member of the 12-man terror cell still at large, as they examine the possibility of links to other extremist groups across europe. tom? >> james, thank you. and the investigation into the deadly police shooting.
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the two patrol officers remembered at a vigil today at the intersection where the policemen were gunned down. next to the olympic champion blasting usa gymnastics over sexual abuse allegations. calling for sweeping changes to keep female athletes safe. here's gloria riviera. >> reporter: for the first time, gymnastics superstar and three-time olympic gold medalist aly raisman breaking her silence. the former team captain criticizing usa gymnastics for the sexual abuse allegations that have rocked the sport. raisman saying, "the people at the very top, that work at the office every single day at usa gymnastics, they need to do better." >> finally we are hearing from someone with real power. >> reporter: the sport overwhelmed by allegations against dr. larry nassar, the former olympic team doctor pleading guilty last month to child pornography charges in michigan. more than 100 women and girls involved in gymnastics have also filed lawsuits against him, accusing him of sex assault.
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jamie dantzscher is one of them. >> just being a kid and a little girl and being in such an intense environment. i trusted dr. nassar. >> reporter: usa gymnastics telling abc news it is appalled by nassar's alleged conduct, saying, "we are taking this issue head-on and we want to work with aly to keep athletes safe." raisman says every child involved in gymnastics deserves to be protected. tom. >> thank you. much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. caught on camera, a giant sinkhole in the middle of the road. and jackpot hack. the computer programmer about to be sentenced for a lottery scam that earned him millions. and the bachelor party no one will ever forget. ending with an emergency rescue
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ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. powerball fever is sweeping across america. with a prize worth more than half a billion dollars. at the same time, someone who won multiple lottery jackpots is about to head to prison. he figured out a way to hack the lottery. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: this surveillance video showing the mastermind of a multimillion dollar lottery scheme taking what prosecutors say was his final gamble. tonight, former multistate lottery cyber security boss eddie tipton awaiting his sentence. >> do you want to proceed with this guilty plea? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: tipton pleading guilty in june to fraud for creating secret software to rig the system. >> i wrote software that included code that allowed me to understand, or technically predict, winning numbers. >> reporter: the computer engineer admitting to fixing drawings in colorado, wisconsin, kansas, oklahoma, and iowa. it was this video that tipped
6:48 pm
investigators to tipton's trail. >> puz a mystery puzzling iowans for years has been solved. >> reporter: tipton himself caught on camera in iowa buying a hot dog and a lotto ticket. that winning $16.5 million ticket. the man in the hoodie finally unmasked. >> eddie tipton has been arrested. >> reporter: tipton now facing 25 years in prison. he's due to be sentenced in iowa on tuesday. his attorneys tell us they expect him to serve between three and four years. >> erielle, thank you. and when we come back, the headline overseas about the future of queen elizabeth. plus, the scramble into rough surf for swimmers in trouble. what lifeguards were forced to do. do. stay with us.
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time now for our "index." and some big rescues in choppy waters. firefighters in cape may, new jersey, scrambling to save several swimmers in trouble. forming a human chain with lifeguards to get an additional swimmer, who had ventured out to help, safely back to shore. all the victims were rushed to the hospital for evaluation. and on the south carolina coast, north of charleston, a bachelor party story even wilder than the movie "the hangover." eight friends stranded at sea when their 21-foot boat hit a sandbar near the isle of palms. they were all hoisted to safety in the middle of the night by the coast guard. no injuries reported. unclear what the bride-to-be thought about all of this.
6:53 pm
and in china, a wild ride for a man on his scooter. all of it caught on camera. the road in southeastern china giving way. and that man on the scooter, reportedly chatting on his cell phone, driving right down into that ditch. amazingly, he's said to be okay. next to the passing of comedian and civil rights activist, dick gregory. celebrated for bringing humor to the civil rights struggle in the '60s. his son said the legendary entertainer died in washington, d.c., after a brief hospital stay. dick gregory was 84 years old. and the 91-year-old queen of england, carrying on for the foreseeable future. sources in britain, said to be close to the royals, rejecting claims the queen might hand over the throne to her son, prince charles. the world's longest reigning monarch reportedly planning to continue on as long as her health permits. and when we come back, we'll take you to a town where the eclipse and a story straight from "the x-files" are colliding. close encounters, when we come back. over the course of 9 days...
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finally tonight, the eclipse and the legend of what happened on a kentucky farm are about to collide. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: blink and you might miss kelly, kentucky. but now a cosmic coincidence is putting this community of just 300 at the dark center of eclipse frenzy. it's all happening on the 62nd anniversary of the night in 1955 when aliens supposedly terrorized a family farmhouse. geraldine sutton stith's father was there. >> it affected all of them. my uncle j.c. couldn't hold down a job after that. and dad, he didn't want to talk about it. >> reporter: investigators never found any proof.
6:58 pm
one suggested the aliens arrived in a bottle of kentucky moonshine. but the story made kelly famous, inspiring ufo enthusiasts and even steven spielberg when he made "e.t." kelly is hoping to cash in on the eclipse with the little green men days festival. >> we're raffling off a mitsubishi eclipse car. >> reporter: raising money to build their first-ever community center. and during that two minutes, 40 seconds of darkness, some wonder if just maybe the aliens will come back. >> i'll have my little glasses on and i'm gonna be like, okay -- try to watch -- okay, okay. they're not here yet, are they? >> reporter: normally just a few thousand people show up. but this time, they expect 20,000. and perhaps a few more. clayton sandell, abc news, kelly, kentucky. >> our special eclipse coverage tomorrow. i'm tom llamas. thank you for watching.
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