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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 24, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." it's a dance from the heart to celebrate life. >> back in march she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. >> the emotional journey of one tough fighter determined to knock out cancer. sketchy annie and friends are in place with a plan. they had a two, two and a half minute window. what they pulled off in one epic adventure. >> rescuers trying to catch a homeless dog employ -- >> the cheeseburger tactical maneuver. >> how is leads to a new start for a pup named shrimp. we've got christian, ali, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the including a girl enjoying a the moment extreme second thoughts. y excited. has her white graduation
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cap on. and in the background you hear the fight song by rachel back in march she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer and they told news she went numb but trusted god for complete healing and this is the day she's headed down that hallway and she's going to ring the bell. and at this point she's dancing to put a praise on it. she is part of the praise dance ministry at her church and one of the leaders. throughout her entire chemo treatment which . >> probly times you're sick they talked about reaction can help the physical i bet she was so grateful. video has gone viral because of her positive attitand the ch she t overco ] >> i ike she just left the boxing ring, beat cancer and not, >> she does go and in thed you hear "it is done" by kim burrell.
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now just last week tine a double part of say the after all of this, that she is cancer free. for a couple of months every year here in america people are talking about hurricaneseason. it's no different inst season andabsolutehato. one of the cleaning things held by the crane at side of th windows with the curtain come abuilding like and it's just you do not want to be out in that water. >> look how far the water has come. >> it's coming all the way up to the life guard area. >> is the beach closed? >> yes. these people are bravely trying to hold back the storm from inside this building. >> with that mop, good luck. >> look at the guy outside, i guess i'll just stay out here then. how about if you park your car in the underground car parking in the condo? >> hope you paid your insurance. >> hato is a typhoon 10 there's only been 15 since they started records in 1946. in fact i was there in 1999 for
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typhoon york when gusts got up to 143 miles per hour. if you want to see the effect gusts like that can have on a city check these out, people just trying to go about their day and they just go blind. >> ow! that's like bowling for people. how much warning do they give? >> they're pretty good with their signal and people are pretty prepared knowing when to stop. they'll shut down the trains and ferries. check this out, a couple of bikes parked outside. watch when the gust hits it's like something from another dimension. >> not the bikes. >> you want to be outside like that it's like a pressure washer and picks up those bikes, too. that was motorbike. what about a truck? check this out. >> oh no. oh oh! >> this actually tips it over like it's nothing. there's been one recorded death in hong kong which apparently an 83-year-old man who fell into the ocean because in hong kong
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they are well prepared for these situations you go inside and you wait it out. few people have such a thirst for life more than sketchy andy lewis. i love this guy. he just puts it all out there every time and he has a blast doing it. monday we know was the eclipse, right? this video put out by red bull andy and his buddy alex mason decided to go to wyoming, jacksonville and corbett's, they stretched a slack line 75 feet long across and they got in place. they had about a two, two and a half minute window to pull off one of the most epic think eclipsed everything else out there that i saw because they brought along photographer keith lizinsky a "national geographic" photographer. once they got everything in place alex mason puts himself in place, keith lizinsky in place, the moon in place and this is what they came up with.
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when you put all of these once in a lifetime moments together and you realize what happened and what had to happen and what had to come together for just two minutes of incredible footage, and the photo that came out of this it's stunning. >> think about the pressure for that few minutes. this is the worst time to have to wait 87 years for the next one. >> when you see that normally you'd say photo stopped, they're playing with the colors. this is the real thing. >> it's so cool the amount of effort that went into this the months of planning and huge credit to keith lizinsky to know how to balance the light of the sun to know how much light he needed on his subject. you can't mess it up. there's no time to make correction. >> just over two minutes to do this and capture it perfectly is not that much time. >> should have charged the battery. >> oh my god. hope for paws got a call about a dog living on the
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streets in an industrial area and what did they do that's usually successful? they deployed the cheeseburger tactical maneuver. this puppy has been living on the street for months. they were called in because somebody was worried about her. they decided to name her shrimp. she kind of ran away into the parking lot but they had their gates and put them around a couple of trucks. >> come here good girl. >> they're able to capture her. she doesn't really like human touch. they have to keep tension on that line just so they can put a leash around her but once she starts getting those affectionate pets look at her, she's like wait a minute! i've heard about you guys. you guys are friendly. you guys pet me. you take me someplace where i can be fostered. >> wow, they were ready for "deadliest catch." >> going fishing. >> they thought they had come for a rottweiler and they got shrimp. >> and they got another one because as they were leaving, this couple they had a stray dog that they were feeding but
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couldn't afford to keep it. >> can we have her and find her a home? >> the couple turned the puppy over to them. unfortunately this puppy whom they named caviar, her brother was hit by a car and killed so they've been kind of feeding her but they were so happy somebody could take her in and get her checked out. once they get her in the car there is all kinds of happiness going on. caviar shrimp and delphina the third has her own video you can check out online. >> hope for paws they come back with three strays think about how many more there are. >> exactly. that's why they're asking people to donate to them like $5 a month or anything because they are the ones that take these dogs in find them foster homes. the two small dogs had clean bills of health looking for forever homes. what is really cool right here you can see the smile on shrimp's face. the yes theory guys are taking their wedding crashing up a notch. >> they're going to be in the
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want to see a video again and again? head over to, find tons of videos and share them with your friends. you guys want to see a cute baby elephant learning to drink from a hose from mom. it's doing a perfectly good job, this is at the elephant nature park. cool fun fact how many muscles in an elephant's trunk? >> i don't know. >> one. >> 40,000 muscles in an elephant trunk. compare that to the 639 muscles in a human body. it gives you an idea how complex their trunks are. >> 39,999. >> want to see something wild? lions leaping. recently it was world lion day so lion company put this activity together and got it all on fid video. the lionesses checking out the
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camera and then roar! >> that initial angle let's see, you never want to be on the other end of that. >> the thing is you know if one of the lions get up in the tree it will be there for three weeks and you have to call someone to get him down. >> this park put some treats up in the tree and that's what they're after. >> the one lion try to make a leap for it. he doesn't have the agility for it. most of the video is of the lionesses getting up into the trees doing the work because the lionesses are much more agile than the big, powerful males. the last time we checked in with the guys they were crashing weddings and didn't go more. it was more like wedding crash and burn. they're back. this time they're headed to the home of weddings in america. >> las vegas. >> las vegas. >> this is anyplace on earth where this would work it's vegas. >> they head down and start
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checking out chapel. doesn't start too well. the first chapel was locked. >> it says "open" in neon.>> iknow. this c her people try to take care of the bonuses. >> we're working on a project where we're fding a couple and whatre looking for a is th they're checking out the third chapel they get third news. >> we got a limo. >> no way. >> managed to talk their way into a free limo. now they just need some people to ride insiit. >> we tempt don know marrheir ceremony. >> they'regoodtart a >> are you guys getting married by any chance? >> no. you guys just getied? >>ays off. >> theyheir idea. >> this is the key to the guys from yes jumpi it will be an experienes for this >> yes >> did you hear she was ttingt? >> they are going to be the best men the groomsmen also the bridesmaids as well. >> they are like they better not have better legs than me.irier.uys can they're looking pretty good. thomas with a nice
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off-the-shoulder number. looking good buddy. so they walk their way into the reception and of course the owe fish offiant is one you might expect. >> elvis. >> the ceremony they give their vows and then it just gets all vegas. ♪♪ ie this at my igdding.hey prettyswanky. everybody starts having a drink. >> we showed up in vegas having no idea it wouldtentions and we're so happy we ran into this couple. so cheers to you guys. [ cheers and applause ] >> nice. >> i love these guys. >> thank you so much, you guys. good night guys. >> good night! they're nerdy girl pranks the flight instruct your. >> he's so annoyed by this chick right now. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a racing driver is ready to go. >> he's revving up to get himself a hot lap. >> why he's definitely bringing the heat.
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mike schmidt in preparation for the mopar south africa endurance championship. now this is the day before the race. this is the first day of practice. he his first lap, revving up to get himself a hot lap. get a little bit too hot. you can see the flames start licking from the right and suddenly it's all you could see. he's trying to get himself out quickly before the flames come across the front. we see someone comes running out to eventually put out that fire. >> the fire was under him and around him. >> it happened very quickly. apparently what happened is there was a ruptured fuel line and that sprayed fuel into the hot engine compartment. it catches fire and to does the car. >> i feel bad for this guy. you know he's probably all excited, amped up, ready for a weekend of racing and to get taken out on practice day. >> they spent the entire night working on this car. they were able to take part in this three-hour endurance race. the next day they came fifth overall, and first in their class. >> you've got to have a plan b.
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you can't just beenic like oh we busted a hose. >> that's a winner right there. welcome to fernando's see vet studio. he calls his secret studio labrell. his studio is under that bridge hidden in his own little nook in an underpass in valencia spain. he's designed a space that includes shelving a desk and a chair. you even see some artwork up. he actually spends time up there designing furniture and lighting in privacy. but if he's there working too late don't you worry, there's a comforter and pillow. when it's time for a nappy nap he takes that out, s it up and turns the light off and goes right to sleep. >> i see there are wheels up on that thing? >> that's how he gets to the location. the way he gets to the studio is by walking on the opposite side
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on the little ramp. he jumps on this platform that he created, uses a hand crank to wheel his way across the underside of the bridge until he gets to his studio. >> you know how long it took him to create all of this? >> he said it was about two weeks of work designing, looking at the space and actually putting it together. it is also something that other architects are fascinated by using this otherwise unused space in a way where it could actually be productive. different architect likes this similar idea for homeless people. can we make something that's livable, that's workable for people that already live under a bridge? she's about to take on a roller coaster. >> she's feeling pretty confident. >> why it's all downhill after the big drop. >> ahhh!
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is stuff at home. this is a way to occupy their
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time if they're not in school yet. brian loves to smile. >> smile. smile. roller coasters provide endless fun. >> it's supposedly really lit. i have a video of me going on this roller coaster and iu enjoy it grandma. >> she's feel pretty confident. >> what tuning? >> she starts singing as they get to the tippy top. ♪♪ >> watch this. >> oh, here we go. ♪ pop goes the -- ♪ argh! argh! >> she is just screaming her lungs out. [ screaming ] >> now silence for a few seconds before --
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[ screaming ] >> i think she did like it. >> yeah! >> now over to the next video. >> when you're with buddies you immediately get the camera out. >> he sees his buddy freaking out, even before they get to the top. >> you're good. you're good. [ bleep ] you're good. >> i don't think he's good. >> oh god. oh god! >> oh you're kidding. >> the friend is knocked out. >> this is going to be worse he'll wake up in the middle and it will freak him out. >> that's exactly what happened. [ screaming ] >> he's out again. >> he starts convulsing in his seat. and he knocks out again. >> this is insane. credit to the friend for putting this on the internet for us all to enjoy. hope you enjoyed the stories behind some of our videos today. go check out for more or catch the next brand
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no, we booked this photo shoot months ago and they said there'd be no problem. they assured me of that. no, i -- this is what -- listen. listen to me talk. this is what i need you to do. you need to get the location managers in morocco on this. they need to take care of it like their contract says. you got what i'm saying? thank you. valentin: tough day at the office? oh! i have just the thing to cheer you up. oh, gosh. you know what, it's not a good time right now. i have a million things going on. we have this photo shoot. i assure you, i'm just here as an intermediary for a third party. mesdames et messieurs, laissez moi vous présenter l'élève surdouée de l'académie de danse de madame macron, mademoiselle charlotte honor cassadine... oh, my goodness. well that was beautiful. that was so graceful! there's a special class in the ballroom today.
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i had papa bring me early so we could visit you.
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