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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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township building and that is where "action news" reporter gray hall is right now. what is the reaction to all of this. >> reporter: jim, people are upset, they are heart broken and alarmed by this and many tell us that racism and hate has no place in our community. >> this is not going to happen anymore in our community. >> bucks coins leaders like diane are out ranged after someone spray painting racist graffiti on the elementary school. some of it was non-black school and so offensive we had to blur them out. >> i want them to fine them so they are not punished but educated. they are in pain. >> it's believed that someone targeted this school and the vandalism was found. and people are upset. >> we are not going to stand for
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it and they cleaned it off the next day, it's not going to be tolerated in this community. it's a shame. >> it's sad that these kids are not taught what these symbols and words mean and the impact they have on people. >> barbara with the peace counter she is hosting a town hall tonight to discuss the crime and explore solutions and teaching ways for parents to talk to their kids about racism. it's not just charlottesville. it can happen here. >> the neshaminy school district sent a statement. saying that one of our beliefs that valuing diversity strengthens our community. >> there are people out there that are hurt. some of my children's friends that are adults now are hurt by
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that. we need to heal that. >> that meeting starts at 7:00 and runs until 9:00 tonight and a chance off camera to speak to the police chief and he tells us that this is an active investigation and they have really good leads in the case but urging the public anyone with information to call the authorities. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 14-year-old girl remains hospitalized after being hit by a car at abington high school. witnesses say that the girl was face timing on her phone while trying to walk across highland avenue. struck by an on coming suv at 2:45 and the driver did stop. police in west depford, new jersey, are trying to track down the bandits that stole construction tools at a "habitat for humanity" site. john rawlins is live. >> reporter: well, with the
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first and second episodes here over the last 18 months, the habitat folks reported them to police and did not make a fuss over it and they are speaking out and one group of people probably targeting this volunteer group which is phone for its good works. >> i hope they enjoy the money they get for stolen compressors and nail guns and such. >> it hurts, volunteer tom wilson talks about the theft of a nailer, compressor and chop saw taken from the "habitat for humanity" work site. they discovered the storage unit open. >> i noticed that the chains were gone. >> an estimated $1,000 of gear is gone and using different tools wilson and others worked around the issue putting up drywall. edison putting in sweat equity that will earn him a future home. >> it's ridiculous people can
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spend time doing something positive instead of coming out here and doing something evil. >> the loss is estimated totally at $5,000 it happened three times. the items not taken were put in a truck for safe keeping and in the meantime the plan is to beef up security at this site. >> we learned our lesson and beef your our security measures with this site and every site we work on. >> part of loving our neighbor is helping people that are in need. >> it does not have deep pockets. "habitat for humanity" is a grass roots organization and we work on donations. >> if someone steals donations worth $5,000 it hurts. >> it's terrible to steal from a nonprofit. it's volunteers that come out to build these houses and we are trying to make a difference in the world. >> this is located on the 1800 block of west depford. anyone driving down this road
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saw anything oh from tuesday afternoon to thursday morning. if they did see something suspicious to give police a call. in west depford, channel 6 "action news." >> we have new video that shows an explosive device blowing up in a south philadelphia restaurant. police released the video hoping to catch the person responsible for the attack on august 12th, he threw the device into new dragon city a takeout spot on washington avenue. police are trying to identify that man and several accomplices and the group was last seen running north on fifth street. word tonight that a series of text messages led police to a rapist. a woman said she was being held captive at a home on neshaminy
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hill drive. they quickly arrested christopher hen gan he is held on rape and impress on ment. that he forced the woman in the head and forced her to perform sex acts at knife point. >> and a child is expected to survive after accidentally shooting himself in the face. it happened at the family home at south hicks street. police have not said how the 11-year-old boy got the gun and they are reminding adults to properly store their weapons. free gun locks are available at the office on south broad. and citizens may help to resolve the fate of the frank rizzo statue, to submit ideas for the statue's future, share your proposals on the city of philadelphia's website until september 13th. a final decision will be made after a public hearing and the
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former mayor's monument is a repeated target of vandals. hosting the nfl draft day truly paid off. the event had a $95 million economic impact for the city. according to the study conducted by temple university. it supports 30,000 temporary jobs or 914 equivalent full-time jobs and it may drive future im. 62% of the 250 draft visitors said they plan to come back to the city for a future vacation. meanwhile, we have preseason nfl action at the linc tonight as the eagles take on the miami dolphins, jaime apody and jeff skversky are live at the stadium and guys fair to say we'll see the starters play for at least a half tonight? yes or no? >> >> reporter: yes jim, carson wentz and the starters will play the first half and maybe a series or two into the third
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quarter but swoop we are told is not playing tonight. you are sitting out with a hamstring injury right? >> no comment from swoop. he is hurt. however, lets talk about the game tonight because it's going to be fwrat to see the starters play their most action so far. we need to see them and get a long look. take a look a few minutes ago when the eagles owner, jeffrey lurie gave carson wentz a bit of confidence. first team offense they haven't had much to show for the five drives but no game planning and haven't had time to get into the rhythm however, we'll finally see the offensive line in the entirety play and they get the run game going and carson wentz knows they have to be better. >> the biggest thing is third downs, a big thing for us. red zone not great either. we were two for 12 that is not winning football we need the
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running game going early and i have to be cleaner and sharper and the last couple of games of practice i am game planning with these guys and we expect to be a lot sharper. >> this should be different than the last games we have seen so far. we need to see more from them. >> reporter: absolutely carson wentz will do everything to target jeffrey and smith, their new receivers are not up to par as good as you want to see them going into the season in two and a half weeks, look for the eagles to do that as well as establish the run. for jaime apody i'm jeff skversky p back to you the studio. >> coming up on channel 6 "action news" tonight, a lifelong eagles fan, is granted his final request as stated in his obituary. a 7-year-old girl is traveling the country delivering a gift of hope. we have beautiful weather here today and more to come in
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the meantime. hurricane harvey is strengthening in the gulf of mexico and likely becoming a category three hurricane and likely to make u.s. rainfall and the impact in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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here she is 53-year-old mavis the big power ball winner, she hit the $753 million jackpot in chicopee, massachusetts and other players will get a slice of the pie. they only missed the red power ball.
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those tickets were sold at a warminster and allentown and citco station in morris township. visitors to the franklin institute explore the terra cotta warriors of the first emper emperor, it's set to open with 10 life size figures, to guard the tomb of china's first emperor and dozens of weapons and artifacts from that time. this 7-year-old is not letting anything get in the way of her mission, rosalind baldwin was in wilmington, delaware to hug police officers. on two legs and four. the little girl says she will not stop until she hugs police officers in all 50 states to show them that they are loved. she was inspired to do this after six officers were shot in her home town in baton rouge
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last year. this is new at 6:00 a devoted but long suffering eagles fan is taking one last parking shot at the team he rooted for for decades and prompted a laugh at a difficult time. nora muchanic explains. >> reporter: not many of us get to have the last laugh but that is not the case for 56-year-old jeffrey riegels of port republic that dies of cancer last week a devoted eagles fan and ticket season holder for 30 years. and was upset that they never won a super bowl. his last wish was eight philadelphia paul bearers one last time so they can let him down one last time. >> only jeff riegels could do this. >> my man is the greatest. he had a sense of humor and a
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personity that everybody would love. >> they were not about to deny him his last wish. eight of his friends carried his casket all of them dressed in eagles jerseys. >> an eagles fan true and true, he bled green and loved the eagles. >> every sunday morning, that is all we ever talked about. >> jeffrey riegels was an electrician by trade and avid golfer and leaves behind his wife donna, despite battling cancer jeffrey kept his sense of humor and his funeral service was a wonderful combination of sadness, love and laughter. >> he had a great sense of humor and he loved everyone and everyone loved him and he had something great to say to everybody. >> and while this long suffering fan never got the super bowl win he got the last laugh.
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eagles offense no secret has been disappointing but a chance to right the wrongs. >> if they do it will be good and if not it's the preseason and doesn't mean anything. keep your eyes on the offense. the eagles and miami dolphins kick it off in the third preseason game at the top of the hour. jaime apody and jeff skversky with a preview. >> reporter: the first team offense has only five series and three, three and out. we are actually concerned, it's just a preseason but -- >> they have to get the running attack going. only 113 yards rushing one of the worst in the nfl. particularly lagarret blunt he has to get going and own 9 yards rushing and averaging 1.9 yards
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per carry but blunt and carson wentz and the eagles not concerned one bit particularly last week against the bills. >> we try not to look at it as our offense not doing much or whatever. we try to go out and compete every day. execute and make the best of every opportunity. >> the first of of two preseason games and a chance to game plan for the guys, and see them in practice now. the plan is to go out and be sharp. >> speaking of looking sharp. speaking of carson wentz he looks sharp hanging out with the globetrotters and handles a pa native not bad if football doesn't work out. >> don't quit your day job but looked good today. lets hope you looks good tonight against the miami dolphins, who
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they are practicing against all week as well. the starters will play the entire first half, jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> guys we'll talk to you after the game. to baseball the phillies were able to shut down the marlins bats yesterday but not today in the series finale. hoskins has eight home runs for the first 15 games of his major league career. and the fourth inning and nick williams bringing in two with this double and phillies bring out a dozen hits and lead this game 8-3. but they blow the lead 8-6 and a crazy bounce and no right fielder backing up the play and it goes for a two run inside-the-park home run and that ties the game and the marlins take the lead on a sac fly and the cubs will be in town
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tomorrow. >> was hoskins in right field? >> left field. >> kim was in right field. >> i gotcha. okay. meteorologist, cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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accuweather forecast. >> a gorgeous weekend plenty of days to enjoy the weather. we have blue skies and bright sunshine.
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low humidity and it was gorgeous across the region. adele posted this video and seeing all the sunshine and on the breezy side and chop there and comfortable day. and temperatures slightly below normal. the thermal high has dropped to 84 and we hit 82 in philadelphia and 80 right now and allentown 85 and cape may 79 and wilmington 79 degrees, if you head out tonight we have the eagles game and dining alfresco and it will be a comfortable evening, by 9:00, 74 and 9:00, 70 and partly cloudy skies and down to 63 in philadelphia and a lot of suburbs dropping down to the mid-50s and the big weather sporty is down to the south, hurricane harvey just exploded today this time yesterday it was just a tropical depression and you see on the infrared satellite this is tightly wound and seeing an eye develop and
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you can see how high the convection and thunderstorms are reaching. the temperatures in the gulf right now upper 80s and no wind shear so harvey likely will continue to intensify to a category 3 hurricane before it makes landfall late friday night early saturday morning, just north of corpus christi and the big problem with harvey it's just going to be sitting there so the flooding rains, 15 to 25 inches of rain and some areas up to 30 inches and this is the low country of texas like a bowl and collects the rain and this will cause widespread flooding a big concern for southeast texas. back at home satellite 6 along with action radar showing a few fair weather clouds and a disturbance a short wave move ping through tonight could drop a sprinkle and partly cloudy skies and tomorrow another gorgeous day and low humidity and mixture of sun and clouds and slightly cooler than today. likely stuck in the 70s, 79
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degrees by 5:00 enjoy the weather. someone enjoying the weather and enjoying a snack. meteorologist, melissa magee, you worked up an appetite and now you are eating pizza. >> i sure did. actual actually nunzio made the pizza and it's delish here in sea isle city. we have the shore forecast covered. friday a great day and sunshine and a few clouds and high temperature of 78 degrees and as we get into the weekend plenty of sunshine on saturday. and high up to 76 and sunday really no complaints either that day. lots of sunshine overhead and a by of a september feel in the air and a high of 76, that is the lightest here where you smile in sea isle. >> bring me back a slice melissa. share it with your co-workers.
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>> sure. >> the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it is a gorgeous one. 79 degrees and low humidity and saturday lots of sunshine for the eagles and if you are doing any tailgating before the soul game 78 degrees the same on sunday and the same on monday and tuesday we have a little bit of cloud cover and 77. wednesday partly sunny and 79 and thursday bumping up to 81 degrees and a threat of a shower and update on hurricane harvey on "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you cecily. abc world news tonight with david muir next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on p h l 17. and then please join us for "action news" at 11:00. here on channel 6. for "action news" i'm jim gardner we'll see you at 11:00.
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tonight, breaking news. a major hurricane bearing down on the u.s. evacuations already under way tonight in texas. a state of emergency declared tonight in parts of louisiana. harvey rapidly gaining strength tonight. now forecast to hit as a category 3 hurricane. authorities warn up to 35 inches of rain. possibly life threatening. our team in the storm zone, and ginger zee is here with the new track just in. also breaking tonight, the hostage standoff in charleston. a man walking into a restaurant, pointing a gun into a woman's stomach. authorities then say, firing at someone else. the threat from president trump. he says he will shut down the government if that's what it takes to get funding to build the wall. but who is paying for it? the high school cheerleader. did the coach go too


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