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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 25, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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and life's beautiful moments.ns get between you flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. we begin this noon with developing news and live
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pictures from galveston, texas. the entire coast of the lone star state is bracing for who is expected to be a major hurricane heads to shore. right now a category two but that is expected to change as the hours pass. the big story is the latest developments on hurricane harvey a storm that has the potential to be the strongest hurricane to hit the u.s. main land in the past 12 years. the storm from the international space station looks incredible. the national weather center warn that harvey is growing, it's getting stronger as it sits and churns in the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. and expected to become a category three hurricane. an peers to be taking direct aim at the coast of texas and people are heading the warning to evacuate their homes for safety
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and long lines are seen on the roads heading inland and people are boarding up the windows and filling the sandbags to protect their homes. >> preparation not panic we have been through these before. >> donald trump is keeping a close eye on the storm and saying thoughts and prayers are with the folks in texas with rain totals expected, many towns could be a virtual island. lets head to melissa magee with more on the storm as expected path, and it's increases with each moment. >> take a look at hurricane harvey as we look at this massive system here, can you see it in the northern gulf of mexico. affecting areas as far east as new orleans and as far south as brownsville, texas. we'll take a look at this system and see where it is in relation to the united states. it's in the northwest corner of the gulf of mexico. we'll go over the stats with hurricane harvey and winds
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sustained at 110 miles per hour still a category two hurricane, moving to the northwest at 10 miles per hour and the maximum sustained gusts 130 miles per hour. but as we go throughout the rest of tonight and into the day tomorrow hurricane harvey is expected to strengthen and become a category three storm overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. so the big concern is that it doesn't just make landfall in texas but right through the middle of next week through wednesday this storm will sit and spin and meander along the gulf coast of mexico and there in texas and this is a major rain concern. stormtracker 6 live double scan you can already see that moisture in the senter of the storm in the gulf of mexico and the rain effecting areas in houston down to corpus christi, texas. as far as the rainfall, look at these numbers, you see close to 9 inches in lake charles, louisiana, and move over to houston and victoria places this
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23 to 24 inches of rain. we'll have more details in the full accuweather forecast. >> a lot to track thank you. of course stay with "action news" and for more on hurricane harvey as it approaches the gulf coast in texas. updates on air and online at at it was a terrifying night for four people inside a philadelphia home when armed intruders stormed in and demanded money, during the invasion a woman was shot. we are joined at the scene with more on this active investigation. >> reporter: well, that woman is fighting for hire life right now. she is in critical condition. this half she tried to escape the intruders and they shot her in the back. her roommate believed they all would have been shot if she had not made a run for it and distracted the intruders. >> it was like a nightmare i woke up to a gun at my head.
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>> along this 300 block of north street. three men broked into the home and demanded drugs and money. >> give us the money, give us the money. >> pamela scott was one of four people live iginside of the home. two men and two women. one woman ran for the door and a perpetrator ran after her. >> and she got through the front door and one chased her and one shot her in the back. >> i knew right away she was shot and screamed help me, help me! >> meanwhile scott's roommate threw a hand weight out of the window hoping to get a neighbor's attention. they caught up with them three blocks away. they brought the three witnesses in the house to the location on 26th street and the three witnesses did positively
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identify a 17-year-old male. >> reporter: and as you mentioned there, one of the intruders has been positively identified. this is on ongoing investigation and as i mentioned earlier, that woman is in critical condition. they hope she make a full recovery. >> thank you. a double shooting led to a wild chain of events in german town section overnight. on east rittenhouse street at 1:00 this morning. at least two people were shot, the victim's friends stole a pickup truck to drive one of them to the hospital. he is in stable condition and the second man is in critical condition. >> meanwhile, the police chased the alleged shooter's vehicle from the scene and that crashed into a garage at 20th and police took one man into custody and another man ran off. chester county authorities
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uncovered a murder for hire plot. the details of this scheme were just announced about an hour ago. vernon odom joins us live in westchester with the details, and of course the latest from that conference. >> reporter: good afternoon alicia. the plot was allegedly hatched inside of the chester county prison. and then through surveillance and informants, the district attorney says that he was able to sniff out the plot and set up an air tight case against two people from state college. this is accused heroin dealer christopher picard. he and his girlfriend are now charged in a murder for hire scheme. earlier this month picard was arrested in chester county. on heroin dealing charges, he believed another man was quote, ratting on him, according to the da he and his girlfriend arranged for a hitman supplying him with guns and cash and where he lived and photographs of him.
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>> the defendant was looking for a hitman to kill his victim and we supplied an undercover police officer and sure enough the defendant solicited the undercover police officer and said i'll give you over $2,000 and an ounce of heroin and you need to kill this guy. >> the supposed hitman they hired was a law enforcement officer provided by the district attorney tom hogan, both residents of state college are now charged with a murder for hire scheme that went nowhere. >> reporter: alicia both suspects are of course in custody now, and they are look agent decades in prison if they are convicted here in chester county. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> what a story thank you. six people were hurt in a pileup in atlantic city overnight. it happened in the westbound lanes of route 30, just after 11:30 last night. police say that six cars were
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involved and no word yet this noon on what sparked the collision or the extent of the injuries. >> this is not something you would normally see during the morning commute on the schuylkill expressway and "action news" reporter captured this picture of a man on a bicycle between the left and center lanes on the westbound side of the expressway past vine street. police showed up and took the man in custody and fortunately he was not hurt riding his bicycle on the schuylkill. president trump is continuing to threaten to shut down the government if congress doesn't pay for a wall at the mexican border. during his campaign the president repeatedly promised that mexico would foot the bill and not the taxpayers. but he is committed to getting the wall built. >> we are going to push forward. >> the president is accusing his fellow republicans of botching the effort to avoid a default on
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the national debt and the ceiling needs to be raised to avoid a potential default on government obligations. a new law going into effect for a law that targeted drunk drivers for the first time offenders to have breathalyzers installed in their vehicles, it requires them to blow into a device in order to start their car. if any alcohol is detecting the car will not start and register that attempt as well. >> pennsylvania ranks the seventh most dangerous state for drunk driver. >> the philadelphia soul is gearing up for a big game and the team will defend their arena bowl title. at the wells fargo center, you ski it here beginning at 7:00. still to come on "action news," we are following developing news out of afghanistan where worshipers have come under attack at a
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. developing news at least 20 people are dead after a suicide bombing attack at a shiite muslim mosque no kabul. the mosque was packed with worshippering attending friday prayers when militants stormed the buildings setting off explosions. isis claimed responsibility for the bombing. the navy has identified a second victim after a collision with the uss mccain and a ship near singapore. they identified the remains of an electronics technician, dustin lewis from connecticut. more divers and equipment came overnight to continue the search in the flooded compartments on the ship. a pennsylvania man was arrested for leading state troopers on a 10 mile chase in a stolen police car. it happened in fayette county.
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it was flipped of when the officer used a maneuver to end the chase. he faces dui and reckless driving and theft. nobody was seriously hurt. well, the honeymoon started and ended at the same time. a bride and groom started their wedding night in handcuffs. when they were arrested for a post reception brawl. the canadian couple had taken their party to a local bar and a fight broke out and spilled outside and the bride allegedly jumped in the melee and started to throw punches, she was hall add way by police in her wedding gown and the bride and groom were both charges and they are set to appear in court next month. back to school time is just around the corner and that means getting your kids into a regular sleep routine and we have tips to make the transition easier. plus, how hurricane harvey may hit you in the wallet.
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while physically far from hurricane harvey's path we will feel the effect with a rise in gas prices because there are more than a dozen refineries that are directly in the path of this hurricane. they are responsible for producing 4 million barrels of oil. production is being shut down until hurricane harvey has safely passed that could mean an increase in gas prigs s for th
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labor day holiday. and revenue has fallen 23% in the last year and sears holdings announced they were adding another 28 kmart stores to the 150 sears and kmart stores they plan on closing this year including three in our area. one on route 38 in morristown and the location on tillman street in allentown. health check this noon, if you have school aged kids you'll want to adjust their sleep schedules now. doctors suggest putting them to bet 15 minutes earlier and waking them up 15 minutes earlier season turn off all screens at bedtime and remind parents that teenagers have the hardest times adjusting and their bodies are hard wires to
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go to bed later. high levels of hdl, the good cholesterol can also be harmful. researchers say that people with extremely high levels at hdl are at a higher risk of mortality than those with normal levels. it challenges the findings of hdl levels in the past. and at 4:00 a new term in the online dating world. we'll tell with you what hat fishing is all about. and marble history, philadelphia police are trying to figure out how a bust of a pennsylvania war hero wound up under an overpass this morning. and what better than having your hair crafted into waves like a super model? having done for free. that is in freebie friday you'll love that one. and coming up monica malpass has
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a warning before you head to a beach in delaware rehoboth beach has significant higher levels of bacteria. they will lift the advisory once they show the samples are back to normal. and in the meantime it's a good day to head to the beach. the temperature is nice and right and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you can see that we are dry right now and no issues with precipitation and no issues with the next several days. we'll show you the picture outside and sky 6 hd, and we are down the shore in cape may.
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look at the jet ski going by beach umbrellas and folks enjoying their time on the sand and comfortable conditions as we get into the weekend. cape may 76 degrees, and philadelphia 76 and 71 for lancaster and up in the poconos, 66 down in dover 75. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you it is dry and quiet across much of our region. sprinkles with the disturbance that moved on through and that has since passed. and we tap into a westerly wind and it helps to try out the at pose fear. partly sunny and pleasant this afternoon. high temperature of 79. give the a.c. a break and bottom out of 61, and the northwesterly wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. all eyes are on the gulf of mexico. we are keeping a close eye on
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hurricane harvey, we have trap col store warnings inland as south as austin texas and the hurricane warning extending into areas of corpus christi, and even as you head inland. houston to browns mills, a tropical storm warning or hurricane warning in effect. hurricane harvey is a category two storm winds sustained at 110 miles per hour. and it's moving to the northwest at 10 miles per hour and this is expected to make landfall just to the north of corpus christi later tonight during the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning as a category 3 storms. with torrential rain. and folks could get months worth of rain in this storm alone. a high temperature of of 77, saturday partly sunny plenty of sun and high of 76 degrees, and sunday a bit of a september feel with a high of 76. up in the poconos as we get into the rest of our weekend sun and afternoon clouds today and a
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high of 68. cool tomorrow and saturday high of 68 degrees and nice on sunday with a temperature of 70. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast partly sunny and nice today. high of 79 and subby and nice and 78 degrees for the high. and still pleasant. we get into sunday and many degrees and dry on monday and 78 and changes come as we get into late tuesday otherwise sun and clouds and high temperatures are in the upper 70s. wednesday sunshine and clouds and 79 and on thursday, i should say clouds and sun alicia. high of 81 degrees, a nice stretch of weather coming our way. >> thank you. >> it was the wedding that captivated the world, now 36 years later you can revisit lady diana spencer and prince charles exchange vows inside of st. johns cathedral in london. they have all been restored and
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released in 4 k on youtube. the 25 minutes of footage comes from the archives of british movie tone the only company allowed to film the wedding. there is more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at noon. we are talking about a film about a pennsylvania woman looking to make it big on social media. it's about to hit the big screen and an investigation is underway following a discovery at a playground in delaware.
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"action news" continues. hello again here are stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30, emergency preparations are underway in texas at this hour. as hurricane harvey barrels towards the lone star state and shots fired and cars stolen and police chase ended in a crash overnight in the city's german town section and what president trump wants from congress as he threatens a government shut down. the texas coast first though. bracing for hurricane harvey expected to make a landfall as a category three storm, a live look at galveston texas, it could be the first major hurricane to hit texas in 18 years and the strongest storm to
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make landfall in the u.s. in a decade. >> reporter: good afternoon. forecasters say that right now the big concern is what could happen after this hurricane makes landfall. they say that the flooding could be catastrophic and this is a storm we could be talking about for at least another week. with hurricane harvey slowing gaining strength, kicking up winds, and already dumping heavy rain overnight millions in the path are bracing for the worst. >> this is the line to get gas absolute insanity over this hurricane. >> lines for gas is hours long. >> there is no more water, no more bread. >> residents stocking up and stores quickly selling out of the essentials. >> thank you for calling home depot, we are out of generat


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