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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 29, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ >> texans are heading into a long and worry some night as
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rescues continue in the dark. tens of thousands of evacuated harvey victims are stuck in emergency shelters. many more riding out the flooding in their surrounding neighborhoods. it's continuing to rain. right now, 72 hours after hurricane harvey hit and officials expect things to get worse before they get better. >> it's monday evening. jim gardner is off. houston police have rescued a total of 3,000 people, 1,000 since noon today. the coast guard is reporting rescuing another 3,000 by boat and air. we saw dramatic views of
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helicopters coming to people's aid as they stood on their rooftops surrounded on all sides. >> we did a helicopter and boat. it was ridiculous. >> shelters are overwhelmed tonight. the red cross site at the convention center can hold 5,000 employees. tonight, it's near capacity. officials fear the numbers could rise dramatically when the flood waters recede. as president trump prepares to visit texas tomorrow. he's promising the support of the government. >> we hurt together. we struggle together. believe me, we endure together. we are one family. to the people of texas and
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louisiana, we are 100% with you. >> for reference, the houston area is slightly bigger than new jersey. harvey is expected to have dumped 1,000,000-gallons of water for every man, woman and child in southeastern texas. we have team coverage tonight. "action news" christie ileto and dann cuellar hear about the response to harvey's devastation. adam, we know it's lost its intensity as far as hurricane winds go. now the storm is nowhere close to finishing dumping rain on the houston area and it's moving in other places tonight. >> it's not going to make landfall until wednesday morning. couple of more days in the city of houston and surrounding locations. the center of tropical storm
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harvey is open over the waters. you see it's wrapping in the water off of the ocean, off of the gulf of mexico as far as louisiana and parts of new orleans. as we close into houston, you see the bulls eye of red pinwheeling off of the ocean here. it is nonstop torrential rain. take a look at this. stats in the city of houston alone, on average the city is seeing 30-inches of rain over the area. 339 billion-gallons of water that has fallen from the sky in the city limits. to bring it to that wow factor here, that's five days worth of water that flows over the niagara fall in a four day period. they are not done. you take a look at these additional rainfall total in the city of houston, eight inches of
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rain still to fall tomorrow and wednesday, new orleans seven inches and parts of little rock close to six inches there we have more coming up in just a bit. >> so many stories of survival, including that from a south jersey man who moves to texas. he shares adventure with dann cuellar. dan is live with the harrowing details this morning. dan? >> the south jersey native and his fiance moved to houston in july. they have been through nor'easters and maybe survival skills kicked in to help them with harvey. 29-year-old andrew and his fiance megan evans left new jersey to start a new chapter in their live in the bayou city of
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houston. they have never seen so much rain that's lasted nonstop. >> i have never experienced anything like this. their years of going through blizzards have made them stock up on water. the strength to lead up the 35 is littered with vehicles that have broken down. there is debris, mud mud, deced animals on the roadway. >> the electrical engineer who graduated from drexel says due to flood waters, they wouldn't be able to get beyond half a mile from the place. he says it looks like a lake outside their window. there are so many unknowns or variables that made me nervous. we are nearing end of it now. i'm confident the worst has
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past. it was a little worry some. >> i asked if they had, had the storm before they moved would they have done it? he said, yes. >> two more local red cross workers leave tomorrow morning bringing the number in texas to 12. the agency is urging anyone who wants to help to give blood or money but not material things. >> things have to be cleaned, sorted and shipped. that takes personnel and resources that detract us from our dominant mission. >> 19 disaster workers are in texas. the basebal better business burs if you consider donating online, check out the area first.
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text the word harvey to 90999 to send a $10 donation. right now they are only accepting monetary donations for relief. >> some in the area are taking up the collection jar. "action news" reporter christie ileto has some of the ways delaware valley residents are trying to help out. christie? >> rick, many people are collecting canned goods and toiletries in the form of a lemonade stand. help is coming from a five-year-old with a texan's hat and superman cape. >> i just want to make a donation. >> thank you, sir. >> what are you doing today? >> running a lemonade stand.
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>> for what? >> texas. >> we were a little concerned the past few days. as grandparents, we have been able to talk to them. we are trying to think of things to do to help. we feel far away. >> admission to help has others going out of way to help too. >> that's amazing, it fills you with hope. across the river, they are collecting donations every night this week, specifically toiletries they'll drive down to houston. >> a lot of people will be in shelters for weeks at a time. there are soaps, shampoos, things to help people clean
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themselves with. they have nothing down there. >> the delaware valley is stepping up to help, even when help comes from a five-year-old wearing a texan's hat and superman cape. >> he will be out again tomorrow at his stand. when all is said and done, he and his mom plan to give their proceeds to the red cross later this week. you can find other ways to donate on our website, "6abc".com/harvey for the latest information out of texas with the live broadcast feed from our sister station in texas. meanwhile, chad pa deli will arrive in the flood zone soon. his live reports begin tomorrow, afternoon. in other news tonight, police in
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carbocamden county are in the lt for police cruisers. authorities say the vandalism is not only costing the county money, but it's also putting the community at risk. half of the fleet is out of service. they hope to find the vandal taken here at a nearby wawa after yesterday's incident. >> in the poconos, the fbi is looking for two women dressed up as nuns trying to rob a bank. one of the disguised bandits ran away without taking anything. police think a teller activated an alarm scaring them off. no one was hurt. >> money donated to the philadelphia catholic churches
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appears to have been stolen. >> and a new provocation from north korea. tonight's missile launch was unlike anything we have seen in recent weeks. >> and a new vaccine with side effects parents want to hear. >> adam? >> a wind advisory is in effect for shore communities. i have the details coming up after the seven day. ♪ >> there are now thousands of evacuees here in houston and across the southern gulf coast. i have the stories on the latest on tropical storm harvey coming up. >> and the eagles with a preseason trade getting rid of a fan favorite. ducis rogers with details when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> that was the eerie sound of air raid sirens in northern japan today minutes after north korea launched a ballistic missile. the launch comes as the u.s. and south korea engage in war games nearby, a practice north korea has responded to with anger. >> th the diocese is trying to total up the number of funds stolen from the church. it's belief the thief targeted the cash. a parishioner noted the check
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was never cashed. >> a td bank employee has been fired and charged with theft. there is a call number (866)812-8700. >> hatfield township police are alerting the community to an incident friday night where a woman walking home by herself was attacked and robbed. >> two men jumped her from behind, knocked her to the ground and robbed her before running off. she was treated at the hospital. >> state attorney general matt den says he's not running for reelection will. he held state run offices for the last 13 years. he says his family deserves a change from the political grind.
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>> two gloucester township high schoolers proved they are a canine officer's best friend. they presented the police department with custom body armor for its three dogs. the teenagers created a community project to raise money for the vets. they call the operation kevlar. >> they rallied in norristown to rally against hate and bigotry to denounce the racist violence in charlottesville virginia. speakers urged americans to take a stand. >> health check tonight, side effects after a child's vaccination may make parents wary of future shots. a new study should put them at
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ease. it found the serious side effects a second time is based on one percent. if your child had a reaction more than once, talk to your doctor about giving it a second chance. >> we could feel the effect of hurricane harvey though it's 1500-miles away at the gas station. the texas gulf coast, especially the houston area is one of the major producing and refining hubs. facilities will have to be inspected and even if they are not damaged, it will take time to get them back on line. the tracking site gas buddy predicts our area could see prices rise 10 to 15-cents a gallon over the next week and a half. pain at the pump, but we are not
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dealing with pain at house is to be. we havingwe have soggy weather d here. >> we go to the weather center and take a live look at sky 6 over center city. the chilly wind continues to funnel in out of the easterly direction. the winds intensify into the day tomorrow. the rain sneaks up from the southern counties extending north and west into tomorrow afternoon. right now, basically, 60 range. 64, 6 r5, 66-degrees. the one 70 is beach haven. as we go through the day tomorrow, don't expect the temperatures to vary from the morning hours, afternoon or evening hours. it will hover 67 or 68-degrees tomorrow. breezy, a raw feeling with rain developing as we go through the afternoon hours. the heaviest rain looks to be
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confined to the shore. first there were high clouds. in the evening, cumulus clouds. you see the edge of the rain starting to lift into virginia here. there is low pressure in south carolina. the low is inland. it will stay inland through the day tomorrow as it goes across north carolina preventing it from deepening into a tropical storm off of north carolina. nonetheless, it's a powerful storm as it heads out to see. as we look at the track here, it is a very narrow track meaning good consensus with the models out to see and not up the coast. as you look at the winds, it could be tropical storm irma. hurricane force churning of the
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waters. the bands of rain tropical in nature pulling into the city around 2:00 in the afternoon encountering dry air toward the lehiglehigh valley. bands of rain and gusting winds at the shore before everything lifts out of here during the day wednesday. a high surf advisory at the shore tuesday into wednesday, waves six to ten feet. high risk for rip currents, sustained winds, gusting 40 to 45 miles per hour. if you are vacationing back there, ask residents. you may need to move your cars at high tide. breezy afternoon rain developing at 70. clouds, sunshine, 80-degrees. warmest day thursday, sparking a storm or two in the afternoon of 85. behind it, sunny, cooler, 74 on
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friday. we could see rain saturday or sunday from harvey over part of the weekend. we have to time that deeper into the week. for now, the best day labor day, 83-degrees. we'll watch this closely tomorrow. >> thank you, adam. >> we want to continue with the harrowing stories of those that escape to safety. lana has more on that. >> rick, it is great to be with you to be the tonight. the city of houston is asking for professionals, red cross is asking for money, towels, blankets. the need out here and all of the region affected by tropical
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storm harvey is so profound. originally planned to host 5,000 evacuees, the number has been quickly exceeded. thousands of evacuees arrived by dump trucks. for many, their only clothes are the damp clothes on their bodies, everything else is gone. >> melissa was rescued from flood waters by a helicopter with her four children. >> i'm trying to keep it together for them. >> did you get a cot? >> not yet. >> we lost everything in our apartment. it's really unfortunate. >> the water and air rescues continue. millions of gallons of water are
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being released from area reservoirs. >> there is the reality that we have to come to grips with. we are just beginning the process of responding to the storm. >> 12,000 members of the national guard have been deployed to help the disaster. so often the rescuer is a person who decided to help. >> 911 won't help you. i'm here to help you. >> the situation just continues to be very serious out here. as you can no doubt see, rick, we continue to be pounded. there is a new band of rain coming into the houston area. it's all part of the onslaught from hurricane harvey. the real problem is it continues to overflood the reservoirs and
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bayous. that means additional pressure on the dams. we are hoping that it will resolve itself, but until then we hope for the best. back to you. >> lana, thank you for the report from houston. we'll take a quick
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>> time for sports. eagles are here with a trade. >> popular with the fans and teammates, good at his craft and good guy, jon dorenbos gave it his all but tonight he is no longer an eagle. he's been traded to the saints. dorenbos was here since 2006. he was called one of the most inspiring people known. rick lovato takes his place.
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>> now to rhys hoskins, 11 home runs, 18 games. phils and braves, original position first base. first aaron nolan, struggling with the starts, seven innings, five hits, six strikeouts. no walks. now, hoskins, rbi double in the sixth inning, no homers for him. 2 for 4, phillies win, 6-1. >> i'm not mad at him. a double is okay. if you are not going to get a home run,
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>> no flyer will ever way number 88 again. eric lindros is having his sweater retired. he tallied 659 points. last year he was inducted into the hockey hall of fame. lindros will be the sixth flyer to have his number retired. >> "jimmy kimmel live" is next followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. karen rodgers with traffic. for ducis, adam, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. see you back here tomorrow.
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