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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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when i walked through for a cigarette, that's when i knew i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste, plus intense craving relief. every great why needs a great how. ♪ "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara is off and rick will be along later.
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i'm matt o'donnell. we are following an investigation into an arson site in philadelphia. and a man accidentally shot his wife inside of their living room. but the big story is the race to save a flood ravaged region of the gulf coast. rescues in southeast texas and parts of louisiana. more than 6 house them are carried to safety so far. parents clutching children in hire arms are rescued by helicopter, boat and even by dump truck. >> unbelievable. >> just unbelievable. >> i can't believe. we never experienced anything like this. >> harvey's death toll stands at seven and officials fear they will find more bodies one the devastating floodwaters recede but the promise of federal help is on the way with president
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trump and first lady melania due to land in corpus christi, texas. >> reporter: we continued to get pummeled by rain in houston, there is no relief in sight. historic flooding brought southeast texas to a stand still. president trump and first lady are on their way to corpus christie where they will see firsthand the devastation that harvey as let behind. just northeast in houston, rescuers are working around the clock rescuing residents trying to stay above the water, floating on air mattresses and lifting out of harms way in rescue baskets. life and death moments playing out for hundreds of miles. they saved more than 6,000 people so far but thousands more are waiting to be rescued and the flooding is only getting worse. >> i can't imagine this would be this catastrophic like this. this is horrible.
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my 2-year-old he was scared. >> local dams around the cusp are overflowing and officials are releasing water from two of them to avoid catastrophic structure damage and that water is threatening homes downstream and surging into flood rav abled towns and cities in south texas. evacuated residents are flooding shelters to capacity. the emergency shelter in downtown houston is new housing over 9,000. and hospitals with dwindling supplies are racing to evacuate patients. >> if you run out of supplies and can't treat them that is a big problem. >> they will begin testing the flood water for contamination to see how much sewage and chemicals is in the water supply. >> dozens of volunteers from across our region are deploying
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across the disaster zone including two red cross workers. katherine scott is live now at head quarters in center city. >> two more red cross volunteers left from this chapter in senter city to end up in texas and that makes 12 volunteers from this chapter alone and more are expected to be deployed in the coming weeks. they loaded up this morning at headquarters at 23rd and chest nut. the response vehicle eastern pennsylvania chapter has deployed to texas. jerry hemingway and staff member driving it south. both volunteered with this assignment. >> it's duffle to watch, and see what is going on down there. and knowing we'll be there and hopefully make a difference in people's lives and alleviate suffering that is going on. it makes it feel a little
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better. >> this is set up to feed people and haul water and emergency supplies for people. hemingways started to volunteer nine years after watching hurricane relief efforts on the news. >> the pair make their way to a staging area in louisiana before getting a specific assignment where they are needed most. >> meanwhile inside of the center city headquarters, trained volunteers in their national call center are fielding thousands of calls from houston and across the country as rescue operations continue in texas. >> this is extraordinary, it will rain through thursday, because it continues to rain more people are displaced. >> efforts are underway to help affected animals. they have mobilized their sister shelter way station transport program. this morning they will welcome 100 shelter dogs to their
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madison, new jersey campus and many will be transferred to the northeast corridor including shelters in our area. this helps provide for animals displaced in the storm. and local salvation army chapters are setting to send their own volunteers to texas planning to deploy tomorrow to lend emotional and spiritual support to victims. >> thanks katherine. the conk of the devastation on the gulf coast. at you can see live comfortable from our sister nation in houston and more information on how you can help the victims. chad pradelli has begun tweeting from the state of texas will be arriving in the flood zone soon, look for his live reports from texas beginning on "action news" at 4:00 p.m. accuweather is tracking harvey a
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lightest move on another storm churning off the carolinas and led to a threat of rip currents at the jersey shore along with a high surf advisory along the coast. david murphy is tracking the storm. >> we'll start out with tropical storm harvey, this one is off the coast as a tropical storm and making its way into louisiana either late tonight or the overnight hours, these reds and yellows you see in the imagery. tells us this has a lot of moisture in it and the clouds are still high and more damage they can do in terms of rain. the winds no all that bad. still tropical storm with 45 miles per hour winds and gusts increased a bit now that it's over the gulf of mexico warm water and 64 miles per hour gusts. not expecting this to reform as a hurricane. probably stays a tropical storm, the movement with this is very slow than will mean that the areas on either side of this storm, particularly over to the east but even to the west are
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looking at additional rainfall. upper texas from the coast of galveston to houston to port har thursday. 17 inches of rain still expected. southeast louisiana the same story and new orleans probably looking at 5 to 10 inches of rain and that doesn't end until friday. harvey is still a story for the end of the week. here is the system closer to us. the center of low pressure pushing off the coast and shooting off into the ocean, this may or may not be tropical storm irma. it's the same effect on us and it looks to be wet the rest of today and right into later tonight. not all that much rain for us now from this. maybe an inch down south and a half inch along the i-95 corridor. and areas close by a quarter to third of an inch because of the storm is so far away it
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condition give us the rain. it's a high risk again along the new jersey and delaware coast and even when the weather improves we may be looking at a problem with rip currents. cape may county and delaware points south gusts of 40 to 45 miles per hour. over a 12 hour prepared s look for downed tree branches and rain in the seven day coming up. >> arson dogs are responding to a construction site at the kensington section of of philadelphia. fire officials are investigating an attempted arson at the 1800 block of frankford avenue. someone tries to burn down a home in the construction unit. no word on the extent of the damage. police are looking for two men that attacked and robbed a woman in hatfield township as she walked home from work by herself on friday.
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the victim says the attackers knocked her to the ground and took her belongings and took off. she was treated at the hospital. a man accidentally shot his wife putting her in the hospital. the man fired his gun and wounding his wife in the leg, this happened admit night along tude ar street in the may fair section and the victim was rush to the hospital in stable condition. no charges are filed so far. delaware state police honored the first officer killed in the line of duty in the agency's history. officer francis ryan, was trying to hear from a driver back in 1922. when his motorcycle was hit by a car and he died in the hospital do weeks later, a sign was put up today near the intersection where officer ryan was struck almost 95 years ago. to remember his ultimate sacrifice. dozens of dads in knew yard
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delaware are taking a role in their child's education. the million father march for male care givers to company their son or daughter to school. they arrived at jenny smith elementary and the principal tells us that today is the start of a year long commitment. >> he want to get as many dads involved as we can. they sign a contract and say they will come to our school at least three or four times this year to become involved in the pta, the teachers and the students. >> notice all the smiles, the million father march is a nationwide initiative to 2004. still to come deadly gun fire inside of a public library out west. hear how police captured the shooter. meteorologist, david murphy, is keeping an eye in the
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as tropical storm harvey battled the houston area for another day the full scope of the devastation is yet to be determined. but texas residents are in immediate need of help.
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our parent company disney along with our sister station in houston donated $1 million to help relief efforts in that region. disney has flown in supplies and water and making sure our colleagues are safe. and american breweries are doing their part to help victims of harvey. anheuser busch halted beer production to can drinking water. miller coors has done the same. the virginia plant is preparing 50,000 cans of water, miller coors expects is send a million more cans over the coming months. president trump says all options are on the table after the latest act of aggression from north korea. the regime launch aid ballistic missile over japan as blaring sirens warned residents to take cover.
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the president today called the country's actions threatening and destabilizing. japan is demanding a meeting at the united nations. and someone opened fire at a library killing two people and then surrendered to police. the man shot two other people inside of the public library yesterday. witnesses say that the gunman just walked in and started firing. reads of the small community of 40,000 people cannot believe it. >> life changing experience you never thought you would be in this position in the safest place in the county. >> authorities say that that situation could have been much worse than the quick response and their training. the fbi is looking for two women that tried to rob a bank in the poconos while they were dressed as nuns. the pair walked into the citizens bank branch in turnersville in monroe county
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health check this noon. troubling findings from a series of american parents many the pediatrics say they consistently put their babies down on their backs. considered the safest sleeping positions.
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the cdc says it reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome and suffocation. and they recommend putting the babies to sleep on a firm surface and tight fitting sheet and to blankets or pillows. and weight loss they say slow and steady wins the race. researchers that published the study looked at people that were more likely to keep the pounds off for good compared to those that lost weight very quickly at the beginning and create a stabilize eating schedule to get the best results and stick with it. more than 1,000 childrens picked up a brand new backpack in camden today. they teamed up to distribute the bags at kip cooper academy. filled with free school supplies, every child in the school receives the bag and the
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supplies for a successful school year thanks to this donation drive. the "action news" team sought working on news stories this afternoon beginning at 4:00 including live team coverage from flood ravaged houston. and a marching band took the state song off the play list, the school just isn't comfortable with the lyrics anymore. some say cute and others say creepy. anyone can agree that this horror movie makeover is creepy. he transforms his little brother into a killer clown. accuweather is next, showing you a rainy penn's landing. david is next.
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breaking news president trump has just arrived in texas. air force one there taxiing at
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corpus christi airport which was closed just yesterday and reopened now that things are okay there. but just to the north houston, he will not go there because of his large entourage but trying to analyze the flooding damage down there. david murphy joins us for the accuweather forecast. >> we have rain but no flooding, storm track-we are looking at rain study at times across the region and overall this will be a manageable situation for us. we have sky 6 hd that is showing us cloudy skies all morning long and the action cam is down in ocean city, new jersey. people not wanting the rain. if you are a shore person the temperature is 66 degrees and dew point has risen a bit. starting to feel humid and with the rain falling you can't tell the difference. winds out of the east at 10 miles per hour and the temperature is 73. i'm thanking about taking a walk
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and have that stuff that tries to breathe and sweating inside of it. 66 in philadelphia and wilmington and 70 in millville and 66 and cape may. the low pressure center to the south for the last 24 to 48 hours and talking about making a move on still a potential tropical storm. if it gets a name it could be irma. but it keeps it as a tropical low pressure center. and it has roughly the same strength and moisture to work with. we already see the rain pouring in off the low and continues to rain here into tonight. future tracker 6 shows you the progress of the precipitation from now until 3:00 and the steadiest downpours will be down in the south and southern delaware. perhaps parts of south jersey more of a nuisance rain in the i-95 corridor.
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and more of the same and can't disavow steadier stuff. down by the shore at the center of that passing storm but it takes until later on if the evening hours for that to happen. wind coming down out of the northeast around the low we have gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour. up until midnight. a high risk of rip currents down the shore and not a day you want to jump in the water. and also tomorrow, weather is a lot better on the beach and you may still have an issue with rough surf in the ocean. cloudy skies and cool and you pop a bit of rain in the lehigh valley. and ending up north sooner than it will farther south. cloudy skies and rainy in philadelphia today. we go for a high of 69 degrees, well below average. and also a little breezy. the phillies play tonight and it's on the damp side. 67 for the first pitch and 66 in
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the ninth, hopefully we dry out and we'll see if they can get it in. 63 overnight and cloudy and rain ending overnight and here is tropical storm harvey, it is coming ashore later tonight or early wednesday morning, a second landfall around louisiana and not strong a storm but still creating significant rain forever the next couple of days. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast today's high is 69 and not great and rain wraps up later and 78 and up to 85 on thursday and a late thunderstorm is possible. behind a front friday and saturday looking cooler into the 70s and now introducing the idea of a possible shower popping up here or there on saturday and mainly dry and sunday could see a late thunderstorm and could be another one of those around on monday. >> thank you. lets get back to the breaking news. president has arrived in corpus christi, texas, as he deals with the first national disaster of his young presidency.
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he will step off air force one along with melania trump. he will not visit the flood zones within houston itself because of the massive amounts of people involved and security. and will try to visit the flooded areas outside of the realm of houston as he figures out how to pay for all of the damage there. pro tip for fruit lovers:
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giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. "action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams,
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sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again sara is off and rick will be along later, we continue our coverage on the devastation of hurricane harvey. i'm matt o'donnell and just moments ago president trump landed in texas. plus -- >> it was a blessing to be rescued. >> now there are more than 6,000 rescued from the flood waters in texas. and they will continue as the the storm is going hit the coast once again. more volunteers from our region is heading down to help the red cross and get them safe and get them fed and give them shelter. >> at this point it's a serious matter, i think the people are in bad shape and need help -- >> that is philadelphia's own kevin hart issuing a challenge to his celebrity friends to raise money for the harvey relief efforts. here is the live pictures of president trump. coming from corpus christi, texas. melania trump there the fir


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