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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 7, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." grandpa is helped to his feet because it's grandma's 80th birthday. >> and she wants to dance with her man. >> find out why that song and this moment have so much meaning. >> not a dry eye in the room. broad daylight shakedown by an attacker -- >> with a huge knife. >> the story behind the terrifying scene. storm or no storm, you know you -- >> got to take the dog outside. >> but see the reason the dog makes a run for it. >> oh! wow!
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and a mom showing mad skills with the cup song. >> then enters the star. >> the scene-stealing kid who just won't quit. this video has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views and it's going to capture your heart. that is grandpa there. and he has been diagnosed with alzheimer's. it's taken a toll on him but also the entire family. but today, today is grandma's 80th birthday party and she wants to dance with her man. so his kids help him get out of that chair. once he gets to grandma, they start dancing ever so slowly and carefully. >> oh, no, is he breaking down? is he crying? >> i'm going to break down. >> oh, no. >> he's held this woman over the years. i'm wondering if that physical act, the dancing, the holding her brought things back and helped him have one of those good days they sometimes have. >> right. the music as well. you never quite know what triggers those moments.
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>> they're dancing to a song called "you are my first love". >> vera, you're going to ruin my makeup. >> which is translated from spanish from a band they used to go as a family to watch their concerts all the time. so this song has a particularly special meaning for them. you see everybody around them is joining in on the crying. behind the camera recording is kristy, and she is sobbing as well. >> not a dry eye in the room. >> and how awesome that the whole family was able to be there and see that and just be reminded of how important your family is, how important love is. just don't let that slip away. >> yeah. broad daylight. a poor elderly man knocked to the ground and a younger man standing over the top of him with a huge knife just rifling through his pockets. >> metsssed up, man.
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>> the person with the camera is up on a higher floor. and the guy with the knife pulls out a wad of paper and that's about it. the guy is like leave me alone. good news is that guy did not get away. police do have him in custody while the investigation is ongoing. >> that's a good thing he's off the streets. >> now here we have a small, blue hatchback parked in an alleyway. guy gets out, runs down the street. and quickly comes running back with somebody chasing after him. that blue car takes off. now both men running after that car before the guy in back falls and collapses on the street. >> now, i'm assuming the guy with the hoodie running is nick something. that might be the getaway driver. >> what that guy in the hoodie has stolen is the man's deposits for the day. thousands of dollars. they wouldn't say the exact amount in that bag. these two guys rolled up, saw that red bag. the one guy jumps out, runs up to the guy, snatches his
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deposits and takes off. the shopkeeper does his best to track the guys down but in the end he does fall. he was unhurt. this happened about a month ago. police are asking for help in the greater manchester area from people that may have seen that blue vehicle parked in the alley. police looking for any bit of clues or leads that they can. i know one person here who would not go into an underground tank in australia. his name is oliver pettigrew. because the homeowners found something when they started to drain this underwater tank. look, there she is. >> i know four people at this table that wouldn't go down there. >> but our friends at the snake catchers goes down there. the snake is very receptive to getting the heck out of there. >> sure, the snake's probably been like i'm happy to see you.
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>> he gently pulls her off. he says she was very gentle. >> she was a sweetheart. >> there's a whole crowd of people around. and then it's time for a photo session. everything was really relaxed, right? completely different with tig fleming. >> catch him! >> let's just say bat dad really had something to do that night. >> catch him! >> a bat has flown into the house. so he is the one trying to catch this bat. and you see with a small dish towel. >> catch him. catch him. >> i got it. >> it's not a bull. >> that towel, maybe you need something bigger. >> bigger towel. >> he's not going to give up. and play-by-play. >> you're doing great. stand up there. oh! did you get him? no. he's there.
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he's making a mockery of you. oh [ bleep ]! >> he keeps trying to catch it. finally we don't see the actual catch, but we do see the release. and all's well that ends well. i want you to know, no bats were harmed in the making of this snapchat story. there's our hero. crazy weather can really ruin a trip. that's what happened to these folks. they were headed out to go wake boarding, so they thought. >> take cover! >> time for plan "b." >> well, that's the thing. they didn't have time to reroute and go back because it just came out of nowhere. >> we're under fire. that one hurt! >> we're under fire. >> if you've ever been caught in a hailstorm, kind of feels like that. and these are golf ball sized hail. >> put, like, a life jacket over your head. pad your noggin. >> that would have been a smart idea because apparently the hail left dents in the boat and the
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wake board. >> and hopefully not their skulls. let's head to mississippi where there's a rainstorm happening. if you own pets, you know got to take the dog outside. because after awhile, they got to go. this fella brings his dog out. >> oh, wow! >> what the heck was that? out of nowhere, this branch comes falling down. he notices it. slips and falls, but that may have saved him. >> the dog is like, something's happening. >> no one has to go to the bathroom anymore. >> they've already gone. >> he stands up with mud all over the front of him. he's just looking around like holy smokes, did you see that? >> the dog was like, it is not safe to be out here. that is why i'm holding it. >> yeah. this jukin video is definitely one for the books. she just turned 26 -- >> but the card is for --
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>> 2-year-old. >> and there's a special reason for that. plus -- >> we're making a card board go cart. >> all right. cool. >> but they don't have a plan. see what it takes to make it happen. >> nice. ♪ ♪ the best way to getogether is with a treat ♪ ♪ need a hair smoother. get super fruit moroccan argan oil
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♪ closed captioning provided by -- hold you back. breakthrough with non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. they have set themselves a new challenge. >> we're making a card board go cart. >> cool. >> but in this case it's like a super collaboration video. you can see he's got all kinds of help. they're all notorious for building stuff online. so you'd think with this kind of team, they got themselves a plan. >> okay. we have, like, no plan. no plans going into this. >> okay, they have literally no
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plans whatsoever. they're just going to kind of wing it. so they kind of divide up into a couple of teams. they find themselves a few wheels outside. source themselves a couple of motors. and then sort of search and figure out how this is going to work exactly. >> what a fun day in the shop. >> so they get together measuring and cutting and drilling and testing and just figuring it out. and then threw judicious use of duct tape, zip ties, and hot glue, but you know it, it's starting to take shape. they even go so far as to kind of make it a bit road legal. got themselves a headlight. they've got indicators that work. a unicorn head is all that's necessary to create this beast. they of course go for a speed test. guess how much they get to? >> 10 miles an hour. >> not bad. >> 15. >> 17. >> all of you came under the actual speed of -- >> 19.
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>> nice. >> not bad considering this is put together with duct tape and prayers. time for a drag race. why not race a train? eat my dust! >> are they racing a train that's slowing down? >> technicality. so of course they have a fully functioning vehicle. what do you do? you go and troll the driver. >> we'd like four cheese burgers. >> are they going to get it? >> yeah. and what happened the next day they ended up having a random meet and greet with all of their fans. in this case it turned out to be quite a fun day. eventually a moment of silence please. >> that's fine. just another roll of duct tape. you're back in business. >> that would be one way of approaching it, nick. or you could have a viking funeral.
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>> oh, man. >> send it back from wence it came. it's siri's birthday. let's see what she wants. what would you like for your birthday? >> this is about you, gayle. not me. >> it's about siri. oh, not this siri. it's this siri. it's her birthday. >> an apple plays a key figure in where she's going. she's 26 but the card is for -- >> like i'm 2. >> she starts reading the card. she looks up, her birthday present. >> are you taking me to disn disneyland? >> it's a trip to disneyland from her best friend. >> kids aren't the only ones that start crying when they get a surprise trip to disneyland. >> sit because she never got to go as a kid? >> well, no. these friends have been together before. so this is just another walk down memory lane.
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these people are already at disneyland. >> yea! they're holding up some cards because there's a message behind there. they're all waiting excitedly and then they start to applaud. and she recognizes some of these people. >> dance battle! >> not going to be a dance battle. this guy walks up and she's got the sniffy fingers already. she did not just have a churro but that is a good reason. >> i love churros. i think she has it figured out by now. >> monica, marry me. and i'm going by the dip kiss that she said yes. >> and the crowd goes wild. today we're going to show you how to use your scanning device to determine whether your
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merchandise is authentic. >> what? >> yes. this is a game changer. basically this could determine if it's a fauxi vuitton? >> yes. >> you scan items taking pictures of multiple regions. >> everybody that's got a fake one knows they've got a fake one. they bought it. it's only going to be from the other ladies like going -- oh, it's a fake! i told you it was fake! >> wait a minute. i thought of the shades with products as well. but they claim it's the world's only authentic on demand solution. they will use it in trades and that type of thing as well. it's a quick way to make sure that the merchandise that you're purchasing or selling is real. the basic package starts around $100. and the everything package runs about a thousand dollars. they say it's easy. you download the app. it looks right now is on ios or apple devices. then they take the images, use algorithms to determine the
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authenticity. then it sends you a certificate to share online or e-mail to another person. >> i'm going to get one of these and scan oli. i think he's australian. i don't think he's english. >> i'll never tell. time to work that stick. >> i'm going to be teaching my girlfriend how to drive stick. >> see how she does on her first try. >> oh, boy. which one's the brake? okay. and a game changer -- >> for men experiencing hair loss. >> find out what it is. >> look at that. when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles?
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this is definitely a game changer for men experiencing hair loss as we see. for brothers going bald and want to change that, this tattoo is for you. >> this is a type of tattooing. it's classified as cosmetic tattooing. >> yeah, they're tattooing dots on your head like giving you a 5:00 shadow so it looks like you have hair, just buzzing it. >> that's how it works. >> i felt like my hair was receding or getting light. >> this is keith coming from for his first session. >> i hope by doing this i can bring back the confidence, the little swagger you would have, you know, just by having hair. >> i don't think as women we think about how men feel when they're losing their hair. a big part of our confidence comes from our hair and hair styles. men feel the same way. and once they're finished it's going to look even versus half
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the 5:00 shadow and half smooth. they asked how he likes his hairline to look. some fellas like their hairline to be straight edged. some like it to be more natural to the face. first he shaves his head and takes pictures. they start lining his hairline. so now follicle by follicle he fills it in. >> is this one-time or does he have to come back? >> most have to do two to three. if you need a touch up, you won't need it for five years. >> it's a bunch of dots really. >> he tells him he's going to feel some discomfort. but other than that it doesn't seem to really hurt. let's see how he likes it. >> it looks good. >> yeah, okay. i wasn't a believer at first. but now i kind of get it. >> any idea how much they're paying for this? >> treatment can run into the thousands of dollars. what do young relationships and corvettes have in common?
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a delicate balance. >> in this video i'm going to be teaching my girlfriend how to drive stick in a 2015 corvette. >> a trust exercise unto itself. >> but if you're in an open parking lot, how bad can it get? >> have you seen "right this minute"? anything can happen. >> he's taking his girlfriend to a big open parking lot. she jumps in. it's off to a good -- no, it's off to a horrible start, actually. >> press the clutch all the way down. >> which one is the clutch? >> the new one. the one you've never met before! >> no. give her a chance. >> oli, you probably would have been a better driving instructor than ricky here. i think he's just nervous about his car and relationship. >> so press on the brake. that's the brake. >> which one is the brake? >> she's probably a little terrified. >> it's so simple. it's -- >> do i have to constantly push the clutch? >> i think at this moment ricky is starting to question his
2:36 am
decision here. >> he needs to simmer down a little. i think he's making it hard for her. >> he's adding a bit of pressure. but there's that delicate balance of accelerator and clutch. you know how to do it. >> yeah. >> you know how to do it. >> no. >> all right. after a couple of false starts here -- >> slowly let go of the clutch and go, go, give it gas, give it gas. >> she gets into first gear. she's cruising through the parking lot. even manages to shift into second gear. and brings it to a safe and sound stop. in the end, it looks like she manages to get a few stops and starts in the parking lot. even warrants a nice, big high five. can't let mom have the spotlight. ♪ i got my ticket for the long way round ♪ >> but getting her shot is just the start. anything.
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this might be a clever way to go. >> be prepared as the cub scouts say. take it from me, behind every great idea a parent has for a video, there's a child waiting in the wings ready to ruin it. or make it depending on your perception. ♪ i got my ticket for the long way round ♪ >> this woman doing her own performance of the cup song that ann a kendrick made famous. mom is nailing it. ♪ and i sure would like some sweet company ♪ >> and then enters the star.


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