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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  September 7, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, september 7. here's what we're following. >> the latest on the hurricane irma path forward as we get a clear look at the widespread damage she left behind the carribean. local power crews are getting in place before the storm strikes florida. >> the rain is heading out making way for a cool and sunny streak. >> david murphy is here and matt pellman in for karen rogers, we're expecting an important update. >> reporter: with the update it's going to be a major
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hurricane and causing problems for the southeastern united states. there are breaks in the clouds out to the west. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the rain off the coast, but a couple of sprinkles popping up in ocean and burlington county. a blip to the north and west of reading it looks like we're drying out, but the clouds very quickly will be breaking. 60 degrees in philadelphia. 57 currently in allentown and wilmington. 60 in trenton. 63 in beach haven. 64 in cape may. over in dover, 60 degrees at this hour. as we go through the afternoon, it looks like it will be pleasant, any morning cloud cover will give way to a decent amount of sunshine quickly. 3:00 p.m. temperature 74. that will be the high, in fact we'll spend the afternoon in the low to mid 70s. on the bus stop we're looking at the bus rolling through. the temperature cool to start out. looks like we'll see partly cloudy skies, 60 degrees in the
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suburbs, 64 in and around the urban sisters and again in the process of drying out as we just saw. matt pellman as we take a look at irma a couple of minutes we'll give you the latest tracks. looks like florida is in the storm sights and in the good portion of the southeast. >> watch out for that school bus, looks like it was coming right for you. good morning everybody, we're live on the schuylkill expressway. i have high hopes for the morning commute. usually they are dash in about an hour. we don't have overnight construction because of the rain and things are drying out. volume is light. it's a good time for the drive on the schuylkill expressway heading we go there's no delay. no overnight work on the vine street expressway near the schuylkill expressway drying out all lanes open and ready for you. on the bicker, speeds look good on the boulevard, i-95, the blue route and area bridges are in good shape, too.
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it's a good start this morning, but we're watching a crash in upper merion old valley forge road at penn circle. broken down truck on the new jersey turnpike northbound in mansfield, that's cleared out. no issues on 295. , 259, 495 and i-95 in delaware look fine. >> now back to one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit in the atlantic that would be irma. the storm tracks closer and closer to the u.s. mainland. the hurricane skirted by puerto rico. hundreds of thousand of people have no power and we're getting a better look at the widespread damage left behind in barbuda and st. maartan's and saint
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barts. the roofs have been torn off homes, the buildings are rubble. we're told 8 people have been killed and the precautionses are being made in florida along the coast and georgia and south carolina where a storm surge and destructive winds could be on the way. but many states including pennsylvania are thinking about recovery and what can we do to send help. jeanette reyes is live for us at philadelphia international and that jennette is where some of the help is leaving today, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, in just a couple of hours the red cross will be heading to south carolina. keep in mind they have crews assisting in houston because of hurricane harvey. they are not sure how much help will be needed after irma tracks through. these volunteers are preparing to head to the region ready to offer whatever help they can. members of the red cross are
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assisting in houston after hurricane harvey and this morning they head to south carolina ahead of hurricane irma. >> we are at this point continuing to support harvey's recovery program. we still have many volunteers and great deal of equipment in texas, however in response to irma growing in the caribbean, we started to preposition senior staff as well as equipment. >> reporter: 41 members of the pennsylvania task force one are heading south. search and rescue efforts are among the deployed included four k-9s. they are looking for one odor, like one dogs sniff out cocaine, our dogs sniff out live human scent. >> reporter: electrical engineers are heading down to help with power outages after
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irma sweeps through. they are heading to florida. they can only guess how much help will be needed with the power already forecasted, we can expect there will be widespread outages and a lot of red cross will be needed from the red cross, as well. >> 50,000 people are without water and power in puerto rico. hurricane irma raked the island with heavy winds and rain. a viewer sent us video of the winds outside the home. families here say they are already collecting items to send to their families in puerto rico. hurricane irma is having an impact on florida gas stations many have run out of gas already. the state is working to replace the fuel before irma arrives. the effects of an active
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hurricane season is showing up here in the form of higher gas prices. one bp station is selling a gallon of regular for $4. that's on the high end. gas has jumped 40 to 50 cents since hurricane harvey hit the gulf last month. the national average is 2.66 cents. you can track irma with the 6abc news app. 5:07 a.m. police in gloucester county new jersey are investigating a deadly crash that killed a woman. a pickup truck crossed into incoming traffic in washington township. the truck hit a car that flipped over. police have not said if anyone will be charged or if anyone else was injured. a man is in critical condition this morning after being hit and dragged by a car. it happened before 9:00 p.m. on brown street near holy in the
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mantua section of philadelphia. however, the driver is telling police he is not the forest that struck the man to the ground, that for some reason the scrim was laying in the road. police are trying to sort it if and determine if the man was assaulted or hit by a prior vehicle. turning to accuweather, rain is out of here, a damp start. >> reporter: some of the roads are on the wet side. as we take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see the rain is off the coast at this point. as i take the two mentional view, i see a -- two dimensional view i see a blip near harrisburg and burlington and ocean counties. we're drying out. sky6 live hd the ben franklin bridge i-95 looking dry at this point, the friction from the car tires is drying things out. the side streets damp. 60 degrees in philadelphia. 57 in allentown. 60 in trenton. 57 degrees in wilmington, 64 in cape may.
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future tracker 6 shows you that the general pattern this morning will be to continue to dry things out. the sunshine starts to burst back in, clouds should erode fairly quickly. the rest of the day looks no worse than partly sunny. might be a sprinkle or passing hour in the poconos, but the rest of us should be dry. in allentown, 72 degrees. down the shore, low 70s. ocean temperature looks good, but you want to swim near lifeguards if you're extending your summer into the first week of september partly sunny and pleasant in philadelphia. 74 degrees. a bit breezy at times. winds picking up a bit more than they have in the last couple of days. overnight tonight, 58 in philadelphia. some suburbs going down to 50 a little chilly on the bus stop tomorrow morning. hurricane irma is just one of three hurricanes out there. we have jose farther to the west
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and katia becoming a hurricane, as well. that's going into the gulf of mexico. hurricane irma is the big concern. the new numbers are in, this is maintaining 180 an hour wind making it a category five into the turks and caicos. it's a category 4 as it cuts through the southern about a ab- bahamas. it will be in miami as a category four and 3 jacksonville, florida comes ashore near the south carolina/georgia border overnight monday night into tuesday that could be a category two or one as it makes landfall. most of the spaghetti plot models are taking this storm into the southeast. keep in mind as it starts to
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erode up here, lots of rain for wilmington, south carolina and raleigh, as well around here we may see some rain from that storm, as well, but that would be toward the middle of next week. 74 clouds breaking today. it will be a breezy afternoon. 73 tomorrow, partly sunny and nice, for the weekend, bright and pleasant on saturday, 71 degrees. sunday, sunny and nice, 74 degrees. an autumnal weekend around here. monday, 76 degrees, we cloud up on tuesday, if we get rain from irma looks like we will, it will be starting tuesday afternoon and there will be more rain possible on wednesday a little too soon to say whether it's a lot or a little hopefully not inundating rain. >> 5:11 a.m., coverage of hurricane irma continues. the construction concerns that are hoisted high in the air among miami's highrises.
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a man who posed as a pennsylvania high school student another person related to the case is going to prison. the cathedral of washington, d.c. windows are being removed there. >> reporter: route 1 is looking super by oxford valley road. no overnight construction we're drying out nicely. we'll check out the pennsylvania turnpike and the blue route and talk about a crash in montgomery county when "action news" continues on this thursday morning. before they can stand tall...
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look at the commodore barry bridge, we had rain overnight, it's 5:14 a.m., 60 degrees. >> some puddles out there? >> reporter: we're drying out for the morning commute. roads are open and clear like the blue route, 476 in plymouth meeting heading toward the mid county toll plaza. if you're hopping on the northeast extension of 476 no work there. east/west turnpike is in the clear on thursday this morning. a couple of overnight accidents that will help when -- happen wn the roads are wet and slippery. one in upper merion old valley forge road has cleared out. you want to avoid quarry road at
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church road. good news coming in from cellarsville bucks county over the last couple of days they reopened the main street culvert over main street. upper southampton county line road, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. it will be closed. stick with street road or byberry roads as alternates. 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. by the subway restaurant stay on downingtown pike to get around that blockage. tam. >> thank you, matt the adopted mother of a ukrainian man who posed as a harrisburg high school student is heading to prison. she was sentenced to five months on federal fraud charges. her husband was placed on two
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year probations. he was sentenced on federal fraud charges and having sexual contact with a minor. washington national cathedral with removing two stained glass windows that conflict robert e. leann stone wall jackson. they proposed removing the windows two years ago after the shooting at a church in schearls schearls -- charleston, south carolina. the windows will be stored until they can find another use for them. phillies trail the mets by 6:00 last night and scored three in the 6th inning. any hopes of a full come back were washed away when a game was called after 57 minute rain delay, phillies lose 6-3. history was made at the
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u.s. open last night. 15 seed made it to the women's open. roger federer lost in four sets.
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make home yours. >> people can keep stranger thinks in their basements, in this case was a pool filled with sharks. authorities retrieved 7 sharks in the pool. all sharks w-2 to four feet -- all sharks were two feet to five feet long. we have no idea what they were doing with them. >> that's unfair to the sharks. i think it's cool when someone
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has a pool in their basement let alone one with sharks. let's head outside, let's check i-95 at the walt whitman bridge. midday work is coming to this stretch of i-95 in both directions starting at 9:00 a.m. southbound bridge inspections, northbound sign work without for restrictions both way during the midday. cross the river on 42 it's a little bit damp, but traffic is moving fine, mass transit, trains and buses on time this thursday. >> reporter: we have rain overnight, 59 degrees and cool by 7:00. and then by noon, 70. you can see how the clouds will be breaking today. 3:00 p.m., 74 degrees that's the high. it is going to be a nice one today with a little bit of a breeze developing humidity low and 71 degrees tonight. still fairly plenty. we pleasant, we have all green
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aircraft on the boards. >> in "healthcheck", metaphor metaphor -- medicines for which he -- cholesterol modest reductions in bad cholesterol yielded a significant survival benefit and statins cut heart disease by 28%. >> miss america is underway, find out who more about the competition. >> carson wentz shares a personal experience they said changed his life. here's "g.m.a.'s" first look. >> reporter: in "g.m.a.'s" first look, hurricane irma causing a sky high scare for some in south
5:23 am
florida. a combination of condo canyons and massive construction cranes leading to warnings. hurricane andrew in 1992 and hurricane wilma led to stricter building codes mandating impact restricting windows. the other major concern in south florida, the massive cranes. this family lives on the 44th floor of the highrise next-door to one of the cranes. >> i just heard that we might have to worry about the cranes. >> reporter: we'll have full team coverage of hurricane irma coming up at 7:00 a.m. with the "g.m.a." first look, abc news, miami. .
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go to ♪ no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. and an excellent source of calcium. enjoy cheese dippers by the laughing cow. miss america the competition is underway. it is the 97th annual competition in atlantic city. contestants from all 50 states and the district of columbia are vying for the big crown. miss texas won the swimsuit competition she took time to send her love to victims in her hometown and mine in houston. next miss america will be crowned in sunday's nationally televised finale on 6abc. carson wentz continues to
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show himself as a leader for the philadelphia eagles, but last night he was talking about what inspires him to hold himself to such high standards on and off the field. the eagles quarterback was on the campus of eastern university saint davids faith on the field. he talked about a recent trip to haiti. >> it changes your heart and life and your prospective in a big way. this was my first mission trip eye opening event like this in my life. >> hundreds of people came out braved the rain to hear him talk about what it's like to be a professional athlete and man of faith. he talks about it, it's a big part of his life. he has ao1 on his wrist, it stands for audience of one, that means he plays for god. >> great to see, great human
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being. 5:27 a.m., how lunch money could be thing of the past in new york city, parents are excited. three rents cars are stolen in philadelphia. open invasion in upper -- home invasion in upper darby in broad daylight. "action news" continues. ♪
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carribean leersdz -- leaders are in crisis mode. the death toll is climbing. >> cousins made national headlines accused of a killing spree in bucks county. a daring car rental robbery, thieves steal three vehicles under the nose of a security guard. >> good morning, 50:30 a.m., september. karen rogers is off we hope her kids have a


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