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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., thursday, september 7. here's what we're following for you. >> the latest on hurricane irma's path forward as we get a look at the widespread damage she has left behind. help is heading down south, local power crews are getting into place before the storm strikes florida. >> our rain is moving out, actually a cool and sunny streak, you'll need a sweater as you head out this morning. >> let's head outside to david murphy and matt pellman in for karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: the clouds are disappearing satellite showing you the clouds are thinning out after overnight showers. the sidewalks and side streets
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might be wet, but we are expecting the return of sunshine. 59 degrees, it's cool as you stepped outside. 57 in allentown. 56 in wilmington, 59 in trenton. 57 in reading, 62 in millville. 63 in cape may. the dewpoints are in the low 60s in millville. so not very humid and going to feel comfortable as he move through the morning and afternoon. looks like 59 degrees by 7:00 a.m. noon, 70. 3:00 p.m., 74 degrees is the high today. clouds breaking quickly this morning, 73 degrees by 5:00. low humidity, a little bit breezy as we go through the afternoon. nice weather continues in the afternoon straight through the weekend i'll have the details in the seven day, of course the latest on irma which is still a monster and heading toward the southeastern united states. >> reporter: it's a big story. good morning, david, good morning, everybody, we're "live with kelly and -- live from sky 6, looking live
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from chester we are new jersey bound we were seeing flashing lights, the good news we're not seeing flashes lights any more. the lanes are reopened because the accident is gone. let's look at the maps on the big picture, we're looking good. roads are drying out there's not a lot of overnight construction because of the rain. everything is open on the schuylkill expressway on the vine expressway on the boulevard and i-95 building southbound volume as you head toward center city. there are no delays yet. that travel time is on time coming southbound from woodhaven to the vine. a few accidents to watch out for already this morning, in hatfield county line road at walnut street. upper salford montgomery county quarry road at church road. lionville chester county route 100 there's an accident causing slowing along 100 in chester county. new castle county in delaware,
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so far so good despite a littles we're looking fine along 02, the conquered pike, i-95 and highway one in christiana. >> during to the latest on hurricane irma, take a look at this, beautiful at a distance, terrifying up close, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever in the atlantic. the storm is tracking closer to the u.s. mainland. overnight the hurricane skirted by puerto rico, but the outer bands brought flooding and rain and powerful winds. hundreds of thousand ons on the island are in the -- hundreds of thousands on the islands are in the dark. barbuda 90% of the buildings have been destroyed. so many buildings flattened they are rubble. how do people rebuild their lives.
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the death toll has grown, ten people have been killed. it will likely rise. and precautions are being made in florida along the coast in georgia and south carolina where a storm surge and destructive winds are expected to hit. many states that are not in the path including pennsylvania and around the region they are sending help. we want to turn to "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes to talk about it's good to see people running towards helping others, jennette. >> reporter: that's right, tam, in fact we've covered the last week, many people from the area heading to houston and now the red cross is also heading to south carolina where irma is expected to have an impact there, as well. they should be getting in here in just a couple of hours to head out to the region. members of the red cross are assisting in houston after hurricane harvey this morning they head to south carolina ahead of irma. >> we are at this point continuing to support harvey's
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recovery program. we have many volunteers and great deal of equipment in texas. however, in response to irma growing in the caribbean, we started to preposition senior staff as well as equipment. >> reporter: 41 members of the pennsylvania task force one are heading south. searchsearch and rescue expertse among the deployed including four k-9s. >> they are looking for one odor, like a dog that sniffed out cocaine and heroin, our dogs sniff out live human scent that's all they are trained to do. >> reporter: more help is being sent to florida. we have electrical engineers from the area heading that way with expected widespread power outages. they mobilized in a matter of hours, they are on their way there as we speak. it is not known how long they will be there, but at times they have assisted with these types of situations and have been
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there for a matter of months. reporting live, philadelphia international airport, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> more than half of puerto rico is without power this morning and nearly 50,000 are without water. hurricane irma raked the u.s. territory with heavy winds and rain remaining north of the island. miles away, away got video from a a man hurricane winds outside the home. >> the second hurricane following right up, how soon will they have electricity. >> families here collecting items to send to their families in puerto rico. >> airlines are doing a good turn for people trying to escape irma's path. maribel aber is live in new york with the market watch report and more on that. >> reporter: airlines are cutting fares and tapping prices fleeing hurricane irma. jet blue cut fares to $99.
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the price caps are in effect through next wednesday and the moves come after some accused fare gougerring complaints they said were -- gouging complaints they said were unfounded. all cruises have been canceled from cuba and the bahamas the return of the return of a cruise ship delayed until the passage of the storm. president trump and congressional leaders had agreed to a deal to fund the government until december 15. looks like futures are pointing to a lower open. we have jobless claims and productivity due out today. >> the latest update on irma came out at 5:00 a.m., no change. >> reporter: still a cat five. we'll talk about that in a moment, double scan shows no rain here at all, it's off the
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coast. sky6 live hd there's the airport, the airfield drying out after the overnight showers. 59 degrees and cool on the bus stop in philadelphia this morning. same thing in trenton. 57 in allentown. 56 in reading and wilmington. 63 in cape may. a little bit breezy out there, we have a ten mile an hour wind in philadelphia not too terrible. future tracker 6 showing you not only is the rain moving out, but we're expecting sunshine in the morning and afternoon there's sun and clouds around, bright and nice overall. in the lehigh valley, partly sunny, a bit breezy, 72 degrees, low humidity feeling good. down the shore moderate risk of rip currents that's going to be an issue for the next week or more what with irma coming up from the south we've got that jose off the coast passing us by likely over the next several days. 73 on the beach in atlantic city. about the same in rehoboth beach. 74 is the high in philadelphia partly sunny and pleasant this
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afternoon, winds running in general 8 to 16 miles per hour. so, a little bit breezy out there. overnight tonight, parthly cloudy and cool. -- partly cloudy and cool. 58 degrees is the overnight low in philadelphia. i could see some suburbs getting down to 50. dry in the afternoon tomorrow, there's a chance of a spotty sprinkle coming through north and west of philadelphia. tropical trio to talk about this morning. we have irma with 180-mile an hour winds, i could have updated that. doesn't seem like it took. jose 125-mile an hour. this following irma but taking a northerly track. we go over to the carribean we have katia this looks like it's going straight into mexico. irma a category five 108-mile an hour winds chugging along at 17 miles per hour. looks like later today and
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tonight turks and caicos turn to take the full force of that form. it will be in the area of southern florida as a category four sometime over the weekend. saturday conditions worsen overnight into sunday morning you're getting hammered. looks like it's a category 3 as it chugs up to the coast of the florida and a one somewhere along the georgia or south carolina coast. keep in mind there's still a fairly wide range of pockets here, but most of the spaghetti plot models show the generally progression in the southern states. after that it falls a part. we'll get rain from that, but not an inundating rainfall. friday, 73. the weekend looking good, 71, sun and saturday, sunny an sunday, 74. monday squeezing out another
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good one, 76. we cloud up tuesday and wednesday there's a chance of rain arriving on tuesday from irma and perhaps extending into wednesday, 72-degree highs there. 6:11 a.m., next and new on "action news," the government signs off on new technology to protect small children in self driving cars. brand new at 6:00 a.m. an unlikely love affair between a baby bear and inflatable flamingo. >> reporter: traffic is bearable for the most part this morning, the crash on the kinley is -- on the commodore barry bridge. we have a live picture of a crash coming up on this thursday morning. been trying to prepare for this day... and i'm still not ready.
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live look at something going on right. look at everything stack on the back of that truck. a crew from aaa nid -- mid atlantic is loading up a truck and sending it off to texas. this is brewster avenue southwest philadelphia. this is houston bound assist to texas delivering water to victims of hurricane harvey. >> matt pellman you have traffic move there. >> reporter: crazy stuff going on in the world these days with all the hurricanes.
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we want to lighten you will up for a second and tell you what to be excited about as we celebrate on september 7. it's national acorn squash day, national slam -- salami day and national beer lovers day. we're backing up along i-95. happening in the southbound lanes speeds are dropping in the 30s, dropping in the westbound side fortunate schuylkill expressway into the 40s near belmont. morning delays are starting to kick in. we're watching a number of accidents one in lionville 100 southbound at march wood boulevard, penndot camera shows you a shot as you look through the wires. 100 southbound side at march wood boulevard, emergency crews on the scene.
6:16 am
traffic is squeezing by in the left lane. you can get by, but expect delays southbound along 100 to 113. meanwhile, i had a downed tree branch upper merion valley forge gulph road. they got that pushed out of the way. the crash in you willer salford cleared out. hatfield county line road at walnut street at whistle stop park. southampton, county line is closing stay on street road or by about her to get around that. >> the corruption trial will continue of senator bob menendez. prosecutors accused him of selling his office for a lifestyle he couldn't afford.
6:17 am
menendez was on the verge of tears outside the courtroom as he proclaimeds innocence. at one point the judge told the lawyer to shut up for a moment while they are in a heat the exchange in the courtroom. the federal trial is expected to last 6 books. >> the adopted mother of a ukrainian man who posed as a harrisburg high school student is heading to prison. the judge sentenced stephanie pots to five months. her husband was placed on two years probation. her son enrolled in school when he was 19 and accused of having sexual account -- contract with a minor. national cathedral is removing two windows one that
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>> reporter: hey everybody it's shoshanna with "action news'" fitness tip this is kristin we're ready to work the abs, can you, turn out the knees and get the legs into a down position, lifting the right leg up and down. use the core and swift it to the left. 15 on the right, 15 on the left then both legs come up, hold the belly in tight crisscross it, up and over, 15, 15, and 15.
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try it three different times and see how it feels. >> it's going to burn, that's how it will feel. >> i've been holding my breath for the last five minutes. i need oxygen with that. >> reporter: turns out there were two separate accidents on the commodore barry bridge. we watched one clear and there's one out there, we're seeing delays on i-95 heading toward south jersey, the commodore barry bridge not the best bet. i want to use the walt whitman bridge or head to the ben franklin bridge a little bit damp this morning, but otherwise traffic on the ben is moving fine. patco trains moving over the ben or on time. >> reporter: overnight rain moving off the coast at this point. we're drying out, testers cool on the backup this morning, 59 degrees in philadelphia. 57 in allentown. 56 in wilmington, 62 in beach haven. 59 in trenton.
6:23 am
63 down in cape may. as we roll through the day, it will be a nice one, lots of sunshine coming back into play. 70 degrees by noon. 3:00 p.m., 74 that's going to be the high. as late as 7:00 we're holding ton on to 71 degrees. if you're traveling out of town today not that you would want to. looks like it will be clear sailing at the airport, all green aircraft no major delays and not looking at any rain in our travel destinations. >> the 97th miss america competition is underway in atlantic city. contestants from all 50 states and the district of columbia are there vying for the crown. miss texas won the swimsuit competition and took time to send her wishes to her hometown of houston. they will compete again tonight and the next miss america will be crowned in the nationally televised finale on 6abc. >> new video at 6:00 a.m., a
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new jersey are investigating a deadly crash that killed a woman. police say a pickup crossed into incoming traffic on the black horse in washington township. the truck hit the car and flipped it over. police have not said if anyone will be charged or anyone else was injured. >> police if new jersey are trying to find a man who stole from a church. authorities in toms river released this surveillance image. they believe he broke into the christ episcopal church on sunday and got into the donation box and took the cash and fled the scene. there's new information about the path of hurricane irma and the trail of destruction already left behind. the long road from recovery to hurricane harvey is just beginning. this morning a local team from aaa is on the way to help. we sip, we peel,
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>> now on "action news," carribean leaders are in crisis mode. the death toll is growing on the island nations ravaged by hurricane irma. >> the court hearing of the cousins who made national headlines accused of a killing spree in bucks county. a car rental robbery thieves swipe three vehicles under the nose of a security guard. >> let's find out about accuweather, david murphy is outside, matt pellman has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: we're off to a decent start we're seeing the skies brighten after the rain that came through a moment ago. now the rain pushing off to the north and east rather quickly. we're seeing the low lying cloud cover and clouds break up. 59 degrees in philadelphia. starting on the cool side this morning on the bus stop. 57 in allentown and reading. 59 in trenton. 56 down the road in wilmington.
6:31 am
61 in millville. dover, 63 at this early hour on the promenade in cape may. as we roll through the day, it will be a nice one, sunshine across the region. 70 degrees by noon. the high 74 at 3:00 p.m., comfortable enough. 73 by 5:00 p.m. 71 by 7:00 p.m. down in the tropics, however we've got hurricane irma still a category five hurricane and heading past the dominican republic in haiti. probably less of an impact there, tropical storm force winds rain and storm surgeon the north. the tucks and -- turks and caicos will get harmed by this. the eastern united states will be next. i'll have more on the tracks, what have you gotten 0n the roads? >> reporter: we have commodore
6:32 am
barry bridge cleared, we have delays on i-95 trying to get on to the commodore barry bridge in chester to get over to south jersey. things are improving with at least one of the two accidents gone, but it's a slow go there. you might want to head to the walt whitman bridge. it's slow there, too, likely construction speeds in the 20s as you head toward new jersey. what do you do? take the ben franklin bridge or go to the delaware memorial bridge. if you use the walt or the commodore barry bridge you'll find slow speeds because of the construction and accidents. on i-95 southbound coming out of the northeast, speeds in the 20s and 30s between cottman an girard. crash in hatfield to watch out for by whistle stop park along county line road at walnut street. in pottstown we're getting word of a broken down vehicle blocking the ramp from 100 southbound to go eastbound on 422. farther south on 100 in lionville we've been watching a bad crash in the southbound lanes of 100 march wood
6:33 am
boulevard it's still out here, emergency crews on the scene. traffic is squeezing by on the left side by 113. you may want to stay on 113 not use 100 southbound in lionville. down tree branch in upper merion, speeds starting to slow on 322 eastbound. >> hurricane irma has caused catastrophic damage in the carribean. >> we know ten people have been killed and the category five storm is marching toward dominican republic and haiti. >> in barbuda 90% of the buildings have been destroyed. this is st. maartan a once pacific -- picturesque view now in ruined. >> puerto rico is without power
6:34 am
and people could be in the dark and the heat for months. stephanie ramos joins us live from miami with more on what's going in miami and the preparation underway in florida where they are bracing, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it is a gorgeous morning in miami, it is calm and quiet, but not for long, we expect hurricane irma to hit in the neck couple of days, we've seen the damage the devastation that it caused in the caribbean. hurricane irma slamming puerto rico and the northern caribbean. nearly every building damaged on the island of barbuda when the eye of the storm rolled through wednesday. about 60% of the island's people left homeless. heavy rain hammers puerto rico now nearly a million people left without power and more than a thousand in shelters, even though the eye of the storm stayed offshore.
6:35 am
back here on the mainland, floridaians are nailing down their evacuation plans. >> never had a cat five. >> reporter: or getting ready to hunker down and weather the storm. most store shelves are bare as people try to stock up on supplies. there are traffic jams on the highways and here's another common sight in southern florida. lines of cars stretching into the streets as drivers gas up their vehicles. >> gas is running out everywhere right now. i'm just a little too late trying to get it, i guess. >> reporter: people are bracing themselves for what can be one of the worst storms in florida history. >> this is serious and we cannot take chances. this is life threatening this is not a storm you can sit and wait through. >> reporter: here in miami, mandatory evacuations are in place in certain areas. to make that happen drivers
6:36 am
don't have to pay the interstate toll to get out out of here. governor said even though we have 48 hours before the storm hits the area, everybody should take it seriously. stephanie ramos. channel 6 "action news." >> american airlines is canceling flights from miami and certify -- palm beach and fort meyers. most airlines are offering travel waivers for those affected. >> as the urgent florida
6:37 am
exodos begins, there are many first responders head into the path of the storm. >> reporter: we're awaiting the red cross that will be arriving in under an hour they will be heading to south carolina where hurricane irma is expected to sweep through. as hurricane irma barrels through the caribbean leaving a growing path of devastation dozens of volunteers prepare to head to florida a state that's expected to see irma's wrath by the weekend. >> pull our labor from as far as alaska and get them here properly tooled and trained. >> reporter: it's short notice but that's what the power service specializes. danella organizes a large group of engineers and bucket trucks that work to get power to
6:38 am
families left in the dark after the storm swept through. how long they are away from home, it could be weeks or months. >> sandy was the big one, we were up there for 6 months. >> we see people who lose their houses and cars and their life is in disarray we have the ability to go down there and help them. it is very gratifying. >> reporter: the red cross has volunteer crews in houston. they will divert that to south korean south korean as they await irma. they don't know how many resources will be needed, but with that being said, with the hurricane irma's powerful winds and the damage it causes they will determine that after it passes through. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> more aaa roadside assistance teams are on their way to help hurricane harvey victims in
6:39 am
texas. this is the scene in southwest philadelphia. crews loaded up bottle water to take it to houston and remove flood-damaged vehicles. >> many of us have watched tv and said what can i do to help. it made sense for us as aaa to send our tow trucks to a place where they are much needed. >> aaa officials say they will send crews to florida or the carolinas if they are needed. >> happening today, two cousins charged in the deaths of four men are heading to court for a preliminary hearing. cosmo dinardo is accused of killing three men. sean plat accused of killing three of the men.
6:40 am
all four were shot and three were set on fire. >> stealthy thieves snuck around security and stole three cars off a car rental lot around 2:00 a.m. a group of men approached the front gate. the cars were recovered nearby on the 5700 block of willow street. police have a person in custody and they searching for the other suspects. >> summer seems to have pulled the early swift for fall. >> reporter: no kidding it will feel that way all weekend long. storm tracker 6 live double scan for now we had overnight rain it's gone. sky6 live hd we have lots of sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon. the clouds related to the shower activity have shot on out of here. 59 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit cool on the bus stop. winds have died down a little bit, five miles an hour in the
6:41 am
ocean, 72. future tracker 6 showing the rest of the day we're looking at cloud cover starting to break up, most of the day looks like it will be sun and clouds, perhaps a sprinkle or shower up north of the poconos but not around here. the pattern continues through the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. the forecast, 60 degrees by 8:00. 64 by 10:00. 70 by noon. nice afternoon for recess if you're doing the lunchtime outdoors. 3:00 p.m., 74 degrees that's the high by 7:00 p.m. still holding on to 71. about 72 at dinnertime. high temperatures this afternoon all around 3:00 p.m. low 70s in allentown and reading and trenton. 74 in philadelphia and wilmington. 72 in cape may. 73 up the coast on the boardwalk in ac moderate risk of rip currents in the water in case you're down the shore. tomorrow during the afternoon there could be passing sprinkle in a couple of spots but not too
6:42 am
much. down to the tropics, hurricane irma showing the eye of the hurricane as the pulls away from hotter -- puerto rico, never did affect them with anything other than tropical storm winds. the same for haiti. the strongest core winds which are 100 miles in width appear to be heading to the turks and caicos looks like it will be a category five hit. the stuff you saw in barbuda where the buildings were destroyed, turk and -- turks and kay. turks and the track width is
6:43 am
possible where it could go to the west side of florida or off the coast to the east. either way, this is a strong storm and florida will get an impact. category one when it gets over land and falling a part north of there. the spaghetti plot models are showing the same sort of trajectory. the storm dies out north of charleston and wilmington, south carolina. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 74 degrees clouds breaking. 73 partly skinny and nice own -- sunny and nice on friday. what an autumnal weekend. sunday, sunny and nice that's my favorite kind of day. monday, 76. 72 tuesday and wednesday. ifwe get the expected track of irma well get rain tuesday afternoon and wednesday. doesn't look like we'll get
6:44 am
hammered but we can't sigh say for sure. >> the art of the deal in action. president trump goes against his own party new surprise move supported by democrats. >> in anther at 6:30, a family celebrates the first day of school. >> reporter: he looks like he is ready. good morning, matt we have a broken down vehicle on the schuylkill expressway westbound side by lincoln drive and kelly drive they have it pushed off in the gore point. basic ily this is normal. westbound traffic on the schuylkill expressway. we'll take the problems on the area bridges when "action news" continues on this thursday morning.
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out for us. >> reporter: we're checking the waze on the way to work and school and finding some issues. the commodore barry bridge heading into gloucester county seeing delays coming out of chester. we had two earlier accidents the one on the jersey side is still out there. it's jammed solid as you can away from i-95 through chester over the commodore barry bridge. you might want to use the walt whitman bridge then we were seeing slow speeds there, at this point those speeds are back in the mid 40s. use the walt instead of the commodore barry bridge. i-95 slowing from cottman to girard. on the schuylkill expressway we're watching a broken down vehicle on the westbound side by lincoln drive and kelly drive. it's now in the gore point. we've made progress there. westbound is jammed solid as it is every single morning. crash in lionville along 100 southbound has cleared.
6:48 am
another chunk of 100 out of pottstown on the ramp to 422 eastbound there's a broken down vehicle partially blocking the ramp. the crash at county line road eastbound at walnut street has cleared. you're back in business there. >> we'll take you to a live look this is the area of dominican republic as hurricane irma closes in. the latest coming out in the last couple of hours is that the storm is west/northwest off the northern coast of the island, 95-mile an hours north of punta canna. you can see the waves are whipped up. the palm trees are going. the question will be what would be left once it skirts the dominican republic and other islands heading toward florida. president trump flustered
6:49 am
gop when he extended the death ceiling limit. the republicans were pushing to a longer extension to the debt limit.
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comparing bridges this morning, and the commodore barry bridge has been the one fairing the worst. >> you win. >> reporter: or you lose if you head to the commodore barry bridge. both crashes have cleared, delays back on i-95 but easing. 42 slowing from blackwood clement ton road to 295. nothing abnormal here. >> reporter: weather center shows you we have rain overnight. it's clearing the coast and we have clearing going on. temperature are cool on the bus stop. 59 degrees in philadelphia. 56 in wilmington, 57 in allentown. 63 degrees currently in cape may. as we look at the afternoon call, sunshine mixing with clouds at times, 70 by noon. the high 74 degrees at 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 73. here comes the bus and here come the kids we are looking there we
6:53 am
go, we are looking at a cool start on the bus stop. 57 degrees on the outlying suburbs. 64 in center city. tam? >> okay, thank you, david. it's been a big week for the royals. prince george is getting another sibling and this morning it is his first day of school. he walked hand-in-hand with his father prince william. princess charlotte and the duchess of cambridge stayed home because they say not feeling well. earlier when kensington palace announced she was suffering from severe morning sickness, i bet this morning she had a few tears as george went out the door. before they can stand tall...
6:54 am
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plymouth meeting and the pennsylvania task force are getting into place before hurricane irma strikes florida. it has all but leveled some of the small islands across the caribbean. >> reporter: a vehicle rolled over i-95 southbound approaching delaware avenue. speed restrictions there. >> reporter: overnight rain is gone, in the 50s, this afternoon, sun and clouds, a bit
6:57 am
breezy, 74. very nice today. >> "good morning america" will have hoar on what hurricane irma has done so far and what it could be doing and where it is going. we'll see you in about 25 minutes. for david murphy, tamala edwards, matt pellman, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great morning everyone. i'm danny.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, completely decimated. hurricane irma wiping out caribbean islands. deadly wind gusts topping 200 miles an hour. torrential rain and flooding leading to massive destruction. american tourists trapped. by one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. buildings turned to rubble. this cell phone tower split in half. st. martin torn apart. more than 90% of the island destroyed. now florida, georgia and south carolina under states of emergency, bracing for the worst. hundreds of thousands ordered to evacuate. people lining up for hours to buy supplies. >> we are currently out of drinking water. >> reporter: chaos erupting. gas stations empty and


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