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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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irma's damage is more evident as skies clear. >> and communities buzzing tonight, literally. ouch. that's next. ♪ ♪ organic, non-gmo feed, 100% veggie diet. if i can raise you two, i can raise anything. perdue. raising more organic chickens than in anyone america. the old man's still got it. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> irma continues to bring misery to the state of florida, but the worst flooding in 100 years in jacksonville. the florida keys are all but
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decimated. 2/3 of the florida population is in the dark, no power and the florida death toll has risen to six. it's monday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is the brutal aftermath of hurricane irma. in florida, there are so many priorities for emergency personnel, but none are more important than getting the power back on. squadrons of utility crews are coming in from around the country for the mission that could take weeks or longer. the florida keys are closed br r business. >> we have three reporters covering different angles. christie ileto is live at philadelphia interrnational airport, brian taff still in naples, florida but first with more on irma as it moves to georgia and south carolina, annie mccormick in our satellite
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center. >> though hurricane irma is downgrade today a tropical storm, it brings rain and wind to more states as it heads north. >> irma's sights are set on georgia and south carolina. thousands in savanna georgia were ordered to evacuate. irma sent four feet of water into downtown south carolina after barreling through cuba and florida. >> those out of the woods as far as storm conditions are faced with cleanup but many can't start yet. there is severe flooding and millions are without power. thousands remain in shelters. tempers are flaring. >> i talked to the sheriff across the street. everything is fine.
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it's a bunch of bologna. >> as residents trying to return arrive to authorities preventing reentry. >> those that stuck out the storm are without cellphone service and water. supplies are running low. >> the death toll continues to rise. president trump approved a major disaster declaration in florida for florida residents and to reimburse state government to aid in recovery. >> a it's reported 10 people in the united states have died related to the storm and 37 in cuba. >> jim, back to you. >> annie, thank you so much. anchor brian taff has been staked out in naples, florida where the wind brought their own shock and ya autothe coastal ci. what is the situation there
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tonight? >> jim, as you can probably tell, i'm standing in pitch dark standing in the middle of downtown naples. it's only our headlights providing illumination in this american city tonight. irma barreled through with ferocity. residents are counting their lucky stars that here, it was not a knockout blow. >> all across naples tonight, the post irma cleanup is under way. some of it by machine. some by man. the latter with more mettle than the former. >> my wife is safe. my house is safe. >> historic winds toppled trees, flooding roads and parking lot in a foot of rain. at this marina we saw the metal
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overhang torn to shreds, tossed on to boats below, one now under water. a similar predicament for the road meaning walking is now waiting to get home. >> first hurricane i have been through. >> the girls did good. >> perhaps more evident than the superficial damage, a deep root of compassion. not one restaurant was open so zach opened his. the pizza parlor was without power but not without people. >> it's wonderful. they are working very hard. it's very hot. to be able to go home and have something to eat versus another peanut butter and jelly sandwich is great. >> still there are still concerns. >> it's an electrical fire.
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>> officials are worried about power serges and the threat they pose. for now they are asking residents to stay vigilant and help each other. >> it's power that is the concern now. people ask when the lights come back on. i hesitate to answer. florida power and lights estimate weeks if not longer until they restore electricity in southwest florida. there is no running water. the pipes are broken. while damage might have been light, the ride is a long one by any measure. in naples, brian taff, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, brian. excellent reporting. cecily tynan continues to track irma, a tropical depression but still causing serious problems. >> it's cut off from its source
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of fuel, warm water when that happens, a storm weakens quickly. it's no longer a tightly wound, intense hurricane. it's now just a broad rainstorm about 800-miles across. still getting heavy rain across parts of south carolina with severe flooding. that weakens as the storm presses west. tropical storm irma, 900-miles west of georgia moving west 15 miles per hour. maximum sustained wind 35 miles per hour pushing up to the northwest, becoming a remnant low, weakening more, but this storm will be impacting our weather as we head for the second half of the week. i talk about that, also talk about tropical storm -- hurricane jose. we are at the peak of tropical activity. more details on that in the full
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accuweather forecast. jim? >> cecily, thank you. the death toll in the caribbean stands at 35. nowhere was it hit harder than st. martin. "action news" reporter christie ileto at the airport tonight spoke with a philadelphia d.j. doing just that. it's a harrowing story. >> that's right, jim. this is d.j. touc touchtone's ft time back since hurricane irma. he arrived with nothing but the clothes on his back, a carry on and a soaring story of survival. >> a sound i have never heard before. i can't see, so that sound, hopefully, i'll never hear it again. >> with his four other senses heightened, hurricane irma's wind was chilling to the blind d.j. touchtone. >> i don't know if the door is going to fly open where i was.
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initially at the time i was told to go in the bathroom, everybody get in the bathroom and get down. >> the simpson bay resort designated within a matter of minutes. he and his friends spend the next four days rationenning until they make it off the island. >> it went from one bolt bottley to a cup of water. i prayed, god get me out of this. >> by saturday, he and others vacationenning made it on to a car go plane and out of the caribbean. >> i'm happy to be home. i'm happy to be alive. i'm fortunate i can go home. there are some people on the island of st. martin that no longer have a home because of hurricane irma. now, an amazing story, lucky to
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be alive, coworker lady bee was vacationenning with him and also made it out. jim? >> christie, thank you. >> in philadelphia tonight the latino organization met to form a plan on gathering charitable contributions from the delaware valley to get them to puerto rico. help is still needed for those recovering from will your honohurricaneharvey as well to y for them and victims of hurricane irma. please join us for our hour long live telethon tomorrow night at 8:00 here on channel6. still to come, 16 years after 9-11, many have forgotten, but many still gathered to remember
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the loss. a cool night, dropping to the 50s in the suburbs already. i'm tracking the return of humidity and storms. i have the details in the accuweather forecast. >> were you one of those reporting an insect invasion tonight? thick swarms of flying bugs. plus, ducis rogers with a prognosis on injured eagle quarterback warren darby when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ ♪ ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy.
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>> tonight, the iconic twin blue beams over the new york city skyline marking the 16th anniversary of 9-11. one of the most poignant ceremonies took place in bucks county. >> 16 years after 9-11, over 200 people gathered for a remembrance in light ceremony. 16 years later in metal
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fragments, the remembrance ser ceremony was poignant as ever. >> there is an enduring wound that will not go away. >> as has been the custom, as the bell tolled, the names of loved ones lost were read. many felt compelled to come here to honor the memory of those that lost their lives. there is no way you could be alive to b and not be grateful o remember those people. >> here today as the last five years, an iraqi immigrant. >> the tragedy that happened, i'm in full support of this
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country. finally, one comes here not to remember the dead but for future generations of children. >> it's important to carry on the memory. it's important for my daughter to understand what happened. >> dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." ground zero in new york, a first responder rang the bell to begin the moment of silence for the nearly 3,000 people that died here. president trump said no force on earth can break us apart. >> vice president mike pence attended the ceremony in pennsylvania where passengers on flight 93 foiled the attacker's
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plans to hit the pen pentagon. he noted that he was a congressman then and the heros onboard may have saved his life. >> >> female first responders in chester county were honored tonight. the newly formed women's caucus were in phoenixville to remember those that put themselves in the path of danger over and over again. you will find more on the observances in new york and shanksville, pennsylvania on "6abc" app. >> the philadelphia police say the 16-year-old that killed a
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father will face charges as an adult. ronronald darby shot gerard grandzol in front of the victim's home. police arrested darby's 21-year-old brother maurice as an accomplice. >> one retrieves his wallet. they ask him to step to the side of the car, which he does, doesn't resist. mr. grandzol says his two-year-old daughter is in the car. they asked for the keys and he was shot twice. >> his final act as a father is being talked about internationally. a go fund me page is being
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collected for the wife and two daughters grandzol left behind. it's appalling that a 16-year-old is wanted for murder. they want to engage in with young people to turn them from a life of crime. >> chemicals were released into the air during the 9-11 collapse and the high cholesterol levels from those that were then children. psaf used to make products nonstick or water proof, researchers say the cholesterol rise particularly with bad ldl could lead to health consequences as these people grow up. >> this evening, troop 57 along with girl scouts planted trees
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for each of those that lost their lives september 11th. >> this september 11th, blue mass was held at st. helen na church in ble blue bell. let's get the forecast from cecily tynan. >> cool and clear out there. the action cam, looking at center city where it's a quiet night, temperatures dropping to the 50s. center city skyline, we had high thin clouds moving in late in the day today and they'll be around tomorrow. dewpoints, the measure of moisture in the atmosphere. it's comfortable, crisp, feels
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like fall. dewpoints stay low tomorrow in the mid 50s. wednesday, thursdays and friday, dewpoints climbing to 70s. that's tropical. that ice thank's what used to bo hurricane irma. right now, it's cool out there. allentown, 57. poconos 52. cape may, 63. currently 67. satellite and radar, you can see irma very well. you can see how it's beginning to lose steam. it's pulling away from the ocean. the moisture is beginning to dissipate. it's a tropical depression, and it will be a remnant low as we head through the week. bus-stop forecast, suburbs 55, philadelphia, 60-degrees. tomorrow, low humidity dewpoints in the 50s, afternoon high,
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philadelphia 80. seasonal, allentown, same. cape may, 75. wilmington, 78. dangerous risk of rip currents down the shore thanks to jose. wednesday, we feel the effects of irma. we get a warm front pushing in bringing an increase in humidity, more clouds, 77-degrees, possibility of a shower or two. no day will be a wash out. hurricane jose has weakened down to a tropical storm meandering northeast slowly. looks like it will do a clockwise turn over the next several days and then head toward the u.s. by the weekend. at this point, you see the cone of uncertainty is broad. will it hit florida, the north carolinas? it's a slow mover, we have
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plenty of time to track it. wednesday, more humid, a possibility of shower, to 77. again, could get isolated showers thursday, 78. most active day, likely friday. humid with showers 78-degrees for the temple game and saturday, keeping a threat for a shower or two in. clouds mixing with sun, a high of 79 and monday, a high also of 79-degrees. a lot of people on facebook and twitter asking me, where will jose strike? too early to tell, but very slow mover. >> gnats are apparently taking over the delaware valley. it's really bugging some people. buckscounty, philadelphia county, south jersey, they have been calling us all night because they see gnats covering everything from trash cans to
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windows. this is video from medford, new jersey. you see the swarm of bugs. casey taylor from philadelphia was outside with her son when the bugs started taking over the neighborhood. >> it looked like pepper. she ran inside but the bugs tried to follow. "action news" has reached out but no one has been able to tell us where the nats are coming from.
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>> important for a football team to stay healthy. >> the win came at a price. first kicker, caleb sturgess. eagles say they'll work out other kickers this week. tackle left yesterday with a groin injury. peters is listed day to day. then quarterback ronald darby. eagles are waiting on tests but reports say it's a dislocated ankle injury that won't require surgery. >> with darby out, others will need to step up. >> it will take all hands on deck the next few weeks to get the job done. >> one of the biggest plays in yesterday's win at washington happened early on the eagle's third offensive play. nelson aguilar for the 58-yard
11:29 pm
touchdown. that was yesterday. time to focus on sunday when the birds face andy reed and thursday, they play the patriots in new england. >> we look forward to the challenge of playing philadelphia. >> it will be fun. at the same time, he wants to kick my tail. i want to kick his. >> i have a lot of respect for him. he's done a nice job there. >> it's a tough place to play now. it's a loud, loud place. >> nfl monday night football, former eagle quarterback sam bradford has quite the game, 27 for 32. 336-yards an two touchdowns. saints have the worst passing. we talk flyers after the break.
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lauren's the spark that started the fire. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. >> the phillies have the nice off. >> how about the flyers? second overall pick on the ice. patrick missed the offseason program due to various ailments. he says he's helping now. >> it's exciting. taking it day by day to make the team.
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>> season opener at san jose three weeks away. >> looks like a kid. >> he is a kid. >> by my standards. >> finally tonight, miss america had an exciting day. karen mund of north dakota dipped her toe in the ocean. the 26-year-old graduated from brown university. she wants to go to law school. it will have to wait a year. she went to school with quarterback carson wentz. he knows all of her secrets and she knows all of his. >> "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, matt oh doanl, david murphey and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- larry david, dave salmoni and animals, kristen bell, live from florida, plus the finale of baby bachelor in paradise. and now get this, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: that's very nice.


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