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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  September 16, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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to tell the young guys that don't get a lot of reps and love on them like that, i love that. >> chris: that's a group without their man, who has the neck injury. not as deep, and the front four are formidable. they didn't have to play that much defense tonight. louisville still at this point of the game, five minutes to go, has run just 62 plays. so inability, kirk, to do enough on first down, and put louisville in third and long a lot tonight. they were just not able to execute on third down. that was one of the huge factors of the game. >> kirk: that was a huge factor, but the overall approach. playing against jackson a year ago, and getting ready for him this year. brent venables had a year to come up with a plan. veteran defensive lines, linebackers that have played football. it wasn't just getting him to third and long. it was how they did that. how their plan worked.
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>> chris: hunter johnson has been in there. the true freshman out of brownsburg, indiana. talked about the five-star recruit. he was in there briefly. he won't be around here five years probably. we're going to put him in there as a true freshman and a look, the opener against kent state. n now getting second game action of the season. etienne is in the game again. >> kirk: oh, boy. >> chris: he has got it again. he is just dangerous at every carry. >> kirk: i know. for etienne. >> chris: louisville meanwhile, doesn't have the same kind of gut-wrenching last-minute loss to recover from three. like they did last year when they lost in death valley, but this was a smackdown. they have to take a deep breath,s and they have kent and then a tricky game at nc state
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and remember the season is not over. the pop pass on the end around. this is will swinney, the coach's son the holder and the backup receiver getting a touch. does he have friends in high places? with that play call in. >> kirk: how about that? a little bit of swinney. that's pretty cool. >> chris: he won the holder's job as a utility guy in the receiving core. >> kirk: look at the smile. that was a dad smile, not a coach smile. >> chris: it sure was. >> kirk: how about it? 16 in there. come on. >> chris: he said he has been holding since he was in seventh grade, and didn't love to do it. you find a way at 5'9", and 185 to impact a team as good as clemson. >> kirk: pretty cool. >> chris: play clock just winding down on fourth and 3, and they will let it expire, and burn a time-out. punt coming up.
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dabo actually stayed down at home and watched his second son, drew, play at a high school game that didn't come in until 1:00 a.m. you know that feeling, right? >> kirk: you sure do. you got a taste of that feeling. high school football nashville style. >> chris: nba with a late touchdown to beat the rival with a 20th year in a row. >> kirk: 21 years in a row. taking care of business. nothing better than high school football. the slot receiver has to feed him a little bit on the other side. >> chris: exactly. ty chandler by the way playing for tennessee. looking good. >> kirk: yeah. >> chris: spiers with a rugby punt and boots it down there.
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he does that effectively too. there's a clemson team that made a living winning games despite losing the turnover battle. not a single turnover tonight. excellent special teams as we talked about venables' defense and it's all working. see what's working for the lions and the giants, monday night football. 8:15 eastern time. available on espn2 in spanish. the countdown serve bd applebee, and kicks off monday. >> kirk: we talked a lot about clemson and the wins, and consistency. you and i had a chance to talk about dabo this week about how do you avoid complacency after winning the championship? thought he had an interesting fr philosophy and approach. he said he calls it the windshield mentality, and it goes to how they recruit. they have a beautiful new facility. they are recruiting at such a
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high level these last seven or eight years, and they are selective in the type of individuals they are willing to bring into their program. they don't just get any five star. they look for -- they look for character. they look for a personality that fits, and if he doesn't fit, they are not going to recruit him. >> chris: jackson scrambling and darts out. does get a first down. dabo claims he runs as many off as he tries to get. he doesn't feel like the personality is a good fit for the program. >> kirk: but i think when you do that, it allows you to do the things and cultivate the program and push it in certain directions and players look at you and just kind of say, yes, sir. and that's -- that's what it's going to take to be a winning program, i'm in. an unselfish player, i'm in. and that's not really normal in college football today. >> chris: third and 1. wide open man is samuel, and gets some clemson backup. he is going to cut back and be
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knocked down inside the 5. that will not make coach venables happy as they give up a big play. >> kirk: no. of course, you want to give players an opportunity to play that don't always get a chance, but when they do get in, that's why it's important to listen during the week even though you think you may not get a chance to play, but all of a sudden, you're in the game and you're out of position, and brent venables is going to watch the eye in the sky tomorrow and call you in and say, all right. let's talk about this play right here. >> chris: 78-yard play gets jackson 300 yards passing and it's first and goal, and lamar gets to the end zone, and incomplete. a battle between fitzpatrick and a.j. terrell. you look at the stats and you say, lamar threw for over 300 passes and ran for 65 yards. those are pretty gaudy stats.
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they will not however, tell the story of a frustrating night on the yards put up after the game was out of reach. from the pocket. to the escape, and he will be dragged down at the 5. it was nolan turner. he said, i tackled a heisman trop trophy winner one time. >> kirk: who are your top four, chris? >> chris: oklahoma, ohio state. >> kirk: you have them at one? >> chris: well, i mean, are you going to do it based on achievements so far? >> kirk: you know how i would do my thing. >> chris: you would put alabama first? >> kirk: no. not right now. >> chris: give me a second to think about it. >> kirk: okay. >> chris: you would have to have those two teams. clemson has to be in there. >> kirk: i would put clemson after seeing them play on the road. how about clemson one -- this is based on three weeks of
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football. oklahoma two. alabama three. penn state four. >> chris: yeah. i mean -- >> kirk: are you okay with that? >> chris: i'm okay with that. >> kirk: you have to react to what you see through three weeks of football, and again, it's pretty volatile in the first three or four weeks. >> chris: 'bama fans you say, you have to react to it, but not overreact to it. >> kirk: but 'bama is still trying to figure some things out. >> chris: true. on third and goal. jackson, and almost his second pick of the night. denzel johnson jumping in there. it will be fourth and goal. >> kirk: wow. he is going to be thinking about that one for a long time. he read that perfectly. great job. he waits. receivers coming across the middle. he jumps it, and he just doesn't secure the ball. if he catches that, that's 100-yard interception return. he would be able to tell his
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grandkids and everybody. >> chris: fourth down, and they steps up and delivers incomplete. in heavy traffic. jalen believes they have a hand on it, and venables defense thinking it was a two-point game there. >> kirk: look at the first team out there again. that's the pride. that's not just hey. it's the pride that your backup guys don't get a chance to play much, and look at the first string guys led by christian wilkins. first one to give them that love and appreciate they held lamar jackson out of the end zone. >> chris: after a bust, and one of the guys -- and other guys rallied around and keep the cardinals out. 1:11 to play. zerrick cooper back in at quarterback. etienne wounds the middle.
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cassidy hubbarth will have the ford wrap-up show after the game. it can detail the highlights of all the correct picks today. it's only a short show. >> kirk: yeah, and it doesn't happen very often, so -- >> chris: final minute here. the coach's son, will swinney, in the ball game. number 16 there, spread out of the right. see if they can get him a catch. >> kirk: no chance. not up by 26. >> chris: well, the tigers are going to continue their domination of the atlantic division of the acc. it will be 18 in a row. 11 straight wins away from home. 19 straight pre-november wins. seven straight against ranked opponents. the shootout that many expected
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never materialized. search domestinance in the seco quarter, and then a 14-0 third quarter. 26-0 run. let's hear from dabo swinney with maria. >> maria: all right, coach. one of the challenges you knew you would face was disrupting louisville's defense, with a reigning trophy winner. how would you explain your defense in this game? >> i didn't like how we finished here at the stretch. we kind of gave up a couple of big plays and lost our focus a little bit. it was a great game, you know, we complemented each other well tonight. it was -- it was great job by our offense. we had big time plays with special teams and huge plays with the defense. pick six was a momentum play for us, but we complements each other well, and this was a dominant win on the road, and those are hard to come by. i'm proud of our team. we have had a lot of hard-fought battles with these guys to come up here and win like we won tonight. it's a big step for us and something we can learn from. >> maria: speaking for a win on the road. we saw kelly bryant on the road
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in a hostile environment. how would you describe what you saw from your quarterback and the poise he showed? >> every week he is answering all the questions, you know? every single week, and this was a big stage. his first road trip, and we made some big time plays. he made big scrammebles and big plays on the scrambles. just an outstanding ball. i'm proud of him, and this is, again, every week he is going to continue to get better. there will be things we'll see on tape he knows he can improve on, but just a tremendous job. i can't say enough. >> maria: he has been answering all the questions. he has a few more to answer. when you took your first snap in a hostile environment, what was going on in your mind? >> just breathe. have fun with it. try not to let the noise, you know, affect the communication around us. just play ball like we're at home, you know, hostile environment. just do my job. that's the only thing going through my head at the time. >> maria: seemed like you were
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working through communication things in the first half, but in the third quarter, you scored two straight touchdowns. what was different out of the lork locker room? >> we wanted to get off to a good start because the defense got a good stop, and we wanted to keep it going, and the momentum going in the second half. >> maria: well, coach said all you have to do is keep being kelly bryant. what does that mean moving forward? >> try to get better each and every week. find things to get better at, and don't be complacent. be kelly b. >> maria: how does it feel to walk away with this womein? >> it feels great. be back home, and get ready for the next one. >> maria: thank you. >> thank you. >> chris: come prehensive for t tigers. the defense does its job. four sacks of jackson. they were able to frustrate the heisman trophy winner early in the game. >> kirk: very impressive effort. dabo swinney just summed it up with maria, how impressed he was with his quarterback, but he
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made a great point when he said, we complemented each other. on the road, that's what it takes. everybody pulling together, and end up having a dominating performance. >> chris: another example of why clemson wasn't just a good team last year and the year before. it's a very strong program that's able to reload, as you said, recruit guys with the culture and they learn from the guys above them. this is not, at this point, a star laiden clemson team, and they are a contender again. >> kirk: it's not common you see a team climb the mountain for the first time in a long time. held that trophy, got rings and come back as hungry, if not, even more hungry than the year before. so that's -- that's the thing that you have to really appreciate if you are a clemson fan. >> chris: the head coach is trotting off right there. deserves a lot of the credit for that. clemson comes in on a blackout night in louisville and knocks out the cardinals 47-21.
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to our director, producer, thank you to everybody, and all our crew in the booth here. next saturday night, it's a new start time. 7:30 eastern time, and 6:30 central as penn state visits the iowa hawk eyes. we'll see you next saturday. the ford wrap-up show is coming up now. let's kick it to cassidy hubbarth in the studio. cassidy? ♪ ♪ sneend ♪ ♪
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welcome to the ford wrap-up. i'm cassidy hubbarth. the reigning champs improve to 3 of-0, but we'll see if this keeps the reigning trophy winner, from becoming the first back to back winner. barkley is looking to break an even longer dry spell as he tryings to become the first heisman winner from penn state since 1973. to happy valley we go. the nittany lions hosting georgia state, and barkley continues to be talked about because of jaw-dropping plays like this. an 85-yard score with all types of cheat codes. the running back with 142 receiving yards, and penn state wins 56-0. another player making early waves, baker mayfield in oklahoma taking it on, and he heads for 82 yards. the sooners get their 13th straight win.
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mayfield, 331 passing yards, and still no picks this season. texas, taking on usc. game tied at seven. sam darnold, he is buying time, and he goes for a long td. that would give usc the 14-7 lead. as it stands now, usc is up 14-10 with about six to play in the fourth. the other guy, heisman talks, mason rudolph. he passed for 497 yards for five touchdowns. also 100 plus receiving yards as they got the 59-21 win over pitt. now to the pac-12. washington's dontay pettis, tied the all-time fbs record. as for browny, he tied in the first half, and stanford is looking to bounce back from the loss at usc last week. meanwhile, the number one team in the land, alabama may continue to roll. jalen hurts, it's calvin ridley
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in stride. hurts with his tenth game with a passing and rushing td in the last two seasons. 'bama handles colorado state 41-23. as far as the top big ten teams, michigan snaps air force's winning streak, and number eight, ohio state bounced back from their loss to oklahoma with a 37-8 win over army. staying with the big ten, wisconsin was afishing. after 226 passing yards and four tds as the badgers get the win over byu. hornybrook with his second touchdown this season. florida efferentered the day af last season's bull game, and they seemed to pass the buck to tennessee as both ranked teams looked like they were avoiding the end zone like it was that clown in the gutter from "it
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request." scary. the wait was worth it for gators m fans. felipe franks had not thrown a completion more than ten yards downfield all game until this. to tyreke cleveland with no time left. the gators win 26-20 in dramatic fashion. from a jaw-dropping finish to a surprising performance. lsu, and nick fitzgerald. mississippi state with a 30-point win over l su. another exciting finish. memphis, and ucla. josh rosen's pass incomplete, and memphis with the upset from riley ferguson. there were a couple of games currently in action. ole miss, leading cal as both teams are looking to improve to 3-0, and you can watch that on espn. on espn2 utah is up big on san
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jose state. next week, gameday is in times square skbr square, and the primetime game is penn state at iowa. thanks for watching the ford wrap-up presented by the new 2018 ford escape. always unstoppable. go slow. ♪ come on mom! ♪ let's go! ♪ mom! slow down! for the ones who keep pushing. always unstoppable.
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♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program
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with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ >> hurricane jose is moving north. folks at rah ho the beach are fg large waves. >> tonight, good new, the latest track shows it moving away from shore. melissa magee has been following the storm. she has the first check of the forecast. >> jose is northeast of cape hatteras, north carolina. it's a category one storm maximum winds at # 0 miles per r hour. the storm shifted east as far as the track is concerned. when we look at the movement, it's moving north seven miles
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per hour. as we put it into motion, it stays a hurricane one category and will be downgraded to a tropical storm. the the intensity gets closer to our region. the track of the storm is well offshore of the jersey shore and delaware beaches. as far as tropical storm winds with this, as we zoom in closer, 10% chance jersey beaches into delaware. tonight, 72 in philadelphia, 69 allentown, 63 poconos and 68 dover. throughout the rest of tonight, skies clear out. there will be a lot of low level moisture. fog develops throughout the overnight hours and temperatures bottom out to the 60s. we have more details on jose and
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the weather home in the full forecast. >> thank you, melissa. download the "6abc" app for your phone or tablet. the app is a free download for your mobile device. >> we have on the aftermath of hurricane irma. the roads to key west are opening tomorrow morning the mayor is warning everyone the keys are different from before the storm. 21 ravaged neighborhoods are guarded by check points. neighbors returning to the upper keys are struggling to find food. tonight there are 20,000 troops working together to get the region back on its feet. in other news, investigators are trying to figure out why a septa
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train derailed in liberty. annie mccormick joins us live from the scene with details. annie? >> walter, good news at this hour. the frankford line eastbound and northbound are running. >> saturday night at septa's eighth and market street, eastbound market line riders are directed to shuttle busses. we had to walk all the way up here because the train is messed up down there. >> it's a big inconvenience. power was shut down eastbound and westbound after a morning partial train derailment. chopper over the scene just before 11:00 the train headed to the transportation center came to a halt near the spring garden
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stop. the tunnel, the car derailed. i thought it would tip over to the expressway. i have never been so scared in my life. the cars were operating on a single track system. the train crossing over from the eastbound to westbound side when the lead car partially derailed. in recent months, septa both at in february, a derailment and crash injured four. >> walter, in the other
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accidents we referenced, the national chanc transportation sy board doesn't expect federal investigators to be part o of i. channel6 "action news" back to you. >> a navy sailor from new jersey who was killed when his ship chided with an oil tanker was laid to rest today. fellow soldiers paid tribute to kenneth aaron smith, a 2013 graduate from cherry hill high school was serving onboard the u.s.s. mccain when the accident took place. he was among ten sailors killed. he was 22 years old. >> two dogs were rescued from a storm drain in park county. neighbors heard the dogs barking and called for help. bob brooks picks up the story
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from here. >> it's been quite a 24 hours for these two dogs. last night, both dogs are lifted out of a storm drain 14 feet below the ground. they made the discovery outside of their south hampton home on clover lane. >> i heard a dog barking. my neighbors don't have a dog. >> neither saw a dog until tom moved his car. i heard the barking with an echo. i moved the car and i look down and see the eyes of the dog shining up. >> they called for help. ems crews were on the way. >> as you can see the crews wasted little time. ryan brooks was the one sent down below. >> they seemed to be


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