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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 17, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff sky verse ski, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. the east coast is again, on hurricane watch, hurricane jose is moving through the atlantic and storm is expect to kick off some rough surf but so far, it looks like help say will stay off shore. sunday evening, big story on "action news" is tracking hurricane jose. >> even though it is well off shore coast could see dramatic
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effects. lets get over to meteorologist melissa magee with the latest track. >> we have been tracking jose since early last week and we're still tracking it into early this week as well. right now jose is a category one hurricane winds sustained at 90 miles an hour. it is 305 miles to the south/ southe of cape hatteras north carolina we will put this into motion here. movement right now to the north at 9 miles per hour, as we go throughout the next several days, jose will continue to parallel the east coast but you notice even on its most western patties still well off shore of the new jersey beaches and also the delaware beaches, as well. so the more than likely will maintain hurricane strength, as early as tuesday afternoon. so there will be some indirect impacts as a result of hurricane jose. as we get into monday night, more specifically into wednesday morning, we could find a brush of rain especially for philadelphia and points to the east. very little impact to the west of the i-95 corridor.
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wave heights at the coast anywhere from 10 to 15 feet high, minor to moderate coastal flooding is also a big concern. we could have gusts from 35 miles an hour, inland to as high as 45 miles an hour tropical storm force gusts at the coast. more on jose in a little bit but right now back here at home warm, humid finish in the lack weekend of summer. high right now in philadelphia coming in at 80. seventy-one in the poconos. a weise go throughout the rest of the evening it stays warm, muggy. temperatures for the most parts will be in the upper 70 's and lower zero seven's. we have got more details on jose coming up with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. >> thanks, melissa talk to you in a bit. "action news" will continue to track jose all through the night and get an early start tomorrow bring you latest on the storm and impact join matt, tam, david and karen beginning at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. residents back in the florida keys, one week after hurricane irma made land fall, and official warned keys were not what they were before the storm. at lee 90 percent of the
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houses in some areas, are believed to have been destroyed. meantime, florida governor rick scott announced new rules requiring, nursing homes, to have generators, capable of maintaining comfortable temperatures, for at lee four days, if the power goes out. and that decree came three days after eight residents of the nursing home in hollywood, florida, died when the building who power, to its cooling system. a senior citizen from south philadelphia is recovering this evening, after falling victim to the home invasion. >> she was robbed by a couple of attackers who were looking for an easy mark. "action news" reporter christie ileto live at the scene with more details, christie? >> reporter: well, sarah neighbors say suspect were seen pacing in this alley way right before, they knock on the victimes back door and forced their way in. >> think somebody would come into your house and do such a horrible thing. >> reporter: that is exactly what unfolded on the 3100 block of south 20th street early sunday morning.
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>> unaudible. >> she said, the woman pointing her gun to her head, and, to her neck, and the guy went upstairs, and i don't know what he took, but then they left. >> reporter: this man didn't want to show his face but says that next door neighbor was visible shaken moments after the incident. police say one of the suspects was armed and pair made off with the victim's jewelry. it is in the clear if she was targeted. >> i'm a little surprised because she was a very nice woman, is, and it is a surprise to me in broad daylight 9:00 in the morning anybody would do a thing like that. >> reporter: now police say there were no serious injuries but neighbors say that the victim's daughter, was taken to the hospital to get checked out. anyone with any information about this incident is dod cat detectives. live from south philadelphia, christie ileto for channel six "action news". well, still no official
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word tonight whether class will be in session tomorrow in the methacton school district. teachers union say notification friday of its intent to walk off the job beginning on monday morning. the strike notice comes, after working without a contract, since january. any decision on canceling classes will come by 8:00 o'clock tonight. stay with "action news" and, of course, six for very latest information. all right. jamie here to talk eagles/ chiefs. so close, so close but just could not make it happen. >> yet so far, sadly. measuring stick game eagles can say they are taller then we thought but still a bit short, right? does that make sense. they held a high scoring chiefs games to just six points but in the half better team got best of them. if town watch doug pederson try to out coach his mentor andy reid. third quarter chiefs clinging to a six-three lead. carson wentz findal shan jeffery for 16-yard touchdown that gave the bird a lead but that was their last lead in the game. travis kelce, jason's brother pulled the chiefs ahead on this 15-yard touchdown.
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twenty-13. afterward, recovering on site kick eagles had a chance for a miracle but hail hail mary was unanswered prayer. eagles lose 27-20. wentz 25 of 46, 333-yard and two scores and picked off once , sacked six times, for coach pederson, close but no cigar. >> well, the take away is you're right there. a team that lit the scoreboard up in week number one in new england to come back and keep them tie, held down, you know, for three-quarters, the take away ise fence offensively we have to address our own need, and the way we're playing. offensively and again it starts with me as a play caller. >> speaking of the play calling they only called 13 runs today. they need work on that. >> absolutely you can't do that and win. >> we will have more at 5:30. >> thanks, jamie. to other news britain has lowered its terror threat level after the arrest of the a second man in connection, with friday's attack on the
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london underground. 291 year-old man was arrested in west london not far away, anti terror and forensic teams were conducting urgent searches at two homes. one house, belongs to an elderly couple, who, fostered dozens of children, including, refugees. seven years ago queen elizabeth, and penelope jones an award for their service. in france, authorities are investigate an as aid tack on four boston college students, studding a broad. right now, they do not believe it was an act of terrorism. two of the women were slightly injured. forty-one year-old woman with the history of mental health problems has been arrested in connection with the attack. she reportedly told police that she had been a victim of the acid attack and wanted others to know how it felt. habitat for humanity, of course is best known for building new homes for those in need but group's mission today in philadelphia was to help seniors, stay in their homes. "action news" reporter bob
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brooks, explains. >> reporter: coming into your home here. meet harvey robinstein a proud military vet. >> i was in korea. >> reporter: proud philadelphian who has lived in his home in the northeast for a long time. how long have you been living here for. >> since you were even born, 47 years. >> reporter: today his home is getting a much deserved make over thanks to the jewish federation, and habitat for humanity. >> we're going to paint a couple rooms here to days, we will take out all of the carpet, rip the nails out of the floor, cleaning up trash, you know, just, nothing crazy, but, it is a hope to make a difference. >> reporter: these are just some of the finishing touches, robinstein says his home was damaged in a storm a few years ago. >> the roof blew off. >> reporter: volunteers had already fixed that and unfortunate delay wasn't the only damage here. jewish federation says he also fell victim to contractor fraud, and that work is being fixed too. >> a lot of contractors whether or not reputable individual are looking to scam , pray old's adults. >> reporter: robinstein's home
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is one of the many getting help today, eight homes in all are being fixed with the help ... >> no audio. that was bob brooks, reporting for us. we have some breaking news now , philadelphia fire fighters, are battling a parking garage fire. this is looking live, from sky six in center city. this is happening right here near ninth and walnut street. fire fighters were called to that location, for smoke showing from a chimney and a top of the parking garage. you can see the smoke puffs still coming up there, billowing from the chimney and rooftop over the center city sky line no word at the moment as to what sparked this fire, at the time, no injuries have been reported. thousands of runners were fighting cancer with their feet today for seventh annual philadelphia hosted its rock and roll philadelphia half mar ton to benefit the american association of cancer research a ac r is exclusively for supporting cancer research and much of the money raise today will state there for organizations in the delaware
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veil. by wait first runner across the finish line in one hour and two seconds and first woman, finished 62nd later. still to come on "action news" school district pulls the plug on hundreds of lap tops after some of them catch fire. also a church in south jersey turns back the clock, and we will tell but that when "action news" comes right back sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever
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plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month.
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a church this camden county, new jersey has a big reason to celebrate today. holy trinity lutheran church in magnolia is celebrating its
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125th anniversary. this milestone was observed with a service at 10 this morning followed by a pot luck lunch. some church members got in the celebration spirit by dress nothing clothing similar to what would have been worn back in the 1890's, when the church was first founded. less than two weeks in the school year a massachusetts school is recalling student lap tops due to a fire risk. east bridge water junior and senior high, the len nova chrome books model n21 and 22 are all banned. more than 1100 of the school issued lap tops are now at police station, locked in outdoor storage, in case more of them catch fire. >> they were not expecting it. >> the students saw a spark and then began to smoke. in this area. >> school's already had three catch fire and several students say that when they were charging them the indicate or lights got so hot, it burned their fingers.
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the school is working with the manufacturer to get safe replacement back into student as hand as quickly as possible tech world in silicone valley is a very competitive place and tech ceo strategy to help her get ahead was to make a major change to her hair. she says that she needed to do that to be taken more seriously. here's abc rebecca jarvis with more. >> i mean why are we here. >> reporter: eileen cherry is suck follow ceo in silicone veil known for co founding glass breakers and diversity inclusion software company but it is not her top tech that has everyone talking. it is her hair. >> made the decision based honorary search to change my perception, in a way so that it is improved the likelihood of, you know, being taken, more seriously as a leader as opposed to as maybe a sexual object. >> reporter: one of her secrets getting a head was biting the blonde stereotypes, going from this, to this.
5:15 pm
>> when i first started cot i was given advice from a friend of mine, who just broke down, and in terms about perception honey how are perceived. >> reporter: while running a company as a blonde, she feared her hair color made it less likely that she would be taken seriously, by potential investors. >> i kept getting comments about, you know, it is so impressive you are so young, you started this company. like i was 23. i'm 31. so i died my hair. >> reporter: it is not just her hair color that change. she made a conscious choice to dress down too, ditching contact lenses and dresses, in favor of glasses, t-shirts and rugged jackets. she called it androgenous. >> i just wanted to appear a little less sexy. >> reporter: social psychologist karen shackleford says this is is common in the work force this are there are research stud that is show women who dress more feminine ly, wear more jewelry look more attractive are less likely to be hired for manager
5:16 pm
ial positions. >> reporter: she says that she has had stories of her own and not just in silicone valley. >> that is something that happens, all over america, in our schools, and, in our offices, and in our government so, this is a phenomenon that does not affect me it effects all of us. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis for abc news, new york. much more to come on "action news" tonight, plus, flash flood and mud slide warnings in japan as a typhoon moves shore. we will tell you why it is time to get your kid in for a flu shot, sooner rather than later. plus meteorologist melissa magee with your full accu weather forecast when we come right back.
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the government of cuba today called for mass mobilization to clean up the damage left by hurricane irma. they called on civic, military groups to help pick up, dispose of tons of debris from the island's north side in particular. military recruits have been pressed into action for the effort. the government wants to get operations back to normal and hotels and resorts, prime sources of revenue for cuba. a fierce typhoon continues to pound southern japan, the typhoon was getting stronger, even as it made land fall on the islands there. more than a quarter million people had to be urged to evacuate from one region alone , train, plane services have been disrupted all across japan and thousands of homes are without power. authorities have issued flash flood, and landslide warnings. melissa here with another check of your accu weather forecast. we're watching jose off the shore.
5:20 pm
>> that is right, it will primarily stay off east coast but we have new information with jose, so we will go over and talk about it in the weather center. here is her kay jose marks sustain wind at 90 miles per hour, still a good 335 miles to the south/southe of cape hatteras, north carolina you can see those wind sustained at 90 miles an hour. it is moving north at 9 miles an hour. max gust was this storm right now 115 miles an hour. this just issued from the national weather center, here at home, we have got a tropical storm watch for the jersey beaches, he will delaware beaches as well because as this storm gets close to us even though it is expect to wayne in intensity there could be tropical storm force gust as cross our region so we will talk about the path with jose, it is moving to the north at 9 miles per hour. right now it is in the northern gulf stream. waters there are a little bit warmer then when they reach our latitude. as we put this into motion it is expect to weaken, however,
5:21 pm
as the storm system stays off shore, good 200 miles, the wind field will expand, and, so as we look at tropical storm force wind with this storm and we will go in tighter as that wind field expands out from the central of circulation with jose we have got a good 30 percent chance of finding tropical storm force wind gust from his surf city to atlantic city. so right off new jersey beach. that is why it is big concern with the rough surf high waves and rip currents and coastal flooding a big concern as well back here at home today, certainly not a bad finish for last weekend of summer. we have partly sunny skies and a couple showers to the west of philadelphia and to the west of reading at this hour. as we go throughout the rest of tonight, it is partly cloudy, warm, stays sticky. overnight low in philadelphia 68 degrees. sixty-three in allentown. sixty-eight at boardwalk. down in dover coming in at 65. still low level moisture so there is an issue of fog as we go throughout the overnight hours. get in the day on monday, and,
5:22 pm
7:00 a.m. that starts at 69. cloud and some sun. staying humid. we are dry tomorrow, but as jose gets closer to our region , late monday night, we could find some light rain here in philadelphia and to the east. tropics though, certainly starting to heat up. we have had tropical storm lee that has been downgraded to a tropical depression but now we have hurricane maria, max sustain wind at 75 miles an hour. we will track maria, as we get into 5:30, guys, more details with the accu weather forecast in a little bit. >> thanks, melissa. well, doctors are urging parents not to wait to get their children vaccinated for the flu. it is best to get a shot before the end of october. it is a child's first shot they may need two doses. the flu normally picks up in late december, but some years it arrives in november. this years flu season in australia started earlier and hit harder. there were two and a half times the usual number of case s. most of them elderly or school age children. u.s. flu season often mirrors
5:23 pm
that of australia, the vaccine seems to be a good match for dominant strain but that strain, can be severe. your dogs could be the key to a better night sleep. scientists from the mayo clinic recently conducted a study and they found people that kept their dogs in their bedroom experienced better quality of sleep compared to those who did not but those who snug with the their pet in bed actually suffered from lower quality sleep. so bring your dog in the bedroom but give it, its own bed. couple from oregon planning to get married, all ready love each other in sick ness and in health. dominic binder, will donate one of her kidneys to her fiance lorenzo perez. he found out last year that his kidneys are failing but his doctors are not sure why. he is on dialysis four times a week and in need of a transplant. binder says that she didn't hesitate to help out. >> as soon as i found out that he needed a kidney, my first thought was, that i would want to be the one to donate, and
5:24 pm
that was going to start getting tested right away. >> now the only hurdle for this loving couple is to raise fund toss paid for renting an apartment near the apartment, for six to eight weeks as the transplant so she can stay close by. friend have already started, an on line drive to do just that. still to come on "action news" tonight is what the deal , how to save money for halloween and all of those holidays, ahead. the u.s. may take drastic measure in light of those bizarre sonic wave attacks against diplomateness cuba, we will be right back. staples. it's pro time.
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white house lawn received some extra tlc thanks to an 11 year-old boy named frank. frank, from virginia, which was so hard at work friday but didn't notice president trump come out to greet him. frank just kept on mowing, he finally turned around and exchanged a handshake with the president. the two chatted for a bit with trump calling frank quote the future of the country. the president asked frank what he wants to be when he grows up. this was his response. >> what do you want to do when you grow up. >> navy seal. >> a navy seal? well, he will make it, there is no doubt. >> yes. >> good choice. >> frank came to the president 's attention after writing a letter to the white house asking to mow the lawn. he explained he has been mowing his neighbor's lawn for quite sometime and wand todd extend the favor to the president. following your holidays, some of the most fun but most expensive, especially for families with kid. >> that is right from halloween all the way to the
5:28 pm
end of the year it can really add up. nydia han to the rescue now with a great opportunity, to save big, on those holiday items and much more. >> reporter: halloween costumes, holiday dresses, it all add up, right. don't miss out on the huge consignment event called just between friend happening in our area next week. eighty-three dollars per person for halloween and $1,000 per family for christmas. that is what the national retail federation says americans spend on average, per year. so why not get a jump on the holidays and your holiday savings by heading to the massive just between friends kid consignment event. you can find clothing, all kinds of kid stuff from 50 to 90 percent off. >> fit relate toss clothing or entertaining your children you will find it at jbf and it is not just for little kid. we go up to size juniors for teenage girls and size 18 for bigger boys and maternity for mom this. >> reporter: jbf is very pick bye what it wants to sell and ale fine not only gently used
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items but brand new items with everything. >> we are looking foresees nal appropriate. fall winter clothing for this sale and in april we will be accepting spring, summer items >> reporter: which means that the sale next week you'll find everything that you need for halloween, thanksgiving, and the winter holiday season. jbf sale is happening at greater philadelphia expo center in oaks and later at the sports plus in feasterville. there are other dates and locationness our area as well and we have put the information on six so find expo center at oaks beginning monday september 18th with consigneer drop off. first public sale day is thursday, accepts 21st. again we have put all of the details on this sale and others on six i'm nydia han for channel six, "action news". much more to come on "action news" tonight, president trump, molds his next move in healing the north korea's latest missle and, nuclear test. jamie apody returns with more of the eagles close loss in kansas city and plane crash takes the life of nasa car, star, that and much more when
5:30 pm
"action news" comes right back
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here are big stories we are following for you on "action news" tonight. president trump talks about the possible options regarding south korea and north korea after north korea's latest missle test. authorities in st. louis brace for a third day of protests, after the acquittal of the former police officer in the death of the black man. former atlantic city cop battles back after he was nearly killed. now to the details, north korea was on president trump's
5:32 pm
a gend today. he talked again with the president of the south korea on how to control kim jong u.n. dangerous provocations. abc's gloria riveria has more. >> reporter: president trump spending his sunday morning on twitter and retweeting are raising eyebrows including one fake gip showing the president hitting hillary clinton with the golf ball. president also retweeting himself renewing his call for a tougher travel ban. in reaction to the bombing on london train on friday. >> when we see a new one? well, this is something that we're looking at is how to protect the american people, better. how to ensure that we know who these people are, and who are moving. >> reporter: uk prime minister is pushing a different proposal going in the u.n. general assembly in new york next week. >> one of the issues that we really need to be addressing and i will be raising this when i'm at the united nations is the question of the use of the internet, by terrorists, for terrorist planning, but
5:33 pm
also the use of it for spread of the extremism of hatred, propaganda that can insight, inspire terrorism. >> reporter: north korea likely to be a hot topic at u.n. trump tweeting about kim jong u.n. calling him rocket man, after the regime's missle teslas week. >> if the united states has to defend civil or defend its allies in anyway, north korea will be destroyed and we all know. that in of us want. that none of us want war. >> reporter: wall street journal reporting that the administration may stay in the paris climate accord. secretary of state rex tillerson says under the right circumstances that may be the case. >> we are willing to work with partners in the paris climate accord if we can construct a set of terms that we believe is fair and balanced for the american people. >> reporter: gloria riveria for abc news, new york. frightening moments for passengers on board a british airways flight this morning bound for london. the flight was supposed to take off from an airport in paris but was stopped and searched while still on the
5:34 pm
tarmac. officials say that police and fire fighters rush to the scene, after receiving a quote , security alert. authorities later determined, that it was a false alarm. plane was evacuated as investigators recheck, each passengers and then each bag. and secretary of state rex tillerson says he is considering closing the u.s. embassy in havana after mysterious attacks on diplomates. it led to 21 american injured since november of last year. some diplomates reported excruciating noises and some say they felt nothing but they have all been left with hearing loss. cuba denies any involvement and allowing fbi to investigate into havana. demonstrators are expected to gather near st. louis, missouri this evening, for a third day of protests. the protest are in response to the acquit ol white former police officer and fatal shooting of the black man. friday night at lee 33 people were arrested and 11 police officers were injured. at lee nine more people were arrested last night after
5:35 pm
police say some demonstrators broke windows and threw object s at police officers. police in southern illinois are hoping surveillance video will help them catch three armed robbers who targeted a casino this morning. one security guard was shot at the queen casino ine st. louis during a robbery. the suspect left the casino, with an undetermined amount of cash, and people inside of the robbery when it happened described a scene of chaos and confusion, after the shots were fired. >> i heard the first shot and i said, they are started shooting and they just kept going. we just ran. it was happening, over, falling on each other, money in the machines, people stealing money out of the machine. >> yes, just hearing the pop, pop, yeah, and hear another pop, pop and seen people running, you know. it is really scary. we didn't necessity if they were running toward i or where it was coming from. >> security guard who was shot is expected to be okay. well, two people killed in the small plane crash in
5:36 pm
connecticut was nascar championship racer ted christopher. plane crashed in the wood in north brandford yesterday. christopher and the pilot were killed. no word on the cause of the accident, christopher won 13 track championships and competed at every level of nascar. late last night dale earnhardt junior called christopher a legend. philadelphia police are investigating a fatal fall, that killed a 20 year-old woman earlier this morning in philadelphia. it happened at about 3:00 a.m. on the 4500 block of castor avenue. police tell "action news" that she was driving with friend when they pulled over so she could go to the bathroom. that is when they say she fell 20 feet off of the overpass. her body was taken to the medical examiner's office. police are now questioning her friend whose were with her. in southwest philadelphia, a two vehicle collision caused one vehicle to overturn as you can see, and the other ended up on the sidewalk. it happened at 1:15 this morning at the intersection of forty-second and spruce streets. the driver, of the roll over vehicle was trapped and had to be rescued she was taken to an
5:37 pm
area hospital in serious but stable condition. so far no word on how the crash occurred. the federal corruption trial of the u.s. senator bob menendez is headed into its third week. the new jersey demies charged with accepting bribes in exchange for helping in a business dispute and getting doctorate visas for his girlfriend. menendez maintains that those gifts are evidence of their friendship. not a corrupt agreement. today the delaware national guard, performed a mass reenlistment of eight air men in front of their families and peers. reenlistment was held next to a c130h aircraft, afterward, everyone was invited to take part in the annual family day. the event included a bouncey house, car shows, bike show, vendors and a aircraft display over the past year a police officer in atlantic city has been fighting got fight after being shot in the line of duty. josh fidel took a bullet to the head but today he is walking, talking and thankful to be alive. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has more on his road
5:38 pm
to recovery. >> i still don't believe it myself that, you know, a year ago, i almost died. >> reporter: that is former atlantic city police officer josh fidel who last september was shot in the head while responding to a robbery near the parking garage at caesars. he remembered the moment. >> it was the first gunshot, and then feeling weakness, and then i remember my partner returning fire. >> they weren't sure he was even going to make it through the night. >> reporter: fidel's wife, laura delivered a baby girl just two weeks after josh was shot afraid she would never know her father. the dad of three girls spent two weeks in icu and has had five surgeries including one to install a plastic plate to replace his shattered skull. initially paralyzed josh has limited vision and maine built on his left side and doing intense physical therapy at moss rehab where he is making amazing progress. >> stronger i get with my arm and my leg, the berth i start to feel.
5:39 pm
i feel, i'm starting to get my confidence back. >> reporter: physical therapy has been grueling and josh tells me there are times he wanted to quit but his wife and kid are what kept him going. >> i want to get better for them. i need to get better for them. >> he forgets sometimes how well he is doing. i see pictures, and videos and able to see how much progress he has made. >> reporter: things have improved so much, laura plans to go back to school to finish her bachelor's degrees while josh stays home with the kid. he retired from the police force in july and wants to be a motivational speaker. >> everybody has the will, inside them, to fight, it is just the need to dig down deep , and, find it. >> reporter: that can do attitude and lots of support is helping josh fidel on his long road to recovery. in woodbury, i'm nora muchanic for channel six "action news". >> good for him. >> absolutely. still to come on "action news" tonight a tough loss for eagles in kansas city, jamie apody has more on the showdown in arrow head stadium. it all came down to the final
5:40 pm
second. we have a first look at our super car of the future and as you can imagine it is really, really expensive. coming up a multi million-dollar price tag for mercedes new concept hybrid, melissa. walter, not a bad finish to the last weekend of summer n fact today across the region temperatures were in the upper 70's and lower 80's. we've got more details on our weather plus we are tracking latest on hurricane jose, details with the "action news" weather forecast. those stories and much more, when "action news" comes right back.
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tesla empire just keeps growing, electric vehicle maker plans to unveil sim truck and test ride on october . ceoe lon musk called the truck a beast and says it is worth seeing in person. even after wraps come off the truck it could take a while before it is actually on sale. tesla hopes to reveal an electric powered pickup truck and in late 2018 or 2019. if you have the need for speed the mercedes benz has the car for you. the auto maker just unveiled what it calls its future super car. the mercedes amg project one is hybrid with the top speed of more than 200 miles an hour the car hybrid technology is based on modern formula one race cars and that will come at a price though, it will cost about 2.7 million-dollar. >> wow. >> mercedes says it will only make 275 of them and they will be on the market fairly soon.
5:44 pm
>> there you have it. medicare card are getting a make over to ward off identity thieves. starting next april beneficiaries will receive card with a unique new identification number, not just social security numbers that have been plastered on them for decade. criminals have been increasingly targeting seniors for medical identity theft, transition to the new card will include, 58 million seniors, and their families. jamie's here with another check of sports. eagles/chiefs. came down to the final seconds >> yes. >> no. >> no, no. it was exciting. fun to watch. chiefs put up 42 points on the patriots last week so when eagles defense held them to six points in the first half, everyone was pretty impressed. in the end they could not sustain that level of play and they put the pro shay in his place. eagles and doug pederson returning to kansas city to face andy reid. craze play i to end the half. carson wentz goes deep for zach ertz. ball bouncing off, the hands of the defender and in the hands of the tightened, 53-
5:45 pm
yard gain. but surely his frown turned around when eagles new kicker jake elliott missed the chip shot for a chance to tie the game. in the third quarter, still six-three. bird took their last lead of the game when wentz found jeffery for 16-yard touchdown to make it 10-six. but, kareem hunt, puts the eagles, there, rook which a 53-t the chiefs back in front. he scores twice today. five touchdowns already this season. fourth quarter of the tie game , wentz, throws the ball off the defender helmet and in the hand of chris jones. and, the chiefs, score the go ahead touchdown. travis kelce, jason's brother, leaping, 15-yard score, makes it 20-13. however, after receiving the recover of the on side kick eagles had a chance of a miracle in the last play of the game, a hail hail mary, it was close though. eagles lose 27-20. wentz 25 of 46, 333-yard and two touchdowns but he was pick
5:46 pm
off once and sacked six times. >> it is a good team g football team they were a playoff team last year. they just went on the road and beat new england last week. thinks a good football team. good environment to play. i thought we competed, you know, they made more plays then us. we for the all the way to the end. so, we had a lot of good things that i think we did. we just came up short. we will get some of those things fixed. >> we will talk much more about the chiefs on "action news" sports sunday, former eagles running back brian westbrook will join us in the studio tonight as we follow "action news" at 11:00. phillies finishing up a series with the a's before facing chase utley and dodge tours town tomorrow. never want to root for opposition but i found myself pretty much clapping for joey whendell. wilmington delaware native, and, west chester university hit a grand slam. and his family here to celebrate. they took a six-three lead. imagine what that felt like. rhys hoskins, he hasn't had a myth in three games.
5:47 pm
zero for five and three strike outs today. so, they lose six-three. flyers played their first preseason game on the road against islander, and they scored but flares lose in overtime three-two. jeff curtain's union visiting new york red bulls. andre blake various red bulls. union go, with eight saves, and many of those, point blank range, look at this philadelphia new york play to a scoreless tie. union now win less in their last six matches. but on the flip side, their goalie looked spectacular. >> through have it. >> thanks, jamie. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight, a big surprise for a hiker in the grand canyon. plus high tech to trap malaria how nasa is using satellite to pinpoint future out breaks when "action news" comes right back.
5:48 pm
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you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ visitors on the south rim of the grand can john in air zone got quite a treat a few days ago. they got to see look at that full rainbows. national park service took this picture of the expect fix are particular california and we should mention rainbows are common in the park in, fact, one sexist known as rainbow rim. a famous sculpture on new zealand's northern island was struck by lightening and it was caught on camera. take a look lightening hit the wind wand, the flexible sculpture that stretches more than 150 feet in the air. officials there tell local media that the lightening just destroyed the lights at the even of the sculpture. there are no reports of any injuries or other damage. all right. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee.
5:51 pm
>> we had a really nice finish to the last weekend of summer. >> yes, we did. >> i know, it is coming to an end. now we have a lot going on as we get in the rest of this week. we will talk about it with the details and show you the action cam outside earlier today, they are looking at the walnut street bridge, in center city. you can see we had a fair amount of cloud overhead and interest was fairly humid as well today. sky six live, in hd, we are down the shore, one last official gasp of summer, in cape may. a few folks out and about on the beach and on the sand, enjoying the beach, but keep in mind is there still a high risk for rip currents as we go throughout the rest of tonight and early next week. we will talk about the weather headlines, stays very warm, humid. we have very late on hurricane jose, stats, track of the storm. because of jose there will be coastal impacts with large waves, and beach erosion. right now in philadelphia we are coming in at 80 degrees. eighty-two in allentown. eighty-one lancaster. over in trenton 79 degrees. down in dover 78. at the coast in cape may a
5:52 pm
pleasant 74 degrees. here is satellite six with action radar, can see we have a fair amount of cloud cover overhead and a couple of spotty showers that are popping up, west of philadelphia, and west of that i-95 corridor but you will notice some cloud out along the atlantic, those are the outer rain band, as a result of hurricane jose as its inches closer and closer to our region. but for the rest of tonight, it is warm, humid, we will drop down to 63 in the suburbs , and 68 degrees in philadelphia, for the overnight low and fog, will be developing, once again, as we go throughout the overnight hours. and on monday, cloud, sun, and stays humid for this time of the year. eighty-one in allentown for the high. seventy-nine in wilmington. toms river maxing out at 79 tomorrow. 82 degrees in philadelphia so we are dry for most of the day , tomorrow. but late monday night, there could be the possibility of some light rain through the city and especially, points to the east. here is why. we're tracking hurricane jose, maximum sustain wind at 90 miles per hour. we have seen some fluxation
5:53 pm
with the strength of this storm, as it is a good 380 miles still to the south/ southe of cape hatteras, north carolina movement to the north at 9 miles an hour. the storm system stays a good 200 miles off shore, and off the new jersey coastline, and the delaware beaches, but with this storm, weakening as it reaches our latitude, the tropical storm force wind with this storm are expected to expand. that is why we will have some indirect impacts, at the coast for new jersey, and also the delaware beaches. so monday evening into wednesday morning, waves up to 10 to 15 feet high, rip currents and beach erosion and minor to moderate coastal flooding a big concern. because of that tropical storm force wind gusts will expand we will find gusts from 40 to 45 miles an hour. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you on monday, cloud, sun, high of 82. showers, around, on tuesday, especially for the city points to thee as we are tracking jose, breezy, windy,
5:54 pm
especially at the coast by then, high temperature at 78. turning sunny on wednesday, to rosh hashanah beginning at sundown, 86 for the high. thursday mostly sunny in at 84 we are looking good thursday, friday, and beginning of the fall, starts by then, and a high temperature of 84 and lower 80's as we get into next weekend, guys. >> pretty warm week. >> very warm. >> all right, thanks, melissa. nasa is taking technology or using technology to a whole new level using satellite to pinpoint malaria out breaks. researchers are using data from satellite to track a type of human and environmental events that typically happen before an out break. experts say that this can actually prevent out breaks from happening. they can predict from mosquitoes will flourish by identifying areas with warm air temperatures and waters which mosquitoes need for laying eggs. still to come on "action news" at 5:00 a wild animal rescue down under. >> this koala bear was found hanging on for dear life and how official where is able to save it when "action news" comes right back.
5:55 pm
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koala has hitched a ride in australia driver made it 10 miles before he heard the sound of crying and realized something was wrong. did he not realize female koala crawled in while the vehicle was parked and clinging to the axles the entire ride. animal rescuers were called in , wheel was removed and eventually, the koala was freed. >> she was crying a little bit she was shaken. certainly in shock. but i rushed her straight to the vet. >> the koala had some superficial injuries and covered in grease, but otherwise okay. his name is kelly, after one of the fire fighters who rescued her. >> incredible. >> so cute. >> glad she's okay. >> absolutely. thanks for joining us. coming up on "action news" at 6:00 we will track path of hurricane jose as the storm head up the east coast, we have the latest track coming up. plus new information on today's acid attack on four
5:58 pm
american students in france, we have now learned that one of the victims fridays our area those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day. (announcer) victoza® is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and is not for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza® or any of its ingredients. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away
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sunday night, in the news a local woman ace monk four students attacked with acid in marseille france where investigators say about the suspect's motive. also elderly woman is targeted in a home invasion in south philadelphia where we're live with the very latest on the investigationgation. but the big story on "action news" is developing news as hurricane jose head up the atlantic ocean and along the east coast. >> tropical storm watch has been issued for delaware to cape cod, jose is expected to write rain to parts of our area but big concern is the new jersey shore, where the storm could cause high waves and dangerous rip currents. >> meteorologist melissa magee has been tracking the storm all weekend and joins us now with the very latest, melissa. >> sarah and walter we have been tracking this storm into late last week and we will continue into early this week. so jose is a category number one storm, max sustain wind at 90 miles per


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