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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  September 17, 2017 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ i thought we played our tails off. we fought to the end. you know, we had two turnovers. >> fumbles the football. i think the chiefs have it. >> he tries to dump it off. and it's -- >> intercepted. >> intercepted. >> i was trying to throw it away. obviously i would rather not throw it into the d-line. >> they got ten points off of our turnovers. >> and returning up the middle and in for a touchdown is travis kelsey. >> we have to offensively address our own needs. >> definitely not something we're proud of. >> and wear he comes. they tackle him at the 22. >> on paper, we have a great offense. unfortunately paper doesn't winch games. >> we would have been made. >> there's so much of this game, the eagles were on equal footing with the chiefs. and then it all got away. >> yeah!
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♪ >> this is action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. >> a big hello to you. welcome to sports sunday. he does not need an introduction, but give one anyway. former eagle's great running back, brian westbrooke. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> the eagles fall, 27-20. should they have won? >> they were right there and competitive throughout the game. but, you know, when you make key mistakes in critical situations, you can't afford to make those mistakes on the road. they should have won the game. but they didn't take advantage of it. >> the chiefs took the lead in the fourth quarter on this travis kelsey 15-yard touchdown. how great was the play call and design? >> andy reid is known for the shovel pass. i ran a lot of them playing for him. they ran this actual play early on in the game. a great play design. you have guys going. a lot of guys with their defense
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to look at. and this was a great play. >> took advantage of that. and overaggressive eagle's defense. the full highlights. for that, over to jamie apody. >> hey there, ducis. if i told you the eagle's defense would hold the chiefs to this, you would have taken it. unfortunately it's 60 minutes. at the end of the half, the birds down three and seconds to play. carson wentz would be kicked off by terrence mitchell. actually, not. it was off mitchell's hands and right into his hands. now over 3,000 receiving yards. the sixth faster tight end in history to that mark. and a chip shot. two seconds left. rookie jake elliott misses it. birds down 6-3 at the half. in the third quarter, the birds took the first and last lead of the game when wentz found alshon jeffery for a 16-yard touchdown to make it 10-6.
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pederson is pumped. and the rookie, put the chiefs back in front. scored twice today. has five touchdowns already this season. 13-7, kc, after three. in the fourth quarter, a lot of action. but this was really the turning point. wentz has the pass tipped off a defender's helmet. intercepted by jones. and that leads to the play you saw. travis kelsey, jason's brother. the 16-yard touchdown which i think he picked up by leaping into the air. and then back out front, 20-13. add another to take what seemed to be an insurmountable lead. but wentz finds aguilar. and two minutes to play, and trey burton has some great hands. watch him tip it to himself. great play there. andyy reid almost finds it funny. maybe a kansas city miracle? well, wentz with the hail mary.
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and he puts too much air under the ball. who would have ever thought? the player come up unanswered. eagles fall 27-20. big red. he is -- carson with 24 of 46, 333 yards, two touchdowns. sacked a career-high six times. if this is a measuring stick, the eagles look taller than i thought. but still short. >> you bring up a good point. kansas city, a team that went to new england last week, beat the super bowl champions. the eagles fall short. are there moral victories in the game? they flied well. >> they played well. halftime, 6-3, only down by three on the road in a tough environment. but in football, there's no moral victories. at the end of the season, look at the schedule. we're 8-8, 7-9, 10-6, you can't say we had a moral victory in the second or third week. there's no moral victories. you have to win the games.
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you're right there, you had the opportunity. made key mistakes in key moments in the game and you can't do that and win. >> jeff skversky was in kansas city today. he has more from the locker room. >> close, but no cigar. that has been the eagle's storyline dating back to last season. lost seven the last eight decided by a touchdown or less. in this one, the offense struggles again. carson wentz sacked a career-high six times. the eagles, ten points for the chiefs, two turnovers. bam. that's the ball game. >> two turnovers. tough on the road against a good football team. there's missed opportunities. but, again, we were right there in the ball game all the way to the end. >> we are going to be a successful offense. we have the guys and the scheme. we have to go out and make plays. doesn't fall on anyone but the players. >> play the two good defensive fronts. another one next week. keep working hard. >> among the issues for wentz and the offense, getting things
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running on the ground. head coach doug pederson calls only 13 runs. wentz is the leading rusher, and blunt doesn't get a single carry. >> you agree that was not sustainable. >> not at all. i would agree. that's not a balance for success. >> that's it. it's been two weeks now where we didn't run the ball so well. we'll get that fixed and we'll be all right. >> blunt very blunt after the game saying he can't remember the last time he didn't have a single carry. and if the eagles are going to start winning ball games, they need to establish the run. in two games they are yet to have a running back go for over 50 yards. ducis, back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, jeff, thank you so much. we'll get to blunt specifically later on in the show. but the play calling. 49 play calls, 13 called runs. how successful can a team be with numbers like that? >> it's going to be almost impossible unless you have a
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quarterback like aaron rodgers. a guy that's completely accurate. you make no mistakes. meaning no turnovers. offense. and your defense is getting the ball back to you. it's hard to sustain that. never keep a defense offbalance when they know you're going to pass the ball on almost every play call. you can't win games that way. and wee see it this week. >> you think it's a situation where they want to pass that much, or the game got out of hand? >> you know, doug in order to make sure you run the ball effectively, you have to be committed. doug has not been committed to the run. certainly times with negative and shortened yards, two or three yards. but if you run the football, they turn into 20 and 30 yard pickups. and we saw that on the other side. hunt didn't have a great game in the third quarter. but andy reid continues to hand him the football and eventually he broke the big one. doug has to be committed to the run. he wasn't committed in the first two games of the season so far. >> stick with it. up next, brian and i take a look
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at the offensive side of the ball. including why the birds did not use legarrette blunt more. that's ahead on sports sunday. >> action news sports sunday continues right after this.
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♪ back here on sports sunday with brian westbrook. eagles running back legarrette blount didn't have an official carry. why is he on the team if they're not going to use him? >> it's weird. over the course of his career, he's a guy averaging 17-20 carries every single game. compare it to the eagles, running the ball 27 times a game last year. his style, because he's a volume carrier and a volume runner doesn't match the style of the offense they have. and he doesn't touch the ball enough to get in the rhythm to get that 250, 260-pound body going and doesn't match.
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the question is great. why is he on the team, especially if you're not going to give him short yardage and goal line carries and touches. that's a great question you have to ask doug pederson. >> jeff skversky spoke to him about blount. where is blount? as far as the carries? >> well, again, he's part of the whole process here. and, you know, it's something that we got to address. we got to fix moving forward. it's not just one guy. >> at least he's cognizant of the problem. kant wentz sacked six times today. how much on the offensive line? >> every time the quarterback is sacked, it's a combination of things. the offensive line is first line. need to do a much better job of blocking. that's your center, left guard. kelsey, they have to do a much better job. the wide receivers have to do a better job of escaping and getting open against man-to-man. and the westbound -- quarterback has to get rid of the ball. you have to put pressure on
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carson do get the ball out of his hands. the offensive line needs to block better. >> after the game, wentz was not pointing fingers. >> i thought the o-line played well. i don't know what the numbers are. the number of the sacks -- i was holding on to the ball for a while. i think the o-line played well. >> it's definitely not something we're proud of. moving forward, we'll get it fixed. >> sal was at the game as well and shares his thoughts on the loss and when the game actually turned around. >> reporter: let's be clear about something. carson wentz's interception in the fourth quarter was not the turning point in this football game. that happened two plays earlier. when they decided to run the ball. wendell smallwood off of right tackle. the chiefs got penetration. two yard loss. i asked doug pederson about it after the game. he said, i'm to the going to point fingers at anybody or any one player. but we got to get it fixed as a
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team. and his face was red. and he was mad. 56 called pass plays, only 13 call run place. that means you only ran the ball 18% the time and you have two turnovers. on the road. you're going lose in the nfl. but another sure fire way to lose in the nfl is getting no separation with your wide receivers. despite the fact that they went out and got alshon jeffery and torry smith. this team at the wide receiver position still can't beat man coverage. let's look ahead now. new york giants, home opener, lincoln financial field next sunday. the coaches and the players agree that after this game, one thing must happen if they're going to win division games, especially at home against tough opponents. they must play with more discipline. no turnovers at the point of attack. do your job. block who you're supposed to block. make tackles. be at the point of attack in the run game. and make sure you don't give up
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big plays. discipline, discipline, discipline. ducis. back to you. >> all right, thank you, sal. getting baaing to the run game. is this something they can fix in a week? >> it's hard to fix in a week. i have to believe they have been practicing running the football, run blocking since the beginning of training camp. still not getting it right. they're going to run a lot of plays in practice. >> much more on the birds and the game ahead. plus the phillies try to make it five wins in six games. highlights of their matchup with the a's coming up next. >> it's the rest of the day's sporting news coming up on action news sports sunday.
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so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. ♪ more now on the eagles loss to kansas city. with brian westbrook. how much do you think coach wanted this one? not just because it's philadelphia, but against coach
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pederson. >> he would say it's another game. but the truth is he wants to beat philadelphia and doug and kind of teach his pupil what this game is about. and andy is one of those guys, he never wants to be are disrespecting. he wasn't. but this game meant a lot. especially against his old team. >> wearing a different color and in a different city. but how how much does he carry philadelphia? >> i get a text from andy once or twice a month. he still loves philadelphia. he's upset we didn't bring that ring home. >> awesome to hear he's got it in his heart. a check of the rest of the sports, including around the nfl. >> a weather delay in football? guys? usually unheard of. but the cowboys and broncos taken off the field for an hour today because of lightning. and when play resumed, denver was electric. third quarter, zach prescott picked off by chris harett.
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and two plays later, c.j. anderson. ezekiel elliott, eight yards on nine carries. the worst performance of his career. cowboys embarrassed. third worst loss in fact garrett era. and taking on the rams. tied at 20. kirk cousins to ryan grant. that's the game winner. cousins looking better than last week. a 27-20 win. the giants play the lions on monday night football. patriots back to looking a like the patriots. after the chiefs held them in check, brady, 53 yards. gronkowski, over a hundred yards receiving before a groin injury. and brady, 447 yards. 36-20. the phillys finishing up a series with the a's before welcoming the dodgers to town tomorrow. never want to root for the opposition, but i was happy for
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this kid. joey wendell, out of west chester university. he had a grand slam with his family in the stands to celebrate. the phillies fell 6-3. and what's wrong with rhys hoskins? 0 for 11 his last three games. just trade the guy. >> hey, hey. >> get rid of him. >> it'll be on talk radio in the morning. stick around. up next, look ahead to next week's game against the giants and relive one of the greatest moments westbrook gave the eagles fans. that's next on sports sunday. ♪ >> stay tuned for more action news sports subbed. we sip, we peel,
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the giants home to the lions tomorrow night. now, there have been some great moments throughout this rivalry over the years. none bigger than in 2003 when you returned the punt for a touchdown. as we relive that moment, what makes the rivalry so intense? >> they're right up the road. at that point, the giants were really good. so we would go back and forth in games. and we see those guys in the offseason. they talk a lot of trash. at some point we have to respond and we talk a little trash too. that's why the rivalry is big. >> does it ever get old? >> never gets old. every time we play the giants and i'm in new york, people are bringing that up. that was a big play in my career and for the team. >> real quick. what's the one key to winning the game? >> turnovers. eliminate them in key situations. they should win, especially being the home opener. >> thank you. for brian, the entire crew, i'm ducis rodgers. thanks for watch. see you back here next week.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. tonight on fyi philly. >> music >> we're partnering with the kimmel center for a backstage pass to broadway philadelphia. >> singing. >> go behind the curtain as performers set the scene. >> we're on the stage? >> and take an exclusive look at one of philadelphia's most iconic theaters. >> stomping on stage. >> see how one broadway star is changing children's lives. >> singing. >> hi everyone, and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at the beautiful academy of music along the avenue of the arts. >> a fitting spot for our look at the upcoming broadway philadelphia season. >> nine of the 13 touring shows coming to the city will take this stage. >> it's a season filled with award-winning productions - many coming here for the first time. >> mister aladdin sir. >> this season broadway philadelphia is bringing 1


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