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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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josé. first let's see go to meteorologist cecily tynan. she has the latest word from the national hurricane center tonight. >> hi, rick. we just got the latest update. hurricane jose remains a weak category one hurricane and fortunately it is pretty far off the eastern seaboard. the center of the storm is currently about 250 miles east of the outer banks and you can see that we are beginning to see the outer cloud bands of josé moving in but the good news is with this storm as it tracks up to the north, the sustained tropical storm force winds, you can see that in yellow, they will stay offshore. so the national weather service has canceled that tropical storm watch but it's still going to be a very gusty day along the coast. this is what we expect. not sustained winds but wind gusts along the beaches 40 to 45 miles tomorrow as josé gets closer inland towards philadelphia about 30 to 40, northwest suburbs wind gusts about 20 to 30 miles per hour but the big problem with josé at the fact that it's really
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whipping up the surf. breaking waves about 10 feet tall, expected tomorrow. this will cause a lot of beach erosion, bad news for the jersey and delaware beaches. minor to moderate tidal flooding especially tomorrow night at high tide and dangerous rip currents. i know most of the beaches are not allowing swimming because of that. so, it will stay offshore, no threat to land but really the big story in the atlantic is not josé, it's hurricane maria. this is now a cat four hurricane. it's rolling right to the same islands that were just decimated by irma. i'll talk more about maria in the full accuweather forecast. back to you. >> all right, cecily, we'll check back in later. thank you. the action cam was down the shore today where the waves are already noticeably higher many people we spoke with said the winds are not an issue yet but the ocean is definitely looking a lot more unsettled. >> boogie boards yesterday and they wouldn't let us use them. they said it was too dangerous. >> yesterday we went to the beach and the shore line
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wasn't very far but it went all the way up near the trash canada. >> now the concern is focused on dangerous rip currents and coastal flooding as josé continues to move north. >> we are also tracking potential impacts of josé on delaware beaches. "action news" reporter john rawlins continues our team coverage tonight in rehoboth beach. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, well, conditions are kicking up here, that's for sure and officials here are keeping an eye on everything. they're following normal precautions. at this point it would be certain things like taking light weight items off of the boardwalk that might take flight in a big wind, they've gassed up all their emergency vehicles should they lose power and they can't pump gas. the sense is they're going to get a lot of rain, they're going to get wind surf, maybe some minor flooding but no major long lasting issues at this point. a gray wind swept and at times rainy day at rehoboth beach warning flags not to swim near jetties. otherwise the beach was opened for those wanting to brave a
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punishing surf. lifeguards keeping watch overnight and tomorrow officials expecting today's wind to double to speeds of 30 to 40 miles per hour or more. but given the topography officials here not anticipating any serious flooding. >> great thing about rehoboth beach we're up on a crest about 18 feet above sea level so therefore we're not anticipating a lot of flooding into our streets or anything like that and we've done some upgrades to our water and sewage drainage and things like that recently so i think we will be good. >> reporter: today most folks at the beach content to stay out of the water and just take in the atmosphere. >> it's a great day. you know, there's nothing like a empty beach and hearing the waves, breathing in the salt air. >> reporter: brenda scales says she's fascinated by the ocean and mother nature's impact. >> i kind of think of it as a spiritual way. she's kind of getting upset with things or she's transitioning and getting rid of the old and like bringing in the new. >> reporter: most of the late summer crowd stayed on the boardwalk, a plus for retailers like tidal raves.
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>> walking the boardwalk. a lot of other places are closed. they're going to come to an open store. >> reporter: they're coming in and they're interested. >> buying souvenirs t-shirts sweatshirts when it's cold and windy. >> reporter: well, you're looking at a live picture right now of the surf as it comes crashing in here at rehoboth. in the five, six hours we've been here it has gotten larger and much more significant. the thinking is tomorrow there will be a complete washout here. there won't be the folks on the beach or on the boardwalk going into stores and buying. people are just going to hunker down and wait for josé to pass by. live in rehoboth beach john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you john. with hurricane jose churning in the atlantic, parts of the caribbean are now bracing for the brunt of hurricane maria. maria is now a category three hurricane and it is headed straight for the eastern caribbean, that is the same set of islands that felt the wrath of hurricane irma just last week. residents there obviously are
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preparing to hunker down again in the event that maria makes landfall. another island in the path of maria is puerto rico. today members of the puerto rican community of philadelphia told "action news" about their growing sense of concern they are worried puerto rico will take a direct hit from maria as that island is just cleaning up from a devastating blow from irma. >> it's about a million people with very unstable water and electrical conditions. they're saying it's going to take months. >> city officials say they're working with nonprofits in hopes of making a donation to puerto rico as after the storm passes through. "action news" will track hurricanes josé and maria for the night. the morning team will be up early. you can join matt tam david and karen tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m. >> all right, turning to other news now, developing news out of bucks county tonight. one person is dead after a rental van hit a modified electric bicycle. "action news" reporter walter
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perez is live in lower southampton with the details. walter. >> reporter: rick, we'll give you a live look at the scene right here. now, we're told that the crash involved this rented transit van and the rider of what investigators are describing as you mentioned as a modified electric bicycle. some riders say the bicycle was riding on the sidewalk of street road. others say the light was yellow turning red at the time of the crash. what we know is the man on the bike was killed. it was right around 2 o'clock this afternoon when witnesses say the man riding this modified electric bicycle was traveling west on street road in lower southampton. as the man on the motorized bike was crossing the intersection of central avenue, the driver of this rented transit van traveling in the opposite direction turned left onto central right into the path of the oncoming bike. as you can see, the impact was enough to crumple the van's passenger side door. paramedics arrived on the scene a short time later but the man on the motorized bike was pronounced dead at the
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scene. the ensuing police investigation resulted in quite a backup in both directions along street road, a very busy thorofare through this part of bucks county. investigators say they're still not sure who was at fault here. >> we talked to several witnesses. anybody saw anything can call the lower southampton police department (215)357-1235 and leave a message and someone will that get back to them. >> reporter: all right, back out live at the scene here, authorities have not yet released the name of the man who died pending family notification. the driver of the a van is cooperating. meanwhile, this scene will not be cleaned up we're told until 5:30 at the very earliest so if you're traveling this area this evening, you'll want to steer clear of street road in lower southampton because it is backed up big time in both directions. reporting live from lower southampton, walter perez, channel6 "action news." rick. >> walter, thank you. also new at 5:00 tonight police in bucks county are looking for this vehicle in connection with an attempted luring.
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officials were told that this silver suv approached two girls -- the driver of the suv approached two girls on park lane in feasterville yesterday. the driver apparently asked both girls if they wanted to go for a ride. the girls said no. the vehicle left. the driver was last seen wearing a black and gray shirt with sunglasses and braids in his hair. if you have any information you're asked to call lower southampton township police. classes are canceled tomorrow for the methacton school district as teachers there continue to strike. the picket lines began at 7:30 this morning hours after emergency talks broke down last night. that forced the school district to cancel classes for today. union members have been working without a contract since january. wages, benefits and class size are all sticking points. >> new jersey governor chris christie says pharmaceutical companies have agreed to work on making nonaddictive pain medications obviously to help fight the opioid addiction problem. the governor spoke in trenton today as chairman of the white house opioid condition.
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white house council kellyanne conway took part. christie compared overdose death statistics to the number of people who died september 11th 2001. >> 52,000 deaths in 2015. and my previous statement was that means we have a 9/11 loss of death every three weeks. every three weeks. that means we have 17 9/11's a year. >> governor christie stressed today the public and private sectors must join together quickly to address this public health crisis. firefighters in new castle county will now be equipped with life saving narcan. it does block the effects of opioids and reverses an overdose. in recent years individual fire companies in the county paid themselves for supplies of narcan but now collaboration with county officials and green hill pharmacies will supply those fire departments with the life saving medication. >> all right, time for a check of our "action news" traffic report monday night. >> all right, let's swing over live to matt pelman in the
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"action news" traffic center. >> tough to move on a monday sometimes. a car didn't want to run left lanes of the schuylkill by city a they just got it pushed off to the side but as you can see it's still extra heavy in the we could lanes from past montgomery through this point at city avenue out toward gladwyne with normal afternoon volume. now, that the dv is pushed off to the side. normal on 95, 12 miles per hour northbound by penn's landing. walter told us about the awful mow pedestrian accident in lower southampton. that still has street road blocked westbound but eastbound's also a mess there by the cvs. bristol road could be a possible alternate. i don't think i'd use county line because along county line at davisville in upper moreland there's another motorcycle accident by the dunkin donuts and the bertucci's. double trouble on the bucks county montgomery county line this afternoon. elsewhere in bucks county the accident investigation closing swamp road and in concordeville delco getting word of an overturned vehicle along smith bridge road at
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station road. so lots of situations. we'll keep watching them, rick and monica, in the next half hour in thank you. >> thanks matt. >> much more ahead. a stunning revelation from former grey's anatomy star kate walsh. the surgery she's talking about in hoens of hopes of raising awareness about a health issue. >> first from the american academy of pediatrics. why some of the top doctors in the country are issuing guidelines on tattoos and body piercings. that and much more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> new video shows the moments a charter bus plowed into a public bus on the streets of queens this morning. happened in the beginning of the morning rush hour around 6:15. three people were killed, 16 others were injured. the crash sent both buses into a nearby chicken shop which started a small fire. police are looking into whether the driver of the charter bus ran a red light prior to the collision. actress kate walsh says she has fully recovered from surgery that removed a benign tumor from her brain. the former grey's anatomy and private practice star told cosmo magazine she was having physical and cognitive problems before the tumor was that found. when doctors located it it was the size of a small lemon.
5:15 pm
walsh underwent surgery two years ago and then took nine months offer work. the actress says she's now back to normal. >> health check tonight. tattoos and body piercings becoming much more common among many folks including teens. for the first time the american academy of pediatrics is now offering guidance. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board with the details. >> hi guys. the doctors group recognizes it is a growing trend. they're not saying they're for or against them but there are considerations they want young people to keep in mind. now, as for medical complications such as an infection, it's rare but you do want to make sure if you get a tattoo or a piercing that you go to a reputable and clean place that follows infection control procedures. also make sure you're up to date on your vaccinations and you're not on any medication that is can suppress your immune system. the academy wants them to understand the permanent nature of body work. a recent survey found some
5:16 pm
people still believe it can hurt your chances of getting a job. >> placement of tattoos is a huge controversial issue. many want other people to see their tattoos but sometimes it gets into the way of employment. >> i got a tattoo on my leg out of consideration for the population i work with. i did not have any regrets. i love my tattoo. >> also today it's a sign of fitness. competing in a triathlon and in most cases it's safe but some rare incidents of people suffering cardiac arrest has sparked concern and research. doctors at the minneapolis heart institute foundation looked at 135 sudden deaths during triathlons over 10 years. they found men over 60 were at the highest risk and typically had underlying heart problems. most deaths happened during the swim portion. again, researchers say this is rare but athletes should have a physical before training and before competing. and finally today the next
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time you're stressed about something try writing it out or typing out your concerns. a study from michigan state university shows expressive writing can help calm the mind. researchers say writing down your worries helps take them off of your mind so that there's more room in your brain to focus on the task. rick and monica, otherwise you're kind of multitasking trying to do both. >> sometimes i get writer's block which makes me anxious so then it's. >> i don't know what to do there. >> thank you. >> officials from london were at newark charter high school to invite the marching band to the performance of a lifetime. they have been chosen to take part in london england's new year's day parade festival in the year 2019 and how about that? the turn of the year tradition is renown as one of the greatest street spectaculars. they will join 8,000 others on january 1st 2019. very cool. >> very nice. still to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight a co-host
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shakeup on the view. the panelist who announced today she's leaving. >> a breaking weekend at the box office. how the horror film "it" has sealed its spot in hollywood history when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> it was record breaking weekend at t b horror flick "est grossing septr rele time. the steven brought in an estimated $60 million in its second week neing almost 220 million to date enough to keep it at the number one spot all weekend. american assassin debuted at second mother debuted in third. >> another co-host shakeup at jebediiah announced she'll be leaving her spot at the table on the abc talk show. a former fox news contributor and panelist joined the view full time last august after several guest co-host appearances. today she had a message for viewers. >> it isn't about me, this isn't about us its about a conversation, it's about serious issues and it's about the fact that you care enough to hear what we have to say and that i appreciate more
5:22 pm
than any executive or any position i can ever hold. i appreciate the fact that you give me the time of day and a presence to make my voice heard. >> she says she's moving ton write a book and pursue other opportunities. no replacement co-host has yet been announced. >> a check of that forecast is it ill still to come. >> , whoing live from cape may new jersey and rough surf. as we'reive we're under an accuweather alert with hurricane jose spinning off the east coast. meteorologist cecily tynan has the latest on josé's track when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> time for a check of that accuweather forecast monday night. >> meteorologist cecily tynan tracking that accuweather alert from the weather center tonight. cecily. >> yes, it's all about hurricane jose right now. let's head over to the "action news" weather center. if you look at the site light you can see a few things. first of all, josé is starting to loss its tropical characteristics. almost looks like a nor'easter. max sustained winds 70 miles an hour so it is a category one hurricane. now, the good news with josé, it's no threat to making landfall. it's about 250 miles off the coast and if you look at one of these storms, the most dangerous part of the storm is the northeast quadrant. that's the part that stays completely over water.
5:26 pm
so, it will have an impact primarily along the coast and primarily in the terms of the high surf. so, this is the latest track. it continues moving north, it's north right now at about 10 miles per hour. by tuesday afternoon, should be about 200 miles east of rehoboth beach, still a category one hurricane. wednesday afternoon off the coast of atlantic city. then it will be moving into warmer or cooler waters. it will start to loosen -- sort to start to lose its strength become a tropical storm and it will make a little bit of a loop over the week by then maximum sustained winds down to 45 miles per hour, a tropical depression. it will be a weak system. it could actually meander out there over the course of the weekend but it will be bringing rough surf, beach erosion to the shore. right now temperatures kind of held back thanks to a little bit of cloud cover compliments of josé. philadelphia 79. the boardwalk in atlantic city 71. allentown 75. and wilmington 79. so, satellite and radar showing we are getting some of the outer cloud bands but the
5:27 pm
outer bands of rain still offshore. some of that will be moving in as we head through the day tomorrow. so, future tracker showing really the impacts right along the coast. by 7:30 in the morning some moderate rain along the coast, a lot of clouds inland. you can see how it tries to move inland. that rain just breaking up. by noon some heavy rain right along the beaches and then still around 5 o'clock, you can see how this is really an impact right along the coast. future tracker showing the winds tomorrow morning winds up to about 30 miles per hour right along the coast. they will intensify into the afternoon where we will get some wind gusts along the coast up to about 45 miles per hour. even inland it is going to be a breezy day with winds up to about 30 miles an hour in philadelphia. so, the times of high tide tomorrow morning, expecting minor coastal flooding. the time to watch will be tomorrow evening, 7:45, minor to moderate and still the potential for more coastal flooding by wednesday morning at time of high tide at 8:12.
5:28 pm
the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow is going to be a windy day, rainy day along the coast, inland mostly cloudy and breezy, 75 degrees. look what happens after that. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, the first few days of fall feeling like summer. i'll let you know how long that sticks around also the latest on hurricane maria in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> thank you so much cecily. sounds good. we'll take a break and be right back. >> okay.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again and here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. hurricane jose pounds the east coast beaches with high winds and waves but another hurricane is also causing big worries now. president trump begins the week focusing on global affairs as the united nations opens its new session. british investigators say they are virtually digging for clues after friday's attempted bombing on a london subway train. >> but we begin this half hour with an accuweather alert. for the latest on hurricane jose. the center of the storm continues to churn hundreds of miles off the new jersey and delaware coasts. >> but it's already bringing pounding surf and gusty winds.
5:31 pm
let's go straight to meteorologist adam joseph is the big board. >> early on in the day we had tropical storm watches for the coast. those have been canceled so that is good news. we're not looking a really wind storm with this, it's basically the waters will be churned up, there will be some erosion at the shore and also some minor tidal flooding. 250 miles east of the outer banks of north carolina as a category one winds sustained at 75 miles an hour but even though the center of the storm is over water and will stay over water as the storm continues to weaken and move over colder waters, the storm expands so it's going to throw its clouds, some rain and some wind especially for the shore but as you can see the track is way to our east. it will be more than 200 miles off of our coast here tomorrow afternoon. still as a category one hurricane. and on saturday, it will be almost in the same position as it does another loop like it did just to the south of bermuda about a week or so ago as a tropical depression so
5:32 pm
the waters will continue to be churned up here for the rest of the week into the upcoming weekend. coastal threats a low threat for heavy rain and a low threat for power outages as the winds will not be strong enough to create much in the way of wind damage. moderate risk for coastal flooding the the times of high tide and beach erosion is the biggest concern with josé. maria has developed a very well defined eye as it's heading towards the leeward islands guadalupe saint lucia being lashed by this storm. as it month of into the northern part of the caribbean, places like the british virgin islands san juan under a hurricane warning as a category four hurricane will move over puerto rico and will track, maria and talk about that storm and our forecast tomorrow in that full accuweather forecast. rick. >> the situation is deteriorating on some islands in the path of hurricane maria. this footage was shot on saint lucia this morning.
5:33 pm
waves were already rising and dark and windy skies blanketed the island. hurricane warnings are up for saint lucia saint kitts nevi menner is rat. realtime views from storm tracker6 live. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> a top member of the trump administration was in florida today to assess the recovery from hurricane irma. health and human services secretary tom price met with florida governor rick scott in the lower keys. the state was devastated by the storm and is still off limits to all but residents and workers. the power is still out. sanitation is sketchy and everyone is advised to boil their water until further notice. the area remains under curfew as well. >> meantime all eyes were on president donald trump in new york today as he made his debut at the united nations. he met with other leaders and
5:34 pm
touted his business interests as well as calling for reform but tomorrow is actually the big day. abc's ariel rasheed joins us now with details on the day. hi, ariel. >> reporter: hi, monica. president trump has been critical of the un in the past even threatening to pull u.s. funding but today a bit of a friendlier tone mixed with calls for reform. president trump spending monday at the united nations with rapid fire meetings on the sidelines of the general assembly. during his debut at the diplomat epicenter the commander-in-chief pushing for reform. >> we encourage the secretary general to use his authority to cut through the bureaucracy reform outdated and make decisions to advance the core mission. >> reporter: he had this to say about his own real estate. >> i saw great potential right across the street to be honest with you and it was only for the reason that the united nations was here that that turned out to be such a
5:35 pm
successful project. >> reporter: the america first president striking a slightly softer tone than his anti-un rhetoric on the campaign trail. >> the united nations is not a friend of democracy. >> reporter: today one-on-one meetings with french president emanuel macron and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> we'll be discussing many things, among them peace between the palestinians and israel will be a fantastic achievement. >> reporter: the ga plenary coming amid a cress chen dough of tensions with north korea the u.s. calling for tougher actions against the defiant regime. >> if the united states has to defend itself or defend its allies in any way, north korea will be destroyed. >> reporter: and conducting joint military exercises with south korea overnight. trump working through the evening a rigorous agenda for world leaders even called speed dating from hell. and president trump is scheduled to host a working dinner with latin american leaders later this evening, all of this coming ahead of that much anticipated speech
5:36 pm
here tomorrow. at the united united united natl reshef. monica. >> michael bloomberg spoke today confirming that america is resolved to uphold the paris climate agreement regardless of what the administration does. bloomberg says city-states, businesses, even universities are all committed to making changes they believe will reign in climate change. he says they are rallying behind the #we got this. >> in washington several republican lawmakers are making a last ditch effort to push the healthcare reform bill through congress. senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy are leading the drive and it appears to be gaining steam among the gop. majority leader mitch mcconnell won't bring the bill to the floor unless there are enough votes however. they're apparently trying to get it through before they lose the ability to pass measures by a simple majority on september 30th. the family of former national security adviser michael flynn has set up a fundraising web site to raise
5:37 pm
money for his legal bills on the russia investigation. the retired army general's family says the investigations are far beyond his ability to pay. published reports say not only flynn but his son also under scrutiny for unreported business dealings with moscow. >> two suspects in friday's attempted bombing on the london underground are reportedly refugees from iraq and syria fostered by the same london area couple. forensic teams continued searching that couple's home for clues today and there was an all night search at the fast food shop where the 21-year-old worked. security video shows the man similar to him leaving the shop rite there with a bag like the one found on the train. the younger suspect was arrested saturday at dover which is a departure point for france. hundreds were out again today in saint louis, missouri to protest the acquittal of a police officer in the shooting death of a suspect. on friday, a judge ruled that
5:38 pm
jason stockley was not guilty in the 2011 death of anthony lamar smith. stockley shot smith after a high speed chase as officers tried to arrest smith and his partner in a suspected drug deal. police have made at least 140 arrests after violence erupted during those protests that that went on all weekend and into today. >> time now for an update on the highways and byways in our "action news" traffic report tonight. >> let's take it live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center to see what's up. hey, matt. >> hey, guys. since last we spoke soming new for you, something unfortunate along the schuylkill expressway bad accident westbound side where the university avenue on-ramp comes in. just one vehicle left here but it is pretty badly banged up. police still on the scene. coming westbound on the schuylkill it's a little bit extra heavy as you come away from vare avenue. meanwhile we're watching an overturned vehicle this afternoon in concordeville. it's along smith bridge road at station road. i would stay down on feather bed lane to get around that. we still have the downed tree
5:39 pm
in whitpain township montgomery county making a mess of the traffic. morris road blocked off in that area. penn ambler road would be a local alternate. i would not use 73. skippack pike instead. single digit speeds there. we saw a pair of motorcycle accidents this afternoon in upper moreland the one by the dunkin donuts along davisville road and in feasterville street road westbound still blocked so just 4 miles per hour there. handful of issues. kind of an unpleasant ride in a few spots, rick and monica. >> matt thank you for that update. in other news bucks county students got a history lesson today about the importance of the constitution. the principal dressed up like george washington. this was part of a re-creation of the signing of the u.s. constitution. and much like the debate over our constitution 200 years ago each classroom sent a delegate to discuss and debate whether their school pledge should remain the same or be amended. a south jersey school celebrated its new learning partner today. the j harvey rogers school in
5:40 pm
glassboro unfurled a banner for rowan university. the college is lending its expertise to the pre-k and kindergarten classes adding help in the classrooms as well as the professional development for teachers. rogers is the university's third school partner in glassboro. >> terrific. >> uh-huh. >> still to come on "action news" tonight t.o. has been a star on the gridiron but does this former eagle have what it takes to win the mirrorball trophy. a preview of tonight's season premiere of "dancing with the stars." >> breaking down the good, the bad and the -- all right, the ugly as the eagles lose to the chiefs. we get the word from the monday morning quarterback coming up. and meteorologist adam joseph will have more on both hurricane jose and maria when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> the battle for the coveted mirrorball trophy is back on. "dancing with the stars" returns to 6abc tonight. >> 13 celebs will hit the ballroom floor hoping to get your votes and at least one is a very familiar face in philadelphia. former eagles wide receiver terrell owens will compete and his partner is two time winner cheryl burke how about that. owens says he's followed the show for years. as a kid he was a michael jackson fan and entered hometown dancing contests
5:44 pm
imitating jackson's move. owens doesn't think he'll be rattled by the national tv audience. >> i'm used to performing in front of big crowds. when i played in the national football league i mean i played in front of like 60, to 70,000 people so all of this is -- it was a live event so... >> owens says he never felt self-conscious about warming up for games in tights either. among the other competitors is former nba champion and head coach derek fisher jordan fisher and singer debbie gibson. the fun begins at 8:00 tonight. check it out. >> okay. >> turning to sports tonight the eagles came ever so close to beating the kansas city chiefs yesterday. >> big disappointment. time to take stock and sports director ducis rodgers and ron jaworski has this week's monday morning quarterback. >> ♪ >> jaws it's monday and i'm feeling like this is one that got weigh that the eagles could have won this football
5:45 pm
game in they played a good football game but the cleaves are chiefs are the better football team. >> what's that one word you're always harping on when it comes to football. turnovers. >> we got analysts, people that give you all the stats you want. to me there's only one stat that's important. turnovers. the eagles had two turnovers yesterday. the chiefs had none. and it killed the eagles. here darren sproles on a punt return. you must secure the football. good tackle right there by winchester puts his helmet on the ball. the chiefs get the football convert that into a field goal. later in the game you'll see carson wentz right here, there's going to be pressure right up the middle. now, they're going to try to run a little screenplay with darren sproles coming up the backside. get him the football and space on third and 12. the pressure forces carson wentz to kind of throw the ball a little bit flat. it's bad in the air. chris jones makes the interception.
5:46 pm
turnovers cost the eagles yesterday. >> the chiefs were able to get 10 points off those two turnovers. moving on, the eagles they were not able to run the ball during this game very well but you you did find one play that that worked. >> i think there was some plays, opportunities for yards. second play of the game and it's a good designed play. here, number one you'll see here's the tight end over here, zach ertz. what they did -- he's in the tackle position. now they move lane johnson over in this position. next to jason peters and what we call an unbalanced offensive line. the big burlies out in front. let's go. give the ball to darren sproles. second play of the game and what do we get? a very positive running play. 12 yards from darren sproles. getting to the edge of the defense. jason kelce down field. the eagles can run the football, ducis. you must stay committed to running the football. because they stop you once, stop you twice, don't give up on it. stay committed. balance. good equilibrium so that important in the national football league. >> they certainly got away from it in that game
5:47 pm
yesterday. now, the game of football is always about miss matches and coach andy reid caught a good mismatch opportunity against the eagles defense. >> play calling is about probability, not certainty. andy reid called the play expecting the eagles defense to have four, let me show you this, four backup defensive line men on the field. take advantage of those guys with whom, kareem hunt. quick through the line. you get those four backup players blocked. you get kareem hunt to the secondary. oh, by the way, free safety, graham, a backup player, he runs by him. so, clearly andy reid caught the eagles with those backup players on the field and took advantage of it. >> so the eagles on sunday afternoon will have the new york giants a divisional game. how important does this one become. >> now they're becoming very important. these are becoming must win games division very tight right now early. >> eagles and giants 1 o'clock from the linc on sunday. he's jaws, i'm ducis. guys, back to you.
5:48 pm
>> thanks guys. 150 golfers took part in a golf tournament in atlantic county today that gives back to the community. the 12th annual atlantic city electric golf classic was played at galloway national golf club. members of the lgpa took part. the golf event has raise the more than $1.4 million for 18 local nonprofit organizations in south jersey. >> terrific. a weekend ends in some alligator wrestling for new englanders. >> stepping outside sky6 hd looking live at the ben franklin bridge and parts of penn's landing tonight. meteorologist adam joseph has your exclusive accuweather 7-day when we come right back. >> ♪ sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no. mr. peterson, fios is a 100% fiber optic-network. what does that mean? think about it.
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5:51 pm >> new england campers are used to seeing coyotes or foxes in the wild but not this. an alligator. one showed up over the weekend at a campground near gloucester rhode island. campers called police when they spotted the 4-foot long reptile getting dangerously close to a lake where kids were swimming. one officer threw a noose around the animal's neck. the alligator is now with animal control. >> thank goodness. adam joseph here and we're talking hurricanes again and again. >> that's no kroc. sorry. >> that is true, too. we got josé, we got maria.
5:52 pm
maria now a major category four hurricane that is lashing parts of the leeward islands. we'll start with josé which is just off the coast of north carolina. winds right now sustained at 75 miles an hour with this storm and this storm really taking on more characteristics like a nor'easter than a hurricane as it continues to lift to the north over colders waters but still a storm we've got to watch that's churning up the water, pressure 977 millibars moving to the north at 10 miles an hour with wind gusts near the center of the storm over the open waters, nowhere on the east coast will see gusts like this but still around 90 miles an hour. as we track josé, it's moving to the north again around 10 so by tomorrow afternoon, 2:00 p.m., still a category one hurricane as it is just off the coast of rehoboth beach and i say just off the coast, i mean it's a couple hundred miles to our east and the cone of uncertainty is mainly over the open waters. again the winds not the major
5:53 pm
concern. the rain is not the major concern, it's just the large waves, the beach erosion and some of that minor coastal flooding. and then it kind of loops around and by saturday, this is the position on saturday. so it's just going to drift here as it weakens but that will keep the waters churned up like a washing machine the rest of this week going into the upcoming weekend keeping that rip current risk very high. temperatures are on the muggy side. low 70's at the shore, upper 70's inland and around 74 degrees for the lehigh valley. we're seeing some high clouds spilling in kind of on the periphery of josé and as we take a look at the rain bands, they continue to be way offshore but you can see they're trying to march to the north and west and should reach the shore by early tomorrow morning. in fact, the shore will see most of the rain out of this storm as the bands come inland, they will fall apart hitting drier air. in fact, there could be some sun tomorrow north and west of philadelphia, especially towards the lehigh valley, berks county, lancaster county in the afternoon while the
5:54 pm
shore gets these bands of light to moderate showers and any of the bands that come in, that's when you'll start to see some of those peak wind gusts. so, along the coast, sustained 15 to 30 miles an hour. that's under tropical storm force. winds gusting to 45 miles an hour with a quarter to an inch of rain. inland locations it's a mainly cloudy day breezy 10 to 10 to 20 miles an hour with a gust to 35 with less than a quarter inch of rain. maria category four hurricane between guadalupe and saint lucia at the present time moving to the west-northwest at nine winds sustained 130 miles an hour. as it approaches san juan and parts of the u.s. and british virgin islands on the verge of a category five hurricane which is winds of 156 so it's very close to that. and then it will head towards the turks and caicos and the east bahamas as we head into the weekend so a really nasty storm once again drifting through parts of the caribbean, the third time this hurricane season. as we take a look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 75, breezy but windy
5:55 pm
at the coast and rainy at times there, mainly dry and just a few showers inland at 75. it stays muggy and warm and summer-like as we go through the rest of that seven-day forecast. a pretty spectacular stretch of weather ahead if you like that summer feeling with fall arriving friday. no signs of it outside despite it will say it on the calendar. temperatures running way above average right through next monday, guys. >> okay. >> thank you. >> thank you adam. another quick break. more news when we return.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> miami gauze turned 100 years old today. she was given a proclamation from abington township officials and the pennsylvania house of representatives and her family was there to help her celebrate which of course included balloons and cake. >> very happy birthday pretty in hot pink. right now jim gardner and the
5:58 pm
"action news" team are standing by with these stories at 6:00 arrested a 14-year-old girl in abington high school. a man facing charges. >> team coverage of hurricane jose and the impact it's having at the jersey shore. >> new image of the vehicle police are looking for in connection with an attempted child luring in bucks county. those stories and more coming your way next. for adam joseph, cecilyfor adam, i'm monica malpass. have a good night. >> good night. our veterans have given us the rights and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service.
5:59 pm
fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ] >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪
6:00 pm
>> monday night, it's a deadly collision in bucks county and classes are canceled again because of the teachers strike in the methacton school district. but the big story on "action news" tonight is an accuweather alert because of hurricane jose. josé is hundreds of miles off the north carolina shore but atlantic city, the surf there is already stirring and south jersey and delaware shores are paying very close attention. josé is not expected to make landfall but that doesn't mean he won't cause dangerous currents and beach erosion. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in rehoboth beach. nora muchanic is staked out in atlantic city but first meteorologist cecily tynan with the latest information on the storm. cecily what's the story. >> jim, hurricane jose is a category one hurricane. if you look at this latest loop, you can see that it's still about 250 miles off the coast of the carolinas so it's far enough off the coast that it's just really going to be
6:01 pm
brushing the delaware and jersey coast as it continues to move up to the north


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