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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you can see by the latest satellite images it still has plenty of power and officials say it could become a major hurricane in the future. many parts of puerto rico remain under water and some saw rainfall rates of 7 inches per hour during the height of the storm and in other areas, 80% of the homes are destroyed and the curfew goes into effect for the hour and people are not tempted to leave their places of shelter. >> tonight we get a first look at the damage left behind by maria in dominica where the storm first made landfall and seven deaths are blamed there on maria. they are calling the losses tremendous. all eyes are are where maria is headed next. and adam joseph has more on the track in a moment. but first walter perez and local concern for those living in puerto rico. >> reporter: hi guys, you know it's heart breaking speaking to
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people with loved ones on the island that simply don't foe know what is going on with them and they can only wait and hope for the best. officials from puerto rico says the entire island is completely without power tonight and maria will have dumped a foot of water on puerto rico. for people in philadelphia with loved ones there the worst part is not knowing what is going on. olga says she lost connect with her sister and brother-in-law last night and the brother-in-law is a par littic. >> she says she is good don't worry about her. for us to take care of ourselves, so we are worried because i am calling her but phone calls don't go through. >> the same goes for captain javier rodriguez from the 25th police district.
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a huge portion of his family remains in puerto rico and quite frankly he is terrified. the difficulty is not knowing when we'll be able to communicate again that he is right or we are right. >> and sanchez has family on the island she says she fully expects philadelphia's puerto rico population to spike here in philadelphia. >> there is a growing spike because of the growing fiscal crisis in puerto rico and we expect that to be more people. to leave as quickly as they can after the storm. >> but for the many people that remain fundraisers are already being organized. >> we are using our upcoming eventses to bring awareness to what is going on in puerto rico and raise monetary donations. >> reporter: that was referring to september being hispanic
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heritage month and no shortage of opportunities to help out any way they can including the puerto rican parade in philadelphia airing this sunday in philadelphia. more on that coming up in the next several days. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> now to meteorologist, adam joseph, at the big board with more on maria track tonight. >> now a category two hurricane winds sustained 110 miles per hour. a large storm and effecting areas of the dominican republic and parts of puerto rico as well as the u.s. and british virgin islands, the eye back over open waters that means it is in favorable environment to strengthen once again and expected to do that as it heads to the north and west. this hurricane season we have many historical records broken with harvey and irma and now maria. when it hit dominica monday night it was a category five hurricane with winds sustained
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160 miles per hour the first category five landfalling hurricane on this island ever in history. and then it strikes southeastern puerto rico as a category four, winds 155 miles per hour the strongest landfalling hurricane in 89 years for puerto rico. category two expected to strengthen at least to a three as it scrapes by the turks and caicos and toward bermuda as well as the east coast early next week and we'll need monitoring and you start to see it curve to the north and east. but too early to tell if it heads out to sea or hugs the coast. >> thanks adam. the cleanup is underway down at the shore after tropical storm jose leaving its park on the coastline, it caused rough surf and tall waves that has eaten away at the shore and work is already underway to repair the beaches. gray hall will have more ahead
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at 6:00. now, to the latest on the deadly earthquake in mexico. officials are vowing to look for survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings. after the magnitude 7.1 quake. more than 200 people were killed. and today mexico's president declared three days of national mourning in honor of those killed. 52 people have been pulled out of the debris alive so far. we'll have more coming up at 5:30. new at 5:00, a dramatic day in court for the man accused of punching a man with cerebral palsy in the face, he was expected to plead guilty and now his case is headed to trial. john rawlins live now in westchester with that story. >> monica, a curious date indeed here. a simple open plea it should have been done quickly and the
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defendant signed on and did it all collapse after something that was said in open court and a second effort for such a plea and it too failed. what makes this curious is of course the alleged crime was clearly captured on video and the defense attorney says that his client admits what he did in a 711 parking lot was wrong. >> the widely viewed video outside of a 7-eleven defend barry baker in orange mocks a disabled customer and at one time hits him in face, he sign aid guilty plea but it didn't go through baker disputing that the to men had never met prior to the 7-eleven. >> it's important that he is not a bully. >> baker's attorney says repeatedly he admits what he did was wrong but admits he did not target a disabled stranger as some assumed. the pair had a prior run-in.
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>> a prior altercation. he is taking his lumps for hitting him. >> but an altercation that happened elsewhere barney's pub near the 7-eleven while video cameras there pick up baker they did not record 22-year-old michael ryan the man that was allegedly punched by baker at the 7-eleven. >> they have no evidence of the complaining witness being here. >> reporter: so at this point the case is scheduled to go to trial on monday. we shall see about that. presumably the man punched in the face will testify and the defense will call witnesses saying yes a punch was thrown but what was seen on the video was a continuation of some sort
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of incident involving the two men prior to being at the 7-eleven. live in westchester, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." it seems almost impossible but the driver of a tractor trailer got his truck stuck on the boardwalk at the jersey shore. the driver drove on to the boardwalk at albany avenue in atlantic city. traveling two miles south into ventnor and that is where the truck could not make a turn to get off the boardwalk and the cab had to be detached and towed. and they had to remove benches to move the tractor trailer and he told police he was lost and unfamiliar with the area. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. here is a man familiar with the area, matt pellman. >> and who is rarely bored because of situations during the afternoon commute. a big crash 95 southbound side right here by the allegheny on ramp and since we last spoke
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more fire crew as rived on the scene and now back to having two lanes blocked on the southbound side of allegheny and a travel time almost four times what it ideally should be. you start to hit the break as approaching cotman down from this point at allegheny, think alternates like the southbound boulevard you'll be better off. the northbound side it's pushed off to the side. the northbound side is thinning and the southbound delay is bad at this point. chester county, southbound side of 202, just 6 miles per hour approaching 29 great valley down to approaching 401 a crash there taking out the right lane. and if you are thinking about heading to the burlington bristol bridge, i wouldn't. it's going up in 20 minutes. head for the turnpike connecter instead. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. new responses to jimmy kimmel's
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republican health care plan. what bill cassidy is saying after kiln elaccused him of lying on his show. >> and the gift of life, how a simple facebook post led to a life saving decision and a bond between complete strangers. lets check in with cecily tynan now with an owl at the zoo. >> i'm here with danny and with dewey as well. dewey is a speckled owl. look at the camera here. they are called that because if you look at the pattern of the eyes, it looks like they are wearing glasses and they are found in south and central america and they are opportunistic feeders they eat pretty much anything they can catch. mice and frogs and even known to eat skunks because they have great eye sight. owls have a really sense of smell. join me facebook page during the commercial break and we'll have a live chat going on now and
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scathing criticism by jimmy kimmel. they are tree trying to sneak the bill in without analysis. health care is complicated and boring i don't want to talk about it and the details are confusioning and that is what they are relying on you are overwhelmed with the information you trust them to take care of you. and they are not. >> cassidy appeared after his son had open heart surgery. and he claimed that cassidy lied to his face and cassidy responded saying kimmel does not understand the bill. there are billions more dollars to provide health insurance coverage for those in those states passed by, by obama care and we protect those with preexisting conditions. it has been retweeted 6,000 times.
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two young women are celebrating the gift of life they started out as strangers connected through facebook and now they share an eternal bond. register nurse and reporter ali gorman joins us tonight. >> reporter: an incredible story and heart warming a woman in south jersey felt compelled to help a woman she never met before. it was like a roller coaster but would do it all again. >> erin francis and brianna siple are recovery but celebrating successful surgeries and the gift of life. due to a childhood illness, erin learned at 24 years old her kidneys were failing and went on dialysis and need aid transplant. nobody in her family was a match. >> you have to be positive but it's hard. >> newly married her husband rich shared her story on
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facebook to keep family if the loop. >> and hopefully could bring in a donor. >> that is where brianna then 23 comes in. >> sometimes you read a story and feel like you can't do anything about it. but for some reason i felt so connect and like i was suppose to do something. >> she nevermeter rin and didn't tell her but started to get tested to see if she could donate her kidney and along the way she start the a video log. >> i have so many emotions. >> at first after six months she was rejected. i still know no matter what for some reason i was suppose to try. months later she met erin at the gift of life walk and told her she tried to donate and another transplant center approved brianna and they had surgery september 12th and reunited in the hospital a day later. >> i like to see the big smile
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on her face it's so special. after the bond we created. >> my hero and organ donor and best friend and the most selfless person i ever met. >> they got matching tattoos it says be more across their arm. brianna encouraging others to become organ donors, if you can't do that try to do something to help someone in need. >> incredible story. thank you. still to come on "action news" at 5:00. the 76ers are honoring the team and the legacy of philadelphia. a trend bucked by wal-mart. the unconventional way the company is stocking up for the busy holiday season.
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a blue mass in old city the memorial service was to honor local dea and personnel lost in the line of duty. family and loved ones gathered at the church for this service. in wilmington it was about four letters, hbcu. he came to the liberty prep school to talk about the importance of education. the dealt wear 87ers and the delaware union lent their
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support to consider the hbcu and they helped to renovate the school's basketball court. and wal-mart is bucking the trend of large scale hiring this year, the company says it will offer extra hours to its current workers and take on more temporary workers at distribution center but did not specify how many. the rival target plans to bring on 100,000 temporary workers through the end of the year. the 76ers has have announced their spirit of 76 campaign games they will play seven home games on this tribute court at the wells fargo center and that bell you see at center court will be included on the jersey for the games. the games are scattered through december and april and each honor the city's thist history and the 76ers past. drone 6 is live above wildwood, new jersey tonight and
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time now for the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is live at is the philadelphia zoo. >> i'm hanging here with meg.
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she say red footed tortoise from south america and i like her. she has a lot of personal for a tortoise. the way you can tell it's a tortoise, it spends more time on land. it's the shape of a shell. you see the scoop, the kind of bump, they are really, really high. and if this animal were to spend more time in the water it would want to be more hydro dynamic. and a smoother shell. the legs look like clubs and that is so they can raise themselves off the ground and walk around and if they spent a lot of time in water there are turtles that would look more like flippers and better for swimming and she is cool and wants to hang with me. these guys since the climate is so consistent they don't typically do anything like
5:26 pm
hibernation, they actually get in communal groups and that helps them thermo regulate. there we go. talking about thermo regulation. we'll be in summer heat for the next several days. philadelphia 86 degrees and allentown 85 and trenton 82 and wilmington 88 and cooler along the shore with the temperatures in the upper 70s. the reason why we have clouds thanks to jose and you see the western edge from atlantic city to new york, and southeast, pennsylvania and delaware dealing with a good amount of sunshine today. but because jose is out there. we have some coastal flooding, the advisory is posted for the next high tide cycle for minor coastal flooding along the ocean between 8:00 and 9:00 and along the bay between 11:00 and 1:00. we are still dealing with the coastal flooding. tonight partly cloudy and warm night. 69 in philadelphia and allentown 64 and trenton 66 and the boardwalk in atlantic city.
5:27 pm
you won't drop down below 70 degrees. feeling like summer and the day planner, the last official day of summer, temperatures warm up quickly and we start at 7:00, at 70 up to 80 degrees, by 11:00. and 3:00 and 5:00 up to 85 and it will be on the muggy side. and the next several days people will be at the shore and the weather at the beaches will be really, really nice. rough surf and rip currents will continue. you'll want to be careful in the water and also if you are walking around be careful as well. there is a lot of erosion there. a lot of dunes eroded things to hurricane jose. and summer heat continues into fall. tomorrow we look at a good amount of sunshine and again on the muggy side with a high of 86 degrees and friday as fall arrives, it's still pretty warm and 83 and noticeably less humid and a beautiful day and we warm up quickly over the weekend. saturday 86 degrees and sunday
5:28 pm
heading to the eagles game may want to wear shorts and drink lots of water with a high of 90 degrees and clouds mixing with sun and a high of 86 degrees and a great day to head to the philadelphia zoo and check out your friends like meg here. i will be in the exhibit not with the sloth bears but preparing it for the sloth bears. and then we'll bring them out. pretty in her own way. >> cute. >> yeah. thank you cecily. ♪ end of throat surgery. guided you through recovery. joe tastes just as sweet to us, as it does to you. we join you.
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"action news" continues. hello again. here is what is happening on "action news." a frantic search for survivors in the rubble of buildings destroyed in mexico during a 7.1 earthquake. we'll hear from worried pishners with family in the area. and a warning sign-in montgomery county falls victim to the thing it was designed to prevent. instead of getting people to slow down the speed sign became a target for drivers and a
5:31 pm
companion for local drivers how it helps a young man continue its work to help others. and it's a race against time in mexico tonight where emergency crews are joining every day citizens to dig through the rubble of buildings that collapsed in yesterday's earthquake. today survivors worked to free children trapped in the wreckage of what was a school. it was a heart breaking scene more than 20 children were killed. several though are still missing and people are holding out hope that more will be found alive. we have more from carlos in mexico city. >> reporter: in a frantic search for life rescue workers are clawing their way through the rubble of what was once a wing of an elementary school. raising their arms above their heads to silence the crowd to listen to sounds of survivors. at least 21 children and four teachers have died there. the building pancaked as yesterday the earthquake hit. some students and at least one
5:32 pm
teacher among the missing. the 7.1 quake sending fire balls into the sky. and people scrambling into the streets. the shaking lasting for minutes all around mexico city the buildings are in ruins and rescuers clawing through the wreckage sometimes with their bare hands and the injures brought into makeshift hospitals right on the street. >> rosa is looking for her sister-in-law at this ruined textile plant. the massive strike striking 70 miles southeast of mexico city. >> i don't feel safe i feel like i'm living in aftershock constantly. in that city alone 40 building have collapsed and half of the people of a city of millions remain without power. well, back here in philadelphia a harrowing team for people from mexico and those with loved ones in the country.
5:33 pm
vernon odom visit aid church in norristown where many are seeking solace in their faith. >> reporter: sane patricks in norristown is the church home for immigrants here in montgomery county. three masses here every sunday morning and two entirely in spanish. pastor gus says he is getting hundreds of calls from members who are worried about their loved ones back home and he tells them to rely on their faith during the stressful time. >> it's not so difficult when i do do it, because they have such great faith, great faith in god and very, very kind to each other. before i said i'll have the mass and start to collect funds they already started. for a long time yesterday communications were down and cindy who survived the 85 quake could not contact his daughter and grandsonp in the turmoil of mexico city. now he has heard from them.
5:34 pm
>> very happy that my family is well but big sadness too, great sadness there. >> many innocent people that don't know anything about their families. >> rio finally heard from her loved ones late last night. >> can you not go anywhere, there is no light and everybody is asking for something for help. any kind of help. >> this church has many puerto rican members as well. tomorrow night father gus, will hold a special prayer mass for all of those loved ones who remain in harm's way. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." in the aftermath of hurricane maria a top official in puerto rico says that the island is destroyed. the entire island is without power and the telecommunications system has collapsed. the storm is moving out at this hour but it will be a long time before crews can fully satisfies
5:35 pm
the damage and search for survivors. they are waiting for the winds to die down. there are more than 12,000 people in shelters and hospitals are running on generators and officials expect widespread flooding next and the governor issued a curfew on the island starting at 6:00 p.m. meantime what is now tropical storm jose is now churning in the atlantic ocean and has done damage to the beaches at the jersey shore. drone 6 over north wildwood that saw minor flieding and the high winds and waves caused beach erosion and experts are being brought in to shore up the dunes and they will move boulders to the dunes to prevent further damage. turning to other news, president trump continued the whirlwind visit with world leaders in new york city today. among those were british prime minister theresa may and palestinian prime minister. and it was durthat latter meeting he gave his controversial remarks to the
5:36 pm
general assembly when he said the iran nuclear deal was all but dead and iran's president called those comments ugly ignorant words and that iran does not tolerate threats and president trump says he made a decision on the iran nuclear deal but refuses to say what it is. and leaders of african nations the president raised eyebrows with this comment. >> africa has tremendous business potential i have so many friends going to your countries trying to get rich. >> meantime, first lady melania trump delivered remarks at a luncheon continuing her push against childhood bullying. and a showdown vote for repealing econventional elements of the health care act and president obama made comments to
5:37 pm
criticize the efforts. graham says it could send millions to states without discretion over how to spend the money and now they are urging to reject the measure and obama spoke out saying the bill would increase cost and strip coverage from the most vulnerable americans. >> it's certainly having to mobilize every month keeping our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on our consit when wentz -- mitch mcconnell will bring the bill to the floor next week. and an army veteran wounded in the parachute accident has a new best friend to help him with the challenges of life. john was presented with kilmer a k-9 service dog. and he was serving as an
5:38 pm
airborne infantry man when his shoot failed to open and he was severely injured today he is in college majoring in psychology and his goal it to work with veterans that suffer from pdsd. >> it's okay to ask for help if the first person you go to can't help you keep on trying. there is always someone out there that is going to help us. >> kilmer by the way was train the and donated by the rebuilding warriors organization. the cheltenham organization is out of a $400,000 piece of equipment. officers believe that a passing truck hit this brand new radar speed sign knocking it off the ultity pole and others ran over it too without notifying police. it happened a week after the sign was installed. and they hope to find the truck spoth for the damage and hope
5:39 pm
for witnesses to come forward. time to see if there is trouble on the highways in our traffic report. >> so many of them. 95 what a mess this afternoon. we were watching four separate issues earlier and then just in the last half hour three new issues along 95 southbound accident approaching cotman avenue sticking out into the right lane slowing from academy and then another new southbound accident just beyond the betsy ross bridge taking out the two left lanes and police are on the scene and farther along we had the accident at allegheny that one is cleared and two on 95 slow go from academy to center city. use frank ford or the southbound boulevard you'll be better off. and then a broken down vehicle at the girard point bridge than
5:40 pm
is gone. chester county we are watching a crash along 100 and temple road 10 miles per hour on the approach to it in pottstown ain crash on 202 southbound at 401, still slow speeds coming down from chester brook. in middletown delaware you want to avoid 301 a nasty crash and medical chopper on the scene and stay on highway 1, no issues at this time. back over to you. >> we want to remind you about a special program here on 6 abc tonight. "action news" is looking back at the history of the ben franklin parkway. i along with cecily tynan will host this unique look at the parkway be sure to tune in for a one hour special to celebrate the millennial parkway 100 airs tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. and learn more about the celebrations on the parkway that continue into 2018. still to come on "action news" tonight. if it seems like you are paying more for airline fees you may be
5:41 pm
right. a new government report shows exactly how much they raked in for bags and canceled flights. >> and the eagles take on the giants in their home opener, ducis has a preview in sports and cecily tynan is at the philadelphia zoo with a preview. >> hi guys they put me to work at the zoo. i am in the exhibit for the slonl bears, the only bears in the world where there diet consists of this, insented. these are meal worms, made from recycles fire hose and these guys are great climbers and like to try and tear things apart and they will try to get them out of the cubes. it's not just for our enjoyment it's actually enrichment they want the animals at the zoo to do things like they would do in the wild. and this pipe also has a lot of
5:42 pm
bugs. we'll send them out and watch them and talk about some real summer like weather coming up live from the philadelphia zoo. very to get out of the exhibit. >> the closest she will come to cooking.
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airlines raked in a $7.1 billion on fees last year alone. checked baggage fees and canceled fees and fees to change your regulation that doesn't include prior boarding or seating. and airlines say charging the fees allows them to keep base fares lower. the eagles getting ready to take on the giant this weekend. ducis is here with sports they are expecting a raucous crowd and the giants are struggling mightily, this should be a give me, but it's a divisional game and anything can happen. chance warmack worked out as the team's left guard. first team left guard looking to replace isaac along the offensive line. this is a divisional game those
5:46 pm
always mean a bit more and doug peterson is expected his team to play with a sense of urgency. >> home game and we are excited about that, and we have to get out and play fast. getting out in our stadium and fans, we have been in two loud stadiums the last two weeks and now we can unleash our fans on the opponent and it will be exciting to do that and get the win. >> the play calling imbalance continues to be a hot button topic. it seems like zach ertz was questioning the play calling. >> those were definitely miss construed. i would not question the play calling people took it way out of context and started with myself in the running game and i have to get better, ideally in the game it would be 50/50 in
5:47 pm
the situation presents itself. and the phillies look to make it three in a row against the donors, the best team in baseball. reece hoskins drove in four of the six runs and the bases loaded double came on the 10th pitch of the at bat and turned out to be the game winner. hoskins has only been with the phillies for six weeks and seventh on it's team in terms of runs batted in. >> think he will do something special and the deeper he goes in the count he was on fire for a while and two or three games he didn't look good and expanding the zone and snapped right out of it. that is important to see. >> once again the same two teams tonight. to college football thursday night it will bring an early season team for temple. the bulls are ranked 21st in the football poll and 17th in the coach's poll and starts with the offense and south florida is
5:48 pm
averaging 40 points per game and their quarterback quenton flowers is a dual qb. >> a good player, they go fast and average 101 play as i game and a good athlete and everybody knows that and the thing that is impressive is his poise and the way he spreads the ball and the situation never gets too big for him and he is a competitor. >> we'll have more from coach colins this saturday on temple football play book they join us live in studio and recap the game. and saturday morning during it's 9:30 a.m. after hour of "action news" coming up at 6:00 we'll talk about the eagles changes along the offensive line. >> thank you. all right zoo weather is next. sweet 4k tv, mr. peterson. thanks. pretty psyched. did you get fios too? no.
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new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier.
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giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. all right we are heading back to the philadelphia zoo tonight where meteorologist, cecily tynan is hanging out with furry friends. >> hi cecily. >> high guys, the sloth bears are let out and waiting for them to check them out. laura houston is with me now. these bears are unlike bears like we would see in the poconos. >> these are from india and nepal and they have cool app
5:52 pm
eptations. they have long nails to help them climb trees and designed to either mites and ants and they don't have fur. they don't want it to be sticky. >> there they come. >> i was feeding them some juice and the highlight of my month i think and they have an interesting shaped pallet. they don't have any top insizers and they inspect the termites out of the mound. >> where would you find these guys in the wild. >> these are from india and nepal and particularly for us we love them because they are our youngest bears we have at the zoo. >> if you want to come and learn more is there a good time to come. >> every day at 11:00 we have a keeper talk, you can talk directly to the keepers and learn about them and other bears and this is great for field trip season for the fall. bring your students and stop by
5:53 pm
every day and learn more about bears. >> if you book a field trip now you can save more in the future. >> you can save $3 for field trip emission. >> come check it out. >> they must have an amazing sense of smell. >> not the greatest eye sight or hearing but a terrific sense of smell. >> they are looking for what you left out there for them. >> they are trying to suck out the termites right now out of the tube. >> that stimulates the termite mound in the wild or a dead log they may get insents out of it. >> nobody likes my cookie. what the heck. thank you laura it's fun to watch this. lets talk about the weather a great day to head to the zoo. on the warm side and our high 86 degrees and 9 degrees above normal. that is what we are holding at allentown 81 and millville 87 and along the shore cooler and
5:54 pm
temperatures in the 70s and the reason why we have clouds thanks to tropical storm jose hanging out there. satellite showing jose is 3500 miles south of nantucket and bringing rain to cape cod and we are getting the fringe clouds and tonight partly cloudy and warm night 69 in philadelphia and 64 for allentown and the next four days, jose the remnant low will be just sitting and spinning off the coast. what this means is we'll get the rip current as long the coast and summer hangs tough with a building high pressure and a ridge forms jet stream well up to the north and temperatures run 10 to 15 degrees above average. we are stuck in the summer, in the meantime maria crossed over puerto rico 23 miles per hours northeast of puerto rico and weakened due to the interaction of land and a cat two, moving into warm water and should restrengthen to a cat three east
5:55 pm
of turks and caicos. and moving north between bermuda and cape hatteras as a cat one and the ultimate path somewhat up in the air. this is something we'll be tracking. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow we'll see a good amounts of sunshine and warm and 86 degrees on the humid side and 10 degrees above normal. and friday drop down to 83 and lose a lot of humidity so a nice day for the first day of fall and feeling like summer and the weekend is warming up 86 on saturday and sunday hot for the eagles game. 90 degrees and monday 87 and tuesday warm and 85 and wednesday partly sunny and high of 83 degrees. great weekend to head here for the philadelphia zoo. they didn't touch the cubes that i prepared. nobody likes my cooking. back to you guys. >> they will do that later. i tried. >> don't bring it here though. we'll be right back.
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"action news" at 6:00 next have a good night. our veterans have given us the rights and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service.
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fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ] "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. i'm brian taff and suspicious pipes bringing a bomb squad response to a quiet neighborhood.
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but the big story on "action news" tonight is the relentless march of hurricane maria leaving utter devastation in her wake. >> maria was just downgraded to a category two storm but was a monster category four when she roared on to puerto rico's shore this morning many the hurricane parked winds of 155 miles per hour wiping out power to the entire island and tearing down cell towers and snapping trees and now there is fears of flooding and maria is the strongest hurricane to hit puerto rico in more than 80 years and the death toll is not yet known but the carnage left behind is beginning to become rather clear. meteorologist, adam joseph, standing by with where maria goes from here and fears it may strengthen again but lets begin with walter perez and the story of local famil


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