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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ ♪ two natural disasters continue to affect millions of people tonight. in mexico at the site of a deadly earthquake rescue workers continue to diagnose through
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rubble to search for survivors. >> and on puerto rico, the island is without power and dozens remain isolated without communication. i'm rick williams, jim gardner is off. tonight, local families continue their desperate wait for word in both mexico and puerto rico. this is the third day of trying to reach those trapped beneath buildings. rescuer are focused on a ruined elementary school in hopes of finding anyone alive. six teachers and 11 children died there. puerto rico is trying to clean up after being hit by a category four storm with 155 miles per hour winds.
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it crushed towns and killed people. in some areas roads are impassable because of tree and debris. those on the island are facing weeks perhaps months without electrictrity. some are contemplating leaving the island. >> back here tonight in montgomery county a mass was held for victims of mexico and puerto rico. >> christie ileto is at the parish in norristown with details. >> rick, it's times like this that people cling to their faith. in this case that pillar is st. patrick's where dozens of people feel the only thing they could do, being miles away, is go to church and pray. >> hearts are heavy in
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norristown and praying for those in puerto rico and mexico. >> we pray god help them. >> i have six brothers and sisters that i don't know anything about them. >> sister alvarez has been on her knees in prayer for 72 hours waiting to hear from her family in puerto rico, an island without power following storms. >> sooner or later they'll get in touch with me. it's hard. >> you were there during the first earthquake 32 years ago. >> yes. >> he remembers his own story of survival as pueblo, mexico remains at the center of the quake.
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people cling to their faith. in norristown, it's st. patricks, a spanish speaking neighborhood. >> there are big connections between those that live here and latin america, family, friends. >> a world away from destruction, residents did what they could. >> the church is where we come when we have problems. i believe this is the only way, the best way to help those people from far away. >> a special collection was taken up during mass for the continued relief efforts in both countries. christie ileto, "action news" at 10:00, wphl-17. rick? >> let's turn it over to cecily tynan in the weather center. looks like the storm may be gaining strength? >> it is right. it's a category three hurricane. the eye is getting more distinct and more convection. more thunderstorms around the
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pressure dropping. these a sign that it's gaining strength and bringing heavy rain to the dominican republic, the cakcaicos and turks. this system is moving slowly, northwest at eight miles per hour. this could bring up to 20-inches of rain to parts of the turks and caicos though the eye will likely miss it to the east. as it makes a turn to the north and northeast it will move to cooler water. that means it begin to lessen in strength. tuesday, category one and beginning to move out to sea. all of the computer models are showing an agreement that this system is moving out to sea between cape hatteras and bermuda. part of the reason why the same system causing problems at the
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delaware beaches, tropical storm jose. this can carve a path for maria to move away from the mainland. we talk about that in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. this reminder, keep up with the latest track of hurricane maria on "6abc".com. you will find all of the information as well as pictures of both natural disasters on "6abc".com. >> the mother of brandon tate brown has withdrawn a civil lawsuit tied to the case. the 26 was killed by philadelphia police officers in 2014 during a traffic stop. the officers allege he was reaching into the car for a gun. the officers were not charged. tanya brown dickerson did not offer a reason for withdrawing
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the suit from the city. the trial was set to gun monday. a volt firefighter in delaware county has been arrested on charges of touching a teenage girl. he faces indecent assault charges. he reportedly touched the 13-year-old several times. he was a friend of the girl's parents and on occasion her babysitter. bail is set at $200,000. >> dramatic video shows a business owner robbed at knifepoint. the victim tried to run outside but the robber dragged him inside and things took a violent turn. trish hartman has the details. trish? >> rick, police are hoping someone will see this video and be able to help them catch the man who roped th robbed the eldy
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couple at knifepoint in oxford circle. >> a man in a hooded sweatshirt approached them armed with a large kitchen knife. >> he pulls a knife out and demands money. the husband tries to get out of the store. the wife tries to leave the back of the store. you can see the suspect dragging the owner back into the store throwing him to the ground and a struggle begins. you can't see the wife trying to call 911. the suspect takes the phone and cash from the register and takes off on foot. >> these businesses are needed in the communities. the victims both in their 70s were bruised but fine. police are looking for a black or hispanic man in his 30s with a stocky build. neighbors are shocked. >> they are beautiful people.
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they are wonderful. they are hard workers. you see them out there all the time cleaning the yard and planting a garden in the back. >> we needed something fixed for my daughter es >> wedding. >> she's a loyal customer and has known the couple for years. when we moved in there were problems. that was 42 years ago, but not like this. >> police believe the suspect live in the immediate err because hareabecause he's seen e building on foot. trish hartman, channel6 "action news." >> police are warning local atm customers to be alert watching their bank accounts. three men were caught on camera setting up the device to steal debit card information installed
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in the fox chase section of philadelphia also willow grove and wilmington. if anyone has information about the men in the photos, you are you remembered to call police. >> alpha beta has hosted a speaker to prevent sexual assault. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, president trump announces new sanctions aimed at north korea. how this puts an economic squeeze on the rogue nation. >> and heros rescuing victims from a burning car. >> aaron hernandez had the greatest case of disease they have seen. a lawsuit has been filed. >> tracking several days in the
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90s. we have the details of the warm arrival of fall in the seven-day forecast. >> jeff silver sk >> jeff skversky has highlights from the phillies this afternoon when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪ >> form on "action news" mornings, you can get a free ride to the eagle home opener sunday. >> cool and comfortable to head out. wake up to everything going on tomorrow on "action news" morning. ♪ ♪ fran grenier.
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>> the trump administration has announced new economic sanctions aimed at north korea in response to the rogue nation's nuclear program. president trump signed an executive order giving the treasury department to target individuals or companies that facilitate trade of any kind with north korea to cut funding for north korea's drive for nuclear weapons. >> i must tell you, this is a complete dee nuclearization of north korea that we seek. cannot have this as a world body any longer. >> china's central bank ordered its banking network to cut ties with north korea.
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kim jung un, issued a statement calling him draininged and warning him he will pay dearly if it attacks. lawmakers are grappling with the latest attempt to pass obama care. republicans can only afford to lose two votes and senator rand paul says he's a no. others are waiverring. today senator pat toomey told "action news" he was undecided. we asked him to respond to critics that say the bill would cause millions to lose insurance and drive up costs and take insurance from those with preexisting conditions. >> cbo numbers are constructive. i hope we'll take a constructive step forward.
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>> republicans have said they plan to vote on the bill next week before a looming deadline approaches after which they would be forced to work with democrats. >> an investigation is under way in oklahoma city where a deaf man was shot by police. officials say 35-year-old sanchez was holding a metal pipe approaching the police officers. when he did not obey their commands to stop and drop the pipe one officer shot sanchez with a gun, another with a taser. witnesses were yelling to the officers that the man was deaf but officers say they didn't hear them due to what they call tunnel vision. >> officers saved two men trapped in a burning car. the body cameras show them running with extinguishers to put out the fire before the
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vehicle exploded. they were able to pull the victims to safety. the two men are hospitalized tonight in serious condition. >> a tenth person has died after a florida nursing home lost air conditioning in the wake of hurricane irma. the nursing home is the focus of an investigation. the nursing home was evacuated last week. >> the lawyer for aaron hernandez says the former patriot tight end had a case of brain disease while he was alive. the condition is found in people after repeated head trauma. lawyers for aaron hernandez daughter are suing the patriots over his death. >> it was the most severe case they had ever seen in someone of aaron's age.
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aaron hernandez had advanced stage three of cte usually found in the median age of a 67-year-old man. hernandez killed himself in april in the jail cell where he was serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder. a new study finds taking a break from your diet can help you lose weight. researchers studied two groups one on a diet and one on two week cycles. thoatthose that alternated loste weight. cheat days give the body and resmind a rest of dieting. i'll diet next year. what the heck. we are not cheating on the weather.
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>> be careful. bathing suit is not over. >> i'm dying right now. >> sky 6 looking at the sunset, beautiful shot. the sunsetting at 7:05 -- 7:00, i should say for the last time this year, final sunset of summer. audrey posted on my facebook page. thin clouds compliments of jose bringing us a beautiful sun set. goodbye summer. hello fall. fall arriving tomorrow afternoon at 4:02. this is when the sun's rays are over the equator. as we head toward winter, changes on the way. the normal high drops to 33-degrees by the end of fall. we lose two hours 50 minutes of daylight. the first frost occurring october 29th. the first snow december 15th. before you get depressed about the stats, the summer weather is
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sticking around. mother nature didn't get the memo that fall arrives tomorrow. 74 allentown, 71 millville, trenton. wilmington 75-degrees. satellite and radar showing we have tropical storm jose spinning out here. he will continue to do that through the weekend. heading to the beaches, heading to the jersey shore, be careful. rough surf and rip currents a problem through the weekend. tonight, not too humid, 60 in the suburbs. future tracker showing tomorrow the mid 80s. out west, temperatures in the te 90s. that weather migrates for the weekend. sunday, monday, probably tuesday, temperatures will be up to about 90-degrees. i think my weather computer may have locked up on me which it's been doing lately. i'll talk about the weather,
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also, we have hurricane maria near the turks and caicos island. that turns to the north and what that means, it won't hit the u.s. southeast coast. it should not hit the mainland. it should be moving out to see. the accuweather forecast, tomorrow, fall arrives. a high of 85-degrees. saturday, more, 89-degrees. sunday for the eagle's game, dress for summer the high 91. monday's record high, 92. looks like we could tie that. tuesday, 90-degrees. three days in a row temperatures in the 9 0s, officially a heatwave. wednesday, 86. thursday, 87-degrees. summer is ending, but the heat is sticking around. >> summer computers go haywire.
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>> we need to bring back the mag at the times. >at themagnets. >> not sure what that means? >> weather magnets. >> an organization is using its fundraiser to help victims of hurricane harvey. proceeds are normally used for community service projects. this year organizers want to give the money to those devastated by the flooding in houston. >> it was a big night for up and coming fashion designers at maceys in center city. tonight they showed off their spring 2017 collection. it was hosted by singer stephen springer. we just moved in about four months ago,
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plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. ♪ ♪ in strawberry mansion it was a benefit concert for parks and playgrounds. this was an enlt close to his heart. barwood plays for the rams after being released by the eagles in the offseason. he couldn't be here in person. some of his former teammates came out to support the cause. the organization called make the world better raising several thousand dollarss tonight. >> speaking of the eagles, the home ownner is sunday.
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folks are counting down. >> carson wentz expected to be electric. fans will need to be loud against the giants. safety rodney mcleod and corey graham missing practice again today. eagles need everyone to step up against the giants waiting to explode. they have scored among the fewest points, 13 toilet points. eagles don't expect that same team sunday at 1:00. >> they work everyday to improve to get better. the teams we saw on the tape, the last two games, won't be the same team that shows up. any division on the road trying not to go 0-3. >> baseball now, crawford says the way the phillies played against the domingers shows they can compete with the best in the
11:28 pm
league. water all over. phillies down two in the third. deep left. a two run shot ties it at two. in the fifth, rhys hoskins continuing the record setting start. hoskins the fastest to 45rbis. the lead slips away like water in the seventh. phillies lose 5-4 but win on the home stand. >> they played tough. they had to be nervous. they were thinking they would beat up on us, but our guys played hard. they have been playing hard all year. on a given day, you can beat anybody. >> phillys head to atlanta for
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the next three as we head to break. when we come back, temple turns into a machine in south florida. plus the flyers, next. ♪ hey grandpa. hey, kid. really good to see you. you too. you tell grandma you were going fishing again? maybe. (vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek.
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. >> college football, temple trying to run with a top 25 team. the owls offense lays an egg, negative 22-yards rushing in the first half. ugly for temple against south florida. it's a fake. faked out nobody. second quarter of the defense, no shot here.
11:33 pm
darius tice, untouched, 47-yards. temple falls behind by 20. offense, ugly. 85 total yards. temple loses 43-7. flyers 0 for 9 on the powerplay during their preseason game in boston. travis the defenseman, flyers with the 1-0 lead. kenny agostino. flyers lose 2-1. just about two weeks away. we have flyers, sixers, eagles. >> we see more of you. >> that's not so good. >> i wasn't going to say that. thank you, jeff. >> it's classical music taking you back to the 1980s. >> ♪ ♪ >> the philadelphia orchestra
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performing music from the 1985 award winning film amadeus. "jimmy kimmel live" live next followed by "nightline," guests halle barry and ed franken. now for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams have a nice evening. see you here tomorrow. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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tonight, someone in this audience will be on tv for no reason. could it be -- this person? nope. it's this person. congratulations, guy. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- halle berry senator al franken and "this week in unnecessary censorship." and now, believe it or not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, everyone. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. there are people -- there are people doing this. we don't do that anyre


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