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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 22, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." ♪ >> cancer can't stop this talented lady from singing a song. >> that she wrote herself. >> the uplifting story behind one stunning performance. ♪ >> a camera's aimed at a busy street. >> notice the truck goes past. >> the wild ride for the car it took with. >> are you kidding me? >> how did that even happy? >> a guy has a great big dog doing tricks. >> he said, here's your treat. >> see the moment he's over it. plus, the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini. christian, oli, charity, nick
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and gayle, break down the best on the web, including a pole dancing fitness class. >> tell me what you see, my brother. >> oh, i see brochaco breaking it down in the middle. >> why this dude is impressive in more ways than one. >> no way. >> get out. >> i'm about to show you a music video to the song "courage" by abby. ♪ ♪ original soul ♪ i have so much original soul >> that beautiful voice singing the lyrics that she wrote herself just two weeks prior to them spontaneously singing this song live. she talked about how this whole experience with hodgkins lymphoma has changed her life. she's had three rounds of treatment. this was recorded on the last day of her last treatment of chemotherapy.
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>> i would like to know the reactions of the other people on that wing while she was singing that music, resonating through the halls, probably brought a lot of goodwill and good feelings to everybody there. >> she sang quite a bit before she was diagnosed with cancer and this is really only going to fuel her desire to use her art to create awareness but also to encourage people to face their own adversity whether it's cancer or anything else with courage. one of the things that she talks about is the fact that she lost her fertility. she won't be able to conceive and carry her own child and she says that's been something that's going to affect her quite a bit. she always wanted to be a mom. >> i would pay good money to see her perform and be well. because she is such a beautiful voice. >> well, gayle, you are going to be hearing a lot of her coming up because she has an entire album and not only that working on a documentary to share her experience and inspire other people. ♪
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couple crazy situations out here on the roads. they both happened in china. in the first video notice the driver comes into frame when suddenly, yikeses -- >> oh, my gosh! >> pancake. >> that's the truck topples over and goes crashing on to the driver. >> that is gnarly. >> that's a wrong-way driver. >> while the cement truck was way over capacity, that driver wasn't supposed to be going that way in the first place and now we have a really nasty situation. both of the drivers were stuck. when people noticed they ran to rescue them. they called police and paramedics took about an hour to rescue both and they're both going to be held responsible for the swaying. >> wow. >> so the driver of the vehicle survived. >> they both survived. >> that's amazing. >> the next video is amazing as well. the truck goes past and everything looks normal. >> it's not. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you kidding me? >> how did that even happen? i can't make sense of what happened. >> it was like a loose sort of gate open on the back and went through the sun roof. >> latches on the back of the
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truck used for loading and unloading, when it went past the suv it hooked the sun roof and flipped it on its roof. >> that -- >> imagine the driver in the suv waiting for the light to turn green or whatever and before you know it you're upside down on the road. >> how fast were you going? zero! i was still. >> not only affected the suv but the black car near it as well. the driver of the suv was shaken up and taken to the hospital but still has nonlife-threatening injuries. sergei had quite the experience. he was out exercising and ended up having to climb up this tree. he was forced to take evasive maneuver. >> bear. >> you think squirrel? >> oh, no! oh. >> like a wolf. >> yes. >> that's a dog. >> oh. but oli, you are correct. there is a bear over there and apparently the bear was scared off by his friendly pet rover
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right there. that dog scared it away. see the bear. >> the dog is sitting at the bottom of the tree thinking man if only i could climb. thanks, you left me hanging by myself. >> man's best friend. >> his best friend did chase it away. once the bear heard the dog barking and the bear did get close to him, the bear is like, i'm out, he said he was up in that tree for about ten minutes until the coast was clear. he says it's a good thing he's been climbing trees for 15 years. >> good thing you have a brave dog. in the next video something else that's pretty big. this is a dog and i want you to pay attention to haggard right there, the neapolitans mast tif, the dog, like the dog in harry potter that belonged to one of the characters. there's his owner he's saying here's your tree. >> knock him over. >> you want him to what is this. >> knock him over. >> merry christmas already. >> oh! ♪ >> the dog is looking over like
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don't drop that treat. >> in this video you can see the dog wasn't ready for being joked around by all those treats being offered but the owner thinks it's funny. penny who watches on kiro 7 in seattle is the latest winner in the ipad giveaway. >> you need friday's buzzword, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the buzzword is coming up in just a bit. >> standby for the "rtm" ipad mini give away. >> i imagine being a police officer is a pretty interesting job particularly so for this fella. this is an oklahoma police officer. he actually live streamed his patrols three or four times a week for a couple of hours at times. well in this particular stream, things got a little strange. >> a little kid. >> hi. >> hey. [ inaudible ] over there by the park. >> what is it? >> a clown.
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>> there's a killer clown over there by the park. and it's clearly a serious situation because the youngster -- >> that clown -- >> give the officer some credit here. instead of just authorizing deadly force off the bat he's like -- >> i'll go check it out and i'll go see. >> it is like destroying this right now. everybody is talking about crazy killer clowns. you never know, maybe it's there. turns out there was a killer clown. >> oh, you can talk in it. >> did i scare you? >> turns throughout has been a kid dressed head to toe in a terrifying clown outfit. halloween costume ahead running around having fun with it. all right, cool, no one has to be worried. we can all -- everybody chill out and don't worry, there are no killer clowns. >> i love the 4-year-old was like officer, go shoot that thing. don't even ask questions.
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>> fortunately for us and the officer it turned out fine. colin firth has a new project in the works. >> a spa. >> why the finished ride will have you bubbling with excitement. >> i love it. >> and a trip to the nail salon can be painful for grandma, but this time -- >> feeling no pain. >> special secret to her pedicure party. brought to you by progressive home insurance. get your quote at today. when you switch to progressive. winds stirring. too treacherous for a selfie. [ camera shutter clicks ] sure, i've taken discounts to new heights with safe driver and paperless billing. but the prize at the top is worth every last breath. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles?
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what, what? what? ipad m closed captioning provided by -- cleanse, tone, and refresh. dickinson's® the best kept beauty secret since 1866. for special offers visit walgreens today. like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. >> if you're talking cars and you say stop, if you're colin firth your brain goes elsewhere. google sent him a challenge. >> we want you to search for products from our advertisers and use it to create something. >> they were wanting him to create a google app and use google for things to buy to create something. he decided he was going to create a car spa. >> car spa? >> he gets himself a vehicle,
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his old bmw. >> check it all out. >> emptying basically everything, the seat, the floors. >> still works. there's barely anything in it. >> then they get to sort of welding and trying to sort of secure the holes in it. of course he wants to start filling it with water and see if it's going to stay in. >> what? >> to keep the water in they get a whole heap of resin and cover all the wiring as well. he's taking care of it. >> moment of truth. all resined up, all welded up, hopefully all sealed up. fill it up now. >> you see, sealing it up and filling it with water is just the beginning because -- >> also got the weight when full of water will weigh about two ton extra. >> he will create special suspension and huge springs clips them together and mounts each of those on the four wheels. it is rock solid. >> he just fabricated this heating element.
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>> got a coil and we're going to stick this down here in the passenger foot well. >> as he's driving it will then circulate and heat up the water. the guy is a genius. >> remember like i said you need to go shopping on google. well, he got himself a couple leaf blowers, got himself a grill and he got himself some artificial grass. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. >> spectacular. >> i love this. >> the leaf blowers you'll see ha they're first. first he has to cover his car. >> this says tailgate to me. >> we are left with the spa car. >> it actually looks really inviting. >> more inviting once it's nice and chilled and watery. >> let's get in and go for a spin. >> for a drive. all right. get a little water in my face. you can't have a spa without being a jacuzzi. now we have the bubbles going. you have the hot water. the grill is on back. >> oh, my gosh. i will officially super jealous. >> come pick me up, pal.
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>> this guy is one of my favorite human beings. >> this is the story of flight over medication of grandma kathy. >> [ inaudible ]. ♪ >> my whole life. [ inaudible ]. i have been drunk. >> oh! no they gave her a shot of whiskey. jack daniels honey. she has peripheral disease. it causes ingrown tone nails. when she would get a pedicure it would hurt. they gave her lidocaine but it doesn't work as well as this. >> i recommend whiskey. >> they gave her a shot? >> a single shot. >> if you don't drink or haven't
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had a drink in a long time it takes just that much to get you. looks like she had got -- >> mom. >> that's her daughter anita, a friend saying mom, slow your roll. she's feeling no pain. >> this video was unloaded in december and sadly grandma kathy passed away last year. she was a lovely lady, but she wanted this video to be on tv. >> oh. >> everybody have a shot of whisker in her honor tonight. >> oh, it's going to be -- >> no need to apologize, kathy. you're having a good time. this is them rolling her out of the nail shop but said by 8:00 that night she was sober. dad sitting in a restaurant. >> oh, look at his face. >> he spotted someone or something. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- time for the birthday boy to blow out his candles. >> what did you wish for? >> don't tell. it doesn't come true.
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>> you're wrong this time my friend. >> why he's about to get the most perfect about birthday surprise. >> oh! >> wow! >> plus we've got another ipad mini to give away, friday's buzzword for your shot to win is coming up. you've had this snack. but have you ever had a snack within a snack within a snack? three levels of snack time at the same time. reese's snack mix is pretzels, nuts, reese's pieces and reese's peanut butter cups. snacka-snacka-what? hershey's and reese's snack mix. snacks on snacks on snacks.
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cleanse, tone, and refresh. dickinson's® the best kept beauty secret since 1866. for special offers visit walgreens today. oh, that very exciting moments when the candles are lit and you got to race through your brain and pick a birthday wish. that's ayman and his girlfriend samantha and their son dominic, turning 7. ♪ happy birthday to you >> the classical song is sung. time to blow out the candles and tell us your wish, big fella. >> don't tell. it doesn't come true. >> you're wrong this time, my friend. [ applause ] >> what did you wish for? >> mommy and daddy to get married. >> oh! wow. that's the biggest surprise of them all. >> everybody surprised. look at the big, beautiful grin on dominick's face.
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he just won the world championships of birthdays. >> super sweet adorable moment to see all of this come together. >> next year for his birthday he's going to be wishing for a lamborghini and telling everybody. >> in hawaii for his latest episode of free wilderness and this time he's in the ocean with the reptiles. >> why? >> the garden island as it has long been nicknamed considered the fourth largest island in the chain and the moment you leave the shoreline behind the dive beneath the crashing waves you stand a good chance of encountering one of the most iconic reptiles the sea turtle . >> that is what he is after today, the sea turtle, he calls the sea dragon. >> don't worry he's only going to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the ocean. >> he deserves this.
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everything else he's putting himself through. go to hawaii and have a vacation. >> he's bringing us along for that journey and he puts the scuba gear on and he goes down there to see how close and how much time he can spend with these turtles. >> kind of like the unicorns of the ocean. you know what i mean. one of the things you want to see, hard to find and when you do it feels magical. >> he encounters not one, but two of the turtles, a male and a female, and he tells us how he can tell. >> because they were just getting busy and he interrupted their date. >> one of the most distinct differences between the two is that the male is similar to a snapping turtle have longer and robust tails. >> you keep going, like he did with his team you may just find sea turtle city. >> a single sea turtle can steal your heart, but being in the presence of many sea turtles at once, is absolutely
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breathtaking. >> there he is, surrounded by sea turtles. >> can't help wondering how many things he looked at and thought i wonder what that sting would feel like. >> if you want to check out the entire sea dragon experience head to click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both, enter on each every day. >> friday's buzzword is pinnacle. >> get to and click on the win ipad button and enter friday's buzzword, pinnacle. pinnac-i-n-n-a-c-l-e p-i-n-n-a-c-l-e. >> good luck, everybody. >> when it comes to fitness pole dancing. >> anybody can do it. >> see how one man is working it to stay fit. >> dang.
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>> i keep trying to tell y'all that pole dancing is where it's at. >> we agree. >> for fitness. ladies and gentlemen, fitness pole dancing. anybody can do it. ♪ >> anybody can do it? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> most definitely. tell me what you see, my brother. >> oh, i see brochacho breaking it down. got his crop top on and everything. >> he does. he is putting in the work. you talk about brochacha is 69. step your game up. >> no. >> yes. way. and he has been doing this about four or five hours every single day. >> he's impressive. >> is his name candy? >> no. but he might be a sugar daddy. if you can keep up. >> this guy may be on to something. you know, 69 years old. going to class with a bunch of young attractive ladies and staying in shape. >> i don't see anything wrong with it. >> you're right. this guy is a genius.
2:57 pm
>> right. >> dang, he's fabulous, man. ♪ >> this fella is also pretty fabulous because he's learned how to do this. >> playing this video? >> oh. >> with a split. >> oli, you thought exactly like i did. did they reverse this video? snapchat or instagram. he learned to sprint down two dozen stairs backwards. >> why? >> because. why ask why. here's the thing. dozens of people gather around and watch him do this every single morning. he does it at the stair step [ inaudible ] and sounds like he's the main attraction. >> could any of you guys do this. >> no. >> haters. >> so. who cares. >> feel any better about yourself or worse he's also [ inaudible ]. ♪ >> that's our show. if you need more great videos check us out on plenty of stuff there or catch the next all new "rtm."
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[ sighs ] hey, boss. hey, milo. everything okay? yeah. i-i just got back from seeing jason. yeah, epiphany told me they moved him to long-term care. mm-hmm. how is it? it's good. i mean, the staff is optimistic. they've seen a lot of people like jason recover. good. glad to hear it. what are you doing here? aren't you supposed to be watching josslyn? joey's guarding her till i can get there, but, um...i had a couple questions that pertain to guarding josslyn. is there -- is there a problem? maybe. i-i-i'm not really sure. look, okay, if there's a problem, you need to tell me. okay, then.


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