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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  September 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: well, jim, longmeadow drive is in a normally quiet upscale neighborhood in limerick but not today. it was gunshots and first responders. it was about noontime in the walnut grove neighborhood of limerick. someone came calling to the door of this large house. >> lady who lived in a residence on that road answered the door. after she answered the door, she was shot twice. >> reporter: the 48-year-old victim was badly wounded. police quickly put out a bulletin to pick up 30-year-old greg feldman believed driving a 2016 black mazda sedan pennsylvania license kfc 4605. the victim knows feldman apparently he was an acquaintance of the victim's daughter. >> so, this is not an unknown assailant and we -- we know that there was a relationship familiar relationship in the past. >> reporter: in an unusual
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twist on hearing feldman was a suspect grand view hospital in sellersville some 15 miles away went into a precautionary lockdown. apparently feldman had a grudge with a doctor near that facility. the d.a. was not aware of that lockdown but emphasized feldman needs to be found. >> we believe mr. feldman to be armed at at this point. anybody having any information about him should contact authorities, call 911 right away so that we can have a chance to make sure that we get him without any further bloodshed. >> reporter: well, feldman's last known address was harleysville. he has connections to macungie in lehigh county. authorities are hopeful the 48-year-old victim will recover from her wounds. live at the limerick police department, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, john. so, autumn is now two hours old but don't bring out the sweaters just yet because
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we're actually looking at the possibility of record heat. let's go live to meteorologist cecily tynan and some unseasonably warm weather. cecily. >> that's exactly right. keep the shorts on hand because you'll want to wear them over the weekend and early next week. right now it's pretty comfortable out there. philadelphia 81 degrees down from our high of 83 which is 7 degrees above normal. allentown and reading, 80 cape may a little bit cooler, 75 and wilmington 78 degrees. we have dewpoints in the 50's so it's not all that muggy but the humidity and the temperatures will really be rising over the weekend. if you look out to the west, chicago, saint louis omaha wichita memphis dallas all in the 90's and that air mass will be gradually moving our way as we head through the weekend. in addition to that, we've got the remnants of josé spinning off the eastern seaboard so that means if you are going to the jersey beaches, the delaware beaches, the jersey shore, rip currents will be a problem but the next four days we have this strong ridge of
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high pressure. so, what this means, summer hangs tough. temperatures running about 10 to 15 degrees above average. definitely on the warm side. and your evening planner showing this friday night, you're heading out really don't need a jacket. temperatures just gradually dropping down into the low 70's by 11 o'clock. i'll talk about that record warmth on the way, also have the latest on hurricane maria in the accuweather 7-day forecast. jim. >> thank you, cecily. don't let the hot weather lull you into thinking that the surf is going to be calm at the jersey shore. there is a high risk of rip currents and it may stay that way for awhile. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in atlantic city tonight. bob, what's the story on this? >> reporter: well, jim, the story is that it might look absolutely beautiful out and it is but there's still a lot of danger in the water as cecily was talking about. josé is still out there swirling around what's left of it and really causing some currents underneath. let me show you behind me the beach it's amazing. the water it's sort of deceiving right now in that it's amazing but those
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currents are still under there. you can't see them and they are dangerous. it's been a busy last few days for beach patrol down at the shore. >> last weekend we had little under 30 for the weekend. this week there have been -- yesterday we had six. >> reporter: hurricane hose say brought in surf big enough to erode portions of north wildwood beach. second through fifth street beach access is closed there. though the waves today won't wash away the dunes, it's what lies beneath the water that's dangerous. extremely strong rip currents. they're lingering effects of josé still at sea swirling around. >> the water is very dangerous right now. you have to know what you're doing. you shouldn't go past your knees in this kind of water. >> reporter: for a grown man the rough current is a a lot of fun today if you don't have to like body surf. you can lay in it and let it throw you. it will throw i was gun 20, 30 yards. >> reporter: if you go out in rough conditions and wind up needing to be rescued you're not only putting your life in jeopardy but the lives of men and women who come out to save you. on sunday a lifeguard was injured when they had to go on
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the rocks and make a rescue. >> took one dive and got sucked right out. the son ended up on the rock pile in bad shape. one of our guys got him and the father actually floated out to sea. right now not a lot of beaches have guards on duty because we're out of season but ones like atlantic city do and that's where you should swim. >> if we're on duty swim in front of us. >> reporter: well it doesn't get any more clearer than that. over the weekend lifeguards say the surf is going to get rough and the waves bigger, the rip currents underneath stronger so please keep that in mind when heading out. for now reporting live in atlantic city, bob brooks, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you, bob. police now are investigating an accident involving a gun and a three-year-old. it happened this morning at 16th and arch in center city philadelphia and no, the three-year-old wasn't the victim. police say he was the person who pulled the trigger. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at central detectives headquarters. vernon tell us what happened
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here. >> reporter: jim, the pha officer who's gun was involved in this fiasco has now been suspended by the housing authority pending the outcome of the full investigation by the philadelphia police force. at 11:30 this morning at 16th and arch a gunshot was heard from inside this dodge journey. this three-year-old boy who's face we are obscuring had picked up a 9-millimeter handgun from under the front passenger side seat and pulled the trigger wounding were you ever his uncles who was in the driver's seat. a witness saw police cars racing to the scene and ran around the corner to see this aftermath. >> the man was standing right by the car and the that's when i seen the blood. the bullet hole, the exit wound and all that. >> reporter: here are the circumstances. the child came to center city in a car with two uncles and his grandmother in the back seat. as he sat in the children's chair. one uncle a housing authority officer who was carrying his personal handgun decided to leave it under the front seat because he was headed to city
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hall and did not have his law enforcement credentials. the grandmother also left the car. then this three-year-old escaped from his safety seat and grabbed the gun. >> one round was fired and it went through the driver. again, this is a 24-year-old male. it went through his right shoulder and exited out. >> reporter: the wounded uncle was treated at hahnemann hospital and released. the uncle who owns the gun knows he could face some charges in this near tragedy. sources tell me he has retained a lawyer and has clammed up. again, jim, that pha officer has clammed up here. he knows he could face some possible charges. that will be up to the district attorney. he has retained a lawyer and is not talking to the media, not much to police investigators. i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news" in spring garden. >> thank you vernon. philadelphia police say the man arrested for trying to get three children into his car last friday also committed the same crime months ago.
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35-year-old marwan deeb is now facing seven counts of luring a child into a vehicle dating back to february. police say he tried offering some of the children cash but they were able to run away and call for help. now the latest on a prescription benefits scam that cost new jersey taxpayers $25 million. 55-year-old margate doctor john gaffney pleaded guilty in camden to federal -- in camden federal court today for his role in the conspiracy. he admits signing phony prescriptions for patients he never examined. his co-conspirators then billed the state benefits program for reimbursement. five of gaffney's accomplices pleaded guilty last month. all of those defendants are waiting to be sentenced. new jersey governor chris christie has cleared the criminal record of a recovered drug addict.
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naples got hooked on heroin as a teen and committed nonviolent crimes. she says being sentenced to a treatment center helped turn her life around. naples is an employed homeowner who proudly paid for her daughter's college education. she's been sober for 33 years. coming up on "action news" tonight methacton teachers are back in class. but another strike is still on the table. and who will be sitting out during the eagles home opener against those new york football giants? meteorologist cecily tynan has the latest seven-day from accuweather and this reminder, "action news" is about interaction with you. so follow us on facebook instagram and twitter for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news and we'll continue in just a moment. >> ♪
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>> today students in the methacton school district returned to class for the first time since the teachers went on strike. they walked off the job monday. the teachers did in a contract dispute. but they agreed to go back to work as they enter nonbinding arbitration with the school board. that process could take several weeks and it's possible the teachers may strike again if the final decision isn't accepted by both sides. monday will mark the start of a new police academy class in philadelphia. and about eight months after the new officers will be dispatched to protect and serve. "action news" reporter gray hall has the unique view of the start of their journey. >> we want to be the difference. you know, it takes courage making an impact, commitment. >> reporter: ahead of monday's new academy class for the philadelphia police department staff inspector joseph bologna in charge of the department's recruitment
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and background unit says a new class is not the end of recruiting he says it's a constant job searching for the best of the best. >> we're looking for people with compassion, people with courage with integrity is the key. >> reporter: "action news" was right there as the last recruit filled out his paperwork monday morning about 140 recruits will start the process and be that much closer to being sworn philadelphia police officers. the process takes about six to eight months and it is challenging. there is a written exam, physical exam, psychological test and an extensive background check and a whole lot more. >> we don't give the job away very easily. you have to earn this job. >> reporter: there are over 6,000 officers but with retirement and others moving on, the inspector says there's always a need for more good officers. recruits can't talk to us on camera but the inspector says in monday's class will be richard, he's 47 and was once a philadelphia police officer but was injured on the job back in the mid 90's. 21 years later he's strong enough to return and wants to finish out his career as a
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philly officer. >> what folks are willing to do to become a police officer to serve other is an inspiration not only here in the city put around this country forget about it. >> reporter: what you're looking for. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: that reminder police academy will start on monday and then on that very same day, a huge recruiting drive will start and that will last through october 20th. you can find all that information on the philadelphia police department's web site. reporting in hunting park, gray hall channel6 "action news." >> and the philadelphia fire department is welcoming cadet class 193. they graduated from the academy today during a ceremony at the university of pennsylvania. mayor jim kenney who's father was a firefighter congratulated the group and wished them well in their careers of protecting philadelphia residents. a group of golfers hit the lynx today to raise money for the families of fallen police officers. the fifth annual protect the
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badge golf outing was held this afternoon at jeffersonville golf club in norristown. the event created by channel6 photographer mike mccloskey. he might be a lousy golfer but he's a great guy and has tremendous commitment to this cause. 100 percent of the proceeds will go directly to a family who has lost a loved one in the line of duty. get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network.
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>> actually i got a hunch mccloskey is a pretty good golfer. he deserves credit for a job well done. >> he's a good golfer. >> eagles will have. >> that back earned you got to figure other guys will have to step up to stop eli manning and odell beckham jr. eagles secondary will be short-handed sunday against the giants. while starting safety rodney mccleod is listed as questionable both jalen watkins and corey graham ruled out with hamstring injuries.
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check out carson wentz he's feeling it. the eagles quarterback is in a groove at practice today. will wentz be able to get into rhythm sunday against the giants? they need a guard vet. who starts will be a game time decision according to head coach doug pederson. come game time the eagles expect a tougher giants team even though their record stands at o and two. >> i know the giants is the giants. giants going to come in here and they going to try and beat us and we got to come out there and do what we do. we can't take no opponent lightly. obviously everybody is good in this league no matter how beat up they are, they're going to come to play. >> we know this is a must win. they're a team that struggled obviously. i don't think they're going to come into this stadium and give up on anybody. i think it's going to be a good game for us. you can't let your guard down. i don't care what happened the first two weeks. >> but this battle here on 6abc college football fourth ranked penn state looks to stay undefeated right here on
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6abc tomorrow night against iowa 7:30. penn state has not started four and o in three years. what happened to temple last night. join ducis rodgers and temple coach geoff collins for temple football playbook in the 9:30 hour of "action news" tomorrow morning to find out how the owls are going to recover from that loss against south florida. rhys hoskins and the phillies in atlanta for one last road trip against the braves. phillies need to win at least two of their remaining nine games to avoid a hundred losses and their worst season in more than a half century. phillies rookies jp crawford in the lineup against the braves playing third again tonight replacing maikel franco. while crawford has struggled to hit he is getting on base. eight walks in his last five games. his eye to work the plate is drawing the eye of his manager pete mackanin. >> he was advertised as someone who controls the strike zone and he's proven that he can do that and, you know, walks a good as a hit the old saying and, you know, he keeps innings alive and he
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doesn't -- he doesn't expand the strike zone to -- he makes the pitcher get him out and he'll take a walk which is important. >> the sixers have a agreed to terms with 13 year veteran kris humphries a source tells 6abc yet another piece of the puzzle as the sixers open training camp on tuesday. so is head coach brett brown feeling the pressure to make the playoffs? >> i don't feel it. i feel the responsibility to -- to do my job as it relates to what is most important. and, you know, getting our guys understanding what winning basketball truly looks like. >> and of course they need everyone healthy. most importantly, joel embiid. >> and his whole situation seems to be clouded by. >> a little clouded. >> the newspaper today said ob fuse -- obfuscation. i don't know if we want to use
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that word but they did. >> that's an sat word. >> meteorologist cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment. our veterans have given us the rights and freedoms that we have and we enjoy today. ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery. this was supplied to the veterans,
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giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
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. >> autumn comes at 4:02 and we're sweltering. we're going to swelter for the next, what, week? >> about a week. fall can wait one week. the calendar says fall but the thermometer says summer. >> and winter in february we will be looking back with much nostalgia. >> exactly. enjoy it while you can. let's go live on sky6. taking a look the center city skyline, the sun will set at 6:58. the first sunset of fall 2017,
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just a gorgeous shot and i have another gorgeous shot. ruth posted this to my facebook page from beach haven new jersey. surf is up. a lot of surfers really enjoying the swells thanks to josé. this weekend actually may be a nice weekend to go to the shore. just be careful that risk of rip currents but philadelphia it's going to be a warm weekend. not feeling like fall at all. tomorrow lots of sunshine, bright, the humidity still in check tomorrow with dewpoints in the 50's. 88 degrees on. on sunday not only does it get hotter up to 91 degrees, it also gets humid. definitely drink a lot of water if you're heading to the eagles-giants game. it's going to be hot. right now temperatures pretty comfortable. philadelphia 81 degrees. down from our high of 83. allentown 80. cape may 75. trenton 81. and wilmington 78 degrees. dewpoints are in the 50's so pretty low humidity but the dewpoints will be creeping up for the second half of the weekend and early next week. in the meantime, satellite and radar showing we have post tropical storm josé. it means it doesn't have a warm core anymore but it's still spinning about 140 miles
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southeast of nantucket, maximum sustained winds 45 miles per hour. it's tosses a few clouds our way every now and then. the big issue the rip currents down the shore. tonight partly cloudy skies, low humidity but a warm night. 66 in philadelphia, trenton 63, cape may 66. allentown 56. and wilmington 63. tomorrow with josé still spinning offshore high pressure building in, lots of sunshine, again a high of 88 degrees. on sunday, bump it up to 91 degrees and likely even a little bit hotter on monday and that actually could tie a record high set way back in 1970. so, if you're heading down the shore partly sunny, rough surf, high risk of rip currents, a good idea not to go in too deep in the water but on the beaches just beautiful. beaches. beach haven, atlantic city 78, beth thee beach 80 and rehoboth beach 77. that ocean temperature in the low 70's. hurricane maria maximum sustained winds still
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125 miles per hour its a cat three. it's moving away from the turks and caicos islands and it will begin to make that turn up to the north as we head through the weekend and early next week and what this means is it should be passing between cape hatteras and bermuda by the middle of next week as a category one hurricane. something i'll continue to watch. so, my weather computer is locked up. let's bring up the accuweather 7-day forecast full and tomorrow it will be warm, mostly sunny with a high of 88 degrees. on sunday, unusually hot, 91 and monday again that record high 92 set back in 1970. it looks like we will be tying that. tuesday drops down to 86 degrees. wednesday mixture of clouds and sunshine, 84. thursday 82. and then finally friday, one week delayed, it will feel like fall with a high of 75 degrees and a mixture of sun and clouds. we'll wait one week and temperatures drop to more seasonable levels. >> all right, cecily. finally an area high school
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marks quite a milestone today. today archbishop john carroll high school in radnor began its 50th anniversary celebration in honor of the occasion, philadelphia archbishop charles chaput led mass the the school. there are several special events planned throughout the school year as part of this 50th anniversary celebration at carroll. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack,
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critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.
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tonight breaking developments as we come on the air. the urgent warning in puerto ri rico. their bracing for a major dam to collapse telling tens of thousands to seek higher ground and the new storm models showing the track of hurricane maria once again closer to the east koes coast of the us. we have the timing and the possible path. also a major blow to the effort to kill obamacare. john mccain and his decision late today. jimmy kimmel tweeting him and tonight the two key senators who could make or break this bill. where they stand right now. the stunning moment now days after the earthquake. this person pulled from the rubble alive. north korea tonight and their new warning responding to president trump. now


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