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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 23, 2017 1:42am-2:11am EDT

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limerick montgomery county where a woman was shot twice when she hopsheopened the door to her ho. greg feldman is "a" person of interest. he's considered armed and dangerous. the big story is the search for the gunman who according to authorities was involved with the victim's daughter. jeff chirico is live at limerick police. do police have any clues about where feldman might be? >> at this point they are not saying but he has ties to the lehigh valley. 48-year-old herman is the victim. the suspect her daughter's ex-boyfriend showed up at the door asking for the daughter and shot the mother. >> i realized it sounded like
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gunfire. >> mary johnson lives across the street from the home on meadow live where plil police converged after receiving a report of shots. >> i stared at him and wondered what was going on. he never looked at me. he got in the car and drove away. >> the district attorney says investigators are looking for 30-year-old greg feldman. the victim apparently knows feldman. >> i don't want to get into too many details but he had been involved with the victim's daughter at some point. >> after the shooting the victim and her husband waited on the steps for the paramedics. >> he was applying pressure until the paramedics arrived. >> in response to the shooting,
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grand view hospital went into lockdown. apparently feldman had a grudge with a doctor there. kfc4x05 is the license plate number. the d.a. stressed feldman needs to be found. we believe feldman is armed at this point. anyone having information about him should contact authorities, call 911 right away. >> mr. herman was shot in the chest and neck. authorities are hopeful she will recover. we are learning from court documents this could have been much worse. the victim told police that several attempted shots misfired. jeff chirico "action news" wphl-17. >> philadelphia police are
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weighing charges in the case where a three-year-old shot his uncle. the .9 mm. handgun was left under the seat by another uncle, a housing authority officer who didn't want to carry it into city hall. he could face charges. murder charges have been filed in a car crash that killed a young man and severely injured his girlfriend. trish hartman is live at the county courthouse in doyle town. >> we spoke with the family of gabby o otero. she has a fractured skull, brain trauma and numerous broken
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bones. they say the arrest is just one step toward justice. >> jacqueline has been charged in testify crash august 30th. police say she had numerous prescription drugs in her system including oxycodone and fentanyl when she crossed the line killing chris and hi badly injurying his girlfriend. >> as the affidavit states, she's on her third dui. she was also driving with a suspended license. she was granted an occupational license by penndot to drive to and from work but on august 309, she was shopping at the willow grove mall. >> robert james is chief of homicide by vehicle unit. he's seen an alarming number of cases like this one. in the past nine months, my
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office charged five defendants with first-degree murder in crash related charges. >> he hopes more jail time for charges like third degree murder will stop people from driving under the influence. now the family is raising money through a go fund me account. jones family says she suffers on lyme disease which is why she was on some of those drugs. chris hartman, channel6 "action news." >> the sun has set on the first day of autumn. the latest information tonight from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> it doesn't feel like fall tonight and won't for the next several days. right now the temperature in
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philadelphia is 74-degrees. the normal high for this time of year is 76. allentown dropped to 68. wilmington 69. the boardwalk mild, 74. you have to go to the poconos right now to have cool air. the current temperature 57. we made it to 87-degrees, seven degrees above normal. if you look to the west, you see many areas, cincinnati, omaha, chicago, memphis in the low to mid 90s. that air mass is moving in and it will be here for the second half of the weekend and monday. one thing that isn't moving is jose. it's now just a remnant low. it's spinning off of the coast of nantucket. you can see it's spinning clouds our way creating rough surf and rip current. we have the rip current with jose spinning out to sea and high pressure bringing us summer
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hanging on for the next four days, 10 to 15-degrees above average talking about the chance of record heat in the seven-day forecast. jim? >> thank you, cecily. it's more than two days after maria stormed ashore in pree puo rico. flooding is in many areas but nowhere is it more urgent than the northwest part of the island where officials are rushing to rescue 70,000 people downstream from the dam tonight. the dam received a christ crackr 15-inches of rain fell. infrastructure has been decimated. communication is sporadic at best. 80% of landline and internet cables are out. 80% of cellphone towers are knocked down.
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the death toll stands at six. president trump brought his campaign rally roadshow to huntsville, alabama tonight. surrounded by a group of supporters, trump sang the praises of luther strange who replaced jeff sessions is involved in a runoff with chief justice roy moore. trump said strange has been wrongly branded as an insider. he went off on kim jung un, who is threatening a hydrogen bomb test. >> rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. hhe may be smart, strategic and totally crazy. no matter what he is, we are going to handle it, folks, believe me. >> the rally came on the heels
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of development in health care. senator john mccain did it again, revealing he wouldn't vote for the graham-cassidy bill. if one more republican goes against the bill, that would be it. maine senator susan collins has given every indication she won't support theville. lisa murkowski of alaska is also a no. 56-33 americans say they prefer existing obama care to the latest republican alternative. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, success in the survivors of the mexico earthquake. also, nearly a year later, federal authorities inform 21
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states that russians tried to hack their election systems and our area was on the list. >> plus wal-mart's plan to keep your fridge full of groceries. the catch, they'll be able to open your front door even when you are not home. cecily? >> definitely on the warm side. we have been in the 80s. heading into the 90s, i'll let you know how hot it will feel. >> the phillies face off against the braves. the eagles get ready for the home opener. it's high school huddle time
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>> in mexico city, professional rescuers are using heavy equipment to dig into the crumbled remains of buildings trying to find survivors. the death toll from tuesdays 7.1
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earthquake is nearing 300. loved ones are standing by, praying for a miracle. everyone is keeping watch in case another structure goes to the ground. pennsylvania and delaware confirm tonight thinker among 21 states targeted by alleged russian hackers during the presidential campaign. governor tom wolf's office says there is no evidence the hackers breached systems. all intentions were previously known. today is the first day federal authorities began notifying states they were the victims. the department of homeland security says there is reconnaissance. now to a question for consumers, would you let someone into your house when you are not home to stock up your pantry and
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your fridge? wal-mart is testing a new delivery service that doesn't just drop off at your front door. the delivery person would get a code to open a smart lock on your door and walk into the house to put groceries in the fridge for you. you would be able to watch all of this live on your phone. >> can you get them to vacuum, fold your laundry and change diapers? >> that would be the next step. i don't know. i'm not going to express my opinion. >> can you have a speaker that says, get away from that door. >> i want no part of this. what about the accuweather forecast? >> it's warm. let's go live on sky 6 looking at the center city skyline. a few high, thin clouds out there. very comfortable. did you see the sun set?
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if you missed it, keith put a camera over doyles town and got this shot. the sun setting before 7:00, 6:58. definitely a sign that it's fall. it won't feel like it at all. this weekend, it's going to be hot, humid and feel like july. eagles v. giants, drink lots of water for the game. it's hot and we have the risk of rip currents thanks to jose and early next week thanks to maria. a lot going on. temperaturewise, 54 philadelphia. allentown, 68. allentown, 72 and wilmington, 6. satellite and radar showing we have the remnants of jose spinning about 150-miles southeast of nantucket.
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they are getting showers near boston. we have high thin clouds every now and then. high surf, rip currents and jose is sitting there through the weekend. that means we have the risk of rip currents headed to the jersey shore. you want to be careful. it will be beautiful on the beaches. tonight, 66 in philadelphia, same in cape may, trenton 63 and allentown, 66-degrees. it will be a warm day, 88-degrees. much like today, dewpoints should be in the 50s. humidity level not bad. sunday, though, you feel the difference. it gets hotter, 91-degrees. it gets more humid with dewpoints in the 6 0s. the forecast high 91. record high 91 set in 1970. monday also setting a record of
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92-degrees. hurricane maria, 125 miles per hour winds, 365-miles east of nasa moving east of the bahamas, northwest, nine miles per hour. making a turn to the north. this is something you have to watch next week. it will likely move between cape hatteras and bermuda and out to see and too close for comfort. testify exclusive accuweather forecast, warm and sunny, 88, bumping up to 91 sunday. 92 monday. temperatures start to drop a bit, on the warm side, tuesday humid, 86. behind the system, here's fall, 75-degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. if you like summer, you will like this weekend. >> thank you, cecily. >> coming up on "action news," the phillies, eagles.
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jamie apody when we continue in just a minute. ♪ ♪ fios.
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>> phillys, braves, jamie apody. >> final road trip of the season. phillies have to win two to avoid losing 100 games. tonight, rooky ben lively with a meltdown in the first. 3-0. then chris later follows that up
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with a two run home run. lively gave up five runs in the first six over all. not a good night. rhys hoskins out of gas. batting average 285. over 300 earlier in the week. they are set to defend home turf, but it's not clear who will defend it. chance womack said to be a starting left guard. chris pederson claims they have not made a chance yet. he was not committing to who will start at safety with all of the injuries. >> it's hypothetical. i can't speculate on who is going to be there when i'm dealing with these guys getting healthy. we are on the right track in anticipation of several guys
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playing. it's game time decisions. >> franklin set for the first road came of the season. >> i'm excited about going there. it's one of the venues i have heard about, recruiting against them as an assistant. they are the nfl team. it's a big deal. you better be ready to play. >> watch penn state take on iowa in prime time. coverage begins tomorrow night. ducis rogers and jeff collins in the half hour tomorrow morning. high school huddle coming up in just a few minutes. >> is jeff here yet? >> i see jeff. is the football here? >> no. no. no throwing a football this year. i'll tell you why later. it's the time of year when being scairld can be a lot oscared ca.
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the largest haunted house returns to the eastern state penitentiary. there are new attractions and zombies. it runs through november 11th. as always, proceeds from the event will be used to preserve eastern s
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>> high school huddle next on channel6 followed by "jimmy kimmel live," then "nightline." we have this gorgeous new set. cecily tynan is going to throw the football anyway: gorgeous. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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