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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 26, 2017 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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welcome to the beginning of the end of obamacare. from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel live! tonight, andy samberg, brandon micheal hall, music from macklemore ft. offset. and now here's jimmy kimmel! how are you doing? thank you for watching. thanks for coming.
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i'm laughing because one second before he announces my name, my fly was all the way down to like my knees. the perils of hosting a talk show, you know? thank you for joining us on a day of great relief for many million of americans. because the graham/cassidy health care bill, a bill i've been speaking out against all week, it shall not pass. senator mcconnell decided to pull the vote. they didn't have the votes. i haven't been this excited about something being dead since bin laden. on behalf of my family, especially my son billy, i want to sincerely thank those of you who called your representatives and made your voices heard. i bet the walls in the oval office are filled with dozens of tiny little fist holes today. republican senator sues an collins and john mccain stood up
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against graham/cassidy. they broke with their party and the president will the good sense last night to lash out against john mccain on twitter. he posted a video. he wrote a few of the many clips of john mccain talking about repealing and replacing o'care. my oh my has he changed. he's so mad he's turned into scarlet o'hara. and mccain didn't even flip-flop. he's still in favor of replacing. and the idea that donald trump would criticize anyone for changing his position is very rich. definitely richer than he is. donald trump has more flip-flops than a jimmy buffett concert. no one contradicts himself more. no one ever in on shining that light on john mccain, we put together a collection of
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some of the bigliest about faces of donald trump himself. >> bill clinton was a great president. hillary clinton is a great would that and a good woman. >> in many ways i identify more as a democrat. >> i am very pro-choice. >> i won't have time to play golf. >> i'm going to take care of everybody. i don't care if it costs me votes or not. it seals like they do better. >> i hate the concept of divorce. i would never lie. >> could you say -- >> i would not lie. i would absolutely not lie. if i decide to run for office, i'll produce my tax returns. absolutely. >> jimmy: his memory is shorter than his finger. so he had dinner with a bunch of conservative leaders at which he called john mccain a disgrace, which that in itself is disgraceful. john mccain is home fighting brain cancer right now. what is your brain's excuse? and the same way trump is
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telling the nfl would be more patriotic, he is insulting a man with a purple heart. john mccain when he was a young man, he went to viet natural. he was beaten viciously. he was a prisoner of war for five and a half years. they offered to release him and he said no. he refused to leave his fellow soldiers behind so he stayed there voluntarily. donald trump got out of even going to vietnam because he had a bone spur. he got a deferment from dr. scholl's of if that doesn't paint a picture for you, maybe this will. this is mccain after he was released by the vietnamese. >> john mccain seen here exiting a bus in hanoy, viet nap. >> here's donald trump getting off a bus. >> 2005, donald trump seen here exiting a bus in burbank, california. >> hello, how are you, fine. nice seeing you. terrific. you know billy bush. >> each man displays his heroism in his own personal way.
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so good for john mccain for doing the right thing again. [ cheers and applause ] susan collins, while i'm relieved that we dodged this particular bullet, health care, we need a system that provides quality affordable health care to every american. obamacare is a start but it is obviously far from perfect. and let's not forget, the reason it is far from perfect is for the last seven years, the gop leadership refused to work with democrats to fix it. they voted six times can i it. not even counting the votes this year. they tried 50 more times to cripple it or to remove important provisions and they kept saying repeal and replace. the only problem is they didn't have a replacement that offered anything like what we have now. some republicans saying they'll take another shot at it next year, even though only 24% of americans approved of graham/cassidy and only 20%
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approved of the last one. i'm not a congressman. i don't want to tell you how to do your jobs. but here's how to do your jobs, okay? instead of writing a bill by candlelight on a bazooka wrapper and then lying about what it will do, try this. hold a bunk of hearings. at those hearings, invite experts, doctors, patients, hospital administrators, insurance people, invite they will all, find out what's working, and then write a bill based on all the stuff you found out from they will. i know it sounds crazy but sometimes you have to think inside the box. okay? [ cheers and applause ] what we need to do is to tell our representatives in congress to get together with their colleagues, senator lamar alexander of tennessee was already doing this with patty murray of washington to work together to make a flawed system into a great system. and president trump, you made a
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deal with schumer and pelosi, and you got great press for that. do that again. you can call it trump is awesome care. we don't care. we'll put your masks in the operating room so people can see and you thank you just before they go under. this isn't about sides. it is about people who are sick. to all the senators and representatives who stopped this bill, thank you for being reasonable and know -- [ applause ] that we're paying attention and you'll be hearing from us again. if everyone who has been so passionate about health care could be just as loud and engaged about helping people in puerto rico, please consider donating to the american red cross which is right there. donate or text word maria to 909$90999 to make a $10 donatio. this past week has really been an eye opener. we can really make a difference if we speak out. and i'll not planning to stop at health care.
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there is another threat on the horizon that is maybe even more disturbing than anything we've seen in congress this week. that's this. put this up. that is pumpkin spice pizza. this is a real item at a menu at a real restaurant called villa italian kitchen. i don't know who, probably a monster decided it would be a good idea to combine pumpkin spice and pizza. two things that go together lycopene it butter and snow tires. they have 230 restaurants in locations. and whether or not you think pumpkin spice is good on pizza, i think we can all agree that pumpkin spice is not good on pizza. is nothing sacred? i don't believe they did it on that you recall. i beat delivery guy spilled his latte on an order and refused to admit that he screwed up. imagine a child born in indiana or someplace where they don't know anything about pizza,
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innocently, she goes to the mall with her family. and she tries pizza for the first time. and it is that pizza. it is pumpkin spice. and she hates it. she wastes years of her life thinking pizza tastes like nutmeg. and she never tries it again. what about that child? so i'm afraid i'll going to have to ask you to pick up your phones and call your senators again. tell they will, we will not stand for pumpkin spice pizza. let's make pizza great again, okay? and god bless the united states of america. thank you. we have to take a break. when we come back, we'll go deep into the secret world of slime, so stick around. when i look at you, i look back on my life and i know what it was for. what if i struggled... what if i sacrificed...
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hi there. welcome back to our show. andy samberg, brandon micheal hall and music from macklemore ft. offset is on the way. are you considered with something called the slime video? do you know about these? kids are doing this. basically the kids, adults, too, will record themselves making home made slime and playing with it. and they post the videos on instagram it is and hugely popular. it is so popular, they had a nationwide shortage of el mer's glue. for real. el mer worked ought night. it is made out of glue and there are thousands of instagram accounts. one of my friend's daughters was telling me about this. i asked someone to stop by and explain it to me and to make some slime.
11:50 pm
so you hear about fidget spinning but there's a phenomenon that has really taken this country over. mostly taken our young women over. and it is called slime. why is slime so great? what is so great about it? >> it is like a stress ball. >> jimmy: what kind of stress do you have? that you need to get away from? >> hope work, school. >> jimmy: and then slime offers you a way out of that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: who are some of the most popular, do you call them slimers? >> adults call them slimers. >> jimmy: what do you call them? >> like accounts, like slime queens, glitter slimes, things like that. >> jimmy: interesting. i want you to meet some people. come on in, special people. how are you doing? do you know who these people are? >> yes.
11:51 pm
>> jimmy: do you ever see their faces on the video? >> no. >> jimmy: and yet they have heads and everything on their bodies. who are the slime queens? >> that's us. >> jimmy: and what is your title? >> glitter slimes. >> jimmy: how many followers do you have? >> 1.6 million. >> jimmy: how about you? >> 1.3. >> jimmy: so are you arrives then? >> no. you don't hate each other? you're not going to throw he slime at each other? what are the ruse of a good slime video? >> jimmy: you don't talk in a slime video. >> jimmy: then you can't hear the poking sounds. >> then it would be a pet peeve video. >> jimmy: what does that mean? >> people make slime pet peeves. like things do on slime when the slime is not stretchy, the beads fall out. >> the camera is shaky or something. >> jimmy: people get upset about this?
11:52 pm
years from now, when you go on to other things like may be cooking meth? >> what's meth? >> a pro making over 300 pounds a year. >> jimmy: okay. so we have a lot of stuff here. we have supplies. do these look like good supplies to you? >> yes. like this is my heaven. >> jimmy: this is your heaven. all right. let's make some slime. we start out with regular old school glue, huh? >> jimmy: yes. let's pour it in the bowl. what do you want to make? fluffy. >> just squirt it in there. >> you have to shake the shaving cream up or it will could out like liquid. >> jimmy: i've shaved before. i know how it works of the. >> and borax is your last step. keep mixing until it comes away from the side of the bowl of the >> jimmy: you have a good one,
11:53 pm
yeah. >> it is not done yet. when it comes away from the side of the bowl, you put your hands in there and knead it in. both of your -- yours looks a little like clown vomit. >> we have one called unicorn banff. >> jimmy: should we make a video? do we drink it? >> you mix it together and it makes a big slime. >> jimmy: let's do it. >> first you have to get your tri-pod. >> jimmy: it looks like gelato. >> poke it and stretch it. >> jimmy: and this is what people want to see? >> except we shouldn't be talking. >> jimmy: we should not be talking. >> no. you have to be quiet to hear the sound. [ popping sounds ]
11:54 pm
>> jimmy: do you ever like go outside? and play? >> with the slime? >> jimmy: no, i mean in general. i have an idea. what if we put some gumballs in the slime. has anybody ever done that? >> i don't think so. >> jimmy: oh, i've broken new ground in the slime world. >> they might break and rot in the slime. you have gumballs? >> jimmy: of course i have gumballs. nobody has ever put gull because in their slime before? >> you can be the first. >> oh, my god! >> jimmy: you see? see what's happened? i've breathed new life into this stale genre. >> jimmy: look at that. what do you think of that? >> definitely different. >> jimmy: people are going to love this.
11:55 pm
>> how are you touching it? >> jimmy: what do you mean how are we touching it? >> it's slighty! >> jimmy: of course it's slighty. it's slime. 50 ruined it with the gumballs? >> yes of. >> jimmy: thank you for welcoming me into the slime community. high five. a gross high five. there you go. that's how to make slime. you can do it at hole and you can eat it too, right? >> no. >> jimmy: don't eat it! [ cheers and applause ] you can totally eat it, by the way. we have a good show tonight. we have music from macklemore ft. offset. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you
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>> jimmy: who is the one who hosted the fake funeral for you? >> yes, wee look it up online. it was jimmy.
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>> jimmy: welcome back to the show. from the new show "the mayor" which premieres next tuesday on abc, brandon micheal hall is here. then, his new album is called
12:01 am
"gemini" macklemore featuring offset from the mercedes-benz outdoor stage. tomorrow night, liam neeson will be here, science bob pflugfelder will join us, and we'll have music from old dominion. and on thursday kaley cuoco, david muir, and music from the xx. so please join us. our first guest is an emmy-winning and hosting part-time mockumentarian and former snl cast-member who stars as detective jake peralta in the very funny show "brooklyn nine-nine" watch it tuesdays at 9:30 on fox please welcome andy samberg. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look good and you
12:02 am
have a baby now. >> i do indeed. >> jimmy: congratulations! how is that going? >> it's going good. she's 17 years owed. we held off a long time -- it's going great. she's the best. >> jimmy: if you hold off long enough they come out a teenager. that's very exciting. >> it's good. i'm changed. i don't know if you noticed but i was suddenly hit with the tournlg buy those steph curry shoes. i went and got them. my dad instincts are kicking in and i got these. then they arrived and i thought, i'm making it work. i'm a dad. i think they look good. >> that's what happens. >> i went outside and a bunk of dads were like, yeah. >> jimmy: did you ever have that conversation with your dad where he said no, we don't buy those blank shoes. we have to have something on they will. >> he didn't listen. >> he wants the blank hat.
12:03 am
a hat with no logo and smooze have nothing on them. >> jimmy: isn't that a weird thing? i haven't figured it out. i have four kids. i never went through that. >> with, we're celebs. >> jimmy: i had my daughter, i was 24 years old, my first daughter. and i think maybe it's like you don't want to set an example by wearing anything fashionable. then you know you have to buy them fashionable things. >> like baby jordans. >> jimmy: what's the best thing about being a father so far? >> thus far, she's still really young. she has started just sitting there and making fart noises with her mouth. and then laughing really hard. and i was like, i've taught her everything i know. >> jimmy: are you going to be a strict father? or very loose. >> i'm definitely not going to
12:04 am
let her make slime. that was terrifying. by the way though, if she's like, i want to make slime, you can do whatever you want. >> jimmy: i made slime with my daughters. it is all over your hands. when i was a kid, we bought it in a can. it was slime in a can. it was called gak. >> silly putty was slime-esque. >> jimmy: how long before you went back to work? >> it worked out okay because it was the offseason of the show. i'm back now and it is wonderful. >> jimmy: what's wonderful? >> being back at work. >> jimmy: oh, i see, being back at work. >> i love my daughter. you get to work and everybody is like, can i get you anything? do you want food? do you want me to not pee on you?
12:05 am
yeah. definitely don't pee on me. that's wonderful. >> jimmy: it is like being a baby. you don't pee on the baby of course. >> no. i think about it sometimes just to get revenge. it's interesting. like when your wife is pregnant, you're expecting. everyone is like it's incredible. get ready. it's magic. it is the most life changing experience you've ever had. brace yourself for heaven. and then the second the baby comes, everyone is like, welcome to hell! you fool! you're in a world of [ bleep ]! why didn't you tell me before? we wanted you to join us! now you're in it! >> jimmy: it is what people want. they want you to be anchored also of the i'll going to get kicked out for telling everyone without kids. it's rae hard. look out! >> jimmy: you can look back years from now and see this is
12:06 am
when people stopped having children of maybe this will be something that excites your daughter someday when she's a little older. i saw you in a commercial with taylor swift of the she kicked you through a wall. >> yes. it was quite an experience of the >> jimmy: i can imagine. you said taylor swift was someone you knew before hand? >> we've worked beforehand. she was at "snl." >> jimmy: katy perry was also at "snl." you worked with her as well. did you feel you were put in the middle of a situation? >> right. no. i don't take sides in the feud. i'm cool with both of they will. it's fine. >> jimmy: they're cool with that? >> yes. i am very hope have for them. i heard that jared kushner has been assigned brokering a peace accord of the will >> jimmy: is that right? >> yes. right after peace in the middle east for hip. so expect to to happen. >> jimmy: so that should happen any day now. i didn't know he was doing that.
12:07 am
that must be why he's using the alternate e-mails. last season at the end of brooklyn 99, you had a cliffhanger. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: did you know for sure you were coming back for another season? >> they picked us up a little late. in the last episode, you find out my character jake and the other character rosa are going to jail the of we shot it, well, if this is the last episode of the whole series, it is going to be sucky of the it would be like the seinfeld finale without the last scene. >> jimmy: gentleman though they did go to jail in the last episode of the are you still in jail? >> >>e startff sea i in prison.. >> jimmy: did you shoot in a real prison? >> we did. it is not in use anymore bust they shoot jail stuff now. it used to be a real jail.
12:08 am
and it is out past this huge, it is like an hour out of l.a. of the the only way i can describe it is it is where all the cop stuff is. like the warehouse main location. when you drive far outside the city and there's a banana republic outlet? ought irregular shirts you can get for a discount? it seeps like all the cop cars with dents of the you drive through that. >> jimmy: that's one of the things about l.a., they'll keep a prison a prison so you can shoot there. i feel like abandoned hos are even scarier than an abandoned jail. >> and none of then have asbestos. >> jimmy: your daughter will be okay on her own. your wife will find another dad. >> she's beautiful and brilliant. >> jimmy: so you brought a clip with you from the new season. do you need to set it up? >> i brought a clip.
12:09 am
it is pretty self-explanatory. i think it speaks for itself. >> jimmy: let's take a look. brooklyn 99. ♪ >> jimmy: that wasn't a brooklyn -- cop. >> i said i brought a clip. you said brooklyn 99. i just brought my favorite movie. citizen cain, that. >> jimmy: what's the name of that? for curiosity of the. >> cop guy dancing. >> jimmy: that sounds great. is that on netflix? >> yeah. coming to netflix. >> jimmy: okay, great. he's got a lot going on. he has this movie at netflix.
12:10 am
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welcome back to the show. music from mcle more is next. excuse me. what are you doing? >> don't worry about it. go back to your little show. >> jimmy: i didn't know -- are you playing a video game? >> yeah, jimmy, it is the new shadow of war. >> jimmy: i can't host the show while you're playing this very cool looking game. it looks like something out of lord of the rings. >> it does. you get to explore mordor, make your own earl of orcs and fight against monsters like sauron and fight against -- >> jimmy: what? >> orcs, sauron and -- >> jimmy: i can see you're a big fan of the game. >> do you want to play?
12:17 am
>> jimmy: actually, i do want to play. >> i told you, work is for losers of. >> jimmy: do you know what? you're always right. what's the name of this game again? >> jimmy: the shadow of wars. >> jimmy: no of the shadow of war. >> that's what i said. >> jimmy: available october 10th. we'll be right back with brandon micheal hall. with 33 individual vertebrae and 640 muscles in the human body no two of us are alike. life made more effortless through adaptability. the perfect position seat in the lincoln continental. ♪ that's the new rockstar. ♪
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welcome back. music from macklemore ft. offset, our next guest plays a completely unqualified entertainer who somehow gets elected to a political office. that would never happen. "the mayor" premieres a week from tonight here on abc. please welcome brandon micheal hall. [ cheers and applause ]
12:23 am
>> whoa! that's amazing! that's my mama and my sister right there! that's my mom right there! all the way from charlotte, north carolina. they came out here. >> jimmy: did they really? >> that's my mama, yeah. i'm in a great position where i can buy them plane tickets and they can come out to california. hey! >> jimmy: that's a great position. until you have to start buying they will plane tickets. >> yeah. it really breaks into the bank. i have to say, thank you so much for having me on your show. >> jimmy: a pleasure to have you here. >> a blessing and an honor of the. >> jimmy: i heard this is your first talk show. >> this is my first talk show of. >> jimmy: good, eye try to make it a comfortable experience for you. can i get you anything? we've got some water right
12:24 am
there. andy samberg only drank a little of it. >> don't play with my emotions. >> jimmy: so this show of yours, i watched it today. congratulations on it. as i mention in the your intro, you play the mayor of a town that you run, it's like a publicity stunt to promote a rap album. you're funny in the press conference and you tear the existing mayor apart, played by david spade. >> jimmy: he was here a couple weeks ago and then you become the mayor of the town of. you did do some rapping in your previous incarnation of your life. >> below! >> jimmy: i got your mixed tape here. that mixed tape. i took photo in my grandma's bathroom. >> jimmy: did you really? >> i did. rest in peace to my grandpa of
12:25 am
that's his vest right there that i'm wearing. >> jimmy: how did you get all those guys in a bathroom? >> those are my cousins. we did a little drag and drop. that's jay perez, emerald the general, that's canine -- >> jimmy: that's their given names? >> yes. their parents were like, this is the way it should be of >> jimmy: here's how you can tell it was a little while ago you have a my space. is it still up and running? >> i should double-check. >> jimmy: i want to tell you about your nail. your middle nape, micheal, you spell it m-i-c-h-e-a-l of the instead of a-e-l. why are you doing this to us? >> why not? >> jimmy: was that your mom? >> it was my mom.
12:26 am
>> jimmy: why are you doing it? >> oh, my god. >> can we have one more round of applause for my mom? >> wow, thank you. it was a publicity stunt. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it seeps to have worked of the. >> it did work. >> jimmy: i noticed there are billboards and buses with your son's face all over town. >> it's amazing. >> jimmy: did you know he was destined for something like that? >> i had him when he asked me about rapping, no, that ain't going to work. but only if you become the manager of the group. then you can rap. so that's what he did. >> jimmy: you wanted him to be the manager and rapper. >> the manager and the leader. >> jimmy: okay. i guess -- does your mop will do
12:27 am
things differently in general like this micheal thing? >> yeah. two things before that. yes, my mom does believe i am a leader. so i don't get mean mugged when i get back home, jay prez, they're the co-founders. you're the co-founders. >> jimmy: you have to admit that emerald the general didn't do a lot. >> she does. me and my sisters, my mom, we're in group text messages. a couple days ago she sent me a text of it was a picture of a bean with an arm. whose arm is that? i got a tattoo. you got a tattoo? she got a b with a crown on it on her arm. >> jimmy: for real. >> my mop will is a preacher. so growing up, it gets better.
12:28 am
growing up my body was like, your body is your temple. we were really structured that way. it made me the man i will of we stayed in church monday through sunday, you better bring your homework with you too. you're going to do your homework in the back of the church. then my mom is going through a time in her life where she's becoming a lot more free and into her own self. and it showed, this tattoo really shows the power of my mom. it is her first initial with a crown on top. that means that she is a queen. a queen. that's what that symbolizes for me. but because she's wild, i'm probably going to get a tattoo my face or something. >> jimmy: is brandon allowed to get a tattoo? >> i got one. i was the first one to get it. >> jimmy: it's small. it's hard to see. >> it is hard to see.
12:29 am
i had to hide it. it looks like you had pen on your hand. >> jimmy: your mother, that's a tattoo. >> jimmy: all very exciting. it seems, enjoy this time in your life. this is unbelievable. >> i am. it is a very, it's a blessing experience. i'll tell you that much. like i keep saying, two months ago, this was not here. do you know what i mean? this was just a dream. that's what ties into courtney rose. courtney rose had a dream to promote his little mix tape. and he decided to run for office just to promote it. >> jimmy: you're talking about the character. who the hell is courtney rose? >> the character i play. truly interesting. we have very parallel lives. he is taking on this new responsibility. and abc is crazy enough to give me a responsibility to take on
12:30 am
the show. with the support of nicole brown, the others who are in the back right now. >> jimmy: wow, you guys are tight. they all came! >> yeah. that's what wet wanted to say with this show. it is original. something new. what you see on the screen is the same thing you see offscreen. >> jimmy: brandon micheal hall! "the mayor" premieres one week from tonight tuesday, october 3rd at 9:30 here on abc. and we'll return, with music from macklemore and offset. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. facing an epidemic
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12:33 am
here with the song "willy wonka", with help from offset! ♪ ♪ rip willy wonka watch the roof come off i pull up in that candy paint call it veruca salt ♪ ♪ you cheated and you lied you broke the rules my dog now you wanna come around when there's food involved ♪ ♪ hell no let the truth be told i'm in a gucci robe with the dookie roll ♪ ♪ and lil boosie on i'm eating sushi rolls doin' the tootsie rolls thinkin about future goals ♪ ♪ hit it what you been on i'm in a neutral zone i'm about to lose control about to hop out ♪ ♪ you thinking i'm rick ross i'm pulling out in that maybach and i copped that from the thrift shop ♪ ♪ when my daughter is singing "hakuna matata" while they hooting
12:34 am
and hollering ♪ ♪ i'm maneuvering budapest got my baby mama and the irs tryna get into my wallet ♪ ♪ but they ain't getting all up in it put my feet up and up no the ottoman ♪ ♪ ought be relaxin cause i'm all about that action boss that action boss ♪ ♪ i'm a icon boots made of python i'm met with the pres and i'm in obama's ipod ♪ ♪ my front yard got all kinds of cars long blue body called an avatar ♪ ♪ i don't really with the caviar 6 figures get your 16 wonka bars give me that ♪ ♪ willy wonka flavor willy wonka willy wonka been had haters hey ♪ ♪ willy wonka live on acres acres willy wonka got a lot of paper racks ♪ ♪ go to take a picture with a raver wraith i barely see my own neighbors where ♪ ♪ willy wonka i got flavor willy wonka i got flavor ♪ ♪ flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor ♪ ♪ like steph flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor like steph ♪ ♪ flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor like steph ♪ ♪ willy wonka i got flavor ♪ ♪ i woke up like i'm willy wonka i'm willy wonka i'm willy wonka ♪
12:35 am
♪ i'm willy wonka ♪ i got more flavor than willy wonka i took three to benihanas ♪ ♪ i took a jet out to punta cana she got her lift from my anaconda ♪ ♪ hands on my hip when i grip the burner roll up some cookie you smell the burner ♪ ♪ willy wonka probably pour duss blowing up this money like a flu ♪ ♪ i pipe the up but can't pipe that up no super bowl ring but not one super bowl ♪ ♪ what would you do for some dope flash i took a picture for four ♪ ♪ i never play with my nose my wrist is a 'fridgerator cause its cold ♪ ♪ pull up in the i suppose i was broke when i was a tadpole ♪ ♪ hoppin' out the gold jumpin' in the crowd all for all in her mouth like scope green for clover ♪ ♪ how many horses up in your motor snakes in the grass they cobra ♪ ♪ tryna give a hundred like hova raindrop lifestyle emoji ♪ ♪ willy wonka flavor willy wonka willy wonka been had haters ♪ ♪ willy wonka live on acres
12:36 am
acres ♪ ♪ willy wonka got a lot of paper racks ♪ ♪ go to take a picture with a raver wraith i barely see my own neighbors where ♪ ♪ willy wonka i got flavor willy wonka i got flavor ♪ ♪ flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor like steph ♪ ♪ flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor like steph ♪ ♪ flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor got flavor like steph ♪ ♪ willy wonka i got flavor ♪ ♪ i woke up like i'm willy wonka i'm willy wonka i'm willy wonka ♪ ♪ i'm willy wonka
12:37 am
this is "nightline." >> tonight the wrong state of mind. liberals and texas conservatives in california. some hiding their views. others under attack. >> people have punched me in the face before. >> a mother running for congress in a sea of red. and undercover trump lovers who say there's more of them in blue states than meet the eye. >> people can't be out about it. it could jeopardize their career. >> behind lines the of the political divide. >> plus, puerto rico in peril. >> everyone is fighting of the it is really, really survival mode right now of the. >> hit by the worst natural disaster in


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