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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 27, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> a dog knows there's something trapped under all that water. >> so mama's going in to get it. >> how man and beast work hand in paw to save the sweet paw. >> working as a team. >> a driver is picking up kids on the school run. what has tempers flaring and a teacher on the hood. >> what is everybody's problem? a beautifully choreographed moment. >> a father/daughter dance. >> the story behind the briehin the bride and groom's awesome day. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the including a message from grandma daisy. >> let her and her wig be great. >> why daisy's rockin' a sharp
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look and a sharp wit. >> you look like a fool every day. >> she told her. you quickly discover right here there is a rescue going on the owner of that dog and the dog digging in to this hole. they thought a puppy had fallen into a puddle but it was a hole so mama's going in to get it. >> instinct kicked in. >> working as a team that's cool. >> they are and you can see her tail wagging out there, still trying to go after that puppy. >> she had the puppies likely underneath the road on her own, the rain flooded and mama is in trouble. >> she didn't have the puppies underneath. her other puppies are okay. > >> puppies like to get under thing. >> this guy keeps shoveling. finally you see her tail moving,
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wiggling, she's backing her out of there. >> hold your breath, little one. >> look at that. >> crazy. >> the mama picks the baby back up and takes her away. she takes her into the garage where it's dry and its siblings are there waiting to get fed but there is the puppy. >> the owner starts rubbing this puppy. the next shot they show you the other puppies are nursing, this puppy is moving around a little bit, mom is kind of licking it. puts it back with the rest of them so they can all get something to eat. what a rescue. >> don't get into any more mischief little puppy. >> name that little one trouble and understand what's going to happen. puddles. pretty intense situation at this store in china. there is a man with a knife and holding it to this woman's neck.
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he wasn't looking for her. he was looking for her sister. he happened to be a truck driver and had a grievance with the sister. he's taking her hostage. people started to gather around and reports state she's telling him to leave, don't call the police. she's trying to get the crowd to back down. >> she's negotiating her own hostage situation. he claims the older sister scammed him, he wants justice. one person in the crowd doesn't listen to her. >> wow. wwe move, clotheslined the guy. >> totally takes him down when everybody standing outside the store rushes into the store, they keep the man in place until police arrive. the hostage was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. she's okay. this guy was arrested and the case is under investigation. let's move over to england. we know when it comes to picking up and dropping off children at school it can be pretty stressful. >> doesn't need to be.
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what is everybody's problem in the morning? >> in this case the problem is people were picking up their student in the wrong place. this official is going to redirect people as they come in to the teacher's parking lot instead of going around to where they're supposed to pick up their children. this person there to pick up the kids. he directs him, go that way. no, the driver doesn't want to go that way. it looks like it's a stand off. >> no! >> and exactly the reason why he doesn't want people coming in there. >> you're going to jail. >> you're right, this happened back in february. he has recently been sentenced to ten months in jail and have to compensate the man he took for a ride. >> father/daughter dance at any wedding is one of the moments people are dabbing tears away. bob and his 27-year-old gorgeous daughter laura doing the father/daughter dance at laura's wedding.
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they chore row graphed this lovely dance and to the delight of all of their guests dancing to "my wish" by rascal flats. ♪ this is my wish >> beautiful event being held at the equicenter in rochester, new york. the equicenter is where laura and her stiser rode horses for therapy. laura has friedrich's ataxia, it's a neuromuscular disease. she first began showing signs of this when she was about 5. by 13 she was already in a wheelchair. >> i give credit to dad leading the dance but notice how he's doing it with his left hand as well so he's controlling the way it goes. pretty cool. >> this is a beautiful moment and a moment most women look forward to, dad the first dance with you. i'm glad they were able to still participate in it regardless to what her condition is. >> $hops up on the wheelchair and this dance hit home for all of the family members.
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laura has a sister who suffers from the same disease who died five years ago as well. her husband vince, laura met online. vince has a similar disease, duchesne's muscular dystrophy. they met two years ago, recently got married and met through one of laura's aides, maybe check this guy out. laura and vince both live independently in their own home and i think they're going to have a wonderful life together. nick watches on abc in los angeles is the latest winner of the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> all you need is the wednesday bus word, be at the least 21 years old and be a legal resident of the united states and canada. stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveabe.
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legend dictates you don't open pandora's box. most of us would listen to that advice. but let's be glad he was like that because this video is awesome. amazing huge hole in the ground, he's going to jump in. >> it looks sketchy to me. >> the cool thing about this, there's almost a whole other world in this. base jumper and climbing as well but more what he'll discover once he goes in there. kind of like pandora's box. really cool place but much cooler jump as well. they capture it from multiple different angles. going under a natural bridge so when you finally see it from his point of view, you get this amazing ride.
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into the hole, thread the needle through here, it's almost like the journey to the center of the earth. you found another place. >> what is this place? >> good on you for doing that, people have been all over this, you got to trust your ability. andy lewis is branching out more because there's music playing during this video we discovered his sound cloud. if you're looking for some sketchy andy originals as well get go to and find some originals. ♪ >> oh boy. >> brave women are about to try a new salon treatment. so -- >> they recorded the experience and put it in slow mo. >> why their priceless reaction also have you feeling their pain. >> this is so ridiculous. but compelling. i can't look away.
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bikini west is popular for women. i've never had one and these haven't had one until now. >> should i be scared? >> so scared. >> conde nast entertainment took 15 women and well put them through hell for the first time. they recorded the experience and put it in slow mo. >> what did they record? >> they recorded the reaction to the experience. that's the actual waxing. [ bleep ]. >> there's a few expletives. >> this is so ridiculous. >>. >> but compelling, i can't look away. >> wow! >> wow, this is getting weird, guys. are we sure they're getting waxed. >> we're sure.
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it doesn't seem to be going well based on the looks on these ladies' faces. >> to sign up to not only get by keihnie wax but to have your close-up super slow mo reaction credit to you ladies. >> i hope they got paid or a coupon for the next visit. >> are you sure she's not having a baby? >> is that it? >> yes. >> not that bad. >> i'm spent. can i get a cigarette, please? >> woo! ♪ >> oh my god! >> if golf hates you as much as it hates me this next video is fascinating and annoying. coach rusty jumped up on the board, balancing himself and starts juggling this golf ball like he is a jedi. it's incredible.
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as amazing as you think it is, into the water and into the water, surely not. come on! >> how is that possible? >> i don't know. i want to think there were 10,000 takes to get it right but probably just the one. >> every second that is impressive. >> i have nothing mo are to say. that's ridiculous. however there is a a bit of oli of therapy in the next video. >> great way to target shoot and try out your drive. hard to tell if he's hitting the golf balls. >> you practice your shots i'll practice my shots. we could get some frustration out from that triple bogey on number 15. 15. >> it's no surprise that cats kind of rule the internet and these two are rising stars.
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>> cute kitties. >> that's kanur and amar'ie. they're adorable. >> they're snuggling. >> that is why people are loving this video, snuggling on their tiny little bed. one has a paw around the other. >> have they given the cats benadryl and posed them? that's ridiculous. >> no, that's not them, that's sora, sora is already living there but they're adorable in the bed. not the only video. you see them sleeping without the blankie. >> they're even reading "haar pi potter." >> how about them just playing. >> i love it. >> one more because that's not enough cuteness. that's them eating with sora. they have their own bowls. spoiled and adorable. big news beach video. looks like a deleted scene from "baywatch." next "right this minute."
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of plastic these people volunteered to scoop up. it scoops up like cereal in a bowl. it sticks to this guy's skin. it's awful. >> not r if you could throw things away at home you could throw them away when you go to the beach. >> that's the point of this video. just a few days after the plastic was back there. throwing away doesn't mean it's gone. it means it's somewhere else likely in the ocean. the whole point of sustainable coastlines hawaii is to change your mind and keep the plastic from ever getting into the ocean and that comes from eliminating plastic in your life. take one with you, refill it. you cannot buy plastic packaging or use less plastic bags. all of these things they hope will eliminate the size of these garbage patches. >> seeing videos and images drives the point home. you think the sea life wants to
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live in it? >> there's no debate. it's there and staring us in the face. >> dara v. and the team have an announce. >> calling all creators need to create a content army. >> they're doing it through youtube that's where some of the world's best underdiscovered content creators are. they made it easy. >> i'm a creator full time job, need to come in and rock 'n' roll 40 to 100 hours a week. >> send in your information and maybe you'll get a job. if you do, bring your as q" game because dwayne has thrown down. ♪ ♪ you can criticize and i won't take it personal ♪ ♪ i know there's room to rise ♪ if you're penny wise you'll realize i'm really it ♪ >> oh! >> i love that.
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♪ let's get to it and gone >> you are hired. this is so creative. he took the "dna" song and it's his resume. >> i don't know how you don't hire this person. it's awesome. >> did vainer media put this out? >> it caught on itself, picked up nearly 20,000 views. it should be number one on the billboard 100. >> he stood out. >> some other people might see this and do something better. ♪ it's time to win an ipad mini. >> you need the buzzword, be at least 2 is years old and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> head over to and click on the "win ipad button." >> facebook or twitter use each every day. >> the buzzword is joystick.
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dwragrandma daisy is my fave person on the internet. grandma daisy looks up, who, me? >> you think you looking foxy or something? >> i look foxier than you. you look like a fool every day. >> why do i look like a fool every day? >> because i see you every day. >> grandma daisy takes the wig off. >> you're not right.
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give me that ugly wig. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> grandma daisy is viral on facebook. we cannot get enough of her. one of my friends sent this to me and said this is going to be me when i get older. i'm perfectly fine with that. this video is posted to the facebook page for healing touch companion. their goal is to give awareness and advice so everybody can enjoy quality life with their loved ones. they service people with dementia. grandma also happens to have dementia but capturie ining mom to make everlasting memories and shares them aall of us. it's all about being fabulous, today she felt like that. tomorrow she can feel like toni braxton with the short hair. >> i'm foxier than you. >> thanks for joining us toda
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hashtag happy. hashtag... well, all the hashtags! oh. comfortable? uh-huh. how did the meeting go with cassandra? oh, very charming woman. nice house, clean, almost no dust. did i mention that all her glassware is crystal? what did you talk about? what did we talk about? let's see. what did we talk about? well, lots of things. we talked about skiing, sailing, illegally acquired conflict gems. really? no. what, so it was just medical issues, yeah? all disease, all the time. no diamonds. and, really, why would she? why would she talk about her underworld crime syndicate with a doctor that she just met? i know. it's just early days. the next time you go to see her -- there's not gonna be a next time. well, that's not your call to make. really? 'cause it's not your call, either. i have something for you!


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