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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 4, 2017 2:10am-2:41am EDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." >> a baby bear in dire need of rescue clings to a boat. >> with bear claws holding on for dear life. >> when they realize he's not the only one. >> they want to save the bear. >> a paramotor going up looks like -- >> a butterfly taking flight. >> why coming down is considerably less graceful. >> what are you trying to do.
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>> the smells of a bakery bring in business but -- >> i also smell a rat. >> the sneak attack that has workers fighting back. >> a 4-year-old dodging the question. >> how do you do that. >> maybe. >> see if mommy wins the war with a little one prepared to battle. >> i have to say one of the cutest rescues you'll see today happened in russia. >> oh. >> that poor little cub in the water according to the person who posted this on his instagram page mama bear swam out to the lake with the babies, water was too swift, got scared, mama took off and the babies started to sink. this guy thought we have to do something. gets his fishing net. >> i once caught a bear this big. >> i once caught two bears this big. this is the first one. look, you can see the bear with those bear claws just holding on
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for dear life scared and shaking. >> this has to be a tough call to make you want to save the bear, but it's a bav. >> and it's like help me. >> you're like if you promise not to eat me. >> and mama is nearby. mama swam to shore but she's not gone. doesn't stop him from trying to help. >> the bear pulling himself up. using the netting to guide it. >> surprised he didn't use his bare hands. >> the sibling riding in the net as he's taking it back to shore. >> he must have huge fish where this guy is. if the net is big enough to catch a bear. >> he did deliver them back to the side. in california, this woman knows how to take care of a bear problem. check this out. this is a bear proof trash can. she says not long ago mama bear and cubs came and started messing with a trash can that had a half broken bear proof lid and took her paw and reached in
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there. a new trash can, as you see she's not lucky. >> i heard things are bear resistant never bear proof. if they want it they'll get in there eventually. >> mama still rolling it around, thinks she can roll it down the hill from where she lives. >> mama is like i'm done. this isn't working. they're closed for business. >> 4:30 in the morning at a bakery in brisbane. usually around this time you will be smelling all the delicious baked goods for the day. there's something else afoot. check out this guy right here with his face covered carrying a knife. looks like he signals to his buddy and then they launch their attack. >> i also smell a rat. >> see here as they've come in one of them goes around the side and another one jumps over the counter. they are after money. just a few seconds later you can see as they get chased out, grabbing the cash register on the way as one of them sort of attacks him with a long bit of metal.
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the other guy in the other angle carrying a hammer with him as well. so they got the dough. >> they got away with about $780 in this case. but people giving a lot of credit to the guys inside not taking this one lying down. police are looking for these guys. metropolitan police in the uk also looking for this fella on the bicycle. about 3:00 in the morning. the cyclist just having a grand time weaving his way down the pavement where people walked. as he's approaching these three people going behind a bus stop gets a bit cramped, bang, clips one and he goes down. well, he's not thrilled about that. picks his bike up. throws it in anger and follows the people. now i should make clear that in the uk, a bicycle is classified as a vehicle. you are not allowed to ride it on the sidewalk. >> well, now he's coming up on them and words are being exchanged. >> oh, wow. >> now a bit of a shoving match and then the cyclist just goes berserk. bang. knocks that guy unconscious, chases the other guy around and
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he runs away and comes for the woman bang with his left hand, breaking her nose before then running off to his bicycle and making his escape. >> when it was him in the wrong from the beginning. >> exactly. >> metropolitan police are looking for this guy, for the grievous bodily harm that he inflicted on the other people. >> this looks to be as safe a spot to launch your power motor as you could possibly get. looks like a sankpioned air field as they guy prepares to launch his paramotor. almost looks like a butterfly taking flight. >> it does look like a butterfly. >> isn't that pretty. it's nice. now this guy is waiting for his buddy to also take off so they can fly around together. he quickly launches soon after he elevates his canopy. but he looks behind him and notices his buddy, did you see it, wing started to collapse to one side. that guy had a little trouble
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launching. to not get too far away from his friend he just loops back around. >> get it together. >> now he's going to dip back down, take a nice low path. >> oh. >> okay. >> what are you trying to do. >> i know. >> this guy says he just simply forget to clear and give himself a little elevation and now he's in the drink and the water is not even ankle deep. >> certain times you don't want to forget something. this is one of them. >> his buddy can get up in the air and go get it together. >> now this looks to be a disaster right from the beginning. as this barge that already looks to be heavily overweight starts to pass by. not a collision, it's a perfectly orchestrated transfer. >> oh. >> the guys from the small boat hook up with the barge and hop aboard. right after the selfie that little boat starts to take on water.
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>> say good-bye to your shoes, the ores, the floor of the boat. the entire boat. >> oh. >> it just fell apart. >> how are we getting back to shore? ♪ >> homework is so overrated. and yet absolutely necessary. >> fine. >> tell that aubrey. >> want some homework? >> no. >> why not? >> because i didn't go to school. >> she's 4 years old. this was the first day of preschool. >> i was there all day. >> yeah. >> i don't need to bring it home. i did my work. >> mom, who is also recording the video, she just keeps tapping away and wants to know about the homework. >> you think you're too smart for homework? >> yes. i know circles, squares, i know the pointy one with three sides. >> where is it at? so you do that homework? >> maybe. >> where is your homework at,
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girl? >> it's in school. >> at this point, she's had it with this conversation. >> you're not going to get an apple tomorrow. >> she's like, that wasn't a part of this. no, no, no, no. >> i'm fine with that. if i don't get a cookie, i'll be upset. >> i will do my homework for a cookie. >> apple, no. >> when it's nap time she got to sit in the corner. she can't even take no nap. she got to stand in the corner. >> she's 4. 4-year-olds don't like naps. >> the irony of the situation they'll often complain longer than it would have taken to do the homework in the first place. >> oh. so you're going to get a snack at your grandma house. >> yes. ♪ this rider is extremely distracted. >> something in this left hand he was looking at. >> yeah, yeah. >> find out what had his attention that sent him crashing into the suv. >> so many bad decisions in this
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closed captioning provided by -- rt relief. only smart relief is indicated to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. this one i'm just going to hit play and let it play out. because there's no setup for it. ♪ >> idiot. >> looking at his phone. >> looking at his phone. >> i would put money on it. >> something in his left hand looking at. >> if you put your money on it you would win. that's what was happening here. this guy in china on his scooter earbuds in apparently and looking down at his smartphone. >> take two of the most important senses on the road out
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of it. >> authorities will be holding this dufus responsible for the damage to the car, but they might also be taking his license away because of this. now off to this next video, and i think you'll agree with me this girl definitely should not be on the road. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh, yeah. >> mom and dad lose track of her? >> that's exactly what happened. the toddler found herself on the street. according to dash cam owners australia mom said that she wiggles her way through the garage door and ended up on the street. fortunately the little girl barely stepped on to the street when she was noticed not just by the driver with the dash cam but also by officers that you see were just a couple cars up ahead. they turned around while the girl walks back up to the sidewalk wondering what's the big fuss about. but you see this woman runs out of the car, picks her up as the officers walk over and i'm sure
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they returned her safely to her home. what a scary moment. >> oh, my gosh. ♪ there are so many problems facing our world today, but there are so many geniuses among us. many not right here. >> right. >> among us. >> speak for yourself. >> recently we brought you a story about nat-go's chasing genius program. they put out a slew of problems and asked the global community to come up with answers, looking for those geniuses out there, and they got some fantastic submissions. one of them being -- >> the second most polluting industry in the world the fashion industry plays a role in the current environmental issues. >> what if we could figure out a which to make it more sustainable. >> utilizing biopalmers we make materials that are -- >> you can just bury it. >> not that far off gayle.
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>> we source our main ingredient, sodium algea nate from one of the planet's replenishing organisms. a seaweed called kelpp. >> we have the scientist and designer. welcome ladies, thank you. >> hey hey. >> please try to help us understand how you take kelp and turn it into these fibers? >> so what we do is we extrude the polymer from kelp and we can turn it into a paste and from there we cap either turn night a gel kind of a gel that can be 3d printed in production or we can extrude it through a extruder that looks like a syringe and drop it into something we call a salt bath, a curing bath, and that takes the molecules in the biopolymer links them together to have strength and flexibility and becomes --
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>> what was your eureka moment? >> when you realized it could be extruded into a bioyarn so the designer came in and started looking at the bottom up molecular picture, top down design picture. >> we hand knit it and they're working towards scaling it and putting it on an industrial knitting machine. >> still biodegradable. if i'm wearing a shirt made with this i need to be home before it rains? >> no. it needs to be in an environment to be broken down in a compost. >> would this be comfortable or would i feel like i'm wearing a plastic jacket? >> it breathes. there's nothing plastic about it. all natural fiber. >> the fashion institute of technology team was one of four winners of a $25,000 prize. how is that money going to help you guys progress to the next level with this? >> well, we're going to continue developing and strengthening our material and hopefully one day soon to production. >> ladies, thanks to you and the
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rest of your team for being much smarter than the rest of us. thank you. >> thank you. >> bye. most people -- >> play with their cats and dogs. this guy plays with fish. and i'm not talking about little gold fish. >> what his fish of choice is. >> oh. easy, easy. >> oh, what is that. >> plus, kate mckinnon has a power point presentation. >> see what she comes up with. >> i'm sure she'll be fine. many do it every day. remember that accident i got in with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee,
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little about myself. >> kate is an improvisational genius. >> where does all the money go? only 2%, 2%, for snacks. can we maximize that? no. it would be the apocalypse. >> most of us that sink or swim feeling is terrifying but for kate it's entertaining. >> we're going to own all the world's water. 100%. of all water sources. that's the only way this company is going to survive. excuse me. >> can she come up with a jingle on the fly? ♪ loosen your purple tie have a good snack ♪ ♪ organize a mixer leave it up to me ♪ >> do not let this man into the office no the funniest part about this when she finds the
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slides so absurd she starts to laugh. ♪ >> so demonstration of kate mckinnon's talent or a demonstration on how ridiculous some of these power point presentations are. >> these are the kinds of questions you guys need to be focusing on. or you're going to blair witch yourself. ♪ most people play with their cats and dogs. this guy plays with fish. i'm not talking about little gold fish. >> got a fish. a fish. come on. got a fish. good. good, god, good. >> this cat fish comes up, and he's got a little fish for it and like come on and eat it. >> the fish. look at that. >> this is adorable. the only downside you're training them how to get caught.
2:36 am
>> this is true. >> that one is not getting calls. not the only animal under the sea he's playing with. >> he's feeding a stingray. >> cool. >> playing with both like they're puppies. >> yeah, he is. >> should be called fish whisperer. >> maybe not. you can see in this video. >> be careful they can snap your finger. >> oh. >> okay. >> from what i can see he has all his fingers but there is blood. >> that's how you get the sharks to come play. >> you don't want to play with them. >> the more people feeding some fish this time way down on the southern tip of florida. >> wow. >> actually, you guys, you can pay to go do this. this is at robbie's and you go out because years ago somebody noticed a tar upon that had a cut in his jaw. a vet stitched up the fish, the fish was force fed and got better, released back into the wild but come back into this area to get fed, sometimes bring a fed and years later lots of
2:37 am
fish come to this area to get hand fed by humans. >> dad grants his daughter's wish to be a super hero. >> see we're there with her cape and super hero mask on and dad is flying away from her. >> watch her in full force.
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>> head over to or use or mobile app. someone's ready to roll. >> no one in the car. get up. there's no one in there.


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