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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 14, 2017 1:42am-2:11am EDT

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regional high school to find out two things, the air in the school is fine but there is a screw loose, literally. that's enough to send their kids to other schools for now. >> friday night. the big story is indefinite shutdown of pinelands regional high school. parents flocked to a meeting to find out what is happening. jeff chirico is live in tuckerton, ocean county. jeff? >> the single screw that fell from the ceiling is causing a disruption in the district. beginning monday the 800 students that attend the high school will take classes across the street at the junior high school. >> i'm happy with that. >> parents were upbeat when they left an emergency meeting where they learned that the pineland high school will be closed until further notice. the decision was made after a screw in a roof fell on the
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students thursday. >> at that point we needed to check the screw in the roofing. the number of screws in the roof thousands. >> i feel better tonight. >> this comes as a relief for some that called for the school to be found over air quality concerns. >> both of my kids were having issues. we chocked it off to be seasonal. come to find out, it may not have been. >> junior high students will attend four hours in the afternoon. the plan doesn't please everyone. >> they don't have flexible jobs, who will watch them? >> they are getting half the instruction time they are getting now. >> what do you make of that? >> i'm not happy about that. >> school fish officials say classes won't continue until the
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roofing work is done. parents are glad that the classes are no longer being held in the construction zone. >> we are a community. we'll come together. the acting superintendent says students will receive the legally mandated minimum of four hours instruction daily. we are told the roofing project was to be complete in november. we are told that will not happen but school officials couldn't tell us when the school may reopen. >> jeff chirico, wphl-17. >> jim? >> gloucester county schools closed due to mold will reopen next monday. however holly glen will remain closed. the district took steps to
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remediate the problem. the extension of the turk pike, a major shutdown is getting under the way. crews will replace the 60-year-old bridge. testify project is expected to take 65 hours as look like this as they demolish the old bridge and move the new bridge into place. i476 is scheduled to reopen 4:0. penndot is planning changes to the two-lane stretch to the blue route between i-95 and the commodore barry bridge. this is at least four years away. a similar system is already used outside washington. >> president trump has ended
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$7 billion in subsidies to insurance companies. in the absence of repeal and replace, trump is ending obama care by himself. he with drew the subsidies that help ensure low income customers reducing premiums and deductibles. subsidies say it's a payoff to insurance companies making a fortune. >> 18 states including delaware and pennsylvania have sued trump to stop him from halting the subsidies. pennsylvania's hospital and health system says more than 400,000 pennsylvanians could see premiums spike 20% next year. >> in new jersey, 152,000 people enrolled in obama care plans receive the subsidies. $166 million in funds would be
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eliminated, $1,100 per person. delaware didn't give exact numbers but the governor says thousands of low-income residents would be hurt by the president's moved to. a cloudy start to the week ahead in the forecast. let's check in with cecily tynan. >> we have been checking the clouds for the past two days. it's been damp and cool. the afternoon high 67. the normal high 68. just below average but the coolest this season. satellite and radar showing that we are still stuck with a good amount of cloud cover, low pressure to the southeast. high pressure to the northeast. if you look at the arrows of streamline off to the ocean in the form of clouds and occasionally, a touch of drizzle. future tracker showing tomorrow stuck in the clouds with
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temperatures rebounding to the mid 7 0s. sunday, near record warmth, but don't get used to it. i'll explain in the seven-day forecast. >> a fire that broke out at the pennsylvania academy of fine arts is out. fortunately, no one was hurt. the flames started on the seventh floor at broad and cherry across from the convention center. the school has not zeroed the damage. >> police in bucks county arrested a philadelphia man for raping two children. 21-year-old ricardo is being held on $2 million bail. the victims were under ten when the molestations started. >> the city has surpassed its homicide title for all of last year. a 33-year-old man shot yesterday died at 3:00 this afternoon,
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chester's 27th homicide victim of 2017. >> detectives are asking for help solving his murder and a dozen others as well whether there has been no arrest. >> new information about the body found floating in the schuylkill river yesterday near walnut street, 58-year-old phillip wright. he was the entrepreneur behind the app emergency on an episode of shark tank. he was $3 million in debt and being sued. police are investigating his death. the medical examiner has not ruled on a cause. vineland police are looking for young thieves. there they are accused of stealing 20 ipads from the saab tar school. surveillance video captured them running from the scene. anyone with information is urnled to call police.
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online poker players can bet in nevada and delaware. christie says pooling players will attract new revenue and gamers. they hope to expand to other game in the future. >> albright college in reading, pennsylvania cut two player frs their football team for violating the unity code. the president released a statement saying the students didn't fully kneel before playing the national anthem last saturday's game as agreed to by the players. grant was cut before kickoff. in that instance, he continued to kneel after the rest of the team agreed to stand. >> a new report on obesity and what age group is seeing the
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biggest waistline expansion. you will be surprised. and after changing the timeline in the las vegas massacre, authorities go online about the consequence osequence. >> and some young ladies get treated like princesses at the ball. ducis rogers with the sixers bringing the heat against miami. "high school huddle" coming up when "action news" continues
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>> there is new information about the timeline of events in the las vegas mass shooting.
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lombardo said he's being transparent. there is no conspiracy between the mgm. nobody is attempting to hide anything. >> paddock's body has been sent to stanford university where it will be studied by the forensic scientists. today trump dessert phid the i ran nuclear agreement. he dumped the deal in the lap of congress saying congress makes it better or he will pull the u.s. out. trump wants to expand the scope
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of the deal beyond preventing stopping iran from making nuclear bombs. >> importantly, iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal. >> trump wants congress to impose sanctions on teheran. >> health check at 11:00 tonight, despite years of warning about the obesity epidemic, new data finds the problem getting worse. cdc report says four in ten adults are considered obese up from three in ten in 1999. the rate among children and teenagers hasn't gone down though thrfts a focus on healthy eating habits and exercise
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during the obama administration. two in ten #keuds ar kids are cd obese. the biggest rise was two to five-year-olds. >> the government announced today a 2% increase will take place. the largest bump since 2012. the average monthly check estimated to go up $25. the annual inflation adjustment is not enough to cover the cost of living. >> let's get the weather. >> chopper 6 flying high above philadelphia. you can see the moisture in the air. a lot of low-level clouds last few days holding strong tomorrow. tim put his droin up near lake harmony in the poconos. i want to show you the photo.
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leaves are turning there. take a look at that. you have seen them now 6789 as far as the weekend, warm on sunday, tomorrow, 74 degrees. sunday, we wake up fog in the morning. sunday, 84-degrees. we have had a string of warm weekends. currently, 63 in philadelphia. allentown 61. millville 66. cape may 65 and wilmington 63. we are seeing sprinkles moving in from the ocean and even tomorrow, could be an occasional
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sprinkle or drizzle. temperatures climb again, 74 sunday. could have a round of showers sunday night. cooler air monday. future tracker showing most of the day sunday is rain free. 9:00, the possibility of showers. tomorrow, mostly cloudy for the temple homecoming game. wednesday, thursday, friday,
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high pressure in control. loads of sunshine, temperature in if 7 0s. the key to making it nice the humidity will be low a big change from the past two days and this weekend. >> thanks, cecily. >> it's a magical night for dozens of young ladies from new castle county. they attended the police and princess ball. the girls k-6 got dressed up and were picked up in a limousine. this is part of the community outreach program. ♪ ♪
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>> philadelphia plays miami in kansas city. >> very strange. >> it's preseason. >> exactly. >> it's a good game for the sixers. they face the heat in the preseason finale. this one in kansas city missouri. ben simmons, this is a bad pass. joel embiid cleans up the mess. embid's only bucket of the night. ben simmons dunks are on point. 9 of 11 points. 7 rebounds, sixers win 119-95. season opener wednesday at washington. >> to football. if you wonder how good the
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eagles are, thursday's win at carolina should give you comforting answers. carson wentz threw three touchdown passes. last name this would have been a game of eagle's lost, but they finished strong. we have won in close ballgames, screlszfullballgamesballgamessu. >> we have a lot to improve on. i think we'll get better. >> coach pederson giving the players off until monday. >> uconn has given up 38-points, four straight games. coach collins says he's not taking anything for granted. >> it's a conference opponent,
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division opponent up the road from us. we have to put our best performance out there. we talk about ourselves and how we get better every week and know the other team will bring their a game and we have to compete hard as we can. >> you can catch more tomorrow morning, 9:30. there was an upset in college football. clemson loses at syracuse. penn state might move up to number two. >> philadelphia bramp of the naacp honored throes that are champions for eagle civil rights. the community, their work to push for human rights and civil rights, tonight's speaker marilyn mozby. >> ten members of the hispanic
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community honored tonight for their positive impact in the county. the event is part of the
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>> a student with down syndrome turned homecoming at chelten hill high school into something her classmates may never forget. sarah is won of the first with down syndrome to be a cheerleader. tonight she walked on to the court nominated for homecoming.
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>> "action news" continues at 5:00 a.m. with gary hall and chris sowers. i'm jim gardner. have a good night and a great weekend. ♪ ♪
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video show, "right this minute." it's one jerk move over one rescuers can hardly see him in that giant pile of trash. >> hi. >> the dog isn't trash. this dog, he's kismet. >> the story of saving a sweet stray? st. louis. you got to wonder if this is mechanical trouble or complete obliviousness. >> what happens after a seriously close call? a man proposes at the met in front of a picture of him proposing at the met. >> she can't believe it. >> how he hid the plan from his girlfriend is a true work of art. >>


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