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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 26, 2017 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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. for the first time since coming forward with her allegations against harvey winestein actress ashley judd is speaking out. and passengers coming into the u.s. will be screened with new security screenings. now, the details, ashley judd talked excusively to abc news with harvey winestein. >> judd sat down with diane sawyer and started with a meeting at winestein's hotel room.
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>> for the first time since accusing movie mogul of sexual harassment. >> didn't expect i would feel tearful -- >> ashley judd speaks exclusively with diane sawyer reliving the day in the late 20s when she showed up for a business appointment with winestein and districted up to his hotel room. >> i was like you are kidding me -- >> of the more than 60 women that came four many describe a similar pattern and winestein offering a massage and promising to help make their career and subjecting one or both of them get naked. >> i ignored maybe he heard them as maybe or turned them on. >> judd was hesitant to come forward, afraid that no one would believe her or the other women or no one would care. winestein rejects the allegations and says he did not
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retaliate against anyone and any sex was consensual. and shows a photo of himself with judd and proves the two of them were friends. judd says that is ridiculous. >> that is deny attack and reverse the order of offender and victim. >> and when asked what she would say to winestein today. i love you and understand you are sick and suffering and there is help for a guy like you too. it's entirely up to you to get the help. >> judd says we are living in a moment where as a society we could create real change but it will take both men and women. channel 6 "action news." by the way you can watch more of the interview tonight on world news tonight with david muir and on night line this evening. only here on 6 abc. in other news the search is
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on for the person that shot and kill toward teenagers on the street in south philadelphia. police commissioner richard ross says they are hopeful there will be an arrest in the next few days. peen while there a growing memorial at ritner. both 16 years ole were killed. a vigil was held last night and so many people the intersection had to be shut down. sal was a junior at st. joes prep and the violence started with an argument among teens and one shooter firing at least three bullets. and investigation into the assault and carjacking of a pizza delivery driver in philadelphia. police say they have two in custody and a fourth identify and a fifth on the run. >> surprising.
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>> can't believe it you know children doing it to adults. >> police say that two people are in custody after a violence ryman was phipped pizza and left unconscious. they have identified the two other suspects and working to identify theifth. it happened on the 5700 block of baltimore avenue and cobb's creek at 11:00 at night. the surveillance camera shows the 56-year-old victim walk noogt store and soon after the suspects appear and look to be casing the place waiting on their vict he walks out and a suspect pulls a gun out and points it at his face. >> he sees the gun and tries to get away and walks towards his car and the young man with the gun and smacked him in the back of the head with a gun and knocks him out cold. they rummage through the victim's pockets and ride off in his car and they reach out to
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the owner of the lukoil gas station and he had no commen psay they have receive aid number of tips from community members that may help them catch the rest of the perpetrator. >> he keeps trying to remember things and he is like i'm tired and comes downstairs and jumps back up and goes back upstairs, he is off balance. >> you see the kids they look very young, where are they getting the guns from? and where are the parents teaching the right behaviors? a thief used the early morning hours to pull off a heist inside of a south philadelphia fast food restaurant and now they are asking for the public's help in tracking him down. this was taken at the checkers at the 2100 block in south philadelphia. the suspect broke in at 6:00 a.m. last month and pried open several cash registers and took the money inside and then they fled if you recognize the man
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police would like to hear from you. the fbi is hoping someone could recognize the man in the surveillance pictures, he is accused of robbing the philadelphia credit union branch along the 5800 block of baltimore avenue yesterday. authorities say that the suspect walked in and asked about opening up an account. when he couldn't produce identification he left. 35 minutes later he returned and hands the teller a threatening note and got a bagful of cash and left again. and also robbed a bank in delaware county. turning to the accuweather forecast. another day with mostly sunshine out there. but feeling chilly. a jacket is a good idea. lets go live outside sky 6 hd showing you the airport. a little bit of cloud cover out there right now. accuweather says we'll get warmer in the coming days. and david murphy with all the details. >> we started out bright and sunny and cloud cover around
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right now and a couple of sprinkles and showers now and here on the terrace light mist coming out of the lower cloud cover above. take a look at satellite, you see how earlier this morning we were clear and now the clouds spinning in and a couple of showers not out of the question through the afternoon and i think late this afternoon the chance of the clouds breaking up a bit. 56 and cool and grab the sweatshirt or jacket. 58 in wilmington and trenton and 52 in allentown and breezy across the region as well. and winds have a chance of busting up into maybe the 20s in gust form and 12 miles per hour in philadelphia. but millville and wilmington going higher than that. reading 16 miles per hour. and breezy and cool and somewhat cloudy right now. 58 at 2:00 and perhaps some of you seeing a break of sun and better chance of sunshine
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billing in from the west at 4:00. 60 is your high. and 56 by 6:00 and 51 by 8:00 and 49 by 10:00. and mid-40s in philadelphia overnight but the out lying suburbs getting into the 30s and a frost quadvisory is posted fo the northern and western suburbs, and potted plans in and widespread frost is possible. when we step inside milder tomorrow afternoon and better saturday and sunday rain, details coming up in the accuweather seven day. >> fine the latest forecast information including real time views by visiting and also download the free 6 abc app for your mobile device. >> preventing and addressing different types of extremism was the topic of discussion, and the action cam was at the sugarhouse casino for the meeting of local law enforcement. today's conference gave
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officials to discuss ways to confront terrorism and hate crimes head-on and communicate ore ahead o "action news" at 12:30. world famous movie maker m. knight shamlan is getting ready to film his movie in the lee valley. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture.
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regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah. new airport security measures are going into effect today for every flight coming into the u.s. from another country. airlines are urging travelers to arrive 3 hours early for a foreign flight heading to the u.s. >> reporter: no matter where you are coming from -- if are you headed to the u.s. expect more security at the airport. the tsa is demanding that all
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airlines deploy enhanced passenger screening and while it applies to every flight it may differ from airline to airline. and new security questions like where you are traveling and who packed your bag unless we raise our standards. we'll find an attack the weakest link. >> every day 325 passengers board 2100 direct flights to the u.s. from 280 different airports. at paris's airport today most passengers say it was relatively painless. >> they asked me if we have stuff for other people? you know. they didn't ask that. everything is ours. >> i appreciate it. the new safety, i would say process if have you the act to
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strengthen. >> i am fully in favor good some will find themselves given as questionnaire and questioning of their electronic devices and these go into effect for all inter nagal travelers heading to the united states whether they are foreign visitors or u.s. citizens. reporting from washington, channel 6 "action news." the search is on for the man behind a brazen robbery at a jewelry store in california. that the man called the store to talk about engagement rings and showed up in person in the middle of of the afternoon. the sales clerk showed him a 1.86 loose diamond by putting it in the person's hand and then bolted out the door with a valuable stone. >> he goes to places that are knowingly buy hot goods i would
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imagine he could get rid are of it quickly. places will deal in cash. >> police say it took the suspect three minutes to steal the diamond and got into a waiting get away car after running out of the store. >> an art fact of a space program when underwraps this morning. the capsule was used to train pioneers like alan shepherd and neil armstrong. it was shrink wrapped while funds were raised for its restoration. once located in warminster, it has been on display at the penn state chamber since returning to bucks county in 2011. topping the people scene, maroon five is bringing their tour to philadelphia. making a stop at the wells fargo center next october 12th, 2018 and the concert is almost a year
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away. tickets go on sale next week, lead singer, adam levine and the band will debut next friday. and allentown is the shooting location for the upcoming film glass. the shooting starts next week at the former allentown state hospital. it's a closed set and fans will not be allowed to see all the action. the film starring bruce willis and james mcvoy is the final chapter in the super hero trilogy and last year's split.
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two american tee mail sailors and their dogs were says cued by a japanese chip after their sailboat strayed off course and they were missing for several months. both were from honolulu picked up by the navy ship.
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and in the spring they left hawaii headed for tahiti but found in a totally different part of the world east of japan and survived with water purifier with a year's worth of food on board. they tried daily to radio for help. >> david is back for another check of the chilly accuweather forecast. >> it's cool out there. as we take a look outside. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows mainly dry conditions across the region and if we go in tighter you can see there is a shower popping down out of chadds ford and shooting down into newcastle delaware and the lower delaware river into areas south of swedesboro in salem if we go out wider there are blips on the radar as well. one of them the line of precipitation most of this highlighted in light to moderate shades of green and not real heavy rain, but enough to get on your windshield and reduce your
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visibility. they are passing through quick. one out of montgomery county to the areas of quakertown and green lane getting it. and maybe down to 422 at norristown and pottstown it's on the way. that is it though. outside a lot of cloud cover around most of the region but sky 6 hd at cape may where the sun is breaking through and i think there is a decent chance that most of the region sees a little bit of sun later this afternoon much of the way most of us did this morning. milder and milder and sunday a rain day across the region. temperature now 56 degrees, grab a jacket as you head outside. winds west northwest at 12 miles per hour. and gusts of 20 to 25 miles per hour. cool and also kind of breezy and obviously cloudy for now. drier air out to the west trying to work its way in later. future tracker 6 shows you the chance of a spotty shower coming through. can't rule out a brief steady
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rain and it won't last all that long. once we are past 4:00, 5:00 and seeing sun and by 8:00 a lot of stars out with the clouds thinning out. all cool today. 59 and trenton going up to 60 in reading and physical. 61 in wilmington and 62 in millville. 62 degree readings down the shore as well. temperatures go up a little bit. 4:00 is your high at 60 and after that they tumble. 55 by 6:00 and down to 51 by 58 and 49 we 10:00 and tomorrow morning mid-40s in some suburbs and areas getting down into the 30s and future tracker showing you a lot of mid up toer 30s and for that reason that is tonight at 11:00 -- tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon and things bounce up a bit and we get into the low 60s in most spots. there is the frost advisory in the northern and western suburbs
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tonight. injure seven day from accuweather. 60 is today's high and breezy and chilly and clouds and sun and maybe a sprinkle or shower and sunny and seasonalable up to 65 and sunday morning football games on the playground but 70 in the afternoon nice. sunday 66 degrees and cloudy and windy and looks like rain may move in during the morning and heavy at times through the day and eagles fans should plan on bringing umbrellas. and the ponchos work and keep your eyes on the forecast for changes and looking potentially wet and we dry out in the morning and 56 in the afternoon and sun and halloween looking cool and 59 degrees and at least it is dry and no rain to run the colors. on rick's batman. >> was going to go as a penguin but now different. >> your tuxedo. >> there you go. if you have driven through philadelphia over the schuylkill you have probably seen the
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evolution of the aka university city at 30th and walnut. the lifestyle club on the 28th floor was recently completed. alicia vitarelli joins us to get a look inside. >> let me tell you about this place when you see the amenities offered here your jaw will drop. we got a tour. take a look. this is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> level 28 officially opened this week billed as a $25,000 square foot lifestyle club. >> to create a virtual neighborhood. you can live, work and play. >> walk us around a bit. >> there is a 72 foot stainless steel infinity pool and a wall of of windows looking at the city. >> the sunset is spectacular. and after a swim hit the office
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down the hall. >> come with the laptops. a place for board meeting s complimentary coffee before from 6:00 until 10:00 everyone a golf simulator to work on your swing all year long. >> you walk in here and are like wait why don't have a golf simulator in my office building. >> and overthe top views. >> the entire center city on a silver platter. >> you can row on the schuylkill river from 400 feet aboveground and then hit the spa for a massage. >> you can call and book a massage in your apartment? stop it. >> take dinner on the level 28 terrace. >> or have room service delivered to your residence. >> the likelying in a hotel. >> the best of a world class resort meshed with a top five star hotel but still your own
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private residence. >> and cap it off with a trip to the theater, because there is an inhouse cinema too. >> i mean they had me at room service. you can see more this weekend saturday at 7:30 at fyi philly. the inroom mass an service, what? >> man. i have a theater. just kidding. "action news" is back after this.
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we get a little slap happy here. and a check of the forecast before we go. >> david and i are fine. >> so we are chilly out there in the northern and western suburbs
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getting up to 60 to 61 in most spots and clouds and sun mixing in before you see it now and look for a spotty sprinkle or shower around. the i-95 corridor temperatures close to 60 and winds blustery and a sprinkle or shower. and down the shore 62 and clouds and sun and breezy and hoping for late day sun and milder tomorrow. >> all right david thank you. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't information get to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy and rick williams and the entire "action news" team. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. for singing definitely dry mouth has been a problem for me.
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