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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 8, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon breaking news right now. police have identified the
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pennsylvania state trooper that was shot yesterday in the line of duty. corporal seth kelly was struck several times on the side of the street in pain field township. he was supplying backup to another trooper in a traffic stop. today he remains in the hop in critical but stable condition. as he prepares for another surgery. the attempted gunman is arraigned for attempted homicide. walter perez is live. >> reporter: the more you learn about this case the more amazing it is that corporal kelly survived. we are told he was shot in the leg and neck and shoulder area. and he is awaiting more surgery but the prognosis is improving. state officials have identified the wounded officer of seth kelly of upper nazareth county.
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and the suspect 22 daniel clary. he was initially pulled over for speeding along route 33 by state police trooper, and kelly arrived as backup a short time later. the scuffle ensues after they decided to arrest clary on dui. and during the fight one of the troopers was able to deploy his phaser. >> he falls and then it has no affect on him. they continue to wrestle around with where mr. clary. and he runs around the front of his vehicle and reaches into the drivers side window which is down and pulls out a gun. >> that is when the fist fight turned into a heated gun battle and the suspect is hit repeatedly and he is able to drive himself to easton
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hospital. corporal kelly was hit repeatedly part of the reason he survived is because he self applied a tourniquet before paramedics arrived. he was stabilized after surgery and still in critical condition but stable. >> meanwhile, clary faces a laundry list of charges including attempted murder and attempted murder of a police officer that is a separate charge and remains at bedside this morning. >> walter, thank you. >> you can read more about the trooper's recovery at and find videos of the shooting scene and social media updates. in other news the man accused of shooting a camden police officer is held on all charges without bail. 19-year-old delron mayhan is
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charged with attempted murder that he shot the officer after a foot chase and the 21-year-old officer was released from the hospital on saturday and attended the accused of tackers hearing. >> all the support he is getting and he has every intense of going back to work as soon as he can. >> the temperatures are staying with us the next few days. going live outside sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge. a pretty picture this noon. meteorologist, david murphy has the first check of the forecast. >> one nice change we have seen after a cloudy start the sun has broken through and philadelphia and points north a decent amount of sunshine. the farther south in delaware and extreme south jersey the better chance of clouds. and temperatures are cool though i would advise grabbing the
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jacket. 49 in trenton and 46 in reading and 49 in philadelphia and 50 in wilmington and 50 in millville cool enough for jackets. through the rest of the day it stays that way. and more sun to the north and more clouds to the south. 52 in philadelphia by 2:00 and a high of 53 probably over at 3:00 and by 6:00 partly cloudy skies and seeing the numbers dip quickly tonight and 47 at 6:00 and 8:00, 44 and 10:00, 42 another coolish day tomorrow. and milder than today. still in the 50s and as we head into friday and saturday that is when we look at at rival of that big arctic cold snap. right now the source of that cold air in north central canada and some numbers are colder than what we showed you yesterday. baker lake 4 below. and this air is descending to the sound and over to the east
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and it moderates before it gets here but a chilly change with windchills in the 20s on friday in particular. i'll have the latest numbers from accuweather in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> federal investigators are scouring the site of the plane crash that killed former phillies star roy halladay, the 40-year-old died yesterday in florida when his small plane went down in the gulf of mexico. all of major league baseball are mourning the loss of the pitcher. katherine scott has the latest reaction from citizens bank park. >> the news is still sirnking i at the ballpark people are walking by to leave flowers and messages and thanks for the memory roy. and a father of two and husband. through the night and into today a smiling picture of roy halladay in his red phillies cap glowed on a billboard.
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1977-2017, he was only 40. >> lost a good guy. >> they don't make it like that anymore. you hear about a young person with a life ahead of them dying so tragically it touches your heart no matter what. >> holiday won a cy young in each league and eight time all-star who pitched a perfect game and a post season no-hitter in the simary for the phillies. >> that perfect game what he brought to the phillies. a perfect game. i still remember that, i still have the paper. >> halladay developed a passion for flying and tweeted about it often and bought his own plane last month. at the ballpark fans are stopping by to remember. 34 outlined in candles and baseball cap and flowers and growing memorial. fans everywhere feel the shock
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and loss. >> an amazing pitcher and appreciate everything he did for the city. >> a number of players came out to share their memories of halladay, what a great teammate he was on the field and the people he helped off the field. >> democrat phil murphy is the next governor of new jersey, he beat kim guadagno in the governor's race and promised to raise state income tax on millionaires and legalize marijuana for recreational use. president trump is now in china the next stop on his five nation tour of asia. he and the first lady received a lavish welcome in beijing. they were greet bid a marching band. earlier today in south korea trump delivered a sharply worded message against north korea. >> the weapons you are requiring
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are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger, every step you take down this dark path increases the pearl you face. >> the president also called for a complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and an exciting morning for local athletes. where they are learning to play on the college level. and david murphy has your seven-day forecast. it gets cold.
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mike pence and his wife, karen are traveling to southerland, texas to visit the victims and family of the pass car. he will spend time with the victims families and speak with law enforcement about the ongoing investigation. 26 people died and another 20 were injured when gunman devin kelly opened fire during a church service. under texas law his record of domestic violence should have
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stopped him from buying firearms. three members of the ucla basketball team are arrested and accused of shoplifting in china. one is lee angelo ball. he cody reilly and jaylin hill were arrested for allegedly stealing from a louis vuitton store near their hotel. all three are out on bail and the players face three to ten years in prison if convicted. penn state is disciplining three students in the death of a fraternity pledge. the school conducted their own review of piazza's death. they range from suspension to expulsion and prosecutors refiled charges in a separate case. and the jury is debating the
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case of bob mendez. prosecutors alleged that he illegal accepted gifts from a florida eye doctor for promoting the businessman's dealings. they both deny the accusation and he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. a big morning for several athletes in montgomery county. "action news" was there at abington high school as four students found their college letters of intent. volleyballer grace whitney signed on for westchester university. and samantha brusha is headed to millersville and john paul nolan signed with east strasburg university. and the phantom of the opera playing at the kimmal center what makes this different than
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any show you have seen before.
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health check this noon experts have discovered the reason why sleep deprivation affects your brain as much as too much alcohol. it can disrupt your brain's ability to communicate. and similar to a night of drinking and leads to temporary mental lapses that can affect your memory and reaction time while driving.
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>> trying to drop a few pounds before the holidays, you may want to consider an ancient practice gaining popularity and scientific backing in the 21st century. ali gorman explores intermittent fasting. >> it's a diet trick that some celebrities swear by and some doctors support it. >> it makes sense to try something that gives you a chance of succeeding rather than not. i'll explain why it works and who it's for and the best way to do it. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> two leaders in technology are teaming up with the goal of putting flying cars in the sky uber partnered with nasa to develop air traffic systems for the flying taxi fleet and that uber is the partner it needs to make the flying car network a reality. and the ride sharing flights are still years away and ready for commercial operation before the
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2028 olympics in los angeles. if you can't get enough of ranch dressing why not by an entire keg full of it. flavor is selling five liter gallons for $50, if you are interested in purchasing one you can preorder the product now and shipping begins on september 11th and sara this is your gift from me. ranch dressing. >> i always wanted to. the "action news" team is working on news stories for today at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom. ranch dressing for you too alicia. >> we need a lot of stuff to put it on. the dinners. coming up today at 4:00, helicopter parents does not end when the kids go off to college we'll tell what you the moms and
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dads are doing to help out their children once they have left the next. some may surprise you and some might not. >> a berks county man is now sitting behind bars in an illinois jail accused of murdering a lehigh valley teenager in a particularly vicious way, the reason he told police that she turned down his marriage proposal and we'll have more details on the victim and her alleged killer. >> all right thank you. we'll check the accuweather forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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children in south jersey are getting a brand new winter coat and it was distributed at the creamery school in camden and they with there to fit the children in a new coat and write their name on the tag.
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today's donation was part of a partnership with horizon services and camden firefighters and warm coats for kids foundation. >> and just in time david murphy. >> no kidding. chilly out there and the big cold shot coming for friday and hanging around for saturday. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you yesterday's rain is long gone and good riddens, as we take a look outside. we have sky 6 hd and plenty of sunshine in montgomery county and spring mountain and cold enough probably to ski on friday and saturday. i don't think they are cranking it up that soon but getting chillier any way. windchills in particular on the mountains. really feeling raw ought there. as we take a look at the current temperature we are at 49 degrees and little cool out there. winds from the east-northeast at 9 miles per hour. and we have actually squeezed out a fair amount of sunshine and 49 in philadelphia and 47 in
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allentown and 46 in reading and everybody is chilly and 49 in trenton and wilmington and millville and 49 in cape may. there are the clouds and they have broken up north and west of philadelphia and thin clouds with sunshine getting through and the brighter white color by cape may county and southern delaware where the cloud cover is thicker. we look at the lehigh valley and clouds and sun and sunshine at times today and a high of 52 degrees, down the shore mostly cloudy and sunny breaks and 54 is the high there cool next to the ocean water and philadelphia we stop at 53 and clouds and sun and on the breezy side with winds running 8 to 16 miles per hour. and a good looking day and jacket weather but not too bad. overnight tonight and clouds and chilly and get to 40 in philadelphia and a lot of suburbs down into the 30s and another round of frost in the northern and western suburbs in places like the lehigh valley
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and berks cone and you probably pulled in the potted plants and the next big change comes on friday into north and central canada and the cold air drops down into the lower canadian provinces of high pressure and low pressure and the highs and lows shift we see that desencing of that cold air it moderates down to our latitude but 20 degrees below average, 7:30 tomorrow night 53 not too bad but the cold weather zaps us overnight and this model has us down to the freezing mark and even down below. and even if we don't get that low the winds feel like the teens and the 20s. and clouds and sun and not a bad day, tomorrow ahead of the cold
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shot. we get into the 50s. if you have lawn work to get done today or tomorrow. if you wait until friday a different weather pattern. 39 is the high and windchills feeling like the teens in the morning and 20s in the afternoon and 25 for an overnight low on friday night. when you wake up saturday morning veterans day it's in the 20s and we go up to 41 in the afternoon and winds drop down and uncomfortable and chilly for most of the day. starting out in the 30s in the morning and improving to 52 in the afternoon. there is slight chance of rain developing sunday night and i'm not big on that. this is more going to be after you are in bed sunday night and monday morning you see rain, and a good chance of it ends in the afternoon and high of 40 on monday and pretty nice we'll only get this colder weather for a couple of days and more seasonable temperatures in the 50s and tomorrow night we have the annual accuweather look at
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the winter outlook and see whether or not we are trending to a milder than average winter and which months will be colder. >> blink twice in we get snow before thank guying. >> can't tell. >> calling all kids at heart, there say lifestyle lego house and the winner gets to stay there one night for free. the winner get a night in denmark lego house. just explain what you would build with an unlimited supply of lego blocks, they will be flown there on december 24th. courtesy of lego and airbnb. phantom of the opera is wowing crowds here in philadelphia. >> and find out what brought a therapy dog to a school in nebraska. those stories and more still
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condition and expected to undergo another surgery today or tomorrow. as for the suspect he is identified as 22-year-old daniel clary shot by the troopers after a routine traffic stop on route 33 in plainfield township. and that led the troopers to believe he was under the influence and there was a physical altercation between clary and the two troopers and clary is facing a number of charges including two counts of attempted criminal homicide. >> they continued to wrestle around with mr. clary and at some point mr. clary runs into the front of his vehicle and reaches into the drivers side window down and pulls out a gun. he immediately coming over the top of the roof of his vehicle firing on both of our troopers. some people have asked me also how did this


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