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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 9, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." some guys head to a shop with plans to dump 1200 fireworks. how cameras caught the whole sick stunt. she did it. >> she's one tough mom who's -- >> gone through her eighth round of chemotherapy. >> the moment her proud husband asks her to marry him all over again. [ cheers and applause ] risky business for this animal rescue team. >> they had to do a little
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rappelling. >> the cliffside discovery of zion the cat. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini, and look who's stuck behind the dryer. >> how about a bat? >> you have got to be kidding me. >> see what it's going to take to get doggy out. >> this is how family legends begin. >> plenty of people out there in the world trying to make a living, doing what they do and not bothering anybody. and then there are people who, for whatever reason, find it necessary to go bother those people. these four young lads walking up, one of them is carrying a box. >> a box of what? >> you'll soon find out. we cut to the interior security cameras you'll see one of the employees in the shop trying to close the door, but no. those guys toss an entire crate, 1200 fireworks.
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>> sunday november 5th, remember, remember the 5th of november. it's fireworks night. this is the uk. i can see why where these fireworks came from and what they were, i don't know, trying to do. >> that could explain some of this, because this shop quickly fills with smoke. there were two people inside this store, an 18-year-old girl and that man that you see trying to hold the door closed. she sensed trouble, rang the bell. he came running out from the store room, that's when this happened. he goes running through the store. you can see from different angles the fireworks just continue to pop and crackle and send debris all over the store. >> why? >> that's what the people who run the shop are wondering. they say they've done nothing wrong. they think they even recognize these people as being regulars in the store. in fact, they even think they saw them the next day. the kids didn't come into the shop. the shop owners believe they were feeling bad or guilty but it could just be a fireworks night prank. cost them a couple of hours of business and cost them several
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hundred dollars in damage as well. >> that's little being stolen from. they have to pay out money because their property is damaged. >> the shopkeeper in the video had a small injury, he got a small burn to his left eye and may have to go to the hospital. >> pranks have consequence answer a lot of times kids don't know that. they say you should do what you love. so if you like rappelling down mountains you might want to try l.a. animal services. their smart team is the specialized animal mobile rescue team had to dora pelling. >> we have to go straight down. >> zion got out of the house, happens to be an indoor cat. the family had a party, the cat got outside accidentally. they went looking for her. she's stuck 100 feet up a cliff so two team members have to do a dual rappel to go down, surnd her so she doesn't scamper away. that is a sandy area and the
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gravel is loose. they're working that are w inin. >> it's okay sweetie. [ meowing ] >> the cat will wait until three hours iniffished and it will grab it and go all the way down by itself. >> you see zion there and as they get close, oli, you're kind of correct but as you can see, this one can't get far away. they've got her surrounded. >> it's okay, baby. >> it's not exactly okay once they get the net out. she's not down with this. [ meowing ] >> i am never going outside again! >> two nets they have to catch her in case she gets away. they have to work at it. [ meowing ] >> oh! >> hold on. don't pull. don't pull. >> they finally get her and they slowly lower themselves and the cat down. the cat is like this is humiliating. she's rescued, okay, returned to
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her family. now look at her. >> maxin' and relaxin'. >> zion is now happily ever after. top athletes, riders, drivers, things like that, when they're doing something amazing they'll talk about being in the flow, the rhythm of what's going on. that's what you need to be doing if you want to take part in red bull straight rhythm. sean cantrell around an unwound track. it's half a mile of this. >> i love it. such a cool concept, it's relatively new they started doing this and basically like motocross drag racing. >> right, but the thing is, you've got to get it right. it's not just about hitting top speed. it's hitting the right speed for each one of these jumps so that your bike will basically flow along the top as opposeded to
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the way we'd drive along it. >> and end up up on the side. >> exactly, get it right you're in rhythm and get it wrong you go nowhere. >> yeah, man t is so pleasant to watch this. the flow is so perfect. the way that the bike is just meeting the ground, leaving t it's all made to happen the way it's happening. >> pretty incredible video from the guys at red bull, as always. the rodriguez on chch in ontario, canada, is the latest winner of the ipad mini give away. the "rtm" buzzword coming up in a bit. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. the family in this waiting room at a hospital in orange, california, is eagerly awaiting their loved one, pregnant by the
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way. she she's gone through her eighth round of therapy after being diagnosed in 2016 with breast cancer. they have their poster kids, balloons, a ton of love. freddy the husband to the patient waiting there for her not just with a cardboard sign but with a huge surprise. >> surprise! >> this is a moment she finally comes out to join her family. she's hugging everybody, the kids are excited, family is crying but it's joy of course because she survived stage three going on stage four cancer. the video was actually recorded back in january of 2017 and you've seen the moment her husband, freddy, just gives her a big old hug. he starts telling her how much he loves her. he brings out a box. >> today i want to ask you to marry me. >> gets down on one knee and proposes to her all over again. [ cheers and applause ] >> i guess it's kind of like the
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new lease in life, turn this around, find something positive and move forward together. >> put it behind you. >> yeah! >> they've been married since 2005 and they were going to celebrate their ten-year anniversary just as she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but that wasn't going to stop him from still wanting to renew their vows and they're planning to celebrate this renewal on july 14th, 2018, which is the anniversary to the day she was first diagnosed with cancer because exactly that, it's a new lease on life. as they continue to celebrate their love through thick and thin. >> this is somebody do you want to marry twice if you can. she's an incredible woman. baby, we gonna keep doing this. let's go. >> since this video was first recorded she has had other treatments and surgeries. they share another video with a series of photographs through the beginning and through the journey of chemotherapy and radiation, but you can imagine just how exciting this must be
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for them to have this opportunity and to look forward to actually celebrating her health. they set up a go fund me page. families going through cancer treatment take a huge financial hit and she's not been able to work. her husband is the only one that's been able to contribute financially. if you want to help her out, find that link at, click on tv show and check it out on our mobile app. experience the ultimate luxury driving. >> that is a giant lakebed, frozen over and you can get into a land rover or a jaguar and learn to drive like that. >> find out how you can be a part of this dreamy adventure. and oally is being honored. see what happens when she turns around. for sparks to fly
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frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. for this to really work i need you to read this statement at the beginning to just get us in the mood for this. >> "experience jaguar land rover, the ultimate in luxury driving." >> let's go to northern sweden where you can experience this. >> oh. >> see all those lines in the ice? >> yeah, it's a racetrack. >> that is a giant lakebed. it is frozen over and you can get into a land rover or a jaguar and learn to drive. >> look at that shot from the top. one enormous, that would be so much fun. >> it would be so much fun and they will give you instructors who will show you how to drive and drift in these cars. >> the beauty is there's nothing to crash into. >> you keep going. >> you slide off. okay, no harm no foul.
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>> you are absolutely right and it is a beautiful location. somebody's in the car with you showing you what to do. if you do the three-day basic event 3400 bucks but it goes up from there. you can do a four-day. this is the ice academy suite but they have these experiences all over the world. >> you know what's missing? >> you can get local cuisine, rainbow sticks and moose burgers and you can stayhotel. >> wow. >> if you go at the right time you might see the aurora borealis. >> the wrong time you might be swimming. >> typical day for 8-year-old aidan. the teacher is shuffling papers, walks back into the room. aidan is there at his desk and notice he looks up. >> daddy! daddy! >> oh, hit me in the field now. >> that's his fert, tim.
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tim just returned home early from his fourth combat deployment. they didn't think he'd be back until somewhere around thanksgiving. decided to surprise his son and make it to some of his football games. >> zero chances he'll remember that day's lesson. >> may as well head home. notice once he jumps in his dad's arms they just hug and hold each other. they end the reunion with a big smooch. head over to arizona state university. this precious moment captured by sun devil athletics. this is senior day and the last home game is where they honor all of the seniors. ally is one of them, standing there with her family, some flowers. and the crowd goes wild. but why? >> who is that fella? >> that's her brother. >> oh! >> i told you i'd be here.
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>> he made it home to surprise her so he could see her last game and be with her on senior day. >> i bet you she acquired a bunch of girlfriends, too. >> yeah. >> um-hum, hey girl, whassup? what are you doing saturday night? >> what's he doing? even the most amazing athletes fail. >> i'm glad they're showing this. we always see they make it and they look superhuman and cool. i want to see where you look like me. >> a look at some heavy hits. >> oh! plus time to test your luck. the buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini is next. y! le'! thanks for coming everyone! we found this special house... ...for a super special family. uh, where's the special part? that's where you all come in! [ cheering ] here, i see a big tree. and a closet filled with holiday outfits!
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this. we only see the stunt where they make it and look superhuman and cool. i want to see where you look like me or maybe not as clumsy but you know what i mean. ♪ boy he needs a helmet. oh! ♪ >> these guys are just taking solid stunts time after time. i don't see a helmet anywhere. every time they fall they crush on the railings they're trying to slide down. >> it makes all of these athletes that can do amazing things also real because they fail so much before they can get to that level. >> don't get hung up on all the crashes like this guy does. >> you know what? just hanging out, it's good. >> this movie co-produced with red bull media shot in russia, bulgaria, japan and california. you want to see the non-fails
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check out "method movie 2." >> mama says a hard head makes a soft behind. >> they've got some serious by soft butts. 12-year-old kaylee is getting a gift she's been eager to have. her dad is there handing her a box. she opens it up. >> puppy! >> way better than that. >> two puppies! >> no. >> i recognize that already. >> a really cool dirt biking helmet. >> do you like that helmet? >> yes. >> right. but a dirt bike? >> she has to wait for that. she's been watching her dad and brother motocross for a long time and expressed her desire to do it. dad, eventually would like to introduce her to the world of dirt biking but they want to get her into it one step at a time. step one, get the gear. >> nice lid. >> have a helmet, wear it for a
2:35 am
couple of years, then i'll buy you a bike. >> go get changed. >> runs into her room to get dressed. >> oh my god! >> whoa! in the bed, that's where i keep my bike. >> it's a husqvarna she'll be able to hit the road with, the dirt road. >> the first cool ride is down the stairs and out the front door. >> woo hoo! >> what a great way to start it off. >> fire it up and fill that pink room with two-stroke smoke! it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be at least 21 years old and be a legal resident of the united states or canada. enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. >> wednesday's buzzword is spice.
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>> now get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter the buzzword spice. >> good luck, everybody. grandma was trying to be helpful, but -- >> how am i getting out? >> you're going to crawl right over the top. >> see why that's easier said than done.
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grandma, grandpa and anthony all trying to get this bad boy back in place. >> you notice grandma they call her gaggi. >> gaggi will be hemmed in until she's back there to hook it up. >> she's guiding it and making sure everything's tidy back there. >> well don't go anywhere. once i get it on there, do i screw it? >> no. >> just push it? >> just push it. >> shut up! >> she's making sure things are right back there. >> it's done? >> i think so. does it need to be plugged? >> houston we have a problem. >> i can't move. how am i getting out? >> that's the question we were supposed to be asking gaggi before you got back there. >> grandpa has the solution. >> you're going to crawl right over the top and we're going to, it's going to be like in the


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