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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 14, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." it's a high drama rescue to reach something -- >> that's been a few days five stories up. >> find out what it is that could not get down. >> see it right there? >> no. a thief targets a student who -- >> goes running across the street. >> the amazing story of how he survived this. >> holy cow! this truck the chevy montage, is about dreaming wildly. >> a truck in need of some tlc, becomes a labor of love. >> this is an all women's build. >> this was about team lady. >> the moment ten months of hard work reveals one beautiful ride. >> woo! plus the buzzword for your chance to win a new ipad mini.
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as christian, oli charity, nick and gayle break down the west on the b the web, including how a determined bride got her man on board for the big day. >> get on down the aisle. we start this on top of a building in los angeles with l.a. animal services. they're there to rescue something that's been a few days a few floors up, five stories up, to be exact. so the team has to get two people to lower themselves down. they've got all their equipment out. they've got their anchors down and now it's time to go after cammie. let's get a look at cammie. see it right there? >> no. >> maybe that's because chameleons are really good at hiding themselves. back to the drone video, there's cammie. cammie got out of its habitat, a few days later the smart team called in. >> wow, and they even brought the drone.
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these guys are g, man. >> i have seen a lot of rescues but i've never seen a rescue of a tiny lizard. >> i've seen less people in technology used to rescue humans. >> if you ever need rescuing in l.a., say you're a chameleon and they'll bring the whole works. >> as you can see they were successfully able to get cammie the chameleon into the netting and lower cammie down. >> these guys are amazing. i love watching their rescues. >> i want to see them use their jet pack next. we kid, we kid with the smart team, i mean, we love what they do. they are obviously the best at it. >> got him. >> you know what i like, though? i love that these kids are made really happy. [ applause ] >> and they applaud the team because they deserve applaud. with them, there's no animal left behind, so once again, another fantastic rescue by the
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specialized mobile animal rescue them. >> tada! unfortunately for some students in brazil, they've got a lot more to worry about than just getting to school, because this fellow was here on this college campus. notice he has his backpack on. approached by this other dude, looks a little shady. starts to go to the street trying to get away from the dude. >> holy, what the -- >> reports are the man was trying to rob him, trying to take his cell phone and the student wouldn't hand it over because a lot of his learning material was on the cell phone. the dude pulls out a gun. he hit the ground immediately >> my gosh, how bad was it. >> in the next part of the video the student is standing up. >> was it a gun or pellet gun. >> it was a real gun but it grazed his head. >> holy cow! >> yes, this kid is extremely lucky. blood dripping from his head and all over his shirt. they tell him to sit down and
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call an ambulance >> please tell me they found this guy. >> unfortunately the situation is under investigation, the dude got off. fortunately the student is in the hospital in stable condition. notice they have tools in their hands, give it a wiggle here,e there and boom, it's open! time to celebrate! these fellows stop and high five and chest bump and hug it out. >> we thought we were really bad at this! >> they did get away with about $1953 u.s. and they're putting out a warning to locals in the neighborhood they got to tighten up security, try to bring these guys to justice. let's rewind 18 months, ladies, when we went to boogie's garage, remember, we helped them out and put some real elbow grease into their build the chevy montage. this is an all-women's build,
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spear-headed by bogie latiner, taking a 1957 chevy pickup truck, putting a bmw m5 engine in it, gayle welded, charity grabbed her power tool and of course i expanded. 90 other women partook in building this chevy pickup truck. >> this was about team lady. these 90 women from all over the country, some of whom had zero experience working on cars. >> this is a ten-month project and the video that you see here was filmed by project video grapher and photographer tina stiff. >> i was following this on instagram. nice to see the chevy montage montage. >> our social media position heather herr was involved as a novice builder and build project manager, made sure the girls would come in at the right time. remember, they were coming in from all over the country. [ cheers and applause ] >> got to give it to bogie, she
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had a vision for the truck, it was unique and knew what she wanted the project to look like to include nothing but women. that is the true vision. and back on october 31st, they finally revealed the build at fema in las vegas. [ cheers and applause ] >> wow! it's so pretty! >> gorgeous. >> i love it. it's like the perfect nail polish on black rims. >> it was about creating a sisterhood, it was about inviting people into an industry that are not often welcomed into it. >> she wants to let women know you can get into this industry and create amazing things, proven by this pretty awesome build. >> it was great to have that feeling. thank you, bogie. >> the trick is going on tour across the country. if you want to catch a stop,
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stol follow bogie garage. >> you could win the ipad mini giveaway, have tuesday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. what's the point of doing something and exciting if you can't share it on social media. first, let me take a selfie. take to the skies for our first video, couple of guys out there paragliding. turns the camera right-hand a, trying to make sure his phone is in the background, great, going to look so good. get a bit closer. too close, too close. this is bad. now we're bad. still taking the seve, getting tappingled up. disaster. they're both flying towards the ground and -- >> oh my goodness, all because
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he was taking a selfie. >> gets caught up in the wing of the guy below him and swinging around each other as they're heading towards the ground. >> i hope he had a protective case on that phone. >> we go for the story behind the videos and the description of this one it says two pilots are okay. so i guess they're okay. >> they're fine. >> head to the water for our next crazy video, kids riding on board one of the offshore power boats. looking back from the red boat. keep an eye on the white foam. another boat comes out catching, maybe it will overtake, maybe it will literally overtake. >> no! >> it goes over the top of this boat. we can pull the camera around and you can see captures the water. >> stick it, stick it. >> it does not stick it, it goes all kinds of places. we have a couple other angles, you can see the red boat lost speed, the white one completely over the top there, when it lands, woo woo! all four racers walked away
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unharmed. there's a lot at stake here. i guess that's a new one. never quite seen that one before. luke has a special order from his owner. >> luke, go find grandma, come on. >> this is at the cemetery. find out if he's able to find grandma's grave. >> no way. and the l.a. beast is about to devour some twinkies. >> he spread nasal napalm on them. >> see how well he handles this challenge. he does this to himself. . "right this minute" is brought to you by novartis. so, what's everyone thankful for? well, i'm thankful for barbie of course. i'm thankful for all of my careers! zoom lenses, close-ups, selfie mode. ooh the pies! i'm thankful for all of you, ah, even you. yeah, i'm pretty thankful for me too.
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up to 30% off! that's big! blinds to go. blinds for life. closed captioning provided by -- max strength selsun blue® targets the source- wiping out flakes and itch. selsun blue®. freedom from dandruff. a fine looking animal in this video. i guarantee gayle will tell us the breed. >> mastiff? >> yes, known for their tracking, aggression and impetuousness. all of that comes into play. it starts with a very simple order. >> luke, go find grandma. >> should be no problem to be honest. pretty useful at tracking and aggressive as they are, the one person that luke was not aggressive to was joe, the guy's youtube channel this is, 101-year-old mother. he would protect her, sit next to her.
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he would even keep joe away sometimes. you may figured out where luke is looking for grandma. >> doesn't have to go fast. >> no, grandma is not going anywhere. this is at the cemetery. joe wanted to see whether luke could find grandma. >> where is grandma? >> starts trotting along. >> no way! >> good boy! good boy, luke, good boy! >> that is wild. >> he was thinking maybe people would doubt him. he takes the video right up so that you can see that it is where his mother was laid to rest. >> but it says on this tag, so no one thinks i'm making this up. >> i got to believe there's lingering scent in that area from the family members, from people who recently laid those flowers. >> whatever it is, i think it's fascinating. coincidence? talent? nature? whatever it is, super dy darned cool. >> the force is strong. >> good boy, luky. i know when you see the l.a.
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beast sitting with a bunch of twinkies in front of him, where is the challenge in that? is he going to eat 300? oh, no, but the pain level will escalate, because some of those twinkies have been doctored. the first over to the right are regular twinkies. the second set he set nasal napalm on them. >> the most powerful horse radish on the planet. >> first thing he eats the twinkies that haven't been d doctored. he got a little help. >> a stimulator, helps stimulate your muscles when you have aches and pains. i'm going to place one on each of my hands which will hopefully distract me from the fact that i'm eating the most powerful, potent wasabi tasting tear gas flaming horse radish in existence. >> let's see if that works. and then he starts eating. in less than 15 seconds, he feels it.
2:46 pm
[ coughing ] >> oh! >> he looks like he's connected to a tar tour device because his hands are like this, half way through he says "i can't move my fingers." >> he is connected to a torture device all the time. his own brain, man, he does this to himself. >> he's clearly having problems here but he wants to finish. he says he's really trying not to empty his stomach at this point. >> it's nauseating. >> he's going to finish this to the end and now the final bite. so he made it through. he's very proud, but let's check into him after he does that. >> i am the l.a. beast. arch nemesis labito. >> he's speaking in tongues
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appare apparently. >> archnemesis wasabi, have yourself a good day. world class wedding photos. >> absolutely stunning and gorgeous. see them. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a genius car sales ad for a '96 honda accord went viral, reaching bids in the neighborhood of $150,000. >> no! >> ebay was like, ha, ha, nah! and pulled the auction down. now see who's come up with a lucrative offer. >> are you kidding? plus don't miss the buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini. honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive
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2:51 pm
this awesome ad to go along with the car and of course, it went viral. millions of people saw the ad, loved the ad, and ebay auction also caught fire as well reaching bids in the neighborhood of $150,000. >> no! it was like 35 when he was on the show. are you kidding me? >> i am not kidding. ebay was like, ha, ha, nah, and pulled the auction down. >> no, that's so hater. >> well they realized it had gotten out of control. lot of people were creating fake accounts just to put in these ridiculous bids. however, there is still a very real, very lucrative offer on the table. >> i've been authorized by carmax to make a legal and binding offer for greenie. >> wow! >> that's not all. >> same price for everyone policy, we can't name, won't get into a bidding war for the car. i believe your commercial has made a 1996 honda accord sized hole in our heart and we will
2:52 pm
not rest until we fill it. we'll buy the car and like to buy the cat for $5,000, cat people. the old passenger seat coffee pot we want it, say 35, mexico mug need it, two grand, your fiance's fuzzy sweater jacket, call that another cozy gs and at the end, the sandwich on the cliff at sunset, if there's any left over we want that, too, we'll give you 500, 400 if it has mayonnaise. >> a lot of mayo haters out there. the offer stands at -- >> round up and call it $20,000, redeemable at any of our 188 carmax locations for the next seven days. >> apparently they are not kidding. i think the accessories they may be kidding about, i'm pretty sure they know they're unlikely to part with the cat but maybe two grand for the mexico mug. >> dude, i've got a few in my house i'll give you for half the price. >> currently max tells us that
2:53 pm
he's considering this offer. he has not made an official "yes sold" but we're keeping an eye on max's decision. >> the car max is waiting for carmax to get back to him? >> exactly. hey, hey, time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to and click on "the win ipad" button. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. enter on each every day. >> tuesday's buzzword is uncle. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter tuesday's buzzword uncle. >> good luck, everybody. a wedding entrance that will leave you saying -- >> oh my gosh. why? >> yes. see what we're talking about, next. >> he's got no way out. >> wait, h nto the ocean.
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2:55 pm
that wouldn't be a good idea. she does this for entertainment
2:56 pm
on youtube. we probably shouldn't do it at home. >> some men don't think twice. they want to take that plunge right into marriage. some need a little coaxing. >> a little push? >> more like a little pull. >> literal ball and chain? >> i'm going to drag you to the altar, kicking and screaming. oh my gosh. why? >> that couple in brazil in this juken video decided it would be hilarious to show up to their wedding, walk down the aisle together, but decided to chain them up on that cart and she was going to pull him, drag him up to the altar, and he's got no way out. >> wait, he's a magician, right? he's a magician, and he's only got 30 seconds to get out of these chains. >> no, he's not. it's all really hilarious. you can hear everyone at the ceremony cracking up. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> and the bride doesn't even really appear to be laughing
2:57 pm
either. she's playing it like stone faced. uh-huh. >> come on, get on down this aisle. >> hey man, these chains could come in useful on the wedding night. >> oh? the wedding party is already up front and the ceremony begins with him still chained into that cart. >> for his sentencing -- i mean wedding. >> i hope he wants to be there. >> hey, this one is for life, bro. >> yeah. >> i doubt they held him down for this, i'm sure he's playing along. >> it's cool they can play it off. you can see him smirking about all of it, too. >> you see toward the end of the video it looks like she lets him loose from the chains and he gets to have somewhat of a traditional wedding after that. i think they nailed it. that was a really great entrance to their wedding. ♪ that's our show. catch us on the next all new "rtm." looks like you found a better way to do this, dad.
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