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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 22, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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slack line taking in tautiful v. >> where is the glove. >> minor detail. at this point we'll stay focused tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." on the fact he day stays up there t entiresngremendously cy is way moretant.on his it's time to give another ipad mini. tt, needday's bus word, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s or canada. >> the "rtm" buzzword is coming up in a little bit. >> stand by, everybody, for the "rtm" ipad mini give. disney is about to be happier for one lady. renee is through that door. >> we want her to come out and be surprised. >> she's funnishing her shift. she helps create personalized christmas orne alaments. on the other side of the door is a surprise.
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>> are you going to give her a hug? >> she is greeted by a whole wall of family, family she hasn't seen in quite a while. they moved to detroit last year, and gayle break down the best on she hasn't seen her grandkids the web, including some turkey since january, there's four of them and she gets to have one of high jinks. >> look at what happens on his the grandma hugs. put together by tommy and face. >> what happens when a little sheryl. that's sheryl there with the fireworks messes up the meal. hoodie on and tommy in the black >> wait a minute, that's our turkey dinner? shirt. nice surprise for grandma, because grandmas like surprises mmm, that smell, that as much as they love their grandchildren. >> and at the most magical place roasted -- tire smell, not on earth. >> oh my gosh, i miss you guys. turkey. from florida, we're going to filling the air in this side head to maryland, sneaking up to show, where a bunch of guys with the door, we have this from both crazy cars all gather round in a angles inside and outside. that fellow with the black hat public area usually, and just on is danny. start mobbing it, having a good danny has been driving for two time. this video goes on and on, a days, gone over 959 miles to number of different cars and grab a cup of coffee. people taking their turns >> this better be a good cup of spinning round and round, two coffee. >> it's a coffee a long time in cars join in at the same time. the making. this is the house of his sister, >> they double with it. patricia, who he hasn't seen for
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three years. >> i come for an afternoon >> that's really cool and coffee. >> oh my god! what are you doing here? amazing but at the same time, oh my god! dude, down the street. oh my god! >> it's a battle. >> oh! >> this is a sweet one. they drove all the way from florida to maryland to surprise her and apparently this >> i'm sorry, i've seen one get thanksgiving is going to be off the chain. they have family coming in from split in half from a pole. tennessee, new york and florida, all to be together in one place and it's been so long that they >> mustang 5.0. think it's going to be one to remember. >> come on now. >> geez. >> duh. new motorcycle jackets that >> all that noise might attract inflate to protect. the attention of people other >> how does it work? >> why we're about to feel the than those who are fans of this. force to find out. >> oh! >> cops, cops! >> as soon as you start hearing and how to take the kids out to eat for all types of dads. the horns beep that's the alarm >> going to lay it down before sounding, everybody get on out, we head into this joint. >> see all the ways to get it have their location done. >> whoa, whoa. preset. once this is blown up, they just go on to the fourth designated brought to you by target, location of the night. >> you've got to you get them expect more, pay less. credit for organization. thankful for? so, wh'e >> this game is as much about all of my careers! i'm thankful for all of you, cat and mouse as it is
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yeah, i'm pretty thankful for me too. up tires because once again. um, is that gluten free? [ sirens ] >> [ bleep ] o no. >> this time the cops got a drop in our home we make memories. on them but watch this guy. in our home we are grateful. >> oh no! oh! >> that is really dangerous. >> that guy just whips around that police officer, right through the parking lot, crowded this family we know what matters most is made at home. full of people, running for ♪ yo♪ and you probably do. rt safety. the person posted the video say that guy got away from the police, at least on this one. ♪ sc johnson. there's one family that is unlike ordinary toothpaste going to be especially grateful colgate total... fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, this thanksgiving. >> this is margaret from highway heroes. >> there's an organization called furry highway colgate tota be totally readyer for life.totally ready heroes made up of a group of truck drivers that obviously run into stray dogs. >> not literally ♪
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>> not literally, no. they take it upon themselves to rescue them. every once in a while those dogs have owners. streaming and gaming are only as good as your internet. bader is a dog they found 683 so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network. miles away from home. and margaret is so cool that she with fios gigabit connection you get the fastest internet available treled to where they live to deliver the dog. with download speeds up to 940 megs plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online this famil meantime has been looking for vader for five weeks. with showtime and multi-room dvr service included with a two-year agreement. every once in a coming across fal but in this caamily decided to go meet up with margaret and see and, now, we'll guarantee your price for two years for over $800 in savings. if, in fact, the dog that she has is their dog, vader. get our best new offer. go to she steps out of the truck. will the dog recognize the family? >> i think he knows he's home. >> of course he recognizes the family. >> yeah, the tail starts wagging, all the family members that are there are super excited. >> that's crazy. it's like over 100 miles a week, going in the wrong direction.
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>> they believe that someone may have picked it up, and as soon as all the social media posts started popping up, that maybe they decided to leave the dog, because they're puzzled by the distance this dog traveled. the good news is, they're now reunited with their pet. >> you never give up hope. you do hear about these stories all the time. >> great story, right before the holidays. >> that's another happy ending. michael jackson the king of pop and he continues to inspire people, even though he's no longer here with us, and when i say he inspires. >> how cool. >> i'm talking about professional slack liner theo sampson. he says michael jackson is his idol and inspires him daily. he moonwalks across this slack line. >> how high is that sck line? >> really, really hh and dropping is not an option. >> wait, he's going totally free in jeans and socks? >> wow. >> ye>> a bit >> most peoplean'n
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the carpe let the closed captioning prov new gold bond radiance renewal exfoliates then our triple blend of moisturizers helps prevent dry skin. gold bond. our favorite dad on youtube. >> that's all it takes. >> he's going to teach all of you dads how to dad at a restaurant. >> it's simple. step one, don't. >> well if you decide to, he's got it covered.
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going to lay it down before we head into this joint. >> you no pulling her hair. >> set the boundaries and the potential punishment. >> and don't set your sights too high. >> the running dad. >> running to stop them from doing whatever they want to do. >> i'm on the slide, straight away. >> then there's the whoa dad. >> a whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> whoa. whoa. whoa. >> this one, this one is a lot of parents i know. should be all right. >> should be all right. >> my dad's favorite saying. >> this is all funny. all i can think of how he shot all of this with the two kids in a busy restaurant and not really caring about everybody else who is trying to have their lunch, too. >> that's the other channel, how to make videos for how to dad. >> mom is producing all of it behind the scenes, getting no
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love for it. >> one was temporarily stuck in the slide in the making of this video. >> to the next dad. >> no laughing. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, now i'm whoa, whoa, whoa dad. what are you talking about? >> that's the funniest thing in the world. >> cut that out, that's 90% of his comedy. >> back to clever dad. >> rule number one, there you go. >> don't put them down, dad. >> they can't get away. >> can we go now? >> just order a heap so they're not finished before you do. >> i think you're on to something, oli, maybe just stay home. >> fine, take your time. some people have been curious in asking why the splint. i had an incident on the motorcycle and the only reason i had a few broken bones and bruises because i was covered head to toe in gear and that is why i'm so excited to show you
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this vest that when you are pulled away from your motorcycle it immediately inflates around you and this video by helight which makes some of the vests they have a line of actual jackets. we see riders on a track and one of them is wearing an air bag inside his racing suit. he crashes down pretty hard. >> gets flipped up and over and hits the ground hard and looks like he barely even felt it. >> several of their new products, you guys will get to see what it is like to have the jackets blow up around you. >> we don't have to go outside to do this? >> correct. we can do it here. >> i feel like i need one of these just for life. >> when this thing detonates the cartridge is there, inflates the rest of the jacket, cradles your neck and comes down around the hips. >> let me blow youup, all right, ready? three, two, one. >> whoa! >> feels like a nice big bear hug.
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>> thisround your neck. >> been to the gym? you're looking bud,good. >> oh my i'm a little nervous. >> oh! >> whoa! you're not going anywhere. >> i know. >> ooh! >> whoa. >> when you get on your bike and you clip this thing in, it's almost like you're putting on your seat belt in a car. you feel lay, i've got something protecting me now.iniy r for black friday and cyber monday, they're giving fantastic discounts. this jacket for the ladies, and guys if you want to get it to your ladies for christmas, they're doing a 25% discount. to see all their discounts, check out the facebook page for helight moto a. it' thanksgiving. >> this dude is so excited. >> it's getting hot.
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it's hot. see what happens, next "right this minute." and still to come, she's the talented singer/songwriter with a big new project. >> she wants to bring all of her fans in. >> how she's honoring their stories in 91 inspirational an them. >> i'm sitting there at my computer like yes, yes. you've still got a shot to win an ipad mini. we'll reveal wednesday's buzzword coming up. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night. ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! why take 4-hour cough medicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. it's the perfect time to get a tv and an xbox for in here. woohoo!
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progresso soups are so full of magnificient and delicious ingredients. they print the label on a blue ribbon. i don't see any other blue ribbon labels around here. except when i'm there, wearing the one i got for winning best at being the best. progresso soup you simply must taste it. we finished the dream closet just in time check it out!day. wow! i love sweaters! sweaters and fleece for the whole family starting at $10. black friday doorbusters. doors open 6pm thursday. only at target. promotional considerations provided by -- ry unisom sleepts
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to fall asleep 33% faster and get all the benefits of a good night's rest. take control of your sleep with unisom. psoriasis relief. salicylic acid controls recurrence of psoriasis symptoms. plus intensive moisturizers. new gold bond psoriasis relief. in the lotion aisle. this, my friends, is the lovely talented grammy nominated singer jamie grace. ♪ know that i say i don't like trauma ♪ ♪ but quiet seems so scary to me ♪ >> not only is she a sippinger, she's a songwriter and musician. ♪ i'm only 16 >> this particular song is called "16." she's currently 25 years old and jamie has a message for her fans. >> music is often what gives us the courage to wake up in the morning, the motivation to get through the day or the calm to rest at night. music brings so much peace to my
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heart, and i love sharing it with you. so this year, for my 26th birthday, i am asking that you help me write your anthem. >> this year, to celebrate her 6th birthday, she's releasing a new project called 91 an them. i live via skype "right this minute" they have jamie grace. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey! >> so what is this new project, 91 anthems, all about? >> i was trying to think of something to do to celebrate my birthday and so to celebrate the year i was born, which is '91 and my new record which is called '91. i'm doing 91 anthems, writing stories for 91 of my fans. starting on my birthday i'm doing a new song, a new video, a new anthem every day for 91 days. >> how are you going to do this? >> i'm going to pray and eat a lot of kale. i don't know how exactly it's going to happen, but i've been
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getting started already. i've been working on it for a few days and written a few songs already and it's been incredible to read my fans' stories. my mind is blownu.s. to hear their stories. it's crazy. >> how do you get an anthem written for them? >> go to and write your story. i'm committeded to reading every story. i'm going to write and be inspired by the stories because everyone's story deserves to be told. i'm just glad to help share them. >> are you getting more out of this 91-day challenge or are your fans getting more out of it? >> we've gotten close to 1,000 stories and i've been reading them. i accidentally am getting way more out of it than they are, i think, because i'm so inspired. i don't know. i'm an emotional healer, so i'm sitting at my computer like yes, yes. >> jamie, tell us how we can see you. are you touring in. >> all the time!
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i literally play shows all the time, and i'd love to see you. if i'm not playing a show, you can book me today. that was awkward. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to, >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. >> wednesday's buzzword it is memory. get over to, click on the win ipad and enter wednesday's buzzword, memory. >> good luck, everybody. this guy's cooked up a plan for the turkey. >> he's about to go light it on fire with a sparkler. >> happy thanksgiving. >> what are you doing? >> why his ple of weeks
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i'll have another video from another state. >> probably vermont again. turkey day, smirky day, nobody is exempt from a prank, not mama, not daddy, not the
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turkey and big brother on youtube. set to deliver the bird, and he calls jess to get in on the action. >> bye-bye birdie. >> here is the real turkey. >> wow, they are prepared. >> oh yeah. they are ready to eat. it's go time. >> you guys come outside real quick? >> why? >> you have something? >> jeffrey says he's got something to show everyone. i don't know what this is but. >> we got to go outside for that? >> yes. >> big brother put m-80s in the chicken, turkey, about to light it on fire with the sparkler. >> much more fun in the kitchen. be xwlglad we're going outside. >> happy thanksgiving. >> what are you doing? >> i don't think you want to go near that. you don't want to go near that. back up. >> what the hell -- >> stay back. you don't want to go near any of this. >> [ bleep ]. >> what's this going to do? >> look at everybody's face. >> distraught, distraught,
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distraught, distraught, they're like wow. >> i think you're just supposed to watch. that's what i'm getting from this. >> that's just great. >> this is just the final crisping process? >> going to be smoked. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you ruined it. >> you ruined it for us. >> we can't eat it now. wait a minute, that's our turkey dinner? >> yes, you guys already ate so it's all right, right, to ruin ours? >> i'm just kidding with you guys. that's not your turkey. your turkey is inside. >> we can't eat it now. >> i can't wait until he finds a good woman. he's so lonely. >> you know what they're going to do? they're going to give him a plate with the blown up chicken. >> relax, everybody, the turkey is safe. >> even after they know it's a prank their faces are still like -- thanks for spending time with us today. has lots more fun stuff and your chance to win an ipad mini. enter that buzzword and catch us on the next all new "rtm."
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
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it's taking too long. no -- no one wants an uncooked turkey, all right? i told you not to get such a big one! it's fine! michael: at least we're -- we're guaranteed days of leftovers, right? it's good for turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey chili. [ chuckles ] so you're staying 'til after the turkey's done? that's a nice surprise. you know, your room's ready. it's all clean. you can stay all night long. carly, let me worry about the cooking, you worry about the guests. ♪ hi! [ chuckles ] hi. wow, you look great. [ chuckles ] so do you. i haven't seen... this before. oh, yeah, my mom bought it for me. she said my old one was wearing out and i needed to upgrade my look. [ both chuckle ] wait, wait. didn't she come? as soon as we got to the guardhouse -- oh, no. no, max and milo were supposed to leave the gates open. tell me they weren't still out there.
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