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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 23, 2017 2:10am-2:41am EST

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snake catchers with a python realize -- >> it's had some lunch. >> wait until you see what that bulge was all about. >> that's crazy. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and -- ♪ >> he's a fast rapper, but -- >> can he do 400 words in a minute? >> the moment mac lethal puts his split second chills to the challenge. ♪ >> hey, this is bustarhyme. a few months ago i showed you guy this is video that just tugged at your heart strings. this is the moment that setsuko learned her daughter was pregnant. >> you know, i'm having a baby? >> what? >> yep. >> oh, and she was so happy, the thing is setsuko is battling al alzheimer's. >> did you know i'm having a baby. >> no, are you? >> yes. >> she got this news over and
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over again and every single time she was just as elated as the first. on october 11th the ba iny was born, little sadie may and guess who is gonna meet little sadie may. >> this is her baby. >> oh! >> does it stick with her, now that she's seen the baby or is it still an issue of having to remind grandma? >> no, she has to be reminded, but the thing is, every time it's joy for setsuko. >> do you know who that is? >> no. >> it's my baby. it's your granddaughter. >> okay. >> it's so tough. >> i know. >> tough video to watch. >> it's bittersweet. >> it's the grandbaby. who is holding her? >> you. >> she just came out of my stomach. >> no. >> yes. >> i love how patient they are with setsuko and her alzheimer's, because every time she asks who this is, they
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answer, it's your granddaughter. eventually they move on home, and you see that right there, grandma gets to meet her grandkid all over again. >> this is whose baby? >> my baby. >> yours? >> yes. so that's your granddaughter. >> you are lucky. this is in paris, france. it happens very quickly in the beginning of the video, some people even miss it. >> whoa. oh, no. >> oh, yes. well, back it up right there. we're approaching a traffic light. you could see the lights are green. the white car waiting to turn left doesn't see what's coming. it's like a scooter or smaller motorbike has made contact with the front of that car. the guy we're rising with immediately pulls over to the side, heads over to help, but that's when the situation changes. notice the front of the other motorbike riders are heading off at top speed. >> the driver took off.
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>> no. >> it's a hit-and-run. chris gets back on his motorbike, fires it up, takes off in pursuit. >> that goes from an accident to a felony. you can't do that. >> it's an easy accident to happen, that small motorcycle, hit lights at night, in and among all the other headlights. >> if the person has enough guts to hit you and run, you never know what they're capable of. >> able to catch up quickly and when he does he's not the first. but they take off. >> wouldn't they just record the car's information? >> as they approach the end of this block, the car stops. everybody stops. chris starts getting off his bike. but they're off again and the pursuit continues. i think by this point the driver is having the same realization, that you guys are having. these people aren't going to stop. this situation needs to deescalate, not escalate. as they pull over the right-hand side eventually these guys sort of surround the vehicle so it's got nowhere to go and this is where i was just praying, please, don't get out of hand.
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fortunately call aheads prevail. as the guys get out, everybody is surrounding them, but the situation doesn't get any worse. someone obviously called the police because they turn up shortly after. [ sirens ] when they all kind of convoy along with the police back to the original accident site where we can see clearly some other people were involved in helping out the person who was hit. there's already an ambulance there on the scene. i believe this scooter right here, which honestly isn't too badly damaged i believe was the one that ended up hitting the vehicle. i don't see the rider. i'm assuming they're in the ambulance. i'm sure the investigation will continue. honestly, i thought this video was going to end a lot worse. i can't imagine what this woman was going through when she saw this in her backyard. i know she was doing laundry. she saw this thing slithering about under the concrete.
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the lady does say that snakes are normal thing in her neck of the woods. she's never seen anything like this one, which is what prompted that little call. >> wasn't this the same thing in the studio last week? >> yes, right? >> this is a burmese python, 14 feet long and weighs about 44 pounds. >> we had the anaconda. the python was the last time. >> you see them using the sledge hammer to break up this concrete. >> don't hurt the thing. >> as they get this thing out of there -- >> holy cow. >> notice. >> that's where the cat went. >> it's had some lunch. they get it out from underneath the concrete, put it inside the truck >> no way! >> this happens to be a monitor lizard. >> holy cow! >> this thing is three feet long and weighs 33 pounds and that burmese python was like on second thought never mind, you disrupted lunch, take it back. >> i'm going to puke it up in the back of your truck. >> look at that! >> take a look at the side by side. >> you can imagine how much it had been compressed by this muscle? that's crazy! >> so they can't save the lizard? okay.
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just checking. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> that's right are to enter you need wednesday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzzword is coming up in a little bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the ipad mini giveaway. this would be easier with a serrated knife i think. >> a what knife? >> a serrated knife. >> that gives you an tiny idea where this video is going. they think they're there to test different types of turkey. it's going to be a delicious day at work. the switchover was quick to come. >> probably learned how to boil water at a very old age. >> just bragged about boiling water. >> child, you can't boil water. >> i have never carved a turkey in my entire life. >> well then, we're going to make you carve a turkey.
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how hard can it be? get a knife, cut it into slices. >> do we get a knife? >> novices, go. >> what is our game plan here? >> cut it into slices. >> they set off to butcher this bird. >> angle it. this is really awkward. >> oh my -- no, oh, no! no, no, no! oh. come on, people. >> cut over? >> i don't think that's it. >> i shouldn't be as angry as i am, but i am. >> my godfather would say out the house. not the kitchen, the house. get out. >> they've taken a beautiful turkey and basically turned it into turkey mush. they bring in the expert. >> i feel like you'd be like you guys did a great job. >> ugh! >> here is the simple steps to carving your turkey the right way. >> see i know that part. >> cut the legs next to it, spread them off to the side.
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step two? >> i've gone from angry to mouth watering right now. >> this guy knows what's up. >> take the whole breasts off the turkey together. now you take the turkey breasts and slice them into pieces, against the grain. it's beautiful. this is the way it was meant to be done. >> i would agree, because for everybody else's crime scene photo, they couldn't identify the turkturkey. >> our only strategy was make it edible. >> you failed at that too, girl! "just make it edible." these firefighters are putting on a show. >> using their ladders on top of that fire truck. >> this looks like a bad idea, though. why using their ladders isn't always the best choice. oh! and a commercial that will pull at your heart strings. >> in the uk the new tradition seems to be making commercials that make people cry. >> the beautiful message behind
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closed captioning provided by -- we listened. new gold bond radiance renewal exfoliates then our triple blend of moisturizers helps prevent dry skin. gold bond. firefighters every once in a while step outside of their routine to put on a different type of show for people viewing, in this case, this group of firefighters in new mexico in the state of halisco decided to put on a pretty cool pyramid show using their ladders on top of that fire truck. >> this looks like a bad idea though. >> how bad do you think this was of an idea, nick? >> i think if it goes where i think it may go, who is going to save these guys? >> right in the middle of the show -- >> oh! >> no, no, no! >> wow! >> they lose their balance, and
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crash down on top of each other. when the choreographer gave them the sign to come back in, one was a little too slow. that was the moment they lost it. about six of the firefighters ended up with a variety of injuries, so this is probably going to keep them off the job for a while. and if we move on over to india, where these men decided to attempt a new "guinness book of world records" record, by getting 58 men on one 500 c krrc royal enfield motorcycle. >> yes. >> and riding said motorcycle three-quarters of a mile. >> there's a motorcycle underneath all those people? >> somewhere in there. they rigged it with a platform. >> they have to keep exact balance or this thing goes toppling over. >> they set the record, like the record is theirs, and you are now officially in the books. in america, the holidays
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seem to be about presents and family. in the uk, the new tradition seems to be making commercials that make people cry. here's another one from heath row airport, starts off in 1967. see that little teddy bear and this little teddy stewardess, forgot your jacket and little hat, too. >> how cute, i love teddy bears. >> it's just adorable. that little teddy was like that was nice of her. he wants to do something special. he buys some biscuits what, we call cookies in the uk. saying thank you to the adorable -- she's so cute. look at that. thank you very much, love and we'll see you around. next time he's back on the plane, getting woken up again. here is your jacket, sir. where, oh, where, is the adorable little teddy? where is she? oh, bummer. but wait! she's got him some biscuits, that's what we call cookies in the uk. >> why don't you just call them cookies? >> that would be ridiculous. i'm not going to get into it.
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he's trying to get the taxi. the guy gets in the way, but it's certain dserendipitous, mi. >> she did not have that planned the whole time? >> jump ahead to 1977, ten years later, he's still there and she's still there. look, they've got a new baby! adorable! >> looks like they got "bear" together. >> head to 1987. >> they've got two now. >> time keeps going and what it's like airports when families get reunited getting off the plane. >> now they have a little grandbaby bear. >> now we get to today, 2017. in fact he's looking back at that picture. still forgets his jacket. walks through to arrivals but, but, where is she? where are they? >> oh! oh my gosh, the family is so big now.
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>> they're about to get a lot bigger because everybody's growing up, everybody's human, everybody's adorable and heath row airport, everyone's talking about it. >> i want to go to there. mom is freaking out. >> oh! >> just the beginning of this riot of a video. see how the rest of her virtual reality experience goes. >> run, i mean -- plus don't miss the buzzword for your shot to win an ipad mini. take mucinex dm. it'll take care of your cough. fine! i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night. ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! why take 4-hour cough medicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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promotional considerations provided by -- nisom sleeptabs to fall asleep 33% faster and get all the benefits of a good night's rest. take control of your sleep with unisom. psoriasis relief. salicylic acid controls recurrence of psoriasis symptoms. plus intensive moisturizers. new gold bond psoriasis relief. in the lotion aisle. these types of videos are challenging for the number one spot in my mind for favorite viral videos. the vr goggles. more and more people are putting them on moms. >> are you ready? >> today, simon's mom is wearing the vr headset. >> i can't see my hands. >> where's my hands? >> we can see on the tv screen what mom is seeing. mom's cool with it at first, taken starts off pretty gentle. >> oh! oh my -- ahh! >> and she's thrilled with this
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idea, this concept of being in this virtual world is so beautiful. >> look up. >> oh my god! >> she's reaching out, trying to touch things. but this, this wonderment soon starts to turn to thrill. success sense. suspense. >> simon, this is so scary. >> now in a shark age underwater and starting to get a little nerve us. >> oh there's a shark. >> oh! [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> where are we? >> did you hear her? "where are we?" >> she had to get reassured yes you're still in the living room. >> you are not underwater. >> oh! oh! oh! >> take the goggles off. >> simon did. we to just yank the goggles off of mom's head.
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that was the only way to get mom back to the moment that she's actually living in. >> this is amazing. oh, oh! this is called in russia -- freezing cold. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> oh no. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> this is a pretty serious situation. that fella who has fallen into the ice is 66 years old. he was out there fishing when the ice gave way and he fell in. >> now they have to fish him out. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> that is a very dangerous situation, especially for someone who is older, may not be able to deal with those conditions very easily. >> plus once it's that cold the exhaustion kicks in quickly. doesn't matter how young and healthy you are. your limbs will staop working. >> folks pulled and pulled and pulled and pulled and dragged him up onto this bank to safety. >> lucky they heard his screams. look around you, the middle of
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nowhere. >> there's no way he would have been able to get himself out thereof. you see how easily the ice cracked around him? it would have been useless. >> he's lucky. they called for help and checked him out and everything is a-okay. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to, click on win ipad. >> enter the buzzword on facebook, twitter or both. enter each and every day. >> today's buzzword is memory. >> click on the win ipad button and enter today's buzzword, memory. >> good luck, everybody. his rap game is off the chain. ♪ >> this is a busta rhyme by project. >> see if you can keep up. do you und boo.
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over the years, it has been said one or 2,000 times i speak way, way too quickly. over the years i've had to learn to speak at a speed that humans can understand. where is the fun in that? >> somebody said hey mac can you rap 300 words in one minute? i was like i can rap 400 words in one minute. ♪


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