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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  November 23, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> good morning it is 4:30 a.m., thursday, november 23. tam is off, nydia han joins us, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. here's what we're following, crews are getting ready for the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> the philadelphia fire commissioner suppresses sympathy for those affected by a house fire. a congress is apologizing about a graphic image of himself in the latest sex scandal among politics. karen is getting ready for
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the parade, matt pellman is here along with david murphy. >> reporter: i want to take a bath in hot gravy. >> reporter: this is not a surprise, we've been talking about it all week, we have cloud cover north an south, 29 degrees in allentown. 27 in reading and lancaster. and 33 degrees in philadelphia. 31 right now in trenton, wilmington, in case you're coming up and down i-95, 28 degrees in millville, 37 in cape may. as we take a look at the day overall it will be a chilly one for the parade. let me step out of the way and let those guys go by. we're looking at a cool start. 33 degrees by 8:00. 35 by 9:00 a.m. 38 by 10:00. 11:00, 40 degrees, noon, 42, not much wind out there, you won't have to deal with that and
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you'll have a lot of sunshine on your shoulder. 46 degrees, chilly and below average, the overnight low getting down to 34. pretty cold. that spells a chilly start for the friday shoppers who like to get up before dawn and sit and shiver in line. i'll have that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: we know people who are glutens for punishment, good morning, everybody, good morning, david. already this morning we have issues including a crash at the delaware memorial bridge, delaware bound on the new castle side. the good news is it is off to the side, the tow truck is on the scene. we don't expect it to be there too long. delaware memorial bridge heading into delaware watch out for a crash. in delaware county, a rick along 322 conchester highway at spring valley road south of route 1 baltimore pike.
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west pottsgrove, ramp to 422 eastbound to gross town road is blocked. wreck at knight road at gravel pike. no issues on the highways like the northeast extension, of course, there's no overnight construction because of the holiday all work is suspended. abington township a wreck at jenkintown road and cedar road. we have accident out there this morning. of course we're getting ready for the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. this is the schuylkill expressway at spring garden street. you can exit here from the eastbound side. i would expect it to be blocked. the parkway not blocked, but everything around eakens oval closed as we get ready on this thanksgiving morning. officials confirm a house fire in philadelphia was deadly. "action news" was on the 5300 block of dlean street where you could -- delancy street where
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you could see charred mattress and other belongings. authorities have not said who died. fire department tweeted out that the fire department's thoughts and prayers are with the those suffering the difficult outcome. crews discovered bodies in the south wing where two other victims were discovered on deuce at the barclary friends senior living community. investigators have yet to announce what they think sparked the blaze. a new jersey man was convicted in a rittenhouse square murder for stabbing to death 24-year-old kiln mcgovern of churchville bucks county he was wearing a devils hat and he stabbed him and will
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be sentenced in january. jim kenny launched a rant against president trump following the trumpministrationo remove people from haiti, it prompted this reaction from the mayor. >> i'm just beside myself with sadness because our president is a bully he is a pubbing, he just doesn't get it. i don't know where he was raised, but his family didn't do a good job raising that guy, i'll tell you the truth. >> mayor kenny described the trump administration's first year in office as nonsense and chaos. no response from the white house
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yet. >> republican congressman joe barton of texas is apologizing for a graphic image that emerged on social media. stephanie ramoz has the latest from washington. >> reporter: an unidentified woman tells the washington post barton threatened to report her to capitol police if she exposed their relationship. barton apologized for the photo and confirmed he took it. he said he sent the image to other adult women he was pursuing a relationship with, while separated with his wife. he added that this woman was going to make the photos public in relocal -- retaliation.
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buzz feed reports two different women accused john conyers. he denials the charges but reached a settlement of $27,000 with a former employee who said he asked for sexual favors. he said if people were required to resign over allegations a lot of people would be out of work in this county including the president. conyers lawyer said too much time has passed that's what roy more has taken to discredit their accusers. he called the allegations against moore troubling, but said the seat should not go to a democrat, standing by moore's denial. two more women tell the handcuffing ton post say they
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are sexually violated by al franken a decade at political events. that brings the number against franken to four. former pennsylvania governor tom ridge said it's great to be alive in thanksgiving. he issued a statement from the hospital in the and you austin s where he suffered a heart attack. he said he is filled with gratitude even though his doctors won't let him touch turkey and mashed potatoes. happening today, the 6abc thanksgiving parade. the dancers mastered their routines and they are ready to join the floats and balloons and stars for the big parade. >> reporter: katherine scott is the i happen flakes -- inflation station. >> reporter: good morning, guys,
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inflation station is set up on market street. the balloons are going up. these are the cold air balloons. down the street we have bugs bunny. he just joined us, and there are some other buddies joining them. buddy the dinosaur is back there, as well. around 9:30 p.m. crews were setting up the dollies and plywood and fringes and they were here at 2:00 a.m. to keep setting up. plastic tarps are pinned down by sandbags. the helium balloons go on top of the plastic as a precaution so no holes get poked in them. there will be 18 broons in the parade -- balloons in the parade including daniel tiger. fiddlesticks the mouse will be
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making his debut. there will be 17 floats and 17 marching bands from across acroe country. performances, 29 of them. even though it feels windy, they said it is within the safe range to fly the balloons. next time we talk we'll see more of them. lots of stuff happening on market street. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> it's the best day of the year, happy thanksgiving, katherine. thank you. if you can't make it to the parkway we have the best seat in the house on abc. live coverage starts with your host cesily tynan and rick williams. wherever you go this holiday take accuweather with you for real time conditions and traffic updates and find out when stores are open for black friday shopping and black friday playbook for our viewers.
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our family will be on float. >> i will on a bus doing the noon show so i'll wave to you. >> 4:41 a.m., up next time, why dozens of people woke up early to visit this south philadelphia bakery which you see live on the action cam. firefighters demonstrate the danger of frying a turkey improperly. >> reporter: we have temperatures on the cool side, 33 degrees this philadelphia. 29 in allentown. if you're getting ready to make your parade to philadelphia for the parade, bundle up. things get better in the afternoon and even better still on friday, i'll have details in accuweather coming up. really?
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is live at cash's bakery on
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ritner street in south philadelphia. outside people are lined up to have their holiday turkey's cooked in time famous brick oven. they will take the turkeys from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00. customers return by 1:00 p.m. this afternoon to pick up their cooked birds. matt and i were talking about how you like your turkey cooked? i like it frayed. >> i like it broiled turkey with all the stuffing. >> you have to put the stuffing in it, that's why it's called stuffing. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry as expected your thanksgiving day. and staying that way throughout the day. let's go outside, we have stars out, the camera is locked in place and not bouncing around in the wind. we're not look the a strong winds this morning, but it's cold as you head to the parade.
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33 degrees is the current temperature. wind out of the north at 3 miles per hour. it will stay on the chilly side today and chillier than yesterday, certainly. you see the sunshine building up over the highways and by ways. cloud cover to the west will stay put and to the south will glance by some areas. 33 degrees by 8:00. starting out cold. 10:00, 38 degrees. 42 by noon. light winds lots of sun, struggling to get into the low 40s by the end of the parade. 3:00 p.m., 46 we're back to 40 under mainly clear skies at 6:00 p.m. high temperatures across the region, 44 in allentown and trenton today. had a in reading, 46 readings in philadelphia and wilmington, millville, 45 degrees down the shore. lots of sunshine, not much wind. travel conditions are great by
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the way, not only locally, but got a sense of that with the satellite view with the highways. if you're heading to new york, no issues with weather same thing to washington or pittsburgh or scranton to visit relatives today you have clear sailing. tomorrow black friday, 45 degrees is the high. we have a warm front that will turn out of the south that will make us milder after a cool saturday of 34 degrees. saturday, it's milder high of 58 ahead of a cold front. sun gives way to clouds on saturday, we'll see the potential for a little late day or nighttime sprinkle here or there, maybe flurries or brief snow showers up in the poconos. if you're getting up early for shopping tomorrow, it will be milder, early 34, 51 in the afternoon.
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chilly today. 46 is the high, sunny and chilly, i hope you have nice plans planned, if you have to work, i hope shoppers treat you well today. 58 saturday, again a late day or nighttime sprinkle. sunday, brisk and cooler, 48 degrees is the high. looks like we will not see any precipitation during the eagles game, up in the poconos, brief snow shower or flurry. monday, nice and bright, high of 50. the warming trend we've been talking about for the middle part of next week it's on tap for tuesday and wednesday we're looking at a fair amount of sunshine and highs around 58 degrees, i could see that pattern continuing through thursday. bundle up. >> bundle up today for the parade. >> we bought our kids snow suits for the parade. >> thank you, david. firefighters from fort wayne wright military base in alaska released a video how not
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to fry a turkey on thanksgiving. they raised it on a hook and dumped it into a pot and stepped back to avoid the flames. unattended cooking is the leading contributing factor to cooking fires and fire deaths. >> don't walk away from the kitchen, if you do, make sure it's turned off, always keepen eye on the food. >> if you plan to deep fry your turkey use a fresh or thawed turkey. don't over fill it with oil, do not stuff the turkey, have a fire extinguisher on hand if the fire breaks out don't throw water on it. the officially pardoned turkeys arrived at home. this is the second year gobbler's rest on virginia's campus was chosen.
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all four turkeys will receive round the clock care at the requirement rest home. >> and do turkey things bike turkey golf lg. >> lg -- golfing. >> people are camped outside stores hoping to get door buster deals, we'll be right back.
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thanksgiving tradition, maybe you're up getting the bird ready. for me for the last 13 thanksgivings it's being here with you telling you about all the parade closures. here's what's blocked off, they just closed the ramp from the vine street westbound to the parade. eakens oval in front of the art museum is closed. small chunk of kelly drive will close later on. jfk boulevard, 20th street, blocked. of course you get more closures as the morning progresses including the parkway itself. 14 separate bus routes on detour this morning. otherwise we're on sunday
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schedules on mass transit. we have a number of accidents already, one in abington township, along jennen -- jenkintown road and one at nights road and gravel pike. black friday deals have been announced and shoppers are finalizing their game plans. these people are lined up outside a best buy in los angeles, yes amazon people still go to stores to buy things. they will open tonight along with jc penny and target and walmart will be open on black friday. if you need a wing man to cook your turkey, butter ball is on standby. if you needed a vice cooking all brands of turkey, call 1-800-butter ball or text this number, (844)877-3456.
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i think i have to tweet that out. the markets are closed for the thanksgiving holiday, they ended yesterday mixed with the dow and the s&p 500 down, the nasdaq up five. an elementary school held the pajama party to celebrate the pj and book drive. matt o'donnell visited the school in broomall yesterday to announce the grand total. they collected 1,000 pairs of pajamas and 900 books for local shelters. we'll be right back. you will soon be able to
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see if you followed or liked russian propaganda account on facebook or instagram. facebook will launch a portle to see which internet agency they followed during january 2015 and august 20178. agents tied to the russian government used their platform to medal in the u.s. election. a homeless veteran who helped a girl on i-95 is being rewarded for his kind act. a holiday tradition is back from last year, but this year rasp -- christmas village will look a little bit different. we have a study that shows which types alcohol make people
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relax and which aggressive. >> good morning it is
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5:00 a.m., thursday, november 23, tam is off, nydia han joins us, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, indeed. now on "action news," they are putting the finishing touches on a philadelphia tradition, we're live getting ready for the 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. >> a holiday tradition returns to love park today, but the christmas village opens amidst continued construction. if you're heading to the parkway or traveling to see family, not to worry,


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