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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 24, 2017 3:37am-4:00am EST

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underneath? good. >> good, clean american fun. >> yee haw. ♪ >> i would imagine that as a mother of grown kids, if you ask them to do something and they do it willingly, they are up to no good. >> mom told me to get the turkey this year. [ bleep ] up for that. >> normal children would go to the grocery store, make their turkey reservation or buy the frozen turkey if it's already there. this guy decided to get the live turkey. >> you told me to get the turkey. >> the best part is whom i think is dad walks in to the room and,
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of course, instead of disciplining -- >> my boy! >> so proud. >> even better, he picks up the turkey. >> here, dan, give him a kiss. >> look, look. >> see, next time do it the other way. >> old fashioned way. >> this is the old fashioned way. >> now over to this next kitchen, where after a big family dinner, of course, somebody has to do the dishes. so you see that sink is all full of stuff. well, there's a reason this video is rolling. small talk going on. mom just continues to go about her business in the kitchen around the dishes. and then -- >> what is it? >> she takes a lid off one of those pots and watch what's inside. i can't tell. it's some kind of dead something, but there are a lot of feathers there.
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>> people keep playing around with mom with the live turkeys and she's not going to make dinner. >> i don't think that's going to last. that's dead. >> everyone else's responsibility to clean up that kitchen now. she is relieved of her duties. >> so yucky. thanks for joining us this thanksgiving. see you next time on "rtm". you're looking at video shot through the window of a door into an empty classroom in indiana. it shows a high school english teacher apparently cutting up a white powdery substance and then leaning over it. >> police marched 24-year-old samantha cox out of school in
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handcuffs after students showed the video to school staff. they suspect it was a mixture of cocaine and heroin. cox now faces felony drug possession and other charges. a woman in texas has been arrested, accused of sending mail bombs to president obama, texas governor greg abbott and the social security administration. >> yeah, the fbi managed to track her down from a trace of hair from her cat. her cat. >> reporter: these court documents revealing in disturbing detail how one texas woman allegedly mailed homemade explosives to then president obama and texas governor greg abrot that could have caused severe burns and death. investigators say a victim activated improvised explosive device reached the governor, but it failed because the governor did not open it as designed. >> i'm totally baffled that a sitting state governor could open a package that has a potential bomb inside of it. >> reporter: prosecutors say 46-year-old julia poff of
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brookshire, texas, mailed the devices, along with a third to the acting head of the social security administration in october of 2016 after her application for benefits were denied. court documents said the governor's package had an obliterated shipping label addressed to "poff." but one of the biggest clues found on the cat hair from the obama package. >> this is textbook law enforcement forensic evidence. pulling up hairs and fibers, anything that can be traced back to the suspect. in this case, they found cat hair that they could match up with the defendant's cat. >> reporter: she pled not guilty, she's in federal custody facing six counts of various charges. marcus moore, abc news, dallas. turning you now to football and thanksgiving, three games starting just after noon for fans. the final match-up was outside of our nation's capital. washington hosted the new york giants, and some young giants had some cheering to do and were emulating their coaches. >> wow, look at that.
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[ laughter ] >> they came dressed like coach m ben mcadoo there. the game was tied with less than four minutes to go. washington's kirk cousins hit josh dotson for the score. skins win 20-10. >> yes. dallas and the los angeles chargers played the middle game of the triple-header, philip rivers burned the boys for three touchdowns, 434 yards. the chargers handed dallas his third consecutive loss by 20 points, 28-6, the final there deep in the heart of texas. and minnesota picked up the win over detroit. one of the vikings players is hoping he picked up a name for his newborn. after sacking the lions' matthew stafford, he pulled up his shirt to reveal the message -- i've just had a baby boy. what should we name him? twitter suggestions included thor and griffin mcgriffin face
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as well. >> i mean, by just, does he mean like a few hours ago, or has this baby remained nameless? >> five years ago. how about jack as a name for the baby. >> should be. because the commish got all three game calls right. >> not one, not two, but all three. and the scores were pretty close. jack was impressive. he took the day off to celebrate how right he was. not bad. that's something. >> he called the vikings 30-23, it was 24-20. chargers 28-6, it was 29-16. redskins, 20-10, it was 30-20. >> he was off on that 30-20 one. >> when we come back, how the other half celebrated thanksgiving. celebrities, they're just like other stars. [ laughter ] "the skinny's" next. -- the skinny's next. it only takes a second for an everyday item
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♪ skinny, so skinny >> skinny time. >> did you have a good thanksgiving? >> it was a great thanksgiving. i hosted. it was a long thanksgiving.
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wow. >> hands full. >> who knew you had to do all that work? >> let's see how your hosting duties compared to the celebs. >> you win. >> oprah posted a ton of video, including one of her and her four turkeys. >> did you have four turkeys? >> i didn't have tofurkey. >> you know who else is in the image? two of her chefs. did you have a chef? >> i have a sous chef. so here they are putting a cajun spice marinade on the birds. she supervised the truffle potatoes. did you have truffle potatoes? >> i did not have truffle potatoes. i will say that. >> madonna also posted a shot of her with the caption, i give thanks. that's a louis vuitton purse in the shot and a bathtub in the background. i'm guessing she's thankful for the purse part of it. >> i guess so. all right. zac efron also posted this shot of himself, shirtless, doing some meditating at the beach. you would think he would be thankful for his eight pack, but
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he was thankful for the love and support of his fans. >> you'd rather have the abs. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> and one more for you. here's sofia vergara, looking very sparkly in front of her thanksgiving table. very lovely. >> did you wear a sparkly skirt at your thanksgiving party as well? >> i'm saving it for christmas. next up, the beckham family is apparently a very talented bunch. >> as you know, dad is okay at soccer. mom can sing. and apparently their youngest son cruz is following in mom's foot steps. >> the 12-year-old posted a sample to instagram. here's cruz covering charlie puth's song "one song away." ♪ i'm only one call away ♪ i'll be there to save the day ♪ ♪ superman's got nothing on me
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♪ i'm only one -- >> he's pretty good! >> he's very, very good. >> and he got mom and dad's good looks. >> yeah, it's really too bad those beckham kids aren't better looking. >> watch out, ladies. watch out. cruz is now being compared to justin bieber who also posted his singing online before he was discovered. cruz said he wants to pursue a music career once he's done with school. >> i'm guessing mom and dad's level of fame will help. >> sure. they might know somebody to call. >> maybe. now to concert tours and we're getting an update on which groups are making the most while on the road. >> number three, coldplay makes more than $4 million in every city they visit. >> u2 is number two, pulling in an average of $9 million per city. the top grossing band on the road right now -- >> the rolling stones. still averaging $10 million in each and every city they visit. not bad for being around for 55 years.
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easy off© fume free cleans with no fume smell. because ovens should smell like food. ♪ gotta admit, it was an interesting week. at many times, as we were telling stories, i kinda feel like we need to stamp a pg-13 rating. >> in some cases higher. >> an r rating, of course. and we also had some notable passing, of course, including one of america's first teen heartthrobs. >> but there were some uplifting moments. check out our weekly friday rewind. >> president trump broke his silence, finally answering questions about roy moore. >> well, he denies it. look, he denies it. he says it didn't happen. and you know, you have to listen to him also. >> additional accusers coming forward, accusing tv icon charlie rose of sexual misconduct. rose's unexpected response to the scandal that got him fired.
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>> do you want to say anything to the accusers, of the wrong-doings? >> it's not wrong-doings. >> let me be very clear, there's no excuse for this alleged behavior. >> now to the breaking news, charles manson, the infamous cult leader, who led a string of murders in the 1960s is dead. >> agony and anger, as an under-water sound detected last week could be an explosion. dashing hopes for the relatives of 44 missing sailors aboard the lost submarine. next to a harrowing escape from north korea. a young soldier risks his life driving across the no-man's land of the dmz, crashing his jeep and making a run for it as his fellow soldiers were firing on him. >> he had severe parasitic infections, likely from water or food that was contaminated. doctors describe him as shy and in a bit of shock but say he's doing better. ♪ i think i love you so what am
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i so afraid of ♪ >> this morning, we're also celebrating the life of singer and actor david cassidy. the star of the hit series "the partridge family" died at the age of 67. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are -- jordan and lindsay! ♪ ♪ >> did you see that? this isn't so hard after all. >> no, not at all. >> president trump will pardon a turkey at the white house. >> drumstick, you are hereby pardoned. >> then he'll spend the next week criticizing it for not thanking him enough. i should have let you get eaten. >> that's actually pretty funny. >> really feel we didn't get enough attention for our death-defying stunt there. >> especially the part where you cut my rope and i ended up on the floor. >> i don't know what you're talking about.
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making news in america this morning, black friday frenzy. shoppers are already finding deep discounts. >> this line is heck of a long but it's 80% off. >> see where to find the best deals. what experts say you need to know before hitting the stores. did flynn flip. the new sign that the former national security adviser michael flynn may be cooperating with prosecutors in the russia investigation. bomb plot arrest. a woman accused of sending explosives to politicians including former president obama. >> this is really textbook law enforcement forensic work. >> a strand of cat hair led investigators right to her. vaccine battle. workers fired for not


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