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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 29, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. breaking news, caught, police making an arrest in that serial killer case terrorizing a tampa neighborhood. this 24-year-old found with a gun at work at mcdonald's. now in custody. how police finally tracked him down. the city's mayor here on "gma." also breaking north korea says their new missile could reach the entire u.s. mainland aking off from the west coast said they could see flashes from the missile test in the sky. president trump called it a grave threat to the entire world. >> it is a situation that we will handle. >> an emergency meeting at the u.n. this morning. on the run, the desperate search for this missing 17-year-old disappearing with a high school soccer coach erasing her cell phone. where the pair was last spotted
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together as her family pleads for her to come home. >> let somebody know you're safe. >> the fbi now joining the investigation. ♪ and save the date. prince harry and meghan markle planning a may wedding at st. george's chapel. the newly revealed photo showing a young markle at buckingham palace. what the young princess will have to go through to get ready for the big day just six months away. we do good morning, america. and there is a lot of breaking headlines this morning. people are concerned about that north korean missile test and the idea that a missile could reach all the way to here in new york or washington, d.c. >> so concerned that hawaii is actually going back to those siren warnings that they haven't used -- that they used during the cold war. >> the defense secretary said this was their highest test yet.
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first that big break in the tampa serial killer case. police arrested this 24-year-old at a local mcdonald's now charged with four murders. abc's victor oquendo is in tampa with more on how they caught him. >> reporter: a co-worker at that mcdonald's alerted a police officer telling him donaldson had a gun on him. a huge relief for the people in the neighborhood living in fear for nearly two months now under constant police patrols but now a suspect is in jail. >> i am pleased to announce that tonight we will be making an arrest in the seminole ights murders. >> reporter: it's the news residents in that tampa neighborhood have been waiting for. police arresting a suspect in the case, 24-year-old howell donaldson iii facing four counts of first degree murder. our affiliate capture the moment he was taken into custody outside a local mcdonald's where he works. >> thank you for having the courage to step forward and doing the right thing. >> reporter: police receiving a
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tip about aan with gunrom one of hisco-workers. >>ir fst of all he td my boss to hold the gun. he told him to hold his book bag for him but said don'the book bag. and so sheent in the book bag and said she found a gun and after finding the gun she called the please. >> reporter: peabo johnson said he worked there two or three months and when police respoed they tack manied him to the ground. >> it's kind of crazy that he was here with us the whole time. >> reporter: the arrest comes 51 days after the first murder when benjamin mitchell was gunned down, since then monica hoffa, anthony naiboa and ronald felton were all killed as they walked alone at night or early morning. the surveillance videos of the suspect the only clue. >> justice will be served then the process will occur when this individual rots in hell. >> reporter: for nearly two months the neighborhood on edge, police saturating the area now hoping they can breathe a sigh of relief. >> i'm just so overjoyed that the men and women of tampa bay and all over florida have taken
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care of this and handled this appropriately. >> reporter: all along police thought that the killer may virginia lived in the seminole heights neighborhood but according to the police report, donaldson says he has no affiliation with the area. there are till so many questions here and no word on a motive. george. >> that is a mystery. thanks very much. earlier i spoke with tampa's mayor bob buckhorn and police chief brian dugan. mayor, we heard you say in the piece goodness has won so the people in seminole heights are now safe? >> yeah, we think so, george. this was a good night last night thanks to the work of the tampa police department and all of our partners and chief dugan. the folks in seminole heights we think can rest comfortably this individual is in custody and the process stars moving. >> and, chief, you did get some extraordinary help from the public. >> yeah, it was just a phenomenal response from the public. you know, we received over 5,000 tips but, you know, more
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importantly we got the right one yesterday. somebody had the intestinal fortitude to step up and give us the bit of information we needed and bring this to a halt. you know, it's been 51 days since the first murder and, you know, it's day one of the healing process to kind of help these families this this community put their lives back together. >> the bullet casings match and the cell phone seems to put the suspect in the area. any sense of why he did this, chief? >> no, you know, we're still struggling with that. we have a lot of unanswered questions, you know, now the work really starts trying to put everything together. we're going to have to do more interviews and look for more information from the public. what they know about him and what he -- where he's been the last, you know, 51 days and we don't -- we have so many still unanswered questions. but i think the big thing is we now have a neighborhood that can enjoy their holidays. >> mayor, it did put the entire neighborhood in a state of siege. >> that neighborhood stood with
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us, they stood with the police department, they knew that we collectively were going to solve this together and they deserve a lot of the credit for taking care of our officers who were out there for 51 days but really having the backbone to stand up in the face of evil and saying not on my watch. >> chief, have you had the chance to speak with howell donaldson. >> yes, i speak with him a little bit last night after the interviews and he was pretty nonresponsive, you know, wasn't angry, it was a very subdued, strange behavior in my opinion, but, you know, whoever does something like this, they're, you know, lord knows what's driving them. >> is he admitting he did it? >> he has not admitted to it. he admitted he owns the gun. >> thank you very much for your time this morning. congratulations. >> thank you, george. >> thank you. definitely a big sigh of relief. now to the new threat from north korea testing a powerful
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missile they say is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and could reach the entire u.s. mainland. the u.n. security council calling an emergency meeting and president trump promising, quote, we will take care of it. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has the latest. she's there in washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. north korea had not launched a missile in well over two months. the longest pause since donald trump became president but kim jong-un has now come back with a roar. overnight north koreaen tv gleefully announcing the test of a new type of missile which kim jong-un says completes its nuclear force. the intercontinental ballistic missile stayed airborne nearly an hour hurling into space 2800 miles higher and longer than any missile ever tested by the north koreans before crashing down in the sea of japan. this test launch was aimed vertically but if the north
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koreans tilt the angle horizontally the icbm could potentially reach all the way across the continental u.s. president trump briefed while the missile was till in the air. >> i will only tell you that we will take care of it. it is a situation that we will handle. >> reporter: until that happens, preparations are being made in hawaii. [ sirens] >> reporter: an attack warning system not used since the cold war will now be tested once a month. and unsettling sound to say the least. this comes after stronger sanctions, shows of military force and the designation as a state sponsor of terrorism and while president trump says he will take care of it, it is unclear how he will do that in the face of growing defiance, robin, from kim jong-un. >> that's right. and it is also something that we heard that there were passengers on commercial flights who said, martha, they actually saw flashes of light. >> reporter: exactly, there are
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reports that during that missile launch several commercial airliners saw a flash, of course, north korea gives no warning of its tests so commercial airliners would not know until they saw it. >> okay, martha, thank you. >> robin, more breaking news. we have just learned that nbc's matt lauer has been fired. you see him there because of reports of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace according to a statement from chairman andrew lacko announced moments ago. an emotional savannah guthrie saying it just came in. i want to read more. he said on monday night we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. it represented a clear violation of our company's standards and they terminated his employment and say it's the first complaint about his behavior in over 20 years he's been at nbc news but says they were also represented with reason to believe it may not have been an isolated incident so we're just learning this right now and have much
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more. >> when savannah and hoda were there and savannah, you know, she applauded her colleague very brave of a colleague, i mean, matt lauer is an institution there and for this brave colleague to come forward with these allegations was something that -- >> just this week. >> shocking. >> we're going to move on to president trump. he is focused on capitol hill pushing hard to pass a tax reve shutdown. the deadline is nine days away. there you see h posing wit empty chairs after chuck schumer and nancy pelosi refused to attend a white house meeting after a critical twe. the president's tax plan got a bill boost passing a key senate committee and will campaign in missouri for it ahead of more votes later today and want to bring in cecilia vega for morw. the president seemed pretty optimistic the tax plan will pass with more changes. let's look at mitch mcconnell. more complicated. >> think of sitting there with a rubik's cube trying to get to 50
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and we do have a few members who have concerns and we're trying to address them and we know we would not be able to go forward until we get 50 people satisfied and that's what we're working on. >> well, i don't know if you ever tried to do a rubik's cube. i have not pulled one off. that is not a clear vote of confidence from the majority leader there. they've got a long way to go. this vote was a big boost for republicans. there are still at least six senators on the record having voiced concerns. you know this, the republicans can only afford to lose two votes here. they have a lot of wild cards here. white house says they still think they can get this done by christmas but in a sign of perhaps how much work they know they still need to do the president hits the road today and is going to missouri and trying to still sell this. they have a long way to go. >> a long way to go but have momentum on that. not so much on avoiding a government shutdown. the gulf of democrats wider than ever. >> the clock is ticking, december 8th the government runs out of money then this stunt yesterday with the president sitting there between two empty chairs, chuck and nancy as he
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likes to call them didn't show up because they were furious he taunted them with this tweet. the republicans need the democrats. they need their votes in order to pull off to avoid the shutdown. they don't have the votes there. the president was asked yesterday if he believed they could avoid a government shutdown. would he blame the democrats if, in fact, there was one. he said absolutely i would blame the democrats and then an aide tells us they're working to avoid this. >> more reports out of the white house that the president is now questioning whether it's his voice on that "access hollywood" tape and bringing up again this whole issue of whether or not president obama was born in the united states. >> there's no proof that this is not the president's voice on this "access hollywood" -- he apologized for it. yes, outright apologized for it now "the new york times" is reporting behind closed doors the president is really back to talking about conspiracy theories. he was the lead person out front on the birther movement claiming that president obama was not born in the united states. he eventually came around to it
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after many, many questions, years of questioning by reporters. he said that the president was born in the states but apparently is talking about this behind closed doors now. >> confounding those who work for him creating his own reality. >> thank you, george. also this morning a possible clue in the search for that missing toddler in north carolina. the fbi is releasing these new surveillance images saying they could be 3-year-old mariah woods who disappeared sunday night. abc's steve osunsami has the latest. >> rter: take a look. these are the security camera images this morning that the fbi and local authorities are sharing ccernedhat the girl in thehoto might just might be 3-year-old mariah wos. police are asking for hel from anyo who can identify the woman carrying this child. they w walmart three hours after the girl olina disappeared. >> priority number one is to find mariah. >> o right now is to
7:14 am
find her, to bring her back and then to find out what happened. >> reporter: with helicopters in the air and volunteers on foot, investigators are looking for any trace of theng girl last seen sunday night. the fbi is sharing this asking been in contact with the family since sunday to come forward. >> i believe the police want to make sure that their story fits as they're putting the puzzle together and connecting the dots. >> reporter: the girl's mother said she said good night to her daughter 11:00 p.m. in their mobile home. >> whatever you want, just bring her home, please. safe and sound. she's my baby. she's my everything. >> reporter: an hour later her mother's boyfriend says the girl woke up and he told the 3-year-old to go back to bed. the girl's grandmother discovered she was missing the next morning. >> if somebody abducted this 3-year-old maybe they knew how to get in. maybe they had a key to the trailer. that's the unanswered questions that need to be answered. >> reporter: the girl's biological father who doesn't live in the home says he doesn't
7:15 am
believe his daughter was abducted. >> somebody just walked right up this there and grabbed a 3-year-old out of the bed and she didn't cry, she didn't scream. nobody hrd nothing? four people in the house. two adults and two kids and somebody just comes up and snatches the baby up and walks out? >> reporter: police point out that this girl needs orthopedic shoes to walk and those were left in the home directly behind me. that walmart is about an hour away from here and authorities underline that that missing girl might, just might be her. robin. >> all right, steve, thank you. new details also in the royal engagement. we're learning when and where prince harry and meghan markle will say i do. abc's adrienne bankert is in windsor castle, the site of next royal wedding. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you too, robin. londoners are thrilled at the news of this royal wedding to be held here at the queen's country residence at st. george's chapel.
7:16 am
meanwhile, we're learning a little bit more about the bride-to-be. a never before seen image this morning of a teenage meghan markle standing in front of buckingham palace. the childhood friend pictured with markle tells "the daily mail" who obtained it it was taken in 1996. the year before princess diana died coming on the heels of their first interview when they ld the bbc they enj learning about each other's past. >>ecause i'm from t states you donith and so while i now royal understand very clearly there's a global interest there. >> reporter: overnight new details about their future. prince harry and meghan markle selecting st. george's chapel for their upcoming ceremony set to take place in may. the royal family will be covering most of the cost. ♪ "gma" got an inside look at the 600-year-old chapel in 2005. situated at the queen's home at
7:17 am
windsor castle. the venue more intimate than westminster abbey where wilam and kate wed for room of only one-third of their guest list. it was the place for prince edward's wedding. >> i got a strong nk to the queen. newlyweds walk down the aisle markle who attended catholic cool in los angeles danced at in jamaica will be baptized b c. markle is set to become a uk citizen, a process that could take several years. she will retain her u.s. but reportedly plans to go ition through the same process of applying for citizenship through a spouse just like else. and, you know, so many of us in america are excited at the idea of an american princess. the fact she's from the u.s. hasn't even come up, they say
7:18 am
here. they're just excited for harry. back to you. >> we're excited for them both. thank you. we'll get back to you in a little bit. now back to >> that's righ that's the only place you'll find in the country. detroit yesterday in the mid 60's. this is where we find stevens pass washington eight to 12-inches of snow fell. we'll see what this next storm up to 2 feet in parts of the cascades. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though the sunny cities brought to you by carmax. >> good morning, everybody. have i got a day for you? it's a nice one.
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let's take a look outside right now. we're seeing the sunshine over the ben franklin bridge live on sky6. feels good. although we're in the 30's in the lehigh valley, we're in the 40's in philadelphia and we're heading up to 62. breezy and mild today, lots of sunshine, temperatures more than 10 degrees above average. tomorrow clouds and sun, a bit cooler, 55 with some showers overnight thursday into early friday. on that breaking news. matt lauer fired from the idea today" show. inappropriate workplace behavior is alleged and he said he has reason to believe it not aniso trump is weighing in, as well. we'll have all the latest. [storyteller 5] my mom makes this really rrible gen bean casserole. [storyteller 6] turkey tamales!
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>> ♪ >> good morning,o'donnell. it's 7:23 on this wednesday november 29th and matt pelman tg on roe 422. >> yeah, 422 not behaving this county heading towardsberks pottstown matt o'doell. stla multi-vehicle accident lane at sowndjt 6 miles right per hour, th speeds just keep getti slower on the eastbound side. so, bail off for the bend then h street or else farther eastit's camera tie. this is 422 ea just past oaks and it's sluggish into 23. normal slowing there. had a bad crash in lansdale that i was telling you about early this morning along line street. luckily that just cleared out. now we've got one down in new castle county northbound on route one past delaware city, speeds just in the low 30's there because there are restrictions.
7:24 am
a wreck in mount laurel 295 past 73 but that is off to the side matt. >> thank you, matt. david is off, karen rogers is up next with accuweather after the break. >> ♪
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>> good morning, everybody. you are waking up to a really gorgeous day. got to love this sunshine, right 80 let's look at these numbers for you right now. it's only 31 in allentown and reading, but we can see we are well above in the in the city, 46 degrees. 46 in millville. 50 in atlantic city, 52 in cape may is already above our average high for this date. we're going up for theit's a ni. lots of sunshine, bit breezy at times, 62 for an early high then temperatures drop later this afternoon. tomorrow clouds and sun a bit cooler and 55 with some showers thursday night, matt. >> thanks karen. join us tonight for philadelphia celebrates the holidays. cecily tynan and rick williams
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host a magical night at dillworth park at 7:30 right here on 6abc. >> ♪ when you've crossed fruit of the loom off your list,
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and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums welcome back to "gma." we are following that breaking news just came in moments ago, nbc's matt lauer has been fired from the "today" show. there are oreos of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. that's according to nbc's chairman. >> his co-anchors, savannah guthrie, hoda kotb announcing the news on the air this morning. guthrie shakin ware, quote, heartbroken and leaed about g20 on the air. >> linsey davis with more on this. all really developing quite quickly. >> good morning to you. we deal with breaking new inside this building every day but walking in the dr this new truly stunned. a somber mood certainly on the "today" show set where not long ago they announced the firing of matt lauer. their lead anch, a fture on th show for nearly 25 years.
7:31 am
>> good morning, breaking news overnight, matt terminated from nbc news. this is a sad here at "today" and nbc news. just moments ago nbc thus chairman andy lack sent the following note to our organization. dear colleagues, on monday night we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. it represented after serious review, a clear violation of our company's standards. as a result we've decided to terminate his employment. while it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years he's been at nbc news, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident. for the moment all we can say is that we are heartbroken. i'm heartbroken for matt. he is my dear, dear friend and my partner. and he is beloved by many, many people here. and i'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. >> i've known matt for 15 years and i've loved him as a friend
7:32 am
and as a colleague and, again, just like you were saying, savannah, it's hard to reconcile what we are hearing with the man who we know who walks in this building every single day. we were both woken up with the news kind of predawn and we're trying to process it and trying to make sense of it and it'll take some time for that. >> there had been rumors for the past few weeks that both "the new york times" and "variety" were looking into that behavior. al roker is till trying to process this news of his friend of 30 years. >> just coming in. matt has been there so long. more on this now from jim rootenburg who broke the story for "the new york times" and our friend larry hackett of "people" magazine and let me begin with you. you put out the tweet early before the "today" show came on the air. what more can you tell us? >> all i can say myself because this news broke at nbc, you know, this morning, the staff is
7:33 am
there had been rumors going around for some time, reporters starting chasing them and clearly it got the attention as it should and have will be questions in all of our -- throughout the industry and other industries how quickly should these allegations have been looked into in the first place, but the move by andy lack was swift and let there be no doubt this is a seismic moment in our culture and in the media. >> as you said and we reported we've known for some time that both "the new york times" and "variety" had been looking into questions and asking questions about it for the last several weeks, but according to nbc's chairman andy lack, the complaint only came in o monday night? >> this must -- all i can conclude from his memo this complaint was so specific and so to them that this he had to make a move and the key line in the memo that he sent to his staff this morning was
7:34 am
quote/unquote we were also presented with reason to belie this may not have been an isolatednt. we can onlyte was more than one and there was a lot of they were presented with against one of their top, top people. >> jim, at this point is "the new york times" prepared to report anything additional on matt lauer based on the questions you all have been asking? >> reporting effort is under way and it will obviously now move even a little bit faster than it already has been. >> larry haqqani, let me bring you in. seismic shock to morning television in it is an incredible shock to morning television just in the full gist closure matt had on the "today" show is a huge thing. there have been stories over the years about matt's private life and want to separate that from whatever these allegations may be in the tabloids for years so that has been discussed with and wrote about it in people and want to point out that nbc news has been under tremendous pressure recently as a result of the
7:35 am
ronan farrow stories regarding harvey weinstein and discussions that nbc passed on the information that farrow had that he brought to them and then went to "the new yorker." i don't know how much but have to imagine that history was also some sort of pressure on nbc. >> larry, charlie rose, cbs, now matt lauer at nbc, the landscape of morning television talk about a seismic change. >> yeah, it's incredible and, you know, one hopes that this is not obviously a representation of how men behave on morning television but an indication and these shows are cultural both mirrors and leaders and they reflect how we behave and i think that is starting to catch up with what's going on in the culture and that nobody is immune and i think we do have a case like this with charlie and matt, huge thing, just the drama of how this happened on television this morning where it's the opening story and clearly hoda and savannah were
7:36 am
absolutely shocked by this is indication of both what the roles of these programs play in our lives, a, and, b, the shock and potency of these and what had to happen. >> we're learning now no one is immune. "the new york times" has been leading the way on this reporting. it is hitting every part of our culture. media, entertainment. politic, journalism. >> i think that other industries will see it as well. i mean i think what i'm a little surprised about but i think we'll see more of is what are we going to hear out of wall street? we're already hearing a lot out of attacks happening even before some of this but what makes it all happen faster is when such a big star, someone of matt lauer's stature, someone of charlie rose's stature, let's not forget bill o'reilly, biggest host on cable news on fox news hastens everything because these are celebrities and it does have a different way of breaking through and changing
7:37 am
things. >> and, jim, as i said you have been leading the way. what do you think sparked this just firestorm all through the culture, more and more people coming forward? >> i think it's -- i think the most important thing that has happened is really came through the harvey weinstein case where, again, the accuser were celebrities. people who americans wake up, tv and see in movies they were making these accusations but i also think there's a generational shift. there's a shift in the reporting ranks. our stories have been written by young women, reporters who say this is absolutely unacceptable. we have to nail niece stories but there's so much in play this co together once in a gigantic way. >> huge, huge story. jim rutenberg and larry hackett, we'll be right back. >> can i just -- i want to -- i was really struck, guys, by today having savannah and hoda
7:38 am
having to be there to report the story. and then it was with charlie rose, it was gayle king and norah o'donnell and you can tell they're grappling with this. but how they all have spoken about the bravery of their colleagues, those women. >> not easy to come forward. >> we're talking charlie rose. we're talking matt lauer and i know, you know, people are also saying, were talking about them, yes, they were huge in their industry and we see it and people keep gng back to the president, president trump just tweeting aut it, as well and people are saying, people losin positions in politics and not just with president trump but other politicians who are accudf these types of actions they still have their jobs and people are trying t kind of reconcile and try and derstand that. >> t we have a long, long way to go.
7:39 am
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back now with that certain for a florida teen who went missing with a 27-year-old soccer coach from her high school. the pair was last spotted in georgia. the fbi is now a part of the investigation and abc's linsey davis is back with the story. >> good morning again, michael. the florida department of law enforcement has issued a missing child alert. the teen's parents say they are
7:43 am
counting the minutes until they hear from their daughter and say she left behind her car, a cell phone and the man she's believed to have disappeared with, they say they considered him a family friend. this morning a florida family is desperate to hear from their teenage daughter missing since sunday morning. >> let somebody know you're safe. >> reporter: 17-year-old caitlyn frisina is believed to have climbed out of her bedroom window saturday night, her cell phone was left behind, all the data erased. >> it gets scarier and scarier as a parent. >> reporter: police say they have confirmed she is with this man, 27-year-old rian rodriguez gas station withdrawing cash on. rodriguez works as the head soccer coach for the boy's team at her high school. the father, head coach of the girls team brought h in last year. w her dad says he's shocked saying he came highly recommended by other parents. >> i texted him first that morning, hey, have you heard anything or talked to anybody that knows and i haven't heard
7:44 am
anything. when i call his phone, it goes to -- i can't get ahold of him. >> he is a familyiend. we've known him for several years through the soccer and school and everything. >> reporter: authorities say there was no signld leave with rodriguez.aitlyn has boyfriend who also is just beside himself because they were -- everything was fine. there were no indicators that there was an issue and now she's just taken off. >> reporter: they now believe e be heading north. >> we just want them to contact their families and come home. >> reporter: the story is reminiscent of one that gripped the nation last spring when 15-year-old high school student elizabeth thomas disappeared with her 50-year-old teacher tad cummins. the pair captured on surveillance cameras as they made their way from tennessee to a remote cabin in california. her family never lost hope. >> please ce home to us. >> reporter: after 39 days authorities rescued thomas and took cummins into federal custody. he pleaded not guilty awaiting
7:45 am
trial. in florida, caitlyn's parents are holding out hope that their ordeal will come to an end much sooner. >> we miss you, pumpkin and we love you. and we want to hear from you. >> reporter: the columbia count scol district released this statement with regard t rodriguez saying the employee has been suspended and will be restricted from any contact with students. police say they believe the two may be traveling in a red mercury sable with florida plates so they're asking people to be on the lookout for them, may be heading to new york or canada. >> seems like they prepared and planned this for awhile. >> we'll be right back. what's your name? fat amy. you call yourself "fat amy"? she has no underwear on. oh my god! she's turning. no. [ screamin] pleaseusretire. is that like a intimidation thing because world war 2. boom. one last show geer. your gonna miss me becca. what are you doing? if you cry, i'm gonna cry. i'm not doing it. don't make thaface.
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call 844 reach nj or visit we thought you were in the city. engage all defenses. and get this man a shield. >> welcome back to "gma." yes. we are all excited about this. you're looking at a very brief sneak peek of the new "avengers: infinity war" trailer. so many fans here. george leaning back like all i need to do is hand you some popcorn. we're all excited to see the full thing. don't worry we've got it right here. worldwide exclusive premiere of the entire trailer is coming up and you'll see it here first, of course, only on "gma." so -- >> the entire trailer? >> get your popcorn ready. >> a few more stars coming up.
7:50 am
also coming up a big consumer alert for dog owners. the fda out with a warning about potentially dangerous treats and taking you inside the chapel where harry and meghan are planning to celebrate their may wedding. plus, john boyega from "star wars" is here live. we got a little bit from daisy. what we'll learn from john today. we'll see. gh a shift without a disaster. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. #1 trusted. #1 awarded it's got to be tide. and for a plant-based clean, try tide purclean
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7:54 am
can't do that. 23 inches of rain fell around there and then, of course, in the sierra and cascade both little pockets, chief enjoying the snow. a couple of places have snow but not a whole lot and i'm telling you this is really the beginning of the month we started very cold and snowy. but now look where we're at, 5 to 15 degrees above average. look from electricing ton, kentucky at 60, raleigh will go to close to 70 today. new york city and boston well into the 50s. close to 60. it is really warm.
7:55 am
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>> ♪ >> hello, i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 on this wednesday november 29. 95 is acting up. let's go to matt pelman for an update. >> as it so often does but the good news is it could be worse. we had reports of a crash here in the southbound lanes by bridge street. couldn't find it in the cameras. looks like all lanes are opened but that southbound traffic is still plenty heavy from cottman into girard. ideally travel time would be 14 minutes instead of 34. tack on an extra 20 there on the southbound side of 95. speeds in the 20's on 422 this morning as you come eastbound toward pottstown. had a crash by stow still out there in the right lane. emergency crews remain on the scene and fire crews are on the scene of a truck fire in gulph mills. south gulph road at trinity road by the norristown high high speedline station. looks like the fire is out. stick with 76 but it will be crowded there. the commodore barry headed into chester into pennsylvania
7:57 am
a disabled vehicle speeds like 10 miles per hour there. matt. >> thank you, matt. let's take a live look outside to the ben franklin bridge as the sun comes up with a little cloud cover. david is off. karen rogers is here with accuweather. >> hey, matt, i'm loving the sunshine. it's a mild 46 agrees in philadelphia but colder just in the low 30's in the lehigh valley. and today 62 for your high. breezy and mild. tomorrow clouds and sunshine, a bit cooler but still above average, 55. a few showersight into very early on friday, friday we welcome december with suhih of saturday is the coolest day of the seven-day forecast and it's actually average, dgrees. sunday mild again, 55. not bad for your first weekend in december. even monday and tuesday you're in the low to mid-50's, matt, staying mild. >> thanks karen. a 21-year-old man was shot and killed near the campus of drexel university overnight. police say the victim and a woman were arguing along lancaster avenue when another man showed up and shot the victim in the chest. police say the shooter who has
7:58 am
a permit to carry is in custody. 6abc's getting you ready for the holidays tonight. watch our special from dillworth park at 7:30 right here on 6abc. >> ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
good mning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. matt lauer fired over allegations of sexual misconduct after a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. >> this is a sad morning here at "today." i'm sure we will be learning more details in the hours and days to come. also breaking this morning, north korea has tested a powerful new missile saying it could carry a nuclear warhead capable of reaching the couldn't anyonele united states. president trump's response. >> we will take care of it. >> the u.n. security council calling an emergency meeting. consumer alert for dog owners everywhere. the fda with a warning about potentially dangerous treats that you could be giving your dog. more than a dozen deaths, 90 illnesses. what to watch for. ♪ i'm on top of the world meghan markle, this photo
8:01 am
making headlines worldwide. a young megan at just 15 posing in front of buckingham palace. harry and meghan get down to planning their may wedding and where prince charles also got married. are you ready for "infinity war." >> who you guys? >> the worldwide trailer of the new movie "avengers: infinity war." every single character you love ready for action. the winter soldier himself watching it here live as we say good morning, america. ♪ meghan did not know that much about harry, michael. you can't believe that. >> she may be the only person on the planet who didn't know much about harry. >> he didn't know much about her. >> who is beyonce. >> good morning, america. thanks for joining us this morning. >> we have a lot coming up including that exclusive look at the trailer for "avengers:
8:02 am
infinity war," showed a little bit of it. a lot more coming up. >> take a look. these are fans' faces as they watch marvel's trailer for the first time. it looked like us at the desk when we watched for this and the excitement is hitting an all-time high. you're about to see it for yourself just moments from now and, of course, it's right here only on "gma." >> fe want to get to that breaking news about nbc's matt lauer. fired from the "today" show over reports of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. linsey is back with that story. >> good morning again to you, robin. nbc news president andy lack put ow a statement saying they decided to terminate him while it is the first complaint about his behavior in over 20 years he's been at nbc news we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident. president trump is now tweeting about it as well writing, wow, matt lauer was just fired from nbc for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. there was a somber mood on the "today" show set this morning where they announced the firing
8:03 am
of lauer their lead anchor for nearly 25 years. >> he is my dear, dear friend and my partner and beloved by many people here. i'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. >> i've known for matt for 15 years and i've loved him as a friend and as a colleague and, again, just like you were saying, savannah, it's hard to reconcile what we are hearing with the man who we know who walks in this building every single day. we were both woken up with the news kind of predawn and we're trying to process it and trying to make sense of it and it'll take some time for that. >> matt lauer has not yet released a statement n the meantime, "the new york times" says they will continue their investigation into matt lauer. >> we talked to jim rutenberg and said their report something coming. linsey, thanks very much. to that new threat from north korea. they have tested a powerful new missile and experts say could reach the entire u.s. mainland
8:04 am
and president trump responded yesterday saying we will take care of it. cecilia vega here with more on that. >> good to see you again this morning. the missile stayed in the air longer than any other north korean missile ever aimed vertically shooting 2800 miles into space before it came crashing down into the sea of japan. but if the north koreans change the angle horizontally the icbm could potentialally reach deep into the u.s., even as far as washington, d.c. or here in new york city. shortly after this launch president trump addressed reporters. take a listen to what he had to say. >> a missile was launched a little while ago from north korea. i will only tell you that we will take care of it. it is a situation that we will handle. >> reporter: so a more measured response there from the president this time compared to the fire and fury comments we've heard from him in the past but it's really unclear how he plans to, quote, take care of this. the president did reach out to the leaders of japan and south korea. senator lindsey graham had a very blunt warning. he said if we have to go to war to stop this, we will.
8:05 am
>> but the president pretty measured in his statement. >> a different tone from him this time. >> cecilia, thanks very much. now we have troubling news for pet owners this morning. the fda has released a warning about popular dog treats made from real bones that have been treated and processed. about 15 dogs died after chewing on the bones and the fda cited ham bones, pork femur bones, rib bones and smoky knuckle bones as some of those that cause the illness and the symptoms include choking. this is definitely something to pay attention to. >> sure is. coming up, prince harry's special connection to the chapel where he and meghan markle will marry. how to get great holiday gifts on a budget. "shark tank' "shark tank's" daymond john is here with tips. >> great audience. sebastian stan stan is here. [ applause ] exclusive first look at the trailer for "avengers: infinity war" after this.
8:06 am
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[ applause ] there's an empty seat over there so we'll keep stretching. >> yes. >> do some yoga. welcome to "gma" on this wonderful wednesday. good to have you here with us, this wonderful audience. and, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the anchor desk, lara spencer. [ applause ] >> hello. >> hi. >> you know -- >> i was like i kind of want to
8:11 am
have a special appearance and like -- no, you know, my microphone fell and it's not the kind of thing you want me to fix on the air so we went backstage to do it. hello, everybody. good morning. [ applause ] >> before you get going want to say tomorrow we're kicking off a terrible two-day "deals & steals" extravaganza. tory johnson will have 25 deals for 25 days of christmas. you don't want to miss that. >> oh, no, i love t.j. and me are like that. a lot of good shopping. >> we love us some "pop news." >> a lot going on. good morning to you all and you, hopefully the microphone intact. let's do this. one of the greatest actors of our generation, finally talking about for the first time his surprise retirement. the man who brought abraham day-lewis reveals now in "w" magazine before making this latest movie that he's in called "phantom threat" set in the fashion world post world war
8:12 am
london, he grew sad during the filming and added all my life i mouthed off about how i should stop acting. this time it was something i had to do. "phantomthreat" opening christmas day. does sound like he means it and could be the last time you see daniel day-lewis on camera. >> one of the absolute best. >> the best. >> oh, amazing man. >> i saw the trailer. it is gripping. >> fantastic. no surprise already getting a lot of oscar buzz as he always does. >> yes, he does. [ applause ] >> we will miss him very much. a big comeback, though, this one might appeal to you guys. certainly did to me. prime time soap legend nicollette sheridan, people, you guys remember this. of course, from we all loved "desperate housewives" and "knot's landing" and will pay homage trying to fill the one, the only joan collins' shoulder
8:13 am
pads as alexis carrington in the cw's reboot of "dynasty." great stroke of casting. the producer said nicollette's alexis will have a dramatic return. so surprising as alexis and will turn other steel will blue eyes and she's setting them on make and crystal. >> ooh. >> watch out. >> just thinking about "dynasty." "knot's landing." >> the shoulder pad is back because -- >> is it really? >> breaking news. shows like that, all over, yes, and i like that on the long -- >> what about men? >> your shoulder pads have never left. [ laughter ] >> especially these shoulders. whoo. finally a wise man once said it's good to be curious about many thing, in fact, let's hear it trait from him. shall we? ♪ it's good to be curious about many things ♪ ♪ to think about things all you have to do is think and you'll
8:14 am
grow ♪ >> love that wisdom. [ applause ] that auto tune, we play that when it first came out. very catch y i highly recommend it. it's that wisdom though that's bringing one of television's most beloved characters to the silver screen now. a new documentary from focus features called "won't you be my neighbor?" will be an intimate portrait of fred rogers the genius behind the children's show that ran for 31 years. >> wow. >> every year of my life. >> every year of your life. >> no, 31 long glorious years, the film's producer saying mr. rogers made us all want to be better people. fred rogers passed away in 2003 from cancer but will live on in "won't you be my neighbor?" helmed by morgan neville out in june 2018. >> looking forward to it. [ applause ] >> yes, we have new details on the royal weding. >> do we now? >> let's get more on prince harry and meghan markle, of course, announced their plans to marry in may at st. george's
8:15 am
chapel a both of historical importance and personal significance and back to adrienne bankert at windsor castle where the chapel is. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you too, george, as well. royal experts are saying this venue perfect for prince harry and meghan markle reflecting, of course, that royal touch as well as their own personal style. the wedding certainly to be one for the history books. the royal couple just has a mere six months to plan their perfect wedding. the prince and his american princess will be saying their i dos here st. george's chapel, the small gothic church tucked away on the queen's favorite estate windsor castle. as news broke the nuptials will be planned by the bride and groom with the royal family footing the bill in it will be a big wed and has to follow many of the royal traditions but they want to make sure they put their own personal stamp on it. people interest all around the world will want to see them say their vows so we are expecting there to be a lot of cameras
8:16 am
inside the chapel. >> reporter: the 14th century chapelen oft used on more somber occasions li funeralseats 800. while beautiful and revered it's a far smaller renn view than westminster abbey where prince william and kate wed six ago among more than 2,000 guests. st. george's chapel just past these castle walls is a major tourist destination attracting more than a million visitors every single year hosted a number of prominent royal weddings including the first in 1863 for king edward vii. >> the choir of st. george's chapel has performed since the 1300s. >> reporter: our charlie gibbon going inside the chapel back in 2005. it's where harry's father charles, the prince of wales celebrated his marriage to camilla parker bowles. famously both previously divorced first marrying in a civil ceremony with a blessing officiated by the archbishop of
8:17 am
canterbury in 2005. and prince harry has his own special connection christened at the chapel. >> harry was baptized at st. george a couple months after he was born so it's a place that really he has started out his life and now it's a place where he and meghan are starting out their life together. >> reporter: later this week the future princess will make her first official royal in waiting appearance just as the women before her. princess diana and kate, duchess of cambridge seen o in public with their princes aheadf their big day. and megan, of course, having to go through a ryes of passage, both baptized and confirmed into the church of england ahead of that ceremony. i know there are a lot of people including a lot of american would-be princesses cheering her on. >> are you going with the new look, just the one glove, a little michael jackson look. >> do you notice that? do you notice that? >> what's up with that?
8:18 am
>> i have to have one to use for the cell phone to get the latest up dates on the markle sparkle and this one is to keep me warm. >> there you have it. >> glad we cleared that up. >> curious. >> let's bring in rhiannon mills for more on this. st. george seems like an awful special place. what can we learn from past weddings there? >> yeah, it's a hugely significant place for royal weddings. it's hosted so many in the past but also what's interesting is to hear that harry and meghan see it as a special place already that they've spent a lot of time in windsor this those months that they've been dating and said a big thank you to the queen as well because she's had to give permission for them to get married at st. george's chapel but the good news for us is they are being very hands on with the planning that they want this to be a day of fun and joy but also they want the public to be involved as well so hopefully we'll get a good films of the couple as they head in to take their vows. >> good public appearance on
8:19 am
friday. the royal in waiting, the first time we'll see her. what do you think we can expect? >> i think it is unbelievable that just well five days after they announced their engagement we'll se them stepping out together. you think they have enough on their plate planning that wedding but obviously very clearly looking at their royal role going forward and see them going to a charity close to prince harry's heart, the full effect charity which helps disadvantaged young people. also they're going to be marking world aids day, of course, a cause close to princess diana's heart as well and it's going to be that big day for a rite of passage for meghan, that first ever royal walkabout. she'll have to pitch that right so she doesn't overshadow her husband too much, her future husband. getting ahead of myself. >> meghan says she incontinues to become a british citizen. what does that mean for her american citizenship? >> yeah, i was joking with the palace official yesterday that they are really spoiling us with all this detail they're giving
8:20 am
us but it was interesting to hear meghan intends to become a british citizen. she will, of course, have dual nationality and has to go through the same process that anyone applying for that citizenship has to go through but also we found out yesterday that she wants to get to know the uk as well as possible so they're going to be doing lots of visits here in the uk so i'm afraid we're going to see plenty of the couple over here. i don't hi they'll be coming back to the states any time soon. >> darn it. we'll get them though hopefully. >> eventually. >> eventually. >> thank you, rhiannon. back to ginger. >> i already put on the glove 'cause it's so cool. i love that. that's a look. she's talking about fashion. i might as well jump on board. it's warm in here, too. we have to do your "gma" moment. this is that moment that you realize all the thanksgiving leftovers are gone. yeah. you have taken that last one in. six months old kyleigh from boston couldn't get enough. she's probably teething a
8:21 am
little bit. she likes that turkey leg, too. and we love you kyleigh. please send in your "gma" moment. adrienne you started a trend, my friend. we're all going to be doing it. let's get a check closer to home. >> you don't really need gloves here. 46 degrees in the city right now. we're live now outside of rothman rink and you can see it's a little warm out there to ice skate. lots of sunshine today. 62 for your high. it's breezy and mild today. tomorrow clouds and sun, a bit cooler but still abov average, 55. few showers thursday night into early friday. friday december arrives with sunshine and a high of 53. it is now -- yes, it is the moment we've all been waiting for, something you only see on "gma" this morning. the world premiere of the trailer for marvel studios'
8:22 am
"avengers: infinity war." and, of course, we have the winter soldier himself, sebastian stan joining us. [ applause ] we're going to holy off and ask a question before we get to the trailer. be patient. is it true you shot this m without seeing the full script? >> that is very true, yeah, i shot a scene on monday of this week that i still don't know in what film it will be. >> really? ooh. >> it's kind of like to quote apollo 13 riding a psychotic horse through a burning table but, look, it's with the best people in the world. we all get along and it's fun so i'm up for whatever, you know. >> it looks great. are you ready for the trailer? [ applause ] all right. here we go, everybody. here's the exercise first look at "avengers: infinity war." >> there was an idea --
8:23 am
>> to bring together a group of remarkable people. >> to see if we could become something more. >> so when they needed us, we could fight the battles. >> that they never could. ♪ >> in time you will know what it's like to lose, to feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail all the same. dread it.
8:24 am
run from it. destiny still arrives. >> we thought you were in the city. engage all defenses and get this man a shield. ♪ >> it's not something one considers when balancing the universe. but this does put a smile on my face. ♪
8:25 am
>> who the hell are you guys? [ cheers and applause ] >> they like it. >> you like it? enjoy it? >> holding my cup. >> whoo! >> so many questions. >> so many questions. >> so good. >> so many questions, so many characters. you guys were excited. you started clapping before it was over. and, you know, sebastian, we're so happy you're here. you're not going anywhere. >> i'm not. >> we need to talk about another movie you are anyway as well. >> "i, tonya." >> it's called "i, tonya" and it's just ahead and "avengers: infinity war" hits theaters in may. we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:26 am
your "gma" moment brought to you by the frame from samsung. the most beautiful tv you've never seen.
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> it is 8:27. the action cam is in center city live where dozens of pedestrians and cyclists are protesting demanding safer bike lanes. it is in response to the death of a cyclist yesterday morning at 11th and spruce streets. the 24-year-old victim was on her bike when she was hit by a private sanitation truck. now let's turn to matt pelman for a look at traffic. >> looks like you want to go for walnut or lombard instead of spruce this morning because of that protest, matt. watching a crash for those boundd to the walt whitman approaching coles road where the right lane is blocked. sluggish there as you head up towards the walt. if you want to head for the commodore barry you can do that again. the disabled vehicle heading into pennsylvania into chester has cleared out. over on the schuylkill expressway some slow going here in the eastbound lanes by the blue route. looks like a disabled vehicle off to the side. but you might want to use the
8:28 am
schuylkill instead of south gulph road. chopper6 was overhead of a truck fire earlier this morning. the fire is now out here on south gulf at trinity close to the norristown high speedline station. but the road is still partially blocked as they clean up this mess so again, the schuylkill or church road through king of prussia could be some alternates. matt. >> all right, matt, thanks so much. karen rogers is outside filling in for dave murphy with accuweather. good morning, karen. >> hey, matt, i've got a good day on tap for you. it's 46 right now pretty mild. right now we're in the low 30's in the lehigh valley. headed up to 62, a beauty of a day, lots of sunshine. a little bit of a breeze. our high of 62 will hit earlier in the later afternoon hours we'll be dropping down from there and tomorrow clouds and sun a bit cooler and 55. a few showers late thursday night into very early friday morning. then friday it's december already on friday with sunshine and a high of 53. might not feel like it. on saturday, cool and partly sunny and 50. monday it's mild again, matt. >> thanks karen. how to prepare pomegranates for the holidays on
8:29 am
>> ♪ pass passes
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma," everybody. we are happy to have you with us this morning. we have a great au [ applause ] and we have a great guest, sebastian stan. he's back with us. [ applause ] pass passes 23 years ago. been that long, huh? >> it was all people could talk about, though. before we get to that we all just saw the trailer for "winter soldier." looking at the cast of characters, the megastars on that set, were you all ever there at the same time and if so, how did you concentrate ask. >> it's pretty hard to
8:31 am
concentrate on any set that's got anthony mackey on it. it's pretty surreal. you look around you and see michelle pfeiffer and william hurt and sam jackson and gwen internet paltrow, all these different people and it's just an accumulation of ten years of work that basically marvel has put together for us. >> it's awesome. you said it was one day that they actually wrangled -- >> a few days -- one day that i really remember last actually a few months ago, yeah, it was everybody there and it was pretty surreal so when you see things like that in the movie people actually were there, it wasn't just pieced together. >> not cgi. the real deal. >> almost makes you go crazy. so exciting to be on set that day. something else, "i, tonya," very excited about this movie as well. before we get to that, though, john boyega is going to be here next. >> yes. >> from "the last jedi." [ applause ] speaking of "the last jedi," there's an obsession with you. people say you look like a young
8:32 am
mark hamill. >> yeah. >> do you think you do? >> ooh. okay, there you go. >> dear god. >> wow. i do but, you know, i actually feel for poor mark who is like, you know, going on this tour trying to promote the movie and he keeps getting -- i hope he doesn't mind. i don't know but it was him that actually went online and called himself my father so i guess you brought it on yourself, pal. >> sebastian, i am your father. [ laughter ] >> so i hear that in my head every night. >> now to talk about "i, tonya," i remember being at espn at the time and covering the incident, the tonya harding/nancy kerrigan began -- you were just a baby. how much did you know about the story. >> i didn't -- i remember flashes of that happening at the time when i was -- i was probably around 10 or 11 but i recently had seen the price of gold go for 30 and i really enjoyed seeing that and that was around the same time that the
8:33 am
script was sent to me and i just kind of got all lost in trying to figure out who was telling the truth. what was really behind it. i mean there's some weird mythical mystique to it we'll never really know but, yeah, it's odd. >> the mockumentary -- how do you say it. >> mockumentary. >> the way you did it. i felt like i knew the story but i was even after seeing it wondering a little bit more. here's a clip of it right now. >> going to need to come up with more money. >> do i have stupid written across my head? all i have to do is mail letters someplace. i'm not giving them more money. >> these are twomy top operatives. derek needs expense money. shane -- >> call derek and tell him we're calling the whole thing off. >> sweet t. the death threat is off. >> quite a 'stache you got there. >> the mustache was its own character. >> it was, obviously i still haven't lost the turtlenecks
8:34 am
but -- yeah, it was a -- >> you got a chance to meet jeff gillolly. what was it like. >> i went to portland before filming and it was wild, look, i had had spent two months researching the guy and looking him up and listening to his voice in my headphones and there he is sitting across from me so it was a little like in "the twilight zone" and he was wary. the first thing he said why would anybody ever want to make a movie out of this, you know and i just looked at him, the only answer i could get, look, it was just a phenomenal script. it just happens to be your life. >> he wasn't really psyched about theyed at first. >> no, i don't think he -- we didn't raise our glasses and have a cheers to it or anything. i think he was more just kind of feeling like the thing happened in the past and it's, you know, being revisited and so on. >> he did agree to meet with you and sit down. did he help? >> well, he helped me because i play him in the movie from, you know, age 20 to 50 to now. he's 50 years old now and i couldn't find footage of him when he was younger and now.
8:35 am
so he helped me in the sense that i could really look at him and kind of ask him questions about his childhood and how he grew up and just little things i could piece together. actually even seeing him smile was a big thing for me. i couldn't find any footage of him smiling. >> really studied him. >> i did. i was definitely watching him pretty closely. >> and tell us about margot robbie who plays tonya. she -- wow. [ applause ] >> look, i mean all you got to do is just go online, go to youtube, watch some of the real footage of tonya harding doing the lillehammer or any of those things and watch margot in the movie and the parallels are just -- it's uncanny how much she caught the ferocious spirit and just overall kind of spontaneous explosive nature that she had. >> can you skate? >> absolutely not. [ laughter ] no, i'm not one to skate. >> but i hear, you know, you're great in this movie and there's one actor who really admire this
8:36 am
person and they make movies fun for you. >> oh, yeah, well jack nicholson, yeah, jack nicholson is just somebody i always -- probably the guy who would intimidate me the most. i never met him and hope it happens one day. he's always been true to who he was. you know, he never really tried to be anything else. but his own self? that was enough. >> yeah, that was enough. >> it's great having you here. >> thank you, guys. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> if you're watching, meet up with sebastian stan and "i, tonya," hits theaters december 8th. can't thank you enough. really appreciate it. coming up next from "star wars," "the last jedi," john boyega is here. we'll be right back.
8:37 am
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[ playing the "star wars" theme ] >> do you hear that? do you hear the music? you know what that means, "star wars" is back. [ cheers and applause ] so please welcome our next guest, the extraordinarily talented "the last jedi" star, john boyega. [ applause ] >> good to see you.
8:40 am
how are you? you look lovely. hey, good to see you, man. ah, good to see you. you look lovely. my man, good to see you, pan. how you been? good, man. good. [ applause ] yes. live audience. >> yes. >> upgrade, upgrade. upgrade. daisy was here yesterday. she said she saw the movie but you haven't seen it yet. >> yeah, i haven't seen it yet. i haven't seen it yet. i don't know what's going on with that. i need to call disney. but -- >> you got to call some people. >> i do. i can't wait to see it. honestly it's going to be great so i can't sleep on it at all. >> how has life changed for you since the last one? are you recognized out on the streets. >> no. >> really? >> not at all. i feel like harry potter with that invisibility cloak because i just can move anywhere. it's fantastic. honestly. [ applause ] it's great. >> you can go to the grocery store, nobody -- >> i was in london a few days ago and went and got myself the whole shopping, whoa shebang,
8:41 am
went out to pick up dvds. went out at 2:00 a.m. in my loafers. i don't know what it is. i think they see me and go, finn wouldn't be here. >> you have a new partner in crime. rose tico. >> she is a newcomer. it's great because i was actually involved in her audition process so i read a lot of lines with her during that process and she's just -- she's incredible and finn and rose go on a new journey and have great times. look at her. she's so cute. she's brilliant, yeah. she's see -- yeah. like this is -- like i honestly love her because my connection to her is based on the fact i went through the same thing she went through in "vii" and being able to help her through the process is great. >> as you know it's really cloak and dagger. we haven't seen really anything from the movie. >> oh, you guys too.
8:42 am
>> yeah. we tried with daisy. we got nothing but we do know mark hamill is in this one a lot more. what was it like working with luke skywalker. >> seeing him around is incredible consistently, i think, you know in "vii" there was only one moment for him and now it's, you know, called "the last jedi" and has luke skywalker in it. it's going to be crazy and his acting is incredible. luke as a character is so solid in this. it's going to be good. >> and the late carrie fisher, also an iconic pardon so what was your experience with carrie? >> well, carrie means freedom to me. she means the ability to be yourself regardless of circumstance regardless of social construct. to me she's just incredible and back to back on every day we had jokes and laughter and that's something you'll get with carrie fisher. >> a lovely picture. >> yeah. >> you don't want to know what she was saying in my ear.
8:43 am
>> no. >> you don't want to know. carrie's got the jokes. [ laughter ] >> don't tell me what she was telling you. >> is it too soon to ask about "episode ix." >> it's too soon. it's too soon. >> i tried for you guys. >> we haven't seen this one. >> exactly. i haven't seen a script. i haven't seen anything. >> nothing? >> nothing at all. all i know is that j.j. abrams is coming back and i did e-mail him and say are you coming back because of me? >> he said yes. >> but this is "star wars" and, of course, there's a new creature and it's the hottest toy of the year. >> yes. >> what are your thoughts on these little guys? >> i don't like them. >> really? >> yes, because i have a different experience than you guys. you saw it in a nice box with the branding and all that kind of stuff. >> it's >> but let me phis in y head. i saw these portiogs and mini o bunched together with big ones and their black eyes peering at
8:44 am
you. i call them holes on trees to. i can't stand them. i can't stand them. >> we'll be getting you them for christmas. get you something else. >> something else. they're cute, though. >> speak of cute, your cat. instagram. >> yes. >> adorable. >> yes, adorable little thing. >> buy a gift for the cat. >> he would rip it up. he would rip it up. >> what's his name? >> only one logan. i know none of you know how to say it. he is a nigerian british cat so there he is. >> ah. >> and i was actually sleeping this that picture as well and he just got on my bum. y and good light. you, man. going to love it. we'll love this movie as much as you. it's "star wars: the last jedi" slides into theaters on december 15th. make sure you go check it out and now we'll go over to ginger with some weather.
8:45 am
what other news do you have, >> michael instagram news. that's right, an exclusive instagram reveal right now we're looking at the year in review. selena gomez is the queen of social media for the second year in a row. more than 130 million followers. but the most liked instagram post, can you guess, yes, it went to beyoncé for her stunning pregnancy announcement, more than 11 million likes. follow us at "good morning america" on instagram. i'm at ginger underscore zee. go to our web site for a full instagram year in review. >> thanks, ginger. i'm karen rogers and it's a nice start to the day. let's take a look at your forecast for you. it's going to be mild this afternoon, 62 for your high. breezy with lots of sunshine. tomorrow clouds and sun, a bit cooler, 55 with some showers at night. roberts,
8:46 am
"gma." >> all right. ginger, going into the "shark tank" getting great holiday gift ideas on a budget. shark's daymond john is here to help. how are you? how are you? >> all good. all good. >> practice the power of broke. >> the power of broke. >> what is that. >> you know what, that was pie book about how you don't need upon to make money but you can apply it whether you're somebody buying something for somebody personal or a company buying something. it's really about thinking more about what is in it for the person and how you can make them happy instead of buying them an expensive gadget they put away and you'll be b don't have the money for it and never use split we have some gifts on some tables here and our guests here in the audience will help us out. first of all, meghan, open your gift. what do you have? what do you have? [ applause ] >> all right. >> that's a fishing lure. now let me explain why. i get everything in the world but i'm passionate about firing.
8:47 am
if you know something, wha they're passionate about, i wouldn't buy this for myself but somebody sent me a fishing lure under $7, i use it all the time and every time i catch a fish, i think about them and smile and when i don't cash a fish i think about them and curse them out. >> you know that they know. >> they know you. >> and they cared about me. >> thasomething. all right. thank you, meghan. nice modeling there. >> nice. >> gina. gina, what do you have? what's in your gift box, gina? >> let's see. >> okay. oh, wow. >> oh. all right. >> ah! >> now, photos. >> what else, what else. >> keep bringing it. >> there you go. >> in the day of a digital age we have everything on our phones and never get to it. if you write people lers and gratitude, maybe go on their instagram and pull out something you know they're passionate about, the time they were together and you print it out. it'll stay on their desk or in their home forever and won't be on a phone hidden.
8:48 am
that's why i showed you a picture of barbara and i was kissing her after i beat her in a deal and i sent that to her. >> he did send that to her. [ applause ] you know, convenience is a wonderful thing to get a text message or e-mail but when you go to the mailbox and you get something that somebody opened up that they actually took the time to write. >> you see it all the time and put it in a photo album. in their kitchen. >> okay. tammy, where is tammy. tammy. >> all right. drum roll for tammy. let's go. >> okay. >> all right. now, chargers. >> phone chargers. right? >> phone chargers. >> all right. now, all ready to go. >> you're a company and corporation and want to buy something for another company or somebody else, but why don't you give something they can use every single day and put your logo on it or theirs and they'll always think about you. >> telling me to go. we got to get one more in. alex, is it? >> max.
8:49 am
>> max, max, max. what do you got, max? >> what's that. >> money. >> now, this is not about a lot of money. i have everything i need in life but if you donate $10 to pa pet foundation or somebody else you're passionate about, you know i'm thinking about you and care about what you care about, $10 or $20. >> are you going to fill out the check. >> got it. >> very nice. >> you know, my momma always said if you can't afford to give something she said, i would ask what can i go i have you, momma. she said make me a new memory. make me a new memory. just a time together. i know, i love you, momma. all right. thank you, daymond. as always. we will be right back. we'l
8:50 am
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8:53 am
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hi, momma. i wanted to tell everybody 25 deals starting with tory. >> happy wednesday. >> ♪ >> good morning its 8:56 on this wednesday november 29th. matt pelman is here with a look at traffic. good morning, matt. >> yeah, and three new problems since last we spoke, matt on 95 alone.
8:57 am
this one's a southbound overturned vehicle accident right at the girard point double decker bridge. traffic just barely squeezing by on the right side as you come down from broad street and head towards the airport. you got to watch out for this. i would head for the platt bridge as an easy alternate. then farther south on 95, southbound in chester approaching the barry bridge, there's another accident blocking the right lanes there so slow going with speeds like 7 miles per hour as you come south of 420. tinicum township watch out for a bad crash along tinicum island road at stevens drive. on 95 in delaware, another n crash, this one's northbound past 896 taking out a lane. don't forget in moorestn main street eastbound is blocked today for road work. 38 gets you around that. matt. >> thank you, matt. karen rogers filling in for dave murphy. >> a mix of sun and clouds right now and temperatures in the upper 40's in philadelphia at least. it's breezy and mild 62 for your high this afternoon. we'll hit that high early and then this afternoon later on temperatures will be dropping into the 50's. tomorrow clouds and sun, a
8:58 am
cooler day but still above average 55 with a few showers thursday night and it looks like they end by dawn on friday. friday is the first day of december. 53, lots of sunshine, pretty good forecast for december. saturday cool and partly sunny and 50. and then sunday mild again, matt. >> thank you, karen. a 21-year-old man was shot and killed near the drexel university campus. police say an argument that led to the deadly gunfire and that the suspected shooter is now in custody. we'll bring you the latest developments on "action news" at noon. "live with kelly and ryan" next here on 6abc. john boyega and rachel bloom both oh on the show. i'm matt o'donnell. have great wednesday. >> ♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "star wars: the last jedi," john boyega. and, star of "crazy ex-girlfriend," rachel bloom. plus, the cohosts meet the newly-crowned miss universe. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: good morning! what's up? good morning.


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