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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  November 29, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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ike lifts gather to prote and demand changes after a bicyclist was killed by a trash truck in center city. and nbc news anchor, matt lauer, has been fired after filing a complaint about alleged misconduct. and police have identified the bicyclist killed after being hit by a trash truck intent center ciyclists ptested callin for for bike lanes. katherine scott has the story. >> the line stretched more than a block, protesters creating a human between the bike and traffic lanes on spruce street near the sitef a fatal accidetruck. >> we are putting our bodies in the space where we are asking the city to build safer
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infrastructure. >> this protest began at 7:30 a.m. a day earlier 24 emily fredericks was hit by a garbage truck turning. and the driver stopped. fredes is the third bicyc bicyclist killed in the city this year. the circumstances remain under investigation but these protesters are calling for more protective measures here and throughout the city. >> there are concrete barriers and lanes between the driving cars and the cyclists all of this would slow the traffic and make more >> bikers have the part too but at the end of the day motorists are driving large vehicles that will kill a cyclist. >> it eventually closed down spruce to vehicular traffic citing the safety of the
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protesters, he called the event a tragedy but could not comment because of the ongoing investigation. he said in part, we can say that the bicycle lane on spruce was due to be restriped next month. and they are committing to expanding the bike lan network. and protecting bike lanes. a vigil will be held at 11th and spruce to honor fredericks and raise awareness on safer infrastructure. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." deadly shooting near drexel university's campus. it happened just befor midniand. it began when the 21-year-ol male shooting victim argued outside of a pizza shop. police say that is when the suspect watching t aument intervenedt the male victimchest. the victim was reported dead a
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short time later andhey heard the shots and responded and took a suspect into custody. a dump truck caught fire during the busy morning commute. the truck was near the gulph mills exit in upper merion township. and traffic got by the scene but was moving slowly. no word on what caused the truck to catch fire. turning to the forecast for three days now in a row we have sunshine and warmer temperatures and today looks great too but cooler air is on the way. sky 6 hd showing you the ice rink at dillworth park from our city hall camera and a couple of skaters at lunch time and we could get up to 60 today get out and enjoy it. karen rogers is in for david murphy outside on the terrace with all the details from accuweather. no heavy coat today? >> no heavy coat needed i'm cool in the shade but if i were stepping in the sunshine it could feel pretty good. lets look at the numbers out here now. temperature above average,
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58 in caker found 60 already in pottstown and 64 in coatesville and 65 in longwood. and 62 in malvern and media. and 63 in center city and 60 in warminster. and south jersey, 62 in browns mills and 65 in hammonton and vineland and 65 in tuckahoe and cape may and 65 in southern delaware as well. feeling good where normally we see a high of just 51 degrees season we have surpassed that. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have enjoyed through the day and high clouds are moving through now. you see that on the radar and they continueore to the area.east as the front sneaks and the front is coming through dry and just switches the winds for us and the temperatures drop later this afternoon. e upper 50s atrees, at 4:00 we that point. with lotsf sunsh and breezy and we have a wind out of the
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west northwest and 6:00,4 under mostly clear skies and 8:00, 48 degrees and at 10:0044. get out and enjoy we don't normally see temperatures like this and they change in the seven day. i'll run that down for you in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. long time toda matt lauer was fired after an alligation of sexual misconduct. the abrupt dismissal was issd by nbc news. that a colleague filed a complaint inappropriate sexual behavio in the workplace and they have reasono believe it may not be isolated. news fired charlie rose after complaintses of several women that worked for him. north korea launches another ballistic missile after china sent the highest level delegati to the country in two years. and aircraft carriers continue
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to conduct mility exercises in the sea of japan. >> reporter: north korea with another missile test. this time putting the united states in striking zone. this morning following a call with the chinese president, president trump tweeted additional major sanctions will be imposed on north korea today. this situation will be handled. this latest launch the 18th missile test this year. traveled the highest and longest disaster yesterday 28 miles into space for roughly 15 minutes. if the angle was horizontal it could reach as far as . >> the research and developnt on their part continues to build ballistic missiles that threaten everywhere in the world basically. >> the president's response did not promise fire and fury. he simply stated -- >> a missile was launched a
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little while from north korea and i will only tell you we will take care of it. >> senator lindsay graham with a different tone. if we have to go to war to stop. andar norea brought it on itself. and we are headed to war if it doesn't change. >> and people in north korea celebrated the launch and in hawaii preparation. an attack warning tone testing starting friday warning residents of an imminent attack and seeking shelter. >> and they are strongly against the launch and the u.n. security council meets for an emergency session. >> a police k-9 unit had in delaware county has a special gift thanks to a special donation, the kennel club presented a bulletproof vest and kit to charlie. he works with the task force
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targ targeting crimes against children. santa what help from his elves to top the tree and they left presents under the tree, the sharks and stingrays and other sea life. and nearly 2,000 pounds this is billed as the tallest under water christmas tree. m light the tree. >> the reindeer say we'll wait up here. >>hey don le t water. >> still ahead, a robbery suspect tries to evade police for hours caught after crashing his get away vehicle into a pool. >> a story that remindssis a lo world. what one uber drive didor a passenger that left something of
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lots of excitement at a casino. an armed robber held up the bellagio casino the man walked up to the poker cage and demanded money and witnesses say he was wearing a wig and ac on hifa se tha ct a will be hunted down. >> no one was hurt and actor james woods that happened to be there playing poker witnessed the incident saying that the of tropical disturbance very smoothly. asing toddler i c the fbi released imageshowing it may whereabouts of mariah woods. here i this morng thathe fbi and se local authorities are sharing concerned that the girl in theh
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identify the woman carrying y we spotted i a wal-mart at 9:30 a.m. monday morning. three hours after the girl disappeared. >> priority number one is to find mariah. >> ourocus now is to find her, to bring her back and then to find out what happed. >> with helicopters in the air volunteers on foot. investigators are looking for any trace of the young girl last seen sunday night. thebi is sharing this missing e in contact with thily since sunday to come he police want t ma sure the story fity put the puzzle toer. >> the girl'sher says8= she said good night around 11:00 p.m. in their mobile home. >> whatever you want just bring her home please, safe and sound. she is my baby. she is meverything.
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>> an hrboyfriend says that the woke up and told the 3-to back grandmother found her missing ning good if someone stole the girl maybe they knew how to get in and had a key to the trailer. >> the girl's biological father whooe ithe home t believe abducted. >> someone walked in there and grab aid 3-year-old out of the bed and nobody heard nothing. two adults and two and e comes baby and walked out. >> this 3-year-old needs orthop normally and the shoes were left in the home behind me. that wal-mart is an hour away from here and they underline the girl in the pho, might, might be this missing 3-year-old. jacksonville, north carolina. a large scale manhunt f an
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armed robbery suspect ended awa. look at what authorities mass miss had to deal with in the cold temperatures overnight. several hours after a search authorities found the van and chased it. and eventually is the suspect crashed into the pool but managed to swim out and run away. he was eventually caught. if you have ever left something behind after a uber ride it can be tricky to get it back especially if it's money. >> earlier this week it happened garcia, he lost $700, and accidentally left behind his money clip in an uber he took into houston, texas. he turned to the uber app to report a stolen item. the driver had been waiting for garcia to call. and he ended up giving him an extra large tip, $100 for saving
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the day. >> very nice. now on "action news" at noon, a check of the forecast for you. >> stepping live outside. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge, karen rogers has the update from accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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the man who befriended generations. tv viewers on mr. rogers fab hood. the work and life of the pbs tv host. and they go behind the curtain to see how fred rogers navigated the social and cultural issues of the second half of the 20th century. >> i love mr. rogers. we could all use a little bit of that these days. be my neighbor.
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lets take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are dry through the area and looking good. and feeling good out there. the temperatures are really rising lets go outside and see what it looks like now. why not go to cape may. i see the waves and not too many people out and about. we saw a few earlier when we looked at this shot. but a nice day to take a walk down the shore. 63 in philadelphia. and 62 in reading and even the lehigh valley low 60s you started out below freezing and made it up to 63. 65 in wilmington and dover and 64 in atlantic city. and 62 in millville and a breeze out of the west northwest. satellite and radar showing we have the bright sunshine and a batch of clouds pushing through the area and that is associated with a weak frontal boundary and it comes through dry and filling in a couple of clouds as well as switching the wins and in the
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process of moving from the southwest to the northwest. and when that happens in the next half our or so we'll see the temperatures coming down, 2:00, 62 and 4:00 upper 50s, we see a quick drop-off. at 6:00, 54. and at 8:00, you are in the 40s. it's colder tonight than last night and 10:00, 44 degrees. a lot of temperatures stayed in the upper 40s last night but mostly clear skies tonight and even the city gets down to 37. and 30 degrees in some of the cooler suburbs, that early bus stop tomorrow you'll need the coat again. this high pressure shifts not east and 55 for your high and another nice day and temperature as above average, not as warm as today and not quite as sunny either. we'll have another front that comes through and this one spills clouds as well as showers thursday night. i have future tracker to show what you that looks like.
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we'll advance this from thursday night to friday morning. the clouds move through the area and break apart at 4:00 in the morning. we'll watch the showers exit and the rest of the day is dry and a good amount of sunshine. here is your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it's breezy and mild today. 64 for your high. and tomorrow clouds and sun and a bit cooler and above average, 55. you get a few showers thursday night and they end by dawn on friday. and friday we welcome december with lots of sunshine and high of 53. and saturday the first weekend in december, 50, and sunday mild and 55 and monday partly sunny skies and 53. tuesday we make it up to 56 but we start to cloud up and looks like we get a little drizzle at night. but the two chances for precipitation, thursday night and drizzle on tuesday are only shots for rain in the forecast. it's a pretty dry forecast.
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>> my daughter wants to know when it will snow. >> not yet. it's too warm. >> thank you karen. city hall's dillworth park is decked out for the holidays and on fine display tonight as well. >> you can ice skate and there is food and shopping and alicia vitarelli checked it out and is with us now to show us. >> my favorite. there are two holiday markets in the heart of center city. the made in philly market is next to the ice rink and christmas village is across the street in the newly renovated love park. >> christmas village in philadelphia is modeled after a traditional holiday market. it transforms love park in an outdoor fair with european flair. can you get german ornmentses. >> and eat german food and find gifts from overseas. we sell unique collectible toys. made in russia. >> and wander across the street
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and find the made in philadelphia market. there is so much stuff you can't find in any mall. >> this no new hope photographer makes name signs with letters you pick yourself. >> coffee bean name. >> whether you spell a name or phrase you put it together. i supply the stuff but you pick out the names and chalk it up to this designer for attention drawing chalks. >> chalk board on a t-shirt. you can write on it. >> hockessin the pickle capital of the world. >> talk to me. talk to me. >> put that in my stockinthis a glass. and this farmer has shelves of stuff from the shore. >> this comes from the sea in cape may? >> yes good find your favorite beach town on a star fish. >> we start with a bag of clay and hand cut everything.
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and look no further than west philly for all natural bath products. >> this is our peppermint food cream and hand cream and spear many and rosemary. >> that is wonderful. >> philly made knit wear is always in season. from the tree trunk to passyunk these goods are made from wood. >> you make sunglasses from wood? >> they look good. and when you need a break from the shopping, you can ride the carousel and this alcohol say season skip them all and head to city hall. >> and 6 abc is helping you get into the spurt of the season. cecily tynan and rick williams has a magical night at dillworth park and a new deck the hall light show. i'll be there as well. live tonight start agent 7:30 here on 6 abc. and you know it's the one time of year you guys get me to put ice skates on and hit the rink.
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>> that is my favorite part. >> and hopefully not fall down.
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one last look at the accuweather forecast. why not it's such good news. let look at the numbers now and check them for you. we jumped up to 64 in philadelphia. 63 in allentown and reading and 65 in dover and 59 in cape may. normally just a high of 51 that is the ocean temperature. everything above it is well above average. 64 for your high and normally a high of 51 degrees we are well above average, i want to warn you don't throw the coat away. you need it tonight and tomorrow morning for the bus stop. a look at story coming up on
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"action news" at 4:00. he makes his living repairing homes. and this south jersey carpenter manages to do the work on one leg because of an incident years ago. why he says someone took away his livelihood. coming up on "action news" 12:00. >> don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for meteorologist, karen rogers and david murphy and sara bloomquist i'm rick williams get out and enjoy the afternoon. she never let anything slow her down.
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