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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  December 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with gray hall, nydia han, and meteorologist chris sowers. good afternoon it is sunday december 10th aim nydia han with jeanette ray necessary for gray hall today. >> here are stories we are following on "action news". with snow on the ground the mixed reaction from the winter wet's cross the delaware
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valley. the search is on for a two drivers after a woman was push from the truck, an hit by a car in the port richmond section of philadelphia. plus multiple wild fires, continue to race in southern kalas residents find out what it is left of their homes. but first it is unofficial ly winter on the calendar yet but it sure looks like winter outside. drone six was over downingtown chester county this morning where they were wasting no time getting in a few good ride while the snow last. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live where crews sladed in their sled for troubles and clearing snow off of the road. >> but first meteorologist david murphy is in for chris sowers with the exclusive lot forecast and cold on the way. david, you look cold. >> it is chilly right now. temperatures are on their way up but we have a bit of the breeze and wind chills. satellite shows you there is a cloud cover poking in from the west. generally speaking still bright across the region. i expect most of the day will maintain, mainly sunny conditions. maybe a few more cloud later
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in the afternoon. 38 degrees currently in philadelphia. allentown and reading are up to 36 after starting out in the teens earlier this morning 36 degrees in trenton and millville. thirty-eight in cape may and in wilmington. that is delaware. right now we have 16 miles an hour winds. winds have pick up, since earlier this morning then expected. we are expecting rest of the way, wind to go probably run between 10 and 20 miles an hour. right now that is giving us a wind chill of 29. in fact most of the air eighth still feels like it is below freezing. if you are going out to play in the snow today you do want to make sure you bundle up. temperatures are going to come up a bit over the next couple of hours. by 3:00 we expect to be honor about 40. i will go for a high of 41. decent amount of sunshine we should melt some of this snow especially off partially cleared side streets and sidewalks, where the sun can get in there in particular. then we can see later this evening temperatures are right back down to freezing and below, so look out for re freeze of anything that is melted and doesn't completely
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dry out and this afternoon's breeze. when i step inside, jeanette we will talk about the exclusive seven day, getting milder over next couple days but then another plunge around mid week, that is all ahead from accu weather. >> david, thank you very much. staying on local weather "action news" reporter bob brooks joins us live from camden county new jersey. bob, hopefully road are better this afternoon. >> reporter: good morning, jeanette or maybe afternoon. we're in collinswood. road looks great. i will step out of the way and show you here just a very winter, picturesque type of view we have here from our camera. beautiful christmas tree set up. you can see haddon avenue knew looks great, cleared out, with the people down here loving it this morning, let's take a look. >> they love snow. they like rolling in it. >> reporter: into the winter snow kind of thing it doesn't get much better then this morning. bianca demarco's dog love it, 1 foot is in the snow and so do they.
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>> he enjoys brisk air and beautiful snow, great. >> reporter: tom was at army/ navy game yesterday and snow made it better. >> it was great, very patriot like. >> reporter: we have been in collinswood and seen all kinds of people out and about, quite a few dog walkers including dan and his dog, bailey. >> it is great, man, downtown like this, beautiful out, you know, gets you into the winter seasons. >> reporter: but to be fair not everyone is happy old man winter has shown up, you can see, bailey was a little cold. she was shivering. >> she's a little cold with this winter weather, storm we try to keep her, you know, warm with the coat. >> reporter: for john, you can see it means work. >> i got, three cars to do. >> reporter: work he could do without. >> when you are kid you like it but when you are older, it is just too much work. >> reporter: hey, winter is not for everyone, for sure. another live look at haddon avenue knew here in collinswood. beautiful shot, beautiful christmas tree they have set
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up and good news, roads every where we have been this morning looking pretty clear. reporting live, bob brooks, channel six "action news", nydia, back to you. >> it goodies news. it does look pretty, thank you snow has added extra holiday magic to the christmas village in center city. winter whither did not stop folks from heading to love park and city hall. people shopped in the village and took pictures by enormous christmas tree. for some of those visitors the snow added something extra to the decorations, and the spirit of the attractions. >> really pretty. snowfall, the light bulbs, on the snow, on the light bulbs, it is really cool. it is really feeling like christmas. but looking at all of the sky scrapers, just awesome. >> reporter: with the snow falling, perfect. >> magical. >> magical, i like to word to describe. workers at dilworth park were out shoveling to ensure everyone has a festive safe vice it this weekend. in montgomery county, a snow created a snowfall created a kid par died for a day of playing this was the
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scene in the high school as dozens of children grabbed their sled and went down the snow covered hills. some people wanted to use a snow as an excuse, to stay warm, inside. >> it is crazy. and, it is fun. >> to be inside with hot chocolate, yes, but when you have kid, you have to be out. >> no choice there as for road , snow removal crews plan to keep the streets clear for drivers. montgomery county is under a code blue until 9:00 tomorrow morning, meaning the temperatures or wind chillies forecasted to be below 20 degrees and conditions could be dangerous. now, stay ahead of the wintry weather forecast, and check constantly updated maps from storm tracker six, by visiting six or by down loading the free six abc app. in other news, a woman has died after police say she was pushed out of the pickup truck , and then hit by another car, in philadelphia's port richmond section. investigators say it happened just before 2:00 this morning on the 3,000 block of
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frankford avenue. they say would the man was pushed out of the passenger seat in older model, ford f150 after she fell police say a black dodge challenge their was driving behind the pickup truck, ran would the man over. both vehicles, sped away from the scene. police are now looking at several cameras from local business toss try to find more information on the drivers. a driver lost control and slammed not to three cars overnight in delaware county, police say it happened at eagle road and west chester pike in havertown. there was extensive damage to all of the vehicles involved but no injuries, were reported your time 12:07. turning now to the devastating wild fires in california. homeowners are now returning to what is left of their neighborhoods as fire fighters worked around the clock to get the upper hand on six major blazes. abc's marci gonzales has the very latest. >> reporter: this morning fire fighters in southern california, were working tirelessly to tackle the blames, and keep a hold on the progress made over the past couple of days.
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>> fire fighters are taking advantage of the breaks in the wind. >> reporter: four of the six wild fires now more than 75 percent contained, main focus now on the massive thomas fire that grew overnight in ventura county. 155,000 acres now scorched, that is more than the size of chicago, and it is only 15 percent contained. >> right now fire fighters are intentionally burning this dry brush to control the wild fire 's direction before it reaches these active power lines. nearby as flames move closer to home, new evacuations ordered saturday while others were lifted. teresa, returning to where the home that she has lived in for more than four decade once stood. >> is there nothing left. the room that i may dad built. >> reporter: 15,000 other homes remain at risk, so with the evacuated residents allowed to briefly return to grab belongings. >> we're very, very lucky, the house is still standing, lot of maneuvering around us are not. >> reporter: smoke lingering
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in the area bringing air quality to hazardous levels and fire conditions today, again, considered critical. >> it is a horror. it is aid horror we want to minimize and we cannot mine myselfed it we want to recover from it as quickly as possible >> reporter: more evacuation where is ordered with concerns that the flames could spread, more, because as you can probably see, and hear, the winds are picking up, expected to gusting up to 50 miles an hour today. marci gonzales for abc news, venture, california. and the eagles face another big game, on the west coast this afternoon, and this one, pits los angeles rams quarterback jared golf, the number one pick in the 2016 draft, against the number two pick in that draft, eagles qb, carson wentz. both teams have a lot on the line in this game, a win for the bird would clinch the nfc east and keep them at least even with the vikings for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. the rams need the win to maintain their one game lead over the seattle seahawks in
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the nfc west, kick off at 4:25 this afternoon. and as we cheer on the eagles and their push for the playoffs we want to you share your eagles pride, with us here on "action news". just use the #six abc action on social media and we may feature your photos and videos live right here on the air. >> looking forward to seeing those pictures. fortunately, eagles will not have to play in the snow but army/navy game was not as lucky. action cam was in south philadelphia as fans cleared off their cars after the big football game. the cars, thaw can see, were completely covered in snow, however, the snow brought out kindness in people as they helped others clear off their cars in the parking lot at the linc. by the way, army won this year edging out navy by a point. jamie apody will have highlights in sports. >> my husband was outside for that game and tailgate. he was outside for six hours. he said it was worth every minute. >> that is passion. >> clearly. there is still much more to come on "action news" for this sunday afternoon, one
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survivor of the las vegas shooting massacre came back to the sit more than two months later. plus a grim study reveals how many children in america are expected to be obese, by the time they are in their 30 's. meteorologist david murphy will be back with the full accu weather forecast, when "action news" continues.
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protests continue outside wing president trumpe middle 's decision to recognize jerusalem as israeli's capitol four palestinians died and hundreds injured since trump announced it last wednesday. palestinian leader mahmoud abbass said he will not meet with vice-president pence when 's arrived next month but white house says the meeting is still scheduled. more than two months after the deadly las vegas shooting massacre hundreds of survivors went back to the city to thank
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the responders who worked tirelessly to help them. the survivors of the october 1st attack came back with gifts in hand to express their gratitude to those who treated the injured. they gave out 1,000 wellness baskets including essential oils, healing books and snacks survivors say it is the least that they can do. >> i left, praying, hoping that they were going to get at tension that they needed and to know these people are just there, it is definitely much stronger. >> two of the survivors started the las vegas first responders thank you fund which has already raised more than $37,000. >> all right. always good to see outpouring of support there. switching to weather here locally a lot of shoveling, a lot of salt. >> yes, someplaces we did start to get coverage overnight on sidewalks an inside streets, some of you might still be encountering that this morning. rothman ice rink snow puts people in the mood information
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winter activities. a lot of folks in the shadows of the city hall there, sunshine poking through, and here, and river rink a lot of folks getting those blade on their feet and, starting to, skate, and why not? it that is time of the year. all right. satellite in the weather center right now shows you some breaks in the clouds. some cloud cover streaking in from the west. we are looking at a sunny morning in the rear-view mirror and beginning of the avenue fairly bright, we will cloud up, but generally speaking fairly bright out there temperatures right now are improving. we are up to 38 in philadelphia. thirty-six now in allentown. you started in the teens in allentown at dawn. nice recovery there. 37 degrees in trenton. thirty-eight in wilmington. thirty-seven in millville. there is a little bit of the breeze blowing. we are expecting 10 to 20 miles an hour breeze in general through the rest of the afternoon, and so that is giving you wind chills that are making it feel like it is below freezing mark. if you go out and play in the snow or do ice skating, you will want to make sure you have good heavy winter coat on
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and some gloves and maybe a hat and scarves as well. little bit breezy out there. updated snowfall amounts, coming in, philadelphia still at 4.1. that will be the official, lansdowne 4.9 inches now. phoenixville four and a half inches. up in trevose early reports were only at 3 inches there but final number has come in and that was within of those bullet areas that did better, 6.8 there. allentown almost 5 inches at the airport. wilmington delaware same as philadelphia, 4.1 inches. new castle down the road only 2.2 inches of snow on the ground. mount who will hi point will. vineland about three. cape may got up to five. it was really hit or miss but in general about a three to 6- inch snowfall in most neighborhood, that is what you are dealing with on the ground a lot of it melted on the main road, some of the side streets picked up some of. that as we go through the rest of the day by noon, 38 degrees where we are right now. 41 degrees is your high at 3:00. thirty-five by 6:00 o'clock and a fair amount of sunshine through the afternoon with some cloud building later on.
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i will caution you we will drop below freezing mark by eight or 9:00 tonight in philadelphia, and then that means that anything that does manage to melt, doesn't completely dry out, and that breeze we have blowing through the region could refreeze, later on in the evening. and that will be an issue as you step outside monday morning, as well. mostly sun think afternoon. is there 10 to 20 miles an hour wind we have to look out for. added reason to take a decent coat. but high temperature for a little bit today will be up about 40 degrees, 41 in philadelphia 42 in wilmington. boardwalk in ac 43. then, tomorrow, in the morning , it looks like we're mainly dry, is there a chance of a little flurry around, model not picking up a whole lot of that right now. basically sunny through the dade and then a few more cloud digging in as the evening hours go on. now the latest model run as we head into tuesday morning, at about 5:00 a.m. when we will be on the air does push most of our precipitation up in the northern suburbs. you can see there is some snow , maybe a lit built of mixed precipitation. summaries event model runs have brought some snow further
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down into northern bucks and montgomery, and maybe even some rain in the i-95 corridor f this happens, it will be brief in the morning, but it could be during the morning rush hour and we will keep an eye on those northern suburbs in particular. forty-one, brisk abe chilly, lots of sun, chilly tomorrow, 43. some light rain and snow possible, most of it toward tuesday morning and then it dries out quickly on tuesday. cloud, some sun otherwise, milder high of 46. and hanukkah arriving at sundown. and then wednesday, that is a day to keep your eyes on, it is brisk, cold. 30 degrees the high. wind chills in the teens and 20's. after that it is 34 with some snow at night, thursday. cloud, some sun on friday, 38. by the way i don't think thinks more than just a couple of snow showers right now. then we will head in the weekend but sunny but not as cold on saturday with a high of 416789 we're in the mid to upper 40's in sunday. jeanette, things whim get better. >> hopefully. "action news" viewers have been send nothing pictures and videos of how they are enjoying the first snowfall of the season, and we of course want to see your photos as
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well. share em them with us on the "action news" facebook page using the #six abc action. on twitter and instagram. or go ahead's e-mail us at join the action on six we will be right back.
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in today's health check new data predicts a majority of the american kid will be obese by the time they are in
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their 30's. the announcement as published as part of the study that involved 42,000 children and adults. centers for disease control and prevention say roughly 20 percent of american children six to 19 are already obese, and experts say that adults including parents can be a big, positive influence on kid by being an example and eating healthy. well, cold, dry winter air can be rough on won skin but there are things to protect yourself. experts recommend wearing layers and using moisturizers before going outside and when you are inside try to cut down on those long hot showers. that is tough to do. experts say that can strip natural oils from your skin. remember, despite there being less daylight, you should be using, sun screen. well, new research indicates that too much sitting can be harmful for your health even if you exercise regularly. researchers looked at more than 40 studies and found more time people sit, the greater their risk of premature death, cardio vast already disease, cancer and type two diabetes. experts say you should stand
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for a few minutes every half an hour or try to do, work or chores, that require you to move. we will be right back.
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in sports it is game day as eagles look to clinch the nfc east against the rams later today. >> sixers took out cleveland cavilers without one of their centers, jamie apody explains in sports. >> joel embiid still not cleared to play back to back games and given night off against cleveland but given way game ended it would have been nice to see what the sixers could have done with their big man. cavilers coming off their first loss in 14 games, ben simmons looking to take to it lebron james. simmons, jam, only down six at the half. third quarter lebron, like a receiver on the full court pass, dario saric cannot stop
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him, james 29 points calves up by nine. jj reddick helped sixers re take the lead, hit this three. reddick with 19. and then, watch simmons, showing off the spin, the two handed jam, sixers up five. ben with 14 points and 10 assists. but down the stretch here's that old combination, james, to dwayne wade for jam, sixers lose 105-98. zach ertz is a game time decision today as he tries to recover from the concussion. for first time since september we will see how bird bounce back that nine game winning streak snapped, carson wentz say they are resilient. >> we all hate to lose around here. that is kind of always been, kind of the thing with us, but i think we have always had the same focus, same energy, same kind of passion every day. at the end of the day last sunday we just got beat. we just got beat. but, you know, i think we will all respond in the right way. >> and there is nothing quite like it, 118th meeting of army /navy one of the sports best rivalry at the linc in
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the snow. first quartered a mad bradshaw scores from the yard out they take 14-13 lead. navy a chance for game winning field goal but first clearing a spot for kicker. and he has 48-yard, time expired, it is wide left. so, horrible for the kid. army beats navy for second straight year, first time they have done that, in over, two decade. congrats to the son of the lake phillies star roy halladay, brayden halladay committed to pitch for penn state starting in 2019, imagine how proud his dad would be. how about a state championship game in the snow. st. joes prep riding a 27 game winning streak facing pine richland in the title game. pine rich manned quarterback, heading to notre dame was too much. jeremiah trottedder. he had five touchdowns. they crushed them 41-21. college hoops later today villanova takes on lasalle. the sixers, they face pelicans that is sports. have a great sunday. go bird.
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nail bite tore day. >> i'm optimistic. >> me too. another half an hour is just ahead. >> we will be right back.
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happening right now clean up efforts continue after yesterday's snowstorm as crews work to clear the road, before the monday morning commute. and a man who critically injured during an overnight stabbing is ending police vows not far from the scene. consumer reports lot at
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potential health benefits of the drinking alcohol in moderation. but first with the snow stopping, many in the delaware valley are going outside to enjoy it. in middletown, delaware kid grabbed their sled and headed out for a fun day in the snow at dell castle recreational park. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in collinswood, new jersey with a lot clean up efforts there. >> but first meteorologist daid murphy is in for chris soars with a lot accu weather forecast and what you can expect beginning of the week. i guess cold would summit up. >> still better the next couple of days but by wednesday we will be back into another arctic blast at least briefly. as a concession to the rising temperatures ivory moved my ear muffs. satellite shows you that the satellite is still off to the west and we are still looking at very bright conditions in the early afternoon hours. north and west a little bit more cloud cover beginning to move in. as we take a look at temperatures, an improment, certainly, we were down below freezing every where this morning. up in allentown we are in the upper teens but up to 36 in allentown, reading, lancaster.
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thirty-eight in philadelphia and wilmington. 37 degrees in trenton andmillvi. thirty-nine in cape may and dover. there is a lit built of the breeze running generally 10 to 20 miles an hour and tha ing a t makes it feel like just below freezing mark. if you have plans to head out this afternoon and play in the snow make sure you wear gloves , of course but decent coat and then maybe a hat or a hood as well. as we take a look at where numbers aringing this model has been running a little bit cold. i think we will get to 41 for a high around 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. is there a chance that we will cloud up later in the day but, of course, right now we have numbers above freezing. sun pouring down. if you have a semi cleared sidewalk, maybe you go out and dust it off and between that and help from the sun and that mild conditions we might be able to melt ate way. anything that is still wet later on this evening, though by about 9:00 o'clock or so could refreeze, because you could see those numbers once again falling back below freezing mark. as we look to the west temperatures are a little bit
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milder, due west in places like st. louis, omaha, wichita and that milder air will be moving toward thee over the next couple of days. we expect a high of 46 by tuesday for example. but by wednesday, another snap of cold air comes in, and have details on that in the exclusive accu weather sevendays feeling better the afternoons de winter coats away just jet jeanette. >> thanks, david. "action news" reporter had mixed opinions on the snow, he joins us live from camden county, bob, i'm assuming the kid love it? >> reporter: hey, jeanette, kid love it, some people hate it, some people love it. that is how winter go. that is snow game. behind me here i want to show you a pictures risk shot on collinswood in haddon avenue knew. road looks great. everyone on the road crews have done an amazing job down here. we went around town getting peoples take on the first winter storm of the season. lets take a listen. >> they love the snow. they like when they are rolling in it.
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>> reporter: into the winter snow kind of thing it really doesn't get much better then this morning. some of the bianca demarco's dogs love it. 1 foot is in the snow and so do they. >> he enjoys brisk air and beautiful snow, great. >> reporter: tom was at army/ navy game yesterday and snow even made things better. >> great, very patriotic too. >> reporter: over in collinswood we have seen people out and about quite a few dog walkers thanks to dan and his dog, bailey. >> it is gat, man especially downtown like this, really beautiful, it gets into the, winter seasons. >> reporter: but to be fair not everyone is happy old man winter has shown up, you can see bailey, was a little cold, shivering. >> a little cold, you know, winter weather, the storm, we try to keep her, warm with the coat. >> reporter: for john baraso it means work. >> i got three cars to do. >> reporter: work he could do without. >> when you're a kid you like it but when you are older, it is too much work. >> reporter: just to get a
12:34 pm
taste of other areas today center city was looking cleaned up at this point. we stopped out in manayunk. the hills there create a little bit more challenge for road crews but sure enough you can see the work was getting done. okay. another live look on haddon avenue knew, again just a beautiful shot there. they set up a beautiful christmas tree in the middle of the road. good news from what we have seen, minus a few covered streets in manayunk the road out here are looking good. reporting live, bob brooks, channel six "action news". they did a good job cleaning up, bob, thank you. in atlantic county new jersey action cam spotted people picking up supplieso clear out the snow, while a they getting the snow off of those road. this is the scene in bucks county just a short time ago as man used a snow blower to clean up his driveway in warminster. while some want the snow gone, others like these sledders in doyletown probably want more of it, to make their sled go just a little bit faster. the storm that brought snow to our area also brought
12:35 pm
snow to other parts of the country, from the south, all the way up the east coast, and while it has been a rough, ride for some and ultimate headaches for some, abc's rob marciano explains. >> reporter: this morning millions waking up to messy winter conditions. plows taking to the streets across much of the northeast. boston receiving as much as 5 inches of snow. slick, sleety conditions, causing cars to overturn. action at new york city to, new haven connecticut covered in a matter of hours. despite the snowfall, many still out, braving the elements to get their holiday shopping done. >> i think it is tough but you have to come out and shop. >> reporter: down south, digging out, parts of the alabama receiving a foot of snow, the most it has ever seen this early in the season. >> you can hear crack, crack, crack, boom. >> reporter: down power lines making for a mess across atlanta, down trees rerouting drivers and still nearly
12:36 pm
40,000 without power from alabama to new jersey. >> we just moving around to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: snowy conditions delayed, canceling thousands of flights, air force one even delayed in jackson, mississippi where they have not had this much snow in three decade. stay ahead of the winter wintry mix and you can checkup dated maps from storm tracker six by visiting six weather or by down loading free six abc app. search is on for person who stabbed a man in west philadelphia this morning. police say man was stabbed at lee three time in the neck and chest on the 5900 block of lansdowne avenue. the victim was rushed to penn presbyterian where he is listed in critical. investigators recovered a knife not too far from the house where stabbing took place. they say person responsible is known to the victim but would not say who that person is. in wilmington, delaware police are searching for the gun man who shot a man once in the head at around 6:00 this morning at intersection of
12:37 pm
third and rodney streets. the unidentified vick them was fun lying in the street. he was taken to christiana hospital where he is in critical condition. and so far there is in word on the motive or a, possible suspect in the case. no arrest have been made after a 38 year-old man was shot and killed in northeast philadelphia overnight. the shots were fired 12:30 in the 1200 block of griefy street. neighbors found the man lying between two parked cars, with several gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. several shell casings were found in the snow, near the victim. and one person was injured in an early morning crash in burlington county, new jersey. police tell "action news" that two vehicles crashed on route 295 in mount laurel near mile marker 38.9 around 3:30 this morning. so far it has not been clear whether slick road are to blame for. that one driver was taken to an area hospital for a minor leg injury. just days before a special election for the alabama senate, president trump has recorded a robo call urging
12:38 pm
voters there to support roy moore. the republican date is facing accusations that he persued relationships with teenagers when he was in his 30's. there are also allegation that is he molested a 14 year-old girl and sexually assaulted a 16 year-old. moore has denied the allegations. president trump says republicans cannot afford to lose a senate seat. well from our delaware news room are you looking for a new fury friend? dozens of dogs are getting a fresh start from the delaware valley this weekend. this plane touched down in new castle, delaware yesterday car big 120 dogs in need of new families. they made the trip from overcrowded shelters in the phoenix, arizona area they will be put up for adoption next week even at an event hosted by brandywine valley spca writing the dogs to chester county was a strategic decision. >> in arizona there are more small dogs then there are adopters. here in this area we have more adopters for small dogs then we have dogs. so it is a terrific match up to save lives.
12:39 pm
>> a mega adoption event takes place next saturday and sunday at 23rd street armory in philadelphia. the adoption fee is $20. time now for what is the deal, chances are you have heard alcohol in moderation may offer certain health benefits but moderate drinking really out weigh minuses. consumer reports looks at benefits and risk. she's chare williams. >> reporter: with the holidays just around the corner there is reasons to celebrate with the cocktail or two but how much is too much. many studies have found that alcohol in moderate amounts, one drink a day for woman and two drinks a day for men is linked to a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and death from cardiac-related problems, but other research suggest that moderate drinking may be linked to an elevated risk of breast cancer and especially among smokers, mouth, and throat cancers. one study even found that men who drink moderately had higher odd of a brain condition that could be a sign
12:40 pm
of early alzheimer's, so how do you make sense of all of this? most experts agree even though it is not totally without risk , one drink daily, two if you are a man is just fine. >> anything more and then you should consider cutting back. that means sticking within the u.s. guidelines for moderation >> reporter: one drink as a standard power depend being on the kind of alcohol. for example for wine it is 5- ounces. for beer, 12-ounces, and for hard liquor, an ounce and a half. but, make no mistake, looks can be deceiving, as especially when it comes to wine. this glass seems pretty full, while this one looks almost empty but both have 5-ounces. use a msu cup or shot glass to ensure you are pouring right around. and sip water between drinks to slow down at those holiday office parties or family gathering. chare williams for channel six "action news". yes. still much more to come on "action news" this sunday we will explain the change instagram is make to go save
12:41 pm
our wild life friends. and how a viral movement became time magazine's person of the year. going outside we are looking at city hall cam, via sky 6hd, this is the beautiful christmas tree. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. meteorologist david murphy will have your full accu weather forecast when "action news" continues right after the break.
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the person of the year for 20167. editor says that those who spoken up about sexual misconduct have created one of the largest shifts in our culture in decade. in the magazine there are emotional portraits of the woman hoff come forward, amid the me too movement. and, with the announcement time posted this powerful video, which you can find on our web site six it is a great choice. if you have not seen that video you should consider it, six to check it out. >> very good. we are on the chilly side but things are getting better,
12:44 pm
storm tracker six live double scan is showing us that we are dry, and showing you sunshine coming down and working on that snow in our parks down around penns landing, and, battleship olympia and vietnam veterans memorial there over there on the right. so, things are looking better out there still cool enough for coats but an improvement. as we look at temperatures 36 in allentown. thirty-six in reading. thirty-six currently in lancaster. thirty-eight in philadelphia and wilmington. 37 degrees in trenton, wilmington, mild inner cape may and dover. satellite shows you a lot of cloud cover to the west of us and some of this has begun to push into the northern and western suburbs but the early on set of this still allows some sunshine to shine through and i think for at lee another couple hours it will stay bright and then we will see cloud get thicker as we head toward sundown. in philadelphia we did wind up with 4.1 inches of snow. that is how much we have got to maybe shovel. some of this melted on the asphalt prior to actually
12:45 pm
beginning to mount up. just a little bit of snow. media 3.9 inches. valley forge 4.6. montgomeryville got four and a half inches and lindenwald, new jersey, gets us to 4.8 inches there saturday ♪ fall in philadelphia 4.1, first time in four years we have got more than 1 inch of snow, in december, last time was 2013, of course that month was a whooper. we started out early with 11 inches, pretty rare we will get four-point is as we look back at five or six or seven years period, lehigh veil mostly sunny, chilly, 40 degrees, some cloud thickening up later in the day we will call it mostly sunny, too, 43 is the high and cloud thicken up late in the afternoon and evening. mostly sunny in philadelphia with a build up of cloud, possible later in the day, high of 41 degrees, chilly conditions but warm enough with that sun, especially to melt some of that snow on some of your partially clear pavements an inside streets. it is going to be breezy, so if you are heading out keep in mind that wind chill feels
12:46 pm
like down around freezing even at best of times. few cloud overnight tonight, cold, 30 in philadelphia. twenty-six in the outlining suburbs. we might dip below freezing mark as soon as nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight. that means anything that has melted during the day and hasn't totally dried out, with that wind blowing, it could still freeze up, and that is something to keep in mind as we put our foot on the ground tomorrow or your pedal to the metal and ease back if anything looks like it might be wet. early tomorrow morning we cannot rule out a couple of flurries around, realsnow showe. i will be on the air with karen rog tours let you know if is there any impact. frankly i doubt is there. it is not the kind of snow that will accumulate. then during date sunny skies and few more cloud building in at night. overnight monday into tuesday morning is there a chance of the shower, or a snow shower, especially up north, if we get precipitation closer to i-95 it will be rain and not snow and this is another recent model run that wants to push this stuff far to the north though, so it could that be we will miss out but this is something we are looking for
12:47 pm
tuesday morning, perhaps, in the northern suburbs. your exclusive accu weather seven day 41. brisk and chilly few more cloud late inert day. tomorrow chill which late rain or snow, possible especially north, 43 is the high and then tuesday, cloud mixing with some sun, 46 degrees, early flurry, late sunshine and obviously mild on the thermal as as hanukkah comes in sundown. wednesday is the day we are watching next, not that it will, have any snow involved, but it with the be very cold with a high of 306789 wind chills in the teens and 20's. nydia is scared. >> yes. >> still cold on thursday, 34 degrees, maybe a snow shower there do it looks like we will climb back in the 40's overcoming weekend. but upper 40's, nydia by sunday, how that. >> you can see the fear in my eyes it is sad when you are looking forward to 46 degrees. >> well, yeah. >> thanks, david. "action news" viewers have been send nothing pictures and videos of how they are enjoying the first snow fall of the season. and there are people enjoying this we want to see your photos. share them with us on the "action news" facebook page using the #six abc action, on
12:48 pm
twitter and instagram or you can e-mail us at join the action at six the barnes foundation has a new major exhibit exhibit that celebrates two artists, one from the past and one from the present. karen rodgers has more on this weeks six abc loves the arts. >> reporter: it has been 100 years since the death of french sculptor rodin and contemporary, artist kieffer created a new body of work inspired by the works of rodan it is called kieffer rodan. >> we had a compare sin and how artists today looks at the artist from the past. >> reporter: museum rodin in paris organized the exhibition coming up works of the rodin who died in 1917 with the works of kieffer born in 1945. >> building bridges between different generations of artists, and different cultures, and response.
12:49 pm
>> reporter: project was inspired by a book rodin wrote in 1914 called cathedrals of france, kieffer, best men for his monumental painting, was asked to revisit book through the eyes of the contemporary artist. >> the pages are coated with books that is also sculpture. it is a process of the artist. >> reporter: show opens up at rodin exhibit in paris before traveling here and includes many works never before seen in the united states including a piece created specifically for barnes fund days. it is part painting by kieffer and sculpture by rodin. >> it is the two artists and in concert between the two artists. >> reporter: kieffer rodin exhibition is part of the worldwide celebration of the anniversary of rodin's death. >> we have the rodin right next door so we think it is a great opportunity to come and visit both barnes and rodin. >> reporter: kieffer rodin runs through march 12th. go to the arts in for six abc loves the arts,
12:50 pm
i'm karen rodgers.
12:51 pm
welcome back on this sunday, 12:51, 38 degrees, sky 6hd looking at snow covered cape may. if you think it is cold today just wait, on wednesday, i'm scared, it is going to be a high of 30 degrees. so enjoy today. instagram has a new warning for its users in an effort to combat wild life exploitations.
12:52 pm
the company is adding content warnings to selfie that is include tigers, koalas and other wild life. experts say animals can suffer from human contact even it is just taking a photo. instagram is sending a message against behaviors. message pops up when users click on #like koala selfie or tiger pets, however, company is not banning the photos. general motors unveiled its marketplace dashboard app. the app allows users to make food, hotel reservations without leaving their car. gm will make the app available in all 2017/18 chevy buick, gmc and cadillac models. the app is free but so far number of vendors is limited. right now the list includes shell, exxon mobile, star bucks, tgi friday and price line. >> star bucks is all i need. if you have trouble staying up late to watch shows like me you may be in luck next year. 2018 academy award will begin at 8:00 p.m. half an hour earlier then previous tell casts. officials say oscars preshow will kick off earlier.
12:53 pm
critics have complained that previous oscars tell casts have been too long. you can watch the 2018 academy award on march 4th, right here on six abc. and, sports illustrated has revealed its two winners of this years sports person of the year award, and both represent, houston. jose altuva and jj watts of the houston texans received the honor. sports illustrated said he was a key figure in getting astros to its first ever world series championship this year. as for watts you may remember he is honored for raising more than 37 million-dollar, for hurricane harvey relief aid and that was quite impressive. >> really impressive. when "action news" continues an update of our top stories. >> plus a final look at our accu weather forecast in just a moment.
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recapping our top stories philadelphia police are hoping surveillance video will lead them the two drivers involve in the early morning death of a woman. investigators say woman was push out of the pickup truck on the 3,000 block of frankford avenue and car following the pick up then ran over the woman killing her. both vehicles then sped away. our first snowstorm of the season is starting to pull into a disappearance act on the streets and roads some of them, brining, plowing, sunlight and warmer temperatures have eased driving conditions but tonight wet road could ice up once again. 120 dogs have been flown to the delaware val any search of new owners. pets were brought in from overcrowded shelfers in phoenix, arizona brandywine
12:57 pm
valley spca will offer dogs for adoption next weekend at 23rd street armory in fail. all right. time for one more check of accu weather. >> most of our numbers are above freezing by a lieutenant ill and more than a little bit and we will continue in that direction. mostly sun which some cloud, increasing in the northern and western suburbs through the next several hours, brisk and chilly. but high of 41 in reading. it looks like a couple spots in montgomery county might get to 39. n philadelphia. forty-one glassboro. forty in wrightstown. forty in west chester. down by the shore 43 in ac. forty-two in sea isle. forty-one in cape may. mostly sunny, brisk, chilly, you said it, we will melt some snow but anything that does not completely dry could re freeze after nine or 10:00 tonight. >> give yourself extra time in the morning. >> absolutely. >> thanks very much, david. annual day of bar hopping with a festive twist was held this weekend in new york city. >> ♪ >> all right.
12:58 pm
that sounds familiar. you know lyrics santa claus is coming to town, sort of, hundreds of people dressed as santa took part in the 19th annual santa conn, the event was on the list of the past because of unreally santaes, but this year nypd say no santas were arrested. >> it looks calm. >> yes, they do. "action news" continue at 5:00 o'clock tonight. >> now for jeanette reyes, david murphy, gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a wonderful sunday. >> ♪
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