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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 12, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EST

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team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> whipping up a youtube stunt with plaster and a microwave. what could possibly go wrong? why getting unstuck is going to take a call to emergency services. >> it's not gonna work! >> it's okay, she's a badly neglected dog. >> that really needed help. >> wait until you see the dramatic makeover that led kona
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to a new home. four guys, one sailboat, 2500 miles. >> across the ocean. >> why this journey is much more than a grand adventure. >> they're on a mission for good as well. and playing real or fake with mack dreidel. watch the videos and make up your own mind. >> how many times did that take?! the guys from tgf bro are having an extreme christmas advental dhar challenge. every day they're opening up they have to do something stupid. today's challenge? >> microwave polyfiller rock solid breathing tube and a bucket. >> and absolutely no sense whatsoever. essentially they're going to fill the microwave with polyfiller and put his head in it until it gets stuck. ha, ha, ha, ha! if you are thinking he hasn't thought it through? totally. >> i don't know what i'm doing.
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>> this guy is an idiot. >> you have no idea. his grand plan to put a plastic bag on his head, don't do anything this person ever does. >> this pokes through the hole so i can breathe. >> what can possibly go wrong? >> they fill the oven with polyfiller. dingus puts his head in the microwave. >> oh my, bro, that's solid. oh my god. >> stands one a microwave on his head, looks ridiculous. it's just comedy gold. >> is it going to expand and seal that tube he's breathing through shut? >> like here. >> he should just bang his head inside the microwave up side the brick wall. >> am i going to die? >> no you're not man. >> he is totally stuck. >> bro, get something to break this. >> they start attacking it with a knife. >> it's not going to work. >> no, they then deploy a
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screwdriver and a drill to start disassembling the microwave. takes that dral by himself he's drilling that into the polyfiller in front of his head. >> jake made the 999 call. >> hear me out, officer, we had this great idea. >> i know this sounds like a prank car, trying to sell a youtube video. >> fortunately the emergency services in the uk take this situation seriously. before you know it, look what is showing up. >> that response is the fastest thing i've ever heard. >> after a significant amount of work. >> oh my god, i love you guys. >> the emergency services are angry, angry enough that i'd actually seen this west midland's fire post on twitter this morning before i got to work. >> what i'd like to do is to remind everybody not to put their lives at risk for the sake of other people's entertainment, thank you. it's not just people that really need our help sometimes. it's also animals and in this
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case l. dodd from hope for paws was called to rescue a dog that needed help. >> hey you. >> hey, sweetie. oh my gosh. >> hello there. >> hi. >> hello. >> they were called to this home where somebody has already tied this dog down so it doesn't run away but they're still going to be very gentle. >> this isn't the dog's house. >> correct, that's what we are led to believe. the person that called them said he had provided her with food for a month but -- the dog clearly does need a home and it was time for it to really be given a chance, as you can see there, it's been running around for a while. it's matted up. it's dirty, but it's still a very gentle dog that they're calling kona. so they pick up the dog, they take it back to their center, where they immediately start shaving down those mattes off of her and give her a bath. >> she's like, i needed this spa
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day for months. >> got my hairdo. >> get my hair did. >> probably feels really good. finally scratch her belly and rub her back. the best part is in a very short time, they were able to work with another organization, pal rescue, to find her a loving, new home. look she's got sisters now. >> her demeanor is so sweet. when they approached her you can tell she needed a little tlc. >> um-hum she'll have lots of fresh food and kisses, too. nothing like grand adventure with your buddies. four guys, travis rice, ian walsh, graham scott and emery ross set out across the ocean, they left from tahiti to sail all the way, 2500 miles to hawaii along the way looking for some remote and awesome surf spots. the cool part about their trip on falcor, i love the name of the sailboat, along the way
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they're doing research. >> every single 100 miles during our entire voyage we're putting away one canteen to send to at venture scientists to test for microplastics in the ocean. >> they're on a mission for good as well. >> yeah, they're going to be mining some data along the way. so let's see what the first stop looks like. water is gorgeous, and it does offer some waves, not the epic hawaiian swells we've seen but they are able to surf them. cool moment, crossing the equator. if you cross the equator on the boat you're known as a shellback. if you cross the equator and international date line you're a golden shell back and ian is getting that honor. >> what have you to offer to neptune? >> ian, who hits fish, does this in honor of the honor. >> oh. >> sashimi. >> come on. >> oh, that's bad. >> they make another surf stop
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at standing island. it's about a three-week trip but they were able to roll in to hawaii and get a view like most people don't get. >> honolulu right there, lanai right there and maui in that big clump of clouds over there. >> so what did they find, of the 22 samples that they took along their journey, 73% were contaminated with plastic. so share the video. every share we'll donate 20 cents to adventure scientists and their research, and it's a great video so you may want to get a chance to watch the entire thing. there's some events in life that you just want your mom there for. you see a woman creep to the door. >> hey! >> yeah, the woman opens the door, that's mom. she lives in indiana, and woman with a surprised look on her face gasping for air is her
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daughter. her baby shower, she had no idea. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> that's cute. you're going to have a baby, you want your mom around when you're, you know, experiencing all these different stages of it. come on. >> mom hasn't seen her since she was about 3 months pregnant. she worked with her pregnant daughter's friend to make this happen. she just told her friend how special it would be to have her mom there and surprise. let's head over to teresa's house. >> someone at the door. meals on wheels? >> she lives in low income elderly housing, this happens to be thanksgiving, she thought somebody was bringing her something to eat. that my friends is her granddaughter, davida, who lives in denver. she had no idea she was going to sneak up on her. >> that was such a sweet reaction. >> joanne said davida couldn't make it, she's a college student
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and flights were expensive. she shows up grandma is like let me look at you for a minute. >> this is food for the soul. >> what the holidays are all about. an amazon echo show. >> just talk to it, should be easy. >> should be, being the operative part. see their hilarious interaction with technology. plus, this may be the fastest eater ever. >> it's hungry and it's going to eat all of it, now. >> it's like a machine. brrr! come on in! we've hidden something for everyone on your list. the gamers. the super-fans. the chic. the sleek. and pretty much everyone. ♪ a break. ♪ give me a break. ♪ give me a break. ♪ break me off a piece of that kit kat bar.
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closed captioning provided by -- ® smart relief. only smart relief is indicated to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. we know kangaroos can fight. they have that strong tail, they lean back on it and basic clay
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my late their opponent but in this case, this kangaroo -- >> oh! >> chose a wrong opponent. >> interspecies mma. he's going for the head lock but that deer has great defense there. >> um-hum. >> i would have thought a deer would have got its butt handed to it by a kangaroo. >> this was at the kobe animal kingdom shot by boris meshabovsky. the deer is on its hind lights. >> does the deer think it's a kangaroo or the kangaroo think it's a deer or hate each other? >> they spoke to one of the animal keepers and these guys are really good friends so they were just horsing around. over to the next video, that duck is awaiting eagerly for its food. you see there's some peas and some water in that bowl. all of it, now. >> it's like a machine. brrr! is it like a half woodpecker?
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>> i love how the cat and the duck goes in for peas like whoa! >> i'm out. >> you don't mess with that duck when he's eating. look how fast he's going. alex cook has bought an amazon echo show. for his 94-year-old grandparents. let's see how this goes, shall we? >> should be easy, you just talk to it. >> should be, being the operative part. welcome to a hilarious moment. right, so there you go, it starts off with a very simple request. can we get "home on the range" by billy hill? you know how alexa works, should take one second. this is a four-minute video. >> you ask. >> no, i'm not going to be here. you have to learn how to do it. say alexa and name the song, super simple. >> alexa. >> a little louder. >> alexa. >> a little louder. >> alexa.
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>> oh. >> if you have to shout at the thing you might as well call somebody in from the next room to do it. >> there's a learning curve. >> learning curve for who, grandpa or alexa? >> alexa get out of the bathroom. >> at this point, grandma tries to help. >> alexa. >> no, no, not annexa. i also want to remind you their grandson's name is alex. grandpa keeps going. >> alexa. >> honestly, at this point grandma and grandpa turn into a double comedy act. >> take a breath. >> i did and i swallowed the handbag. i'm getting tired. >> he's so funny. >> alexa. >> alex-a. >> i want to hear billy hill's
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song "home on the range." >> that was good. you got to see the blue bar at the bottom. >> alexa. >> now you can ask. start over. >> alexa. give me benny hill's song "home on the range." >> "home on the range" by elmo. >> elmo covered this song? >> this is so funny. alex talks about it on his blog as well. he's come one this company called nanogram. you can text pictures and they will mail the pictures to your grandparents and they can put them on the fridge. look it up, it looks quite cool. kick it. it's time to play -- >> real for fake with mack
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dradldrad dreidel. >> getting it started with a confused man. >> you look just like someone i know. then a talented fish. >> oh, no! it's an acrobat fish? >> and he's too strong for that door. >> what? >> i'm here. >> watch and decide, ebaum world is next. >> kick it. surprised? it's called always discreet boutique. it looks and fits like my underwear. i know what you're thinking. how can something this pretty protect? hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel... ...for incredible protection. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. new always discreet boutique. why do the best things in life create so much mess! tackle it all with finish® quantum. even on the toughest messes you get an unbeatable clean.
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sfx - multiple screams told ya... man up! zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. hey! need fast heartburn relief? nexium can take 24 hours. zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. tgim because it's time to play real or fake with mack dreidel. welcome to the show, mack. >> that's right, that's right, my favorite time of year, you guys may or may not know this but tomorrow is hanukkah! you know what that means? it's time to drop a dreidel on 'em. >> all right, let's see how that works for this first video. ♪ >> oh, ha, ha, ha, ha! >> oh, wow.
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>> you look just like someone i know. >> did he really just try to pay for himself through the mirror? >> tries to order himself. these places certain times of the day or not you get people like that. i'm going 100% real. >> i'm guessing this is at 6:00 in the morning maybe, he hasn't quite woken up? >> hasn't made it home yet is what i'm thinking. >> that's real. no way that's fake. >> you can't fake stuff like this. i think we're going with real, mack. >> i'll go with you, it's real. he played it off i was just looking in the mirror, going over here. so i'm with you guys. i think it's 100% real. >> video number two. >> oh, in! i oh no it's an acrobat fish. >> he's basically dangling his finger like it's bait. maybe the fish jumps out of the water to cash the insect and using the hoop to create this
2:35 am
video >> anything that he would have trained the fish to jump maybe fish food? >> maybe that's how the person did it oshlgly. i think legit, real. >> i'm going with real too. obviously they trained the iffish to do this but it's incredible. >> it's real. >> we're going with real. mack? >> i'm going on the real train. they probably trained it with food, above the hoop, i'm going real. >> all right, last video. >> what?! >> i'm here. >> i guess it's a pull door and you pushed it past that point and that's it. >> that's exactly what happened. i think you're right, he pushed it past its limit. >> he's still holding it. that would be a great fake but honestly it all screams real. >> did i do that? >> i don't know how you would fake it, so to me it's gotta be real. >> third time, mack, we're all going real. >> the back story on this, this was a pizza deliveria guy going
2:36 am
into the store to pick up pizzas to deliver with the customers, double parked out front, he runs in, smashes the door, and then he's completely frozen, he's ruined his delivery, he ruined the shop door, so anyway, they're saying it's 100% real. he didn't have to pay for the damages luckily and he was able to go on and deliver the pizza. the shop wasn't as lucky. >> wow. didn't know his own strength. thanks, mack. >> see you next week. >> see you, buddy. >> later, guys. have you ever had a crush? >> yes. >> did you hold it in? a lot of people didthat. maybe you should tell people. just like this dude is about to but see how the ladies respond.
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website, click on tv show or use our mobile app. >> do you ever have a crush on someone at school or college? >> yes. >> did you hold it in? a lot of people don't tell their crushes, they're too shy. it turns out maybe you should tell people. >> i had a crush on you for the last minute or something. >> walks up to this girl, i got a crush on you. >> i see you so sad all the time, never has something to hold. >> he's working on blondie. >> she didn't do her hair, in a makeup in frumpy homework clothes. >> that's the best when a guy likes you just like that. >> i'll send you a quick picture of my nipple. >> oh, he just killed it. don't send


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