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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 13, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily vil video show, "right this minute >> when it comes to delivery people -- >> sometimes they trippin' just like the rest of us. >> what happens when he tries to salvage a customer's meal. >> no! oh! it's a delivery experimen that might just change the world for the better. how helping the homeless among us has never been easier. >> this is a she's pumped for the ice rink with her man. >> now she's a little wobbly on the skates. >> see what's going to make her really weak in the knees. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including an acapella group. ♪ so here it is merry
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christmas ♪ >> how some oxford lads are sending holiday greetings across the pond. ♪ here's to the future now, it's only just begun ♪ >> i love that song. everybody has a bad day sometimes so just be easy on your delivery drivers. sometimes they're tripping just like the rest of us. >> oh no! at least he was wearing a wet suit. >> he is all wet. he walks right into that in tow and falls right in. >> just recover, just recover. did you order sushi? >> walks out just in time to see her meal floating oh i got that i got it. i'm worried about the koi. that's the third time this happened. >> oh my gosh look at him walking trying to give it to her. she turns around and walks away. >> she did get her food and pay for it. he did keep his job.
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over to wisconsin we find grandma pam. >> didn't you watch any of the videos from last year? oh no calm counsel.down. >> okay, okay apparently her granddaughter lanie got a new hoverboard and wanted to give it a shot. take two. >> oh man. >> she's up. >> it's the arm waving that's killing me. >> the flailing about. >> whoa, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa whoa! >> no worries she's good. she landed on both feet. >> no quit while you're ahead. >> no oli she has to master this thing. >> you are doing so good mom. >> she's got it. >> all right, gram, let's do this. >> all right stop stop stop grandma. stop stop, stop. >> turns around. >> all right, let's bring it back grandma. bring it back. bring it back. >> ooh! >> well that landing happened to be on her bum and not her feet
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but gave her a little extra cushion. now they say that all of the best ideas honestly when you hear them you think they are so obvious and rob bliss has come up with one that may just change the world for the better. recently there's been a rise amazon prime you can order something and have it delivered within an ho over the same time period those apps have turned up there's 40% increase in homelessness around new york. >> you walk by a guy with no socks on in the middle of december. >> are you saying there's an app for that? >> what if we could repurpose the same apps to bring us ice cream and iphone chargers to finally bring that guy a pair of socks. would amazon deliver it? we don't have a real address. i have to go find out. >> how are you? just thought i'd check in with you. do you need anything, like
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water, socks -- >> shoes, 9 1/2. >> sounds good. let me see what i can do. >> goes to amazon prime, orders some shoes and socks, put some specific instructions there's the location but give the package to be ja the guy sitting outside with the gray beard and the brown jacket. will it work? you bet your butt it works! >> yes! this is a genius idea. >> this is what i'm talking about. as soon as i saw it and i real i-ed how it works i'm like of course! >> this is fantastic. >> it's almost a gift for the delivery guy as well and maybe that's going to make him want to do something else, pay it forward somehow. >> it's inspiring because it works time and time and time again. there's another advantage to this whole experiment as well. watch here. the shaking hands.
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they're being treated like a human being at the same time. >> you don't have to just do that this time of year. you could do that in january, february and march because it's still cold and amazon is still selling stuff. >> next time you see somebody on the street you have the app and the charitable feeling, you can make it happen. this is in china, could you see that mom walking across the street. she stops, waiting for her daughter but then a car comes and is about to make a left turn while mom is still there. watch, the child comes out. >> oh no no, no, no no no,! >> mom turns for a moment the car turns and runs over that little girl. obviously the driver didn't see her. >> how do you not see that little girl? she's wearing a hot pink shirt in the direction you're turning. >> that little girl is on the ground underneath the car and all these passers-by come the driver gets back in the car, puts it into neutral. all the passers-by start lifting the car. it's lifted up enough where the
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girl is able to be slid from under the car. >> wow, this is insane. look at that they're all lifting it up. honestly it could have been even more dangerous to move the car. >> absolutely. just bad all around. >> the good news is that after they were able to get that little girl out from under the car, she was rushed to the hospital her only injury? some scrapes. >> that's good but still so dangerous. >> now the mom in this next video has eyes only for her teenage son, because she's calling him a hero. you see right here this is in arming tea argentina. couple in the small car. the driver lost control and the car fell into the river. her son didn't even think about it. he goes down there to help rescue him. you can see the son helping the woman out of the car. he was knee-deep in that river going to help. >> the world is a better place because of people like that. >> absolutely. mom is so proud of her son. 15 years old, jumping into action to help. that's why mom has the camera out and she's so proud.
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>> mama's going to go home and make him a good meal that night. >> like hey, that's my son. this video starts off with photographic documentation of the love between michael and tammy, they've been dating for five years, but this video was captured on a very special day. he told her back on march 13th, 2012 that he was going to marry her. he knew apparently. >> when you know you know. >> he's taking her on a cute little date on this ice rink popular this time of year. >> so romantic. >> they start skating around. now she's a little wobbly on the skates. >> he tries to dance and twirl, you got to take it slow brother. >> he's showboating a little bit. she notices the rink is playing their favorite song "wanted" by hunter hayes. >> hey, this is our jam. >> yeah this is our song. >> one thing you notice on ice is people crashing into each other. you better believe it's going to happen right now. someone skates out of control
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and knocks him off his feet. >> fortunately she kept it together. don't you worry, he is just fine. he's just kind of there on his knees, composing himself, after that vicious crash. >> ahh, the vicious crash where the guy handed hum a box. >> staying on one knee he takes her hands and starts telling her how much he loves her. she now realizes holy smokes what's going on. >> she's holding onto his hands for dear life. >> are you marry me? >> he proposes she says yes, gives him a big old smooch takes the ring and he tells her, their friends and family are all around them and they all start skating over to them for hugs and congratulations. he's one of the dudes who got busted pulling a bank heist prank. what he's decided to do in this video is shoot a reaction video of him reacting to us reacting to that original video. hear what he has to say about what we said about the prank.
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gold bond. does this dude look familiar to anybody? maybe if i take his glasses off. you the him in the back of a white van and point a bunch at him. video where they made a big whoopsie and ended up by the copsomtention the other day. >> a legitimate news company from arizona, phoenix, arizona,dauz roman are all from made a news story talking about us. >> he decided to shoot a reaction video of himing to us reacting to that original video. this one is without a doubt his greatest misstep. >> we were trying to make a deposit. >> you looked like you were trying to make an illegal withdrawal. >> i tell you go tf the mid yo and mate this is where you may have lost us. >> we're just tryingake a deposit. >> is it like a big bank.
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>> you trying to hop in we're trying to [ bleep ] hit it. >> immediately after you said you'd do some bonnie and clyde stuff and knock over the bank. >> that's a little confusing.l this bit. >> we didn't goanything wrong. >> no, you kind of did. >> you caused enough -- >> we caused -- >> yes that's exactly what we did. >> that's a back from. >> this is where he learns the value of "right this minute" finding the stories bhin the videos. this prank caused the bank to go into lockdown. >> i totally forgot about that it did. >> oh yeah i forgot about the bank going into lockdown because of the bankprank. >> the dude who made the call made a mistake. he said we had a weapon when it was really just a guy in the back seat filming. >> the problem is because of recent incidents, people are on edge. the truth is do you really want to take a chance when something looks so severely suspicious. >> my thing to you all, homie,
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all of us don't have the same privilege of making a prank and feeling like this s it's not a joke for some of us but i see you and respect your hustle. >> yeah, dude this is a really cool interactive video. you'll need these for this juken video, you especially oli. >> bow. >> she looks like a robot. >> this is when they give them color correcting glasses. >> you mean he's color blind, put these on and can see the full range of color? >> yes it's the very first time he's been ableat his rirn are children are red heads. >> look at their hair. >> it's red. >> she instructs him to look at the color of their hair. when he gets the first glance of it, all bets are off. >> are you okay? >> i've never saw this before. >> oh man. oh bow. he walks up and he just grabs them and now the other is joining. >> check that out. how awesome is that? >> all three of his sons are
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gingers and he is just in love. >> it's awesome looking. >> no one has ever been that excited to see a hair color before. those things are cool. it's like a miracle gift that you can get for a couple hundred bucks and change someone's life. >> it's so bright. wrestling dream come true. >> one, two, three. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come welcome to a druglord's abandoned mansion. it is kind of creepy. >> i'm getting chills. >> take a tour and see what's inside. >> it's the one place you probably don't want to hy for this dog the snow is a definite no-go. >> you can do it come on. >> i hope he doesn't spring a leak. nex fast-max is powerful enough to handle pretty much every symptom. name one. how `bout 9? sore throat, cough, even... yea--i can read, you know.
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gang came here 1993 and burned it down. they were looking for him >> it's just a shell that's left but at the same time because of pablo and because of all this history that's attached it is kind of creepy. >> it's very creepy. >> just because of the history who owned it just knowing [ bleep ] went down here i'm getting chills. >> you're not supposed to get inside the house. the guys from yes theorye to get in this is where the bedroom was. >> this is a place you don't want to trespass. >> no guarantees they did. they are doing sneaking. >> this is the creepiest place i've ever been do. >> during that extremely violent period in history, the perpetrator of so much of that violence to stand where he used to rest where he used to sleep. it's weird. >> you can't look at these images even if the place is runned down without realizing that it cost lots of people's blood. it's a very bloody mansion. >> i like the way lamar draws
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atension to it while at the same time reconciling himself. >> i'm having this internal struggle. coming to colombia making content but talking about escobar trying to get over but at the same time so many people are curious. as long as we do it in an objective way we can tell interesting stories from here. >> every time we have one of these abandoned videos i always say wouldn't it be amazing if they could play paintball. guess what? you could play paintball. >> they run a paintball place there or they're going to play their random game? >> the yes theory guys didn't just decide to play paintball. not the house where pablo was living but up nearby there's an area of abandoned buildings. >> this is the perfect place for paintball. i never thought about it. it is a good idea. >> at the same time is it really the perfect place to do paintball, the kind of place where there would have been shoot-outs? you have to balance that one as well. what will help soften the blow towards the end of the video they go to this beautiful
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smaller village, you can get this incredible view of the countryside that's surrounding the area. if you guys want to enjoy that head to our website and click on tv show or use our mobile app. for some people the snow is so much fun. you get out there, you start making snowmen, and playing with snowballs. this little guy -- >> does not compute. >> does not compute, is right. he's got to go out on a walk and do his business but his brain is short circuiting right now. >> the dog is caught in his own game of the floor is lava. he's like nope nope can't do it gnome. defense he does try but eventually he just gives up. stays up there, looks the distance wondering what could have been >> he could have written his name in the snow. >> i hope he doesn't spring a leak. this dog here is in ohio he's 7 years old and has never seen the snow. his name is seamus hugie,
2:53 pm
inspired by pink floyd. >> can't argue with pink floyd. >> on this day the dog cannot get enough of the snow. >> so apparently some dogs like snow and some dogs don't. >> this guy took to the snow like fish to water. look at that. that is one happy dog. >> he's like this fur coat is finally coming in handy. i've been waiting for this my whole life. ♪♪ so here it is merry christmas ♪ this acapella group is looking sharp. >> and they're singing the songs of christmas for a good cause. >> how their spin on the
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can come back to it later or else you have failed, eric the electric. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ ♪ we wish you a merry christmas ♪ >> they're oxford university's premier maleup and they're singing the songs of christmas for a cause. this is called merry christmas, everybody, originally done by slade and they made a video to go with it. ♪ it's the time that every santa has a ball ♪ >> not only do they sample from sleigh song merry christmas, everybody. this one might sound familiar.
2:56 pm
>> rogsin' around the christmas tree. ♪ rockin' around the christmas tree let the christmas spirit ring ♪ >> it's nice to see these young men full of life and spirit singing these songs which they're talented. >> what's really cool is how they're doing this for charity. this charity single is available on their website and it benefits the charity, helen and douglas house. this is the world's first hospice for children. so these guys are raising funds for that, and i have to say, that is a very worthy cause. >> nice. ♪♪ >> what's a medley without a little disco look. ♪ look to the future now ♪ >> bellbottoms everybody. >> could have gone without those. >> and is alin and ruffle ssatin and ruffles. >> ahh, the '70s, you guys don't
2:57 pm
know about that, but it was fun. okey dokey maty bloky. that's all we've got for this show. she you next time on "right this minute."
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nelle: watch me get slammed with morning sickness later, but for right now, i am ravenous. hmm. who thought i could still be hungry after having french toast? oh, what to get, what to get? oh, my god. the rib-eye is always delicious, but the lobster looks really good, too. do you guys want some appetizers? i don't care what you get. mom. it's the truth. it's not very helpful. i mean, why am i making this so hard on myself? surf-and-turf -- done. i-i mean, i know it's a lot of food but i am eating for two. ♪♪ monica: can you believe it? another quartermaine. i mean it has been days and i'm still pinching myself.
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yeah, i think it's fantastic news. mm. for the whole family. monica: well after so many losses i think maybe the tide is finally turning.


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