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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  December 22, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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>>tv's number ondaily viral video show, "right this minute." a skier hting captures the moment - slope hit got that helmet. i pronoce you y [ applau ] >> it' as amazing wat l anderson movie. as formerrt han hdear production. >> w hadothingy smoke, it's freaking awesome. bold thieves make off with
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large painting that is not fiing into theirinycar. theberry czar chain of eents with some criminals. 've got christylian,e breaking doid guaranteed to put a head the slopes, we? if you l ahead o can see there' just a little bit further up ahead. as well. get a cracking view of when the slope hits back. this corner, just gs it a bit wrong. you saw the rocks cominat and t. >>whoa. g absolutely essential purchase, because when you see it in the slow j how hard he hit side of his head.
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e other y's he approaches the accident sight and it does not look good. just face down in the snow, lying motionless. >> oh cious.>> it looks like that un boing! just lying there doing the whole, argh! t his buddy com he shows he's o. >> are you all right? busy is still worried. >> do you need eh? >> he says he had a bit of a bruised hip but a damaged helmet as opposed to his head. thank you to the brand as opposed to scrambling his ho get up the
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hill his worried about him. >> you can see the fear, the concern in their laughter. >> very, very much so. they're so concerned for him. by the looks of it, he'fine so no worries. unlimitedawaid on the side of the roadifeless they knew they hado helpit. >> it does not look good. it looked like it's one breath away from completely expiring. mary,amy scu said i ty the would have died. they head straight for the shelter. >> was she weak or was she hit by a whyas have been malnouried dehydrate. they administered an iv and ave her som milk.appy if they're able to bring this thing back. it's a fresh little calf. >> it took about four days and on the fifth day she started
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responding, she was up, walking around and doing all right. >>ouoto where mom is. around thestreets. anywhere. you have no idea whahappened. maybe mom gaif birth, calf got separated. there's a lot of streets in chaos. >> animal aid take the worst cases and turn it around andmak. >> she started to grow, got big and strong and having a good time with the other animals. she'll live out the rest of her days getting a lot of tlc and having some fun. all right everybody, load into the elevator. got a place to be. man, two women and child step on in. looks like they're headed ofo t. >> they're splitting up. >> one woman goes outside. the guy heads up the stairs. he forgot something. he grabbed his painting, now he's catching up with the resto >> is this like abuilding o lik
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gallery and the today is just like whoop! >> they appreciate art for sure. if you look closely as the security cameras zoom in, could you see they're going to put that painting into their car. however, it was quite a large painting of london's tower bridge, but that large is not fitting into t tiny you're a they liked that painting so muc wall of the building they were in and walk out theoor with it. >> so first of all they didn't plan well. second of all, they didn't think a place of that magnitude was going to have cameras all over the place? >> didn't seem to cross their mind. they're on multiple cameras. once they figure out yeah, this isn't going to fit into the car -- >> he walks up and just leaves it at the door? >> leaves it right up by the front door there. thank you very much. we loved the painting, just not going to work for us.
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this is the city of pittsburgh. >> 5,300 square miles. forested by maples and oaks. crisscrossed by murky rivers. yinzer territory. >> this video that was filmed in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, is not the latest wes anderson movie. this is the real live love story of steven and callahan. >> we're in the gymnasium of the ace hotel, famous for the holy matrimony of steven and callahan. >> and it was filmed in wes anderson style. >> there's randy's house. >> the whole video shot and edited by steve peerson of christina emily photography. the narrator is michael sober, who may or may not have been sober at the time of this video, but the steven i am referring to is our very own former host of "right this minute," steven fabian, who is now a correspondent in new york for
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"inside edition," and his now wife, callahan malone -- >> are you kidding? >> i'm kind of waiting for bill murray to show up, something like that. >> they walk us through the getting ready portion. >> by the way, that dress is stunning. now we see them walking down to the ceremony, act two, my friends, where my favorite part begins. because the marching band and majorettes for the riverview high school start marching in. >> how do you not get people fumpd up with this? it's a beautiful video, beautiful dress, beautiful wedding. let's talk to the couple, because they're joining us via skype "right this minute," welcome to the show! [ cheers and applause ] >> hey! >> woo! >> cool video. why the wes anderson motif? >> we love wes anderson movies, they're super appealing to us. i loved it because there's something about his treatment that sort of makes kind of
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chaotic situations seem pristine in a way, and that there's also a calmness somehow and a wedding day is super crazy and very stressful and somehow when i watch this video it seems like the day was a breeze. so i think you see that in that regard. >> our theme for the we had something if wes anderson made a movie about the prom. >> i want to talk about the party. why the marching band? >> you watched that video the whole way through there are certain groomsmen you don't see. i don't think you see my dad. >> i don't think you see my grandma. >> but you see the people from "right this minute" like 100 times. the best part, at the very end, jake, staring directly into the camera, and just dancing like a creep with this weird cape and the marching band, you said it, i mean, every time you hear those drums, how can you not get pumped up? >> you can't hear it in the video but they're chanting
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"steve and calli" the cheerers were. >> they're not cheerleaders, majorettes. one of my groomsmen these cheerleaders are the best. they goes we're not cheerleaders!" >> what was your favorite moment watching this video? >> my favorite moment was when it was all over he takes a deep breath and we're finally married. >> yeah. >> show us the rings. [ cheers and applause ] >> i got one, too. turning a bathtub into something a bit more festive. >> a sled. >> that sounds like a great idea. >> how hitting the slopes makes for some good, clean fun. and a surprise visitor showing up -- >> ahh! >> it's not santa. >> why this guest is much more special. >> what are you doing? . "right this minute" is brought to you by burlington, style for everyone.
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closed captioning provided by -- recurrence of psoriasis symptoms. plus intensive moisturizers. gold bond psoriasis relief. in the lotion isle. turns out bathtubs are a very dangerous thing, when not used as a bathtub. >> what are we using it as?
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>> a sled. >> sounds like a great idea. >> of course, that's what the real life guys thought as well. they were inspired by the crew over at yes theory. >> look at the effect. this is not the first yes theory inspired video we see. >> nope. these guyed take the bathtubs and rig it with some skis. >> is this like a "lost in translation" thing, did they think they'd go tubing and they went tubbing? >> this is like a misspelling match. >> it's yeah, we can go tubbing, yeah. >> they have some snow in germany where they're at and -- >> >> looks fun and well built. >> yes. >> they did get together to pull it off and they put two sleds together, two bathtub sleds, rigged them with handleba, and everything and look. >> this is actually, this is working really well. >> it's working better than i would have expected. >> yes. >> me, too. >> the problem is, what if you
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crash, right? >> if that tub hits you on the head, you go night-night. >> yeah. >> it's so clean. >> fortunately this is all fun and games because throughout the entire video, nobody gets hurt, at least that we know of. >> finally they didn't have any problem getting your kids in the bath. it's a short video, a simple video. it's a gre video. door opens. >> what in the world? how did you do this? >> merry christmas! >> that one beat of just the brain just going, huh? before you get this massive reaction. she starts screaming. can't believe what's going on. >> santa? >> it's not santa but it's someone she's been wanting to see far longer. her son has been living overseas for three years and decided i'm
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just going to go home and surprise mom. just walk straight into the kitchen, and mom loses her mind. >> what are you doing? >> i don't know. >> oh my gosh! >> that's so sweet. what a great surprise. >> he's like, what you cooking? a similar reaction in the second video, very different circumstances. >> mom. >> that's mom? >> no, but mom is holding that adorable, little fluffy ball of cuteness. dogs must be so confused with enthey first meet humans because all they do is make -- and they just start crying and weeping and they're like wow, you guys are really emotional kind of people. >> she's so sweet. look at her. santa's adrenalin addiction. >> wow. that's crazy. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a woman
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staying at a hotel notices that the shower -- >> had a couple holes in it. >> no. >> the story behind the bizarre find that could land a sneaky culprit in hot water. oh, man. plus taking the plunge in a wing suit that -- >> is lit upinside. >> how this adventure adds a perfect glow to the night sky. >> he's like i'm out of here. what. bought. you can't buy time. you can't buy memories. the traditions. eat eat... the rituals, you can't buy these things. you can't buy kindness. these are things that can't be bought. because they're made at home. just in time for the holidays! hey google, turn on the christmas tree.
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turn it off, ifwith icy hot® smart promotional considerations provided by. turn off pain. smart relief. what no more re-applying. we listened. new gold bond radiance renewal exfoliates then our triple blend of moisturizers helps prevent dry skin. gold bond. monica is staying with her sister in this hotel in pa has, california. she's giving us a little tour. she zooms into this panel in the shower andug iwas weird ched off. she walks us through the hallway and into this part of the wall where a panel has been removed and we see there is in fact a visible satched off part in the panel that leads into theire
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plumbing access panel and realized that the shower was right th peeping on people. oh, >> she says it was her sist that first noticed what was going on. at the moment, she believes they were in fact being recorded, so they ran out of the room, and that's how they were able to find this loose panel, because rerdinghem didn't a was chance to secure it back in, so ng and noticed himunning away. >>he us. dihefacility? >> you better believe she told the hotel adminiharat ha, she showed them the evidence. they said they were able to identify the person they believe is the culprit. unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the administration of the hotel took them seriously. >> they've already got over a million views. this hotel has messed up. >> gosh, but that feeling of violation, that's never going to
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go away. >> and the worst part is that you don't have the support of the hotel administration, at least that's what they said and there's no word on whether they filed an actual police report on this. the problem is that even if you do file that report, you don't know what's going to happen, because laws are enforced very differently in mexico than they are here. popularity wing suits has really been increasing over the last five or six years and we find out the government's been igating ufos over the last five or six years. coincidence? i think not. especially when you see this video of geraldine, headed up in this helicopter over the swissaswiss al.swith a cool unique wing suit lit up from the inside. we see people jump out with l.e.d.s on the outside but it actually makes her glow, flying across the air, 18,000 feet, 111 miles an hour. it's minus 22 degrees fahrenheit
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up there. >> those aren't l.e.d., tt'the from the inside >> it's beautiful the way she stands out, the quite incredible vista on the other si. when you get further away you can still see, look at that little dot there. >> is it weird i want a lit up wing suit just like that? >> not at all. >> i don't want to jump in it. i want to jump off my furniture, jump on the bed or something, just wee! >> wouldn't that just be a lit up sleeping bag? >> you have that already. you're good. time to celebrate baby's first birthday. >> he doesn'tit. >> the fail, when his smashed cake lives up to its name. >> for some great fun.
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>> this is great. gives a lot of kids lots of ideas.
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[ laughter ] that's tyler and he's playing with his brother, seth. seth has just learned that "f" is for feather at school. he brought the feather home and is playing with his baby brother. didn't even know an "f" is, i didn't know what a feather is but it's hilarious. >> kids discover something new they have a great time with it and let's be honest, big brother is pretty funny. so does grandma sally. who doesn't like a good game of peekaboo? >> greatest child game ever. >> it's so easy, and cheap. you don't need to buy the game of peekaboo. >> parents appreciate that. >> it comes with.ndparents appr too. tyler likes to laugh at funny faces but andrew likes to make them. every time mom starts to do her makeup -- >> oh, he's my favorite. i love him. >> yes, me, too. i also love how mom can still
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continue to do her mascara without messing it up. >> one-handed and the baby is bouncing around. moms are superheroes. he's just acting out the emotions, practicing for future auditions. >> baby west gets kid of the day. it's his 1st birth day and he is the star. every parent does the cake smashing thing. >> oh! i'm so distraught for the baby. >> me, too. that was not on him. >> rookie error. you saw what happened with his left foot, they hadn't locked it in. time to get another birthday cake. >> oh. [ crying ] that's our show. be sure to join us all through the holidays for brand new episodes of "rtm."
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-excuse me. -whoa. uh, they're closed. [ sighs ] i should have known. i mean, who stays open late on christmas? yeah, the -- the roads are pretty bad. maybe you should get home. yeah, uh, i will. i'll be fine. merry christmas. merry christmas. [ sighs ] don't worry, baby. mommy will think of something. hey. [ chuckling ] what are you doing? okay, hold on one second. the elq can make money without you for 12 hours. all right, all right, all right, all right, all right. i'm done. i'm done. i'm done. my goodness. where's the -- okay, look. i'm gonna make you a drink, all right? -okay, thank you. -michael, would you like one? i'm okay, thanks. -mm-hmm. -[ sighs ] what's going on with you? no, it's just, uh, i was thinking about last year we were drowning in our sorrows and grief.


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