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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 9, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a stunning scene as a 50,000 pound humpback gets between a shark and a snorkeler. >> it it puts her under its protective pectoral fin. >> meet the whale biologist behind the ultimate underwater experience. >> i spent the last 28 years protecting whales and they just protected me. to hit the street in these conditions you have to really want to ride your motorcycle. why this slick trip is very a baby boy is born at home. >> he's precious. he's perfect. >> but see the surprise that changes everything. >> what? >> are you serious? >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking
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down the best on the web. including your chance to see -- >> someone extremely strong get it wrong. >> how a workout guru's fail might make you feel better about your own. >> oh oh oh! >> if you're like biologist nan howzer this is what you want to see, a beautiful humpback whale, just spreading its fins. what's really cool about this video is she's actually able to reach out andtouch. look how close she gets, right but i like this right here where you could see how small she is compared to how big this 50,000 pound behemoth is. watch what happens right here. nan says the whale comes up to her and pushes her and she claims that right here it puts her under its protective pectoral fin. >> what is it protecting her from? where is the shark? >> right.
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oh my gosh. >> there's a great big tiger shark over there. >> oh yeah. >> you were right, christian. they're like okay everybody, come on in. she gets back up on this boat and watch what happens here. everybody okay? you all right? you okay girl? she's like yeah i'm okay. >> i love you, too. >> because this is "right this minute," we get the story behind theo we go via skype to the cooke islands to chat with nan houwzer "right this minute." thank you for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> did you see the shark before the whale started moving to protect you? >> shocked the whale had me on his head his chin and then his back. i knew in the distance there was another whale tail slapping and i was just trying to stay cool because i really thought that i was going to be killed by this whale. >> how did you interpret the whale's behavior as it was
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happening? >> i was more concerned that i had to get away from him, and so it wasn't until i saw the shark, it was the biggest tiger shark i'd ever seen. it was huge. then i kind of went ahh! i got to get out of here. >> how rof dent are you in the feeling the whale was protecting you and maybe not just our human spirit believe a protecting it us. >> it was his eye. i knew he was trying to tell me something. i read papers by friends of mine scientific papers like robert pittman, where he writes about humpbacks. they will rush in. like a house is on fire, a fireman runs in they'll risk their lives to protect other animals and they just protected me. >> you have beautiful imagery of the whale looking l receiptouettes in the water and getting close to you again. >> four days later, the whale that was tail slapping was coming underneath me from the abyss and took her pectoral fins
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and she embraced me and it was my and i turned ar the boat including the director of the film. he goes, i'm crying over a whale and i never even cried when my wife left me." >> thank you andiry. [ applause ] >> happy birthday! you got to know that this a rider, because to even attempt to go out on roads like this you have to really want to ride your motorcycle. >> is it a snowmobile? >> no this is sport bike with stock street tires, he is ais, and he even admits this was a foolish idea. he's a new rider. doesn't have the proper gear on him. we know what's about to happen so let's just watch it. >> like 2 miles an hour. >> there's just no way to keep a motorcycle upright in conditions like that when you don't have special tires. he goes down of course crashes. he's not injured. he even says in his description to us wearing jeans, lightweight shoes, should not have attempted this at all but
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he wanted to ride. he walked the bike back home put it away and got on a city bus to go to work like most people do. >> oh but it sounds like it was his only ride so the poor guy just gave it a shot. >> he did. everybody just make way! [ honking ] this suv comes charging up the icy slope. lots of people walking nearby. the driver is letting everybody know get out of the way, i need momentum to make it to the top of the hill because it's super slippery. >> we've seen stuff like this before. i hope he makes it. >> he's not going to make it. he's forgotten about the horn now and is just clutching on for dear life. the car goes sliding backward. >> no! i hope he makes it all the way around so he can go back where he came from. >> hold it control it! yes! >> like a j-turn. >> it could have been bad, but it wasn't for once. this is such a sweet video of a home birth of a brand new
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baby boy. now, family is gathered there. the video is actually being recorded by grandpa. >> we already got the shot and the ointment. >> there's a woman holding the baby could be a midwife, maybe a nurse. we'll call her a nurse. people there with their phones taking pictures. this new bundle of joy is here he's precious he's perfect. you have to pick a name now. >> i think maybe they will go with felix. >> just as the nurse says he has a 12 3/4 head she spots something that doesn't fit the picture. >> 12 3/4 head. wait. oh my god. no way. >> it's a girl? >> because this isn't a boy at all. the ultrasound technician made a small technician. when the baby was born it was a girl. how they missed it this whole time i have no idea. >> so felicia then? instead of felix?
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and grandma, looks so much more like you than grandpa. >> they might go with that's the name they seem to be very excited about, g celebrating the fact they may be able to u olivia now. >> before they celebrated i woulde just double double check make sure. >> it is an olivia! >> oh my god. oh >> oh my god! >> that's got to be one heck of a facebook kroex.connection. it's a boy. oops. >> people are taking very different types of pictures because they can't wait to share the unexpected surprise. >> like the gender reveal you enjoyed. >> you have a girl! a wrong-way driver slams into a sending it -- into the river! >> no but see how a quick-thinking bystander brings in some major muscle to save the day. >> and cat and nat compare
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closed captioning provided by -- goes on icy to dull pain hot to relax it away. so you're back to full speed. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. this video starts bad and quickly gets worse. the wsuv speeding down the road wrong side clips that bus. the passenger bus goes off and thefroo into the river. there's people on that bus as well. this dude goes sprinting the road to see can have.
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funnily enough he runs back across the street himself a bit of an he jumps back into the cab of this.crane! >> just by pure constructio across the street. the operator of that crane saw the accident happen in front of him, saw the situation with the bus and decided now is the time to act. within minutes he's maneuvering the road and getting it into position to see if he can help affect any kind of rescue. >> many while traffic is going, everybody, get out of the way, let me i got business to take care of. >> unfortunately that's just the roads in china. everybody's trying to get themselves to work. he does that maneuvering while everybng around him but quickly is able to get that crane up and start trying to help people. the crazy thing is by the time emergency services turned up they'd already rescued four passengers and the driver. >> amazing. >> another video to show you tre the bus was lying on its side in the river. fortunately it wasn't too deep but people were able to berescued, only minor injuries. four people from the bus and the driver of the suv ended up being treated in hospital just forinjuries.
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what else? they don't have to pay for a tow truck.there. >> look at the bonuses all over there. people online hailing this guy as a hero, acting quickly. you are a rent and i think maybe by the end of this you're going to agree with cat and nat. >> the and bac >> h bachelor/bachelorette. >> and the children are thentestants. >> they detail how there similarities like -->> when you as a mom or bachelor/bachelorette get alone time usually someone storming into your room they find you, and they're trying to get in bed with you naked. because if you're alone, someone will find you. they'll hunt you wn. >> but this is the bachelorette you get to rej all at the don't keep any of them. just send them off >> someone is always neglected or complaining that they're neglected. in the house. >> oh you forgot about me. you like them bettyeah you don't even know me. don't know what i'm thinking. you have no idea what i'm talking about! >> and then there's the dad
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link. >> they always want to get the other ones in trouble and they think telling on someone else is going to make them look better. those idiots they look worse. >> they all look worse. >> we broke our kids earlier. you guys are a unit. don't tattle on each other. you should be a gangsta. >> you so smart. >> if you tattle on him, then you're both getting in trouble. so let's not do it. >> finally, they say you know we are just like the bachelor except minus one thing. >> how long we been living in the bachelor paradise for? >> a long freaking time but we don't get the cocktails they get. >> what we're saying is people never grow up. >> exactly the same thing. >> i'm going to take one rose home tonight just to mess with the kids. romantic vermont adventure. as if there wasn't enough ice around. >> exactly. >> next "right this minute and still to come a rally racer goes for it but -- got that one just a little bit wrong. see why his launch falls flat.
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early january, favorite times of the year dakar rally. one of the most dangerous races in the world. joaquin rodriguez rally bike just -- oh! >> oh, oh oh. >> got that one just a little bit wrong. bit part of the dakar rallyyou have to navigate and know what's coming up. joaquin lands hard and winds up unconscious for a moment. >> you're kidding. >> if you don't anticipate it you're not going to position your body or land properly. he probably hit himself hard. >> he's in the hospital with the camera.>> letting you know he's still got two.ten himself stuck on a dune. stuck and decided to offer a bit of help and tow him off that. oh wait a minute. >> you know that was deliberate. oh oh! >> the goes the helmet there goes bits and pieces of the -- we got a yard sale here. >> you're welcome.
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>> but -- it's running. and if it's running, it can race. there's a new show hitting the internet it's called "perfect fit" and it promises to style, snatch and slay. >> welcome to bridal. come on in. >> the owner and shop owner of the series is fowler. her job is to make siz 14 to 32 look fabulous on their special day. >> a good friend of mine was getting married, a size 26 people thought we don't have anything for you? what is your wedding day? i think you have time to lose some weight. >> she tapped into a need that women had, that were beyond a certain size. and to tell us more about this series we have channelvia
2:50 pm
skype. welcome to the show. tell us what style, snatch and play means? >> style is we have the best selection of gowns and snatch is that we are going to accentuate every single curve that you have and of course at the end of the day, we're going to slay that look so when you walk down that aisle, and w significant other looks you infa they will know, she's got back. >> you sound like a motivational speaker. is that a big part of what you're doing? >> absolutely. a lot of times when brides come to us they've had challenging experiences from other shops and so part of our mission really is to help her live her truth, but also to be her advocate and show her this is a safe place, and that we're here to really ensure that we bring her vision to life. >> i got timagine, like a custom one-off bridal gown has to be expensive. how do you help manage the cost for the women? >> i willyou, when you see what you want you can shave back ten people off your wedding. >> on this show, what's the one
2:51 pm
story we should be looking out for, the one that maybe brought a tear to your eye or made you laugh in ways you didn't expect? >> i would say the one that brought a tear to my eye is cat's story with her family was incredibly ate, and we try to honor that moment with her, as well as tell her story. >> what is it that we're goingshow? >> every woman, no matter if you're a size 2 or size 26 feels the pressure to get the right dress. so you see really wrapping their arms around the brides, pouring themselves into the brides to make sure that we have a great time while we look for her perfect gown.o face manybridezillas in their show? >> some they brought thefiance in.eave that right there. >> to see what it is she's talking about, see "perfect fit" on people tv tuesday9th, for the series premiere. this fit guru doesn't always get it right. >> would you like to see someone t wrong?
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>> >> see why flexing his
2:53 pm
y art project.
2:54 pm
we're all aware we try to live our best lives on social media, even when it comes to fitness, and travis horn here is no different. he's a legend goes by the balance guru doing amazing things. what i like this is a compilation of his biggest fails of 2017? would you like to see someone extremely strong get it wrong? >> yes. >> he's using a stair machine using the back muscles to maintain his position. >> oh oh oh! >> face full of stair machine. that's what happens. sometimes we don't get it right. we share the bit where we look awesome. >> thank you, editors. >> this has disaster written all over him and he's covered in it once he's finished. >> whoa! >> that looked like an injury waiting to happen. >> he's trying to do a heavy score so he's having to stabilize the whole time. >> where is your spotter? >> good question, nick. >> oh oh oh!
2:55 pm
>> the fail continues straight into the next one which looks insane. >> oh! >> the fact that he springs straight back to his feet like a cat, it wasn't me i what you're talking about. this one is by far the worst of the lo the. he's trying to do a handstand on things. >> if travis likes to exercise so much why is he trying so hard to hurt himself? >> at the gym trying to figure out new ways to do things. >> when i go to t bored, i go home and have myself a glass of wine. trafiless travis gets the wine glass thing wrong. trying to pistol rather nice glass. >> ooh. >> best part about that one is that a second later someone behind the camera -- >> ohno. >> you know why she said it that was the last glass. >>great, trafe a little more careful. >> oh no. thanks join us on t "rtm."
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