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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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yesterday. police in orange county confirmed that the penn student's death is investigated as a homicide. just before the start of winter break that ended today. students here are beginning to learn the news. >> penn student, blaze bernstein while home over winter break. that is the shocking development after authorities family and friends spent days searching for the missing sophomore in orange county california where the 19-year-old lived. sophomo sophomore rachel new him from the club for foodies. >> it's shocking clearly and it's very sad. for him and for his family. our hearts go out to them. and at the club we just found out as well. we are doing everything we can to stay close. >> bernstein was last seen at
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11:00 p.m. on january 2nd and was reported missing the next day, the prior interview he was scene with a friend in the park not far from the home. the friend told investigators that bernstein ran from the park and didn't return. >> he thought he was playing a joke taking off and we didn't know why. >> he left the house with no wallet. no money, no identification. and no credit cards, no keys. no eyeglasses, this is someone that needs to wear eye glasses. >> now, also over winter break an 18-year-old freshman and his family were killed in a plane crash in costa rica, some students thought that that is what we were here to cover. they tell our sister station that they are actively following multiple leads and no suspect is in custody.
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investigators are briefing reporters in orange county california on bernstein's homicide we hope to have additional information coming up on "action news" at 6:00. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. >> pennsylvania's governor opened up a new front on the opioid addiction and tom wolf declared a disaster declaration, and that moved money to combat the growing crisis. pennsylvania saw more than 4800 fatal overdoses in 2016 up one-third from the year before. ali gorman was in harrisburg for the announcement today and she'll have details coming up in a live report at 4:30. investigators are trying to figure out what atress patientser was doing on the train tracks when that person was hit and killed at merion station. they say an amtrak train from harrisburg to new york hit a
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person from 10:30 this morning, none of the 103 passengers or crew members on board was injured. so far no word on the age or identity of the person that was killed. >> well, police have just released this new image of the man suspected of stabbing another passenger on a septa bus and the victim was stabbed with a screw driver on the route 23 bus in german town. the attacker ran from the scene near german town avenue in west logan street. the 19-year-old victim was shot in the face and treat ford a cut in his lip and told police that the person that stabbed him was a total traininger. >> it's clouding up now and we managed to string together a couple of warmer day and the january thou is not finished yet as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan is in for adam joseph. >> reporter: hi brian and sharrie. yesterday and today the two warmest day sds of the year so far this year, we are not far into the year but yesterday up
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to what degrees and today 43 that is 3 degrees above normal. it's not that warm yet but after temperatures stuck well below freezing a lot of snow and ice is melting, if you look across the eastern two-thirds across the country. there is warm air cincinnati, 60 and watch ta 60 and we are match into 50s and 60s over the next few days. and we have moisture building, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the snow across the northern plain states. mixing with rain across the southern plains, this system will not bring us rain it will bring us rain but could be a good soaking as we head toward the weekend, this is what to expect. continued warming, we get up into the 50s tomorrow and 60s on friday. and then the moisture moves in. and first in the form of clouds and fog thursday night into friday. and also a soaking rain up to 2 inches of spots and i'll time out the rain and let you know
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what it means for your weekend in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> we may be starting to thaw out and many waterways and rivers are shaking off the deep freeze, while some may appear to be safe to go out on. officials have a stern warning. john rawlins are live in fairmount park with the dangers that lie beneath some of those surfaces and training for potential water rescues. >> reporter: i'm at the fairmount water works back behind the art museum and you look down at the river and drone 6 here and i'm hard pressed to think that anyone is venturing out on to the ice and believe it or not 40 minutes ago there was a call to the police that someone was walking on the river ice 3 miles upstream a risky endeavor according to experts in fdr park in south philadelphia today.
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someone is in the water and help is on the way. and not a real emergency, and a closely watched exercise. members of the philadelphia police marine unit trained using the gear they would in an actual ice rescue. >> the cold temperatures of last week it's freezing. >> and officers took turns rolling off the ice into the water to get a sling on the officer playing the role of victim and once secure the officers pulled the pair safely on to the solid ice. >> in our area we don't get ice observe, but when we get a winter like this and have ice, we want to take advantage of training to save someone out of the icy waters. >> don't go out on to frozen lakes and rivers and bodies of waters. >> it could be a 10 feet diameter, it could be 1 inch and
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10 inches think in that one diameter. >> frozen rivers and creeks could be tempting but there have been rescues of people and pets where they think the ice is thick enough to hold them. >> ice is not safe watch is from a distance. watch its beauty from a distance, me please do not walk on the ice. >> looking down if you did not get the message, don't go out on to the ice especially over deep water, you don't want to depend on the marine urinity to come and get you out of a jam. it's not worth the risk. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> compelling video from the drone there john, thank you. part of an auto body shop went up in flames startling neighbors at 67th street in southwest
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philadelphia. heavy fire and smoke was coming from the back of the property. it turns out three garages were burning and witnesses reported hearing an explosion and this woman says that the flames came terrifyingly close to her house xbli looked and said oh my god my window is red and i ran to the back and the window was hot. i jumped back and ran out without my bag. and the blaze was coming today me so i had to back up. >> the owners are trying to figure out how badly their business was damaged. 7-eleven near the temple university campus was targeted in an armed robbery. police toll us this happened at 3:30 near the store at diamond street in north philadelphia. temple university put out a safely alert for students but no reports nor injuries, at this time it's unclear what was taken from the store. turning to the birds, a lot of attention is on the
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philadelphia eagles as they prepare to host atlanta for the nfl divisional playoff game and despite owning the number one seed the birds are considered underdogs. >> a slap in the face there. the team will not let the outside noise hold them back from their goal of winning come saturday. jaime apody is live at the nova care complex, south philadelphia where the eagles practice again today. >> reporter: hey, in fact that will fuel them. they don't seem pleased to be an underdog in the game. and philadelphia is still underdogs and in fact bigger than they were when this match one was announced. the falcons are favored by 3 points, that means the majority of people are picking them to beat the eagles. doug peterson is making his debut as a head coach of his 26 of 53 players, he knows the experience is important. and he addressed the team this
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week, onemal conjenkins, he won a ring with the saints his rookie season. here is the approach he says the birds are taking for the game. >> one thing we are trying to do is not treat the game like it's a new game. i said earlier, the rules is the same and the field is the same and the ball is the same size. the things that win games is still the same. focus on those things, we won't get out of character or do things different, we'll prepare the same way all year. it's been successful. we'll stick to that. >> that is good advice, what other advise do some super bowl winners have their their teammates of entering the playoffs for the first time that is coming up. brian it's crunch time. >> thank you. >> the team gets ready and we know that fans are getting ready too. we want to see your eagles
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spirit and here are the pictures and videos you are sending us day in and day out. post them on twitter and instagram. using hashtag and post them on the 6 abc facebook wall. >> time for the channel 6 "action news" traffic report. >> let go to matt pellman live in the "action news" traffic center. >> my turn? okay here we go. construction crews are posted out here along 95 in bucks county and we just watched them pull away. now bother southbound lanes are open. another issue on 95 this northbound accident north of cotman avenue, it's still out here but it's on the side. penndot is assisting, it's not really causing an extra delay. just getting word of a crash in eddie stone, delco at industrial
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highway. and pipes continue to burst all over the place. we have five water main breaks to talk about, west philadelphia at callow hill. causing shuttle busing and northern liberties on delaware avenue. the left lane is blocked there. may be slow. and in south jersey gloucester township a new break along church road next to the black horse pike and one from this morning in clementon blocking westbound white horse pike and one lane at franklin avenue at edmond avenue. and a crash of a vehicle into a building in evesham township avoice church road in union mill. here is the waze app, word of a crash at christian highway.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. president trump is once again denying any collusion between his campaign and russia and repeated the claim that the accusations are nothing more than a democratic hoax. he made the statement during a joint news conference with norway's prime minister. and he was asked if he is open to an interview with robert mueller and this was his response? >> certainly i'll see what happens but when they have no collusion and nobody has found any collusion at any level. it seems likely that you would have an interview. >> a bit a non-answer there and the president was asked if he
4:17 pm
would sign an immigration deal that did not include a border wall, his answer was more direct a resounding no. people are looking for two people missing from the deadly mudslides in california. flash floods buried the neighborhoods and covered homes. the town was hit the hardest and 15 people have been found dead. and officials have no idea where the missing may be because they were likely caught up in the rushing flow of debris. he suffers a near death accident almost two years ago can you imagine the emotions and excitement today as septa officer, gary miller, returned to active duty. >> hi there. how you doing? good good. everything is good now but in may of 2016, transit officer miller was struck by a hit and run driver while he was on a run with his wife in northeast
4:18 pm
philadelphia. police say came barrelling from behind and striking him. and miller was left on the side of the road with severe injuries and underwent severe injuries for a broken leg and collar bone and had a concussion among other injuries, that hit and run driver is behind bars and the road to recovery is a long one for officer miller, today after close to two years is he finally back on the street and back to business as usual. >> normalcy and back to being normal. back to be on my feet and strong and active again. like i said, last year i was doing administrative and i said you know what i have to get back on the street. he is going need me and a lot of guys are retiring and guys coming in to train and they need to be taught. >> officer miller says he would have lost a leg and he lost weight and was depressed at times during his recovery and
4:19 pm
credits his amazing doctors and his faith in god for his recovery. but not just back to work, he just ran a half marathon. not bad for what he called himself? an older head? >> great to see that. >> good to have him back on the street let go to meteorologist, cecily tynan with the forecast today. >> like your earrings sharrie. fantastic. we need a close up on that. live on sky 6 hd taking a look at the commodore barry bridge and the delaware river which you notice looks a lot different from over the weekend. on sunday this is almost frozen solid and you can see the ice has really melled after two days of temperatures in the 40s. and if you look at january amazing numbers, three days of afternoon highs only in the teens, last friday, saturday and sunday. we had three morning lows in the
4:20 pm
sing isle digits. 4.1 inches of snow in philadelphia and more across south jersey and average is 1.7. and the entire month so far we only had 23 hours above 32 degrees, the bulk of those hours coming the past two days. 43 in philadelphia. the high for the day. and same in millville. 40 in cape may and 40 at the atlantic city airport. and 41 in allentown and reading and wilmington 40. satellite and radar showing that we have got some clouds already building in and this will really be the trend over the next 48 hours? >> the clouds will be increasing and rain will be moving in. and with the cloud cover tonight it won't be as cold as last night. last night overnight lows in the teens and 20s. tonight holding in the 30s and most areas above freezing, you don't have to worry about the black ice in philadelphia. trenton 33 and notice the north
4:21 pm
and west temperatures, at or below freezing. could be a few icy spots. during the day tomorrow clouds could thicken and tomorrow night the fog develops as the moisture moves in. and friday grab the umbrella. 5:00 in the morning the rain is here continuing into friday night. a wave of rain moving through and 10:00 the rain is heavy at times and even into saturday morning, 6:30 in the morning it's still raining and cool gusty winds come in and all the computer models pretty much agreeing that philadelphia generally about an inch to inch and a quarter of rain. a good soaking and could be uponing of water on roads. the four day at 4:00, mostly cloudy and mild. the high is just 50 degrees. and friday foggy and rainy and warm for january standards. the high soaring up to 62 degrees, wouldn't it be nice if we get that with the sunshine.
4:22 pm
it's not going to happen. friday an early high of 50 and winds pick up and temperatures fall for the eagles game. and on sunday back into the 20s and next week i'm tracking a little bit of snow on the way i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. more "action news" at 4:00 coming up after this. ,000 in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices.
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choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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the school district of philadelphia and the philadelphia housing authority are looking to hire. they are holding a job fair tomorrow afternoon in north philadelphia. this was originally scheduled for last week and postponed because of all of that snow. and there are jobs available in food services and maintenance and more and runs until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. and two and a half months away. and baseball is on the brain in south philadelphia today. the phillies held tryouts for ball girls and local athletes
4:26 pm
and students showed off their talents were put to the test. 10 women are chosen and the ball girls make appearances in the community to act as ambassadors for the team. and this story made us philly proud. family and friends were reunited with a member of the u.s. army. chad grew up in pottstown and now a black hawk pilot. he was living in hawaii for the last few years, but when he was sent to new jersey to take two new helicopters back to colorado he took a quick stop home to see his loved ones. >> i worked here in 2000 fueling airplanes and trying to get my license. it's nice to come back and show them where i have come and any time. it's good. >> even for just a little bit. he had a quick lunch and gave a
4:27 pm
tour of the black hawks before heading to his next stop in ohio. his family is not sure when they will see him next because he is scheduled for his third deployment this summer. thank you sir for your service. >> absolutely. that is an incredible aircraft. >> up ahead advice for mothers to be during flu season why it's dangerous for pregnant women and how to protect themselves. we are live in harrisburg following tom wolf's announcement that pennsylvania is in the middle of an opioid money. what this means for those struggling with addiction. that can't be true, can it? actually, it is true. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. in fact, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death for adults with type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
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absolutely. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph sharrie williams is and brian taff. 4:30 and "action news" continues with a controversial program calling it cash for criminals. and there is likely money sitting in your home and you don't even realize it. from old iphones to kindles how to turn the electronic clutter into coin. and super star kelly clarkson sparking a debate, after saying she spanks her toddler when they throw a tantrum. >> and we begin with the disaster declaration for the state of pennsylvania.
4:30 pm
governor tom wolf says that the opio opioid crisis reached crisis levels. ali gorman was in harrisburg for the declaration. ali joins us live now with what this all means. >> reporter: it really speaks to the magnitude of the problem. almost everyone knows someone that struggles with an opioid addiction or lost a loved one and now is the time to act and we must do more to turn things around. >> finding a statewide disaster emergency declaration governor tom wolf is taking a big step in pennsylvania's fight against the heroin and opioid epidemic. >> we know that this crisis has taken far too many lives, and has broken far too many families and decimated far too many communities and has gone on far too long. pennsylvania has the fourth
4:31 pm
highest rate of overdose deaths in the nation and the governor says that while we mourn those that lost their lives we must also take action. >> i have pledged to do everything in my power to stop this scourge and protect the families and communities of pennsylvania that are suffering. >> the 90 day disaster emergency declaration will wave some regulations that slow down progress. some initial requirements to get people into treatment will be eased. overdose cases and neonatal sip drop or babies born to addicted mothers must be reported to the state and a command station brings nine agencies together to track progress. and first responders will be allowed to leave behind the live staffing medication naloxone if someone -- >> the friends and family can use that to save their lives.
4:32 pm
any time a life is saved there is hope for treatment and recovery. >> and those are just some of the changes laid out in the plan and the idea is to bring more resources together during the critical time and increased access to treatment centers and save more lives. ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. >> delaware state police are expected to release new information about a deadly accident in bear within the next few hours, this is the scene along the 3,000 block of red lion road at 7:30: that is where a car veered off the road for some reason killing one person. police have not revealed anymore information about the crash or victim and we'll bring you the update when we learn more detail. animal welfare leaders are pushing to make philadelphia a no kill city. today at city hall advocates announce a new mission to pick sure pets that are healthy or
4:33 pm
have treatable diseases to not die in shelters. and 12 organizations vowed to work together to save the lives of animals. >> we have a detailed roadmap to reduce shelter intake by giving pet owner the resources and sources they need to keep their pets healthy and in their home. >> this new efforts is spearheaded by spca paws and the animal control team and hope to follow in the footsteps of other no kill cities like austin and jacksonville, florida. we are 69 days away from spring. we should keep count of that. >> lets turn to meteorologist, cecily tynan in for adam and we are talking spring. but we are glad to be in the 40s. >> by friday it will feel like spring. and spring showers are on the way. a good soaking on friday.
4:34 pm
today temperatures are not too bad. philadelphia 43 degrees, the normal high 40 and trenton and allentown, 41 degrees and wilmington 40 degrees. we started the day with some sunshine but sky 6 hd showing the center city skyline is shrouded in clouds and they are thickening tonight. most areas should remain above freezing and high temperatures so far across the eastern two-thirds of the nation and there say lot of warm air waiting in the wings, atlanta 64 and st. louis 58 and tomorrow in the 50s and friday we are in the 60s with rain, but then cold air does make a come back. and next week i'm tracking a chance of some snow on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> it is winter after all. >> thank you. well, if like my sons you wanted to own your own fire breathing dragon now is your
4:35 pm
chance, the hand welded beast is available to the highest bidder on ebay, michael j. williams. it took him more than 350 hours to make the 600 pound structure that he calls dotty and comes with her baby dragon called dexter. >> i thought i could do it and add texture and put the skills to the test. it was a test to me and i think it turned out great. >> it is pretty awesome. williams entered the dragon in the art prize program in michigan and came in 25 out of 1300 sculptures. >> for dozens of amazon customers in roxborough, the purchases ended up in the strangest of places. rick williams is standing by with the details on this one. >> quite a story. packages left on the side of the
4:36 pm
road or trash, it was a complete disaster and happened in the roxborough section of the city involving dozens of items from amazon and we talked to customers in one neighborhood about how this happened and how they will make it right. also coming up tonight. there is really cool new items coming out of the consumer electronics show including something you can wear that will keep you safe 24 hours a day. and also a new gadget that promises to help your baby get to sleep faster. just some stories we are following tonight on "action news" at 5:00. >> see you at 5:00 thanks. students in camden are putting their architect skills to the test and finished products go to benefit other kids in south jersey. they are from mastery charter campus. and they are enrolled in the engineering program and they want a project that would give
4:37 pm
them real world construction progress. and they decided to build play houses and clubhouses and four structures will be built and they will be donated so the kids can play in them. well, if you are counting down we are about 72 hours now from the eagles make or break game against the falcons this weekend. and the excitement is spreading to the tiny estefans check out the free school in maple glen. ♪ ♪ ♪ fly eagles fly >> i mean could you watch it all day. the music teacher mrs. reynolds is leading the kids, the fight song practiced every week since september and they perfected it just in time for the weekend. they hope the cheer gives the birds a boost before the big game. >> the little ones showing us how to do tx we want to see your
4:38 pm
team spirit show us your videos and photos use #6abcaction. or post them on the "action news" facebook wall and you may see them on air before the big playoffs kick off on saturday. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, a new program may cut down on violent crimes but some say the cost is too high and why some violence offenders are paid to put down their gun. >> disciplined debate. you heard this before, kelly clarkson has parents taking sides admitting to spanking her toddler when she has tantrums.
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4:41 pm
the car beneath it. the driver was around the corner when this happened. >> i was lucky and unlucky at the same time despending on how you see it. it was very random and crazy. >> new york city issued a reminder that building owners are responsible for clearing hazardous conditions like ice that could fall. >> fortunately nobody was injured in this incident. >> in health check the flu is dangerous enough for the average person and especially dangerous for moms to be. flu during pregnancy can raise the risk of complications. >> change in the immune system and change in the lung capacity and cardios vascular system. >> and could cause preterm labor causing problems for babies.
4:42 pm
a flu shot is the best protection and protects the mother and the i'm unit is passed on to the baby. and it's important to be scrupulous about hand washing and eating well and getting enough rest. big talkers now in california a controversial move that some say pays criminals not to commit crimes. took another step forward in stocktons city council last night. called the advantaged peace program. and taking people of high risk of violent crime and for 18 months teaches them job skills in exchange for them showing up and not getting in trouble they get cash. critics say this is a waste of taxpayer money but the mayor of stockton says it doesn't use city funs and they think it's going to work and giving it a shot.
4:43 pm
the goal over the next four years is to mentor 15 people to reduce deadly gun violence and the city of stockton moving forward with it. kelly clarkson is getting personal with the parenting choices. finding nothing wrong with a spanking. real revealing how she deals with the tantrums. >> i am not against a spanking. i don't mean hitting hard. i'm like hi i'm going to spank you on your bottom do you that. >> her honesty caused an uproar on social media and more than half of american parents approve of spanking and the american academy of pediatrics says it teaches aggressive behavior. clarkson is well aware of the
4:44 pm
line but don't be surprised to see her giving her child a spank at the zoo. >> and finally laundry if there is piles of it in your house and you are among the majority of folks that dread corner to corner folding and stacking. meet your new house helper that may be the master of that fitted sheet. this is the fold amate. a jettison style robot. that one costs $2,000. both generate said a lot of buzz at the consumer electronics show. people are preordering them in other countries they already exist. both of these gadgets created by tech geniuses that hate doing laundry. it so happens i like it. >> i'm on the other end of the
4:45 pm
spectr spectrum. >> laundry multiplies in my house. >> if only it would put it away. >> we have to cross that bridge when we get to it. it's time for a check of the roads tonight. >> let go live to matt, standing by with the update for us. >> you know what multiplies? the evening chute. a few new ones, a broken down vehicle on it's northbound side of 95 near the off ramp from allegheny avenue. and penndot and a tow truck is out here. all the lanes are open. just slow a 5 minute delay on the northbound side of 95. farther north past cotman a crash at the shoulder. showed you that during the last half hour. and everything is open and good to go through academy road. watching a crash involving a tractor trailer in spring city. along 724 at bridge street.
4:46 pm
look for slowing at the intersection. and eddie stone delco, a crash along 29 is at seville. and watching a bunch of water main breaks, one in west philadelphia 59th and callow hill. that means septa's 15 trolley continues shuttle busing. and northern liberties the brake along delaware avenue alongside columbia avenue. three of them in camden county. one in gloucester by the rite-aid and the black horse pike and one in clementon blocking a lane and berwyn one at redmond avenue and the crash involving the vehicle into the building in evesham township on church road has cleared out and everything is open there. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> matt, thanks. meteorologist, cecily tynan joins us with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next. my hygienist told me to try...
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meteorologist, cecily tynan along with us now way taste of spring tomorrow. 62 on friday. and tomorrow 50. i said earlier if we could get 62 with sunshine that would be fantastic. 62 with rain but hey. at least we are warming up the snow and ice. the action cam at rittenhouse scare it was a nice day to get out and walk around with temperatures climbing up into the 40s and the snow really melting and see that we did get peeks of blue earlier today and clouds generally the rule right now and that is the case right into the weekend. right now 43 degrees in philadelphia. and 3 degrees above north carolinaal. and second day in the 40s. allentown trenton 41 degrees and
4:50 pm
wilmington 40 and the atlantic city airport 41. satellite 6 along with action radar showing after the sunshine earlier today. some of that thin clouds rolling in and thicker clouds are waiting in the wings and tonight with the cloud cover and winds south sound east not nearly as cold as last night. last night teens and 20s. tonight 35 for center city above freezing and some cooler suburbs dropping below freezing could be getting some refreeze on untreated surfaces. tomorrow afternoon the clouds are in place and the clouds are thick despite the cloud cover though temperatures should manage to make it up to 50 degrees late in the day. and then on friday. find the umbrella. by 9:00 the rain is here and we are looking at waves of rain pretty much all day long. could get a break in the action late in the afternoon before it fills back in late friday night even into saturday morning for the early risers, 6:30 in the
4:51 pm
morning it's raining and it's rain is moving out midmorning and clouds in philadelphia and a few scattered showers left in allentown and freezing rain in the northern poconos and mainly this is a rain event with the venter of that low pressure tracking to the northwest. and look like a significant amount of rain and generally an inch to inch and a half. it depend on where you are. areas farther down to the southeast. a little less and philadelphia a little more than and inch. we are looking at the potential for an inch and a half of rain than could cause flooding. good news for the eagles game saturday afternoon as we take on the falcons, the rain is out of here and brightening sky before the sunsets and it's windy and cold. first quarter at kickoff temperature of 41 degrees by the end of the game dropping down to 36 degrees and feeling colder
4:52 pm
with the winds. if you head there bundle up. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly cloudy and mild tomorrow with a high of 50 degrees and friday foggy and rainy and relatively warm. 62 degrees and saturday we hit that high of 50 early and then the winds kick in and here comes the cold weather and it's back for sunday high only 29. monday martin luther king holiday 28 degrees and tuesday 32 with a clip their will likely bring us snow showers and it stays cold behind the system on wednesday with a high of 30. there are signs for the end of the next week we get into a warm-up. roller coaster temperatures on friday. you'll need the umbrella. >> coming up how to make bank off the old electronics we'll talk about it in what's the deal.
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
you know we are obsessed with helping you find hidden cash and recycle the old tech for new spending money. we are talking cell phones and video games and kindles and ipads and technology of yesterday. and did a survey be found that families have 150 worth of technology collecting dust. first declutter offers cash back from phones to gaming systems if you plug it in and it powers up. you may be able to get cash for it. >> there are some that do the same they shop around for you, and do a search and plug yourself in and see what you can get for it. and name your own price and sell it yourself on craigslist and ebay. cell phone providers will also take it off your hands and give
4:56 pm
you maybe a gift card for your old device. not cash but spending power there. >> if you don't like the offers are you getting just simply recycle it and do it the right way a list of reshrikeling sites that recycles your technology just don't throw it in the trash. before you send your devices anywhere whether it's recycling or selling it back up all of your information on a cloud or hard drive and please clear your personal information off the devices, lots of ways to get cash. not bad sitting around go for it. thank you. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams, adam joseph and cecily tynan i'm brian taff. hope you join me along with sharrie tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. >> still ahead coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. it's called one of the most
4:57 pm
dangerous cities in the country known for the dangerous crime and drugs in the past but camden's efforts to clean up the communities is paying off big time. lawmakers lead to the charge in one state. they are making marijuana legal for everyone without asking the opinion of residents. and a high stake heists in one of the most famous locations in the world. what happened tonight inside of a hotel in paris that has investigators working overtime. those stories next on "action news" at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. picture this spending your hard earned money online to have it end up on the side of the road in a snow bank, it was intensely dumped allegedly by the person paid to deliver it to your door. >> the big story is a delivery disaster in roxborough, dozens and dozens of amazon customers that ordered items never got them. >> the packages were found on the side of the road or put in
5:00 pm
the trash. gray hall is live with more for us. >> reporter: you can imagine the frustration you order a package and it never shows up. many folks living in the neighborhood say their amazon packages were just discarded and they contacted us at "action news" and we contacted amazon and the company is responding. >> i looked out my back window. >> deb orders packages on a regular basis and never had a problem. her box did not show up and she looked out the window she saw several boxes in the snow. >> they were not at the door just laying in the snow on the side of the road spaced out a couple of feet apart. >> they she alerted her neighbors on facebook and one says we are missing a package is one mine?


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