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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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on this warm-up. cecily we have to get through the cold spell first. at least there is a light at the ent of the tunnel. >> we have cold air rushing in behind our departing snow. double scan live radar showing nothing happening here it's still snowing in parts of virginia and north carolina. chapel hill reporting 9.5 inches of snow more than we got here. you had to go to the poconos to get the higher amounts. pocono pines 9 inches and reading 2.5. newark, delaware 1.2 and philadelphia just a coating .20 inch of snow. but temperatures continue dropping and they are dropping all day. right now 26 degrees and with clearing skies tonight, with the northwesternly winds temperatures are dropping down into the teens and this brings us a problem overnight and into tomorrow morning. clearing skies and temperatures in the teens, any slushy areas and puddles will be freezing for your morning commute be careful
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there is slick spots around and shouldn't be quite as tough as this morning. tomorrow is stays cold and once we get toward the weekend i'm tracking an extensive january thaw i'm talk about the warmth on the way coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> of course get the latest updates yourself on the wintry weather and check stormtracker 6 live double scan any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc app is a free download for your mobile device. lets talk eagles now. we are just five-day as way from the nfc championships and the eagles need one more win to punch their ticket to the super bowl. players and fans are not the only ones excited and the local businesses are looking for the big game. vernon odom ise with more on that. >> reporter: good evening. and to you rick. if you think the eagles fans old and in the middle are really fired up about sunday's game you should get a hold of the hotel managers around town and the restaurant
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owners. this was oldcity's samuel do good saturdanight. the standing room only the crowd rocking as the eagles upset atlanta to accept up the confrontation against the vikings. the owner expects the same for sunday night's game. >> we are do goods and we are offering a $30 per head all the pizza you can eat and open draft beer. all over town large and small are coming up with plans to pack them in for food and drink for game time sunday night. that could be a slower night for restaurants in the winter time. a normal day like that in july we are lucky to fill the bar seats but as i mentioned earlier we were standing room oath in here. >> oat els are expectijackpot asrtesy of the eagles. vikings fans and media people are on their way and occupancy isp above normal.
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the local hotels trac the numbers daily. >> we already had the united soccer coaches 12,000 attendees, that along with the game a 20% increase in occupancy for saturday and 14% for sunday night and those numbers will only go up. >> so rick and monica they will go up and a lot of green backs flying around this town this weekend fueled by eagles green. vernon odom channel 6 "action news" in center city. >> green is the color this weekend thank you. meanwhile the birds are doing what they need to do to bring home another win sunday night. today quarterback nick foles talking about the teams preparation. a big part is also mental. >> the more you stay in the moment of preparing and do what you have to do for sunday's game. ou step on the field it's a crazy atmosphere. but that allows to you play at your best.
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>> all right. this reminder "action news" is the source for eagles coverage this weekend. it kicks off friday night with a playoff preview party from chickie and petes, here on 6 abc you with catch it 7:30. and live coverage sunday morning game day live reports on "action news" weekend 6:00 a.m. and live team coverage as soon as the final whistle blows on "action news" at 11:00 and then extended live eagles coverage on "action news" sports sunday. >> and then a developing story growing concern for a senior citizen froma's esburg sect was heard from for several days. she has alzheimer's and now police are getting involved. >> reporter: given the temperatures you might have imagined. police and family members are concerned with the welfare of 72-year-old geneva she was last
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seen last friday. and suffers from alzheimer's disease and would not be able to tell someone her name or where she lives. >> it's been so long and cold. >> chantala for help finding her missing mother. this is geneva williams from the holmesburg section of the city. she was seenving her home at 3:45 in the afternoon. >> she has nothing on her. left she didn't have r phone or a wallet or anything. all she has is her house key around her neck. >> geneva goes by trish, suffers from alzheimer's disease and olney and may be inclined to go there. >> she gets confusioned quickly and basic information about herself she doesn't know. she could not tell people where she lived or her own name. >> the weather last friday and today. the family is concerned and so
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>> she is praying someone took her in from the cold. >> a good samaritan to come and look out for her. i don't in if she has eaten or slept. if anybody would take her in until they can call the police and find out who she is. looking for her. i don't even think she knows people are looking for her. >> geneva was last seen wearing a light blue jacket and black dk jeans and black sneakers. and the police are in contact with other counties including bucks. and if you spot jean geneva call 911. sara bloomquist channel 6 ion news." >> thank you. two men armed with knives targeted a middletown gas station and authorities need your help tracking them down before they strike again. this is the surveillance picture of one suspect right the happened
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morning at the valero location along main street. two men walked in and flashed knives and demanded cash and got away with an unknown amount of money and took off. if you have information call middletown police department at 302-376-9950. icy conditions may have led to a crash in the winfield heights section of the city. two cars collided here on the 3900 block of presidential avenue at 7:00 a.m. both were treated for minor injuries and a salt truck was called in to treat the roads and hopefully prevent more accidents at this location. >> time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go to gina gannon in for matt pellman. >> i have good news earlier last i was on i was telling you about an accident we had on the northbound 95 off ramp to woodhaven road. look at that the tractor trailer is cleared and you are good to go. we are definitely seeing delays because of the earlier issue
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back to academy road. from academy to woodhaven, about 21 minutes from the vine to wood hache en. things have recovered nicely out there. lets look at the big picture, slow speeds but really just from the earlier 95 issue and on the roosevelt boulevard the schuylkill 20 miles per hour. and look at the shot of the vine street expressway the eastbound side is clear and it's hard to believe you can actually take the eastbound side into the city. and it's slow from the parkway to approaching 76, i want to take you to the area of plymouth meeting an accident at german town pike and butler pike. we have downed wires down there in kennett township. on route 100 closing it down from adams dam road. and kennett pike is the best bet around wreak newcastle, southbound faulk road aide road. t
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a republican lawmaker took to the senate floor and enough is enough. still to come what republican jeff fla said to his colleagues about president trump's barrage against the free press. >> and one problem with working adults how about not getting enough sleep. doctors say there is something in your house to help you get better shut eye. excuse me everyone! paul? paul? this is three million dollar mega multiplier the new game
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arizona senator republican jeff flake called out president on the senate floor for the sharp criticism of the media. flake a sharp critic of the media. calling it the enemy of the people is just what dictator joseph stalin did in russia. and dismissing real investigations as fake news has potentially dangerous consequences. 20,000 apple jobs are coming to the u.s. and the computer company will announce it will invest $350 billion into the economy thanks to a lower tax rate. apple makes a $30 billion tax payment the largest of its kind and tim cook has the commitment to make america a success. and here they took aim at
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opioid manufacturers joining cities across the country in a lawsuit suing drug companies for their role in the overdose crisis. officials say that they seek to halt illegal processes and for the money spent trying to combat the epidemic. it has exacted a grim toll on philadelphia. 12,000 overdoses in 2017 a substantial increase off the year before. health tonight the health care chain is taking over the crisis with an innovative offer. >> one key problem in the opioid crisis is how to keep left over alling into the wrong hands and being abused. wal-mart is now offering a free product at all the pharmacies to help free vent that. it comes in a small packet. put warm water into unwanted
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medication and add dispose rx and shake. it turns the drugs into a useless but biodegradeable gel tossed out and the medication canused. anyone filling a prescription gets dispose rx and instructions. depression is one of the biggest health issues in the world and especially on college campuses, one in three students suffer from it at some point. ucla started a major project to develop better treatments and in september they began offering volunteer screenings for incoming students and they have taken the online assessment and the results were immediate. >> we started screening the first day we found students that were expressing thoughts of suicide an health carefore those students are immediately flagged as needing
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counseling and followup. and depression needs more attention on all college campuses. >> and it's a common complaint abf americans say the sometimes have trouble falling asleep.rchers simple solution. many people can't sleep because they are worrying and thinking about all the things they have to do the next day or week. researchers at baylor university did a small study and found that writing a to do list before going to bed can h people going to bet faster and writi it on paper the thoughts out of your mind to not keep you up at teers took 5 minutes to write out the lists people that wrote longer and led lists fell aslee faster tha wrote more general notes. something easy t anyo >> i'm going to try i'll probably fall asleep time to talk eagfever. the fans are getting into the
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the "action news" cam at little italy says that they are making eagles pies to create a helmet out of dough and bake it into the pizza looks delicious they say this is a for eagles fans. the legends make their debut here tonight on abc prime time.
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>>. ♪♪ ♪♪ phillies own the hooters will join the cast of the at 9:00 and adam'sly antics nearly cost his teacher big time and having a tough time getting into the swing of things including honored tradition. >> the water ice is amazing -- >> what are you talking about? >> water ice. >> water ice. >> they are trying to say water ice a local dessert. >> check out the flood tonight. and the goldbergs and speechless and modern family and thenal all newch game follow bid "action news" at 11:00.
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of the accuweather fo cecily tynan is here with the snow totals are we done? >> it's over .20 in philadelphia. >> that is a lot. >> no it's a coating. blakesly pennsylvania in the poconos 9 >> wow. >> the snow here and you see the clouds breakin enough for this great live shot of the center city skyline, the sun now setting after 5:00 at 5:03, the days are getting longer and as the clouds continue to clear. temperatures will be cooling pretty dramatically tonight. it's a cold night. the accuweather highlights showing the temperatures plunging and temperatures in the teens and any standing water or slushy areas will freeze over ould be on the slippery side tomorrow mornings but if you are tired of the cold weather i have good news.
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an extended january thaw is on the way. it's really cold. allentown 24 and beach and millville 24 de the air temperatures don't tell the full story. the you factor in the winds the current windchill feels like 14 in philadelphia and 9 in wilmington and 12 in lancaster and 15 in allentown and 3 degrees below zero in the poconos. all of this cold air is pulling in behind the cold front that brought us the morning snow and in the it's snowing in parts of virginia and the carolinas and chapel hill reporting 9 inches of snow and they got more in the carolinas than we got here. philadelphia all the way down to tonight. and allentown 12 and trenton 16 and cape may 21 and wilmington 16. future tracker 6 showing we start the daythe teens and 20s and as we head through the afternoon, despite a lot of sunshine we really struggle to make it above
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freezing, by delphia ngton 33 and lehigh valley and berks county freezing not much melting going on tomorrow and windchills start in th up int the mid-20sw and tomorrow is the day you need to nece the five-day at 5:00 cold and sunshine, 35 is the high and in the 20s and thenatures start to climb out of the deep freeze and for the weekend 53 both days and great tailgating weather and i am trackingm that brings we'll talk about the timing in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecastad in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:30. we go live to washington where lawmakers are worki to stop a government shut down. the stick can point that has democrats and republicans unable to reach a deal. and we are live at the nova center where they are getting ready for the game on sunday. and chris christie is leaving office andy has in two decades by something he didn't do that is making the
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news. >> tore when "action news" continues tonight.
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"actith meteorologist adam joseick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. this morning's snow gave way to a cold afternoon and colder night ahead. accuweather forecast. >> also dozens of dozens of
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women come forward to notorious sex offender what they had to say to the former usa gymnastics team doctor. and both sides of aisle dig in their heels for a plan to protect young immigrants we are live in washington with protests and negotiations. >> the government is set to run out of money in three days unless congress can reach a deal to keep it going. democrats are fighting a republican plan because it does not protect brought here as children. has the latest on that. >> reporter: the bipartisan says they are comin with a bill that protects the dreamers and president trump calls the deal horrible and very weak. as we head to a government shut down. >> president trump on the hill honoringsenatoroleovernment running. >> at the center of the negotiations demonstrators are
5:29 pm
on capitol hill tryin pressure lawmakers to help the dreamers. >> i did not run for senate to shut down the government. but we need to do the daca act this week. >> he made a profane comment in the immigration meeting last week caused a set back to protect 800,000 immigrants brought to the the u.s. as children. >> we need a reliable partner at the white house. >> i'm looking for something that president trump supports and has not yet indicates what measure he is willing to sign. emernged from the meeting of the hispanic conference and the main sticking point the southern border wall. >> what we cannot have is an unprotected unsecured border. >> and a funding measure is in the works by the gop that does not include the dreamers and house republicans have the vote but in the senate the slim gop
5:30 pm
majority needs the democratic support. >> democrats have met you halfway mr. president, step up to the plate. meet us halfway. >> the white house now says it supports the house gop measure to provide short-term funding without a fix for the dreamers kenneth moton channelws." >> all right thank you for that report. 13 children who authorities say were tortured by their parents in california are being scammed by child protective services the siblings were discovered sunday after one of them a 17-year-old girl managed to escape the home. their parents louise and david terpin are behind bars on $9 million each. they were kept in filthy conditions and some were shackled to the furniture. former doctor larry nasser was back in a courtroom today where more victims testified. the former usa gymnastics team
5:31 pm
doctor is facing decades in prison for sexually abusing young girls. the temperature continues with 98 women and girls sharing their terrified story. >> i have decided to start living again your actions have had me by the throat for years and i'm ready to be released. i will no longer speaking out for myself. >> nasser plead guilty to criminal sexual conduct. a bucks county man was arrested at jfk airport after police uncovered four semi automatic handguns and ammunition in his luggage. that the man from bensalem hid the weapons in a speaker case in the backage last week. the bag trilgggered an alarm in the scanner equipment.
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he was scheduled to fly to ghana but instead arrested . the local chapter of the naacp says that the travel advisory for american airlines is still in place. and now the employees are file ago lawsuit for discriminatory practices. employees were on hand for a press conference for the local chapter in german town today. they are part of the more than 60 employees in philadelphia that filed grievances against the airline for what the naacp is calling discrimination. >> there are charges in short, of a racist field environment for employees of color, there are charges about a lack of real equipment that is needed to provide safe conditions. there are charges of a disposal workforce. >> the naacp is calling for a meeting with american airlines and the ceo of philadelphia international airport to address concerns of discrimination of
5:33 pm
employees and passengers. a spokesperson for the airline says that company officials are working with the naacp on the national level. children do better if they get quality pre-k education that is the message spread by former mayor ed rendell. and they are pushing the pre-k campaign. getting pre-k publically funding. >> education of our children is possibly government's one of its corresponsibilities and we should be doing this. >> there are 112000 children in pennsylvania that do have prekindergarten. and some areas woke up to snow and some less than others and it arrive the for the morning commute. trish hartman has the details from lehigh valley. >> the early morning hours saw big fat flakes in whitehall township and other parts of
5:34 pm
lehigh valley county. plows and salt trucks patrolled the roads and crews were salting the roads getting ready for rush hour. >> the main roads are pretty nice. >> i got a little bit of a late start this morning, it was kind of nice. >> i'm ready for spring. >> with several inches of snow on the sidewalk early risers got up to clear the walks and their cars. i don't want to deal with it when i get home and it starts to freeze up during the day and melts and i don't want to deal with it when it's dark tonight. >> on melrose lane we found others helping to dig out. >> a lot of them are older neighbors and everybody shovels for them. >> helping out the neighbors and we got our place done and the whole neighborhood kind of works together and everybody shovels out everybody else and it's eye nice community. >> for some the snow meant a late start to an otherwise normal day. it's here living in pennsylvania you have to deal with it sooner
5:35 pm
rather than later. >> will your patients show up. >> we called in and everybody is showing up. getting ready to go. >> no snow day? >> not today. >> lots of students got a snow day including allentown and whitehall were closed today because of the storm. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." meanwhile, the action cam was in wilmington this morning as the snow began to fall here. people were making their way around just fine despite the coating building on the sidewalks. driving though was a bit easier than walking since much of that snow melted as soon as it hit the road. and a check of the roads right now. >> gina gannon is live in the traffic center. >> reporter: we are starting with an accident. if you travel in bucks county you see an accident right now on the northbound side of 95 right at street road and you see it out here brocking the two right
5:36 pm
lanes expect delays from route 413. and your travel time before you get to this point. woodhaven to the vine clear and the vine to woodhaven clear. but this shot because of the accident is a slow go. and another accident for you. traveling out into the area esington and delaware county expect this issue out here. you can make it through the ramp but the gore point area. and something to watch for sure 95 is seeing a few incidents. and then the roosevelt boulevard overall you are clear on the northbound side but it looks like southbound may just be a tad sluggish approaching 76 but overall nothing too significant there. and again this is your accident on 95. right at the area near the airport. and another look at the schuylkill expressway that was a shot for you around g
5:37 pm
and there are you delayed 20 minutes in both directions and an accident on the 42 freeway at 130. if you travel into gloucester a slow go for you. the right lane is blocked with that one and one more issue. an accident in plymouth township at german town pike and butler. that looks like it just cleared. back to you. >> thank you. you may have heard the term break a leg. something that chris christie did not do. he left office this week with a low popularity rating but at least he is the first elected garden state governor in 20 years not to break a leg while in office. jon corzine broke his in a car wreck and jim mcgreevey broke his walking and christie whitman skiing. but chris christie did not break his leg. and eagles nation getting pumped for the championship game and we are live in south
5:38 pm
philadelphia for the preview of the game. and temperatures are so low folks eyelashes are freezing. >> wow. >> cecily tynan tracking the latest in the weather center. how are your eyelashes doing. they are not freezing maybe overnight. temperatures are dropping quickly. the windchills if the teens and single digits. we have one cold day and i'm tracking a big rebound in temperatures. details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> we'll have the stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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can you sing the flight song. ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ eagles! >> that was little violet showing her eagles spirit. >> just 18 months old and knowing the fight song. ducis rogers is here now. are you singing the eagles fight song? >> in your sleep. >> i hope to hear is more and more and in early february as well. >> the eagles had hard practices before the falcons game and that
5:42 pm
paid off and zach ertz says today was tough too. they are gearing up for the championship game and jaime apody is live at the nova care facility in south philadelphia with more. >> ducis it had a differ feel and the media presence doubled and the eagles backdrop you see behind doug peterson was replaced by an nfc championship game one and there was a vikings and eagles help met with the championship grothe and handlers that came with the trophy. amazing. eagles don't want that trophy but they'll take it for starters. and this interesting angle. beau allen is from minnetonka minnesota a half hour outside of minneapolis and flooded with ticket requests for the game and more important for me and beau is his reputation here surely he grew up rooting for the purple people eaters right? >> i grew up a packers fan but a
5:43 pm
lot of my family folks and my dad is from minnesota and he grew up a vikings fan. >> he is not anymore i can tell you that. most certainly. >> that is dad and family but back to beau are we really sure he is not a vikings fan. he went to chris long for the scoop? >> beau allen is from minnesota. >> i heard he was a big vikings fan growing up. >> he told me he was a packers fan. >> that is not true evidently. >> yes, not the first time he lied. i'm not saying you can't trust him. hey beau you were a big vikings fan growing up? >> i was a packers fan. that is the real troublemaker over there. yes. >> ha, ha, ha.
5:44 pm
that is me trouble jaime apody, and my can have report is it going to the dogs you don't want to miss it. live outside of the nova care complex. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. join us friday night for the friday night "action news" special. we'll tell you what you need to know and jaws will join us as we broadcast live from chickies and petes if philadelphia. to the flyers what do you do after a tough loss? get back on the ice. they skated in voorhees and will entertain the maple leafs and they lost to the rangers and rick nash scored twice for new york and it was just one of those nights. >> you got to take some things out of last night and some things we have to do better. and realize those and go out and do them better. >> you know beyond that there is
5:45 pm
a mind set to turn the page quick and get ready for a hockey game. >> that is eric lynn drof and his son and they retire his number 88 tomorrow night and we'll hear from him coming up at 6:00. >> good to see him back out there with the team. >> how cute. >> very nice thank you. >> meantime sunday morning start your eagles game with live reports from the linc here on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. and live post game conk as soon as the final whistle blows followed by "action news" at 11:00. and we wrap it up with extended live eagles coverage on "action news" sports sunday. >> and still tonight the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> taking a live look at the sky 6 hd camera in center city philadelphia. meteorologist cecily tynan, has details.
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well if you think the cold around here. check out this woman in siberia. her eyelashes are blinking and i think she is saying sos. one guy was brave enough to take a ride on his bike through snow and ice. >> you couldn't pay me to live there. >> before you complain about our weather look at that. >> i think the eyelash was staged. >> you think fake? and now cold phone and much
5:49 pm
better. >> tonight and tomorrow it's cold and then temperatures start to climb and stay above normal the next 10 days. if you are tired of it? things are changing. let two live on sky 6 hd at the center city skyline. cloud and the snow is out of here and how much snow you got depends on your lobes and keith posted this. and i looked at this i said are you kidding me they did not get that much snow in bucks county. that snowman is actually made of straw and has a dusting of the snow over it.ecause most of our region not get enough snow to make a big snowman.poconos. they got up to 9 inches of snow in the poconos. the accuweather highlights plunging down to the teens. tonight and earlier tomorrow morning there are icy patches and sta cold tomorrow and once through tomorrow temperatures
5:50 pm
climb above average and january thaw and this one will last for a week or more. temperatures or rather snowfall showing though depending on locate. these are the highest amounts blakesly and hamburg 6 inches and boyer town 2.1 and philadelphia .20 inch a coating, the moisture moved out and still lingering cloud cover and again this o door for cold air. 26 in philadelphia right now and the same in trenton and allen tonight 24 and wilmington 23 and cape may 26 and the poconos 13 degrees and it's cold and cooler in the suburbs and winds from the northwest breezy all night and t sunny and you feed the sunglasses and the winter coat and the high only 35 degrees and with the wind
5:51 pm
windchills stuck in the 20s but on friday the high pressure sinks down to the south and what this does is brings us more of a southwesterly southwesterly flow. and temperatures up to 32 degrees and stays cold with a dip in the jet stream and through the weekend and next week an intention ridge and flow out of the southwest and that means temperatures remain above normal and for the weekend we are up into the 50s, a lot of melting going on this weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow it's mostly sunny and it's cold the high only 35 degrees and windchills in the 20s and again tomorrow morning be careful there could be black ice around. on friday it's mostly sunny and temperatures slightly above normal. normal high is 40. and we'll bump it up to 42 degrees and the real warm-up comes over the weekend. saturday loads of sunshine and 53 degrees. and sunday more cloud cover
5:52 pm
mixing in but mild. 53 a high. and great tailgating weather and temperatures for the eagles game is dropping through the 40s and not that cold for this time of year and monday it clouds up and system cuts to the northwest and drags and cold front through. rain and not snow. 54 on monday and tuesday transition day and morning rain and afternoon sunshine and still mild 52 and wednesday mostly sunny and temperatures drop a bit but still above normal with a high of 44 degrees. if you hope for the return of cold and snow looks like you'll have to wait until february. >> better for this week's eagles game. you can't ask for more than that except forever a win. >> are you predicting something cecily. >> of course a win. >> get the latest updates on the wintry weather any time and check stormtracker 6 live double scan live yourself any time on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc happen a free download for the mobile device.
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an urgent call for help is going out to fine this 78-year-old woman with alzheimer's alzheimer's. she has not been seen since friday. and the eagles home game is paying off nor the city of philadelphia. and the first marijuana dispensary opening up. i'm rick williams have a nice evening. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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ews" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis roglogist meteor cecily tynan and jim gardner. ednesday night and a new the pay tens of t of ndnfc championship means but the big story on "action news" tonight.
5:57 pm
the efforthia police to track down a missing an. she is ear- willms mckelton ofolmesburg and has not been seen since friday. friends a are doubly concerned because geneva has alzheimer's. sara bloomquist has more. what do we know about the w disappearance? >> reporter: well jim, given these temperatures family members and police are very welfare of 72-year-old geneva, she does sufficient isser from alzheimer's disease and would not be able to telnybody where she lives or o name. >> i am concerned it's been so cold and so long. >> at a police conference l made a plea for hel finding her mother 72-year-old geneva. ince3:45 in the afternoon when she left her home at the 40 hundred bl of the holes burg section of the city. >> ever since the weather really turned i have been terrified of
5:58 pm
how we would find her or if we would find her. >> geneva goes by the name of suffers from diseas without a phone or i.d. and only her house key around her neck. >> she gets confused quickly and basic information about herself
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